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The Score - Running All Night
Alone in the dark, just my thoughts in a room
The wheels were turning, I’m searching for truth
What is my existence, tell me what I’m missing here
Finding my place in this mess that we made
Tryin’ to belong in a world full of pain
Tell me, what’s my purpose, living in this circus here?
I’ve been running all night, running all night in my head
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@we.the.riot lead guitarist, mister bad ass, @sebastiaburguera keeps it real and slick as to the name of BCN’s new favorite post-proto punk rock band. Check out the new @we.the.riot EP available NOW on all streaming platforms, kiddos! 🎸🎼

#local #global #mallorqui #punk #rock #musicians #artists #creators #lit 🔥 #innovators #doers #hardrockers #LIVE! #English #Radio 📻 ALWAYS #Auto4ThePeople!💪🏾 (at RKB Radio Kanal Barcelona 106.9 fm)

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“Mo Soul” Player Playlist 25 November

1. El Michels Affair - Life Of Pablo
2. The New Mastersounds - Stop This Game
3. Aceyalone - Cold Piece
4. Push - Fight it
5. Galliano Feat. Omar - Golden Flower
6. Little Big Bee - Searchin (Atjazz Remix)
7. Rhythm Funk Masters - Frantic Activity
8. Fusion Funk Foundation - Feel The Base
9. Ganga - Hi Fi Love
10. Zero 7 - Truth & Rights
11. Jazz Liberatorz - Cool Down
12. Disco Tech - City Lights
13. Dirty Mckenzie Feat. Sophia Shorai - Your Love
14. Bo Saris - She’s On Fire
15. Speedometer Feat. James Junior - No Turning Back

If you really want to enjoy music and help musicians and bands, buy their lp’s or cd’s and don’t download mp3 formats. There is nothing like good quality sound!!!

(Angel Lo Verde / Mo Soul)

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