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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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Apparently Marvel wants to cast a comedic actress for She-Hulk and I’m right about most things so these are the actresses I think should be cast as She-Hulk.

EDIT: in order (I put the names under the photos but it didn’t show) Abbi Jacobson, Cecily Strong, Jessica Williams, Aisling Bea, Robin Thede, Sasheer Zamata, Kate Berlant, and Issa Rae

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Quinta Brunson Is Imagining New Ways Forward For Black Women On TV

If you used the internet at all in the last decade, then it’s almost certain that you’ve seen Quinta Brunson. She’s the girl in GIFs and memes peppered across your Twitter timeline and Instagram feed: milly rocking in front of backdrops of various exotic locales, or smiling in awe and mouthing “He got moooney!” in clips from a series of web sketches aptly titled “The Girl Who Has Never Been On A Nice Date.”  

Or, you might recognize her from TV, where she recently starred alongside Robin Thede, Ashley Nicole Black and Gabrielle Dennis on HBO’s “A Black Lady Sketch Show.” The series is exactly what the name suggests: six 30-minute episodes in which Brunson and her co-stars play all manner of characters, from dance-battling aliens to international spies, in a series of sketches written by and starring Black women. A second season was picked  
up by HBO. 

Months after the show’s first season ended, Brunson talked about her thoughts on the reception, not just the good but also the bad.

Head here for the full story. 

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Because after a week without the show, I feel like withdrawal is now going to set in.

First, a week-two sketch that came online some time after the week 2 post: “No Makeup”:

One of the things that HBO has only online – to make up for the stuff that isn’t online at all, I guess – is some “Meet the character” snippets, where the cast talks about how they created some of the continuing characters. The snippets are very very very very brief – only a minute long.

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This will probably sound mean but I don’t like Robin Thede… lmao I think her face… bothers me and also her humor doesn’t do anything for me… like she’s trying too hard? lol idk

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Alas, there will be no more of this show until next season, whenever that will be. Hopefully scheduled, say, after Insecure or some such.

After a slightly flat penultimate show last week, this week’s show was pretty solid. If deliberately weird.

Currently online:

“Get the Belt”. This one … works, but it has such an edge. It kind of features child discipline as a very strange spectator sport/chess game kind of thing. It’s funny, but until the very end, it’s that uncomfortable sort of funny where you’re not entirely sure you should be laughing. (The end is very funny, but loses none of that edge. It’s just … redirected, let’s say.)

Currently online: “Courtroom Kiki”, in which several black women are shocked to discover that for the first time, all the professional people in the room are in fact black women. Featuring Issa Rae as the somewhat confused and bemused defendant.

The strangely excellent and excellently strange “Purgatory Soul Food”, in which  two women go to a new restaurant, to support our people, and because they’ve heard it’s excellent. All I can say without spoiling it too much is that it’s a very good Twilight Zone short, and the sketch title is used advisedly.

Not currently online (items will be added through the week if they actually appear):

The best sketch, “No-Fun Threesome”. It was a truly epic call back to last week’s church prayer sketch, “Church Open Mic part 2: Why are her pies wet, Lord?” (also not online – seriously, HBO!) Also wound up being one of their “this whole thing is actually a parody commercial” sketches, featuring Amber Riley and Tony Baker playing a couple who are interested in a threesome with Ashley Nicole Black’s character, and she turns out to be very very … details-oriented, let’s say. (Seriously, this whole thing was set up in the church sketch last week.)

“Inside a black lady’s mind: Hot Air Balloon”, featuring three of the cast as  “Taskmaster,” “Turnt” and “Insecurity” inside character Krystal’s head, helping her navigate an unexpected hot air balloon ride. Also has a very unexpected ending.

And just to wind up with a couple random things:

On “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon”, Robin Thede talks about winning over Jackee Harry with her 227 impression – it took some time – and having pitched to Jimmy’s show a few years ago.

Quinta Brunson has her own Youtube channel, featuring “The Girl Who’s never been on a nice date” (there may be an implied “before” on that title):

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