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liriostigre · 28 days ago
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Robin Morgan, “Love Poem.” Monster
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poetrywillsaveme · 27 days ago
Life, they promise, is a terminal disease. She would go sane again for love of you. I would even die for love of you. But what you require is my sanity and her death.
Robin Morgan, Monster: Poems (1972): ‘Revolucinations’
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kittyit · a month ago
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Tumblr media
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wintryblight · 7 months ago
any poems on a daughter being rejected by their own mother who only loves the palatable parts of them which they pick and choose. (i'm thinking specifically of homophobia and mary jean chen's poetry but any other scenarios you want to include are very welcome). thank you so much and take care <3
hi! here are some poems for you. i’m swarmed by requests at the moment & my classes are starting, so i didn’t have the most amount of time to put together this compilation, but i’d HIGHLY recommend the book One Secret Thing by Sharon Olds, which revolves almost entirely around the poet’s complex, often toxic, relationship with her mother. i have also made another compilation about strained relationships with one’s mother here.
Chen Chen, “Race to the Tree” | my mother slapped me / after I told her I might be gay. / I didn’t tell him that I hit her back, / that my father tried holding us apart / like the universe’s saddest referee.
Robin Morgan, “Matrilineal Descent” | Not having spoken for years now, / I know you claim exile from my consciousness. / Yet I wear mourning whole nights through
Juliet Kono, “Homeless” | He says he wants to live with me. / I say I can’t live with him— / boy whose words crash like branches in a rain storm.
Jennifer Chang, “Obedience, or the Lying Tale” | Before me / the field, a loose run of grass. I stay / in the river, Mother, I study escape.
Sandra Lim, “Certainty” | I am not a stupid child. I am not even a child any longer, with her hesitant, then terrible certainty, that loss is tragic, not only pointless. 
Truong Tran, “what remains two” | my own mother says it was not meant / to be cruel when cruelty she tells me / is a child’s lips   torn from breast as proof / back home the women wear teeth marks
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the-final-sentence · 11 months ago
Mother, in ways neither of us can ever understand, I have come home.
Robin Morgan, from “Matrilineal Descent”
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radfem-book-club · 7 months ago
"There is something every woman wears around her neck on a thin chain of fear -- an amulet of madness. For each of us, there exists somewhere a moment of insult so intense that she will reach up and rip the amulet off, even if the chain tears at the flesh of her neck."
Robin Morgan, "Goodbye to All That,"
Going Too Far
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youshouldberad · a year ago
"How, we are asked, can you talk about the comparatively insignificant oppression of women, when set beside the issues or racism and imperialism?
This is a male-supremacist question. Not only because of its arrogance, but because of its ignorance. First, it dares to weigh and compute human suffering, and it places oppressed groups in competition with each other (an old, and very capitalistic, trick: divide and conquer.) Second, the question fails to even minimally grasp the profoundly radical analysis beginning to emerge from revolutionary feminism: that capitalism, imperialism, and racism are symptoms of male supremacy- sexism."
- Robin Morgan, "Sisterhood is Powerful" (1970)
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selinascatnip · 27 days ago
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Satellite (fragment) by Robin Morgan
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pleasanttumb · 8 months ago
Hate generalizes, love specifies.
Robin Morgan
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liriostigre · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
Robin Morgan, “Quotations from Charwoman Me.” Monster
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poetrywillsaveme · 29 days ago
The mad and the suicidal are the only saints. The rest of us are merely revolutionaries.
Robin Morgan, Monster: Poems (1972): ‘Credo’
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allie-n0vak · 4 months ago
Her accusation of rape could be conceived as metaphor, and besides, it is permissible by law for a man to rape his wife, in body and in mind.
Arraignment, Robin Morgan
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little-wild-bird · a year ago
The invisible woman in the asylum corridor
sees others quite clearly,
including the doctor who patiently tells her
she isn’t invisible,
and pities the doctor, who must be mad
to stand there in the asylum corridor,
talking and gesturing
to nothing at all.
The invisible woman has great compassion.
So, after a while, she pulls on her body
like a rumpled glove, and switches on her voice
to comfort the elated doctor with words.
Better to suffer this prominence
than for the poor young doctor to learn
he himself is insane.
Only the strong can know that. 
The Invisible Woman. Robin Morgan.
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old-oblivion · a year ago
“I am not yours when you are too much mine.” That phrase predicts the pattern of our ruin.
Robin Morgan, Eight Games of Strategy
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the-final-sentence · 11 months ago
Did I ever tell you that?
Robin Morgan, from “Quotations from Charwoman Me”
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feralseraph · 2 years ago
"I want a women's revolution like a lover. I lust for it, I want so much this freedom, this end to struggle and fear and lies we all exhale, that I could die just with the passionate uttering of that desire."
Robin Morgan
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"What have they dared,
sucking at man's wounds for wine,
celebrating his flesh as food?
Whose thirst has been slaked by his vampire liquor,
whose hunger answered by his ghostly bread?
Who have they dared to hang on that spine instead and then deny, across millennia?
Whose is the only body which incarnates creation everlasting?"
- Robin Morgan
from “The Network of the Imaginary Mother”, The Lady of the Beasts
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ms-cellanies · a year ago
In case you missed this last night here is the segment with Gloria Steinem and Robin Morgan on All in With Chris Hayes.  Well worth watching.
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gregorygalloway · a year ago
Tumblr media
Robin Morgan (born 29 January 1941)
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