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A Robins Fan Comic - Part 4
Part 1 - Previous

Alfred absolutely made them cookies!  He’s feeling nostalgic seeing Jason, Tim and Dick as their younger selves, but of course he’s concerned.  I think Jason has every right to feel confused.
Comic Summary- Dick, Jason, and Tim are magically changed into their younger selves.  How will Damian and the rest of the Bat family deal with this twist in their reality?
Updates on Wednesdays
A little note: I want to post every week even when things are more hectic like the past couple of weeks. When life’s a little crazier or art block happens the updates might be shorter like this.  Some updates may be longer if I find I have more time.  On average I’d like to aim for around 4 panels each week. Thank you for all the love on this comic!! 💖
Please do not repost | Reblogs are appreciated 💙
I’m on twitter (Cassarilla_), instagram (CassarillaDraws), deviantart (CassarillaDraws), Patreon (Cassarilla) and ko-fi (Cassarilla)

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Bart: Coolest superhero?
Kon: Superman
Cassie: boo. It's clearly the Bat
Raven: You're all insane. It's Wonder Woman
Cassie: She's a heroine
Bart: [hurt] is no one gonna say the Flash?
Gar: new topic! Scariest Robin!
Cassie: like, personality wise or...?
Gar: Like, which Robin would you least like to fight?
Bart: Damian. No wait! Red Hood!
Gar: I second Red Hood
Kon: Damian. I think he keeps Kryptonite in his socks.
Raven: Red Hood shoots people.
Cassie: Nightwing.
Everyone: ...
Gar: but he's a squishy cinnamon roll?
Bart: he's powerful, but, like, he's so nice.
Cassie: [staring them down] have you ever seen Nightwing going after a villain who hurt one of his family members?
Cassie: You can get out of here with your unstable, violent Robins.
Cassie: the true terror is the exploding cinnamon roll of doom.
Red Robin: [steering the jet] you could at least pretend to help me with this mission
Red Robin: People are shooting at us
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‘Dick, Jason, and Tim. Supposed brothers ‘till the end, until all three fall in love with you. Who wins your heart?

 The man who earned it, the man who stole it, or the man who always had it?’

A/N: Having a different approach to my formats. I’ve never been so nervous in creating something so difficult to do for you guys, especially since I’m here writing about the THREE HOTTEST MEN IN THE PLANET. Hoes and bros, I present to you a very indecisive reader and three assholes in a WWE ring.

WORDS: 6483



You were there when it happened.

You didn’t want to be there.

But you were.

It would have been an eventful enough day, one of those you’d never live to forget, perhaps even in death. As dramatic as that would sound, it was true. The tears had already beaten you in awakening that dim morning and you knew it wasn’t in any way going to get any brighter, no matter how much of the sun was going to show up. You could, in detail, recall the sting in your muscles when you pulled on that bright orange dress, fixed your hair up in a bun and unenthusiastically put on your makeup. Bruce picked you up and you tried so hard to hide how you were practically dead on arrival to the Richard Grayson and Koriand’r Wedding.

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A Robins Fan Comic - Part 3
Part 1 - Previous

They may not remember Damian, but he knows someone they all trust.
Summary- Dick, Jason, and Tim are magically changed into their younger selves.  How will Damian and the rest of the Bat family deal with this twist in their reality?
Updates on Wednesdays and a preview of each update on Monday for Patreon supporters. (Sorry for being a day late this week…☠️)
Please do not repost
I’m on twitter (Cassarilla_), instagram (CassarillaDraws), deviantart (CassarillaDraws), Patreon (Cassarilla) and ko-fi (Cassarilla)

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Thirsty robins passin’ through…


It’s that time of year when groups of robins heading south start hitting the make-do birdbaths/water bowls on my patio, along with the occasional group of cedar waxwings (which is always exciting because unlike robins, I don’t normally see those beauties any other time of the year). I top the water off frequently, and I can tell it’s a well-used watering spot judging by the ring of pink & purple, berry-seed-laden shits around the edge of it (and, well, sometimes in it).

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Plump & Beautiful by Adam Swaine
Via Flickr:
This little robin was singing all the time while i was having lunch @ the RAF museum a very happy fella.

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Hedgerow Robin (on the riverbank) by Adam Swaine
Via Flickr:
Lovely robin in the hedgerow along the river Darent when i finished turned around and caught sight of a Kingfisher on the river for 5secs a beautiful bird to see ,so they are about as its a chalk river perfect for them..I will return!!

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so this was a brain baby all the way back in fuck-all may, before i’d written anything since december of 2018, and even then it was 2 under-1k oneshots. it’s basically snippets of the justice league meeting each robin because it’s one of my favorite tropes, where bruce just comes with a new robin and they’re like “aNOTHER ONE??” so i need to revamp the ideas to more suit the writing style i’ve since fallen into but it’s a cute memory to look back on, when i thought of it!

ask me about one of my wips!!

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