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ibuzoo4 months ago
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100 Characters 鈫 #89 - Robin Hood, Once upon a Time
I may be a thief, but I have a code, and I have to live by that code. Otherwise, what kind of life am I living?
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silvio1967a month ago
Okay I'm not sure if any of you remember BBC's Robin Hood with Jonas Armstrong, Harry Lloyd, Keith Allen etc., but I just watched the last episode of series 2 (SPOILER when Marian dies) but with audio commentary by a few of the actors.
For most of the series Allan had been acting as the right hand of Gisborne and was actually another antagonist for the outlaw group, so ofc he wasn't in on their plans and schemes against the sheriff. There was one episode where they wanted to send a message to the king via a trained bird called Lardner. Allan thought the bird was killed but Lardner actually survived and delivered the message. So when Allan came back at the end of the series the crew revealed their plan to him and he was very impressed. At the end of the episode Djaq and Will say their goodbyes and we see Allan in the background talking to the Birdkeeper. Now one of the actors in the audio commentary said that they actually shot a scene where Allan was given Lardner as a present, but the scene was cut. During one of the last shots, when they walk towards the sunset, you can actually see Allan carrying a bird cage, though it seems to be empty (maybe Joe was moving around too much and they couldn't let the bird go through that stress). Nevertheless I just thought this was so sweet and because I hadn't heard of that before I just had to share it with someone.
In general I think the show could've done so much more with Allan's character. All the scenes he was in in series 2 (especially those with Marian or other gang members) just perfectly portrayed the fact that he is not just a one sided character but also has many layers. He had a redemption arch but his lack of scenes with Guy in series 3 was just a wasted opportunity to show his AND Guys's growth as a character.
I'm sorry for this "rant" but I've come back to this show multiple times now because it's part of my childhood and is generally a very enjoyable show (it also helped me with my english skills). And I just love Allan A Dale in this show. :) sorry not sorry
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starshipstories4 months ago
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I know I'm just screaming into the void, but I can't stop thinking about how in 2x10 Will told Marian she could leave with Guy and Robin "would go to the ends of the earth to find her" or something like that........ and then Robin says this in the finale!! I'm crying...
sorry I know it's 2021 but Robin and Marian (and their finale scene in particular) still make me so emotional
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minttowelsandbatrugs12 days ago
Tbh I don't really have a problem with Marian, I have a problem with Zelena
The woman who stole Robin away and took Regina's happy ending was Zelena, not Marian
Marian, as shown in flashbacks, is an extremely brave, loving and supportive wife to Robin. Zelena disguised as Marian, however, was the exact opposite. She got jealous of Regina (telltale sign she's Zelena) even though Robin chose her, she flat- out refused to help Gold, and she was snooping through her 'husband's phone, which I thought was stupid 'cause Robin literally has no contacts!
So yeah, the woman who did all those bad things was Zelena, not Marian, so I think Marian was a cool character
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insanities-incarnate8 months ago
Truth Or Dare
Fandom: BBC Robin Hood Modern AU
Relationship: Allan A Dale X Katherine Vaisey (OC)
Summary: The story of how the young lovers' relationship began. The gang play a game of truth or dare to celebrate the high school graduation of Robin, Marian and Guy, and Allan decides it's the perfect time to ask Kat out.
Link to AO3
"Pass him the bottle then!" Allan's voice echoed through the small room. Nobody even tried to shush him, though. After all, with Will's dad and brother on a visit to his Auntie Annie over in Scarborough, they had the whole house to themselves.
"I'm not drinking that," came Much's response. "Someone has to stay sober ready for when something goes wrong."
"Oh, go on, Much, nothing's gonna happen-" Will began, but Allan cut him off.
"Bugger that, Will. He's been dared, so he has to drink it." With a sly smile, Guy slid the whiskey bottle directly across the circle to Much, who glanced in annoyance at the people around him. First Allan, right beside him, then to Will, then Marian, to Katherine, and then Robin, to Djaq, before he finally finished the survey at Guy.
"I hate this game," he muttered sourly, pouting.
"You get used to the taste if you drink it enough," Katherine offered. She'd never been the biggest fan of whisky, preferring... classier drinks. The gang teased her mercilessly for that one, citing that 'you know she's the rich one because she won't drink anything, unless it's shaken and stirred', much to her chagrin.
"I don't want to get used to the taste, Kat." The redhead laughed good-naturedly as Much tentatively raised the bottle to his lips and drank. Within seconds, his eyes were filled with tears and he was coughing and spluttering. Will patted him on the back as he choked the liquid down, while the others cheered him on.
"Good man, Much!" Robin declared. "On the upside, you get to choose who goes next!"
The game raged on for a while longer. Confessions were made, and the dares, ranging from tame to completely outlandish, were mostly completed. Everyone in attendance, with the exception of Much, had been drinking, and they ran the gamut from slightly tipsy to bordering on being completely and utterly gone.
"Alright, alright!" Guy scanned the circle of people. "Hmm. Allan. Truth or dare?"
Allan scoffed. "Who the fuck do I look like? You know the answer." He raised his eyebrows and looked at each of his friends in the eye. "If I ever choose truth, you all know to assume there's something horribly wrong with me, right?"
"An attitude like that will get you killed one day, Allan A Dale," Djaq laughed.
"He knows, he just doesn't care, do you, Allan?" Marian asked.
"Damn right. So what've you got for me, eh, Gizzy?" Allan grinned. "I hope something outrageous," he added suggestively.
"You're disgusting, Dale." Guy paused to think, before his eyes lit up with glee. "I've got it. I dare you to kiss the best-looking person here."
A collective groan sounded. It had recently become the obligatory dare that must be asked at least once every game, without fail, and so far, it had been asked to Robin, Guy and Djaq. Djaq had, of course headed straight for Will. However, both Robin and Guy had gifted their kisses to Marian, which had been both hilarious and highly awkward for the gang, who all knew that both the boys cared deeply for Marian.
Much pouted once again. "I don't see why you all ask this. There's no point to it at all-"
"That's only because nobody ever picks you, Much," Allan joked. He grinned and turned to Will, looking at his close friend right in the eye. "Will..." The group all held their breath. "Move your arse will you, I've someone to kiss." Laughter erupted as Will complied, while Allan, inexplicably, crawled on all fours to the next seat's occupant. Marian's about to chalk her count up to three now, it seems, Katherine thought to herself, as the laughter died down back to quiet. That's why it came as a shock when Allan's voice once again pierced the tense silence with a simple comment of, "You too Marian, chop chop." As Allan approached her, Katherine looked at him with a laugh and began to shift backwards.
"You don't need to ask, Allan, I know my place." She gestured for him to crawl past her, and she fully expected him to.
That's why Kat wasn't expecting the bombshell when Allan stopped in front of her and fell back so that he was sitting on his legs.
"Allan, what are you-"
"May I, Kat?"
"Well, he dared me to-"
"I heard what he bloody well dared you to do-"
"Yeah, well..."
"But- I-" she stopped for a moment to compose herself. "Me?" As he smiled at her, she almost felt as if the rest of the room disappeared, leaving just her, and a boy who apparently wanted to kiss her. Katherine offered a small, wordless nod, almost unable to comprehend what was happening. He thinks I'm pretty, he wants to kiss me!
Slowly, as they leaned towards each other, she closed her eyes. Their lips met, and suddenly, she was gripped with a feeling telling her that she never wanted his lips to be apart from her own. Kat felt herself melting into his kiss, and something about it made her feel more alive than she ever had before. As the two finally separated, she was ripped from her trance by the sounds of cheers all around her. A blush rose in her cheeks as Katherine remembered that she and Allan were not, in fact alone, and that her friends had just witnessed that kiss which, just a second ago, had felt so intimate. With a wink to her, Allan made his way back to the place in the circle.
"Well, Allan, I believe its your turn to choose."
"I believe it may be." There was no hesitation in his voice as he made his choice. "Kat. Truth or dare?" She rolled her eyes.
"You can't even give me a break, can you?" She grinned. "Well, I'm feeling a little adventurous now. Dare." An assortment of 'ooohs' rose from the gang.
"The Princess wants an adventure, does she?"
"Shut up and give me a dare, Allan."
"Alright then. I dare you... to go on a date with me."
"Allan, that's not how this works-" Djaq tried to protest, but Robin and the others just laughed.
"If this is your big plan to get a date, Allan, mate, then there must be something wrong with you-" Robin began, but quietened as Katherine gave her answer.
"Fine. Dare accepted. Yes." With a smile to Allan, she turned to the rest of her friends. "Now, I believe that it's my turn."
Tagging @chaoticbitheatrekid @outlawsassemblerh finally got some inspiration called 'its midnight and I should be sleeping, but let's write Kat x Allan fluff instead'
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wonderbatforever7 months ago
Dear @chaoticbitheatrekid invited me so kindly to contribute to a BBC Robin Hood High School AU, but I absolutely couldn't, since I'm not British and Greek High Schools couldn't be more different than the British ones, I wouldn't do the great idea any justice.
I seized the opportunity to present you all lovely Robin Hood fellows, friends and mutuals, some ideas I had for Modern AUs.
Tumblr media
This time, I won't be so thorough as before, for I'd love to see your own contributions!
Tumblr media
Idea No.3 (after the glorious -A clue? No!- Master At Arms and the HOND AU)
The gang are Interpol (or MI5, or CIA members and Guy and Vaisey are Corrupt Policemen
Robin would of course be their leader and head, as expected. Now, Marian, could be a brilliant double agent, infiltrating Vaisey's team, in order to gather enough evidence to expose him. Now, could she turn Guy, given his feelings for her, as well or would he be condemned?? And what happens when he manages to turn Allan?? 馃槇馃槇 Vaisey,now, could be helping some mafia leader named (Prince) John, why not?
Tumblr media
Idea No. 4 "Contestant Lawyers"
The gang could be working on a law firm that supports weak, seemingly powerless people, while Vaisey runs a prestigious one, that sides with wealthy clients. I mean, can you imagine Robin and Guy or Guy and Marian or Allan and Vaisey-God, the last one's epic- arguing at a court in front of judges as contestant lawyers? Personally, it blew my own mind away! XD
Tumblr media
Idea No.5 Aesthetic Jobs for all
I mean, Guy being a tattoo artist, heavy metal lover, Marian a florist- novel writer under an alias, Allan a street singer along with Roy, Robin a lovable vet, Much a kindergarten teacher, Will a modern carpenter, Djaq an esteemed doctor, Little John their overprotective father figure, Isabella a sassy, energetic journalist and a militant feminist, Tuck a modern minister, and Vaisey... Well, Vaisey could be just the same and remain aesthetically correct 馃槀 And all those people know each other and pass time occasionally or have some adventures in mysterious, wonderful, preposterous ways!
Tumblr media
How do they look???? I'd love to hear your thoughts and enhancements of course馃槈 @let-djaqsayfuck @chaoticbitheatrekid @knights-of-sherwood-forest @guyofgisbourne @rosemunds @puggledy-huggledy-is-not-a-pig @nfcomics @dumbassunderthemountain @thorntoncrusadepost @sunflowers-insherwood @songsoficeandcj
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timeladyjamie2 months ago
Tumblr media
I鈥檓 back at it again. Where my fellow outlaws at?聽
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incorrectbbcrobinhood3 months ago
Robin: Here's some advice before we go into battle:
Robin: You get hurt, hurt 鈥榚m back.
Robin: You get killed鈥 walk it off.
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mariansteamcastle6 months ago
The Master At Arms is Back, and so am I!
Hello everyone!!
Iknow I've been completely inactive lately BUT I had good reason. I'd been investing all my free time on the Master At Arms for an entire week, which proved to be quite a good plan!
Tumblr media
The Master At Arms' Chapter Two was posted today and you can find it in my profiles of Wattpad, and AO3, of course! I warn you, though, it's 8000 words long, and this time more action-centered than the first one! As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts, especially constructive criticism, for I do feel I've overdone it 馃槀鉂
Tumblr media
(Some Prince John, for no particular reason, but I feel he's relatable af馃槀馃槀)
Now that I'm actually done with my obligation to you, lovely Robin Hood fellows, I'VE GOT ALL THE TIME TO DELVE INTO YOUR PROFILES ABD CATCH UP WITH EVERYTHING I'VE LOST LATELY!
PS 1: Yes, dear @knights-of-sherwood-forest what I promised you is coming soon!
PS 2: @let-djaqsayfuck The Vampire AU has already started being written and I feel quite ambitious about it 馃槀 I'll finish it ASAP, I may even post it tomorrow!
Tumblr media
@chaoticbitheatrekid @sunflowers-insherwood @puggledy-huggledy-is-not-a-pig @rosemunds @never-forget-the-outlaws @guyofgisbourne @nfcomics @dumbassunderthemountain @thorntoncrusadepost
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taronrocket9 months ago
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Robin Hood (2018, dir. Otto Bathurst) behind the scenes.
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