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Jim Morrison backstage at the Bakersfield Civic Center on June 8th, 1968.
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Haha I’m totally fine haha lol wbu
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Aphrodite (Pt. 2)
Series Masterlist
Pairing: 80's!Nikki Sixx x Reader
A/N: Here's part 2! I'm kind of moving this series along fast but I will be writing blurbs for it too! Hopefully the tags worked, Tumblr is being stupid lately.
Warnings: Language, drinking, a bit of cocaine, fighting, Doc being a dick, anxiety/panic attacks
Word Count: 2.2k+
Tumblr media
It was the final show of the tour. New York City. A long way from home but you loved every second of the crazy tour you'd been dragged into. Almost three months and you felt like family.
Nikki was your best fucking friend. You did absolutely everything together. Tommy and Vince not far behind. The three of them causing absolute anarchy while you just laughed at their antics.
Mick liked you more than his band mates. As young and reckless as you were, you had a conscious and always made sure he was comfortable and okay. You also indulged in deep talks with him about the secrets of the universe while the other three turned the hotels upside down. Tommy and Vince were like your brothers, Mick was like the father you never had. Nikki...well you were pining over Nikki Sixx since day one. You cherished your friendship with him but you wanted more. You and Nikki flirted for sure, but neither of you wanted to mess up the connection you had.
You stood backstage as the boys got ready. Five minutes til show time.
"How do I look?" Nikki asked you. You bit your lip as you took in his tight leather pants, ripped shirt, and messy black hair.
"Like a rock star!" You praised, as you ran your fingers through his teased hair, making sure it was messy enough. "Final show, Sixx. Don't fuck up!" You joked.
"What about a kiss for good luck?" He asked you.
You were taken aback for a moment. Was he serious?
"Wh-what?" You stuttered, furrowing your brows at his question, smile hinting on your red-stained lips.
Nikki smiled at you and moved closer. Before you could question yourself anymore, you placed your hands over either side of his jaw line and pulled his lips to yours. You felt the electricity course through your body at the connection.
"Sixx! You're on!" Doc's voice broke through the air and ruined the moment you'd waited so long for.
You pulled away from the kiss, no more than a half inch as you met his hooded gaze. "Shit..." He whispered with a smile.
"Knock 'em dead." You smiled at him before pushing him towards the stage.
You smiled as you watched Nikki play his heart out for the final show. Dancing and smiling for the whole set as you graciously accepted drinks from the servers.
"Last gig, kid," Doc said from beside you. Your smile fell. "What's the plan?"
That was not something you thought about. You'd been having so much fun on tour that you hadn't realized it would end and you'd have nowhere to go.
You had no words. No plan. Fuck. You walked away and found secluded corner to tuck into and cry. How stupid were you for forgetting that real life exists. That life isn't always touring and parties and having fun. You'd need to get a job again and probably beg on the streets for a place to stay. Would they leave you here in New York? Would they at least fly you back to LA? Panic was taking over your body and you were shaking.
"Y/n!" You heard a familiar voice say. "Y/n, are you okay?" It was Tommy. You couldn't bring yourself to answer. "Y/n! I'm gonna get Nikki okay, just hold on!" He said as he noticed your panicked state.
You hadn't had a panic attack in months and now you were paralyzed, unable to speak.
Suddenly, Nikki was in front of you, grabbing your hands and begging you to tell him what happened. Tommy and Vince behind him while Mick sat next to you and pulled you close.
"Give her some room," Mick instructed and the boys backed up. You found yourself leaning into his shoulder.
"I-it's your last show..." You managed to get out. "D-Doc a-asked me where I'm g-going now..."
Mick didn't miss the way the way Nikki got mad at this. Doc was a dick to all of them, but he couldn't stand when he was mean to you when you'd done nothing but good for the boys. "Nikki...don't." He scolded.
Nikki swallowed his anger and looked to Tommy and Vince to take care of the situation. They nodded and headed off.
Nikki got on his knees in front of you. "Hey, Y/n!" He said as he took your chin between his fingers. "You're going to come stay with me. I-if you'd like..."
"No, I can't intrude like that. Shit, I'm sorry I didn't think about this before. I need to go." You say as you stand up and run towards the exit of the venue.
"Y/n!" You can hear Nikki call after you but you just kept running. You needed to go, think about your plan. Maybe New York had some good opportunities for you. You could start over here.
You faltered at the busy intersection. "Fuck..." You whispered to yourself.
"Y/n!" Nikki finally caught up to you, grabbing your arm and turning you to face him. "Y/n, where are you going?"
Mascara was running down your face as you choked back tears. You thought about your kiss with Nikki earlier, how special it felt. And how you wished you could take it all back. How you wished you never got on the goddamn bus in the first place.
"I'm sorry, Nikki...I have to go..."
"No! You don't!" He said, gripping your arm tighter so you couldn't run off again. "I don't know what Doc said but you aren't on your own just because the tour is over. You're family. You're a part of Motley Crue."
"Hey if you aren't comfortable staying with me, you can stay with Mick. Or I'll get you a place of your own. Whatever you want! Just please...please don't leave us. Don't leave...me..."
Before you could respond his lips were pressed against yours, his fingers tangling in your hair as he pulled you deeper into the kiss. You were hesitant at first but quickly allowed yourself to relax. You'd wanted this since the night you met him. Why it took three long months to finally kiss him? You had no idea. You'd always been somewhat shy, allowing men to make the first move and just following along. It wasn't like the two of you weren't touchy. Especially after a few drinks. It was clear to everyone that Nikki was head over heels for you and the way you gushed over him every fucking day was not a secret either.
Nikki pulled away slightly, brushing his painted nails over your cheek bones. "Don't leave..." He practically whined.
"I-I don't want to..." You replied softly.
Nikki smiled, you bit your lip as you stared into his green eyes. The busy night life of New York City felt so distant. It was just you and Nikki in this moment and you were madly inlove with your best friend. But you would save that confession for another day.
"Be my girl?" He asked you, lacing his fingers between yours.
Your breath hitched at his question. Before you could answer, a crowd of screaming girls were making their way towards the two of you screaming Nikki's name.
"Awh, fuck..." Nikki groaned. He grabbed your hand booked it across the street. The two of you could only run so fast in heels and the venue was blocked off by fans. Before you knew it, you were surrounded by screaming females.
Nikki snaked his arm tightly around your hip, pulling you close. He knew you were claustrophobic and this situation could easily send you into another panic attack. You buried your face in the crook of his neck, trying to drown out the screeching girls around you.
"Hey, I'm sorry but we have to go! Please move!" Nikki yelled, trying to help you through the sea of people.
You yelped when you were pulled back by your hair, instantly stumbling to the ground.
"Y/n!" Nikki screamed, trying to grab your hand.
"Fuck her!" The girls hollered, trying to get closer to Nikki. You could hear the "I'll make you feel so much better than her!" and the "Look at these, Nikki!" As girls took their tops off.
You were pissed now. You could see Nikki trying to squirm away from the girls and get to you. A topless blonde had her arms wrapped around him, kissing his face. Under any other circumstances, Nikki would have loved the attention. But you were all he cared about right now.
You stood up and grabbed the blonde by her hair, yanking her to the ground and kicking her in the face with your platform heels. "Stay down, bitch!" You screamed as blood poured from her nose.
The other girls began to step back now, watching you kick the shit out of this broad.
"Y/n! Nikki!" You heard Tommy scream from the limo. Nikki wrapped an arm around you and pulled you along towards the open limo door, paparazzi flashing pictures of you as you both tried to shield your face.
You dove into the back seat and Nikki was right behind you, closing the door after you and locking it.
"Holy shit, Y/n are you okay?" Vince asked.
You took a moment to catch your breath before nodding.
"You fucking ruined that bitch!" Nikki praised. You let out a nervous chuckle, chest still heaving as you fought for air. You didn't enjoy being in the middle of conflict. It was all very overwhelming. "Shit, babe, your lip..." Nikki said, reaching out to brush his finger over the blood that spilled from your wound.
You reached up to touch it, wincing at the pain and noticing the blood coating your fingers.
"Doc, hand me that first aid kit," Mick demanded. He did as he was told and Mick scooted closer to you, gently taking your chin and dabbing your lip with a cloth to clean you up.
"Thank you." You smiled at him.
"Any time, doll face." Mick smiled back at you before handing you off to Nikki.
"You sure you're okay?" He asked you, dragging his nails over your exposed back.
"Yeah, yeah. That was just...a lot." You giggle.
"I'm so sorry."
"It's not your fault, Nikki."
"Here," Tommy said, handing you a drink. "Vodka cran. Your favorite."
You smiled at him and accepted it. "So what's the plan boys? Cost the hotel thousands of dollars worth of damage?" You giggled.
"Fuck yeah!" Tommy and Vince squealed. Mick rolled his eyes but you could see the small smile he tried to hide.
"Time to fucking celebrate!" Nikki added. "But first..." He turned to look at you. "I'm gonna need an answer to my question."
You smiled, remembering the moment you shared before you were so rudely interrupted.
"I think you're gonna have to jog my memory..." You teased.
Nikki bit back a smile. Tommy, Vince, and Mick all stared at the two of you in confusion.
"Will you be my girl, Aphrodite?" Nikki asked, loud and proud. You were truly the greatest treasure he could ever have.
"Absolutely." You responded, pulling him into a kiss. He was gentle, caressing your cheek being careful not to hurt you. But you were hungry for him and you pulled him closer.
"Fucking took you long enough, Sixx!" Tommy yelled.
"It has actually been painful watching you guys the last three months." Vince added, "Like just fuck already!" He yelled, popping open a bottle of champagne and spraying it over the two of you.
You yelled but smiled, Nikki shielding you from Vince's attack. You clung to him tightly, truly never wanting to let this man go.
When you were back at the hotel, you sat on the bed as you watched the boys party. They had invited some strippers up and Vince and Tommy were having the time of their lives. The girls tried to flirt with Nikki but he just pushed past them, making his way over to you to plant a soft kiss to your lips. Telling you how beautiful you were each time.
"So happy you're mine." He mumbled.
"You're such a sap, Sixx!" You teased.
"Don't care. Got the prettiest girlfriend in the world." He whispered, placing kisses down your neck.
You couldn't deny the heat growing between your thighs. But you were definitely not going to be fucking Nikki in front of the rest of the band, their girls, and Doc. Nikki had you feeling a way you hadn't felt in years. Maybe ever. You wanted it to be special.
"Nikki, come here." Mick said.
"I'll be back, goddess." He promised. Placing one more kiss on your lips and leaving you with a small bag of coke which you happily indulged in. It was a party right?
"What's up, Mars?" Nikki asked, sitting beside him.
"She comin' to stay with you?" He asked Nikki.
"Shit yeah! Or at least I hope so..."
"I love you, Nikki. And I love her. I'm happy for you both. But promise me you'll take care of her. She's special."
Nikki looked over at you. You were laughing and dancing with Tommy, smile wide on your face and he couldn't help but smile. Your energy lit up the room.
"I love her, man." Nikki said. "I don't think I've ever cared about someone so much."
"We talked to Doc." Mick stated.
"Oh yeah? I've been meaning to have a talk with him." Nikki said, looking over to where Doc sat at the desk.
"No need. We told him he's replaceable. Y/n's not."
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Jimi Hendrix, Berlin 1967
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Woodstock Festival (1969)
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London, 1980 - Debbie Harry, Viv Albertine of The Slits, Siouxie Sioux, Chrissie Hynde, Poly Styrene of X-Ray Spex & Pauline Black of The Selector, 1980. Michael Putland. Silver Gelatin print
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Brian Eno, advertisement for ZigZag Magazine (1982)
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Debbie Harry photographed by Chris Walter in London, 1977.
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Debbie Harry, Studio 54 in the 1970′s
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J i m i
H e n d r i x
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Jim Morrison backstage at New York's Fillmore East, March 22, 1968.
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Taylor Hawkins  (1972–2022)
"I don't have perfect pitch. My drums sound like a drummer, not a drum machine."
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¿Si solo tuvieras que elegir uno…?
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Feeling in a very station to station-y mood right now, have some of the duke.
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Debbie Harry, 1979
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Lou Reed at Cafe Figaro in Greenwich Village
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Berluti By Haider Ackermann
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1957 Chevrolet Bel Air   2 Door Hard Top Coupe
© shift mootark
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