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#rocked her shit
youareunbearable · 2 months ago
AU that as soon as Aredhel left Gondolin she sent a messenger hawk to Celegorm telling him 'to ready the hounds cause she free from her annoying over protective brother! She'll be there in a month or so!'
But then a month goes by and Aredhel isn't there, and Celegorm worries about what happened to his favorite cousin but hopes she was forced to go to visit Fingon or her father. He tells Maedhros about it, who writes a letter to Fingon asking after his sisters well being. How would he know shes in Gondolin with Turgon??
The Feanorians panic. Both over the well being of their female cousin, but also because if something did happen to the High Kings only daughter on her way to visit Celegorm, they were all FUCKED
Search parties go out. Subtlety. They don't want to to arouse suspicion and bands of Feanorians roaming the lands between where Carainthir thinks Gondolin is to Himring and down by Doriath is definitely eye catching
A few months go by with no word and at this point Aredhel has been missing for almost a year and Caranthir is exhausted, worried, stressed, and heading to a meeting with some Dwarves about a new trade deal. The Dwarves notice and ask why their tall friend is upset. He mentions his female cousin went missing while traveling to visit his brother for months now and his family is spent trying to find her.
The Dwarves go quite. They trade knowing and unnerved glances between each other.
One dwarf hesitantly mentions that the last time they met Eol, their Dwarf-Friend smith who lives in Nan Elmoth, he had mentioned that he recently married a Noldor Princess and that he wouldn't be by for a while.
Carainthir's face goes ashen, then a furious red. The Dwarves dont need to ask if it was a consenting marriage as they watch their Elf companion grit an apology out of his teeth before he stalks out the room
In a week Nan Elmoth has a pretty sizable portion of the Feanorian army besieging its woods. Fingolfin and Fingon are worried, because Feanor's Sons have been acting weird lately, and now they've amassed an army??? Attacking what they believe is Thingol's territory??? Very alarming, Fingon is dispatched post haste to see what the fuck is going on and hopefully to work some diplomatic magic and not have all of Thingols wrath upon the Noldor
When he arrives at Celegorm and Curufin's fortress in Himland, for that seems where the whole host is now camped, he is shocked to willingly and eagerly be let right to the room where the Sons are. They are bloody, weary, and travel worn, but all viciously pleased with themselves
Maedhros turns to Fingon and greets him: "Hail Crown Prince of the Noldor, come forward and meet your newest subject and future heir"
Fingon stumbles forward with a cry and collapses onto his sister's sick bed. He hasn't seen her in years and shes thin, sickly, pale, looks like she could sleep for a decade, and has a haunted look deep in her eyes that wasn't there when he last saw her, but she also looks radiant as she holds a tiny, sleeping baby
"Ah! Brother there you are! I will need your hand to write a scolding letter to Turgon in regards to him getting better guards, or at least training them better in tracking. But first, come meet your nephew. Say hello to Lomion"
#aredhel#lotr#ficlet#Silmarillion#celegorm#fingon#caranthir#maedhros#maeglin#lomion#celegorm very gleefully removed eols head from his shoulders snd is more then willing to take up the male figure#role in lomions life not as a dad but as the best uncle#she visits ofc csuse she loves to travel and fingon and fingolfin visit her as well#and celegorm gives lomion the nickname Maeglin cause hes really good at spying prey during hunts or catching subtleties in body language#he grows up as best friends with Celebrimbor and they often go traveling together too#maeglin loves finding cool rocks and gems and Celebrimbor loves to turn them into weapons or jewelry theyre a team#this whole au is just an excuse to give maeglin healthy family ties and relationships#also to let aredhel live for a little bjt longer and not have such a shit life#also cause of this celegorm would be sick of the thought of locking up a wife cause he saw what it did to his favorite cousin#so he never tries to steal Luthien but she still steals his dog so he wants to kill her for that#their whole quest has the ever present feeling of eyes watching them cause celegorm is slowly hunting them down to get dog#he catches up to find out his dog is dead and he RAGES and luthien has to kick him in the nuts and call him an asshole before running off#celegorm takes GREAT pleasure in sacking Diorath after that cause that little shits mom got his dog killed#elwings twin brothers actually get found by Mae in this too and in a panic he brings them to Aredhel in the dead of night#she takes them in and as acting High Queen of the Noldor she also throttles Mae a little too for that bullshit#but celegorm curufin and Caranthir are dead and so many other family members are too and she knows what the Oath is like#cause they have all talked about its lingering Shadow in their hearts and also knows that the silmarils have a bit of their father in them#so she manages to bully/negotiate the silmaril for the princes and also hints that the reason bad things happen to those who hold it#is because feanor himself haunts those stones and wants to be reunites with his sons but it was tainted by morgoth#also it Rightfully belongs to the Noldor and she will not help twice over theives when their punishment comes to their door
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mokutone · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
i don't want to imply that last panel is resolution, or that, at this point, kankuro even knows How to be a good brother, they all have a ways to go
Tumblr media
#my art#naruto#gaara#kankuro#might gai#rock lee#gaara stresses me out in a similar way to sasuke so i dont dwell on him much. and kankuro is my favorite sand sibling anyway#but i am absolutely obsessed with how jealous and hurt and overwhelmed gaara was when gai stepped in to stop the fight#and then hugged lee and was so proud of him and so kind#and gaara was like aaaa what the fuck is happening whats he doing why is he doing this ahhhh what the fuck!!!!#and like that does hurt to look at. im gonna also say that him being voiced by middle aged man liam who i think...#i think he was trying to sound like a chain smoking twelve year old? anyway. it didnt help the vibes#anyway. nobody ever hugged gaara and thats fucked up#touch starved nervous hearted orphans (naruto and gaara) look at might gai and go 'please be my teacher please please' and theyre RIGHT#and i think abt that constantly too. gai is. genuinely so good and so kind and has such a big and warm heart...#genuinely dislike baki on principal so much just bc i dont think he likely even said 'good job' or anything to him#and like i can have fun with characters that do plenty of evil shit but. when a character is mistreating kids...that gets me fucked up#sidenote. i hate the post thats like 'older siblings should unionize' but like it was made for temari. give her a break#give her some distance#kankuro is my favorite but you know if gaara scared him he was like Temari Handle This Ill Clean Or Whatever and then did a halfassed job#thats why theres still shuriken in the walls. anyway#i was thrilled to see she spent a lot of time away from sunagakure in shippuden bc lord fucking knows she needed it#and kankuro needed to learn to be there for gaara too and mend the fear of his younger brother
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md-drawz · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
I saw this and thought of Brittana.. and then I thought of your post asking for requests soooo.. here it is! Your art is so pretty 🥺
Tumblr media
This suggestion made my day when I saw it thank u so much 🥺💞
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jazzy-tzw · 2 months ago
It’s over for you hoes once Naomi turns heel🤨
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busnautica · 4 months ago
Me - thinkin: I want to make romantic robin and Al-An stuff like them... Holding hands and stuff...
Me - doin shit: robin and Al-an goofy shenanigans,
robin hitting her elbow on Al-an and experiencing the classic numbing pain,
robin saying Al-an is too uncomfy if she's carried for too long and Al just visibly SULKS,
both of them doing morning stretches but robin miraculously dodges all of Al-an's limbs,
Robin and Al-An still having a mental bond but they play this game of trying to put into human terms what the hell Al-an is thinking of:
Robin: I think that's the human equivalent of ...baking?
Al-An: using the method of irradiation to chemically change an inedible mixture into an edible one, I suppose so.
Robin: We'll have to find flour, I guess?
Al-An: what is it's base form?
Robin: W...wheat?
Al-An: What is that?
Robin: I don't know.
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oh, you're DEF a nerd, have these folks read ur meta??? top tier -turtleduck-vibes
okay I’ll be real, I’m kind of proud of my meta and am taking this opportunity to create a masterlist: 
why I think Aang was able to unlock the Avatar State beyond ‘damn this rock hit just the right spot’ + addressing The Northern Air Temple
why the Zuko Burning Toph’s Feet scene was important
Katara and Aang: having absolute power and choosing not to use it
we are getting emo about Aang and Bumi in this chilis
Azula: growing up with conditional love 
Azula. The deal with. What is? (exploring her motivations) 
exploring Azula’s decision to bring Zuko back to the Fire Nation in season 2 
how The Beach foreshadowed Azula’s downfall 
you know what? Ursa left a significant impact on Azula’s self-image and that is a Thing okay
Azula’s relationship with nonbenders and why she pushed everyone away 
what would an Azula ‘redemption’ arc look like? (+ why Zuko’s redemption arc worked and why Azula can’t have the same kind of redemption arc he had) 
why Zuko and Katara’s friendship matters
Iroh’s Impossible Position: exploring his relationship with Zuko versus his relationship with Azula (aka why Ozai is the worst and ruins everything) 
Zuko’s relationship with Iroh in season 2: why he blamed himself for Iroh getting shot in The Chase and why he wasn’t ready to accept unconditional love 
ATLA and the importance of letting people who love you help you
in this house we recognize how much Mai’s betrayal meant to Zuko
Ty Lee and Mai: overcoming fear in favor of love
we need to stop giving Katara so much shit for being mean to Sokka that one time
stop saying Jet didn’t have a redemption arc, Jet 100% had a redemption arc 
Jet and Azula’s parallels: two abandon children 
Zuko and Aang: happy under false identities 
Zuko’s denial (aka the meaning behind “Azula always lies”)
getting emo about Toph and Sokka’s near-death experience in Sozin’s Comet 
Zuko is a bitch and we like him so much 
Sokka and Katara’s arcs 
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Omg y’all just imagine Izumi getting in trouble at school and the principal calling Zuko and Sokka like “your daughter has been in an altercation I need you to come down here as soon as possible”
Sokka and Zuko walking into the principal’s office 20 minutes later
Sokka: Izumi! What happened!?
Principal: sir, we had to pull her off another student. She was biting, punching, and kicking him
Zuko, turning to Izumi: oh my god, why would you do that!?
Izumi: it was Hide
Sokka, staring daggers at the principal: the boy that’s been bullying Bumi for a year and the principal hasn’t done anything about it? That Hide?
Izumi: yeah
Sokka, giving her a fistbump: that’s my girl
Zuko, patting her shoulder: good job for looking after your cousin when they wouldn’t do it honey. Now get your bag we’re going for lunch
Principal: excuse me that is not the appropriate response—
Sokka and Zuko, grabbing Izumi’s hands and already heading for the door
Sokka: did he cry? I bet he cried
Zuko: let that be a lesson to him
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cyancherub · a month ago
How does it feel to know he likes J.Law 😂 lmao
put that dog on a leash ma’am /jk he’s a good boy
Tumblr media
HELPSDKJSDF LMAOOOOO pls no bc i am 5'0 but i will fight her for his heart like this is scott pilgrim vs. the world idc 😭😭😭😭😭
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soundsliketeenspirits · a month ago
violet tracks leah down on the first halloween after her death. she thinks maybe it'll help.
it goes something like ‘why the fuck are you here’ and ‘where the hell have you been’ and ‘are you okay’ then, ‘i’m fine’ and ‘i’m sorry’ and ‘just don’t look for me.’
(leah hopes that violet's okay, knows she isn’t, and ignores both feelings until they go away. they weren't really friends, anyway.)
nearly a decade later, she steps out of some shitty halloween party that she’s feeling way too old for and comes face-to-face with a ghost. violet harmon is wide-eyed, smoking lucky strikes, and still fifteen-fucking-years-old.
nearly a decade later, violet harmon is still with tate langdon.
(leah didn't know who he really was until her first college psychology course, where was supposed to study him. instead she called a priest, spent two weeks in the hospital, and changed her major.)
there's an 'i'm sorry' and a 'we should go' and leah doesn't say a word, doesn't reach out to either of them, doesn't do a fucking thing until they're halfway down the block and her vision is swimming.
(violet was supposed to have run away, back to boston with her baby brother or some shit. it wasn't supposed to be like this.)
forty-five minutes and a breakdown later, leah wipes her eyes and heads back inside. she needs a fucking drink.
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welcometogrouchland · 5 months ago
drop your tma music hot takes in the tags- I mean what music would tma characters listen to more than what songs you associate with them
#the magnus archives#tma#just for funsies!#my only hottakes are that jon likes carly rae jepsen and tim likes glam rock martin had a stealth emo phase#uhh what else#melanie likes a lot of goth rock bands. phoebe bridgers and mitski stan. OH she'd love the tuts#sasha would also like the tuts#she'd like shiv and has a nostalgic soft spot for the spice girls and micheal jackson#oh her and melanie would also like bewitched#georgie likes weird shit i think. like. oingo boingo and black midi#but also really enjoys more mainline pop? it's a contrast for sure but she mainly listens to alternative stuff#somebody once specifically mentioned Tim liking Mika and Queen and then a different person mentioned the clash and quite frankly?#i think those can both coexist#actually tim also listens to the pogues bsjsbsjsbskfb#Martin has an affinity for lofi music (can't relate but more power to him) and generally likes a melow sound?#but he did listen to a lot of simple plan in secondary school i think#he's in the emo music to mitski/Julian baker/lucy dacus/etc pipeline#has listened to pansy division and enjoyed it! also i wanna boi by PWR BTTM#gerry is a metalhead with some room for hard rock in his life. and a surprising affinity for folk?#daisy only listens to songs by women from the 1940s and 50s. don't ask me why i don't know#basira enjoys a lot of pop music she's almost embarrassed by it but she also enjoys some funk from time to time#elias only listens to music that sounds like it was made by men who hate women no I'm not elaborating
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jazzy-tzw · 2 months ago
Nah cause if Naomi goes to Roman it’s over for her ass
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