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Let’s play a game cause I don’t wanna study

❤️ this post and I’ll tag you in the comments with one random song from my 2020 favorites Spotify playlist

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Kacdrian Headcanons

  • Adrian is the middle spoon considering that he’s more touch starved out of them all
  • Adrian flirts with both Jace and Kain no matter what the situation is
  • Jace always manages to turn both Kain and Adrian on wherever they are
  • A lot of neck kisses
  • A lot of hickeys
  • They always touchy with one another
  • Always trying to feel each other up
  • Kain attempts to tease both Jace and Adrian which results in Kain being the one to be teased the most
  • Bear hugs
  • They’re all clingy with one another, all you see is one of them sat in ones lap and the other between the others legs. Or it’ll be seeing them having a make out session
  • Kain is always the victim when it comes to sex, he’s always the one to get it rough
  • A lot of hip grabbing
  • They always torturing each other with the teasing
  • They touch each other inappropriately in public
  • Jace is always the first one to defend the other two when people say something negative about either Adrian or Kain
  • Jace is always the first one to give in completely when either Kain or Adrian tries to turn him on
  • The result of that is Jace not being able to walk properly afterwards
  • Adrian will kill for both Kain and Jace when someone insults either one
  • Kain is the one who would bend all the laws for Adrian and Jace no matter what the planet that they’re on
  • Kain has a decent fashion sense, meaning that Kain will always waste his money on buying clothes for both Adrian and Jace
  • They always try and make sure that they’re comfortable in every situation
  • Wildly overly protective of each other
  • Won’t hesitate to fight everyone and anyone
  • Bedtime cuddles which result into a heated make out session which occasionally leads to sex
  • Considering that they’re overly clingy and protective, they can be really possessive of each other
  • Horny as hell
  • They tried to take it slow to begin with but failed
  • When ones upset the other two always makes sure that they spend enough time around each other to make them happy
  • Did I mention hickeys?
  • Literally the definition of clingy
  • They know how to make each other feel good about themselves
  • You literally cannot see Kacdrian without hickeys all over their necks
  • Jace’s nickname is “horny bitch,” and for good reasons
  • When ones getting hit on by the opposite sex, the other two always make a big deal out of it to let the the woman know that they’re taken
  • Adrian – the definition of a sex god
  • Kain – the one to get teased a lot
  • Jace – let’s not get into the kind of freaky shit he does,,,,
  • No matter what Kacdrian know that they don’t pass their boundaries and respect each other a lot
  • Hell, you don’t want to mess with these three in a fight. You think that you’re messing with one then BAM next thing you know you’ve got two more on your case for even thinking of touching the other one

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Request:No here we have the start of the 25 days of trickkombowerskru! which goes to my amazing and talented and lovely wife @a-pervy-nerd​​ and she wanted hcs about Klaus Hargreeves and his aftercare skills. 

Warnings: Mention of sex

  • Okay so first things first let’s state the obvious:
  • Klaus is an aftercare king
  • Because he’s so affectionate
  • But what he does will depend if he subbed or domed that night
  • If he subbed then he’ll be so out of it and sleepy
  • But he’ll tiredly help you wipe off
  • Throw his arm around you lazily
  • And pull you into him for snuggles
  • He’ll also probably nuzzle his head into your neck before he drifts off to sleep
  • It’s simple but effective
  • Now if he domed on the other hand then oh boy
  • The aftercare master really kicks in there
  • So first he focuses on helping clean you off
  • Then he’ll ask if you need or want anything
  • So a scented candle lit
  • Some lotion
  • An extra pillow
  • A glass of water
  • A massage
  • You name it he’ll give it to you or do it
  • He wants to make sure you’re 100% comfy
  • After that he’ll lay down next to you
  • Take you into his arms
  • So you can cuddle into his chest the way you like to
  • And he’ll run his fingers through your hair
  • Telling you how good you did and stuff like that
  • Or if praise isn’t your thing then just some other sweet nothings
  • Overall Klaus is 200/10 on the aftercare front
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