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Texting The Family Group Chat

Jason: Life’s too short for me not to piss on your pillow rn tbh

Damien: What are you talking about  Todd

Tim: yeah jason who are you talking to

Jason: Worst case scenario you yell at me

Jason: Then what

Steph: I swear to god Jason if you fucking piss on my pillow, there will be glitter places you don’t want glitter to be

Jason: You are still going to need a new pillow

Jason: Consider this a threat

Cass: What just happened?

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Fandom: Fire Emblem Awakening
Rating: G (death mentions, grief, kissing)
Relationships: Chrom/F!Robin
Summary: Chrom laughs quietly, which Robin is glad for; she hasn’t heard him so much as giggle the whole way back to Ylisstol. She cracks a smile in return, and doesn’t shy away when Chrom leans his back against the railing at her side, his arm brushing against her shoulder. “You gave me a good reason to get out, though, after you disappeared like that. I told the others I’d look for you.”
Robin smiles softly. “Well, you found me,” she murmurs lightheartedly.
Chrom falls silent for a moment, each breath of his sending clouds of fog into the air, until he finally says, “It’s hard to celebrate when I keep seeing her face every time I close my eyes.”
Read it on AO3: Every Step

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(Poor fred, always worries, always ignored ;;; _ ;;;)

When the early bird married the night owl, you both anticipated that your schedules would be off. Particularly with your husband being awake before dawn, and yourself falling asleep long after your “bedtime”. 

You were productive at night, and he was full of energy early in the morning. It wasn’t always the easiest schedule to cope with, but you were happy. 

One benefit to the odd sleep times though, was the realization that Frederick would talk in his sleep, sometimes. The conversations were always entertaining.

Like most nights, you trudged to bed several hours after Frederick. Lucky for you he was already mumbling in his sleep. Your night of fun had already started.

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did someone? just come into my inbox? and randomly? send me? a batfam headcanon? you have no idea how excited i am right now thank you so much anon!!!!

i reread that like 5 times it’s absolutely hilarious and on point and i love it.

everyone in the wayne family is unfairly attractive, yes, but dick grayson being annoyingly photogenic is the best. he’s not even trying, all he did was run his hand through his hair in the morning and put on a hoodie but somehow he looks like he could put male models to shame. but whenever he actually puts in effort and tries to look good, makes himself attractive on purpose? everybody look out one glance and you’ll fall in love for the rest of your life.

as @/cryptocism so wonderfully put it, tim constantly looks like a goth trash goblin. it’s hilarious. he’s a feral gremlin racoon child and everybody knows it. whenever someone posts a picture of a Wild Tim Drake, everybody’s instantly like “meeeee” “s a m e” “bruh me and tim drake-wayne have the exact same fashion sense” etc. 

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