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#robert pattinson

I’ve no idea what you are referring to anon. This sounds like some grade a BS unless you can explain more because this makes no sense.

Did Rob write an email or an article? Not sure WTF you are saying.

The timeframe doesn’t make sense when your talking about RK. RK met and fell in love long before 2015.

Rob and Kristen met in 2008 and fell in love at some point after meeting but long before 2015.

Anyway anon…maybe you have a point, maybe you’re full or shit but this message has me leaning toward FOS and possibly drunk and or high. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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I like how all the actors in Twilight are aged in the wrong decade.

Kristen and Robert where in their 20s when their characters are supposed to be teenagers (Actually the majority of the baby Cullens actors were in their mid to late 20s)

Carlisle and Esme, who are supposed to be in their 20s, their actors were in their 30s

And Dakota, who was an actual teenager was supposed to be like 12

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