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#rock music
mydailyvintagephotos · 2 days ago
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1980s Singers
Joan Jett
Annie Lennox
Cyndi Lauper
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musicollage · 2 days ago
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Del Amitri – Fatal Mistakes. Cooking Vinyl : 2021.
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legendarytragedynacho · 2 months ago
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Joan Jett listening to a portable audio cassette player for the first time
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geo-an · 10 days ago
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taylor momsen. that’s it’s. that’s the post.
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spacegayover · 3 months ago
Victoria De Angelis translated interview with Elle magazine
13th may 2021
what bothered you when you were a child?
Strict distinctions between boys and girls didn't sit right with me: when I was six I started to reject all "feminine things": I went skateboarding, I had short hair, I dressed up as a tomboy. I didn't wear skirts, not because I didn't like them, but because I wanted to claim the chance to be myself. Rock music embodied that burst of freedom.
a bass player must have a slightly subversive soul
Kim Gordon and Sonic Youth inspired me: at the time rock music was a male world, she didn't care and destroyed all stereotypes of beauty. There was something aggressive and rough in his way of being on stage, but she won the heart of thousands of people through her instrument.
"Avete vent'anni" it's a new album with more than 100 millions streams, the first tour dates are sold out. Too much pressure?
Before I let myself be scared of the commitments and sense of responsibility that took me away from my home and friends and my routine. It made me anxious to know that many people were counting on us. now I know how to handle anxiety better, even because this life gave me something I always dreamt about: indipendence
someone says that behind the scenes the leadership is yours
Everyone has their role, but we exchange them, we aren't competitive. I mean, I am, but only in board games: In order to win, I cheat too.
strong is the new pretty: do you agree with this slogan?
Some people see in a strong or powerful woman a kind of ransom, the answer to an idea of fragile feminity, but is the alternative really its opposite? A strong woman is a good sign but I think there is space and beauty in every morale/mood and condition.
do you like yourself?
I'm working on it. I have my moments, like every adoloscent. I was once more insecure. Makeup and dresses help me feel more comfortable, cooler, but I also have moments when I'd stay in overalls all day. In those cases I try to give myself strength and remember that I can have a nice day even without makeup and with messy hair.
without the need for masks?
I consider myself a sincere person, at ease with all my flaws. I wear them on stage, makeup and costumes. With the lights and the stage they help to create an imaginary: we work hard on it.
behind the mask not even a crack?
I have learned not to hide the things that make me suffer the most
which ones?
Panic attacks. I was a carefree girl, but when I was 14 y.o. I found myself not wanting to leave the house anymore, I missed a year of school. There was something broken inside of me and I didn't know how to fix it. Before I was ashamed, now i don't need to hide it anymore.
how did you get out of it?
Thanks to therapy, my family and friends, but it's still alone that you learn to manage certain chasms.
did the music and the band help you?
Of course. We are a group, we are friends and we live everything together. But we are four different individuals: everyone has their own fears and ambitions.I consider these professional and personal achievements first and foremost mine: I've been dreaming about them since I was little
how do you see yourself in twenty years?
Damn... Better at playing bass?
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