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Either we’re real lucky or they’re real dumb.

–Tim Drake (Batgirl #32 - Morituri)

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It was a normal day on the Fortress of Attitude.

Damian and Tai found themselves on the kitchen table sketching, Wallace was on the crafting table working on renovations for his next suit, Suren and Colin were on the gym meditating and Billy was watching TV on the couch. The only one missing was Jon aka Superboy.

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This is a from a panel in Batman (1940) #1. The very first issue of the very first Batman title to ever exist, and I regret ever trying to read it because this mf is gonna haunt my nightmares for the rest of my life.

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28th February 2021-Spring walk at Magdalen Hill

Today we walked at Magdalen Hill a fantastic butterfly site we have enjoyed so many brilliant walks at especially in the last few years. Of course building on my ambitions held last week with the weather staying very sunny and pretty warm for the time of year I wanted to see a butterfly today my first of the year. With so many people having done so now my desire was very ripe. I was elated then when minutes into the walk a butterfly glided gently in front of us and landed a few times. My eyes were transfixed on it I just had to get a bit closer to make out its’ species of the few early/all season ones emerging and my desire paid off when I got to see it was one of my favourites the Red Admiral. I had done it, seen my all important first butterfly of 2021 to begin a new year list. My first butterfly seen since October I can’t remember the last time I didn’t see a November or December butterfly in a year which happened in 2020 so it felt like it had been ages since I saw one of these insects, but at the same time when I saw the one flying it was as though there had been no gap and butterfly days were here again. And I was so thrilled and happy.

It was a top species to open with too. A favourite of mine for around 10 years, it has four times been my first butterfly species of the year now which is the most for any species for me and is my fourth earliest ever sighting of the species in a year. It was a year tick at Magdalen Hill last year too on a daily exercise walk in April one of my best walks of the year with Green Hairstreak the one I took the picture of which I felt was one of my best ever butterfly shots and notably so many more butterflies starring and that’s four times it’s been a year tick here so it is a strong place for this beautiful red and black species my favourite colour scheme. I took the first picture in this photoset of this Red Admiral. I have only photographed my very first individual butterfly in a year twice as they usually fly very erratically early on in the season and high up etc. making it harder, the last time was a Red Admiral too recently three years ago at Blanford Forum, Dorset in February 2018 the last time this species was my first of the year. To indicate that point neither picture was with my usual for butterflies closeup macro lens the one before because I didn’t have it on a walk on a still winter’s day I didn’t expect to need it and today this one was too far away to get close to and was high up in a tree when I got the picture. It felt so brilliant to get off the mark with seeing and photographing butterflies this spring it brought me a lot of happiness.

In those opening minutes of the walk today spring had well and truly sprung and we had a phenomenal few moments. Firstly we saw a glorious looking Chiffchaff scuttling through branches shining as it went, and then heard its nice little short one note alternative call to saying its name. Moments later and it was another important first, my first Skylark singing this year one of the greatest and most beautiful sounds in nature. And always such a landmark. We couldn’t quite see one on our walk at this key site for them but I very much hope to soon. 

As we walked on I took the second, third and fourth pictures in this photoset of yet more catkins lately, one of many Long-tailed Tits it was fantastic to see today a star bird of the afternoon and another tree with buds about to blossom lately. I then took the fifth, sixth and seventh pictures in this photoset of beautiful views in excellent unbroken sunshine with bright blue skies. Today we really enjoyed on our walk in great weather taking in the scale of a place, being somewhere so open where you could see rolling scenery yes but also such a lot of sky too which was peaceful and brilliant. Wildlife wise we saw a lot else as we walked on too it became a red day with some special views of Redwings very possibly our last view of any this season you never know and I will miss them its been probably my best autumn/winter for Redwings and thrushes in general with so many of a few of the species seen and Redwings getting to enjoy them so much very locally at Lakeside where its so good for them going there more days than normal due to working from home.

I haven’t often seen Redwing the same day as butterflies or Chiffchaffs or hearing a Skylark so this meant it acted as a great unique meeting point between winter and spring summing up the vibes lately. 

The red hat trick today was complete as we saw three Red-legged Partridges quite mysteriously and entertainingly dashing across and then flying from a field it was quite a sight not knowing what they were until we got binoculars on them. Its been great to see these two weekends running. I also took the eighth picture in this photoset of another brilliant sun through trees scene after one on our walk yesterday this weekend lending itself to this so well, and ninth picture in this photoset of a lovely white flower in the garden when home which I photographed recently and tenth and final picture in this photoset of another stunning sunset tonight they are starting to look really nice and orange when its the right day for them and the sun is shifting right across the sky from my room so my window is looking a little bit more directly onto the sunset now where I so often take so many picture of it and see them in spring, summer and autumn after long winter months of only just being visible to the left out of my window. This winter being at home all the time I did make the most of these more though but its so exciting getting towards summer seeing them further right. 

Wildlife Sightings Summary on the Magdalen Hill walk: My first of one of my favourite butterflies the Red Admiral this year, Bees, Redwing, plenty of Robins, loads of Woodpigeons, Long-tailed Tit, Great Tit heard and seen, a delightful group of Meadow Pipits on power cables that in the light you could faintly see so if you didn’t know better it was as though they were floating in the air which was interesting, Red-legged Partridge, Carrion Crow and I heard my first Skylark of the year. 

Well that brings to an end a fantastic spring weekend with so much beauty and wonder to take in as we are delightfully thrust a little into my favourite time of year such an optimistic, busy, critical and fantastic time to love nature and what we all need right now. And it also ends a brilliant second month of the year for me. February has been a smashing month, snow and ice which was really stunning to see in probably the coldest part of the winter being replaced with a beautiful delve into spring with warmer and brighter weather towards the end of the month was so notable and quite defined the month. I very much enjoyed seeing spring gradually emerge, from birds at Lakeside I knew only came in the spring to breed and catkins that transformed that landscape to go green and others increasingly throughout leading up to the place we are in for exciting wildflowers and insects now. Its also been as I said in yesterday’s blog a month of smashing birds with five crucial year ticks with some rarer species being able to see them safely was great to keep my year list ticking over. Thank you so much for all your comments, interactions and support this month, I wish you all a great and safe March.

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(Story 6 of 10! Did someone say newlywed fluff dskfjSKLDJFSLDF)

The sunlight filtered into the bedroom, a gentle wake-up call for the cavalier. His home was warm and peaceful. But there was also something new; an air of happiness in his bedroom, something he noticed as his eyes slid open.

The sheets were all over the place, and some were in need of being washed. Thinking back to last night, he remembered why with vivid memory. The lightest pink dusted his cheeks; you were wed the day before.

Looking past the bed, he realized you weren’t beside him, instead standing by the tall window on your side. The only thing you wore was your coat, your hair untied and messy. You looked so radiant.

A sheet was wrapped around his waist, and he joined you with a soft embrace from behind. You leaned into him with a hum, earning a kiss on the ear.

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Dove & Robin hanging out at the park.

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Incorrect Batfam Quotes - Things I Heard at Basic Training Edition:

Tim: The bad thing about the week was the week.

Damian: They’re ours, but we don’t claim them.

Jason: I had a nice cold coca-cola, I hope that hurts your hearts a little.

Bruce: In your opinion, what is a feminine hygiene product?

Jason: Sometimes you have to call the baby ugly.

Tim: I call the baby ugly, then the baby screams at me.

Steph: When I can feel my hands again, then I’ll give a fuck about her birthday.

Damian: Apparently aliens don’t speak Arabic.

Dick: Guys, good news, we just got 16 Tide Pods.

Tim: Oh, great, so we can all eat one.

Dick: Remain calm and act like nothing happened.

Cass: I’m talking to the water.

Harper: I’m too liberal for this place.

Tim: I have seriously considered eating paper at this point.

Duke: I don’t want to disclose the location of my rock.

Jason: Reveille is going to be me, two trash cans, and an angry racoon.

Duke: Should we rake our dirt?

Damian: He’s so dumb, his name is Jon.

Alfred, to Bruce: Yesterday you were single with no children. Now you’re the mother of 43.

Bruce: Isn’t turkey a chicken?

Tim: If I can ingest it, I can put it on my head.

Tim: *Sprinkles foot powder on his head*

Harley Quinn: Today we learned positive skills for conflict resolution. I hope that helps y'all. If not, no karate in the dayroom.

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It was that prisoner girl who was put wrongly into jail and even bullied for it. Now she became an Operator of Rhodes Island. It was better than rotting in that same cell.

The Anaty was outside on some fresh air where she used the trees for target practice where she was running around and throwing the knives with good precision where she would do some parkour,jumping from one tree to another,doing backflips and throwing more than one at the targets before landing down on her feet successfuly as she collected her knives.

Robin does this routine from time to time. Or just hanging around the gym and doing some friendly sparring matches along with casually lifting. Nothing new.

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I didn’t see anyone talk about it, but if Sanji didn’t think Robin could beat Black Maria, he would have never asked for help. He would always prefer to die than put Nami or Robin in danger. He knows that Robin is strong and he was happy that she came to rescue him! And she was happy to save him because she cares about her friends!

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Batman: The Audio Adventures is a comedy podcast from Saturday Night Live writer Dennis McNicholas.  The cast includes:  Chris Parnell, Melissa Villaseñor, Seth Meyers, Brent Spiner, John Leguizamo, Ike Barinholtz, Bobby Moynihan, Kenan Thompson, Rosario Dawson, Jason Sudeikis, Alan Tudyk, Heidi Gardner, Brooke Shields, Paul Scheer, Tim Meadows, Fred Armisen, Ray Wise, Ben Rodgers, Katie Rich, Pete Schultz, Paula Pell, Toby Huss, and [Dennis]  McNicholas. It has not been revealed what characters the actors will be playing. The podcast will be available on HBO Max and is expected to air later this year.

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Conner (Cargo pants superboy) comes first. He’s a Lex/Supes clone made by Cadmus just like in young justice, and because of that Supes hates him. Then, like in YJ, Batman and circumstance force him to come around and accept him, tho it’s prolly more of a mentor relationship than a fatherly one.

Kon (cool 90s sb) comes second. He’s also a Cadmus project but now they have the technology to make a full clone. Kon escapes too, and Clark has had some time to adjust so he accepts him more readily, but it’s still a mentorly relationship, partly cause Kon also has all his powers and just doesn’t feel the need to prove himself to Supes. He probably ends up with a “I can do better than you, pops” mentality and doesn’t interact with Supes as much as Conner.

I also chose this timeline cause then Conner lines up with the 1st season of YJ, and Kon can be on the Teen Titans team with Tim, otherwise I prolly would have had it the other way around cause chronology

TLDR: Clark has a mentor relationship with Kon/Con and is slightly closer to Con


Also just Con/Kon as brothers??? A concept?? And the idea of Lex just making clone after clone ALL of whom abandon him cause he sucks!!

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Continuation from here;



Robin stared at the Vouivre. She still remained the same. On the looks mostly. Not much hostile but she was a force to be reckoned with back at the prison.

“…Still getting used to everyone’s kindness here but I’m managing. Somehow. Better than rotting in that cell.” of course,she had no intentions with that knife in her hand. If she wanted to do something,she would have done it. Being smart not to cause any trouble in these parts.

“Don’t worry. Not here to start a fight.” yet she doesn’t forget their little brawl that she lost. But she holds no grudges. What happened,happened.

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The Batfam feels like a family that travels in one car even if everyone is there. There’s just people in the trunk, seven people in the backseat and four riding shotgun. The dog has his own seat. 

I feel like they’d look like this, but Bruce is one of those dads who tells them like “as long as your seatbelts are on the cops can’t say anything”

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