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#robin musings

Robins’ Musings:

Subject: Harleen Quinzel (Harley Quinn)

Robin I:

  • Gee, you’re Joker’s sidekick?
  • Oohh, you’re his girlfriend, okay got it.
  • So, are we gonna fight?
  • I mean I don’t want to but-
  • I don’t know, they normally take half an hour to fight.
  • Ice-cream? Yes please, but if this is a trap I’ll kick you in your face.

Robin II:

  • C’mon Quinn try harder.
  • No stop psychoanalysing me.
  • If I don’t say anything you can’t-
  • Okay fine, maybe I have issues with-
  • Please stop.
  • Ice-cream? No way, we’re mid-fight you can’t just-
  • Fine, but stop analysing my issues.

Robin III:

  • Good luck psychoanalysing me, even I don’t know what’s going on up here.
  • Okay y’know that’s fair but-
  • How do YOU know I get like one or two hours of sleep.
  • I drink a lot of coffee.
  • Like, anxiety and some other things but I forget my meds sometimes.
  • Yeah, ice-cream sounds good, thanks.

Robin IV:

  • Okay, first Firefly then riddler now you?
  • Oh, you aren’t doing a crime, cool.
  • It’s definitely been a long night so far.
  • You too? What happened?
  • Oh.
  • Yeah, you absolutely should leave him, screw him and his bullshit purple suits.
  • You wanna get ice-cream and talk?
  • Oh well, Nightwing can deal with Scarecrow.

Robin III (again):

  • Hi. I… I know this doesn’t mean anything but, I’m proud of you for leaving him. I know it couldn’t have been easy.
  • Oh? You and Ivy?
  • I mean, I think you’d look cute together but it’s up to you.
  • Ice-cream?

Robin V:

  • Tt. Quinn.
  • No, stop!
  • I don’t have a napoleon complex!
  • Stop!
  • Fine. Can I have my sword back, please?
  • Really? Father wouldn’t have given it back that easily.
  • Thank you.
  • Don’t act so surprised, Alfred taught me some manners, before….
  • I am not crying!
  • Yes please I’d really like some ice-cream.
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Robin Musings, as per John Constantine

aka Magic Boi Extraordinaire, Ph.D. Shark Biology

Robin I

  • Eh what’s this
  • It’s smiling at me
  • You’re ruining my aesthetic, kid
  • Here, put on this trenchcoat
  • Much better
  • No I haven’t seen your kid, Batman
  • This kid is clearly mine
  • Hence the trenchcoat

Robin II

  • Hey kid
  • Wanna be surly and moody with me
  • You have to look into the horizon and appear disillusioned
  • Very good
  • You’re a natural
  • All you need now is a trenchcoat

Robin III

  • Hello munchkin
  • You appear to have a natural talent with skulking around
  • Ah, you stalked Batman
  • Excellent detective work
  • Here, I have this tiny trenchcoat for you
  • I carry them around now, just in case

Robin IV

  • Of course I can create food with magic
  • Pancakes? Sure.
  • What do you mean, pancakes are fluffy
  • Pancakes are thin and flat and taken with sugar and a bit of lemon
  • Just like the queen intended

Robin III again

  • You need a detective persona
  • Mine is surely “surly and British”
  • You can be “clever and twinky”

Robin V

  • Whatcha hiding there, kiddo
  • It couldn’t be six stay kittens, could it?
  • The same six kittens that Batman specifically told you not to bring home?
  • You need better sneaking skills
  • Here use this trenchcoat
  • You can stuff all kinds of things in it and you can never tell from the outside

Robin III again (remix)

  • Why exactly do you want to learn how to sneak around
  • Oh you want to see your hunky boyfriend
  • Batman’s opposed, I take it
  • Well first, if you want to sneak effectively, you have to get rid of the sequined thing and sheer booty shorts
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Argh forsooth, for I do despise DC for giving such poor characterization unto the Bats!

May the writers (cursed be their pens) experience constipation for the pain they have given us.

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Robin Musings, as per Ace The Bathound

aka Ace Wayne, Seven Time Winner of Best Dog Monthly in the Gotham Gazette

Robin I

  • Bruce got a puppy!
  • I am now a grand-dog
  • This is my first grand-pup
  • I need to train you to protect Bruce
  • He’s super old
  • Be kind to him in his advanced age, grand-pup
  • Rub his belly often so that he feels loved

Robin II

  • Why is puppy covered in dirt
  • Come, let us jump in the pool
  • What are you doing with that cloth
  • Towels are inferior drying devices
  • All you have to do is shake vigorously
  • The fact that we just soaked Bruce is collateral damage

Robin III

  • The puppy is lonely!
  • Quick, rub my tummy to activate companionship!
  • Wait, what was that in the sky
  • An alien mutt dares to court my grandpup!
  • Away ye cur!
  • Leave my delicate grandpup alone!

Robin IV

  • Finally, someone as energetic as me!
  • Let’s go howl at Bruce
  • Excellent howling, young pup!
  • Tim-pup only howls for the Kon-mutt
  • We howl for Justice
  • And food

Robin III again

  • The Kon-mutt is back!
  • Alert Bruce!
  • Yes Bruce, chase the Kon-mutt away
  • Yes I am a good grand-dog
  • I protect my stupid grand-pup

Robin V

  • Bruce has sired a pup
  • It is prickly and sour like a lemon
  • Ah! It gives me hugs when no one is watching!
  • Lick the pancake faced pup
  • It giggles!
  • Now its growling again.
  • Lick it again
  • It giggled again!
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Robins’ Musings

Subject: Wally West (The Flash, formerly Kid Flash)

Robin I:

  • Oh hi, who’re you?
  • Kid Flash? Does that mean you can run fas-
  • Golly you’re fast
  • Yellow really is you’re colour
  • Oh no im in love
  • What?!? No I didn’t say anything, I think Batman wants me, bye

Robin II:

  • Different person, sorry
  • I don’t know where he is
  • Idk, Blüdhaven maybe?
  • Oh yeah the new costume is ridiculous
  • Ahahaha Discowing, that’s the best thing I’ve ever heard
  • So.. uh… how’s Speedy?
  • No reason ahaha, I think Batman wants me, bye

Robin III:

  • Oh….. hi
  • What do you mean I shouldn’t be hacking the hall of justice computers
  • Wait aren’t you Dick’s boyfriend
  • Sure I believe you aren’t together
  • Catch me if you can, coward!
  • Riiiight you’re the Flash, dang it, i need to get me a flash

Robin IV:

  • Hi, I’m Robin, well the new Robin
  • Oh sure you can braid my hair if you want
  • Do I have any crushes? I mean I liked the last Robin
  • I mean if you wanna be my wingman go for it
  • So how’re you and Nightwing?
  • Yeah but,,,, you like each other
  • You guys are so obvious

Robin III (again):

  • Dick! I’m making coffee you want some?
  • Two?
  • Oh hi Flash, we meet again
  • You want how much sugar?!?
  • That’s a coffee sin, how dare you
  • Then fight me
  • Hi steph
  • Why’re you two looking at each other like that?

Robin V:

  • Tt, so you’re Grayson’s other half
  • What do you mean you aren’t together?
  • No put me down do not hug me only Grayson can hug me
  • Fine
  • Take care of him
  • Sure, I believe you aren’t together

Bonus: Nightwing

  • Wally, you’re back!
  • Ya know dude, red is definitely your colour
  • Im not flirting
  • Okay maybe I’m flirting a little
  • You wanna maybe… I don’t know get dinner, super platonically just two bros getting dinner
  • Oh don’t worry I’m broke but bruce isn’t and i might have one of his credit cards
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My muse is asleep. Wake them up by giving them oral (Still accepting!)

Send 🍆 to wake them up by sucking them off.


Robin was sound asleep and calmly dreaming. Though, soon enough he felt pleasure start to build at the base of his cock. Which caused him to quietly and tiredly gasp and moan. Until the pleasure became so high that he woke up and opened his eyes. To which he then adjusted his gaze to see someone between his legs. “H-Huh?” He said quietly and tiredly.

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robin  is  highly  influenced  by  her  siblings,  especially  when  it  comes  to  steven  and  eleanor  (  the  two  i  hc  her  to  be  closest  to  ).  so  that  night  when  they’re  discussing  the  book  and  the  blood  money,  as  shirley  calls  it,  it  has  generated  she  feeds  off  their  reactions  and  words.  since  shirley,  theo  and  eleanor  initially  turned  down  the  money  robin  did,  too.  a  part  of  her  also  felt  like  she  shouldn’t  even  be  given  any  of  that  money  considering  she  was  only  three  and  barely  a  part  of  the  story,  but  she  supposes  the  fact  that  she  was  actually  included  was  enough.  eventually,  she  did  take  the  money,  though  that  was  because  it  was  directly  given  to  her  by  steven  when  they  were  alone  with  the  instruction  to  put  it  towards  her  student  loans.  she  was  23  at  the  time,  and  was  a  year  into  vet  school  at  that  point.  the  money  was  definitely  needed.

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『 robin buckley 』


based on this ask: how hard would it be to buy a gift for your muse? (robin)


How hard would it be to buy a gift for your muse?: Honestly? Not hard at all. Robin loves just being thought of. You could probably bring the girl a rock that you found outside and she’d love you and it just because you cared enough to do it. She’s the easiest person to give gifts to. You don’t even have to spend money for her to be excited and happy.

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gonna work on adding some once upon a time bbs. 
i’m only proficient up to s4.5 at the moment
but i’m still watching uou. 

Emma Swan 
Baelfire  / Neal Cassidy  
Killian Jones 
Belle French / Lacey 
Rumpelstiltskin / Mr Gold
Snow White / Mary Margaret 
Prince James / David Nolan 
Robin Hood 
Will Scarlett 
aaaaaaaand Graham. 

anyone else you want to see , lemme know
i’m very easily convinced andfkjas. 

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