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Qrow could kill Ironwood himself but Robyn needs to be there because you just know that she’ll scream at him for everything he’s done when his Aura is down and he doesn’t have his Semblance to hide behind and I need that satisfaction.

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i forgot to talk about how hot Qrow Branwen was this episode. whether he was a bird or a person… i hope we see more of him and robyn, they have really cool interactions (whether you and i ship them or not, they are both SO cool)

add'l note: Ironwood needs rest. He is SOOOO stressed rn it’s really sad

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Oh, she’s seen it and she’s pissed, and more than willing to join Qrow in the Kill James quest. 

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God and after ALL THIS, Robyn CAN’T make a beeline for Mantle (and her Huntresses) where she clearly wants to be

because the primary threat to Mantle is in Atlas. And unlike when the main threat was abandonment, this one cannot be opposed from the ground; Robyn’s presence in Mantle right now will make absolutely fuckall difference against a bomb, whereas another Huntress and a leader can make a lot of difference against cold, fear, and Grimm.

So she has to stay.

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Robyn: goood luck you’re gonna need it



May:… you’re gonna die

Harriet: dont say i didnt warn you

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Aesops in the Ace-Ops as of “Ultimatum”


About two dozen episodes after their introduction, the wisdom fables behind the Ace-Ops are glaringly apparent.

The Lucky Fisherman relied on his luck instead of relying on hard work and good sense. His luck ran out.

The Hare’s hot head and tendency to run her mouth is causing trouble.

The Elm and the Vine are not speaking to each other to the detriment of both.

The Dog with the Bone can’t decide what to do. Should he risk everything and risk losing everything?

But right now the most important fable is probably “Belling the Cat”. The Atlas military is acting as if they are afraid of Ironwood, who is shooting people with minimal provocation. The best thing to do for the good of all would be for some brave soul to stand up to him, but who is brave enough to try, and would their death be in vain?

Fortunately, the Robin always tries her best in spite of criticism and no matter what the odds are against her.

And it’s worth remembering that the most clever of Aesop’s animals is the Crow.

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I wonder why Ironwood is more worried about Qrow than Robyn.

(Thinks back to the last episode of volume 7 where he gave the orders that basically killed Clover)

Oh, yeah.

Robyn and Qrow better tag team I swear

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The Second Great War of Remnant has begun. Once more, Vale and Mantle are embroiled in a massive conflict, only this time, they are on the same side against Atlas.

I don’t think it was a coincidence that so many people drew parallels with the last episode and WWI. We’ve never seen people fight that way in RWBY. Grimm don’t use projectile weapons the way humans do, so the benefits of the trench are diminished; especially if you compare it to the drawbacks.

Now, I understand not everyone in the Atlas military has their aura unlocked and the squishy soldiers need some cover, but if The Long Memory didn’t nuke every grimm on Atlas, the lines would have been overrun and then there would have been nowhere for them to retreat to.

You think the very real hand to hand struggles in the trenches of WWI were bad, imagine being trapped in a narrow trench with a bear. Or having this thing explode out of the ground under you.


I refuse to believe no-one in Atlas ever thought, “if we put the dirt from the trench in a box, no only can we give our soldiers cover, we can also give them an elevated position to fire from.”


The top of a wall has been the primary defensive position for the people of Remnant for a long time. You can see them in the establishing shots of most settled places the team has visited. So why are we seeing a trench now?

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So when Qrow first swore revenge against Ironwood way back in V7(?) I didn’t get what made him make that leap of logic. Other than being super emotional and guilty in the moment because of everything that went down. But now I’m looking at it (more) critically and I realized something. Ironwood and Qrow are PEERS. They were both part of Ozpin’s inner circle and familiar enough that they were on first name terms. Familiar enough that Qrow explicitly said what boils down to “you always try to do the right thing so I don’t believe you would be behind this” at the Fall of Beacon. A thing I have a tendency to forget especially in the FNDM is that Qrow is incredibly intelligent, not just in the technical way. For all of his self hate and bad coping mechanisms he does show a good understanding of the things that make people tick, even if its just to know what buttons to push to get what he wants. (Provoking Winter in ‘It’s a Brawl in the Family’) Him immediately getting the implications of Ironwood’s fleet back at the Vytal Festival and what it would mean in regards of public emotion is a good example of him being an sharp and strategic thinker. (He does not spell this out, but he is also steel burning angry at Ironwood for bringing the fleet, and jumped to the conclusion that James was turning his back on Ozpin, because he assumed that James understood exactly what bringing the fleet would mean.)

Emotion can get the best of anyone, but I don’t think his vendetta against Ironwood is entirely from his own emotional turmoil. This heads into supposition territory, but bear with me here.

I think Qrow saw the flaws in Ironwood’s treatment of Mantle. After all a big thing in fortifying and protecting in a war is to ‘get your house in order’. I think he threw his support behind Ruby and her distrust of James, not just because he promised to follow her but also because he saw the wisdom of withholding when he saw how bad it was. But he also saw the wisdom in the Amity Plan from a broad standpoint, the communications tower would go a long way into shoring up their battle against Salem. In this case(currently going through withdrawal and having faced one of the worst revelations of his life only a few days/weeks ago) he decided to trust in Ironwood’s competence and stay passive in his role. Falling back on his work as a Huntsman to feel useful. His job after all was primarily as a free agent/spy/outside advisor before the Fall.

This all turned to shit when he gets a call from RWBY, saying that James plans to abandon Mantle. He is initially calm and willing to go talk it out with Ironwood. This is a clear indication in his confidence in Ironwood, but it also shows that, unlike most of James’ subordinates, he knows that Ironwood can make mistakes. But he also has to take into account the fact that if Clover cuffs him and James turns out to be unreasonable he’s a sitting duck(crow). It doesn’t help that the kids he’s caring for and his family have been but of an Atlas wanted list. When Robyn fires that first shot he realizes that neither of them are going to get out of the situation unrestrained. This is where I don’t understand the whole ‘they were all out of character thing’. Robyn does not trust Ironwood, she has been actively fighting the harsh policies that have been causing suffering in Mantle. Ironwood is the direct cause of those orders. It doesn’t matter if she’s not on the bulletin Ironwood is going to abandon Mantle and she won’t take that lying down. As far as she’s concerned, she’s and enemy of the state alongside Qrow and keeping him free is keeping another ally free to fight against Ironwood. Robyn drew her battle lines and was ready to back them up, which did not include being flown straight into an Atlas military hangar with her only ally restrained and martial law dooming the very city she rose to council seat to represent.

Qrow still trusts the thought that Ironwood still has the greater good at heart, even if he’s making the wrong choice  at the moment.(Like bringing the fleet to Beacon). But when Clover, who has never given any indication that he isn’t a good soldier boy, refuses to work with Qrow to take down Tyrian he’s faced with a terrible choice. It doesn’t escape my notice that in the fight Qrow does take opportunistic potshots at Tyrian even after they’ve ‘teamed up’. Then the whole bloody shebang ends and Qrow is left with a dead body someone he cared for.

He looks back on the whole thing, emotional as he is and traces the blame tree to what he believes is the source: James Ironwood.

Afterall, James was the one who gave the order to make him and the crew public enemies for protesting his abandonment of Mantle. Qrow doesn’t know details, but from his perspective James decided to finally cut off the city that has become what he perceives to be a liability and has decided to make Qrow and his people public enemies when they tried to go against him/get the word out. In Qrow’s mind Clover is not entirely blameless “Why couldn’t you do what was right instead of what you were told?”

However, the crux of this entire matter and the lead up to Clover’s death all happened because of Ironwood’s, unreasonable from Qrow’s view, order. So Clover’s death, in Qrow’s mind, can be laid at Ironwood’s feet along with the abandonment of Mantle and the current persecution of his nieces and their friends. In V8 Qrow is still gunning for the man, even as he tries to deal with his own guilt and his part in the conflict on the transport. Because, everyone(except for the pilot bless his soul) in that transport has a part of the blame for the situation happening. And now that I’ve thought about it, even if his anger over Clover’s death is the initial motivation I don’t think its the only one.

tl:dr So anyway I just realized from an emotional and also context of the show and situation Qrow’s desire to punish(kill) Ironwood makes a lot of sense. Ironwood is off the deep end in Qrow’s view and has become an active threat to the party in a bad way.

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Councilwoman Robyn Hill Submits Proposal That She Stop Waking Up From Brutal Blunt-Force-Trauma Injuries In A Field Of Burning Rubble Surrounded By Pissed-Off Atlesian Soldiers For Five Goddamn Minutes, Also, Someone Tell Me What The FUCK Is Going On

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Everyone’s talking about how Robyn’s going to react to learning that Qrow can turn into a bird but like…

I’m…….not remotely convinced she knows?

She got crushed by falling concrete, y’all, she did not see the man transform. She looked away, turned back and saw a bird, was visibly confused, and then the ceiling fell on her and nearly killed her. If she remembers the bird at all there’s absolutely no reason for her to connect it to Qrow.

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So just think the Qrow and Robyn break out and Qrow is all ready to murder Ironwood but Robyn is like Vengance isnt the just chill for one second. But she sees the video of him basically killing Mantle and she does, Nevermind Venagce Is The Answer lets go.

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You know it just occurred to me that Robyn and Qrow never had any idea about the giant Grimm Whale outside Atlas and it was maybe only about five minutes or so after they broke out that Monstra got magi-nuked. Like imagine this:

Qrow: -glances out a window as he and Robyn are sneaking through the compound- “Holy shit! There’s a giant grimm whale out there!”

Robyn: “Wait wha-”

One giant flash later

Robyn: “What grimm whale? I don’t see a grimm whale.”

Qrow: “…Well there was one…”

Robyn: “Sure… whatever you say old man…”

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first thing qrow and robyn do after their jailbreak is get matching ‘enemy of the state’ booty shorts send post

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Oh my god, Ironwood stressing that he wants Qrow recaptured without specifying Robyn isn’t just that he doesn’t see Robyn as a threat (which he does not), he literally doesn’t care whether they take her alive or not.

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Y’all realize that the Ace Ops would probably hate themselves immensely after this? There are soldiers who commit suicide because they followed orders to do something they normally would not have done. I think if they fully committed to following Ironwood to the end of this volume, the trauma of constantly having to do things they normally wouldn’t have agreed with will catch up with them and well, let’s just say all the Ace Ops would need a replacement eventually… either because of early retirement… or an early grave. None of them really wanted to fight team rwby, none of them really want to abandon Mantle, and I’m pretty sure they’re all vaguely aware Ironwood might need to be shot but just won’t because they’re so wired to following orders at the moment… Which is why I hope all of them defect because I don’t think anyone deserves to feel regret over something like that, much less get so depressed over it that it kills them. I know Robyn will probably prove Qrow’s innocence but how that will happen is the real question because I don’t think Harriet will sit and listen unless beaten into submission. But maybe Marrow might get between them? That’s the only thing I can think of is if Marrow stands up to her.

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So Winter ran away from home and found herself a “new” dad who was just as bad as Jacques, just better at hiding it, and now the man who reminds her of her mother and the woman who is everything she wanted ironwood to be (just, fair, a good person, etc etc) are coming to where she is with ironwood.

im like 99% certain that when qrow (and Robyn?) show up to kick ironwood’s ass, winter’s big choice will be choosing between the cycle she’s been stuck in or breaking free with qrow and Robyn, just like how they did - qrow with his alcoholism and Robyn with atlas’s oppression of mantle.

and I can only hope she’ll make the right choice.

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