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Obviously I’ve been thinking about this a lot cause I’m obsessed and just posted the shortest 5 paragraph fanfiction about it but anyways.

It not a coincidence that Robyn and Qrow had that talk about semblances interfering with personal relationships in the same episode when Ren snapped and Jaune was like ”dude it’s ok to let us in”.

Cause the boy literally suppresses emotions to keep people safe. That’s gonna mess ya up.

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Honestly, Robyn’s naked fear and vulnerability when Watts gets dragged out–that visible realization of exactly how little protection they have anymore–adds a whole new layer to how fast she jumped on a grenade for Qrow the next time we see her.

Like, in our first check-in with Robyn, she’s pacing, she’s ranting, she’s scared but mostly furious. Pure, unfiltered Robyn Hill, no reason to hold anything back now.

And then Watts gets a rifle butt to the face and is dragged off without a word.

And then he’s brought back having visibly been tortured.

And in the interim, Robyn has shifted gears. In part to try to get through to Qrow, yes, but…it’s also a front that we’ve seen her use before in the face of the enemy. It’s the “Clover! Maybe you can help me understand…” voice. It’s “Are you lost?” “Now where’s the fun in that?” It’s a facade. A smirk and a taunt to hide what she’s really feeling, to get under her opponent’s skin, to help her wheedle out the truth while any external barbs just glance off that mask like water off a duck’s back. Banter rather than debate.

(We see her lower that mask intentionally, show Qrow the same earnestness and genuine vulnerability that she showed in her election-night address; very deliberately setting aside the front, just for a moment, to share her real feelings. The Robyn Hill Comedy Hour wasn’t just to keep morale up; it’s how she operates in the field. While she’s under threat.)


Watts gets brought back, clearly having been tortured…and without missing a beat, the first thing Harriet does is approach the next cell with intent, and start in on Qrow.

And Robyn instantly pulls aggro.

Away from Qrow–who Robyn knows very well is already extremely emotionally vulnerable to the kind of accusations being thrown at him by the AceOps. Qrow, who already hates himself. Qrow, who already kind of wants to die.

It’s not because she’s not afraid or, despite comments I’ve made in the past, because she doesn’t realize the danger. She knows. She’s known for a while.

She fires up the cocky smirk and the sarcasm and deliberately drags Harriet’s attention onto herself anyway.

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Listen, I know we all make shitposts to cope and all–me too–but like.

THIS is Robyn’s immediate reaction to Watts getting pistolwipped and dragged out of his cell.

Joking aside–this is not the face of a woman who takes any pleasure or vindication in what she knows damn well is about to happen. This is a woman who’s been opposing Atlesian tyranny for years, who’s personally suffered (remember when Ironwood tried to kidnap her off the street without a warrant?) from the complete lack of real oversight with which the Atlas military operates.

That’s not just surprise, and it’s certainly not “well at least I got to see that bastard get the shit kicked out of him before I die,” not that any of us actually MEANT that when we said it.

That is pure, raw, “Oh. Oh. Okay. We really are doing this, then.”

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With all the color scheme discussion I saw going around yesterday, and playing around with colors between blogs, I realized and wanted to visit something: 

Qrow and Raven did not necessarily have mementos of each other, but had exactly matching color schemes. Ruby eventually took these colors on, too, in her idolization of Qrow and some shared with her mother.

Qrow’s volume 7 outfit departs from this color scheme, though. He gains some more earthy neutrals instead of pure monochrome with the red accent. Perhaps illustrating some of the identity separation now present of himself from both Ruby and Raven?

…and, though unintentional for his part at the time, shares a lot more in common with someone else. 



Just an observation.

This also seems like a good place to comment on the sleeve designs. We see the organic looking swirls that seem to represent Ozpin? I haven’t noticed for all of the inner circle, but Harbinger has them. Due Process has them. Long Memory has them. Qrow’s now also have his own emblem as “leaves” within the spirals, though. 


I think this shows that he hasn’t completely shunned Oz or his beliefs, but along with one of the themes of Volume 7 - he has made them his own.

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One thing that a lot of viewers seem to forget is that Robyn knows Clover better than they do. They’re about the same age, so they were probably in Atlas Academy together. They address each other by their first names. Robyn is obviously familiar enough to actually bother asking him for information about Amity and to tag that he’s lying without needing her Semblance or any obvious tells. She had no issue with working with him when Tyrian is taken down, she avoided fighting him in the tundra when they first met onscreen, and she’s obviously not happy when he dies. They may get comparatively little screen time together, but what’s there and what’s implied gives the definite impression that they know each other and their relationship is more ambivalent than hostile.

So when she analyzes the situation and decides that the best course of action is to pull a bow on him, load it when he makes clear he is going to go along with Ironwood’s orders, and then fire when he pulls out his weapon, it’s not some hair trigger reaction. It’s her running the numbers on what she knows about Clover and concluding that he’s a threat to her and Qrow and she cannot trust his word that she’ll be safe in Atlas. Which isn’t even an implication, because (as the creator commentary notes) the first thing we see him do with Robyn is lie to her face.

And she was right to. Because for some reason, even though “only Qrow was under arrest”, the Atlas team sent out to rendezvous with them arrested her on sight.

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Robyn: Have you been sulking in your room for the past two weeks???

Clover: What?! Excuse me, but I am the captain of the general’s hand picked Ace Operatives. What would make you even consider that I of all people would sit in my room sulking??!!

Qrow: Clover, you are literally watching daytime television on a Monday…while sitting naked in your bed.

Clover: …You may have a point.

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Robyn “started the fight” sure, because participating in a military coup by attempting to blackbag a potential threat who you know is innocent isn’t profoundly illegal. If Weiss can arrest her father on her authority as a Huntress, then Robyn can and should arrest Clover as an accomplice to Ironwood’s crime.

Robyn has yet to do anything truly illegal in the show and people just can’t accept that, because they think being lawful is just obeying people “better” than you, not adhering to law and justice. 

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