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#rockstar!bucky barnes
buckycuddlebuddy · 2 months ago
𝐩𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐬𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐬𝐮𝐠𝐚𝐫 𝐨𝐧 𝐦𝐞
summary ─ you were hypnotized. his handsome face was contorted with such emotions, he was so lost in the music, lost in the instrument, and it was mesmerizing to watch.
pairing ─ rockstar!bucky barnes x virgin!reader
warnings ─ smut, +18, language, dirty talk, pet names, fluff, so much fluff, bucky is an adorable dumbass, softdom!bucky, kissing, first date, natasha romanoff is a very good bro, drinking, multiple orgasms, oral sex (f receiving), virginity loss, light fingering
a/n ─ this happened because of seb. hope you like it. please leave a comment if you do, i really worked hard on this one! thank you <333 (this is worst banner i’ve ever made btw pls ignore it) [enjoy this 9.2k monster. this is officially the longest one shot i have ever written]
title is from def leppard - pour some sugar on me.
Tumblr media
The lead guitarist had been eyeing you since the concert started. You were lucky enough to buy yourself a front row ticket, but you didn’t know you were that lucky to get the attention of the lead guitarist, James.
Commandos were your favorite metal band. Their music made everything better for you after you discovered them, and following the band for three years, you finally got to see them live. You were very excited while you made your way over the stadium where the concert was going to happen. Your friend, Natasha, accompanied you to the concert because she liked them, too, and even she could tell that James’ eyes were on you.
“Is he looking at you?” She hissed into your ear. You shivered with the excitement. You were bobbing your head to the beat, feeling every drag of James’ skilled fingers over the guitar strings deep in your bones. “Y/N, what the fuck, is he?”
“I don’t know,” you hissed at Natasha back. You didn’t want to get excited over something that was very unlikely to happen and just wanted to focus on the moment. “Let’s enjoy the concert, please?” Natasha frowned a little, but she nodded, both of you turned your heads towards the stage again.
You watched James getting lost in the song. His fingers were flying over the guitar; stroking the strings, hitting the notes and feeling every note he hit in his soul. It was so obvious that he loved doing this. It was written all over his face. You were hypnotized. His handsome face was contorted with such emotions, he was so lost in the music, lost in the instrument, and it was mesmerizing to watch.
Honestly, you didn’t understand how fast three hours passed until they announced that this was their last song and that they would be missing touring. You felt tears filling your eyes slowly. You loved them, valued their art and found yourself in their songs so much, it was hard to say goodbye to them now that you’ve seen them live.
“We’ll be back before you know it!” James said, sending the crowd a wink and making his bandmates and the audience chuckle. They waved and walked towards the exit, and with that the stage lights went off.
“This was a ride!” Natasha exclaimed. You nodded eagerly.
“It was better than I expected!” You were still shouting because your ears were howling. “I never wanted it to end!” Natasha pointed herself, meaning that she didn’t either. You held her hand, never letting go, because you didn’t want to lose her in the crowd. Both of you slowly made your way to the exit. Just as you stepped into the small corridor to get closer to the exit, you were stopped by a bodyguard.
“Miss,” the guy said, raising his hands in the air. “You were invited to the backstage with your friend, Miss.” You turned to your right to look at Natasha owlishly who was looking at you right back with the same expression.
“Us?” You asked. “Are you sure?” The guy nodded. You looked at Natasha again, hoping that she’d answer for you.
“Alright,” she said. “We’ll come.” The guy smiled, stepping aside, he showed you the way to the backstage. You thanked him. Tightening your hand on Natasha’s, you walked towards the entrance.
“What the fuck,” you hissed. Natasha just smirked and shrugged.
“He was looking at you,” she said instead. “He just proved it.” You gave her a disbelieving look, pinching her arm at the same time. Natasha chuckled. “James the guitarist has a crush on you,” she murmured. “It sounds good, doesn’t it?”
You rolled your eyes. Yes, it did sound good, but accepting their offer to get into the backstage? When it was passed midnight? God, you hoped you wouldn’t be fucked up tomorrow.
You slowly made your way inside, the bodyguard right behind you both to show you the way. All the guards you passed had smiled at you warmly. They were kind, hell, maybe even friendly, but you weren’t here to find out that. You were invited. Fuck.
“Walk straight, the main room will be on your right after you passed the number seven,” the bodyguard said, pointing at the number. Natasha and you thanked him. The guy just smiled at you both and bid you good night. After he disappeared, you took a deep breath and walked to the number seven that was winking at you at the end of the hall.
“Are you excited?” Natasha asked, sounding perfectly calm.
“Of course, Nat!” You hissed. “You said he was looking at me, and now, we’re invited to the backstage, and you’re asking me if I’m excited? Fuck yes, I am!” She grinned. Looping her arm to yours, she pushed you to walk a little faster.
“Maybe you’ll have sex with him tonight,” she said cheerfully. You whimpered. You wouldn’t dare. Would you? Who were you kidding, you would. “Maybe he asked you to come to him because it’d be a chaos for him to come up to you.” You huffed out a breath. She was right. You couldn’t even imagine the crowd that would be gathering around you if he were to come up to you.
“Yeah,” you murmured. Natasha pulled you towards the door on your right, and you realized you were about to pass the number seven. You stopped. “Nat,” you whispered. She squeezed your arm.
“It’s fine,” she said gently. “We’ll walk out if you don’t want to do anything with them. We could just say hi and bail.” You looked at her green eyes for a couple seconds, biting your lip. “It’ll be alright. Maybe, we’ll have some real fun. Come on.” You nodded. You weren’t going to back out. You weren’t going to miss this chance.
“Okay,” you said and continued to walk.
It took you half a minute to reach the door.
Tentatively, you stepped inside the huge room. It had three, different color, big couches, and one wall was covered with mirrors and make-up tables. The lights were yellow and dimmed; they weren’t hurting your eyes. There were a couple plants at the corners of the room. There was some chatter going on, chuckles and laughter were echoing from one wall to the other.
“Um,” you started. “Hello?” As soon as the word left your mouth, the chatter died. You tried not to cringe and get awkward with the silence. “W-we were invited?” You saw Steve’s, the vocalist, eyes widening and brows rising.
“Oh!” He said. “Bucky!” He called out, inclining his head backwards. “Your visitors are here!” You frowned. You didn’t know any ‘Bucky’, but when you couldn’t see James around, you assumed it was him. “Why don’t you girls sit down? He’s probably battling with his make-up.” He grinned.
“Sure,” Natasha agreed easily and pulled you to the couch with her. “Is he the only one who wears make-up?” She asked. Sometimes you were jealous of her making-small-talk ability, and right now was one of those moments. Steve chuckled.
“Sammy here also likes to indulge himself with some mascara,” he said. “Hell, I even saw him rockin’ white eyeliner once. It was dope.” You smiled. White eyeliner would look great on Sam, the bassist, you thought. “Thor likes mascara like Sam. Clint has his own make up with all the bandages he puts on his face,” Steve snickered when Clint protested. Natasha and you chuckled.
You looked around the room, at the people, and saw how tired but happy they were. Thor, co-guitarist, was sitting on a large armchair with his phone in his hands. Clint, the drummer, was sprawled on an empty couch with his drumsticks in his hands, spinning them aimlessly. Steve was humming, Sam was tapping his foot to some imaginary beat, and you could hear someone, probably Bucky, swearing in one of the dressing rooms.
“I swear to fucking God if Sharon fucks with my bag ever again─” Bucky stormed out of the room with anger etched on his face but cut himself off when he saw you and Natasha sitting in front of Steve. “Oh. Hello, girls.” He smiled warmly. You wiggled your fingers and saw Natasha smiling at him. “I hope they weren’t being assholes as usual,” he added, narrowing his eyes at his bandmates. Steve and Sam flipped him off simultaneously while Thor and Clint didn’t acknowledge him.
“They were nice,” you murmured, feeling your cheeks burning along with your body. Bucky smiled at you widely, making your stomach flip. He was so handsome, looked so pretty smiling like that, you sort of couldn’t believe you were sitting in front of him right now.  
“As much as this is nice,” Natasha started. Her green eyes were narrowed, and she looked a little terrifying. “Did you invite us here just to have a small talk or…?” You saw Bucky blush, Steve smirking, Sam elbowing Steve, and Thor wiggling eyebrows at Bucky. You frowned. Something was going on for sure, but you didn’t feel alarmed yet.
“Um,” Bucky murmured. “Well, I was going to come up to you but didn’t wanna make a scene. I was just wondering if you’d like to accompany us to the bar? We’re gonna celebrate our last day, and I thought maybe you would like to… hang out… with us?” Bucky looked shy and a little embarrassed, a scrunch was sitting on his nose adorably. Natasha raised a questioning eyebrow.
“Are you asking me or her?” She asked, making you choke on nothing.
“What? I know you wanna bone him, and he doesn’t look like he’s going to say no to that.” She rolled her eyes. “Besides they are gonna celebrate, Y/N,” she added, wiggling his brows, sending you a wink. You groaned. Covering your face with your hands, you whined.
“I’m gonna disown you from friendship when we go home, just so you know,” you mumbled, making everyone in the room laugh.
Bucky cleaned his throat with a light cough. “I was asking her,” he pointed at you, “but Sam here really liked you.” He placed his hand on Sam’s shoulder, alarming the guy and making his eyes widen. “He told me so, and I thought he could ask you to hang out with us himself, y’know. I’m that kind of a wingman.” He winked at Sam.
“The fuck,” Sam grunted. You snickered with Steve. Natasha smirked, it was a dangerous, seductive smirk. Uh-oh, you thought gleefully. Natasha was going to seduce the hell out of Sam, and he wasn’t going to know what hit him.
“Brace yourself,” you said to Sam, causing him to frown and give you a questioning look. Before you could answer him, though, Natasha slid off from her spot on the couch next to you and perched herself on top of Sam. You heard him making a mix of choking and gasping noise, eyes comically wide, he looked at Natasha. Steve was trying to keep himself from laughing while Clint was recording the whole thing with his phone. Sam wasn’t going to live this moment down, you knew that for sure.
“She’s gonna ruin him for other women, isn’t she?” You heard someone ask you, and when you turned your head to your left, the spot Natasha was occupying, you saw Bucky. He was still smiling, looking friendly and non-threatening. He had his usual combo on: A black t-shirt and tight, black jeans. His sleeves were on display, you could see his tattoo neck, too, and the piercing on his eyebrow was shining with the lights around him. He still had eyeliner around his eyes albeit faint, but he didn’t seem like it bothered him.
“Yeah,” you said, nodding. “She has that effect on people generally.” Bucky snickered. He slowly sat down next to you but put some distance because he wasn’t an asshole like his friends loved to call him. “You, um, still have some…” You stammered, pointing at his eyes. Bucky snorted, rolling his eyes.
“I tried to wipe them, but they don’t come off for some reason. They might be waterproof? I need to scrub them, I guess,” he said. You nodded again. You hated these awkward moments because you just didn’t know what to do.
“You could try coconut oil, though,” you blurted. Bucky frowned lightly. “It, uh, it helps t-to remove the, um, waterproof eyeliner.”
“Oh,” he murmured. “I think I saw a small jar in one of the make-up bags. Will you help me?” You froze for a second. Of course, you would help him, but that would mean you were going to be close to him, right? You didn’t know if you could handle it─
“Yes, she will. She helped me with the same situation many times,” Natasha chimed in. “She’s gentle.” You side-eyed Natasha. You were so going to hit her with a pillow when you went back home. She saw you looking and blew you a kiss.
“Y-yeah, I did. I- I will,” you said. Taking a deep breath, you decided to just roll with it because you weren’t getting out of here anytime soon, apparently. “Come on.” You grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the room he stormed out earlier. You ignored all the whoos and cheers although they made your cheeks and body burn. “Show me the jar?”
Bucky nodded mutely. Without letting your hand go, he moved to one of the desks that were against the wall with big mirrors and lights all around just like the other room, he pulled out a bag. “Should be in this,” he said.
“Okay,” you agreed. “Sit down.” You let his hand go, missing its roughness and warmth immediately, you opened the bag to dig the jar out. You grabbed a small piece of cotton, dripped some oil onto your hand and turned to Bucky. He was on your level, now, sitting down. “Close your eyes,” you whispered. He did. Inhaling slowly, you stepped closer to him and slowly applied the oil on his eyelids.
His skin was soft, you realized. He had lots of small moles on his face. Most of them were hidden with his long hair and light scruff, but they looked beautiful on him. His lips had a pretty bow shape, their natural color pink-ish red. You suddenly wanted to lean down and kiss him to see if they were as soft as they looked. Blinking, you pulled your hand away and brought the cotton to wipe it off. The oil helped, of course, and soon, the cotton was all black with the make-up.
“There you go,” you whispered, signaling that you were done. Bucky slowly opened his eyes. They were dark and mesmerizing; his pupils were large and almost swallowed the pretty color of his eyes, and you felt stuck. You saw him licking his lips with the corner of your eyes. His hands came up to your waist, one of them moving to your face to tuck a strand of hair behind your ear. His thumb stroked your cheek gently, so gently that you sighed and nuzzled against it without thinking. You heard him letting out a soft sound, and then his lips were onto yours.
Moaning in shock, you stood there, trying to process what was happening.
You were being kissed by James Barnes. The lead guitarist of Commandos. Your favorite band. You were being kissed by him. You pushed him away. Your hands still on his chest, you looked at him, the disbelief visible on your face.
Bucky cursed to himself silently. He should have known better than just kissing you like this, he should have taken you out first and let you that he was thinking of asking you out for real because he had been watching you throughout the whole concert, and you were so fucking pretty─
“What─ Why did you do that?” You asked him, interrupting his inner panicking. Bucky swallowed and looked at you, the color of his eyes had returned slightly.
“I─” He started, but realized he didn’t know what he could say. “Wanted to?” He cringed. God, he was hopeless. “I’m sorry, I should have asked. I’m─ Look, I wasn’t trying to force myself on you, I swear. I’m really sorry.” He tried to stand up, but you stopped him with putting your hands on his shoulders.
“Why did you do that?” You asked again. Yeah, he might have wanted to kiss you, but you had to know exactly why. Bucky held his breath.
“Because I wanted to kiss you,” he said with a soft voice. “Because you looked so pretty singing along to the songs I wrote with your friend, looked so carefree and gorgeous, I wanted to know you, wanted to kiss you so bad. Because you felt right when you were close to me. Because I wanted to keep you even closer, so that no one would try to steal you away fro─ Mmfm!”
You cut him off with pressing your lips against his. Of course, you were attracted to him. He was this devilishly handsome, funny and charming lead guitarist of your favorite band. How could you not? Him admitting that he wanted to know you was dizzying, to kiss you so bad was definitely passing out material.
Bucky sighed into the kiss as he brought one of his hands to rest on the small of your back and the other on your face. Tilting his head to his side slightly, Bucky deepened the kiss. With the hand on your lower back, he pulled you to him, making you step into his personal space even more. You hummed. Your hands were on his cheeks, fingertips playing with his hair while your thumbs stroked his cheekbones.
He kissed so nicely.
His lips were as soft as they looked. They felt like silk onto yours as he kissed your breath away. His body heat was setting your own body fire. His hands on you were like a dream come true. The way he held you close to him felt so good, you wanted to cry at the feeling. You were a little touch starved, but he was feeding you well with his itty bitty touches.
“Mmm,” he hummed as he pulled back for oxygen. He opened his eyes, watching you nuzzle in his palm, kissing his wrist, Bucky felt immensely happy. “Darling love,” he whispered. “You feel so right in my arms.” You let out a broken sound as you buried your face in his palm, partially hiding in it. He chuckled softly. “You do.” You wiggled even closer to him. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him in for another kiss.
Just as both of you were getting lost in the kiss, the knock on the door made you jump. “We’re leaving for the bar!” It was Clint. “Are you guys coming or not?” Bucky looked at you.
“Let me take you out?” He asked, hope shining bright in his beautiful eyes. “Let me treat you? Please, honey?” You nodded mutely. You were too stunned to answer him verbally. He smiled. “Alright,” he said and stood up. He, then, took a step back and extended his hand to you. “I’m James, but people close to me call me Bucky.”
You chuckled at his cheesiness. Holding his hand, you shook it. “I’m Y/N, but Natasha calls me dumbass sometimes,” you said, making him grin. Bucky held your hand in his as he brought it up to his lips, kissing your wrist.
“Can I take you out on a date? Buy you a drink?” He asked, then. You bit your lip as you grinned.
“Yeah,” you answered him. He beamed.
“Great!” He pulled you against him. “I know just the place.”
You’ve been at the bar with the band and Natasha for two hours now. You were having so much fun that you couldn’t stop giggling or cracking jokes sometimes. You felt incredibly lucky to get to know the band this way; they were a bunch of charming and funny guys who occasionally called each other asshole.
Thor was a weird one; he kept talking like he was someone from a Shakespeare play but he was a very funny dude. Sam was a sarcastic but a very charming guy; him and Natasha had kept the flirting going since she sat on his lap at the backstage. Steve was actually a pretty smart guy, but he loved fucking with others and playing dumb. He was almost as flirtious as Sam, but he kept the flirting to Thor only which you later learned that Thor and Steve had been dating for two years. Clint was… he was a real dumbass. He was a beast with his drums, but in general he was a walking disaster and the bandages on his face and arms sort of gave that away.
They were a good bunch.
Then, there was James. Or Bucky as he reminded you to call him that once or twice. He was funny just like the others. He was charming and actually a sweetheart. You learned that he was also the Mama Bear of the band while Sam had taken the Papa Bear role. They were the ones who kept the others doing shit. He was considerate, lovable and smart guy. He loved his music, loved playing his guitar whenever he could and loved exploring new things.
You might have been a little in love with him already.
“Aight!” Steve interrupted the chattering. He was a little tipsy, not drunk, and leaning onto Thor more than he probably should. “Round… four? Five? It’s on me. Who wants what?” Everyone placed their order with Steve and Thor, but you.
“Just water if they have such a healthy drink in here,” you said, chuckling. “I had enough.” You weren’t big on drinking your consciousness away, and considering this was sort of your first date with Bucky, you wanted to stay sober.
Steve and Thor nodded, not pushing you to drink when you didn’t want to, and made a bee line to the bar. Bucky was holding you against his side, his arm was either over your shoulders or around your waist, and you were leaning into him. He placed a soft kiss onto your temple, making your body heat up with the simple touch of his lips. With a sigh, you buried your head into his shoulder.
It was sort of surprising that you felt so safe and at ease with Bucky although it’s been only three hours since you met officially. Sure, you’ve known him partially from the interviews, but you spent three hours in his presence, and the closeness between you two felt like you’ve been like this, close and touching each other, for years. It was a weird but not unwelcomed feeling. In fact, you loved it a little too much.
“Are you okay?” Bucky whispered. His breath smelled a bit like beer, but you didn’t mind. Yours probably smelled the same. You nodded. “I can take you back home if you want or to a hotel? I… just realized I don’t know where you live.” You chuckled.
“I live around, don’t worry,” you assured him. “Like an hour or so away with car? I’m local.” You snuggled deeper into his embrace. “I’m fine, though, it’s been very fun so far.” Bucky hummed.
“Yeah, they are good guys,” Bucky agreed. “But say the word and I’ll take you home, alright?” He said, looking into your eyes.
“Okay,” you agreed, kissing his cheek. You have never felt like this with a guy before. Sure, you were a virgin, but you had boyfriends, you had dated. None of them made you feel this at ease around them. None of them but Bucky. You found that you loved this feeling. With a smile, you hummed happily.
After Steve and Thor returned with a new round of drinks, you’ve spent another hour and half laughing and talking with them. It was around 3 AM when all of you decided to call it a night.
“It’s technically morning, though,” Clint said, swaying on his feet a little. Everyone groaned. “Fine, geez. I ain’t makin’ any joke anymo’,” he grunted and flipped the bird. You snorted lightly. Clint got offended real easy when he was drunk, apparently.
“So, girls,” Sam started. “We can take you home if you want? Or put you in the same hotel we’re staying for tonight?” Natasha shrugged.
“It’d take us at least an hour to get home, I’ll take the hotel option,” she said, and you hummed approvingly. “We don’t need new rooms. I think it’s obvious where we’ll be staying,” she added with a smirk. You felt your cheeks burn.
“I’m so divorcing you when we go home,” you muttered, and Natasha snickered. You felt Bucky’s assuring squeeze on your arm.
“We can get you a new room if you don’t feel comfortable enough with sharing, though,” he said, ignoring Natasha. You frowned as you thought about it.
It wouldn’t make you uncomfortable, but you didn’t know what you’d do. Would you just cuddle and go to sleep or… You sighed. You wanted to take that step. You were in your mid-twenties and you wanted to get rid of your virginity already. It stuck with you for a long time. You didn’t want to push him for it, though. Frown deepening, you realized you wouldn’t mind whatever you chose to do when you shared a room. Even though you wanted to get rid of things, you really would like to cuddle with Bucky and go to sleep.
“It’s fine,” you murmured. “I won’t mind sharing a room if that’s okay with you.” Bucky shook his head, a smile playing on his lips.
“Of course,” he said. “Let’s go then.”
It took you fifteen minutes or so arriving the hotel and all of you quickly scattered your own rooms. You followed Bucky. He was holding your hand into his gently, you in front of him, his arms were around your waist and hands holding yours as you rode the elevator. When you were on the floor nine, you got off and walked down the hall.
Stepping inside the room 107, you felt nervous. It wasn’t Bucky who was making you nervous, but yourself, you knew that. You could come clean and tell Bucky; he had been so patient and loving with you all day and you knew he wouldn’t mind you telling him about your conflict.
“I can take the couch,” Bucky started. “I don’t mind. It’s actually pretty comfy,” he grinned. “Took a nap there before we hit the stage.” He wiggled his brows adorably. “I can lend you some clothes if you wanna shower, I’m definitely taking one. I have no idea how you put up with my stink for four hours.” You chuckled.
“You don’t stink,” you said. “You smell nice, actually.” Bucky tilted his head to his side and sent you a cocky smirk. Fuck, you thought.
“Nice, hm?” He laughed, then. “I half-showered with my perfume is probably why,” he added, rolling his eyes. “Anyways, you gonna shower?” You bit your lip. You were hesitating just a little, but you knew you had to take some steps yourself in these kinds of things.
“W-what if we take o-one to-ogether?” You stammered clumsily. “We, uh, both need one, anyways, right?” Bucky froze. His eyes snapped at yours, watching you carefully as he tried to see if you really wanted this.
“You really want that?” He asked. You nodded. There was nothing else you wanted more at the moment, you thought. “Honey,” Bucky murmured. “Do you know what you want? Do you wanna tell me?” Ye walked closer to him and placed your hands on his chest when you were close enough.
“I want to take a shower with you,” you said, surprisingly with a steady voice. “I… We don’t have to, but if you want, I, um, also want to have sex with you, too.” Bucky exhaled shakily at your words. They were affecting him, you could see it in his eyes. So, you thought, might as well drop the bomb. “I, um,” you continued. Your fingers were playing his exposed dog tags. “I really, really would like you to be, um, the first one to… you know…” You narrowed your eyes, looking at him and hoping that he’d understand.
“The first one to what, love?” He asked. His eyes were intense, now. They looked at you like they wanted to see through you. You shivered and licked your lips. Your mouth opened and closed, words wanting to get out but didn’t know how. “Y/N,” Bucky said when you didn’t answer. “Honey,” he called out. “Are you a virgin, love?”
You nodded. Your whole body was burning with embarrassment, burning under the intense look of his beautiful eyes. You fidgeted in your place, tearing your eyes from his, you gave your whole attention to his dog tags. You played with them until you felt his fingers gripping your chin gently and tilting up.
“Are you sure?” He asked. “Do you really want me to do that?” You nodded again. Words were hard for you, at the moment, you were beyond embarrassed. “Sweetheart, I’m honored that you see me worthy.” You snorted.
“Dork,” you whispered. He grinned.
“That’s me,” he said, making you snort again. “Alright, let’s take a shower together.” He grabbed your hand and pulled you towards the bathroom. He left you by the sink to undress while he adjusted the water. You were stripping off your clothes one by one, not feeling so confident about your body, you had a strong urge to hide it.
It was Bucky, though. You may not have known for a long time, but you knew he wouldn’t mind. Still, you couldn’t silence the irritating small voice in your mind that had been whispering how different you looked from all the women Bucky had seen out with.
“Water is ready,” he announced, unaware of your inner struggle. He turned around as he yanked his t-shirt off his body. “Y/N? Are you okay?” His eyes roamed your body, moving up and down and up again. “What is it? It’s fine if you don’t want to do this─”
“It’s not that,” you muttered. “Well, sort of about it, not that exactly.” You shrugged. Your tears were on their way to fill your eyes, you could feel them, but you weren’t going to cry. “It’s just… I don’t have a model’s body, like, um, all the other women you’ve dated? I don’t have it, and um, it just makes me feel a little self-conscious?” You watched Bucky’s face going from worried to soft in a matter of seconds.
“Baby,” he whispered, stepping forward and getting into your personal space. “I don’t care.” He tucked your hair behind your ear, stroked your cheek and looked deep into your eyes. “I don’t care that you don’t have a model’s body. I actually like your body better than theirs because yours tell me that you’re happy and not starving yourself to look the way they do. You’re beautiful.” You whimpered. “It’s alright if you wanna back up, it really is, but please do not think that I won’t find you attractive because you don’t have a body like theirs, okay?” You sniffed lightly as you nodded.
You slowly got rid your t-shirt, dropping it on the floor like he did with his, and reached behind your back to unclasp your bra. He looked into your eyes all the while you undressed yourself. His eyes never flickered down once. They kept looking into your eyes, and his thumbs kept stroking your cheeks and your neck. Once you got naked, you fought with the urge to wrap your arms around yourself and cover your bits. Bucky liked your body, you reminded yourself. You were beautiful to him.
“There you go,” Bucky whispered. “That’s a good baby.” He leaned in and pecked your lips. “Let’s get under the water, alright?” You nodded. He quickly rid himself from his remaining clothes. His tattooed and pierced body’s naked glory was right in front of you, and you wanted to leave some marks. You wanted people to know that he was yours, now, no one else’s. “Come on, love.” He nudged you into the shower gently, pulling you out of your head. You carefully stepped into the tub, the water hitting your back immediately, you shivered with the warm water. Bucky walked in behind you and closed the glass doors.
Bucky plastered his front to your back, gently encouraging you to lean against him. His arms wrapped around your middle, he dipped down and placed kisses on your neck. The steam coming from the warm water warming your body, making his kisses feels even more sensual. You shivered.
“Let’s get you wet,” he murmured, eyes shining with mischief. You let out a soft snort and rolled your eyes. He grinned. He turned you around and stepped under the water with you still leaning against his body. You could feel his well-defined muscles on your back. His bulging biceps around your waist was giving you a nice feeling, too. His already warm body was even warmer now thanks to the water.
You sighed.
Bucky grabbed the shampoo and washed your hair, fingers massaging your scalp. After you were clean, it was his turn. He had to crouch down, later he went down on his knees since it was easier for you to reach all of his hair easily. As you washed his hair, Bucky held onto you, face buried in your stomach, he breathed calmly as you massaged his scalp like he did to you. You could feel the tension draining out of him. He must be exhausted, you thought, and suddenly felt guilty about springing this whole I-want-to-have-sex-with-you conversation. He needed rest, not more action. You huffed to yourself silently. Telling him to stand up, you grabbed the second loofah and dragged it along his body, washing away the dirt and sweat of the concert.
Washing away the shampoos and last of the dirt on your body, you turned off the water and stepped out, Bucky right behind you and still holding onto your waist. He grabbed a big towel from one of the cabinets. It was white and looked so fluffy. He smiled when he saw your wide eyes and wrapped it around your body, squeezing you into a hug with towel around you, he held you against his chest. You chuckled. Your face was right into the crook of his neck; his warm body was radiating heat even with a towel between your bodies.
“It’s so fluffy,” you said, amusement in your voice. Bucky snickered.
“Yeah, that’s what I love about fancy hotels.” Bucky wiggled his eyebrows and grabbed another towel from the rack to dry himself. Both of you walked back into the bedroom again with your naked bodies covered with fluffy towels.
“Hey,” you called out softly. “We, um, don’t have to do it now,” you said. “I know you’re tired, and you need some rest. So, it’s totally okay if you─” Bucky placed a finger on your lips and silenced you.
“I want it,” he whispered. “I am tired, I’m not gonna lie, but I want to do this, too.” Amusement shone in his eyes. “Don’t be surprised if I fall asleep on you in the halfway, though,” he said. You chuckled. Your hand poked out under the towel and hit him on the arm gently. Bucky grinned. He leaned in and kissed your cheeks; they felt warm under his lips.
Bucky started humming as his hands grabbed the hem of the towel that you’ve been hugging tightly. You frowned lightly, trying to make out what he was humming. While you were thinking, Bucky took the towel off of you gently. You barely felt the cold air hitting your body because of his body heat. It was coming off of him in waves and warming you in a weird way. He smiled as he pulled back a little. His face was so close to yours, his moving lips were brushing against yours as he continued to sing the song.
“Television lover, baby, go all night,” he sang softly. “Sometime, anytime, sugar me sweet,” he continued and pressed a kiss on the corner of your lips, arms pulling your closer to his body. “Little miss innocent sugar me, yeah.”
You frowned lightly, face scrunched in a very adorable way. “What are you singing?” You asked, still trying to making out what song he was singing. Bucky grinned.
“Ooh, in the name of love,” he started and saw the light bulb going off. “Pour some sugar on me. C’mon, fire me up.” He swayed to right and left, making guitar sounds just to make you giggle. “Pour some sugar on me. I can’t get enough!” You laughed.
“Oh my God, Bucky!” you exclaimed, tears in your eyes. “I can’t believe you’re singing─”
Bucky grinned even wider. “I’m hot, sticky sweet. From my head to my feet, yeah!”
Both of you cracked up. Bucky was still humming the song as he, too, discarded his towel. He came closer, looking into your eyes and searching for a ‘yes’ in there, which you gave him while still giggling. Bucky crouched lightly to grab you by your thighs and hoisted you up. You squeaked. Your arms were quick to wrap around his neck as he carried you to the bed.
“Crazy little woman in a one man show,” he continued to sing. “Mirror queen, mannequin, rhythm of lovee!” You snorted. “Sweet dreams, saccharine, loosen up.” He kissed your cheek. He lowered you on the bed, lying you down gently. You smiled at him. Bucky winked and leaned in.
His lips found yours with a sweet sigh escaping from you. Bucky hummed. His lips stroked yours gently, pried them open to deepen it with a small tilt of his head, and suddenly, you were kissing heatedly. You moaned when you felt his tongue licking at your bottom lip, his teeth nibbling on the soft flesh lightly. You opened your mouth, allowed his tongue inside and moaned again. Bucky grunted. He dropped his body onto yours, minding his weight, and caged you under him.
“Baby,” Bucky moaned when he pulled back for oxygen. His lips moving from yours to your neck, he hummed appreciatively. The light scruff he had was scratching the skin of your neck raw, but you didn’t mind. It felt so good, so nice to have his warm body onto yours like this and to feel his lips on your skin. Your body was on fire. Between your thighs, you were aching and dripping wet; the urge to press them together was strong, but Bucky was in the way.
“Bucky,” you sighed as he nipped on your collarbones. His breath was hot on your already heated skin. The rough texture of his hands drove your body into the edge of oversensitivity as they brushed and stroked every inch of skin they could reach. Bucky hummed appreciatively at the sight of your breasts on his face. His eyes flicked up at yours, silently asking for a permission. Heart beating in your mouth, you nodded. Every breath you drew in was burning you in the best way, making your head rush.
You gasped loudly when his hot and wet mouth closed over your nipple. His tongue was teasing the delicate nip gently; cheeks hollowing as he sucked on it, he slurped. One of his hands had closed over your other breast; the rough texture that drove you crazy was on your boob now, and his calloused fingers were playing with your nipple. Your arched your back. Your hands wound tight in his longish brown hair, pulling on them whenever he sucked too hard and twisted your nipple in a very good way.
“Oh, shit, Bucky!” Eyes closed, you threw your head back as you thrusted your chest against his face more. Bucky just grunted and switched nipples. His hand was now playing with your saliva covered nipple while his mouth had closed over your other breast. When you moaned high and very feminine, Bucky scrapped his teeth over the sensitive bud, making your hips buck against his unintentionally. “God, I─ This─ Shit, feels so good,” you sighed, breath hitching.
Bucky let go of your nipple with an obscene ‘pop’ sound and placed a kiss on your sternum. He kissed his way down, tongue dipping into your belly button and placing a kiss there, too. You tried not to squirm away when he finally made contact with your dripping core. His hot breath was licking your mound, making you hyperaware of his presence there and also making you even wetter.
Feeling how nervous you were, Bucky looked at you softly and kissed your inner thighs. You breathed in shakily. His lips were covering your inner thighs with kisses, hands stroking your sides and stomach, fingers occasionally finding your nipples, Bucky calmed you down. Soon, you were melting under his soft and loving touches as he made his way to your pussy slowly.
First flick of his tongue on your clit had you gasping, bucking your hips and grabbing onto his hands on your stomach. Bucky shushed you and placed a kiss on your clit, sucking it just a little.
“Oh my God! Bucky!” You moaned. He shushed you again with grounding strokes of his thumbs on the back of your hands. He dove in.
His tongue flicked on your clit over and over again, lips closed around the tiny bud and sucked little hickeys onto it. His scruff was rubbing on your inner thighs and making this whole new experience even better. You kept moaning, whining and whimpering; your hands never letting of his, you held onto them tight as you arched your back and buried your face into the pillow with your eyes closed.
You could feel your slick running down, dripping onto bed, because the sounds Bucky was making while eating you out were so hot, it made your thigh muscles twitch around his head. He was burying one groan after the other into your pussy, humming and grunting at the taste of your slick and your tight hold on his hands.
At one point, he pulled back. Freeing one of his hands out of your hold, Bucky swiped a finger from your slit to your clit. You cried out. The colors were exploding behind your closed eyes; your body was taut with the expected orgasm. Bucky swiped his fingers a few more times before he slowly dipped it inside you. An audible hitch in your breath, Bucky stopped. He pulled his finger back slightly only to push it back in.
“James,” you whined. You could feel the pressure gathering in your lower belly. “Please, God, please─” You groaned when he continued to move his fingers in you as he pressed his thumb over your clit. You were close. You were so close, you could fucking taste it. You whimpered. Your free hand found his body, and you grabbed the meaty shoulder, digging your nails deep. Bucky hummed and crooked his fingers.
You screamed when you came.
Your body went taut, muscles cramping, you felt them relaxing at the same time. It was a bit weird and amazing feeling which you loved. It wasn’t that you’ve never made yourself come, you have, but none of them felt like this.
“Your fucking face─” You heard Bucky growl lightly. He climbed his way up to your lips and kissed you passionately. “The way you look when you come? Gorgeous.” He kissed you harshly, nipping your bottom lip. “The way you taste? Magnificent. Pouring out some sugar for me, there, don’t you, baby?” You felt your cheeks burn at his words as he ducked in for yet another kiss which you gave him happily. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him even closer. He pulled back just a little and started kissing on your cheeks and neck. “You still wanna do it?” He asked. You nodded. “Speak up, bubba,” he nudged your jaw with his nose. You squirmed happily at the pet name.
“Yes,” you whispered. “Still wanna do it. Still wan’it to be you. Please?” You looked at him with wide eyes, face open and excited.
Bucky wanted to hide you in his bed forever because you were too good to be true. “Alright, love, okay,” he whispered. He reached for his wallet that he left on the bedside drawer and pulled out a condom. Bucky was quick and efficient as he put on the condom, discarding its small package.
You gasped lightly when you saw his cock. It was a little above average, wasn’t too big that it might really hurt you. He was uncut, but you could see faint lines of veins throbbing there. There was a shining metal going through his cock head, but to avoid panicking, you diverted your eyes to his ball. They were big and looked full, and suddenly, you felt your body burning even more with the thought of them slapping against your skin.
“It’s might hurt at the beginning, okay?” He said, drawing your attention back to him. “Tell me, please, just tell me to stop if it hurts really bad or you just don’t wanna do this anymore, alright?” You nodded. He tapped on your lips. “Words, honey.”
“Yes,” you breathed. “I’ll tell you to stop if I don’t like it.” He nodded with a big smile on his face.
“That’s right,” he whispered and kissed you. Settling in deeper between your thighs, Bucky kept kissing you. One of his hands was on your face, gently stroking your cheek, while the other had grabbed his cock and lined it up.
The slide in was smooth, and Bucky was going real slow. He really didn’t want to hurt you, make this experience a bad one, so he was being extra careful. He could feel how your silky wet walls wrapping his cock slowly as he inched in, in and in. His eyes were rolling backwards behind his closed lids. It was addicting, the way you felt around him. Bucky never wanted to pull out, wanted to stay buried in you forever because you were so tight, so warm and so wet, it was like a dream come true.
“Sweetheart,” he croaked. “You feel so fuckin’ good.” Your breath hitched at his low voice calling you a sweet name. Between your thighs you were aching, hurting just a little it, too, but it wasn’t unbearable. You held onto him tight, reeled into the feeling of his cock sliding into you and just… felt.
You whimpered when his cock was fully seated. There was a throbbing pain, almost pulsating with the same beat as your heart. Bucky was panting in your ear. He wasn’t moving, was just holding you tight against him and trying to control himself until you gave him the go. You hummed a little as he pain subsided.
“You good, bubba?” He asked, lifting his head only a little to look you in the eye. You sniffed, tears had sprung to your eyes at the pain, but it was gone now. You nodded, hands tightening on his shoulders.
“Yeah,” you whispered. “Move, please?” Bucky groaned. He gave you another kiss on the lips: A sweet, chaste and soft kiss. You sighed into it.
Carefully, he pulled out a bit and slid back in, stealing your breath. His breathing was shaky. You could hear his silent grunts and groans. His hands were fisting the bedding until you grabbed them and twined your fingers together. He kissed your neck as thanks. He continued to thrust into you slowly. Every drag of his cock, you could feel it in your bones, deep in your body, and it was so goddamn good.
“God,” you choked on a moan. “Fuck, faster, please─” Bucky growled.
“Don’t wanna hurt you,” he hissed through his clenched teeth. Sweat was beading on his forehead, chest and back, making his skin glow. You whimpered as you turned your head to him where he buried his face into the crook of your neck and kissed his temple.
“You won’t,” you said. “It doesn’t hurt anymore, please!” You clenched your thighs around his hips, urging him to move a little faster. His growling increased; it sounded like he was almost snarling with each thrust of his hips.
“You want it hard, darlin’?” He asked, taunted. You whimpered again as you nodded. A wanton cry of ‘yes’ spilled out of your mouth. “You want me to fuck you faster, hm?” You let out another litany of yeses and tightened your hands in his. Bucky groaned deep and loud. His hips started to snap against yours. His balls hitting your slick covered skin, his cock started to move in and out of you at a rapid pace.
The pleasure it brought was fucking blinding.
You moaned when he gave you a particular hard thrust. You were moving up and down on the bed where you were lying on your back as Bucky thrusted in and out of you madly. You could feel the metal you saw through the condom stroking your sensitive walls, making the pleasure feel even better, and you knew you were going to come. You could feel how close you were.
“James,” you breathed, your face drowning in pleasure as he looked at you. “’m gonna come,” you whined. “’m so close, ‘m gonna come!” Bucky snarled.
Straightening up a bit, he leaned onto his elbows, still holding your hands. His thrusts were deeper now. He was hitting at a spot that got you choking on almost every moan that wanted to get out, stealing your breath with each thrust; you were delirious.
“Bucky,” you sighed. Your voice carried a panicking tone, but it was because you were so close to coming. “Bucky, fuck, I’m─”
“Come, honey,” he whispered, lips brushing yours. “Come for me, c’mon.” He ducked down to bite one of your breasts, sucking and licking at the same time. You gasped. Your thighs and walls clenched around him so tightly, Bucky’s eyes rolled behind his head, mouth open and he was almost drooling at the sensation. “Fuck!” He roared. The vice of your walls around his hard cock felt so fucking good, he started to move in and out of you rapidly. He was jackrabitting, so close to coming himself, and you didn’t mind. It still felt good albeit a bit too much.
“James,” you whispered. Your hand squeezed his and you lifted your head enough to peck him on the lips. Bucky moaned brokenly. He leaned down, fully pressing his lips on yours as he kissed you deeply. He was releasing moans and grunts and sighs into the kiss, into your mouth, and you smiled. “Come on, lemme see you,” you whispered again. Pecking his lips once and twice, licking his bottom lip, you bit it gently.
Bucky cursed. His thrust halted for a second. His balls jerked as he thrusted into you one last time, and he filled the condom with his seed, his face buried in your neck. You hummed. His weight on you was a welcomed one, it felt like a personal, living, weighted blanket and you hummed again.
“Oh shit,” Bucky whispered. It was quiet for a while. He silently and carefully pulled out of you and ditched the condom. He got up to get a wet cloth from the bathroom. When he returned, he gently cleaned the between your legs, taking away all the dirt and slight blood that he caused, and then cleaned himself. Dropping the cloth somewhere in the bathroom, he walked back inside the room, lay on the bed and gathered you in his arms, hugging you tight against his chest. You sighed contently. “How do you feel? Was I too rough?”
“Mm, no,” you murmured. Your face was squished on his chest. The barbells on his nipples were warm against your cheek. “It was perfect.” You smiled dopily as you pulled back. You kissed him on the cheeks and then on the lips. “Thank you.” He smiled at you back; the crinkles around his eyes showing themselves, he scrunched his nose.
“You’re very welcome, bubba,” he whispered, kissing your nose. You chuckled and settled back on his chest. You lay in the silence. Although both of you were tired, you didn’t feel the need of sleep immediately. Bucky was in agreement with you since he started to hum again. You frowned for a second until you realized he was still singing the same song from before. You chuckled. “Hmm,” he said.
“Same song still?”
“Yup,” he grinned. “Lyrics fit, don’t you think?” You made a questioning sound. His grin widened. He was expecting you’d react like that. “You got the peaches, I got the cream,” he sang, and you snorted out loud as your face burned yet again. “Sweet to taste, saccharine.” You started to laugh. “Cause I’m hot, hot, so hot, sticky sweeet!” He started to crack up slightly. “From my head, my head to my feet, yeaah!”
“Oh my God, stop!” You cackled, face buried in his neck.
“Never,” he said and went back to singing. “Take a bottle, shake it uuup! Break the bubble, break it uuuup!” He stopted, looking at your with the corner of his eyes. You snorted and bit his neck lightly. “Come on, sing this part with me.” You shook your head. “Come ooon! Do this and I’ll shut up, I promise.” You looked at his grinning stupid face. Rolling your eyes, you murmured a ‘fine’.
“Pour some sugar on meee!” Both of you sang, trying very hard not to crack up. “Oooh, in the name of looovee! Pour some sugar on meee! C’mon fire me uup!” Bucky flipped your positions, taking you under him again, causing your breath to hitch and stop you singing.
“Pour some sugar on me,” he sang quietly this time. He leaned in and kissed you passionately, deeply, lovingly. His lips traveled your neck, peppering kisses and then came back to your lips again. He whispered the last notes of the song as he leaned in close enough for his lips to crush against yours before he engulfed you into another hot and loving round of sex.  
“Ooh, I can’t get enough…”
Your grinning self was turned into a gasping and chanting his name with pleasure one real quick after that.
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fuckandfluff · 2 months ago
Live Wire
Tumblr media
Pairing: Rockstar Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 500ish
Summary: Inspired by the above GIF
(🥵💦), Bucky decides to show you just how dextrous he is.
Warnings: 18+, minors DNI! Dirty talk, degradation, fingering, voyeurism
You usually occupied yourself for the ninety-ish minutes Buck went to soundcheck each afternoon, whether it was with a sweaty sesh at SoulCycle or a self-indulgent treatment at the hotel spa. But today you had decided to drop in on rehearsal and offer up some support. You and Bucky weren't official but it didn't hurt to show you cared.
Clad in a barely-there sunshine yellow crop top and curve-hugging mini-skirt, you sat cross-legged in the front row of the amphitheatre, eagerly waiting for Bucky to take his turn on the drum kit. During soundcheck, the venue ran on a skeleton crew and the only other soul you saw was a lighting engineer who popped in and out as he was needed.
With a flick of his wrists, Bucky could twirl the drumsticks so effortlessly. He almost made it look easy. His double stroke rolls were so precise and yet the sounds he curated were messy, harsh, and iconically rock and roll. His large palms gripped the oak drumsticks, bashfully thumping against the high-hat and snapping against the cymbals.
“Ugh babe, so hot. You’re so good with those hands..” You coyly commented, smiling sweetly at him. You wanted to wear his hands like a necklace.
“Yeah? C’mere a minute, doll,” he tutted, placing both sticks on the middle tom. You tramped up the stairs and onto the stage, just as you were told. You spread your feet a few scoots apart, arching your back in eager anticipation. Bucky grunted approvingly, both hands creeping up your flimsy skirt as he yanked your hips forward, hovering over his lithe thighs.
“Buck, there are people here..” you motioned to the lighting guy who sat in the booth not fifteen feet from you two. He may have been preoccupied with setting the cues for that evening’s show but he was RIGHT THERE.
Dismissing your concerns, he firmly chastised you: “No panties eh, baby? What did I say about acting like a slut in public?” his voice low and gravelly.
He spat on his index finger and rammed it inside you without warning. You inhaled sharply, barely registering what just happened, eyes wide and mouth open. He brutally curled his index finger inside you, no mercy for how abrupt he was.
You became a whimpering mess, your moans emitting at a frantic pitch. You fucked yourself back up onto his fingers but were met with scorn.
“Nuh uh, baby takes what I give her. Don't be a greedy whore.” he spits out, shoving a second finger inside, allowing not more than three seconds for you to swallow it up before tearing into you with a third.
"Bucky, oh fuck.. Fuck!” is all you could whine, your velvet walls clenching onto the calloused digits as you felt yourself come completely undone.
You could feel the pressure build in your abdomen, felt the stinging rush of arousal radiate throughout your body - so close to release. You couldn't take a breath that sated you fully, you couldn’t focus on anything but Bucky's fingers deep inside your tight pussy. You preened and blushed as he continued slicing through you. You felt a little floaty, a little dazed. This is what heaven must be like.
And they say all good boys go to heaven, but bad boys bring heaven to you.
Thank you so much for reading, my angels!
All other parts can be found here
If you like my silly little stories, add yourself to my taglist here! xoxo
@hailmaryyramliah @s-unflowxr @luxeavenger @mimilh @anakinsskygirl @katelyneann @marvelfansworld @babydaddy-buckybarnes @excellentbecca @kennaskye1 @kmuir1 @spnqueen02 @abilouuxx @s-unflow-r @crybaby-mckay @babydaddy-buckybarnes @vinniesgf @hermione-grangers-wife @keeleyrose2003 @fulltrashblaze
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So It Goes... 
full masterlist
Pairings: Rock star/Bassist!Bucky Barnes x female!reader (AU)
Word count: 7,149 
Warning: fluff, SMUT! but mostly just me falling in love with bucky, really.
Summary: natasha romanoff aka your annoying roommate coerced you into the howling commando’s live performance at a divebar near your dorm. little did you know, it was going to lead you to the man of your dreams aka the charming rock star boy/bassist, james buchanan barnes.
a/n: this one’s written for @sourpatchkidsandacokecan​‘s “Little Darlin’s Mysteru AU” challenge. i chose band/rockstar au. here’s another love letter to bucky barnes because i love that man with my entire heart and every fic that i write about him is basically just me expressing my deep affection for this man. hope you guys enjoy this one cause i certainly do! also, rock star/boy band bucky is such a concept omg i’m in love
Tumblr media
You laid in your twin-sized bed as you heard the chirping sounds of the birds outside of your window. They were singing cheerily as if they knew what you were feeling and they were celebrating with you. It felt like you were in a Disney movie that you used to obsess over as a kid, where you are the lovestruck princess because you just met a handsome prince who swept you off your feet at first sight.
The birds outside of your window are your animal pals who swoon over you swooning and they spontaneously harmonize and dance to this newfound joy. You couldn’t resist the smile taking over your face. It was too early for you to be awake on a Saturday morning. You were always up by 10 AM. No more, no less. But it was currently 8.45 AM and you still had at least one more hour to get up and be productive.
But not today. Today, you were going to welcome this exhilarating sensation in your bones, and you were going to savour every second of it. Because you couldn’t shake away those baby blue eyes and that suave, boyish charm. The way, they electrified you by first glance and made you tremble when those pupils dilated. You could still feel the way his soft, plump lips hypnotized you last night. And the raunchy way he held you at the bar.
Even when all was said and done, he found a way to haunt you in your dreams.
And you didn’t mind one bit.
You were currently in the middle of a crisis due to your upcoming final week. If there’s any word to describe you as a college student, it would be ambitious. The idea of failing or getting less than B+ makes you go ballistic. You were an active student. You joined multiple organizations that expanded your social life. You got along with mostly everyone in your classes and you had your professors’ respect too for your excellent grades and polite manners.
But your lack of dating life irked no one else more than your roommate, Natasha. You loved Natasha with your entire heart, really. She was like a sister to you. You were an only child so you cherished her older sister role in your life. She was, in fact, several months older than you and she always protected you like her own. Starting from the asshole that broke your heart in high school, despite only knowing him through your story, to incessantly pushing you to stop being such a nerd and have more fun.
Natasha was the kind of woman you don’t wanna mess with. She was loyal, brave and quick-witted. She knows how to keep her GPA high, whilst also maintaining a fun social life. She managed to do it all so effortlessly. 
“C’mon, y/n! Just one night! You need to let loose and release all tension on your shoulders, baby. It’s good for your brain before finals start!”
“Noooo, Nat. Rock bands are not my thing and I’d have a higher chance of acing the tests if I study now, okay? Just go. Have fun without me and tell me how it goes.”
“But my boyfriend’s performing, y/n. And I want you to meet him! I promise they are really good. Even if you're not into the music, you can still go for the drinks, right? Also, they’ve got other cute members available so, you might find your own rock band boyfriend too if you go.” She winked. Her smirk was menacing.
“Ugh, I’m not interested in finding a boyfriend, Nat.”
“I know, but wouldn’t hurt if you do, right? Then we can go on double dates and have them write songs about us. Oh God, it’s going to be awesome.”
“Whoa, slow down. I haven’t even learned their names, yet and we are already discussing double dates?”
“Alright, let’s just start with putting on your sexy clothes and meet them yourself. Then we can move onto picking one gorgeous beast for you.”
“What makes you even think that they’d be interested in me?”
“Don’t be ridiculous, y/n. Have you never owned a mirror? You are a total babe. You just need to get yourself more action.”
“Ugh, I don’t know, Nat…”
“You are going. And I’m not leaving until you get up and put on something cool. I have patience, baby and I’m going to annoy you all night if you stay. What do you prefer? Going out and have fun and meet some cute boys or me annoying you all night so you can’t study productively.” She glared at you. Her tone indicated that there was no compromise.
“Alright, I’m going. But that’s only because I wanna meet your boyfriend, alright? Not because I wanna find a boyfriend or whatever stupid shit you’re thinking.”
“Yay!” She jumped in excitement. Her face was content with joy and satisfaction from succeeding in persuading you. “Alright, let’s dig through your clothes.” She started rummaging your shared closet and observed meticulously each one of your outfits. “Hmm… Let’s try this one!” She picked up a strapless black sequin dress that you hadn’t worn in forever. You didn’t even remember packing it up in your baggage and brought it with you to your dorm.
You began stripping yourself out of your oversized hoodie and high-waisted shorts. You didn’t feel embarrassed changing in front of Natasha, you had seen each other naked many times. You were roommates after all and sometimes, you just had to be comfortable with the fact that you had private body parts underneath and within the course of four years, eventually, you had to get used to flashing one another at some point.  
You put it on as you started to feel a little uncomfortable. You weren’t used to wearing skimpy dresses. Already wearing it for less than three minutes, you were constantly lifting the hem of the dress to prevent it from exposing your boobs and revealing your inner thighs. And the material felt itchy on your skin too. “Nat, I’m not sure about this. Let’s just wear a leather jacket and jeans.”
“Nonsense! You look bomb! Give your leather jacket and jeans a break, alright? Okay, turn around so I can see your behind.”
You twirled as she said, restlessly.
Tonight was going to be a longspun night…
The air felt crisp against your skin, as the breeze swept through your freshly curled hair, causing a few strands shading your sight. You struggled to walk steadily in your 7-inch heels that belonged to Natasha because you didn’t have a pair of your own. You were cool with wearing ankle boots pairing them with a sparkly dress. But Natasha didn’t think it was a cute look.
“What? Boots and dresses don’t go along, honey. Oh my, you need a serious makeover!” She was derailed.
You eventually settled with a silk red dress with a seductively low cleavage on the front, exposing the globes of your breasts. You were already as uncomfortable as it is, this dress didn’t make it any easier to act normal.
So you had to endure walking in these deadly shoes of torture, whilst clad in nothing but a scanty material with makeup painting your entire face. Great. What had you gotten yourself into? Damn you, Natasha.
You and Nat were walking arm in arm to the bar where “The Howling Commandos” were performing. That’s the name of the band that Natasha’s boyfriend was in. They have been a group for 5 years now, they had been doing this since they were in high school. Clint and the rest of the members were several years older than you and Nat. As soon as they graduated, they decided that they wanted to keep making music rather than working mundane, dead-end jobs.
Yep, Natasha told you that much.
Clint and Nat had been dating for two years now. They rarely saw each other due to the band’s packed schedule. Although, they would FaceTime each other every night, talking about each other’s days. You heard it all, from their most disgustingly adorable flirtations, to the most inappropriate, not so PG-13 confession.
They would literally pretend to smooch one another through the screen when you were doing your homework or when you had your nose deep in a book. You’d try to cover your ears by putting on your earbuds and turning up the volume so you could give them privacy but also, you didn’t wanna hear them talking about what they wanted to do to each other if both of them were here.
You knew Clint well enough to not feel like you were meeting a complete stranger. Natasha would often tell you to say hi to him and she had told you a lot of wonderful things to Clint. Clint would often talk about the band too on the phone, how someone called “Bucky” would piss him off by stealing his leftover sandwich. Or someone called “Sam” would often interrupt their chat by reminding him that it was soundcheck time.  
“I gotta go, babe. Sammy’s not gonna stop yelling.”
“Aw, okay, tell the boys I say hi! Love you.”
“Love you too, baby.”
It’s like a daily podcast for you every night.
The dive bar where The Howling Commandos were performing thankfully wasn’t that far from your dorm. Natasha was super thrilled when Clint told them that they were going to perform here. They were finally able to see each other after a while, and because this was going to be their last gig until they come back with a new album, he said he was going to stay and spend some time with Nat.
You were happy for both of them. You’d never say it out loud but, a part of you was secretly jealous of their love. They managed to maintain such a fun, loving, and healthy relationship despite the distance and differences. Natasha once told you that she was never one to settle with a man for too long but, Clint changed the game for her. You smiled at the thought. They were genuinely in love. If you were to find yourself a boyfriend, you wanted the type of love that they had.
But not tonight. You were okay with being single. Just because a part of you wanted what Clint & Nat had, doesn’t mean that you actually need it or you’d die. You were too much of a goal-oriented person to be chasing over something that should come naturally. You had grown so comfortable in being alone, that you stopped desiring love so much. It wasn’t getting you anywhere. So you lived your life, being grateful for your friends and family. You invested your time in your education and passion. You were content.
When you arrived at the bar, the room was full with a crowd. You walked in with Natasha trying to make a space for yourself so you could walk through them. You could barely anything else due to the number of bodies blocking your view. Natasha held your hand as she took the lead and fought through the crowd to get to the front, where she could get the best view.
There was a blonde-haired woman standing on the front, so close to where the band were going to play. When Natasha slightly grazed her whilst trying to stand next to her, she didn’t look the slightest bit happy. She glared at Natasha as Natasha noticed. She glared back at her.
“Excuse me, there’s more space in the back, maybe you can stand there instead of cutting through the line.”
“Excuse you, miss. I’m dating the band’s drummer, so I can stand wherever I want, thank you very much. If you don’t like that, then the exit is right there.” She pointed to the door of where we walked in from.
The blonde woman rolled her eyes as she folded her arms against her chest. After you stared at her reaction, you realized that you actually know her. She was in the same social science class with you. You had never really talked to her because she often sat in the back and immediately left after the class was done, but you remembered her name. Her name was Dottie Underwood. Your classmates called her Dot. The ones that she liked anyway.
You decided to stay quiet and let it pass. It’s not like she even recognized you even if you start a chat with her. You don’t think it was a good idea either since she and Nat literally just snarked at each other. You directed your sight to the stage and waited for the famous Howling Commandos to appear.
One of the spotlights turned and highlighted a man walking on stage before he talked into the microphone at the centre. “And now, ladies and gentlemen, a group of brilliant lads, that make all the ladies go feral wherever they go, and their showstopping music are going to make us sing and jump tonight. Please welcome, The Howling Commandos!”
The crowd roared with cheers, the sounds of their enthusiasm filled the atmosphere. Their claps were jovially in sync as four, drop-dead gorgeous young men stepped into the stage as their presence shifted the energy in the room.
The first one was a blonde-haired with breathtaking bone structure, forming a ridiculously handsome face. His hair shone under the spotlight like the sun amidst the clear sky. He had an amiable demeanour about him. His smile was gentle and welcoming. He waved to the crowd and stood directly behind the microphone.
The second one to walk in was a dark-skinned man with an undeniable charisma oozing out of him. He had a neatly trimmed beard that only added to his spicy appeal. His smile was radiant as he also waved the crowd. He stood on the left side of the stage, a couple of steps behind Steve who was apparently the lead singer.
The third one to walk in was Clint. He was everything Nat described him to be. Placid and nonchalant. His smile was amenable as he greeted the crowd. He walked directly to the background, where the drumset was placed. He sat down on the drummer’s chair as he picked up the sticks he was going to play with.
The last one to enter was a literal Disney prince coming to life. His prominent boyish charm completely bedazzled you. His blue eyes gleamed under the spotlight as they lingered on you for a second. He immediately shifted his gaze as he kept walking towards the right side of the stage, but you swore that when he caught you staring dumbfoundedly at him, you could see the flash of a quick smirk on his face.
He only nodded to the crowd as he confidently picked up the bass guitar that was previously placed on the floor and put on the leather straps around his neck. His eyes turned back to you as you found yourself still bluntly staring at him. Something about him just enchanted you. He had that boy-next-door charm about him but also, a bad boy persona that was irresistibly enticing.    
That flash of smirk that you saw earlier resurfaced and it was getting harder for you to pay attention to anyone or anything else in the room other than him. His gaze grew more intense as the noises of the crowd faded into the background. You were lost in this lethal game of eye contact until Natasha accidentally elbowed you by screaming her lungs out to respond to the lead singer’s introduction.
“Good evening, SHIELD’s Nest! How are we feeling tonight?” The lead singer vivified the crowd. They responded with a reassuring reaction. “I’m Steve Rogers and these are my buddies,” he turned his head to the left, as he started introducing the other band members.  “The handsome guy right there is Sam, and in the back, there’s Clint, our brilliant drummer boy and this ladies’ charmer right here is Bucky.” As he pointed to the magnetic man who had held your attention hostage since he first walked in.
“And we are The Howling Commandos.” He paused for a second before carrying on with his prelude. “Alright, so the first song that we’re going to play tonight is called ‘Rusted Love’. Enjoy.” Steve removed his mouth from behind the microphone and started cueing the band to play. “1,2…”
Sam and Bucky started strumming the first few notes as a few people cheered. Then Clint jumped in, flaunting his talent in mastering the drum with his sticks. The energy in the room felt more energized as people started moving a part of their bodies. Then Steve amazed the room with his sultry voice, singing the words that echoed through the Sound system of the bar.
“I’m a flying kite in a hurricane, you paralyzed me with your touch and your lips got me addicted…” Steve shut his eyes, relishing the rune. You had a feeling that those lyrics wouldn’t just stay lyrics tonight…
They played another four songs that night. The crowd danced, jumped and screamed the words to their song passionately. You, on the other hand, was probably the most tranquil person in the crowd. You didn’t really know much about the band, let alone their music. So when everyone was constantly pushing you because they were too lost in the moment, you eventually tried to get out of the crowd and sat on the bar instead. Natasha was also too lost in supporting her boyfriend, that she almost didn’t notice you leaving.
Through the vibration of the crowd and the music, you had to really lean in to get Natasha’s attention and to get her to hear you. “Nat! I’m gonna sit in the back and wait there. I’m a little thirsty.” She had a giant smile on her face due to the zest the band inflicted. “Okay!” She yelled back, then carried on with her foxy moves.
You struggled to walk through the crowd, trying to not step on anyone’s feet as you made your way to the barstool. What you didn’t notice was, Bucky’s disappointed on his face when he saw you walking out on him. He noticed that you weren’t exactly as thrilled as anyone else. Although, he noticed your stolen glances as you shied away from him when he stared back. He even tried to wink at you once but you immediately looked to the floor, hiding away your blush. He swore he saw the way your cheeks reddened. Not that he wasn’t used to getting that reaction anyway…
You exhaled a breath of relief as you finally broke out of the congested mass of people. You sat on the barstool as you ordered a glass of rum and you waited as the music still reverberated robustly in your ears. You sat there as you started looking through your Instagram. Nat’s icon was the first one to appear in the row and you clicked it to see what you were expecting. She recorded a video of the band, then zoomed in to Clint, as he was ardently drumming the beat.
She put on a heart eyes and fire emoji with the text; “that’s my man!”. The next one was her and you singing along to the second song they played that night. You were able to actually mouth the words after they played the last chorus and you were a quick learner, so you memorized the repeated words easily after the third time. You scrolled through your feed a few more minutes until your order finally arrived.
“Enjoy, miss.” The waiter winked at you. He was probably in his mid-20s, he had warm brown eyes and a sweet smile. His dark hair was slicked back as you stared a little longer than you should. He was obviously attractive, but, you didn’t say anything back to him. You just smiled back in a friendly manner and uttered silenced thanks.
After sitting by yourself for about a half and an hour, like all good things, the show must come to an end. Steve Rogers concluded the show with a final thank you and goodnight as the spotlight shut down, like the drapes closing over a theatrical show. The crowd clapped and some of them started leaving, while others immediately went to the bar to quench the thirst from screaming along to volatile rock music and jumping up and down, getting lost in the tune.
Natasha patted your back as she jumped on the empty chair next to you. Thank God, she was quick on her feet, otherwise, she wouldn’t have been able to get a seat. “Hey! God, I need a full shot of whiskey right now.”
“Yeah, go crazy.”
She scoffed. “Huh. As if that wasn’t crazy enough, back there.” She signalled the bartender to make an order. “So, what do you think? That was fun, right?” The cute bartender from earlier walked to her as he asked her what would she like to drink and she quickly replied.
“Yeah, they’re pretty good.”
“Pretty good? They’re damn talented. Especially the drummer back there. He totally killed it.”
“Yeah, okay, they are amazing. But you know their music isn’t my kind of music, so can’t say  I really enjoyed it that much.”
“Okay, but you must’ve at least enjoyed the view, right? Don’t think I didn’t catch you and bass boy making several eye contacts back there.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You took another sip of your glass to cover your embarrassment.
“Oh my God, you totally do! Look at you blushing!”
“I’m not!”
“Yes, you are! Admit it! You like Bucky, don’t you?” She playfully pushed you to tease you.
“Oh my God, shut up Nat! You’re causing a scene!” You tried to lower yourself, now that you’re able to speak in a normal volume.
“Nope, I won’t stop until you admit it. Don’t worry, y/n, Bucky’s always been a charmer, so I totally get your attraction.”
That caused a peculiar sickness in your chest. It’s not like you were falling in love with Bucky, no. You didn’t even know him enough to like him. He may be an eye-candy but if he’s really as “charming” as everyone is saying, then that means, he’s one of those dangerous fuckboys that you should avoid at all cost. Because that means, he’s probably only going to manipulate you into thinking that he really cares for you, when in reality, he only wanted to get in your pants. Nope, not gonna happen to you. You weren’t going to be a new notch in his belt.
“Well, then that means he is bad news and that gives me even more reason to feel anything but attraction toward him.”
“Oh, no, y/n, I don’t mean it like that. He’s really sweet, and he’s always been the most chill one in the group. Trust me, you’re gonna love him. Just, give him a chance first, alright? I’ve known him long enough to know that he’s into you.”
“Into me? Nat, he doesn’t even know my name.”
“He will.” She winked again, as she took a sip of her whiskey.
Not long after that, Clint appeared from behind, without Nat realizing. He surprised her by wrapping her waist from behind as he whispered into her ears; “how’s my best girl?” Nat was slightly stunned but as soon as she realized it was her boyfriend, her expression instantly turned into a joyful one. “Hi, baby!” They immediately smooched as she wrapped her arms around his neck while standing face to face now.
“Did you like the show?”
“I loved the show, you guys killed it as always. Oh, and by the way, this is y/n, my number one bestie and the best roommate anyone could ever ask for. Now you finally meet her in person!” Her excitement was genuine.
“Hi, y/n! Heard so many great things about you, but you probably can’t say the same, huh?”
“No, actually I can. Nat wouldn’t stop talking about you every night even when I’m blatantly ignoring her.” You joked.
“Well, is that right?” He looked at Nat to assess the truth on her face.
“Yep,” you carried on. “She would say you’re hot, funny and kind, and all these wonderful things. Including the ones that I’m not supposed to hear.”
They laughed. They kissed once more, as Clint stood next to her seat, ordering a drink for himself. Next to you, you could hear Nat saying, “oh, where are the boys? Are they not thirsty?”
“They’re just packing up, babe, they’re gonna join us in a few.”
“Good, ‘cause I think there’s someone y/n would like to meet.” She teasingly wiggled her eyebrows at you, as you sent her a murderous glare. Your lips silently mouthed, “what the fuck?” but Clint picked up her tone and he quickly got the message.
“Oooh, who is it? Is it Steve, Bucky, Sam? Just let me know which one you like and I’ll deliver them at your door tonight, y/n. They’re all single and ready to mingle anytime now.”
You laughed nervously. “No, no, no, no. Nat’s just saying shit.”
She turned her head to her boyfriend and shook it.  “No, I’m not. She and Bucky practically eye fucked on stage.”
You instantly slapped her arm, staring deadly into her eyes. “Ouch!” She put her hand on the spot that you struck, even though it wasn’t even that hard. Classic Nat. Dramatic as always.  “Nat, you can’t just–”
Before you even managed to finish your sentence, she darted her eyes to somewhere behind you as she pointed at whatever got her distracted. “Oh, here they are!” She smirked. She raised her eyebrows at you before she stood on her feet and hugged the anticipated men.
“Hey, guys! Killer show back there!” Nat started hugging Sam and he kissed her cheek, and then she moved onto Steve and the last one to join was Bucky. You muttered ‘shit’ to yourself as you pondered on how you should act. Should you act like nothing ever happened during the show between you two? Or were you going to address the elephant in the room, and just straight up flirt with him, now that he wasn’t being so closely watched anymore?
You didn’t know which would be the best option so you just took a big gulp and drank down the entire glass of Rum you had left. Maybe if you were less sober, you wouldn't excessively overthink. You weren’t even sure whether he was really staring at you or not. For all you knew, he could be staring at another beautiful girl in the crowd that was standing beside or behind you. And if you act impulsively now, this would be like that cheesy moment on Rom-Coms, where a girl waved back to the guy who she thought was waving at her but it turns out, he was actually waving at another girl who was coming from the same direction as her.
Nope, you weren’t going to be that girl.
So you just smiled and nodded along as Natasha introduced you to the rest of the boys. You didn’t want to be rude so you sat on your chair, facing them with an interested look, even though all you wanted to do was just shrink and leave this goddamn place.
“Hey guys, here’s my bomb-ass bestie slash roomie. Her name’s y/n! Isn’t she stunning?”
When Steve was about to offer his hand to you, Sam immediately inserted himself in front of you and Steve. “Well, hello, good-lookin’. Can I buy you a drink?” Sam, being the cool dude he was, he leaned back against the bar counter on his elbows as he shamelessly flirted with you.
“Nope, thank you. I just had one.”
“Oh, you look like you could use another one. Here, let me get that for you.” He cued the bartender to make an order and you instantly tried to stop him, telling him that it wasn't necessary, but it looks like the bartender was already taking his order for you.
And then, out of nowhere, Bucky suddenly stooped in like a hero. “Hey, Sam, why don’t you back off? This one’s mine, alright?” That elicited a questioning look out of you. “Mine?” He didn’t even know you.
“Oh wait, so this is the one you told us about in the dressing room?” What the hell? You thought. They were talking about you as if you weren’t there at all.
“Yep, so why don’t you fuck off and get out of here before I get myself drunk enough to shit on your bed?” His tone was menacing but you could tell that this was a normal, daily conversation between the two.
“Jeez, alright. I’mma leave. You don’t need to wave your dick all over my face.” Before Sam moved to another spot, he patted you on the back and said, “good luck.”
What? What the hell was that for? The bartender came in with your order and served another glass of Rum right in front of you.
“You don’t need to drink that if you don’t want to.” He carefully spoke to you, as if he was trying to not scare you away.
“No, I think I need to. Tonight’s been a pretty crazy night.” You took a sip, the cold drink felt nice on your tongue.
He chuckled. “Yeah, tell me about it.”
“Oh, how crazy can it be for you? Isn’t this like, what you do, every night?”
“Yeah, but, you never really get used to it, you know? Sometimes you just wanna sit in the bar and have a nice talk with a pretty gal and hide in the booth or something.”
That… Warmed up your heart. Damn, if this is his way of flirting, it was truly working. You could see now why everyone was calling him ‘a charmer.’ He really had a way with words. And stares. His baby blues really know how to captivate you and froze you on spot.
“I’m Bucky, by the way.” He offered his hand to shake yours.
“I’m y/n.” You shook it with a smile.
“Did you like the show?” He asked.
“Gotta be honest with you, buddy, your music isn’t exactly my kind of music. But you guys were awesome.”
He paused for a moment as if he was contemplating what he was going to say next. “Think I got a little distracted up there.”
“Oh yeah? Why is that?”
“Cause there was this pretty lady in a red dress that I couldn’t take my eyes off of.” His gaze even grew more intense now. He was looking at you like you were the only thing in the room. Then his eyes darted to your lips, as he licked his. And before you knew it, he started inching his face closer to yours as he held his gaze on your plump, painted lips, while you could feel his breath more and more as the seconds went by.
And then… His lips were on yours. It’s like the clock just stopped ticking and every noise faded into the background and you were the only two people in the room. His lips felt soft against yours, and the way he licked your bottom lip made your head spin. You ajarred your mouth to let his tongue enter as it got tangled with yours.
You were aware that Nat, Clint and Steve who were having a conversation are now watching you like hawks, but you couldn’t care less. Not when Bucky’s hands grabbed your face, so he could have more control over your mouth. You were practically out of breath by the time he looked into your eyes, that are now slightly darker than a few seconds ago. He loved the sight of you, with your lips slightly swollen.
“Let’s go somewhere more secluded.” You could only nod and then took his hand after he offered you his as you got off the stool. He led the way and you couldn’t help but notice the glances that were thrown by several women along the way. They were staring at him with incontrovertible full of hunger eyes, one even shamelessly put her hand on his shoulder, as she coquettishly smiled at him. Bucky only smiled back and nodded at her but he kept walking with you in his hand.
Even if you were practically a pair, you felt invisible. Everyone’s eyes were on you, but not precisely on you. This must’ve been something normal to him, you thought. You weren’t used to big crowds and inundated with attention, and you weren’t used with unquestionably holding a stranger’s hand and letting him take you wherever he had in mind. But you did anyway, and you weren’t having second thoughts.
Bucky led you to the cramped lavatory and locked the door. The lack of space made it even harder for you to breathe when Bucky was this close to you. He pressed his body to yours, as he kissed you once more. Slowly, but you felt the spell in your bones. “All I could think about on stage was tasting those luscious lips.”
You were spellbound by his magic. You could barely speak another word when his baby blue eyes were looking at you so intensely like that. But you gathered every cell in your body to utter the words anyway, “do it again, then.” You boldly challenged him.
He grinned a Cheshire cat smile. He grabbed your face again and eagerly consume you with his mouth. He then moved his hands to the back of your thighs to elevate you onto the sink. He put his hand on your thigh and the other hand went to the back of your head as he grabbed a fistful of your hair, while still kissing you even deeper.
He pulled away to stare at your distraught state and asked the question, “can I touch you?”
You licked your lips, as you nodded. “Please.” His mouth was on yours again, as the hand that was on your thigh moved to the bottom your dress, delicately inserted his fingers to feel you against your red lace panties. You could feel yourself growing wetter and wetter as he motions his fingers in circle harder.
Your breath quickened. Your mind was getting hazy as the second passes by. The right strep of your dress had fallen off of your shoulder, and Bucky utilized that opportunity to pull down the other strap and he began groping your breast, tenderly pinching your nipple. That elicited a petite yelp out of you. He groped your breast once more as he was still toying with your nipple.
He began kissing your neck, shortly finding your sensitive spot as you threw your head back. You shuddered. Your hands grabbed his hair, wanting to feel him closer. “Bu- Bucky… Please. I need to feel you.”
You didn’t wait for his response and immediately lifted up his shirt. You were stunned by the sight under the dimmed light of the bathroom. Clothes really didn’t do this man any justice. He should never be allowed to wear any coverups, ever again now that you had seen him. He was sculpted by the Gods themselves. His biceps felt robust in your dainty hands and the V-shaped line on his hips led to somewhere you really wanted to wrap your lips around.
Your hands quickly zipped down his jeans and his boxer along with it, and you didn’t hesitate in feeling his throbbing member right there, right then. It felt tremendous in your trembling hands, and you felt it getting harder with every stoke of your palm.
“Oh, fuck, doll, don’t stop.” His voice was raspy in your ears. It was the sexiest goddamn sound you had ever heard.
“Yeah, just like that. Go faster, doll.” He sucked your earlobe and his hand fisted your hair, making a mess out of it. You didn’t mind one bit. You wanted to be a mess for him and only for him. You somehow still managed to pamper him with all the senses you had left, even if your mind was clouded with every part of him.
“Bucky, put it in me. Please.” You begged with a quavering voice.
“Your wish is my command, doll.” In a second, he pushed into you and it sent an electrifying jolt all over your nerves. You threw your head back in mingled pain and pleasure. He felt even more full now that he was fully seated inside you. He lifted you from the sink and pushed you to the wall on the opposite.
You circled your arms around his neck as your back was slammed against the concrete. Then Bucky began thrusting vigorously. You shut your eyes and moaned his name. Bucky, on the other hand, didn’t. He kept his eyes wide open to watch you with full attention. He loved seeing the way you were drunk in him. The way you forgot your name more and more every time he slammed back into you.
He loved the squelching noises ringing in his ears, better than the melody he was used to creating in the studio. The sound of your heartbeat was far more gratifying than the way Clint played his drum. Oh, how he could write an entire album solely about you in this state alone.
“You feel so good around me, doll. So. Fucking. Tight.” Your moans became louder with his filthy words in your ears.
“I’m gonna make you mine.” This time, his voice was sultry. It was rather beguiling than mortifying.
His hips kept moving and out of you with a vehement tempo, and then just like that, you crumbled. You screamed your pleasure, not caring if anyone could hear you. Bucky was still moving, trying to reach his own climax. Shortly, he was with you. He unleashed his cum deep inside you, adding the mess that was dripping all over your thighs.
You were a beautiful mess. And Bucky loved it.
After a few minutes, coming down from your high, you breathed into Bucky’s neck, not wanting for it to be over yet. You were a little scared that Bucky was going to walk out and pretend nothing ever happened between you. You didn’t know how many bathroom stalls Bucky had brought different women to and fucked them silly right there. You had a lot do unravel about him, yet, you weren’t certain whether he wanted to let you in or not.
“You okay?” Bucky whispered into your ear. You only nodded, still a little hazy from ecstasy.
“I’m gonna put you down now, yeah?”
“Okay.” He slowly set you on your feet, as he was still staring at your face. You leaned against the wall, trying not to collapse. Bucky picked up his shirt and put it back on along with his jeans and boxer.
“Let’s get out of here.” Bucky offered you his hand, like the gentleman that he was as if he hadn't just fucked you into oblivion in a public restroom.
You took his hand with a smile. You didn’t know what was going to happen after you walk out of the door, but you were going to savour every second of being in his arm if this was going to be last time you’ll ever see him.
You went home with a contented smile on your face. You were like a teenage girl who had just been asked to prom by her crush. How could you not, when Bucky offered to walk you home and left a kiss on your cheek before he called it a night?
Natasha was going to stay at Clint’s hotel, so you were supposed to walk home alone. You knew eventually this was going to happen but Natasha and Clint used it as a reason so Bucky and you would spend the night together too. You didn’t mind one bit, though. You wanted to elongate your time with Bucky and your wish was granted.
You offered him to come inside and stay for a little while, you were secretly hoping that you could go for the second round, but Bucky only chuckled and shook his head.
“Not tonight, doll. I ain’t that kinda man. And you need rest. But I’ll call you tomorrow, yeah?” Then you and Bucky exchanged your numbers and he waited until you were really gone from his sight.
You walked up to your dorm with butterflies in your stomach and sparks fly all trailing over your footsteps. Thank God, Natasha wasn’t here. If she were, she would’ve relentlessly teased you all night and made you admit that she was right to coerce you to come.
And you would’ve had to admit that she was right. And you didn’t like admitting that you were wrong.
But tonight, you were going to admit it to yourself though. Sometimes, doing something that frightens you the most would endue you in ways you couldn’t possibly imagine.
And you were going to thank your lucky stars tonight for embedding Natasha Romanoff in your life because, without her, you would’ve stayed in your shell and Bucky could’ve fucked someone else in that restroom instead of you.
That might’ve happened in another universe, but not tonight. Tonight it was you and you were really hoping that you were going to see him again in your dreams tonight. You had one taste of him and it wasn’t enough.
Bucky texted you not long after you took a shower.
“Dreaming of me, yet?” Wink emoji.
“Well, if I were, I wouldn’t be texting you right now, would I?”
“That’s true, but at least you’d be drenching your sheets because of me and I don’t think I have a problem with that.”
“I don’t need you to do that, maybe I can use some toys in my drawers tonight. They seem pretty bored.” Thinking emoji.
“Oh, doll, you are killing me here…” Drool emoji.
“You like it.”
“I do.”
“Goodnight, Bucky.”
“Goodnight, doll. Thinking of you here.”
You turned off your phone and the screen went black. You changed into your pyjamas and washed off the remnants of your makeup and let the slumber take over you.
Bucky’s face loomed over you, somewhere in a fancy balcony, the view of the city stretching over, added to the beauty of the scenery. He was wearing a navy blue suit with a white dress shirt and no tie. The first couple of buttons were unbuttoned, giving you a majestic picture that he was. His hands that were in his pockets, took yours as you exerted yours to him.
He leaned in with a bright smile under his stubbly face, his blue eyes sparkled like Sirius star.
“Fly with me, doll.”
“What if I fall?”
“Then I’ll catch you.”
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Forever & Always: Stage 1 - Denial | Pt.1 » Bucky Barnes x Witch!Reader & Platonic Avengers x Reader — Y/N “Birdy” (nicknamed by her family), comes from a long line of witches and warlocks, living her days at the New Avengers Compound, alongside her friends. The Avengers are part of her family and her family is always welcome to the compound. Things for once seemed to be going well now that all was right from the attack on Thanos, everyone was alive, all was forgiven, friendships were thriving, that all ended when Birdy’s brother came calling with sad news, their mother had suddenly passed. These are the stages of grief Birdy faces, through the loss of her best friend, her protector, her mother.
His Favorite Day » Chris Evans x Reader — Chris’s favorite day of the year is your birthday.
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes
*No Hidden Messages by @jobean12-blog » TFATWS!Bucky Barnes x Reader — Sam sends you a picture of Bucky and the endgame is priceless. | Honestly I love me some dominant Bucky, and if Sam had sent me that picture I would have dropped my phone and been like yep that my babe. I was thinking something more dirty but I’ll keep that thought to myself. 😉
Sucker Punch by @buckyblues » Boxer!Bucky Barnes x Female!Reader — Bucky thought he knew what was his, until he accidentally let it roam free. | Someone come dump a cold bucket of water on me please?
Someone Like You by @startrekkingaroundasgard » Bucky Barnes x Hydra Agent!Reader — Taken from their SHIELD prison cell, the reader finds themself alone with The Winter Soldier negotiating for their life. | I really enjoyed reading this, the sass of the reader and how Bucky handles them. It’s just so perfect. Nicola says there is more to come for this pair and I’m so very much looking forward to it.
(Mini) Series:
Happy & So Happy by @mrwinterr » Rockstar!Bucky Barnes AU x Female Reader — You meet your favorite artist and get more than what you bargained for. | The smut in this is hot and by the end you are hoping the reader gets a happy ending not a tragic one.
*A Tender Heart 💜 Pt. 3 by @river-soul » Alpha!Bucky Barnes x Omega!Reader — You’ve been sweet on Bucky since you started working at the compound six months ago. Normally quiet and mild mannered, an unexpected fight with a coworker brings Bucky into your orbit. [A/B/O dynamics and explicit sexual content, 18+] | I feel the love that is radiating from this story and I really love it and the little bit of smut we get in chapter 3 is perfect!
the (after) party by @buckycuddlebuddy sequel loft music » fuckboy!bucky barnes x reader — “why don’t we have this thing they call goodbye sex? one last time.” he leaned forward, his lips brushing your ear. “i’ll make it good for you.” | In some strange way it was therapeutic to read this but at the same time I felt bad for the reader in the first part. Second part you are rooting for her but still feeling bad. I will say the smut in this is perfect.
Just Like Dad Pt. 3 🦾 Pt. 1 🦾 Pt. 2 by @ladyfallonavenger » Bucky Barnes x Reader — Bucky finally confronts Steve and moves forward with his life. | Very sweet ending and I loved it.
Sweet Dreams 🥞 Pt. 4 🥞 Pt. 5 🥞 Pt. 6 🥞 Pt. 7 by @jedimastermelkor » Bucky Barnes x Reader & ? x Avenger — Your daily routine involves waking up in the morning, going to work and sulking at night. But then you meet the man you’ve fantasized about for your entire life, Bucky Barnes. At the same time, you’ve caught someone else’s eye and his first step in winning you over is to cook you breakfast. But will you be welcoming of that person’s affections? | I like how she named the puppy Pancake and the first thing the mysterious avenger gave her was pancakes. I don’t want to give too much away but things are getting really good and you find out who the mysterious avenger is in chapter 6!
Tumblr media
Steve Rogers
*Caught by @giorno-plays-piano » Bluebeard!Steve Rogers x Reader — If he kept you warm, saying words of love to you every day while he looked you in the face, you’d marry him even if in a year he hanged you just like all his wives in the dungeon of his castle. | It’s dark but in a soft way and it’s so good. I highly recommend you go and read it.
Drabble Request by @angrythingstarlight » Mafia!Steve Rogers x Reader — We find out how Steve and Reader met before they ever got in a relationship. Takes place before Tell Me What You Want. | I loved this so much, I was laughing and pictured this whole piece so vividly in my brain. Also I just want a part where Bucky teases Steve about that night in front of reader making her giggle, maybe at the wedding?
(Mini) Series:
*Yuánfèn 📖 Pt. 4 by @writerwrites » Steve Rogers x Reader — When you’ve lost everything and try to run away from your problems, you keep finding a way back to the one person who completely understands. Can you make another person happy with a broken heart? | I always look forward to the updates on this story. It brings me so much comfort and the relationship that is blossoming between the reader and Steve is beautiful and organic. I highly recommend this.
Tumblr media
*Just Like Her Old Man by @rebelwrites » Chibs Telford x Reader — I asked for: Parents get called into school for a meeting due to their daughter fighting, and trying not to be proud. Taking them out for a treat after the meeting. | It turned out so great. If you knew me at my Sons Anarchy Days, you know I loved Chibs the most. This feed my love for him even more. Thank you Heather!!
*A Simple Solution by @sweetlyscared » Andy Barber x Fem!Reader, Ari Levinson x Fem!Reader, Andy Barber x Fem!Reader x Ari Levinson — You and Andy had a purely sexual relationship for several months, and you’d started to grow attached to him. Unfortunately, life has a way of complicating things, and a chance encounter at a bookstore had you stuck between a rock and a hard place. | We all owe a huge thank you to Sweet Lee, for writing and posting this. She wrote our dreams out so perfectly, and if you haven’t thought of this now you can. It’s just so hot and good, I for one am very thankful.
(Mini) Series:
*Give In 🐈‍⬛ Pt. 23 🐈‍⬛ Pt. 24 🐈‍⬛ Pt. 25 by @overr-written » soft!dark!Lee Bodecker x Reader — She didn’t think she was anything special. So when the intimidating Sheriff takes an interest in her, she can’t help but feel a little unsettled. Her boring life is about to get a little interesting. | I love this series so much and the lengths that the chapters are. I really am going to be sad when this is over. I don’t ever want it to end. 😭
Tumblr media
Seal Team
Imma Take Care Of Your Body by @rebelwrites » Clay Spenser x Reader — Reader is the only female member on Bravo who also has a no strings attached relationship with Rebel. | Let me just say this is hot, like really hot. Give me a glass of water and let me cool down. Thank you Heather for blessing us with this.
Tier One Babysitters by @bravo-four-seal-team » Seal Team; Ray Perry x Naima Perry — Ray and Naima ask the team to watch 6 month old Jameelah. | I promise you will be laughing.
You Are Perfect by @rebelwrites » Clay Spenser x Reader — Clay tells you everything he loves about you. | As a big boned girl this meant a lot and has me wishing for a Clay Spenser to call my own.
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luxeavenger · 10 days ago
I Carry Band-Aids On Me Now
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Steve Rogers x female!reader
Words: 3590
Summary: It's time for Bucky to clean his knife collection. Warnings: Knife play, knife kink, blood play, blood kink, spitting, spit kink, praise kink, choking, breathplay, drug use (cocaine), object insertion, vaginal fingering, piv sex, smut, fluff, pet names (kitten, doll, dollface, princess)
18+ ONLY PLEASE! MINORS DNI. If you hit Keep Reading you agree that you're 18 or older. I do not consent to any part of this work being read by anyone under 18 years of age.
I do not consent to having my work copied, translated, or posted on any other site. The ONLY places my work should appear are @luxeavenger on Tumblr and Ao3
Series Masterlist | Main Masterlist Please reblog if you enjoy!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It’s the colorful part of sunset when Bucky brings some of his knife collection out for cleaning. Steve is planted on the floor, wearing nothing but a pair of basketball shorts and his spectacular array of tattoos, propped up against the kitchen cabinets playing some retro game with lots of beeps and boops on his phone, and snorting lines of blow off the tray next to him.
“Watch your feet, kitten.” Bucky nudges your legs aside from where they’re resting on the scuffed coffee table. His arms are full of knives in leather and nylon sheaths. You move your feet and he dumps the whole lot onto the table.
You look over them with interest. You reach out to pick one up.
“Careful. He gets cranky when people mess with his babies. I would know. He bit me once for touching one,” Steve snickers. You hesitate and look at Bucky.
Ignoring Steve, Bucky says sweetly, “It’s okay, kitten. Go ahead. Here,” he picks one up and hands it over, “you’ll like this one.”
The handle is made up of sparkling layers upon layers of colors; a type of shell called abalone, Bucky tells you. You unsnap the sheath and slide the blade out. An awed gasp escapes as you see the emerging blade is a striking oil-slick of colors.
“Bucky! It’s so pretty!”
“Of course it is, doll. You should know by now, our boy likes pretty things,” Steve interjects with a smirk.
“I’m liking one particular pretty thing less and less by the second,” he scowls at Steve, and Steve crinkles his nose and sticks his tongue out.
You set it aside, and pick up the largest of the group. It’s huge, running the length of your forearm from elbow to fingertips, and heavy in your hands. It’s obviously old, well-used and well-loved. The leather sheath is soft with age, stained with the oil from a million fingerprints, and covered in scuffs and scratches. The wear on the blade’s finger grooves show the signs of years of familiarity with Bucky’s skilled hands.
He gently takes it from you and removes the sheath, revealing an intricate and beautiful damascus pattern.
“Wow. I mean… wow,” you stammer.
“You like this one?” Bucky grins. You nod, and he tosses the knife in the air, flipping it end to end, easily catching it each time. He juggles it from one hand to the other, making the motions look effortless, when you’d no doubt cut off your fingers if you attempted something similar.
With a move quicker than you’re even able to track, he has the point of the knife dimpling the skin under your jaw. He’s leaning into you, licking his lips, and lets out a dark chuckle when you shift and rub your thighs together.
“No no. C’mon,” he purrs, nudging your bare legs apart with his other hand, the chilly metal one. “Don’t think I can’t smell that. You’re wet as fuck right now, and we both fucking know it.”
He drags the knife point down the column of your throat, and his hand up your thigh. Your legs spread to allow him egress. You whimper when his fingers press against your damp panties. He shifts to kneel between your thighs.
He adjusts his grip on the knife and it’s no longer the point dragging over your skin, but the blade’s edge. It’s featherlight, not enough to cut you, until you swallow. You feel the pinprick of your skin breaking, and the runnel of blood that seeps hot down your throat.
Bucky tsks, “Oh, look what you made me do, kitten.” The blade’s edge is gone, and Bucky’s hot tongue is dragging up your throat, chasing the errant stream of escaped hemoglobin. He sucks at the cut, making you keen and grind your pussy against his hand. Bucky’s tongue tastes like nickels when he pushes it into your mouth, and his lips are stained claret when he grins at you with your blood outlining the seams between his teeth.
Then the pressure on your mound disappears, and he huffs a laugh against your neck when you make an annoyed noise. A whisper of fabric parting is all the warning you get before Bucky’s slicing up the front of the oversized t-shirt that you wear. He takes his time—it’s almost sensual—the spine of the knife running slowly up your front from groin to gullet. He pushes aside the ruined shirt so he can get his mouth on a nipple.
You wrap your legs around his waist and pull him in so you can rub your cunt against the hard line of his cock through his sweatpants. You look over Bucky’s head to the kitchen to see Steve has finally abandoned his phone in favor of pulling his basketball shorts down enough to get his dick in his hand, and he’s jacking it slowly while he watches the two of you.
Bucky presses the knifepoint into the hollow at the base of your throat, and drags it down your sternum, leaving a little trail of heat behind it. He shifts the angle of the blade, opening up a small cut over the thin skin of your sternum, a pearl of crimson blooms from inside the furrow, and Bucky’s tongue drags roughly over it, sucking at it until you moan. He pulls the spine of the blade under each of your tits, dragging the knifepoint close behind. The profound difference between the smooth satin of the spine, followed by the sweet stinging graze of the tip leaves you breathless.
“You like that, don’t’cha, kitten?” he whispers against your lips. You nod, and he catches your bottom lip between his teeth, tugging and sucking at it, rolling it between his teeth.
He works a nipple into a hard peak with his chilly metal fingers, goosebumps tightening your skin all the way up to your scalp. Then he slaps the flat of the blade down onto the pebbled bud. You push your chest into his hands and mewl.
“Yeah. I think you like that a lot,” his voice is low and rough. He slaps the blade against your nipple again and you make a strangled pleading noise. He growls deep in his chest, and works on firming up the other nipple so he can repeat the process there.
Your cunt is throbbing. He shifted his hips away, so you can’t grind against him anymore, and with him between your legs rubbing your thighs together isn’t an option. You drop a hand to your panties, intending to relieve some of the tension in your core yourself.
Bucky snatches and tosses the offending hand away with a rumble. His vibranium hand is around your throat before you can even blink, or utter a squawk of protest.
He bares his teeth in your face, “This pussy is mine. You don’t touch her unless I say you can touch her.” Steve groans in the background, but you don’t hear it over the pulse of blood rushing in your ears, Bucky fills your entire world right now. “If I want you to touch this cunt—my cunt—then I will fucking tell you to touch it. Got it?”
“Y-y-yes, Bucky.” If you thought your pussy was throbbing before, it was nothing compared to now. You’re clenching around utter emptiness, and slick dribbles out of you with every muscle contraction, soaking through your panties and making a wet spot on the couch cushion.
“Fuckin’ tryin’ to touch yourself. Must be out of your goddamned mind,” he mumbles to himself. He pinches the crotch of your panties away from your body, muttering about how wet they are, he pokes the knifepoint through the backside of the crotch, angling the point toward the ceiling. When he lets the fabric go he pushes the spine of the blade into your gash. Nestled between ass cheeks and pussy lips, the dull steel glides through your slick. After the crotch is cut through, he slices up the front, then through the legs, so he can easily yank the scrap of fabric from underneath you.
“Since you’re in such a hurry to touch yourself, kitten, why don’t you spread that cunt open for me. Yeah, use your hands. Let me get a good look at my pretty little pussy. Fuck, she’s wet. Look at that.” He swipes two fingers through your slit and they come away dripping. He pops them into his mouth and sucks them clean.
You’re exposed as you could possibly be for him, hands splayed over your lips, spreading yourself wide open, you’re on full display. Steve has crawled over from the kitchen bringing his tray of coke with him, generously giving both you and Bucky a bump off his thumb, sharing like the goddamn gentleman his momma taught him to be. Then he leans heavily on the coffee table wearing a slack-jawed look of arousal on his face.
Bucky slides his thumb over your clit until your eyes fall shut. He hawks a wad of spit onto your clit, making the slip-slide of his thumb even silkier. The next thing you know there’s a wet splat as he smacks your clit hard with the flat of the blade. Your eyes snap open with a curse. He does it again and you groan.
“Fuck, Bucky. Do it harder. Feels so good.”
“I will, kitten. Gotta keep that little pussy purring, don’t I? Hold on tight, and be still.”
He smacks your clit with the blade several more times, then presses it against the sensitive little bud and grinds it against you until you cry out. You’re a dripping mess and Bucky bends to slurp away at your pussy until you’re whining for more.
He rises up to kiss you deeply, and pulls away just enough that his lips graze yours when he murmurs, “Do you trust me?”
“Of course.”
“Okay. Get your hands on your knees, and pull your legs back. Spread ‘em for me. Yeah. That’s perfect, princess,” his voice is low and whiskey rough when he praises you. Princess, it makes your heart stutter with pride.
He kisses you again. “Can you be a good girl for me?” You nod.
He sinks back down between your legs and twirls the knife over his fingers in a complicated way that ends with the blade pinched perfectly between his index finger and thumb. Then he pushes the handle of the knife into your pussy.
Steve curses like someone punched the word out of him. His shorts are still pulled down low on his hips, and he gets his hand on his cock again, stripping it hard and fast while he eyes the knife handle pumping in and out of your cunt. His whole body tingles with a rush of endorphins, and he swears an oath under his breath.
Bucky’s tongue pokes out between his lips like he meant to wet them, but then forgot about them entirely. His human arm works the knife handle inside of you, while his metal thumb flicks your clit, he leans forward and drops a string of spit over the hard little nub. He’s looking at you like he’s starving to death and you’re the last scrap of food on the planet.
Your head starts buzzing white static as soon as he presses the handle of his knife against your most sensitive part. Your pussy is clenching and grabbing it, gushing each time he pulls back. The finger grooves in the handle are constantly rubbing over your g-spot, and the first time you come it catches you completely by surprise. One second it feels good, the next second it feels fucking amazing, and stars explode across your vision.
You come down from that high with Bucky rubbing one of your thighs, and Steve rubbing the other. Bucky grins at you. “Kitten, you soaked me.”
Steve snorts a laugh, “You squirted so hard we thought Buck might have broken you.”
The knife handle is still inside of you, but he isn’t moving it anymore. “Do you wanna keep going?” Bucky inquires.
“God, yes,” you croak.
Both men chuckle, and Bucky starts working you over with the handle again. He pulls two more messy orgasms out of you before he finally pulls the knife handle out of your cunt.
“Fuck kitten, you’re so fucking sexy.” Bucky groans, as he strips out of his soggy t-shirt and sweatpants. They weren’t exaggerating when they said you’d made a mess. Steve’s shorts had disappeared while you were preoccupied with falling apart.
Bucky yanks you forward so your ass is at the edge of the couch, and pushes his cock into you with one smooth thrust. He ruts into you and the RV sings with the slap of skin on skin, and the sloppy sounds he pushes out of your cunt.
“Damnit,” he grunts, “Stevie, it fucking feels like she’s sucking me in when I try to pull out.”
Steve elbows him out of the way with an excited, “Lemme see,” before he pushes his dick into you. It tears a ragged groan out of him that makes your cunt throb around his length.
Bucky snorts a few lines off Steve’s tray before tossing out a smug, “Told ya.”
Steve curls around you and guides your legs to circle his waist, his abs contracting with every thrust of his hips. He rests his forehead on yours, “You’re so fuckin’ amazing. I just… fuck... so much… oh, fuck,” he stammers, his voice is steeped in awe, and raw need.
He’s fucking into you hard, and your body bounces when his hips slap against your ass. You drag your nails up his back, leaving fiery red trails over the tattoos on his back. Your thighs start to tremble, and Steve purrs, “Gonna come for me? Feel ya tryin’ to milk my cock. God I love the way your cunt feels. ‘S so fucking good. God it feels good,” he groans. His hand slides between your bodies so he can rub your clit with his thumb. “Need you to come for me, ‘cause I’m fucking dyin’ to fill you up doll.”
You were already close before his thumb got in on the action, but once it does you spiral out of control and come whining Steve’s name. He follows you over the edge, grinding against you with his cock buried deep inside of you, he fills you up just like he promised.
Steve shoulders the coffee table out of the way so he can scoot back, and Bucky wastes no time crowding into your space. He tips your face up to his and squeezes your jaw until it forces your mouth open. He spits in your mouth and chases it with his tongue.
“Do you need to stop, sweet girl?” he rumbles.
“No, Buck. Wanna ride your cock, please.”
“Well c’mere.” He rolls onto the couch beside you and pats his lap, then gets a hand around his cock, waiting for you to throw your leg over his lap. He rubs the head of his dick over your clit, his piercing adding extra stimulation until you’re whinging for him to stuff you full. Which he very obligingly does, lining up and getting a hand around your neck to push you down onto his length.
“Fuck, you feel so good,” he grunts, “Stevie really did fill you up, didn’t he? Think I can fuck all his come outta you and stuff you fulla mine instead?” He slips a finger around your opening and brings it to his mouth. “Yeah, fuck. That’s Stevie alright. “M gonna fill you so full you’ll still be dripping me in the morning.”
He’s bouncing his hips, fucking up into you, when his metal hand pinches your chin. “Open,” he orders, leaning forward to spit in your mouth again.
“Swallow it,” he growls. With a moan you obey. “Jesus fuck, you’re such a good girl, princess. So fucking perfect for us.”
Both of his hands go to your neck, criss-crossing his thumbs over the base of your throat, slowly applying pressure to your windpipe until your breaths hitch to a stop. Your mouth curls around a curse word no one can hear. Bucky holds your body over him so he can drill into you hard and fast. His cock pounds against your cervix, your bodies slapping together loudly, tits and ass bouncing, and if you could speak right now you’d be begging him to go even harder.
Your hands go to his wrists, expecting that he’ll let go of your neck, but he doesn’t. The room is starting to go grey around the edges, and you tug on his arms, but it’s like trying to move a boulder.
“No, kitten,” he grunts, “you have to come for me. Then I’ll let you go.” Your cunt squeezes him. “See… I know you’re close. Eyes on me. That’s it, you can do it.” Sweat oozes from your pores as the greyness begins to darken and coalesce to black out your vision.
A tingle spills over your scalp and cascades down your body, pebbling your skin with goosebumps, hardening your nipples, when the tingles trickle down to your pussy your nerves light up and burn you from the inside as your orgasm overtakes you. Your back bows, your mouth opens in a silent scream, your cunt gushes warm and wet over Bucky’s lap.
Then Bucky lets go of your neck, and the rush of oxygen seizes the last few faint flutters of your cunt, and kicks them into high gear, making you come again, right on the heels of the previous orgasm. This time a moan rips it’s way out of your chest, that Steve will later swear could be heard from outer space.
You collapse against Bucky’s chest, filling your lungs with precious air bearing the scent of his sweat and cologne. A growl is rumbling against the ear you have pressed to his tattooed chest, and it slips from between his clenched teeth when he holds your hips tight against his and comes with a grunt.
He praises you breathlessly, “My good girl. So good. Did so fucking good for me, princess. Fuck.”
Steve presses kisses to your hips and thigh from the floor beside you. “Doll, we’re so proud of you. You did so well for us. You’re so gorgeous. So fucking sexy. You’re absolutely perfect.”
Steve lifts you gently off Bucky’s lap, you both curse when his cock slips out of you. Steve carries you gently to your bunk, while Bucky cleans himself up with the shredded remains of his t-shirt. Steve pushes you onto the mattress and scoots in beside you. Bucky drags himself in after Steve, and brackets you on the other side.
“Bucky?” you ask sleepily.
“Yeah, sweet girl?”
“Did you really bite Stevie for touching your knives?” He doesn’t get a chance to answer though, because as soon as the question is out you’re fast asleep.
Bucky closes the folding curtain that serves as the door to the bunk with his foot.
“Buck?” Steve breathes.
“Yeah, babe?” Bucky replies, so quiet that Steve’s the only one who could possibly hear him, and it’s only because of his super soldier hearing.
“Spit it out, man.”
“I don’t know if you noticed, but you called her princess.”
“I know what I said.”
“It’s just… you haven’t called anyone that since-”
“Don’t you fuckin’ say her name,” Bucky growls.
“Okay. I won’t. But,” he clears his throat, “does that mean…?”
“Yeah, babe. I think it does.”
“You love her?”
“I’m pretty sure. Yeah. You?”
“So fuckin’ much it hurts, Buck. Keepin’ it to m’self is killing me.”
“I know. What do we do? Should we tell her?” Bucky’s brow creases as he smooths your hair back from your forehead.
“What if she doesn’t-”
“Do you honestly think she doesn’t? She’s been with us for over half a year now. She hasn’t once made a move to leave us. She hasn’t so much as glanced at anyone else since the first time she climbed into our bed. She even helps Scott schlep equipment back and forth. And it’s not like we’re rollin’ in dough, or anything, Stevie. Living in this RV is not exactly luxurious. We don’t have anything to offer her but ourselves. And, well, that seems to be all she wants.”
You shift in your sleep, rolling into Bucky’s chest, he puts his arm around you, and they sit quietly for a moment to be sure you’re still asleep.
“Yeah Buck?
“Love looks awful good on you.”
“You too, man. You too.” Steve watches you sleep for a bit. “I think we should tell her soon. It gets harder and harder to keep it in.” Bucky nods in agreement.
The door to the RV bangs open, Clint, Nat, and Scott stagger through the door, tripping over each other’s feet, and talking way too loud. Clearly drunk off their asses.
"No no. Gimmie those," Scott scolds.
The door to the bunk slides open a few inches, and Scott’s hands toss Bucky’s knives into the bunk to spare them from Clint and Nat’s attention.
“I WANT TACOS,” Nat’s garbled request makes Clint hum in agreement.
“Fucking hell, guys,” Scott gripes, “you don’t have to yell. We aren’t at the bar anymore.” Nat loudy shushes Scott.
Clint flops down on the couch “GODDAMN IT,” he complains, “DO I WANNA KNOW WHAT I’M SITTING IN?”
Tumblr media
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fuckandfluff · 26 days ago
Sympathy for the Bombshell
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Rockstar!Bucky x f!reader
Warnings: 18+, no minors thanks! Smut, exhibitionism, female masturbation, swearing, edging, cumming, public sex acts, orgasm denial AND forced orgasm.. if I missed anything please let me know
Summary: Rockstar!Bucky tries to fix your slutty attitude with an usual punishment (male POV)
Word Count: 900
A/N: I’m a whore for Seb on the set of Pam and Tommy, that’s all 💖
All other Rockstar!Bucky can be found here 👿🪦
It‘s a scorcher of an afternoon in Southern California, easily over 100 degrees with no breeze to provide even a moment of respite. The smudged black kohl lining your cerulean eyes is unforgiving and beads of sweat slice down your face as you thumb away the salty droplets. You and Y/N are backstage, in the thick of one of your classic pre-show spats. Christ, if she didn’t have a pornstar body, would she even be worth the headache?
“It’s embarrassing Bucky, please, please don’t make me wear it!” she whined, tugging at your ink-adorned forearm in a futile attempt to doe-eye her way out of her punishment.
She had sealed her own fate the night prior when she drunkenly paraded around with Steve, trying to get a rise out of you. And her little stunt had worked because you were pissed. Her punishment? A remote controlled vibrator was nestled inside her and you would be sure to let her know who was in charge during this matinee perfomance.
“Sorry, doll..” you rasp, taking a final drag of the menthol Marlboro, “act like a slut, get treated like one.” A smirk gliding across your face as you ash the cigarette under the sole of your ratty black converse. Showtime.
One ring-adorned hand twirling an oak drumstick, the other adjusting the painted-on leather shorts hugging your lithe thighs, you were just psyched to be playing on Sunset for the first time. Being a master of multitasking, this wouldn’t be a problem at all. The tiny black remote rested on your lap, eager to be put to use.
She’s exactly where she promised she would be, propped up against the perimeter railing, her manicured hand wrapped around a bottle of Smirnoff Ice. A curve-hugging red latex dress just barely covered her bruised up, rounded ass and the column of her delicate throat is marked up with some of your finest work. The pretty pink silicone is snuggly situated inside of her, anticipation washed across her face as she waits for the inevitable initial jolt.
Crimson spotlights sweep across the stage, the low hum of the guitar and steady growl of the lead singer echoing out into the audience. A steady chant from the crowd makes your blood pump, you never grow tired of the kinetic energy that a sold-out show provides. It makes you an absolute basket case. As the shouting of the crowd swells, it’s the perfect time to dole out the first set of vibrations.
Her eyes widen as you flick the remote up to its most forgiving setting. Rookie level vibrations, surely.
Though you can’t hear her, you can just imagine she’s letting out those sweet little mewls that make you feral. Her desperate little noises alone can make your cock rock hard. Eyes firmly shut, thick false lashes fluttering, she’s trying pathetically to fight it. She’s now shifting her weight from one leg to the other, clenching her soft thighs together, as if she thinks that will somehow ease the vibrations rocking through her.
Thankful for a bit of a lull in the set, you’re able to tap at the toy’s remote, ratcheting the vibrations up a notch (or maybe it was two?) - jumping from a tepid tempo to something a bit spicier.
Your cock is fucking throbbing under the confines of the tiny, unforgiving shorts and you adjust uncomfortably on the padded stool in an attempt to find some relief. You wouldn’t be chase to find your own release, not now. Though the idea of 5,000 adoring fans watching you get off really tempted your exhibitionist energy.
She’s an absolute wreck by this point and there is still four or five songs left in the set. Her breath looks ragged, pathetic, and she has no idea that there are still several settings to go.
“P-please Bucky..” she mouths to you, clearly desperate for some relief, exhausted by the snip-snap of speeds and patterns that you’ve cruelly dishes out.
You smirked slyly, shaking your head empathically as you slick your jet black tendrils out of your eyes. Whores don’t get to cum. The toy still has the capability to go up one notch further and you topple her over the edge with a single flick to the remote.
You’re back on the kit again, pounding through a complicated tympanic melody and you’ve chosen to leave her suffering through the highest possible setting - poor thing’ll have to ride this out until you have a free hand.
By this point, she’s white-knuckling onto the metal railing, keeled over, rocking back and forth on the pads of her feet. Her chest pitches forward, eyes glazed over and barely open, knees bent inward as she tries to combat the impending orgasm. Such a desperate little skank.
Her entire body buckles underneath her, thick thighs trembling as she attempts to steady herself. Like bimbo Bambi on black ice.
It gave you a sick satisfaction, watching her writhe and wriggle, trying to stave off the inevitable. At this point, she’s openly moaning that pornographic moan you’ve come to adore. As you thumb to a setting with a more steady throb, her eyes begin to roll back while still fluttering partially open, a harbinger of her most toe-curling orgasms. The drunk patrons around her are clearly enamoured - a few of the men even brazenly rubbing over their clothed cocks.
You let the vibrator slowly dwindle, something she is surely grateful for as the soft humming left her feeling a little spacey, a little floaty.
Encore. Second encore. You kept the low thrum of the toy going until the very last note of the very last song was finished. In a mad rush to track her down, you darted off the stage like a bat out of hell.
“Did you enjoy the show, baby?” you whisper into the shell of her ear huskily, dusting your calloused hands between her still damp thighs. She really was stunning, you were lucky to have this broad at your side. Might even consider making things official sometime soon.
Pure pleasure bleeds out of her voice: “Yeah Buck - yeah, it was pretty flippin’ amazing. I’ll be a good girl from now on, I promise.”
You lean in to kiss her glossed up pout, palm cradled under her slackened jaw. Her legs may have been jelly but she was starting to make you a little soft, too.
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vineridden · 29 days ago
on the record | bucky barnes
as a reporter for a small online zine, you take your job maybe a bit more seriously than you ought to. bucky seems to think so.
paring: rockstar!bucky barnes x reporter!fem!reader
word count: 2610
warnings/content: nsfw, 18+, minors DNI - dubcon, smut, public sex, voyeurism, exhibitionism, oral sex (f receiving), brief fingering, clit?play? is that a thing?, recorded sex (accidental), panty... sniffing. im sorry. barely edited, quickly written.
a/n: reader is wearing this dress
Tumblr media
“Hello?” you call. The wings are dark, and you can’t see much. Someone shushes you. “Sorry,” you whisper.
Out of the darkness, a feminine figure approaches you. A woman dressed in a skimpy tank and shorts gets as close to you as she physically can, it feels like. “Are you the reporter?” she asks, a noticeable southern accent in her words.
“Um, yeah. Here for an interview with Bucky Barnes for Roadies.”
“Roadies. What an odd name for a tabloid,” she remarks, seemingly more to herself than to you. “You can just find a seat, sweetie. The band is practicing right now.”
She saunters off, back into the darkness. Even though she said the band is practicing, you can’t hear any music. Just some distant shouting. The stage is entirely dark, the only brightness coming from what you assume are the house lights of the venue.
Your eyes have begun to adjust, though, and you can begin to make out the stage crew surrounding you, dressed in black as they fiddle with various machines and whisper things into their headsets. Briefly you consider asking someone about what you ought to do - that southern woman seemed too sketchy to trust the word of - but decide instead to stay exactly where you are.
Very suddenly, tons of lights turn on, blinding you. “Oh, God,” you whisper. You blink rapidly for a few minutes, alternating between looking to the floor and squinting towards the stage. When your vision begins to focus without hurting, you watch with a funny kind of awe as a lean figure emerges from the stage side of the wings, wreathed in the illuminations bursting from behind him. In the blur of your vision, it’s a nearly angelic picture.
Your eyes focus more, pupils finally catching up. The figure is Bucky, and he looks almost angry. Everything in you is screaming to leave due to the sheer animosity of his expression.
Maybe base players just have resting bitch faces, you think hopefully.
He stops by one of the stage hands. “Please go tell someone to go get food. Catering fucked up.”
You feel bad for eavesdropping the minute you realize you can hear what he’s saying. But surely everyone else does, too. Bucky isn’t yelling, but he is projecting. There isn’t a corner of the wings his voice can’t be reaching.
The stage hand looks nervous. “From where?”
Bucky’s voice is filled to the brim with exasperation. “I don’t give a fuck. A goddamn In-N-Out. We’re going to be here at least another two hours.” He looks around, as if searching for someone else to handle the situation, clearly put out with the girl he asked. Squinting blue eyes stop on you, though. “Who’s the stiff?” he asks.
You point to yourself, silently asking if he means you. He nods, but it only seems to make him more agitated. “I’m from Roadies-” you start.
“I can’t hear you,” Bucky cups his ear mockingly.
Stepping closer and raising your voice, you repeat yourself. “I’m from Roadies. Here to do an interview with you.” He doesn’t change his expression. “Right,” he says, then promptly stalks back onto stage. “Get that food, Mika,” he yells over his shoulder. The stage hand he was talking to, presumably Mika, starts, running through the door you’d used as an entrance.
“What the fuck?” you mutter. You really want to leave now. You’ve never dealt with such a confusing environment thus far in your time with Roadies. Usually the person being interviewed was waiting for you, or at least had someone standing by for you, ready to run and alert them when you arrived. This felt entirely unprofessional in comparison.
Before you can leave, though, Bucky comes back. “Everyone can take a thirty. We’re not gonna resume until after Mika gets back with dinner,” he announces, then turns to you. “You stay.” Then, gone again.
Everyone does leave, slipping through doors and down stairs you hadn’t even noticed were there. It reminds you of watching cartoons of mice hoards scattering when the light turns on, or bugs crawling into spaces you hadn’t thought they could fit through.
You’re annoyed, but wait for Bucky nonetheless. He returns three minutes later. You keep time on your phone, and almost want to hold it against him. One look at him tells you that he wouldn’t care, though.
Without saying anything to you, he grabs two folding chairs from where they were propped against a wall behind you, unfolding them and sitting them across from one another. Bucky falls into one, looking to you. When you don’t move, he roughly gestures to the other chair, indicating you need to sit.
“Right, sorry,” you whisper.
“What?” he asks loudly.
“I said sorry,” you repeat, raising your voice a little above what you probably should have. You’re pissed by now, and you just want to leave. You don’t care about making a good impression anymore.
“You’re like. . . a little mouse. Quiet. Meek,” Bucky observes.
You ignore him, opening your notebook and unlocking your phone. You introduce yourself, then give him the beginning spiel. “I just need your permission that this entire interview can be on the record, as I will be recording on my phone. You also need to know that based on the nature of Roadies and the articles they produce that not all questions and answers will be used, and some answers may be paraphrased. Is this okay with you?”
“Yes, sweetheart. I’m okay with talking to a tabloid.”
“Right.” You hold back a huff. Roadies isn’t a tabloid, it’s a zine. Whatever. “If you’re unhappy with the final product, Roadies requires that they keep the full audio transcript of our interview and can release the full file on your behalf. Ready? I’m about to press record.”
“Go ahead.”
“Okay,” you start, your voice instantly changing with the pressing of the record button on your phone. Bucky laughs, obviously amused at the difference. “Hi, Bucky.”
He smiles, big and fake. “Hi,” he mocks.
“So you’re the mythical bassist of Howl. You know you’ve - you, Bucky, not the band - have something of a cult following these days. Very dedicated. . . Barnies.”
“Is that what they call themselves? I don’t do a lot of social media stuff, I just see them after the shows and stuff.”
“Them? Your fans?”
“Yeah, yeah.”
“I’ve noticed you do stay off of social media a lot, like you said. Don’t take interviews a lot either. Any reason?”
He crosses his arms, frowning. “Really digging right in, aren’t you? I’m just not into it. If I was, I’d be a frontman instead of a bassist.”
“So you think it’s Steve’s responsibility to take all the media heat?”
“Nah. But I know he ends up doing most of it anyways.”
“Besides, can’t let Stevie have all the sexy journalists.” He pauses, and let’s you stutter over that for a minute before smoothing the implication over with a new one. “He’d never have time for me, you know? You know.”
“Oh,” you mumble. “So you and Steve. . .” you trail off, unsure how to finish that question.
Bucky smirks. “A band takes care of each other's needs. You know how it is.”
No, you do not. You do know the zine is going to kill you if you don’t dig in further, though.
“Right. So Sam and Nat, do they-”
“Damn, mouse,” Bucky interrupts. “You’re really interested in our sex lives. Not getting enough these days?”
You gasp, stunned he would even say such a thing to you.
“I won’t be including that bit,” you tell him, changing the topic entirely. “So, Bucky, you and Howl have been on the road consistently for the past three years. I mean, we’re literally in the wings of a venue right now. Is it hard being on the go so often?”
You watch, a tremble starting somewhere in your chest, as Bucky pokes his tongue into his cheek. “No, not really. I really like, you know, just getting to constantly meet new people and be in brand new places. And I think it really helped us amass a fanbase, being always accessible like this for so long.”
Thank God. A real answer.
“I can see that. You think the band feels the same, or could we be looking at a tour break sometime soon?”
He shrugs. “You’d have to interview one of them to find out.”
“Gotcha. On a different topic - a lot of fans are beginning to question how your team is implementing environmentally friendly standards into the production of your merchandising and what your tour carbon footprint is looking like these days.”
He sighs, obviously annoyed. “Do you think people actually care about this shit?”
“Uh. . .” You’re not sure how to respond. Thrown off guard, you instinctively stick to the questions you memorized, unable to pull away from the script. “Are you implementing environmentally friendly standards into production. . . uh, production of. . . what?”
Bucky had gotten up as you were speaking, walking toward you with a strange kind of determination. “You sound like a broken record, kid.” He pulls you up from your chair, you being too stunned to adequately ask him what he was up to. Your phone and your notebook clatter to the concrete floor. “It’s annoying,” Bucky announces before promptly grabbing the back of your head and forcing your lips to his.
You fight him, pulling away and stumbling back into the chair. Bucky catches you before you fall, pulling you tightly against him. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”
“You’ll find out,” he tells you, placing you back in the chair and dropping to his knees. You find yourself frozen, unsure how to respond as Bucky reaches up under your dress. You squirm involuntarily, his brushes against your thighs sending shocks through your body.
Bucky hadn’t missed the mark earlier - it had been a while. He pulls down your underwear, and your chest heaves as you watch him bring them to his nose. “Thought so,” he whispers, then glances up to you. “Fan of green, huh?” he tugs at the edge of the skirt of your dress, which is the same shade of emerald green as your panties. You’re too caught off guard to respond, stuttering out sounds instead of words.
“You know,” he says, pocketing the panties and pushing your dress up to your waist. “I don’t deal with many reporters, but I’ve seen them. And usually they don’t walk in wearing a mini-dress and no bra, mouse.” His right hand comes to the apex of your thighs, where you have your legs closed as tight as they can go.
“I mean, I genuinely thought a slutty groupie had snuck in with an autograph book in need of signing. Not some goddamn woman with a job and shit.” Bucky pries your legs apart, then cups your pussy and, “Knew our conversation was getting you wet, mousey.”
He puts one finger on your clit, and two begin to sink into you. “Bet you got real disappointed when you thought you weren’t the sexy journalist in question.” At the confusion that crosses your face, he coos. “Aw, you’re not too self-aware, are ya? Your thighs just kept spreading, a little further and a little further, the more comfortable you got. Whore behavior, if you ask me.”
Bucky removes his hand, and you let out a little murmur of disapproval. “Patience, please.” He spreads your legs further, gazing at your hole, watching as it squeezes down on nothing.
“Please,” you whimper, drawing his eyes back up to you.
“For the record, I don’t usually do this during interviews. Promise. I’m just. . .” his gaze drifts back down. “. . . really hungry,” he jokes.
Without further explanation, he sticks his head right between your legs, tongue snaking into your pussy.
“Fuck!” you exclaim, legs instinctively closing around Bucky’s head, and propping your knees on his shoulders. He puts a hand under and around on either thigh, securing you.
Once he seems to get his fill of that, he moves onto movements more pleasurable for you - broad licks from your perineum to your clit, which tend to end with his lips closing around that bundle of nerves and sucking until you can’t see.
“Bucky- Oh, shit, Bucky, I-” you can’t get a sentence out. You’re fairly certain your brain is trying to ask him to stop, but his movements are too good for you to ask for such a thing in good faith.
Your vision begins to go white, brighter than when you’d been blinded by the stage lights when Bucky had first emerged. You can’t help but chant Bucky’s name, and interspersing between those cries with curses and moans.
As you begin to come down, though, Bucky doesn’t stop. Eyes squeezed shut, you push at his head. “Please, please, hurts, Bucky, stop-”
“I’m not even going to ask. Bucky, we need you back on stage in five.”
You glance up and gasp at the sight of Steve - Steve Rogers, as in Steve Rogers, lead singer and guitarist for Howl - looking disdainfully at you and Bucky.
Bucky mumbles something into your pussy that sounds suspiciously like Thank you, five, but doesn’t look up or make any acknowledgement of Steve beyond that.
“Bucky-” you and Steve start at the same time. Steve sounds stern - you’re pretty positive that’s not the S adjective to describe your voice with.
Neither of you need to go further. Bucky lifts himself away from you, but doesn’t let you get away before sneaking his thumb onto your clit, rubbing away as he turns to Steve.
“I’ll be there, let me finish this.”
Steve furrows his eyebrows. “Bucky, I watched her cum.” Your face feels like it’s on fire. “Get your ass back on stage and let the poor reporter go.”
You’re pretty sure he says more, but it’s lost by the rising tide of a second orgasm beginning to wash over you, brought on by Bucky’s never ceasing movements and your prior sensitivity. “Bucky,” you whimper, arching into his hand and squeezing your eyes shut.
You feel another hand grasp your hip, and the presence of Bucky’s body getting closer to you - covering you? You can’t stop to question, your arms coming up to squeeze around hard shoulders as your peak just keeps going, and going, and going. . .
When you open your eyes again, your dress is back to it’s usual length, and your head is buried into the crook of Bucky’s neck. “Mm?”
“Welcome back. You only passed out for a minute. Promise.” Bucky, gentle but firm, ushers you off his lap and into a standing position.
You’re struggling to get your bearings as Bucky hands you your notebook and phone. “Some stage hands should be sitting around on your way out. If you need a taxi or an Uber or anything, ask them to take care of it.” He guides you to the exit of the wings with a hand on your shoulder. “And I stopped that little recording of yours. Might want to edit it before you send it in, though.”
“Wait-” you try to stop him, the memories flooding back into your mind’s eyes.
“See you later, mousey,” he tells you, smiling with two rows of bright white teeth as he promptly slams the wing door in your face.
You can’t help but feel used, despite having been the only one to get off in that time - or, you think you were. You were clearly out for a minute, but you don’t feel any evidence that Bucky used you while you were out-
And you don’t feel any underwear, either.
“That son of a bitch,” you whisper.
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mrwinterr · 7 months ago
So Happy
Tumblr media
Pairing: Rockstar!Bucky Barnes AU x Female Reader
Summary: After a night with your favorite artist, you’re left wondering where you both really stand. 
Warnings: Smut 18+ (consensual, but unprotected sex, oral [male & female receiving], vaginal penetration and fingering, size kink and dirty talk). Language. Light mentions of substance abuse. Lying asses. Internet toxicity (I hate it here sometimes). Angst, I guess...TIME SKIP...and absolute horrendous fluff (that’s not my brand, alright).
Disclaimer: You can read part 1 here! It would make some sense. 
A/N: This follow-up is still based on some true events. Can’t hate the players, hate the game. For the most part it’s made up because some of us deserve the ending we think we deserve. I’m dedicating this to @shawnie--jo​ for all the love, enthusiasm and the patience because this took me a while. It’s a doozy! & with that note, enjoy!
Tumblr media
“You owe me,” is the first thing you hear your friend say the moment you stepped foot back into the hotel you had booked for the night before. It was in a much different tone than of the one she had in line for the concert.
Frozen in place, you turn your attention to her sitting figure on one of the single couches of the lobby. She wasn’t happy that much you could tell judging by the expression on her face and the way she sat impatiently, one leg over the other and her arms crossed against her chest.
The bag next to hers on the ground adjacent to her feet were your belongings. The way it was misshapen suggested she had hastily shoved your things back in it for you. She must’ve been in a rush to leave before checking out or…
“You owe me $50 for the late check out fee,” she clarifies, ceasing all thoughts of why she was currently pissed at you.
Now begins the walk of shame. It wasn’t something you were used to. Could you even call this that? You had no reason to feel ashamed because you were completely aware of last night’s events. You defended your decision as so! Then why did you feel this way?
Perhaps it had to do with you just now returning to the hotel you were supposed to have been checked out of hours ago, but instead you’re greeted to your more than displeased best friend staring daggers at you for a different reason.
Sheepishly bringing a hand to rub the back of your neck, when you’re close enough to her, you open your mouth to begin apologizing, but she wasn’t done as she got up on her feet to level with you.
“You said you would be back before check out,” she said voice slowly rising in volume, no matter the distance between you two was close or not, you could tell this was just the start of a catalyst, “and it’s...oh,” she stops to look down at her phone, which shined bright revealing her lock screen and more importantly the time, “...only three hours past check out!” Yup, not happy with you at all.  
“I know you’re upset,” you start with the obvious, “and you have the right to be. I said I would be back in time, but I wasn’t,” maybe admitting you were wrong would allow her to see you were indeed aware of your mistakes, soften the blow to come a little bit.
“Upset? I’m disappointed!” she says, her arms falling to her sides and with a look of disbelief but is quickly washed over with indisposition. “Some sell-out rockstar invites you over to see him and you lose your sense of mind?”
“Look, I’ll pay you back. It’s no big deal.” At least on your end, you’re trying to remain calm even when her tone and choice of words get under your skin. You didn’t need this weekend to end on a bad note.
“This isn’t about the money!” She proclaimed.
“Then why are you bitching at me? I’m a grown adult! I know what I did-” Yeah, at least you were trying to stay composed, right?
“Do you?” She challenges. It’s one of those rhetorical questions, in which she didn’t need an answer to, but you were still going to give her one.
“Yes, ok. I slept with Bucky and I don’t regret it.”
The defense you put up so quickly around you weren’t something your friend was used to witnessing...maybe to your parents, yeah, but not at her. Sure, you’ve both had the occasional quarrels, but your relationship and sexual life was different because she really cared for your wellbeing and would be damned if someone hurt you.
“I’m just worried,” she admits for her initial brute front, “what you did was totally unlike you and I…”
“What?” You interrupt her, growing more tired of this conversation by the second.
“I don’t trust Bucky.” She blurts out.
You scoff at that reasoning, “you don’t know him-”
“And you do?” This time she interrupts and catches you off guard on that one. “You’re right. I don’t know him, but you said it yourself. Bucky meets tons of people every day. He’s on the road a lot. It’s easy for him to get lonely.”
There it was again. The self-conscious thoughts questioning everything about last night’s events. In a pathetic display of defense, you start counter-questioning her with some of the statements Bucky said to you. Why would he tell you all those sweet things and pretty promises if he knew he could have you so easily? Why would he think you weren’t like the other women out there who exposed their escapades for their 15 minutes of fame? What made him think anything of you? There were other girls in the crowd.
“He’s going to tell you things he wants you to hear to get what he wants.” She really believed that. She knew what some men were capable of. She had more experience than you and you often turned to her for things like this.
Her last sentence was something to let sink in. The way last night played out and the last few hours you spent with Bucky; you were blinded by a rose tint world.
Tumblr media
Earlier that morning...
“You know,” Bucky starts with his gaze first set on your face, slowly starting to drift down your body trying to catch a glimpse of uncovered skin that the blanket was doing a horrible job in concealing. You watch with bubbling desire the way he bit his bottom lip and eyes growing darker, ”...if you ever need anything. I’m here to help. I can get you out of that town and you can stay with me in Brooklyn. We’ll find you a place to work in that’ll appreciate you more.”
He was a dream. He was so sweet, but you weren’t going to deny it. As much as you adored what little you knew about the real Bucky, a part of you that was always so careful was also skeptical. That voice in the back of your mind, whether it was your parents, teachers in the past, PSA spokespersons or your best friend, was still trying to tell you Bucky wasn’t an exception.
Then on the other hand, you were finally getting what you wanted. You weren’t a little girl anymore. You could take care of your own heart. Why couldn’t you have some fun? Indulge a little. Life is too short to sit around and wait. If he was serious about any of the things he said, then great! If not, oh well, you’ll live. What’s life without experience, right?
You just never imagined any of the harmless mentions or replies through social media were going to get you in bed with him and so smitten.
When Bucky pulls his lips away from you, he repositions himself on the bed to lie on his back and bask in the comfortable silence. You’re still on your side, but your eyes suddenly widen as you curiously take a peek over his frame and notice the red numbers of the alarm clock on the bedside table. The curtains were drawn shut, so you had no trace of the actual time of day.
“Shit,” you muttered to yourself, but was no use. It was just you and Bucky in the room and he’d definitely wonder why you’d grown frantic.
“Whoa. What’s the rush?” He says slowly sitting up, still exhausted, and watching you throw the hotel comforter over your body to get out of bed. You didn’t even care that you were naked in front of him. He’d have a souvenir to remember you by.
The sex tape was the least of your worries though. You fucking missed check out! You can only imagine the look on your friend’s face when you reunite.
“I missed check out,” you respond while momentarily being thrown off course in search of your underwear, but then instantly remembering how Bucky tore it off of you, and you did your best to push aside last night’s activities.
“What?” He asks, rubbing his face trying to rid himself of sleep. He had to get going too. The band was off to play in the next city in some hours. Unfortunately, you didn’t have enough time to take off from work to follow him.
“The hotel I’m staying at. I missed check out and my friend is going to be so pissed at me,” you explained beaten. You can’t for the life of you see where your clothes were in the dark room.
Drawing the curtains open or switching the light on without warning wouldn’t be ideal to the both of you and not only that, the effects of the substances your body was coursed through, the physicality of you and Bucky’s actions last night, the consequence of it all topped with the lone fact that you’re now standing naked in front of Bucky starts to seep in.
You try not to stand there awkwardly and do the only thing you can do. Inhibition creeping back in, you cover your face with your hands and breath in and out, hoping the floor would swallow you whole so you could escape this embarrassment and your friend’s pending wrath.
“Look,” Bucky says now in front of you, pulling your hands away from your face, he’s naked too, washing away some traces of vulnerability away, “you’re already late. You can’t change that. We can only keep moving forward,” he says, his arms slipping around your body to pull you close to his.
The sudden jolt from the skin-to-skin contact quickly subsides with the warmth of his body transferring onto yours. You hold onto his biceps and nod in acceptance. Any attempt to rush back to your hotel wasn’t going to do you any favors now.
“So then, what do you say we get cleaned up and try to enjoy our time together?” The way his head tilted to the side, a not-so-subtle hint in the direction of the shower in the bathroom, his smooth voice and his eyes half-lidded, ready to get lost in you one more time.
You said it yourself, life was short, so if you already knew your friend was going to chew you out, why deny yourself of its pleasures right now, especially if it’s coming from Bucky. 
Tumblr media
“Can we just get going? We’ll catch traffic on the way back to the city if we just stand here and keep putting each other down,” you ask, slightly shaking your head of the early morning activities and straightening yourself up, bending forward to pick up your bag and sling it over your shoulder.
This little spat would eventually pass. None of the arguments you two had were ever threatening to your friendship with each other. You’ve both fought over things much more critical that it’d be a shame to let it be over someone like Bucky.
Before you could turn back around to exit, your friend grabs a hold of your arm and stops you. “I don’t want to see you get hurt. I could be wrong. Bucky could be the one, but I want you to be smart about doing whatever you end up doing with him. I just want you to ultimately be happy,” she says wholeheartedly.
You knew she was only coming from a good place. She only ever encouraged you to do your best and the right thing. She was the one you sought out advice from and she never led you astray. In the end, you knew you couldn’t ever truly be mad at her. You owed her more than $50 alone.
“Thanks. I’m sorry for snapping at you. I know your intentions are in the right place and I really appreciate you for everything. You even agreed to come to this show with me! But I’m only human and I’m going to make mistakes along the way,” you say and notice the fallen look on her face, but you don’t give her long enough to feel sorry for you with your follow up statement, “...if I get hurt, it’s going to suck, but I’ll get back up, learn from it and move on. Plus, I’ll have you there by my side to tell you I told you so...again, and we both know how much you enjoy that!” You end it on a joking note.  
A look of hope creeps back in on your friend and she’s pleased to see your resilient attitude again. You give her your best steadfast smile and it seemingly proved to be successful enough for her to accept your answer as she pulls you in for a warm hug.
You wonder, what Bucky’s motive was? He was Bucky Barnes. He could have anyone. Why did he trust you enough to be intimate with? What was his game? You just had to keep telling yourself for your sanity and wellbeing, with or without Bucky, in the end you’d still be happy.
Tumblr media
The months to follow after that tour, you and Bucky had continued to stay in touch. You genuinely felt happy. He was giving you attention! From daily texts and long phone conversations or video calls, some rather suggestive than most, you were able to really learn a lot about each other. While you minded his glamorous lifestyle, each interaction erased all notions of it and he was just another normal human being.
If you were being truthful, a part of you was hoping whatever the two of you had was exclusive. You didn’t want to admit it, but you were in a way reserving yourself for Bucky because you felt there was something between you two and maybe he was just like you and too shy to be the one to bring it up first.
At times you’d find yourself being the one to initiate conversation...especially when the communication started becoming less frequent. They then reduced to just Holiday texts and suddenly they’d become unresponsive and you’d even be left on read. He never flew you to Brooklyn. He never followed you back on social media. You’d accepted he was most likely busy and the excuse of not wanting to attract unwanted attention to you, but the reality of it was he had seemed to move on.  
It’d been close to a year and things were really quiet. The Avengers hadn’t released anything new nor did they have an upcoming tour to rehearse for. You’re trying to not let Bucky’s silence bug you and do what you’ve always told yourself - keep living your life. You weren’t going to lie to yourself, you were angry at first for letting him get to you like that and realize that boys will be boys. They would never grow a real pair and be straight with women. They always had to go and sugarcoat everything. You had to accept it. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. You were just a one-night stand and the worst part of it was that you consented to it, so you couldn’t hold anything against him.
Things picked back up in your life, work demanded more of your time and you were dating again, taking it very slow and casual. You knew nothing more would come out of it, but it was enough to distract you from Bucky. Life was slowly returning back to normal, even though it never truly could be, until you notice Bucky is posting regularly on his social media accounts again.
It’s not so much that but is one of the comments from another user that is a constant in each sporadic post. You recognize the user as an international model from another country. Curiosity gets the best of you and you decide to check out her profile, noting all the photos of them together and realizing that while you thought Bucky went M.I.A., he was spending his free time getting cozy with her in exotic places.
Her comments start out harmless in the beginning, but quickly become more and more persistent until one sets the record straight. It read, “that’s MY man” followed by a number of heart eye emojis.
You didn’t even know Bucky and the model knew of each other, but why wouldn’t they? He was exposed to extraordinary people, so finding someone in the business was a better bet than settling with you. They lived in a totally different world than yours.
There’s a plethora of thoughts that run through your mind. This is why he isn't responding to you. He had a girlfriend, who was in a much different league than of your own, and he didn’t really go public with it on his end. It made you sad, that much you could admit to yourself because you held back for him, but you weren’t going to admit this feeling to him or your friend or the world. You were going to prove to them you’d do the same thing - move on. 
Tumblr media
It’s a rather slow day at work and you’ve resulted in mindlessly scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed, but growing tired of lame memes and life updates from people you haven’t spoken to since high school, you switch over to Twitter for a more different kind of news and also a bit of some entertainment.
You’re not expecting the particular topic to be trending - #BuckyBarnesIsCancelled. You’d manage to move on from whatever it was between you and Bucky and returned back to your daily routine. You tried to remain a fan of The Avengers, but it wasn’t the same. The fling, if you could call it, with Bucky wouldn’t let you. You’d always be grateful for how their music impacted your life, but you’d have to keep living your life despite what transpired.  
Sitting up from your slumped position in your office chair, you ponder for maybe two seconds before clicking on the hashtag. Things were still pretty quiet with The Avengers, with the exception of paparazzi photos here and there, but this seemingly came out of nowhere. What stupid thing did he get himself into?
“No way,” you mock at the headline. Claims of Bucky being mentally abusive, and an addict were being made left and right.
You scrolled through the timeline and threads of replies to find the source of it all and you were shocked that it came from none other than his own girlfriend...well now ex-girlfriend you assumed. The vindictive side of you only allowed a small part in finding some humor in this, but if Bucky was any bit of the Bucky you spent the night with and got to know for those few short months then this was sad for him.
There wasn’t much you could do though. What were you to do? Send him a message of condolences of some sort? He’d probably just leave you on read. Whatever you two had was long over.
Bucky’s agency did well to defend him and save his reputation. They released one statement to clear things up. There’d been images before of him partying and no doubt high on some substance, but that didn’t prove he was an addict. Then again, did you ever really know him? You’d been exposed to that stuff around and because of him. Some people just had more access to certain things than others did.
In some time, when things leveled out once more, he seemed to be back in the clear, but at a rate where people have already decided whose story they believed over the other, whose side they were on, the damage had been done. If there was a recurring theme here, Bucky had one thing to do after the scandal - move on with his life.
Tumblr media
It felt a little strange being here again. If you take into consideration some of the things that had already happened, a lot has really changed since you were last in a line to see The Avengers live.
The band had taken a short hiatus to let the fire die out from Bucky’s scandal. It was probably a smart move - to let people cool their jets and forget. It was last reported Bucky had turned a new leaf...something about getting help. Steve took time off to focus on other projects...something about humanitarian work. Sam released some solo stuff...something with a different sound, but still as successful. The time off was probably the best for the guys.
There weren’t as many people it seemed, but enough for them to play in one of the city’s largest venues. You suppose that’s what a span of three years could do to an artist. When the tour was announced you weren’t sure if you should buy a ticket or not, but it’d been some time since you had a night where you could forget about the stresses of the world for a few hours. Never mind the short stint between you and Bucky, you were still a fan of their music and the joyous feeling you got from it was timeless.
This time you were alone. You didn’t even tell your friend they were touring again. Bucky was almost a nonexistent topic for a good while now. Plus, she had her own life to live and couldn’t always be there next to you. You were the bigger fan after all. On top of that, she would’ve most likely have advised against you attending.
Your attire was not to impress, electing on something casual and comfortable with a simple pair of jeans, a leather jacket over a nice top that did a better job at controlling your cleavage than the last one, and cute boots. Yeah, a lot had changed, but the scene didn’t as there were still a mix of fans, old and new, over and under dressed.
The guys still had it. They looked great! They definitely belonged on the stage for the world to see. They even played a 3-song encore. You could tell they loved doing what they did and anyone who was a fan could feel the passion and energy they poured out in the performance.
You’re currently sitting in the seat of your car, head resting against the headrest as you try to unwind a little from standing for a few hours and from the walk back to the parking garage when your phone vibrates and chimes loudly.  
You glance over at the device you placed next to the driving console and your eyebrows scrunch in confusion at the name that appeared. Bucky Barnes. You’d never deleted his number and his text message thread had remained at the very bottom of your messaging app all this time. A sense of apprehension flows through you as you wonder what he could possibly want. How do you just text someone after ghosting them for over a year? Not to mention to someone you did something so intimate with and made all those promises to in the past. How does one do that?
Not wanting to dwell on it any longer or slip into restless thoughts about Bucky again because it wasn’t a walk in the park to forget about him, you open the text. It asks if you were in attendance because he claimed to have seen you in the crowd. This time around you’re not overthinking about what to respond with, you simply say yes. He’d been quick with his next message asking if you were still in the area to meet up.
The wise thing would probably be to reject the invite, but you find yourself once again staring at a hotel door waiting for him to open it. Initially, you’d suggested he tell you what he wanted to say via text, but he said it was something that had to be told in person. So, having been through what you had as a result of meeting up with him in the past, you had some sense of mind this time, you’d just have to make another mental note to not jump into bed with him again. If you were being truthful to yourself, the sex tape left you feeling a little cheap. He didn’t even send it to you as some form of fucked up courtesy or assure you that it wasn’t ever going to get leaked and luckily it hasn’t. You hoped he’d deleted it.
It was almost like Deja vu. You might as well have been reliving the night the first time Bucky invited you over to his hotel room. In the beginning it was kind of awkward and quiet, and it was exactly that years later, just with added history of course.
You’d chosen to sit on the end of one of the beds while Bucky moved slowly around the room trying to gather his thoughts and where to start. He notices the change in you. You were more confident and as you should be. Bucky Barnes couldn’t intimidate you this time. He had more to be embarrassed about than you did now.
Even though you had nowhere to be in the morning, it was getting late and you really would just like to get this meeting over with and Bucky was stalling.
“Bucky, why did you invite me here?” You say, the one to break the ice. He finally stops fidgeting around and focuses on you.
“I...I wanted to apologize,” he starts off, and you’re unmoving silence allows him to continue, “I realize how much of a complete dick I was to you…”
“What do you mean?” You ask. It’s not like he spread any dirty rumors about you or anything. He didn’t need to apologize for anything that you’re aware of. Maybe for leading you on, but you came to terms some time ago that maybe he didn’t owe you an explanation or perhaps you’d never get one. Yet here you both are.
“I used you,” he explains, now you’re confused, and he can see you’re not getting it entirely, which pains him. You didn’t think anything he did with you was wrong because you consented to it. It took two to tango, right?
Except it wasn’t like that at all and he wanted you to know how he strung you along all just for a quick fuck in the beginning and to cover his tracks he acted like he cared in getting to know you afterwards not realizing something purely good could come out of it for him. The confession wasn’t meant to hurt you again, but for you to realize your worth. He messed up with someone so special.
“I wasn’t lying when I said I remembered you from years before when you tripped in front of me,” there’s a small trace of happiness in the fond memory, “...and when I saw you in the crowd that night, fuck you looked so good and you still do…” he ended up a flustered mess after that small admission.
“Where is this going?” You ask hoping he’d get back on track and reveal the rest, trying to keep the fact he admitted an attraction to you in the back of your mind.
“Right...I’ll admit my ego got the best of me. The band was doing so well, everyone noticed us! I was getting attention from all kinds of people! I got hooked to different things,” suppose those articles were true then about him getting clean, you thought to yourself, “ does get lonely on the road and I was so desperate for anyone,” oh you hoped and prayed he wouldn’t say what he was going to say next, but he does, “...and I knew there wouldn’t be that much effort on my part to get you to sleep with me.”
Great. Your friend was right then, and he was just like any other house name artist.
“Um...okay, that’s not something I was wanting to hear about myself,” you said after letting that sink in. Did you still appear to look easy?
“No, I’m sure it’s not, but when we were alone together everything was just easy-”
“Yeah, I got that. I’m easy!” You interrupt, and now you’re angry. As he’s trying to explain his actions, you started thinking about how mad and hurt you were when he started ghosting you. You couldn’t be upset about him getting a girlfriend, but the fact that he didn’t think he could continue even being your friend and instead just chose to ignore you was the better option was hella annoying.
“That’s not what I meant!” He says trying to justify his choice of words.
“Then how did you mean it?” You demand, and Bucky is a bit stunned with your new attitude. He foresaw that he would have a difficult time in explaining himself, but he didn’t think it’d be this hard dealing with how much his actions affected you.
“Everything was easy with you because you made it easy to feel,”
“I don’t know if I understand,” you say and attempt to get up, “...maybe this was a bad idea.”
“No, please. Let me finish,” Bucky is quick to get in front of you as he pleads for you to stay. You give him a slight nod and sit back down.
“Things with you were easy in a sense that being around you I was able to just be myself. I’ve never said those things to girls before you! I didn’t have to impress you with anything flashy. I even forgot I was some rockstar! You’re an incredible person, really-”
“I’m sorry, Bucky, but I just can’t,” you say, hating to interrupt him again, but you’re not ready to hear any of this, “...none of this still doesn’t sound right. It was just one night and then how do you explain just ghosting me the moment you get a supermodel girlfriend?” that last part came out unintentionally feisty but might as well let him know how you’d felt, “You couldn’t even be my friend when you were with her! I guess it was easy to just forget me too…”
Bucky lowers his head ashamed of how he handled that and just nods in acknowledgement of his actions, “you’re right. It doesn’t make sense, but what I feel is even harder to explain...”
“None of this accounts for her,” you demand. A part of you just wanted to know where she came from. How did it happen? Who asked who out? It wasn’t important information to know about, but the urge of human curiosity was large.
“She wasn’t even my idea,” he muttered, not really wanting to talk about her.
“What?” You ask.
“Getting with her was the label’s idea,” he admits, hating he was coerced into the idea of an on-screen relationship.
You scoff at the stupidity of fake relationships in the Entertainment industry. Why did people get their rocks off over it? Were OTPs really that a big deal? Are people so bored with their own lives that they have to push corporate into bringing two people who don't have feelings for each other together? However, Bucky thinks you don’t believe him and given how little you developed in trusting him with things, he’s not entirely wrong.
“I know it was a dumb thing to agree to and it’s one of the horrors working in this business, but I know now I should’ve just been forward with you,” Bucky says, voice still riddled begging for forgiveness.
“Why couldn’t you then?” You interrogate and notice the creases of distress on his face soften. “If I made it so easy to feel, then why wasn’t it just that to tell me the truth?”
“I-I don’t know,” he replies.
“Yes, you do,” you retort, and pretend you’re going to leave, but by doing so you know it’ll only get him to spill the beans quicker.
“I was scared!” He admits, stepping in front of you and keeping you still in your place on the end of the bed.
“Scared? Of what? Me?” You ask incredulously looking up at him.
“Yes!” He says and kneels down in front of you. “You’re so perfect! You’re real! You don’t treat me like I’m some celebrity. You didn’t even participate when people started cancelling me or whatever! You could’ve and you had every right to expose me, but you didn’t!” Your act did the trick, because the words just kept coming out of Bucky.
“I’m so sorry for ignoring you, for not telling you I was with her, but the more I got to know you, a part of me got really scared that I couldn’t keep being the kind of man you deserved because of my problems,” by this point, Bucky has placed both his hands on either side of you, his arms trapping you, “ me, I had a lot of time to think about everything I did wrong and what harm my reckless lifestyle has on others…I just feared it was already too late, but the one thing that I always thought about that helped me get through it was the lone night I had with you. I was so happy! I wanted that again...I had to get back to that, so I invited you back to try,” you didn’t even realize how close his face was to yours. He looked so torn and you hated seeing him like that, but there was nothing you could say that could fix things right now.
Bucky now felt vulnerable and almost pathetic. Just because he wanted another shot of happiness, and with you of all people, what made it okay for him to think you wanted to try again? You weren’t so certain of what you wanted with him anymore.
“Wow,” is all you give. You’re not sure what more you could add. After all that, he actually liked you? Were you still sure you weren’t living in some fanfic world? You needed some time to think about that and much to Bucky’s expectations, you weren’t going to come to a conclusion before you left this room tonight.
“Is there anything else you want to say?” You offer him the floor, and he gets it. You’re not going to say anything particular to his confession, at least not now. He’s not upset at all. It was a lot to take in. He had time to think, and he had to respect the time you’d need now.
He nods and backs away, realizing the close proximity, “just one question,” you nod this time and let him ask, “do you regret it?”
You know what he’s referring to, sleeping with him, the sex tape, the countless conversations, meeting with him right now - everything.
“No,” you answer honestly.
He lets out a weak smile, looking down sheepishly and adds, “I’ve never done anything like this with anyone before, I promise.”
He could promise and swear up and down all he’d like, but how could you be really sure? The only response you could give him is a small, neutral hum in acknowledgement.
Bucky knew this conversation wasn’t going to go as he had hoped. He really didn’t have a plan, he just really wanted to see you again. He goes silent and you know at this point, everything was all laid out. Time would tell the rest if this was worth saving.
“I can forgive you. I know I can because in a way part of moving on allows one to do so but completing a session or doing time in rehab doesn’t really prove anything,” you said brutally honest with him, he looks up at you almost defeated and just waiting for the final blow.
“You said a lot of promising things back then and you said a lot more tonight,” you add on, and gently begin to remove his hands from the spots either side of you to let you free, and get up to head out, however not with one more thing he could reflect on, also giving him hope, “ need to show you’ve really changed,” then the conversation was over.
In some ways, these events needed to happen. He had to hit rock bottom to learn from his mistakes and kick out the bad habit. He knew now that he had to work hard to give you a reason to trust him and maybe even in the long run be with him.
On the other hand, you had to go through this whole thing in order to not base your happiness on someone else. You could be happy on your own and open enough to be with someone that wasn’t Bucky. 
Tumblr media
For the next few months, to your surprise, Bucky had actually made an effort to keep in touch with you. It wasn’t overbearing and he minded your space as well as he could from a distance, given that he was still busy with the band and other duties that came with his status.
While at times he could be flirty, you learned it was part of his charm. Your friend wasn’t entirely thrilled when you’d admitted to her that you visited Bucky that night. You might’ve not shown it, but she knew how much his past actions affected you. Granted it did its job in teaching you a lesson and in return allowed you to be more confident and to not take anyone’s bullshit, she’d be damned if Bucky tried to pull another act like that around you again.
By now, you were comfortable enough with him to even tell him about random dates you’d gone on; none proving to be long-term, but it was nice to confide in someone else other than your best friend and get an opinion from a male perspective.
You weren’t going to lie, there was a part of you that still liked Bucky more than a friend, but you weren’t sure when it was okay to willingly go all in again with him. Sure, you’d given him another chance, but just how low could people really go to get what they wanted? Some people could just be really manipulative, and you weren’t wanting to ruin what you’ve both rebuilt for yourselves. Either way, you’d be happy with him in your life even as a friend, which is how it could’ve gone if he’d been honest from the get-go.
The year was coming to a close and you’re at your job’s annual Christmas party. You’d managed to convince your friend to be your plus one, but she claimed she didn’t need bribery because your company always ordered outstanding catering and who in their right mind would turn down free food anyways?
Aside from pretending you were having a great time talking to your co-workers, most of which whom you barely spoke to at the office and as faux-friendly as they were tonight, you felt stupid for glancing at your phone every now and then hoping to get a message from Bucky. He’d been keeping you entertained the first half of the party until he just stopped responding.
Your friend had ditched you to take advantage of the open bar several minutes ago, so you were sitting at a table alone trying not to look pathetic. You started thinking of when an appropriate time would be to leave when the Market Manager of your job took the mic. Too late, you thought to yourself and decided to get comfortable in your seat and listened to what cheesy Holiday speech they had to give, but what you hadn’t expected was a surprise guest.  
“What the hell?” You said to yourself as you watched Bucky, Steve and Sam shake hands with one of your bosses before settling into what would appear as an acoustic performance.
How’d they manage to get in contact with your job? Who gave them the in? Bucky knew what you did for a living, but you never stayed on that subject long enough to think much about it. Then your friend slides into the empty seat next to you, a drink in one hand and a knowingly smirk on her lips, one that suggests she was definitely in on this act. You didn’t realize how long you’d been staring at her with a stupid look of disbelief all over your face until your name is echoed throughout the speakers.
It snaps you out of your trance and you focus your attention to Bucky on stage, a huge smile on his face. All formalities set aside, he highlights you and your friendship before jumping into their new single, which was widely popular right now. Normally, you weren’t one to take compliments easily, not used to so much attention, but the whole world disappeared with Bucky.
Once their little set was over, the majority of your colleagues enjoyed the performance and asked for photos, to which the guys were more than happy to appease to. Your friend had managed to escape your clutches once more, this time abandoning you for the dessert table. You’re not alone for long as Bucky occupies the seat left open next to you. You look around your surroundings, hoping there aren’t any more surprises in store, and practically attack him with a big hug.
Bucky’s chuckle is muffled, his face buried in your hair, as he wraps his arms around you to return the gesture. When you pull away, you’re almost left speechless, but you’re dying to know how he managed to get here. He was technically still on tour and this was not one of the passing by cities.
“How?” You ask.
“Hi to you too,” he said with a cheeky grin, to which you playfully slap his arm, and he responds with your friend’s name. He explained how he’d wanted to see you and how much he had to grovel for your friend to trust him. She’d helped him arrange a meeting with your boss, who turned out to be a huge fan of The Avengers, and even sneak them inside the building all under your nose. She wasn’t easy to persuade, but if she was convinced enough to work with Bucky on anything then you knew this meant something more.  
The initial notion of wanting to leave the party immediately vanished and you wanted nothing more than to just sit there in Bucky’s company all night. Steve and Sam greeted you and you never realized that this was actually the first time meeting them formally and not outside of a venue. They weren’t rockstars to you any more than you were just a fan to them. They were Bucky’s friends, of course he’d confined to them on his end as much as you did with yours.
At some point they had excused themselves to catch the last flight headed back to Brooklyn, but Bucky had decided to stay longer. When it was time to leave, you found out Bucky hadn’t planned long enough to where he would stay the night in your city. The original plan was to fly back home with the guys and pick up on the remainder of the tour. They had a few days off, but it was just a few days shy of ending, and he couldn’t wait that long to see you.
It’s funny how life works because this time you’re the one inviting him to your place. You weren’t going to blame it on the open bar or how late it was or the underlying tension that was surrounding you two, but one thing was certain, it was mutual, and you both weren’t going to deny the attraction any longer.
You’d missed the weight of Bucky’s body on yours more than you’d realized as your hands held his face, keeping his lips attached to yours. You could taste the remnants of the unfinished drink he’d abandoned at the coffee table on his tongue. Bucky’s hands hiked your leg over his waist to get you to lie flat on your couch.
You’re the first to attempt to remove clothing by popping open the buttons of his button-up shirt before completely ridding of the item leaving him in his thin undershirt. You feel his hands slide up from your hips along your back as they dig into the minimal space the arch of your back had created for him to slowly unzip the back of your dress. With your lips both still attached, you manage to sit up, your dress falling down and bunching at the waist in the process, exposing your breasts. He couldn’t have picked a more perfect time to see you in an outfit that would not work with a bra.
Bucky curses breathlessly when he pulls his lips away from yours for a quick breather, but in the process, he takes a peek at your half naked body. You can tell he’s just itching to touch you and you take the commanding lead and place his hands on you. The atmosphere grows thicker, him kneading your breasts, you smash your lips on his in a sloppy lock.
You push Bucky down on his end of the couch and manage to kick your loose dress all the way down your legs and off your body. Bucky’s hands travel down to the curve of your ass before he grabs a handful of flesh, causing you to moan into the kiss. Your hands rake through his styled hair, the product he used unstiffening and his hair falls limp in your grasps.
Bucky’s hands started to aid your hips in moving roughly against his clothed member, desperate to relieve some friction, and you internally blushed remembering how thick he was, how full it felt to have his cock stuffed inside of you. You didn’t remain celibate during the hiatus of your relationship, you both had urges, but Bucky had really ruined others that came after him.
Your lips drifted down Bucky’s body, kissing at the skin of his chest in the pattern following the swoop-line seam of the undershirt that he was still wearing. You skipped the expanse of his toned stomach, until you’re met with the small amount of skin that peeked between his bottoms and hem of his undershirt. You slightly lift the material up and place small pecks at his lower abdomen, which causes a low groan to rumble in Bucky’s throat.
Your fingers deftly unbuckle his belt and unbutton his pants, with the zipper pulled apart, you’re marveling at the imprint of his hard cock, already twitching and staining his boxers. You manage to break your gaze and look up at Bucky, who is desperately pleading with you to proceed. Your eyes never leave his as you lower your head closer to his member, tongue darting out to the dark spot of his boxers, tasting the precum.
The contact causes him to squirm and lips form in a tight line. You pull down his pants and agonizingly peel off his boxers slowly, dragging it down to his thighs, just enough to expose him enough for you to work with before you wrap a hand around his length. Bucky’s upper body is supported by his bent elbows so he could watch you.
You kiss the tip of his leaking cock, a small string of his precum sticking to your lips when you pull back, to which you run your tongue over. Bucky’s head falls back just in time when your lips enclose the head, tongue twirling around the ridge and teasingly at the slit and loving the sound of his breath getting caught in his throat. You inch your mouth down his length and your vacant hand gets quick to work on what you’re not able to intake while the other runs up his exposed abdomen, your fingers curling in and lightly scratching down as it runs down to massage one of his thighs. You can feel the muscle in his thigh flex at your touch the more your head bobs up and down on him.  
A plethora of curses spew from his mouth, but the rush of sucking his cock, the gurgling of your spit mixed with his precum and occasional choking noise when your throat contracts around him, is all you can hear from your perspective. When you part from his member, you’re breathing intensifies, desperate for more air to enter your system, eyes slightly watering, lips swollen, your hand lazily slathering the wetness all over him.
“You’re so good at that,” Bucky comments and he finally manages to pick his head back up to look at you. He reaches forward to swipe at the mess on the corner of your chin, but you’re hungry for more, and you move your head to the side to suck on his thumb, eyes closed as you hum at the taste of his skin and essence.
Your soft tongue running against the pad of his somewhat calloused thumb, it pops lightly when you release the digit, a small, devious smile on your lips as you scoot away to lie on the other end of the couch. He’s almost at aghast by this, but even back then you were just always full of surprises around him and he wasn’t going to deny the appeal of your sexual allure.
Bucky is quick to get to your side, completely riding himself off the rest of his clothes - the undershirt, pants and boxers - he had dressed to impress but right now nothing more than but overdressed. He gently parts your legs, kissing up your calves and thighs, until settles between them, you can feel his warm breath fanning against your scantily covered core.
Unlike last time, you’re not afraid to watch him and he sends you a knowingly wink, quickly ascending up to give you a sweet kiss, while his fingers slip inside your panties and between your lips. Your hips eagerly thrust upwards hoping his fingers slip in.
“Baby, we got all night,” he says cradling your face in his other hand. You let out a small whine, but regardless attempt to be patient. Bucky studies your face, mesmerized by every structure and unique feature, then what felt like an eternity, but in reality, was only a few seconds, he sinks a finger inside your wet pussy.
As soon as the gasp leaves your lips, his lips swoop in and tongue instantly dipping in search of yours. The heated kiss only heightens the sensation in the pit of your stomach, your hips losing control and every buck up into his hand, your clit rubs up against his palm, invigorating it. The curl of his finger, lightly probs at the right spot inside you, you uncontrollably squeal against his lips, with a hand against his chest you gently push his body away from yours.
“Oh my God! Fuck, Bucky…” you say with your head tilting back to the curve of the couch’s arm. You feel Bucky’s lips kiss and suck at your exposed neck as his fingers continue their handy work, the lewd noises causing your eyes to roll back.
His lips find their way next to your ear, gently nipping at it, and you could just drown at the sound of his husky breathing and filthy words. “Can I taste you?” He asks. You’re not sure why he was asking, you’d want nothing less. You nod almost instantaneously before allowing him to remove your panties.  
Bucky’s hungry eyes remain fixated on your glistening core, “oh, I missed this pussy,” he comments before his tongue fondles the lips. He has a hand lying flat against one of your legs, pressed on the couch to keep them spread apart, the other blocked by his body. His routine contrasts his old with how his tongue moves in slow and calculated laps. His mouth was very talented, given whatever style he chose to play.
You’re tethering on an orgasm and Bucky wanted nothing more than to watch you come undone for him. Bucky’s fingers and tongue work in tandem and fast to help you reach a climax.
“You’re close, aren’t you?” Bucky manages to ask in between, eyes peering up at you. You don’t actually answer because you can’t concentrate from the pleasure he’s bestowing and the impending release. “Good. I want you to cum. I want all this pussy has to give,” his voice hitting a different low, even his fucking voice was so sexy. Your hands clutch on fistfuls of the couch cushions when you feel the first wave of pleasure wash over your body, your hips stilled in place as Bucky laps up at your arousal.
“The sweetest thing ever,” Bucky mutters mostly to himself, but hearing that comment only feeds your ego, which never is a bad thing in an intimate setting. Your chest heaves up and down from the impact. Just as Bucky is about to crawl back up to parallel, you stop him with a foot at his chest. He grabs your small foot in his hand and blinks at your resistance.
“Sit back,” you command. He drops your foot and watches as your body maneuvers around to climb over his. He didn’t even realize his body had complied to your demand, absolutely hypnotized by you.
You lean in for a deep kiss, one that leaves his brain a mush, yours too almost that you have to steady yourself with one hand on the couch armrest. You reach a hand down between your bodies and grab a hold of his hard cock. Your fingers tracing along the vein before you start rubbing his head through your sensitive, wet folds. Bucky’s hands lay lightly on your hips, trying with all his might to not force you to take him all the way in. A large part of him liked this dominant side of you. There was so much about you he was dying to unearth.
“Baby, please…” he begins pleading as you barely press the tip of his cock just at your entrance before you slowly lower your body down to engulf his entire length. You sit still once you’re sure you’ve bottomed out, not noticing Bucky’s fingers digging into your hips, sure enough to leave crescent marks and tiny bruises.
Bucky’s face is buried in your neck, your cheek pressed against the top of his head, lost in the mop of dark hair. You feel his cock twitch inside of you causing your hips to ground on his. He was in so deep, you weren’t sure how long you were going to last in this position, but you’d be damned if you denied it.
You start with slow swivels before sliding back and forth on his cock. Bucky’s hands released their death grip from your hips, one travelled to the front to grope at your breasts while the other supported your body settling itself on the small of your back. Your hands set themselves on the back of the couch on either side of his head, using it as leverage to ground down harder on him.
“Mm, I missed fucking this big cock,” you lean down to whisper right in his ear, “you’re so deep, Bucky.”
“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he spits out curse after curse at your dirty words. “You gonna cum on this big cock, hmm?” He asks. The question comes as a challenge and you weren’t ready to give up the ropes to him.
“Yeah, is this big cock gonna cum inside this tight pussy?” You counter the question, speeding up your gyrations until you start to feel the burn in your thighs and stomach begin to twist. He lets out a low, long growl, his eyes lulling shut and head falling back against the couch, ready to succumb to euphoria.
“No,” you say, suddenly ceasing all movements to pull at his hair. The sharp pain in his scalp causes his eyes to snap open and look up at you. “Keep your eyes on me,” you command much like how he did with you the first time. You watch him swallow the knot in his throat and give him a wicked smile before picking back up where you left off.
Your hands are sprawled on his sweaty chest as you bounce up and down his length. Bucky’s senses are on overdrive, the way your pussy naturally hugs his cock, walls squeezing occasionally, your breasts swaying right in front of him, your skin shining from the layer of sweat coating your body, and the look of immense pleasure written all over your face because of him.
“Baby, I’m gonna cum,” he says over and over as some form of warning, hoping you’re not far behind.
The way his face contorted in ecstasy, lips parted, sweat building up on his forehead, the tip of his cock stabbing at your sweet spot, you were about to cum too. His words become a muffled mess when you attempt to silence him with a bruising kiss just as you reach your high, pussy clenching tight around his cock milking him of everything he’s got. Each spurt of his hot cum that shoots inside you causes your hips to stutter in response. Bucky attempts to keep them at bay with a hand pressed against your back, keeping your body close to him and in the process also instilling his seed is rooted deep inside of you.
“God...damn,” Bucky says short of breath when your body lies limp against his. Your arms are wrapped around his neck, you haven’t attempted to move just yet as you both sat there with his cock still buried in. When you manage to sit up, you stare back at Bucky with tired eyes, but there’s a smile on both your faces. It only slightly falters at his next words.
“I love you,” he says earnestly. Thankfully your silence doesn’t bother him, “ don’t have to say it back,” he adds, “I just wanted you to know. You’re so special,” he proclaims and your heart leaps at the very admission. You only nod for now but give him another reassuring smile because in time you knew you could allow yourself to love Bucky and be loved by him in return. It wasn’t a conventional meeting, but this was your life, not everyone else's.
When you finally manage to pull yourself off his cock, it slips out fluidly with a trail of his cum following in suit. You knew you’d curse yourself later on, but you’re both too tired to clean the mess right now. The pair of you settle into a lying position, facing one another, encased in each other’s arms. It’s a moment of bliss as you both just lie there, his eyes closed and a smile seemingly permanently etched on his face, only around you.  
“Hey Bucky,” you pipe up breaking the silence. He hums in response, “I want to know something...” you start out with.
“Anything,” he says, eyes still closed, his hand running up and down your arm, an indicator that he’s present and listening.
“What happened between you two?” Curiosity getting the best of you once more, you’re hoping this doesn’t ruin the moment, but you had to know. What went wrong? Besides, if this was going to work, he was going to have to be honest.
“Uh, she saw something on my phone…” he said cautiously, “...that involved you.” Your eyes widen at that. It couldn’t have been the sex tape you hoped.
“Bucky, no!” You gasp, sitting up and just hoping he doesn’t confirm it.
“Relax!” He says pulling you back down with him, “She was psycho. She went through my texts and saw some of the photos we used to send to each other. She must’ve thought they were recent.” He explains like it was no big deal.
Your heart stops racing slightly, you’re a bit relieved that she didn’t go as far as posting any of the photos on the Internet. You knew you were risking it by sexting with Bucky, but what was that saying? Hell hath no fury…and in a blind rage, she lashed out only on Bucky, but if she was a psycho, who knows what else she might’ve found on Bucky’s phone.
“Bucky?” you figure you might as well know now.
“What did you do with that sex tape?” You’d been dying to know if it was safely stored away or if maybe he even still watched it or just deleted it.
A big toothy grin spreads across his lips, his pearly whites on full display as he laughs at the question before he reaches over to the table next to the couch, where his cell phone rested on.
“Want to make a sequel?” He asks suggestively with a smirk on his lips and waving his phone at you, to which you playfully attempt to snatch from his grasp. He’s too quick, but nonetheless he replaces the phone in its original spot before focusing his attention on you alone.
“You don’t think this is all weird?” He questions almost hesitantly while tracing the outline of your jaw delicately. You’re not thinking that at all. You’d both been through a lot during the last few years that the only thing that was normal now was what you both had.
You shake your head in response, too tired for words, and drowning in the blissful moment. Bucky nods before declaring, “good because you make so happy,” then ending the night with sweet kisses. 
Tumblr media
“Hey, it’s me. I know you’re busy at the studio today...” you start, cell phone pressed against your ear. You’re attempting to leave a voicemail to your boyfriend, who was expecting your arrival later that day, “...but I just wanted to assure you that this isn’t weird, and I can’t wait to see you...I love you, Bucky,” you finish up the message and stuff the device into your bag just in time to hear the voice of the airline staff making the pre-boarding announcements booming loudly from the speakers.  
Now boarding Group B for flight #107 to JFK destination Brooklyn, New York.
Tumblr media
A/N: We’ve been in quarantine for so long, I don’t remember how airport announcements are like anymore and I was only in Brooklyn last Spring…RIP to the good times.
A happy ending was weird to write in the end and I actually don’t like this particular Bucky so it could’ve gone really bad, but I said to myself, no, not this time, I can do what the title says and let them be just that - happy. I too can be happy if you give this a like, reblog or comment! Thanks for reading!  
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belowva · 17 days ago
6 with rockstar!bucky? 🤩
what a wicked thing to do
rockstar!bucky barnes x rockstar!reader + 6. there was only one bed (...) from the friends to lovers prompt list
word count: 1k
warnings: bed sharing, mutual pining, fluff, a little bittersweet, reader and bucky are in the same band.
Tumblr media
"Can't you do something about that?" A plea, quiet as a whisper, fell from your lips as you paced up and down the carpeted hallway, and into your phone. "Anything, Sharon?"
Your manager wasn't having it. "It's just for one night, Y/N. You drew the short stick, you know how it works."
“That’s an unfair system and you know it.”
“I’d never heard you complain before.” You could imagine Sharon, pinching her nose with one hand while holding a glass of scotch in the other, phone hanging precariously from her shoulder, as she also paced around her office all the way back in New York. “‘Sides, you’ve already shared a bed with all of the boys at some point. What changed?”
The silence from your end had her sighing. “What changed, Y/N?”
“Nothing!” Your own, too quick, a little too loud, answer made you flinch. In a reflex, one of your hands covered your mouth as you looked at your room’s door, afraid of alarming the one who’s behind it. “Nothing’s changed. I just thought I could have a little more privacy, that’s all…”
“You’re in a rock band. You have no privacy.” Sharon deadpanned. You knew how impassive she could be - her tenacity and stubbornness were what got the band where it is today - you also knew that no matter how much you complained, clenched your teeth and huffed on your end of the call, she wouldn’t change her mind.
Calling Sharon was your hail mary, your last attempt at not ruining your own night - but to be fair, three bedrooms for four band members had already done that part for you. Four grown adults drawing sticks in the middle of a fancy hotel lobby - a tradition that had started in your garage days - ended up with you and Bucky, your drummer and life long friend, with two, very short, red sticks in hand.
Because, yes, things had changed.
Because Bucky Barnes wasn’t just the boy you’d met in high school, the one who drummed with his pencils in every possible surface, the one with long brown hair and lanky arms and silly jokes. Bucky was now a man, with more tattoos than you can count and rough hands that held you a little too close for comfort and looked at you with something like longing in his pale blue eyes. Somewhere along the road, things changed - and that, and the possibilities that it brought, scared you.
“I know, I know that…” A hand dragged over your face, fatigue already taking over your body, making it harder to argue. “Forget about that. I’m sorry I called.”
You hung up before Sharon had the chance to reply. Clutching your phone tightly to your chest, you prayed she’d never hold this against you. You also prayed that the night would end soon, and that whatever is waiting for you on the other side of that door, the one you were staring a hole into, would be kind to you.
As if sensing your thoughts, and your hesitance, that same door opened from within, revealing a damp-haired Bucky, half outside the doorway, still slightly wet from the shower, a few stray droplets running over his tanned, inked torso. You couldn’t look away, no matter how you tried.
“Aren’t ya coming in? It’s getting late.”
His kind smile was enough for you to take the first step, and the second, until you closed the door behind you.
Tumblr media
The bright sunlight coming from the gap between the curtains, irradiating the room in a soft yellow hue, wasn't what was heating your sleeping body like a furnace - it took you a while to realize.
When you stirred on the sheets, stretching your body atop the many pillows and blankets only a hotel bed could offer, you were met with a hard chest, while one arm pulled you impossibly closer, squishing your face into his warm skin, and tangling your legs into a intricate knot beneath the blanket. You could barely breathe.
It felt like a dream, one where you find yourself longing for way after you wake up - except, it was real and it made the butterflies in your stomach flutter, which only made it more bittersweet. Life was hanging something you couldn’t have right in front of you - beside you, all around you, wrapping you in his warmth and his scent - only to take him away as soon as you left that bed.
Trying to make yourself as small as possible, you were able to detangle yourself from him, and turn to your other side, but it was all for nothing - Bucky must have sensed your distance, because not a second later he was pulling you in again, strong arms wrapping around your frame, bringing you into his body, and molding it to yours.
“Stop moving.” Bucky’s thick voice whined from behind you. “Cold without you.”
You would have chuckled at his adorable pouting if you weren’t so tense. “That’s what you have a blanket for.”
“You’re a lot better than a blanket.”
When you tried to move, his arms locked you in place. The drummer’s face fell to your shoulder, nuzzling the soft skin there, and moving up to your neck. “I heard your talk with Sharon last night, on the phone.”
Tensing, you tried to turn, but again, Bucky still wasn’t having it. “It’s okay, we can talk about it later. I jus’ wanna sleep a little longer, ‘s that okay, baby?” He pleaded. “Please, don’t leave. I mean it, it’s cold without you.”
“I’m sorry you had to hear that, I promise it was… not what it seemed.”
“I know.” A light kiss was pressed to your clothed shoulder, but you could still feel the heat of his lips, which lingered a moment too long. “I know what changed. We changed.”
“We did.” You agreed, swallowing the lump that insisted on growing in your throat.
This time, Bucky let your body turn on itself, only to hide your head on the crook of his neck. One of your hands nestled itself on his chest, while the other reached to his back. Seemingly satisfied, Bucky held your head in place, thumb running in a loving caress to your tangled hair. You were hiding, and he knew that.
“Go back to sleep.” He repeated himself. “Stop worrying. I’m right here.”
You nodded into his skin, and settled in. He was right, whatever conversation you needed to have could wait when you had all you wanted, where you wanted it.
Tumblr media
a/n: we love a good ol' miscommunication trope. thank you for requesting @diegos-butt! 💗 as always, reblogs and feedback are much, much appreaciated.
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fuckandfluff · 2 months ago
Shout at the Devil
Tumblr media
Pairing: Rockstar Bucky x reader
Word Count: 1,000 Summary: Bucky is finally starting to fall for you. So after catching you flirting with his tour manager, he decides to teach you a lesson.
Warnings: 18+, minors DNI, THIS SHIT IS KINDA DARK? Mention of drugs, drinking, name calling, explicit and degrading language, cursing, unprotected vaginal sex, creampie, DUBCON, some serious hate-fucking, rough sex, angst, aftercare, lovey dovey Rockstar Bucky FLUFF !!!
A/N: This is a rework of I'm With the Band Part 6. I decided to flip the script and write it as a one-shot with Bucky. This Bucky is a leeeetle bit softer. Don't worry though, Rockstar Steve will get his moment! Much love to @thefanbasewhore & @sableseb for their sweet words of encouragement and beta help! 💕😭
You had probably re-read Bucky’s text four or five times before you finally plucked up the courage to peel yourself off the pleather bar stool and slink down to his suite. Your presence was requested and after the stunt you had just pulled, you owed it to Bucky to at least attempt an explanation.
Buck had meandered out to the parkade earlier that evening to meet up with his greasy dealer. It was Friday and his standing order was to snatch up an 8-ball so you knew he would be preoccupied for the rest of the night. That's why you got dolled up and sat at the rooftop bar, accepting drinks from total strangers and getting drunk off the attention.
The kiss with his manager was nothing more than a drunken blunder but when the photos made their way online within minutes, you knew Bucky would be big mad.
As you stepped off the elevator and onto Bucky's floor, a wave of sheer panic washed over you. His one rule was to not embarrass him and after that little show with Doc, he was going to flip. It was a cruel and trashy stunt, but you often struggled with impulse control. And the shots just kept coming.
The walk down the long corridor felt like it took eons - your head spinning as you tried to prepare what to say when you came face to face. As you approached penthouse 1503 and rapped on the door ever so lightly, it dawned on you just how badly you had fucked things up. It wasn’t an excuse, but you were exhausted. Exhausted with competing for Bucky’s recognition - it seemed like all of his time either went into drumming or thin white lines. It felt nice to finally get some doting attention.
Bucky swung the door open abruptly, pulling you inside with one fell swoop. “You’re such a fuckin’ bitch,” he snapped, slamming the door shut behind you. Your head brashly thumped against the doorframe as he pinned you against it.
“What the FUCK is wrong with you?” Bucky chided, grazing the shell of your ear. he bared his hips forcefully down into yours and you could feel his pulsing cock nestled right between the cushion of your ass.
You wrestled to regain control but were no match for Bucky’s brute strength. Hands clamped onto your delicate wrists, forcing your arms above your head. His grasp was so ironclad that you felt your supple skin sting. He braces his forearms on either side of your head, pinning you against the frame.
“Bucky stop, you’re hurting me!”
As you continued to flail and fumble, his thumb slipped between your slightly open pout. “You're embarrassin', doll. It's pathetic."
You could feel a twinge of shame starting to bloom in your chest and though his words sliced deep, you knew they were true. You couldn’t blame him for being mortified while you traipsed around in a barely-there dress, desperate for the male gaze. There wasn't anything for you to rebuke because he was right.
He yanked the back of your head, fisting a handful of your auburn locks, “My cock not enough for ya, hey?"
Your mind was entirely muddled - you were flustered at the sight of angsty Bucky. This was a side of him you had never hoped to see, he was absolutely out for blood and yet the manhandling, the aggression, it unlocked a kink you didn’t know you had.
You felt your core tense up, a dampness floating between your thighs. So wet, in fact, that your pretty purple thong had stuck to your lips. "Bucky please just stop, we can talk..I'm so sorry!" you whimpered, rueful tears welling in your eyes.
"You think I called ya down here ta' talk? You’re here so I can fuck the attitude right outta ya,” his bottom lip slyly disappearing under his pearly whites. He planted open-mouthed smooches down the column of your throat as you continued writhing under his grip.
Bucky cradled his hands underneath your thighs, hoisting you up against the door, torso flush with his. He kissed you with a ferocity you had never felt before but had pathetically craved. He fumbled with his zipper, positing his length just up against you.
The initial press makes your toes curl as you back up onto his rock-hard cock. He plunges deep inside your tightness, the abrupt thrusts keeling you over like a ragdoll into the crook of his neck. Tiny, sweet squeals emerged from your lips as he drives himself further and further in.
“Fuckin’ bitch,” he spat, shamelessly fucking up into you.
You’re broken down and reduced to sounds as Bucky rips in and out of your ridges while whispering degrading garble into your ear:
“Fuck you, you’re nothin’ but a stupid skank.”
“You’re gonna take this cock like the one-track minded slut you are.”
“I hate you.”
Your skin was blazing hot and your blood roared feverishly, you feel him close to cumming and in retaliation, you clamp down on his cock to dole out a bit of punishment and selfishly make him last just a few moments longer.
You’re entirely fucked out and as your back keenly arches, you feel yourself close too. It doesn’t seem right, doesn’t seem fair for you to cum. But you relish in the sensation of Bucky rolling his cock forward and back, hoping in earnest that he can bring you to climax.
With one final stride he creams inside you, coating you from the inside out, spilling hot. As he pulls out, the smear of his cum drags across your taut stomach.
And almost like the flick of a switch, he’s suddenly saccharine: like Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde if they were a 21st century rockstar. He tips your chin down, kissing you softly: “You’re gonna smarten up, doll."
Bucky hands you a mug of piping hot Earl Grey - your favourite. His hand sails along the side of your face and he smiles at you. The most beautiful, innocent smile. Bucky may have just hate-fucked you into oblivion but he makes sure you’re taken care of - that you feel safe with him. He ran you a tub in the porcelain soaker and room service was en route.
“I've never made tea before, hope it's okay..” he shyly sputters. How could the most notorious rockstar in the world suddenly be so bashful? You had realized that he felt most comfortable when he was balls deep inside you and emotional intelligence was unchartered territory for him. But he was trying. He was trying and that meant the world.
You swallowed thickly, cupping the scalding hot mug as you laid out in the bubble-filled tub.
“I love you,” he mutters, the words barely more than a whisper. "I want you to be only mine, okay?”
Thank you so much for reading, angel babies! 🥺
All other parts can be found here
If you like my smutty self indulgent ramblings, add yourself to my taglist here! xoxo
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buckycuddlebuddy · 26 days ago
𝐢 𝐰𝐚𝐬 𝐦𝐚𝐝𝐞 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐢𝐧' 𝐲𝐨𝐮
summary ─ “having miles on the stage with me today felt amazing, but i miss him as a baby.” he kissed the spot right under your ear. “i want another.”
pairing ─ rockstar!bucky barnes x bassist!reader
warnings ─ smut, +18, breeding kink, dirty talk, pet names, fluff, kissing, light lactation kink, unprotected sex, fingering, rockstar!bucky is a dad, established relationship (husband and wife), the whole band has kids lol, daddy kink (not ddlg/ddlb), spitting and slapping the kitty kat
a/n ─ i don’t know where i got the idea but i suddenly wanted to see rockstar!bucky as a father and this happened. i hope you like it! please leave a comment if you do! thank youuu <33
title is from i was made for lovin’ you by kiss
Tumblr media
“A’right,” Steve’s voice boomed through the microphone. “We have a new drummer.” He gave the crowd in front of him a very big smile. “He’s new into this, but he’s got all the qualifications we need.” He could see the audience talking to themselves, asking whether they kicked Bucky out of the band and hired a new drummer or not. Steve’s smile widened. “Ladies and gentlemen,” he said. “I present you, Miles Barnes!”
The spotlight moved from Steve to drums, where Bucky was perched on the stool with his five-year-old son Miles on his lap. He had the biggest smile on his face. His kohl-painted eyes were shining, hair covering half of his face, but it was impossible to miss the big smile. He didn’t have any t-shirt on him because it was a very hot night and he had been playing the drums for the past two hours now. His leather short shorts were giving him a brief relief whenever a breeze decides to say hi to him.
Miles was sitting on his lap, his tiny hands were holding his father’s drumsticks. He had a band merch t-shirt on; it was made especially for him, all tiny and cute. He had his father’s eyes; wide and blue, shining happily.
“Hi, Miles,” Bucky said, the microphone next to his drums picking up his voice. “Wanna say hi?” Miles grinned at his father, showing all the teeth he had. Bucky chuckled. “Yeah? You gonna say hi? Come on, then.” Bucky pointed the crowd.  
Miles waved crazily with drumstick in his hand, almost gauging his father’s eye out. “Hi!” The crowd aww’ed and cooed.
“Miles is gonna play for you guys,” Bucky said. “He’s been real excited about it, ain’t ya pal?” Miles nodded, hair bouncing. Bucky giggled happily, kissing his son’s cheek. “Okay, I’ll handle the downstairs, you play upstairs, okay?” Miles nodded again.
“Are we good to go?” You said with your bass guitar hanging from your shoulder, watching your husband and son having their moment with a fond smile on your face. Bucky gave you thumbs up. Sam and Steve took their positions, too. “Ready, baby?” You asked Miles.
“Yesh!” He exclaimed. Bucky kissed his cheek loudly.
“One, one, two, three, four!” Bucky counted, and all of you started playing.
For a five-year-old, Miles was really good at playing the drums. He had always watched his father playing, always with them in the studio since he was born and even before that, while you were pregnant to him. He had the ear.
So, it wasn’t a surprise that you played a whole song with Miles hitting the right places and Bucky doing the foot work for him. He never missed a beat, looked all focused and cute while playing. You were beyond proud, and Bucky wasn’t so far off. You could see him whispering encouraging things in Miles’ ear throughout the song. It made you feel warm all over.
You cheered along with other members of the band and the audience when the song was over. Miles was grinning ear to ear. You immediately walked up to them.
“You did great, baby!” You exclaimed, hoisting him up, you hugged him. “You played so well! Just like your dad, huh?” Miles made happy, approving noises, and you couldn’t help but kiss him soundly. Bucky rose from his stool, kissing his hair and then your cheek. Sam was there to fist bump Miles.
“How did you find our new drummer?” Steve asked. You heard the crowd yelling ‘yes’ loudly than before. You laughed. “Your spot is in danger, Papa Barnes,” Steve joked. “I’d watch out if I were you.” Bucky snorted as he rolled his eyes.
“Watch out, punk,” he deadpanned. “Besides, let it be my son who takes over rather than someone else.” He ruffled Miles’ hair and smiled down at him. Steve held his hands up.
“Yeah, can’t argue with that logic,” he murmured. “Miles Barnes, people.” You turned Miles to the audience and told him to wave. Miles did so very enthusiastically. Everyone cheered and laughed. “Okay, we’ll have a small break and then we’ll be back for the last four songs…”
“I want another,” Bucky whispered into your ear, making you jump slightly. His arms slid around your waist, pulling your body against his, and he trailed his nose up and down your neck. “Having Miles on the stage with me today felt amazing, but I miss him as a baby.” He kissed the spot right under your ear. “I want another.”
“Bucky…” Your eyes closed as your head lolled back, resting on his shoulder. Bucky hummed. He continued to his assaults on your neck as he kept talking.
“I miss seeing you pregnant, honey,” he whispered. “I miss your bump, miss feeling them kicking into my hand and miss fucking you bare.” He nipped your flesh gently. You hummed, grinding your hips against his crotch at the memory of the night Miles was most likely conceived. Bucky hummed, too, like he knew exactly what you were thinking.
“Don’t you wanna have another son, mama? Hm?” His hot breath licked over the gentle bite he placed a second ago, and you shivered. “Or a girl this time? With your hair and brains?”
“Bucky, fuck,” you moaned lowly. “Miles is in the next room.” Bucky scoffed.
“Please, we’ve fucked in dressing rooms while it was packed,” he rolled his eyes. “Miles being in the next room won’t stop me from treatin’ you, and you know it, pretty.” You hummed approvingly. It really wouldn’t stop him. “You still gotta be quiet, though,” he whispered then, licking the flesh he had been assaulting. Shuddering violently, you leaned into him even more.
“You really want another baby?” You asked him. The tour was almost over; you only had four more stops before you were finished, and then you’d probably be in studio, writing new songs for the next couple years. It was the perfect time to have another, actually.
“Yeah, honeybun,” Bucky agreed. “I wan’ it so much. Besides, Miles would make a great big brother.” You smiled at the thought. Miles was always a sharing and caring kid; you saw him helping Sam’s daughter getting up after a fall, watched putting a band-aid on Steve’s son’s knee…
“Okay,” you said. “Let’s have another.” Bucky let out a soft ‘whoop’ sound before he threw you over his shoulder and marched towards the bedroom. Thankfully, the hotel room was big so, your sounds would most likely to be muffled and wouldn’t wake Miles up very easily. You still placed the baby monitor close to you.
Shedding your clothes quickly, you pulled Bucky in by his belt loops. Both of you fell onto the cloudy bed with your limbs mixed with each other, and Bucky leaned in for a hot, passionate kiss. You moaned into his mouth. The way he kissed you always stole your breath away, always woke up the butterflies that lived in your stomach. His kisses also made you feel cherished and loved which was the main reason why you loved kissing him so much.
Humming, you trailed your hands to his back, nails digging into his tattooed skin. Bucky moaned brokenly. You spread legs even more, heels came to rest at his back, and you threw your head back, baring your throat to him.
“God, the first time you pulled this trick on me, I was reciting baseball scores so that I won’t come the second you brush against my dick,” he murmured, and you laughed. Bucky huffed into your skin. “Yeah, laugh away. You have no idea how fucking beautiful you are.” You smiled down at him, cheeks feeling hot as the shyness shone in your eyes. Bucky chuckled fondly. He kissed your neck, fingers pulling your shorts down with your panties. You hummed and lifted your hips to help him take them off. He threw the clothes somewhere in the room without lifting his head.
“Hmm, Bucky,” you sighed, fingers diving deep into his hair and pulling them lightly. He buried a soft moan into the skin of your neck.
“You’re so soft, damn,” he whispered, kissing his way down to your breasts. “Can’t wait for these to fill out again so that you can feed me some.” You groaned while he chuckled. “It tastes very good, mama, hush.” You rolled your eyes.
“You’re impossible,” you murmured and heard him getting out a ‘damn right’ before he bit the soft flesh of your breast over your bra. You gasped. Bucky’s hand sneaked under the oversize t-shirt ─his t-shirt─ you had on, and his fingers were quick to unclasp your bra.
Bucky growled when the t-shirt got in his way. “Off,” he grumbled. You sat up for a second to ditch the cloth with your bra. When you were free of any sort of clothing, laying naked under Bucky, you watched him properly crawl on top of you. He kissed the valley of your breasts, biting down on them gently before he took one of your nipples in his mouth.
Hissing, your fingers got tangled in his mid-length hair, pulling on the strands harshly. Bucky moaned at the delicious sting on his scalp. He sucked and twirled his tongue on the perky tip, biting very gently sometimes to increase the sensation. His right hand was squeezing your left boob while his left arm had sneaked down, stroking your lower stomach gently as if there was a baby already. You shivered.
“Don’t tease,” you murmured. “Please, not today, ple─ Oh!” His fingers came in contact with your clit, making you jump and tighten your legs around him as you threw your head back and bit your lip to keep your loud moan inside. Bucky hummed, lips still around your nipple and sucking. “Bucky!” you hissed again. He pulled back with an obscene ‘pop’ sound.
“What’s wrong, baby?” He asked. You wiggled under him.
“Don’t tease, please,” you whimpered, tugging on his t-shirt. He smirked. It was half playful and half dangerous, you inhaled shakily. Straightening up, he ditched the t-shirt, exposing his tattooed chest on display among with his nipple piercings. You trailed your hands on his chest, flicking his nipples to make him moan and nails following the lines of his tattoos to make him shudder.
“Hmm,” he hummed. “It’s not fair of you to tell me not to tease you while you’re doing the same to me.” You winked at him. You moved your hands south, to his belt, and you quickly unbuckled it. Before you could throw it away, Bucky grabbed it from you. His huge hand took a hold of your wrists, and you felt the leather of his belt against them, suddenly tied up to the bedpost.
“Yup,” he said. “You’re getting handsy.” You pouted.
“Can I not touch my husband?” You said, increasing your pout. Bucky chuckled. He leaned in for a kiss as his fingers undid the button of his pants.
“Of course you can, love,” he murmured against your lips. “Just not now.” He gave you a peck on the cheek. “I have a mission.” You snorted. “A holy mission.”
“Jesus, Barnes,” you said, cackling. “It sounds so unholy when you say it like that.” He grinned.
“As it should because it’s gonna be messy as fuck.” With that, he briefly abandoned you on the bed and chucked his pants down. “God, I feel like a teenager who’s about to lose his virginity because it’s been so fucking long since I got to fuck you bare.”
“You’re an idi─ mmph,” you murmured but got cut off by Bucky’s lips onto yours, tongue licking inside.
Next ten minutes or so spent by making out with your gorgeous husband, swallowing his moans and him pulling whimpers out of you. His hips were grinding against yours slowly. His cock, all weeping and red, slid on your equally wet and desperate sex. Bucky straightened up. He slid his arms under your legs and lifted them up on his shoulders. You gasped. You knew where this was going. You knew his favorite position after all.
“Yeah,” he grunted. “You know what I’m about to do, bunny,” he whispered. He hugged your legs with one arm and pressed them against his chest. His free hand untied you. “Wanna feel you touching me, but I’m pulling out the rope for the round two.” You nodded. You’d be okay with that as long as you got what you want for the first one. Or until you got over your desperation.
You watched his hand disappearing from your view, and the next second you felt his cock at your slick hole. “Yeah, gimme,” you whispered. Bucky hummed. He shuffled forward, thighs resting against the back of yours, and he leaned forward. His cock slid inside of you slowly, making you feel every inch and vein as he did so. You groaned.
“Fuck,” he gasped. “Been fuckin’ you silly at every chance I get, but you’re still tight as fuck─ Oh my God.” He threw his head back as he wrapped his other arm around your legs. You mewled at the feeling of his cock inching its way in you. Your knees were almost touching your chest, your felt small under his bulk.
“Oh shit, Bucky,” you gasped, nails digging into the meat of his biceps. He groaned as an answer. He bottomed out after what felt like a century, and both of you let out a moan of relief. “So big…” You whispered.
“Yeah, baby,” Bucky said. “Made for your tight, lil pussy.” He pulled out slightly and thrusted in. Your slick walls were hugging his hard cock so nicely, Bucky felt like he might pass out any second. His cock was literally getting swallowed by them whenever he tried to pull out a little, and the thought was doing something to him. “Shit, princess. You’re pussy is milking me already.” He let out a harsh exhale as he thrusted in once more. His balls snug against your crack, you clenched around him.
“God, move,” you breathed. “Move, please.” Bucky hushed you, placing a soothing kiss on your ankle. You whimpered when he pulled out and thrusted in a bit harder than before. “Yeah, c’mon.”
“You know the magic words, bunny,” Bucky rasped. “Use them and I’ll fuck you like you want.” You whimpered again. Even though saying those words turned you on a lot and made your sex life whole fucking sexier, you still couldn’t help but get shy each time Bucky asked you to say them out loud. “Aw,” he taunted. “I love how you get shy every time.” He kissed your nose. “Say it,” he whispered against your lips, giving your bottom lip a harsh bite. You gasped.
“Mmh,” you hummed, sounding more like a whine. Murmuring a ‘fuck it’ to yourself in your mind, you tried to ignore your shyness as you gave Bucky what he wanted. “Please, daddy,” you whispered. “Breed me, fuck a baby in me, please!” Bucky groaned loudly. Those magic words sounded like a freaking lullaby to him, like angels were singing especially for him, and he groaned once again before he picked up a faster pace.
You gasped.
“A’right, bunny,” Bucky rumbled. “I’ll fuck a baby in you. I’ll breed you proper and stuff you well.” His balls were hitting against your crack, his pelvic bone brushing against your clit with his every thrust, your eyes rolled back. “I did that before, didn’t I? I fucked you proper, breed you well and you gave me a son.” Shuffling forward a bit more, Bucky dropped his torso onto his elbows, bending you in half. “Gimme another, huh, mama? Another son?”
You moaned loudly, but it sounded muffled due to Bucky’s bulk covering your body. Your nails were digging very deeply into his skin, possibly leaving marks, and your pussy was getting assaulted in the best way possible. Every drag of his cock, Bucky made sure you felt the every twitch and vein, and it had been driving you crazy for a little while now.
“Fuck, James,” you panted. Bucky leaned in to capture your lips with his. Moaning into it, you slid one of your hands into his hair, pulling on them tightly enough to yank his head back with a gasp.
“Oh fuck─” He moaned, hips twitching and pace faltering for a second.
“I fucking love your pain kink,” you whispered hotly against his lips and pulled on his hair even more. Bucky let out a throaty moan. His hips practically jackrabbitting in and out of you, you could feel the desperation in his movements. You dragged your hand down his arm, nails still dug deep into the skin, you clenched around him. “Gimme your come, daddy,” you moaned when his next thrust brushed that sensitive spot in you. “There!” You gasped when he did it again. “Fuck, there!”
You heard him cursing in Russian, something that he usually did when he was too turned on or too close to coming. “Fuck, you’re gonna be the death of me,” Bucky grunted. His cock moved even faster in you. He pulled out until it was only the head inside and slammed back in, managing to brush that sweet spot in you every time. You groaned. Your legs started to shake a bit, your lower stomach tingling with your upcoming orgasm.
“’m close,” you whimpered. Your hand in his hair slid down his back, leaving angry, red marks down his spine and making him shudder with the amazing feeling of pain mixed with pleasure. “Daddy,” you whined. “’m so close, gimme─” Bucky snarled. Suddenly straightening up, he held your legs up on the air by your ankles.
His thrusts got sloppy. The obscene sounds of wetness and skin slapping skin had filled the room, echoing slightly, and very briefly, you wondered if Miles was able to hear you. You bit your lip.
“So good,” Bucky was mumbling. “Feels so good aroun’ me. Like velvet, softest pillows, hmm.” Your breath hitched. He was nailing that spot with his every thrust, and you were on the edge. Bucky growled when he felt you tightening up as a warning. He brought one of his hands harshly on your pussy, slapping the slick covered flesh, and you cried out. “Sshh,” Bucky whispered. “Be quiet, bunny.” He slapped your pussy three more times, abusing your sensitive clit and making it throb. You watched his face getting dark and more turned on with each passing second. Your brain short-circuited when you saw him spitting right onto your clit, and you gasped.
Bucky pressed his thumb on your clit where he just spitted, rubbing it in and rolling your clit beneath his fingertip at the same time. Your back arched, legs trembled violently and walls tightened around Bucky’s cock as you came with a silent scream.
“Fuck, you’re face─” Bucky breathed. He picked up his pace again, going back to his jackrabbitting. His balls were heavy and slick, cock twitching you deliciously. “’m gonna come, bunny,” he rasped. “Gonna come in you. Gonna put a baby in you, get you pregnant again─” He gasped loudly and let out a long groan. His cock twitched, balls seized up, and they emptied themselves into you. He fell onto his elbows on the last second, leg muscles twitching with his cock still in you. You hummed.
“This was almost as hot as the one we had when we conceived Miles,” you slurred. Bucky hummed into the crook of your neck. His hips were still thrusting in and out of you at a very lazy pace, you sighed at the feeling. “We’re filthy,” you whispered. “Gotta shower.” Bucky let out a protesting sound.
“In the mornin’,” he rumbled and rolled to the empty side of the bed, pulling you with him.
“Bucky─” He placed his hand over your mouth.
“In the mornin’ I said, bunny, hush.” You sighed, accepting your fate. Snuggling against him even more, you closed your eyes. It didn’t take too long for the sleep taking over you both.
“Oh, hey, Liv,” Bucky whispered as he stroked his daughter’s soft cheek. Little baby girl made a cooing sound and snuggled into her father’s hand on her face. Bucky stifled a sob. “Gonna get you inked on my body like your brother with your mama,” he murmured. “It’s tradition.” You smiled at your husband.
“We can take you guys,” the tattoo artist said, a soft smile on their face as they watched the small family walk inside. You placed the small portable baby bed on the small couch, helping Miles climb on next to his sister.
“Watch out for her, okay, baby?” You asked. Miles nodded. He immediately placed his hand on his sister, holding onto her little hand. You felt your eyes getting teary at the scene. Kissing his forehead, you went back to the seats where the artist was waiting for you.
“He’s cute,” the artist said. “Protective.”
“Takes after his father,” you told them. Bucky rolled his eyes, but there was a proud look on his face. You chuckled.
“Alright, what do you guys want?”
 Ten minutes later, you left the tattoo shop hand-in-hand with Bucky. You were holding Miles’ hand with your other one and Bucky was carrying Olivia. You could see the small patch on his chest where he got his new tattoo while it was on your hand: Names of your kids and the day they born. Small, but a memoir anyway.
You got inside the car, Bucky sliding next to you with Olivia on his lap. “You know, Liv, I was made for lovin’ you guys.” You snorted as you fixed Miles’ hair who was sitting on your lap.
“You’re a sap,” you murmured. He hummed approvingly.
“A badass sap,” he said, making you snort again. “A badass sap with tattoos.”
“You’re also a dumbass, don’t forget to add that in your CV.” He laughed.
“Yeah,” he nodded, eyes finding yours. “I’ll remember to add that I’m a badass and dumbass sap with tattoos who’s crazily in love with you.” You felt your cheeks burn.
“Shuddup, Barnes,” you grumbled. He grinned wickedly and kissed your warm cheek. He, then, signaled the driver, and the car started to move.
You sighed happily as the car drove the four of you home.
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luxeavenger · 6 days ago
I Spit Diamonds
Pairings: rockstar!Bucky Barnes x rockstar!Steve Rogers x female!reader
Words: 4023
Summary: Nights with the Howlies can get wild. It's lucky you fit right in.
Warnings: Homophobic slurs, drug use, alcohol use, canon-typical violence, fist fight, semi-public sex, blow job, vaginal fingering, piv sex, anal sex, rough sex, come play/swallowing, spit kink, poly relationship, derogatory language (slut-affectionate), pet names (kitten/princess/pretty girl)
18+ ONLY PLEASE! MINORS DNI. If you hit Keep Reading you agree that you're 18 or older. I do not consent to any part of this work being read by anyone under 18 years of age.
I do not consent to having my work copied, translated, or posted on any other site. The ONLY places my work should appear are@luxeavenger on Tumblr and Ao3
Series Masterlist | Main Masterlist
Please reblog if you enjoy!
Tumblr media
“Strike!” Natasha shouts triumphantly.
“Nat, that’s the fourth turn you’ve taken in a row. It was Clint’s turn after the first two balls you threw,” you sigh. “That wasn’t a strike. It was a shitshow.”
“That’s right. A fucking shitshow,” Clint scowls. He’d been winning until Natasha decided she wasn’t okay with losing and started cheating.
You were beginning to think that eating a shitload of edibles and going bowling with Clint and Nat had been a terrible idea. You suspect Scott knew what you were getting yourself into because he disappeared the second he shut the RV’s engine off.
Steve and Bucky asked for some quiet time because they were working on a few new songs Bucky had written lyrics for recently. It’s not exactly something they can do with everyone underfoot.
The bowling alley was gross, it smelled like feet and unwashed ass, and everything had a scummy yellow layer of nicotine all over it. To make matters worse, there was a man a few lanes down from yours that had way too much to drink. He was acting like an asshole, talking too loudly, trying to pick a fight with everyone around him, feeling up the lane server, and just being a prick in general. Even his friends seemed fed up with him.
“Can we just start a new game?” Clint grumbles, pointing at Nat, who is still tossing her bright red ball down the alley, having taken the last three or four turns from you and Clint.
“Yeah honey. We’ll start a new game. I just need to figure out how to get Nat to quit throwing the fucking ball.”
The sound of glass breaking, a scream, and a slap comes from the right, “You ASSHOLE.” It’s the lane server who the drunk dirtbag had been harrassing all night. From the sound of things he’d grabbed her ass one too many times and she’d spilled a whole tray of beer because of it, so she’d slapped him.
“You bitch! You can’t touch me! I’ll have you fired, you fucking cunt!” To no one’s surprise the babyman didn’t take kindly to being called on his bullshit.
Clint has an extremely low tolerance for men who treat women like shit, so he’s on his feet as soon as the dude starts yelling. You aren’t sure what he plans on doing—he’s too stoned to tie his fucking shoes right now—but you have to admit, you’d like to beat this dude’s ass too.
“GODDAMNIT, RUMLOW,” the manager shouts, “I’m sick of doing this with you every weekend. Get the fuck out of here. You’re banned, Brock. Permanently. If I see your ugly face here again I’ll call the cops. I kinda hope I get to call the cops—aren’t you still on probation?”
You figure this guy must have one hell of a reputation because the bowling alley erupts in applause as the manager escorts the man—Rumlow—out of the building.
“Wow. What a trainwreck. Awesome!” Nat hoots. “And you wanted to find a bar, Barton.”
“Yeah. At least I’d be drunk now if we’d gone to a bar. This watered-down beer is weak as piss,” he complains, “except piss tastes a hell of a lot better.”
“Oh god, grumpy,” you grumble, “it’s called a flask, Clint. Invest in one.” You pull your flask out of your back pocket and hand it to him. It’s a gift from Steve, a beautiful swirly rainbow, that matches the gorgeous butterfly knife Bucky had given you after you’d taken a shine to one of his with the same prismatic colors.
“Ooo, pretty,” Clint coos over your flask before taking a long pull. He groans as the liquor burns its way down his esophagus, “Oh yeah, that hits the fuckin’ spot.”
“Scott’s friend Thor dropped by with some moonshine the other day,” you take a swig from the flask, humming at taste, “he flavors it with apples.”
“Gimmie gimmie! Me too!” sing-songs Nat, making a grabby hands gesture until Clint passes her the flask after taking another long pull from it.
“Okay, Clint. I’ll give it to ya. You were right, this place sucks,” you finally concede. You pull your phone out and shoot off a text to Steve and Bucky to find out how much longer they needed.
“I’m always right,” Clint grumbles petulantly.
“Like hell you are, Barton,” Nat pulls a face.
“You know I am, Romanoff,” he tosses back, sarcastically, “even if you can’t admit my brilliance out loud, I know you know,” he taps his temple and points at her. Nat sticks her finger in her open mouth and pretends to throw up.
Your phone dings, and it’s a text from Steve letting you know they’re done for the night, and you can come home. Wrangling Clint and Natasha is like trying to shovel water upstairs, but eventually all three of you are out of your bowling shoes and back into your own, and walking the four blocks back to the RV, the three of you draining your flask as you go.
There’s a 7-11 across the street from where the RV is parked, and you follow Nat and Clint into the convenience store to grab snacks and a slurpee, when you spot Bucky and Steve at the counter. You squeal, slurpee forgotten, and hop into Steve’s arms, giggling as he peppers your neck with kisses.
“Hi, kitten,” Bucky grins and kisses you when Steve passes you over so he can pay for their sodas and red vines. The cashier looks at the three of you with a strange look on his face, until Steve sneers at him.
Outside of the store Steve crouches down so you can climb onto his shoulders for a piggy-back ride. He gallops across the parking lot, making you squeal with laughter. Then Clint jogs by with Nat perched on his shoulders. He shouts, “Welcome to the horse race! Get your bets in, ladies and gents, the counter closes in five!”
Bucky shouts, “I’ll bet you a bag of red vines she falls off your shoulders before you get to the RV!”
“You’re on, punk!” Clint flips him the bird over his shoulder and takes off.
A moment later you hear a triumphant cheer and Clint shouts, “We’re the winners!” Which is immediately followed by a shriek from Nat. Then, “She did NOT fall! I did!”
Bucky snorts a laugh and smacks your ass as he trots ahead.
“Stevie? Did you and Bucky get a lot of work done?”
“We sure did, sweetheart. Did you have fun with Clint and Nat?”
“It was okay. But Clint was right, we should have gone to a bar instead.”
“Over the years, I’ve learned to always trust Clint and Nat when it comes to recreational activities. Bucky and I have superpowers because of the super soldier serum. For Clint and Nat, partying is their superpower. They can find a good time like those dogs in the airports find drugs. Actually, finding drugs is another one of their superpowers.”
The RV is just ahead, and Clint and Nat are sitting on the dashboard talking to Scott, and passing a joint around. Bucky is outside, leaning against the brick wall.
Steve hoists you off his shoulders and deposits you gently on the ground. Bucky grabs the front of Steve’s t-shirt and yanks him over for a kiss. Bucky’s arms go around Steve’s neck, while Steve’s big hands go to Bucky’s waist. Their bodies press together from chest to thigh, Steve’s hands squeezing Bucky’s hips, his chunky rings sparkling in the light from the convenience store across the street.
You lean against the wall next to Bucky, your heart hip-hopping in your chest as you watch them kiss. It can be easy to forget about the accumulated years between them, how they’ve loved each other since they were kids, but every time they touch each other their history is written all over them—sometimes literally, they each have tattoos celebrating the other. Through every phase, life change, and loss they’ve been inseparable. They are each other’s beginning and end. Whether they’re talking, kissing, or fucking, every single stroke, or caress is accentuated by their bond. Yet, somehow they always make you feel like you belong, they’d never once made you feel like an interloper.
“You taste like apples,” Bucky hums. He slides a hand over Steve’s cock and makes a pleased noise when he finds him hard and straining against his zipper. “Wonder what else you taste like,” he says, sinking to his knees on the pavement between Steve and the wall.
He gets his mouth around Steve’s cock as soon as he frees it from his pants. Steve rumbles ‘Oh fuuuuck,” and props his arm against the wall so he can rest his forehead against it.
Bucky licks and sucks at the tip of Steve’s cock. He grabs Steve’s hefty PA piercing between his teeth and tugs at it before swirling his tongue around the head. Little kitten licks to the underside of the glans where the steel ring of his piercing intersects his skin, makes Steve groan loudly, and his hips jump forward. Bucky hums around the jewelry and Steve lets out a strangled noise of pleasure.
Watching Bucky noisily and enthusiastically work over Steve’s cock has you wet and squeezing your thighs together, but when Bucky slides his mouth from the tip all the way to the base in one smooth movement like he’s trying to suck Steve’s soul out through his dick, and Steve’s knees buckle, you can’t help the groan that escapes your mouth. Steve turns his face towards you, a grin curling over his lips. He slips a big hand around your throat and drags you to his mouth for a kiss.
Humming against your lips, Steve asks, “You like watching me get my dick sucked, pretty girl?” You nod. “Bet you’re wet right now. Bet your panties are fucking drenched.”
“‘M not wearing any,” you whisper against his lips.
“Fuck, you’re such a slut for us, aren’t you, sweetheart?” He snakes a hand down the front of your shorts and swipes two fingers through your folds, hissing when he finds you soaked. He drives his fingers into your pussy, and catches your mewl with his tongue when he devours your mouth in a kiss.
Bucky’s using one hand to jerk Steve’s cock when he has to come up for air, but the metal one is wrapped around your leg, slowly stroking the inside of your thigh, keeping you close to them and occasionally slipping up the leg of your shorts to slide around your wet pussy. His cool digits circle your opening as Steve’s fingers work you over hard. Steve’s rings grind against your clit with every pump into your sopping cunt. Your whole body is hot, except for all the places Bucky’s vibranium touches. The heavy limb drags cool trails up and down your thigh, while his fingertips continually dance in and out of your shorts.
“Well, well, well look at what I found,” a rough voice interrupts from the mouth of the alley. “Must be my lucky night. Hello, sugar.”
All three of you turn to see the speaker, who you instantly recognize as the asshole from the bowling alley. “Not this dipshit,” you groan quietly. Then louder, “Rumlow, right?”
“Yeah, that’s me,” he grins, “but a sweet little piece of ass like yourself can call me by my first name. It’s Brock.”
Steve immediately tenses, and you put a hand on his arm to stop him from doing anything extreme. Bucky just snorts a laugh and tucks Steve back into his pants. You already know this isn’t going to end well for this dickhead. “Okay, Brock. I’m doing you a huge favor right now, and telling you to mind your own business, and get the fuck out of here.”
“A favor? That’s awful nice of you, sugar.” He palms his dick over his jeans, and unwisely digs his grave a little deeper with the gesture, “How ‘bout I do you a huge favor and take you home with me? I can take better care of you than either of these faggots.”
Okay, so he was digging that grave a lot deeper.
Bucky’s on his feet now. “The fuck did you just call us?”
“I said,” Brock takes a step toward them, “I’m gonna take this pretty little cunt home with me, and give her a real dick to ride, because neither of you faggots can take care of this little bitch’s pussy like I fuckin’ can.”
Steve chuckles darkly, and Bucky nods. “Yeah. That’s what I thought. I just wanted to make sure.”
He and Steve are on the guy so fast you’d almost believe they teleported the twelve feet that separated them. Steve’s fist makes contact with Rumlow’s cheek, snapping his head back hard. As soon as Brock recovers, he takes a swing at Bucky—a surprisingly disciplined swing for a drunk ass dipshit, but one Bucky could dodge in his sleep—and meets Steve’s fist again. The blow knocks him off his feet and back into Bucky’s solid chest. Bucky gets his vibranium hand under the guy’s arm before he can fall and pulls him upright just in time for Steve’s fist to make contact with his stomach, driving the breath out of him with an audible woof.
Rumlow tries to hit Steve with a haymaker, but Steve easily side steps his fist, Bucky uses the opening to hit him with a right cross, knocking Rumlow to the ground. Your mind flashes back to the poor server from earlier, how much she must have put up with because of this douchebag. You pull your butterfly knife out of your boot, flip it open, and straddle Rumlow’s back. He’s still struggling to breathe, and he makes a high-pitched whining noise when you plop down on him. Grabbing a handful of his hair, you wrench his head up and press the blade under his jaw.
Rumlow wheezes, and spits a mouthful of blood on the ground in front of him. There’s at least two teeth in the crimson puddle. “Quit movin’ before you make me slip, asshole,” you growl. You press the knife edge against him until he hisses, and a thin red rivulet spills down his Adam’s apple. It matches the red oozing from the lacerations on his cheek where Steve’s rings cut him.
“Shit, darling, chill,” he says, trying to placate you.
Bucky slaps his cheek lightly and growls, “Stop fucking talking to her if you know what’s good for you.”
Steve casually squats in front of Brock with his hands hanging from his knees, knuckles red and raw and splattered with blood from Rumlow’s face. Bucky gets on his hands and knees on the pavement in front of the bleeding man.
“We’re out here minding our own goddamned business,” Bucky muses. “Meanwhile you wander along and decide to insult us and our girl.”
Rumlow doesn’t respond, just breathes heavily through a nose that whistles like it’s broken.
“Tell me something, asshole,” a malicious grin curls over Bucky’s lips, “You ever seen a faggot’s cock up close and personal?”
His throat bobs against your blade when he swallows. He shakes his head, wincing when you tighten your grip on his hair.
“Well, Brock, do you want to?” Bucky goes up to his knees, and his hand goes to the fly of his jeans.
“No,” Rumlow answers quickly, then whimpers, “please don’t.”
Bucky and Steve both bounce to their feet, and you stand, situating yourself between the two of them, their arms going around you protectively. “Then I strongly suggest,” Bucky says in a flat voice, “you get the fuck out of here before we give you an extra close look at two of them.”
He scrambles to his feet and takes off down the road without looking back.
“Christ, princess,” Bucky cups your face in his hands, “are you okay?”
“I’m fine,” you soothe, “I’m sorry I got involved, but he was at the bowling alley earlier, groping the poor servers, who were just trying to do their jobs. I just-I really wanted to scare him.”
“I think it’s safe to say you did, sweetheart. You were a badass,” Steve hugs you from behind. “Man, what he said to you... I just snapped,” he says anxiously, spinning you around to face him. Worry creasing his brow. “I don’t like bullies, and what he said to us was bad enough, but I won’t have anyone talking to you like that. I can’t. Not you, I’m sorry, I fucking can’t,” he stammers.
Bucky’s arms wrap around your waist. His voice is like honey, rich and sweet and soothing, when he purrs in your ear, “Stevie’s trying to tell you we wanna keep you safe because we love you.”
“What?” you ask, not sure if you heard him right.
Steve huffs out a relieved breath. “Yeah. We love you. And we can’t let anything happen to you.” His eyes are full of worry when he wraps you in a hug, filling in all the space on your body that Bucky doesn’t occupy. Once you’re perfectly wrapped up in super soldier, Steve whispers into your hair, “We love you.”
A well of joy builds in your chest and bursts like a dam, it has to go somewhere, so you giggle. “Guys,” you squirm so they’ll give you some room to breathe. When they loosen their grip you chirp, “I love you too!”
Steve’s smile is incandescent, “Really, doll?”
“Yeah. Really,” you grin. “I love you both.”
Steve picks you up in a bear hug and kisses you like he’s worshiping you. When Steve is done kissing you, Bucky comes up beside Steve to kiss you too, and you push yourself into his arms, bridal style.
Bucky rests his forehead against yours, “Kitten, I just have to say. Watching you pull a knife on that shitbag was so fucking sexy.” He grinds his cock against your hip so you can feel just how sexy he thought it was. “You feel that? ‘M so fucking hard it hurts. You did that to me, pretty girl,” he groans.
Clint’s head pokes out of the RV’s door. “Hey, I won the bet, you guys have to pay me my red vines. Bucky, can I have your red vines?”
Nat’s head pops out too. “Are you going to be ready to go soon? We wanna find strippers,” she whines.
“Dudes, read the fucking room,” Steve squeezes the bridge of his nose.
Sounding confused, Clint replies, “But, Steve, you’re outside. There is no room…?”
Bucky growls, “Nat. Clint. If you don’t want to watch us fuck, I suggest you get back in the RV. Now.”
Natasha retreats hastily, while Clint winks at Steve and blows him a kiss before Nat grabs him by the back of the neck and hauls him back inside.
Bucky plops you down on the ground with a wolfish grin, and smacks your ass. “Shorts off, legs spread. Up against the RV, kitten. You have until I get my cock out, or I tear them off you. So you better move fast.” Thankfully, he’s wearing a belt, which gives you the tiniest bit of extra time, so you hastily pull one side of your shorts off over your boot. You love these shorts, and Bucky won’t hesitate to shred them to get at your cunt.
He’s on you before you get the other leg off, they’re still wrapped around one ankle when Bucky shoves you against the RV and pushes his cock into you hard enough that your feet leave the ground. His metal hand is planted between your shoulder blades holding you against the RV, while his other hand grips your thigh tight, hiking your leg up and spreading you open so he can dick you down hard. You know you’ll be sporting hand-shaped sore spots in both places later, and you’ll spend hours pressing your fingers into the bruises while they heal.
Bucky noses against your neck while he ruts into you, his teeth nipping and biting along the column of your throat. A particularly brutal thrust has you groaning his name. He huffs a laugh against the shell of your ear. “Such a slut for this cock, aren’t you?” All you can do is nod and whine for for him to fuck you harder.
Suddenly his body is heavy against yours, his movement stilled by Steve’s hand on his lower back. Steve hawks a wad of spit into his palm and slicks the hand over his dick. He thumbs the head of his cock into Bucky’s hole and grinds into him until he bottoms out.
Bucky grunts, “Fuck” when Steve’s hips press against his ass, at the same time your pussy flutters around him, spilling slick over his cock and balls.
Steve leans against Bucky, a smile on his lips when he parrots Bucky's words back at him, “Fuck, you're such a slut for this cock. Hmm?”
Bucky groans, “Fuck, I am, Stevie. Love your cock,” when he pushes back against him, working Steve's cock deeper into his guts.
“Well you better fuckin’ hold onto somethin’ then,” Steve rumbles before he pulls back and slams into Bucky.
Bucky braces a forearm above him, and wraps his other arm around you to keep you from being squished between the RV and the weight of two super soldiers. Steve’s fucking him at a punishing pace, and each slap of his hips pushes Bucky’s cock into you. It lights a fire in your belly, which only burns hotter when Bucky’s fingers find your clit. A few quick circles around the little nub has your cunt squeezing his cock when you come with a wail.
“Oh fuck,” groans Steve. “Sound so pretty when you come, sweetheart. Make her do it again, Buck.”
You’re sensitive, overstimulated, but Bucky is relentless, and he knows your body almost as well as you do. So you barely have time to catch your breath after your first orgasm before a second one rips through you. It bows your back and buckles your knees, and if it weren’t for Bucky’s strong arm around you, you would have definitely hit the pavement.
Steve’s rhythm stutters, and he comes with a breathless fuckfuckfuck.
Bucky spins you around and pushes you onto your knees. “Open,” he barks at you, jacking his cock hard and fast. As soon as your chin falls open the first splash of come hits your cheek. The rest ends up on your tongue or dripping down your chin.
“Hold it,” he tells you, swiping a thumb through the come on your cheek. He smears it over your lips like chapstick, and slips his thumb into your mouth. “Wider, kitten,” he tugs on your chin. He hawks a wad of spit onto your tongue to mingle with the milky puddle of come. “You're mine. Don't forget it. MIne."
“Ours,” Steve corrects him, “ours. Don’t fuckin’ forget it. His. Mine.” Then he leans in and drops a string of spit into your open mouth too.
Bucky’s thumb withdraws, and he pops it into his mouth to suck it clean. “Look at our perfect little slut, Stevie.”
“Fucking love our dirty girl,” Steve smirks, and Bucky hums his agreement.
“Swallow that, and get your tight little ass into the bunk, because I’m not done with you yet. You're gonna be sore tomorrow, princess,” Bucky’s voice is low and gravelly.
Steve helps you up and you bend to put your shorts back on. “No. You heard him. Bunk. Now,” Steve growls.
“But, my-”
“Your shorts?” Bucky chuckles. “You’re half naked? Well I guess you better run then.” He swats you in the ass as you dart up the RV steps and make a b-line to your bunk and dive in, but not before Clint and Nat whoop at your bare ass.
Bucky stomps up the RV steps and grumbles, “Alright. We gotta go, just in case Rumlow called the cops on us.”
“Oh, so NOW we’re in a hurry all of a sudden,” Nat complains.
Tumblr media
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gotnofucks · 17 days ago
Can I request a Rockstar!Bucky x Rockstar!Reader and it’s just really really dirty sex!! Haha with like lots of 🐱 slapping and dirty talk and fast, rough, hard sex!!! With missionary and riding Bucky so hard with his hands pinned by his head and chocking him and when it’s missionary he chokes reader 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵
I love you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Tumblr media
Title: To the beat of sin
Pairing: Rockstar!Bucky x Rockstar!Reader
Summary: In the heat of music, you do something that makes Bucky mad. He reminds you of who you belong you, but you have a lesson for him too.
Words: 1.3k
Warnings: Smut, hair pulling, spanking, clit spanking, rough sex, choking, mentions of steve x bucky, 18 + ONLY
A/N : I love you too!
Tumblr media
The floor beneath your feet was rumbling, pulsing with music that beat into you with seductive grace. For as far as you could see, a sea of people rose and swayed in waves, lost in the tunes of the music and your voice. You sang, you sang lost in the beats that reverberated like an aphrodisiac through your veins. The lyrics, the tune, the thrumming of the guitar all pooled into the apex of your thigh, bringing you to a high you only experienced this way.
It was lust. Lust for seeing the crowd cry and cheer, howl at you with incoherent pleasure. You could have spat at them and they would have drunk it down like elixir. The words flowed from your throat with no provocation, almost coming out as a chant to cast their magic on the listener, turning them your slave. The drums made your heart pound, the high notes and the lows all hitting you so hard that you felt like melting and becoming a part of the music, something magical beyond comprehension.
The effect on the crowd was phenomenal. They were dancing, sweaty and hoarse and crazy, their energy contagious. As they beheld you, their goddess, you felt your chest swelling with pride and love and sin. Reaching the last notes, you crossed over to the closest person to you and stuck your tongue down their throat, mashing your bodies together to release into them. The crowd went wild. They cried as if Aphrodite had just kissed a bloodied Ares in the halls of Olympus. You smiled, eyes blown wide with lust as you stared at the blond who looked as far gone as you.
Deafening, thunderous beats of the drums separated you and you chanced a glance at him. He hit the instrument so hard you were sure it would rupture, just like you were sure you’d be soon. He glared at you, his blue eyes promising you a world of pain and he struck one last time, the crowd oblivious to the ominous end it brought.
You were well and truly fucked, and right now, you didn’t give a damn.
Tumblr media
You grit your teeth as he dragged you by your hair, pulling you further down into the room until he shoved you roughly into the mattress, his hand tightening in your roots to bring your face closer to his.
“How many times?” he hissed, the vein in his neck pulsing “My kitty doesn’t go mewl for someone else.”
He grabbed your legs and twisted your body, landing sharp slaps on your bottom before you knew it. You grunted, more out of annoyance than pain. As he loosened his hold, you reached back to push his chest, straightening until you faced him. Both your eyes were narrowed, angry and wanton, raw and untamed just like man was born to be.
“I am not your kitty,” You whispered dangerously, cupping his jaw hard. “If anything, you are my bitch. So, heel.”
In a moment your dress was in tatters, his fingers digging into your flesh until they would burn in as bruises. You never bothered hiding them. You growled into his mouth, your teeth and tongue clashing like armies, bodies undulating together. He pushed down his pants, holding you fast with one hand as his other went down to your weeping slit. He hissed at your warmth, thrusting inside until you keened, a nasty smirk on his face.
“My kitty grows some claws when she doesn’t get her cream.” He said and delivered a slap onto your clit. You chocked on a cry, twisting in his hold until his thick hand wrapped around your throat and squeezed in warning. He slapped you again, your back arching as your cunt exploded in a mix of pain and pleasure, his fingers tweaking you like he did to instruments. By gods were those hands made to sin.
He entered you in a single thrust, holding you down with his body as his hips carried out a rhythm of their own. You croaked out moans, unable to utter a word as his hand constricted your throat. The sounds of bodies slapping, of your juices squelching in debauchery made a concert of its own. You came powerfully, your nails digging crescents into his arm and shoulder, his breath on your neck.
“You touch another man again, the only thing your mouth will do is suck me off!” He promised. “And if you so much as go near my best friend again, I’ll take you out there on the stage for the world to see.”
You laughed and his hold on you loosened. His cock speared you open, probing you deep just like his eyes did. Pulling him closer, you wrapped your legs around his waist, thrusting up to meet him every step. You licked his cheek before pulling on his ear, twisting the small ring in his lobe until he let out a pained whimper.
“My bitch also gets cranky when he hasn’t got his bone. If you want your reward, be a good fucking boy!”
You rolled him off and under you within seconds, your tits bouncing freely as you rode him. He pushed away your hair that came up to cover your chest, skilled fingers pinching your nipples to the point of pain.
“That pussy is mine. You are mine.” He said, eyes closed and head thrown back as your clenched and rolled your hips. You smirked, leaning down and nipping on his chest and neck until you were face to face.
“Don’t be pathetic.” You snapped, fisting his hair and pulling hard. “Not when the very best friend you ask me to stay away from is one whose cock you sucked the other day.”
His eyes widened and he held your waist and urged you faster, both of you growling animalistically. You kissed him deep, tangling your tongue with his until breathing was a sad excuse to break apart. You could have died and greeted the devil in hell right now.
“Don’t tell me who to touch when you’re out there milking his cock. I’ll touch whoever I want. I’ll touch your best friend if I want. On his mouth, on his balls, on his ass. Wherever I want.” You said, your pussy starting to pulse again. “And you know what? He will love it and you cannot do a damn thing!”
You came again, drenching his balls in your spent as you kept going through your high, riding him as if he were what would deliver you from and to sin. His eyes were liquid and feral, and they made your blood boil.
“Don’t you dare!” He warned and you put your hands around his neck in defiance, squeezing just like he had done moments ago.
“Oh I dare. He’ll be my bitch just like you. You can ask him yourself.” You said and jerked your head towards the door where Steve stood, completely in awe at the sight of you both. His hand was over the bulge in his pants, teeth biting into his bottom lip, and you winked at him.
Bucky grunted hard, jerking so powerfully he almost threw you off as he came into you. You kept going until the last of his release was out, and you collapsed on his sweaty chest to share one last dirty kiss. He didn’t say anything and neither did you. The matching fingerprints on your necks were symbolic of how bound you were.
Pulling away, you scooped the mixture of your release from your cunt and walked away from him, buck naked. As you passed the door, you smeared that cum on Steve’s cheek without sparing him a glance, swaying your hips as you left them startled in your wake.
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fuckandfluff · 2 months ago
I'm With the Band Pt 3
Tumblr media
Pairing: Rockstar!Bucky x Female Reader
These new photos of Seb KILLED ME. First time writing smut 🥺💓 feedback, reblogs, comments are sooo appreciated but please don’t repost my work elsewhere. Word Count: 1,000 Summary: After a night of teasing, you finally end up at Rockstar!Bucky's hotel room for a night you could never have imagined. Warnings: 18+, minors DNI! Rocker!Bucky, Dub-Con, Spitting, Choking, Slapping, Unprotected intercourse, Piercings, Smoking, Name-Calling, Spitting, Cursing, Degradation, Alcohol, Mention of Drugs, - just pretty much everything bad
Jenny had been whining about not getting the band tee she so desperately wanted and she made sure to give you an inebriated earful the whole way from the dance floor to your ride outside. Though you nodded your head and pretended to intently listen, your head was spinning with fucked-up flashes of what just happened in the restroom.
As you and Jenny sauntered tipsily into the Uber, you were still dumbstruck about the racy encounter you had just had. You had your share of frat boy hookups but this was next level. You were mere seconds away from blowing the Winter Soldier and were ever-so-rudely cock-blocked by his manager. Just as you plopped down onto the leather seats of the Chevy Tahoe, your phone chimed. It was a DM notification from @BuckyBarnes: “Didn’t think I’d let you get away, did’ya?”
How the fuck did he find your page?
Before you knew it, you were sitting in the parlour room of his suite - he was staying at the swankiest hotel in town and it was an absolutely palatial room. After a swift exchange of DMs, he had diverted your Uber to his place and sent Jenny on her merry way home.
“You wan’ a drink?” he beckoned from the suite’s mini-bar, cigarette dangling from the corner of his perfect pout. He took one final inhale, ashed the butt in the Waterford crystal ashtray, and exhaled through his nose like a fire-breathing beast. He poured a four-finger glass of expensive scotch into a red solo cup and tossed it back like it was tap water. You shook your head coyly. You had plied yourself with pornstar martinis and other various cocktails at the bar - was best to stick to water for now.
Bucky had changed into red board shorts but his shirt was still nowhere to be found, stainless steel nipple rings on full display. Jet black tendrils framed his face as he walked toward you, plastic cup in hand.
You clasped your hands in your lap, sitting like a nun or something equally as prudish. His baby blue, kohl-smudged eyes locked onto you with rapt attention. He took a seat right next to you, legs splayed out and the solo cup perched on his thigh. His breath scented of bourbon and menthols as he turned toward you.
He toyed with the straps of your bodysuit, rubbing the spandex back and forth between his fingers. “I took a look at your social media, looks like you know how to party.. sure you don’t want that drink?”
Your face blushed pink - your feed was chock full of shameless mirror selfies, house party vibes, and lots of boys. Whoops.
He rubbed his hands forcefully along the crevasse where your thigh and hips connected, jamming his fingers underneath your pretty white lace panties. You were wet as fuck and knew he could feel the puddle pooling in your thong.
“Cockdrunk for me already?” he teased, tugging at your pliant clit and swiping his entire palm against your slick. Your eyes glazing over at the sensation of cold steel against your bundle of nerves.
He pried your lips apart, forcing his index and middle finger down your throat, the large silver skull-adorned ring making you gag and gasp for a dram of air.
“Suck.” You obeyed, as he slid his daunting digits down your throat with blatant disrespect. You gagged as the fingers met the fleshy mound just behind your tongue and as he heard you fight for a breath, he slid a third finger into your mouth.
He slapped your cheek sharply, the sting resonating. As he grabbed your chin, Bucky removed the fingers abruptly and you coughed, just glad for a chance to take an unobstructed breath.
“Open your fuckin’ mouth wider,” you did as you were so brashly told while he sputtered a shot of spit down your throat. Bucky hinged your jaw back shut, tapping your head as if you were some sort of prized possession, “wow, such an obedient little whore.”
He gripped his cock through his shorts, adjusting it while sheepishly grinning. He mounted you on the plush leather sofa, aggressively licking your face from your forehead to your chin. He jammed his tongue into your throat, running his fist over your mound with forceful friction. Everything was happening so fast.
“Wait.. Bucky please.. do you have a condom?” you tried in earnest to push him off but your desperation only excited him more as he shoved you deeper into the couch and wrapped his hand around your tiny throat. He thrived on your resistance. You might have been intoxicated on both lust and vodka redbulls but you were smart enough to know a rockstar should be wearing a rubber.
“You think you can tease me all fuckin’ night? I’m fuckin’ you raw,” he snarled, undoing his belt in a snap.
“I know you wanted to give me that mouth back at the bar, baby. But I want that sweet pussy.” He spat into his hand and pumped his cock fluidly. How had you not noticed the silver ring adorning the tip of his length earlier?
Pushing your hips up, you tried to drive him off, knowing full well it was a futile attempt. He scowled, you squirmed. Before you had a chance to move another inch, he had ripped the pleated skirt off your birthing hips and had yanked your panties down completely.
“God that pussy looks perfect, made for me.” He propped you up - one hand under your stomach, as you perked your plump bottom up in the air for him, displaying it proudly. “Who needs a line when I can just get lost in this all night..”
He bobbed his thick member in front of your tightness and without warning, one solitary thrust found him balls deep inside you, inch by agonizing inch, filling up your tight hole. The metal cock ring abruptly demanded space within you as it mashed its way past every ridge inside. The stainless steel felt euphoric - a foreign feeling you welcomed keenly.
“You’re a dirty fuckin' slut, ya’ know that?” he purred, hooking his right thumb into your mouth, stretching your cheek taught.
Normally, words like these would disgust you but the filthiness coming out of his mouth made you writhe against his cock even more fervently, your cervix getting smashed up as he fucked into you. Your entire body folded inwards as you felt the pressure in your abdomen build - you were totally blissed out as he violently thrusted.
Your cunt spasmed, waves of pleasure overtaking your entire body, trembling each time he drove his cock deeper and deeper inside.
You were nothing but a mess of moaning - it felt like you were in a fever dream as he bucked in and out, his hips smashing into you. “I’m going to fill this tight fuckin’ slit up... ughhh,” Bucky grunted huskily as he unloaded inside your sweet, velvet walls. He pulled out, ran the cool steel piercing against your ass once more before tucking himself back into his black Calvin Kleins.
“You’re coming’ on tour with me,” he barked, throwing a black ball of cotton in your general direction. “And that wasn’t a question. I’m fuckin’ you every single night.” He thumbed around in his shearling jacket pocket, pulling out a cig and planting it firmly between his pouty mouth.
You unbunched the fabric he threw your way and of course, it was the shirt Jenny had pined for at the venue. How ironic, you thought to yourself. Guess you were going on tour.
Thank you sooo much for reading!
All other parts in the series can be found in my master list here
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syntheticavenger · 2 months ago
Okay. But like rockstar!Bucky and Steve taking turns fucking you in the recording booth and using your moans in a song
Oh my word! 🙊
Well, if you insist... I think this is my last Rockstar AU. I feel so out of place with these, haha. I’m gonna leave it to the professionals 😘.
Warnings: 18+ ONLY, language, unprotected sex, inappropriate use of a recording studio. Divider by @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
“It’s missing something,” Bucky mutters, his ringed fingers tapping on the counter.
Steve leans over to listen, raising an eyebrow when the snippet of music finishes.
“Yeah, you’re right,” Steve agrees, a smile spreading across his face. “I think it needs a woman’s touch, don’t you think?”
Bucky smirks at the idea, Steve opening the door to the recording room.
“Babe! Come here, will you?”
You’re busy with work but at Steve’s call, you place your laptop down, heels clicking on the tile when you spy him at the door.
“I have an article to finish,” you protest, the heat of his gaze giving you butterflies.
“Need your help, sweetheart. Come here.”
Tumblr media
Your head is thrown back when you come undone again, Steve pounding you against the table as your sweet moans fill the air. All it took were a few words of encouragement and that stupidly sexy smirk when you told him he was out of his mind, there would be no way you could do something like that, no way you would allow him to record your voice when he was buried to the hilt of you.
Until he was and you forgot Bucky was recording.
“I think I got it,” Bucky says, his voice streaming through the comm. “Sounds like a fuckin’ dream.”
“Did so good, babe,” Steve praises, kissing you deeply as his thumb swipes over your clit before he pulls out. “But we’re not done yet.”
“W-What?” you squeak, Steve’s large hands on the sides of your face as he kisses your nose.
“Gotta make sure we get all your pretty little sounds. Bucky wants to help. Can you let him help you? You know how bad he’s been wanting you.”
You spy Bucky out of the corner of your eye, Steve kissing you again before he slaps your thigh, making you squeal.
“Hi gorgeous,” Bucky says with a sinful smile. “You ready to sing for me while you’re on my cock?”
When he kisses you, he tastes like mint and chocolate, the taste of tobacco buzzing on your lips before you feel him push up inside you and you keen, Bucky’s groan of pleasure eliciting a laugh from Steve.
“Told you my girl is good. This is your one and only shot. Make it count,” Steve reminds him, the door closing.
He’s not as gentle as Steve can be, his thrusts hard amid your wails, his hands holding you down as he whispers filthy praises against your neck. When you shatter, you whisper Steve’s name, Bucky laughing darkly when Steve’s voice comes over the comm.
“Almost as loud for you, Buck. But I still win. You did good, doll. Proud of you.”
Bucky drives up inside you once more before he cums with a hard pant.
“Sounds like a challenge to me,” Bucky suggests, lifting your chin up to kiss you. “If this becomes a hit, you’ll be our backup singer. Taking both of us at once. Steve likes his popularity, you know.”
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luxeavenger · 5 days ago
In The Land Of Idiot Boys
Summary: The Howlies get a new member.
Words: 1253
Warnings: Tooth-rotting fluff
This chapter is not explicit, but given that the rest of the series is VERY EXPLICIT, my standard 18+ warning will still apply.
18+ ONLY PLEASE! MINORS DNI. If you hit Keep Reading you agree that you're 18 or older.
I do not consent to having my work copied, translated, or posted on any other site. The ONLY places my work should appear are@luxeavenger on Tumblr and Ao3
Series Masterlist | Main Masterlist
Please reblog if you enjoy!
Tumblr media
It’s a rainy afternoon in the middle of a rainy week. The Howlies had played a few shows in Indiana, and found it peaceful enough, so they decided to take a few days to breathe before moving along. Bucky needed to stretch his legs, so he went for a walk while there was a break in the rain. Scott got burgers from a local cafe for everyone, and is playing one of the Hellraiser movies on his laptop while you eat.
Suddenly, the door to the RV crashes open, and Bucky stomps up the steps.
“Hey! Easy on the fucking door man!” Scott shouts.
Bucky doesn’t even react. Muttering to himself, he just toes off his sneakers and dives into your bunk, leather jacket, wet clothes, and all.
“Okay, that was weird,” Nat says, then looks at Steve, “Wasn’t that weird?”
“Very weird,” Steve nods. He pokes you. “Go ask him what’s wrong.”
“Why me?” you squeak. “What did I do to you?”
“Come on,” Clint laughs, “you’re the cutest one here, so he can’t possibly get mad at you. And if he is mad, you’re the newest one here, so our period of mourning will be much shorter.” You punch him in the arm, and he snickers.
“You fuckers,” you grumble, “you owe me.”
If he was mad, he probably wouldn’t yell at you. Right?
You poke your head into the bunk, “Hi Buck! Is everything okay?”
He’s sitting back against the wall with a square of plastic wrap in his lap, with what used to be a sandwich on it. It’s been disassembled, bread and fixings off to one side, and the meat in a separate pile. His fingers are busy tearing the meat into tiny pieces. So far, it’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen him do. And he still hasn’t looked up at you.
“What’s going on?” you ask again.
Then, it gets one hundred percent weirder, because Bucky takes a pinch of the sandwich meat and stuffs it into the inner pocket of his leather jacket. Huh.
You turn around and shoot Steve a look. He eyes you curiously. You climb into the bunk, and he follows.
“Buck,” Steve sits next to you, “what’s going on, man?”
“Why are you… feeding... your coat...?”
“He did what now?” Steve does a double take.
Again, Bucky takes a pinch of lunchmeat and stuffs it inside the jacket pocket.
“Um, Bucky, can you look at me please?” you ask. Surprisingly, he does. “Hi. Welcome home. What’cha got in there, Buck?”
He clears his throat. “I don’t wanna say.”
You lean forward and scowl at him, “So you’re just going to keep… whatever that is, in your jacket pocket indefinitely?”
“Maybe?” he says slowly, deflecting.
“Come on. Show me,” you make a grabby hands motion at him.
He grumbles. “Fine. But I had to take her. She’s so little. Someone just left her there in a box. It’s fucking raining. She could have drowned!” His agitation grows until he’s nearly shouting.
“Okay, well, let me see it—her,” you ask gently.
He huffs, but he opens his jacket, and scoops a tiny ball of snow out of his pocket. No, not snow… a kitten. She makes a chirruping noise and Bucky smiles at her, holding her against his chest. He gives her another pinch of lunchmeat, which she devours greedily.
You and Steve are both in vapor lock. Of all the things you expected him to pull out of his jacket, a kitten wouldn’t have even made the list.
He sets her down and she immediately starts sniffing around. She doesn’t go far, frequently returning to Bucky to headbutt his elbow, and eat some meat, pinched delicately between Bucky’s vibranium fingers. He’s cooing nonsensical baby talk to her, and she answers him with her trill little meows.
It’s the softest thing you’ve ever witnessed.
Eventually she notices you and Steve, and she clumsily dashes over to playfully swat at your fingers when you try to skritch her head.
“She’s wet,” Steve points out, slipping out of the bunk, and returning with a hand towel. He plops her onto his lap and starts rubbing her with the towel while she loudly complains about the affront to her dignity.
“Someone left her in a box,” he says again, his voice hovering somewhere between sad-enough-to-cry and mad-enough-to gut-someone. “It was too tall for her to climb out. It was filling up with rain.” He looks at the ball of floof in Steve’s lap, worry creasing his brow. “She could have died,” he finishes softly.
“Oh, babe. It’s okay,” you soothe, taking the little kitty—now dry—from Steve. You rub her forehead and she starts to purr, licking your fingers with her rough little tongue. She’s so tiny she fits into your cupped hand perfectly. “You saved her. She didn’t die. She’s perfectly fine. And we’ll take care of her.”
Steve snickers, “Scott’s going to be delighted to know we got a cat.”
“She won’t be any trouble,” Bucky starts, “I’ll take care of her, clean up after her, and feed her. He won’t even know she’s here.”
“You don’t have to sell her to me, babe,” Steve chuckles, “I’m just as smitten as you are.”
She’s holding your finger to her face with both paws while you rub her cheeks. Steve boops her nose and her bright blue eyes cross trying to track his finger.
“Does she have a name?” you ask.
“I don’t know. I was thinking she looked like snow. But Snowball is kind of a lazy name for a white cat. So, how about Alpine?”
“Bucky,” you gasp,”I think Alpine is perfect.” You set her down, and she trots over to him and climbs up his legs. He gives her more lunchmeat, she eats it, heatbutts his stomach, makes a sweet little murrup noise, and falls asleep in a little pile on his lap.
Bucky looks down at her, and up to you, and his face is so fragile. You can tell losing this kitten will break his heart. So you decide you'll be the one to talk to Scott. You hold up one finger and climb over Steve and out of the bunk.
“Scott,” you bark, motioning him over to the kitchen, away from Clint and Nat. “So look,” you say in a rush, “we got a cat. And if you have a problem with that, I’m prepared to club you over the head and leave your unconscious body by the side of the road.”
“A cat?” he repeats. You nod. You’re surprised when he says, “Cool! I love cats!”
“Just like that? In your precious RV? Are you high, Scott?”
“Well, obviously,” he rolls his eyes, “but really—I love cats.”
“Bucky swears he’ll take care of her. She won’t be any trouble.”
“Pft,” Scott dismisses you with a wave of his hand. “Can I see her?”
“She’s sleeping right now. We’ll need to get her some supplies. He’s feeding her lunchmeat because it’s all we have.”
“No worries, I’ll figure out where the closest pet store is, and then we’ll head out.”
You hug him. “Thanks Scott. He’ll be relieved to know it’s not an issue.”
“Don’t tell him I caved immediately,” he giggles. “Tell him I was furious, but you convinced me with your feminine wiles.”
You roll your eyes at him.
“So,” you say, climbing back into the bunk, “it would appear… we officially have a cat.”
The smile on Bucky’s face is absolutely radiant.
Tumblr media
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darkbucky · 2 months ago
(18+ only)
imagine riding rockstar!bucky in the backseat of his car.
one hand on his chest, traveling to his nipples to brush against his piercings, and the other hand wrapped around his neck, alternating between a slight squeeze to rough choking.
his black rimmed eyes are rolling back, and his dark hair is fanned out, stray pieces sticking to his sweaty forehead.
“s-shit, just like that, doll,” he'd gasp. “them other ones could never fuck me good like you do”
when you slam back down onto his cock his back would arch, sweat glistening on his tattoos; almost makes you want lap it up, nibble on the ink.
instead, you'd tug harshly at his chains, bringing him close to your face. lips wandering to his ear, teeth tracing his earlobe, “that's because they don't know what a whore you really are”
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fuckandfluff · 2 months ago
Rockstar!Bucky fingering and fucking you backstage ✨
Ask and you shall receive! I’m kind of tipsy so here we are.
Sidenote.. the new photos of Seb on set for Pam & Tommy today I just.. 🥵
Tumblr media
Bucky would be a sweaty hot mess, traipsing down the stage left stairs for a super quick break between first and second encore. He’d slick the jet black tendrils out of his face and scan backstage for you.
You would be eager and waiting, making sure you were wearing his favourite pleather mini-skirt, the one that barely covered the rounded curves of your ass. And you never wore panties, another one of Bucky’s requests.
He’d pull you into the dark shadows, just barely out of the audience’s line of sight. Time wasn’t a luxury afforded to him so he would snap you over the spare amp and roll the skirt up over your hips.
He’d unzip his pants and his already hard cock (was it the concert that made him this aroused? Didn’t know, didn’t care) would rut into your soft, sweet pussy.
The chants of the stadium egged him on, giving him a shot of adrenaline as he fucked up into you like some sort of feral beast. The venue manager was spewing stage cues into Bucky’s earpiece, letting him know it was 15..14..13 seconds until 2nd encore. Shit.
Bucky loved a challenge and he bucked into you like a horny little bunny, frantically chasing his orgasm. One hand cemented on the amp and the other slapping your plump ass, pistoling up into you in a frenzy. His brutal thrusts weren’t due to a lack of compassion, he just literally had 10 seconds until he had to be back on stage.
He would fill you up, kiss the column of your throat sloppily, and climb back up the dimly lit stairs. Chills would scatter across your shoulders, dumbfounded that the most famous rockstar in the world had just fucked you.. again.
Headline the next day on TMZ? Drummer Bucky Barnes plays sold out show with zipper undone. Big yikes.
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belowva · 2 months ago
i wanna make you hungry (then i wanna feed ya)
Tumblr media
pairing: rockstar!bucky barnes x reader
summary: there's nothing in the world that bucky loves more than spoiling his girl - but sometimes he ends up treating himself too.
word count: 2k
warnings: fem!reader, established relationship, fluff, smut (+18), body shots, body worshipping, dirty talk, oral (f receiving), edging, unprotected sex. reader has a nipple piercing (because i said so). title taken from måneskin's song "i wanna be your slave".
Under the low light of the hotel bar, and the nice post-concert buzz you’re still under, everything feels light. There are people all around you, voices and laughter and music mix and fill the atmosphere as you make your way through the crowd. You can feel the dull thud the heels of boots make on your way, and the hands of people greeting you as you pass by, trying to get your attention. You greet them, wave a hand and blow a kiss in the air - but there is someone you are looking for.
The party is in full swing, a celebration for the end of another successful tour, and you can’t have a minute alone with your boyfriend. You seldom complain - you know that dating a musician means sharing him with the world - but the wine you’ve been drinking all night is making you feel needy, so you set yourself on a mission to find Bucky - who, you knew, is probably basking in the attention of businessmen and artists and fans, acting blasé and disinterested, but glowing in the inside.
You know he says he doesn't care for their approval, says that the music is what truly matters, but you know that, deep down, that he cares. And you loved seeing him and the boys get all the praise they deserve.
Halfway to the bar, you feel a strong arm wrapping around your waist. Your body tenses until you look down and recognize the black lined tattoos covering the man’s left arm. A familiar cologne fills your senses as he buries his nose on your exposed shoulder, leaving a playful bite on his wake, warm tongue soothing the sting of teeth. You giggle and call out his name, turning around to face him.
Pale blue eyes are focused on you, dilated pupils running from your lips, to your eyes. You wrap your arms around his broad shoulders, leaning forward to be nose to nose with him. “I was looking for you.”
“Found you first.” He grins, holding you by the waist again. “Also, I got you something.”
Your boyfriend raises his right hand, holding a bottle of your favorite champagne. Bucky preens, looking so proud of himself, while you open your mouth in surprise. Narrowing your eyes at him, playfully, you tease. “I thought we were already celebrating.”
He hums, tilting his head as if he’s planning something, until he pulls you closer, into his chest, as he leans into your ear. “I was thinking more of a private party.” The low voice in your ear is full of promise, and his hand squeezes your waist just a little harder.
Bucky is always full of surprises.
He never meets you without a gift, ever since your first date. Small gifts, like flowers or a trinket that reminded him of you - and the more expensive ones, like jewelry and designer clothes. When he's away on tour, they're always sent to your apartment, with a cute note attached. At the beginning you were flustered and dismissive, telling him he didn't need that to win you over, but as your relationship progressed you found out this was just his way of showing you how much he loved you. Bucky is a giver through and through, and you couldn't be more spoiled.
The smirk on your lips matches his as you take his hand from your waist and hold it in yours, intertwining your fingers. You feel the bite of his rings in your skin and the calluses on his palm - the familiarity isn't the only thing that makes your tummy flutter. The anticipation is thick in the air.
"Lead the way." You ask. Your voice gives away your desire, and Bucky will do whatever you want.
Tumblr media
The way to your hotel room is a blur. Bucky kisses you on the elevator, hard and demanding, against the mirrored wall, sucking and biting at the tender skin of your neck, where surely there will be bruises in the morning.
The two of you are a tangle of lips and limbs as you stumble through the hall, trading kisses and feeling up the other's clothes, Bucky grabbing your ass through your skirt while you giggle and try to make your way to the door while not taking your hands off each other. When Bucky lavishes you in attention, it's as if the world melts - there is no one else around but you.
"Couldn't wait to ditch that party, all those people." He confesses, breathing heavily into your mouth. His pink lips are agape, hungry for your taste. "Want you all to myself, all fucking night. Won't you let out of that bed until you're sore."
Once you're inside, Bucky backs you against the hardwood door, right hand still holding the champagne bottle. You look at him expectantly, waiting for his next move.
"Strip, baby." He says, voice thick, eyes shining with promise. "And lay on the bed."
Biting your bottom lip, running your tongue over the plump flesh as you let go, not breaking your gaze on him, you pull your top over head, moving away from him, and wiggling out of your tight skirt, sticking your ass out just a little. You hastily throw your shoes to the floor, crawling up the bed and laying on your back, propping your upper body up on your elbows.
You see that Bucky is shirtless, standing at the foot of the bed. You drink in his inked torso, low rise pants showing the ridges of his body, strong arms on display. He walks to the bedside table, and twists the bottle open, the 'pop!' echoes through the room, and he takes the fizzing drink to his lips, the liquid running from his mouth to his neck. You laugh and try to reach in his direction, but he backs away.
"Ah, ah." He reprimands. "Lay down, babydoll. This ain't about me."
"What is it about, then?" You raise an eyebrow as you question him, laying back down. Bucky walks back to the foot of the bed, and then crawls in with you, kneeling between your legs.
"It's about you, your beautiful body, and this." He makes his point by softly shaking the bottle he's holding, grabbing your attention.
Oh. You know what he means.
"Now, let me make a real toast." Bucky leans over, one hand in your sternum, forcing you toward the pillows with him on top of you. He lays a light kiss to your waiting mouth, and raises the bottle to your lips, pouring the champagne into them. You swallow it happily, and Bucky watches, before going down your chest, pouring the cold liquid between your bare breasts.
You hiss a little bit from the contact, but his hot mouth is soon upon you, liking and sucking the drink from your skin. Sighing, you bring a hand to his long hair, scratching his scalp with your nails. He brings the bottle to your breasts, pouring a little, and then sucking your nipples into his lips, running his tongue over their hard peaks, making you moan and whine loudly.
"You like that, baby?" He teases. One hand fondling one of your breasts while kissing the other. "I love your tits, so fucking pretty. Could kiss on'em all day."
He bites and tugs gently at the ring on your left nipple, making your pussy jump. You can feel yourself dripping into your underwear, staining it with your slick. You grind into the air, looking for some kind of friction, as Bucky continues to lavish your chest with his mouth and tongue, covering it with sticky champagne and spit.
Then, when he is satisfied with his work, he continues down, pouring the drink over your belly, licking, sucking and biting all the way down. You mewl, angling your body to meet his hungry lips, and your pleas get louder when Bucky runs his fingers down your slit, over your lace panties.
"Please, Bucky? Touch me, please."
"Touch you where, princess? I'm already touching you." He feigns innocence, smirking at you, while leaning backwards and laying the half finished bottle to the ground. "Use your words, baby. Where do you want me to touch you?"
Emboldened by his words, you plead again. "Touch my pussy, Bucky. Please. I need you."
You hear Bucky hum, pleased with your begging. "That pretty pussy needs me?" He pushes your legs further apart, and up by your knees, his long fingers reaching to take off your soaked panties. "We can't have her waiting, can we?" You sigh as you feel them go down your legs, your throbbing clit needy for attention, and Bucky throws them back, over his shoulder.
Wasting no time, he goes down on you, leaving a sucking kiss to your clit, then attacking your entrance with his mouth. He moans with his face buried in your cunt, kissing it messily, sucking and licking, fucking you with his tongue. He praises you, telling you how much he loves your wet pussy, your taste, how you shake under his hands, his voice trembling and wild.
You're delirious with pleasure, feeling it building and building, his big hands holding your thighs to keep you in place. You squirm at the feeling of him pulling your clit into his lips, making your vision swim. When you're about to snap, whining loudly into the air, Bucky stops.
"Bucky, no!" You complain, feeling your eyes tear up. You're so wet it almost hurts. "Let me cum, baby. I was so close."
"You're gonna cum on my cock, princess. All over it, right where you belong." He moves, straightening up his body, and lifts your right leg on the way. Then, he aligns his cock to your weeping entrance, rubbing the head on up and down your clit, before sliding in, filling you up with every thick inch. You take in the delicious stretch, clenching around him. "That's it. That what you wanted? You want me to make your pretty pussy cum?"
You glance at him above you, all dark eyes and wild eyes, tanned torso lined with tattoos - looking like a god, looking down on you.
"Yeah, Bucky. Fuck me." You beg, again. "I'm all yours."
"Damn right, you are." His voice shakes a bit when he starts rocking his hips into yours. "All mine. My baby."
You see stars when he slams into you, harder and faster, setting up a punishing rhythm. He's unrestrained, movements making the bed hit the wall with every thrust, but not louder than your moans. You grip the sheets beside you, feeling your walls grip him, taking all that he gives you. Suddenly, he lifts your other leg, both of them resting on his shoulders, as he hits your spot from a new angle, making you cry out.
You scream his name, tears falling from your eyes as you feel your orgasm build again, his cock dragging in and out of you with every pound of his hips. "Yeah, scream my name. Let everyone know who's fucking you this good. Who owns you."
You can barely breathe as your release crashes into you, making you scream his name again, just like asked. Your body shakes and your pussy creams all over him, and the sheets, gripping his cock like a vice. Bucky moans, running his filthy mouth, telling you he's close. He fucks you through your orgasm as he reaches his peak, burying himself deep inside of you.
Slowly, he releases your legs, pulling out, and lays down on top of you, both of you gasping for air. A weak hand runs over his spine as you feel breathe into your neck. He kisses your shoulder and lifts himself up, then laying on his side beside you.
Bucky moves away a strand of your hair that's fallen on your face, a blissed out look on his. "You good?"
Nodding at his question, you meet him halfway, lazily turning your body in his direction. "If you told me you wanted to celebrate like this we could have started earlier."
He chuckles, kissing your lips, and pulling away with a sigh. "There's no need to hurry. We have all night, princess. And all day tomorrow." Bucky stalks closer, joining his body to yours, skin to skin. "I'm gonna have you in every corner of this room, and then at the balcony, have you scream my name for the whole world to hear."
You smile, scrunching your nose at him, and leaning to steal another kiss. You know he's not playing - and you can't wait.
Tumblr media
a/n: thursday night an anon sent me an ask about bucky spoiling his girl and inspired me to write this, so now you have a rockstar!bucky loving on his girl in his special way. thank for reading! as always, reblogs and comments are much appreciated 🖤
the glitter text divider is @firefly-graphics's.
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cherry-flav0ured · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Basically a list of all my favorite fics.
Bucky x reader:
☽ 𝙇𝙚𝙨𝙨𝙤𝙣𝙨 𝙞𝙣 𝙀𝙭𝙚𝙧𝙘𝙞𝙨𝙚 by @angrythingstarlight Beefy!Bucky x Reader
"Bucky decides to show you how good an intense work out can be, starting with the pull up bar."
☽ 𝙄 𝘿𝙞𝙙 𝙎𝙤𝙢𝙚𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝘽𝙖𝙙 by @sinner-as-saint Bodyguard!Stucky x Reader
"You’re a rich spoilt brat, and your two bodyguards are the ones who have to put up with you and your attitude all day every day. Until one day, they’ve had about enough. And they decide to tame the brat in you…"
☽ 𝙎𝙥𝙚𝙘𝙠𝙡𝙚𝙙 by @bucksfucks Dad’sbestfriend!bucky x Reader
"when your boyfriend dumps you over text you end up at bucky’s door."
☽ 𝘾𝙡𝙖𝙣𝙙𝙚𝙨𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙚 by @bucksfucks Neighbour!bucky x Reader
"you have it all— the nice car, the huge house, and the cheating husband. now all you need is a way out."
☽ 𝙁𝙖𝙠𝙚 𝘽𝙤𝙮𝙛𝙧𝙞𝙚𝙣𝙙 𝙍𝙚𝙖𝙡 𝙊𝙧𝙜𝙖𝙨𝙢𝙨 (series) by @bucksfucks Roommate!bucky x Reader
"when your roommate, bucky, begs you to be his fake girlfriend to his best friends wedding, you eventually say yes with some rules. but rules are set only to be broken."
☽ 𝟱 𝙖𝙢 by @bucksfucks Fuckboy!bucky x Reader
"just when you think you’re free from bucky’s grip, he holds tighter. but truthfully, he just doesn’t ever want to lose you, he just can’t tell you until it all comes out."
☽ 𝙉𝙚𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙧𝙬𝙤𝙧𝙡𝙙 by @bucksfucks Hades!bucky x Reader
"they say that evil lurks in the forest, but you’d never expected to be faced with him."
☽ 𝘾𝙤𝙢𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙃𝙤𝙢𝙚 𝙏𝙤 𝙔𝙤𝙪 by @angrythingstarlight Beefy!Bucky x Reader
"Bucky has to leave for one final tour and then he's coming home to you, he promises. And he's never broken a promise."
☽ 𝙏𝙝𝙧𝙚𝙚 𝙒𝙝𝙤𝙡𝙚 𝘿𝙖𝙮𝙨 by @angrythingstarlight Beefy!Bucky x Reader
"You should have known better than to leave  Bucky alone. He’s had three whole days to think of what he’s going to do when you get back."
☽ 𝙎𝙬𝙚𝙚𝙩𝙚𝙧 𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙣 𝙎𝙪𝙜𝙖𝙧 by @angrythingstarlight Chubby Baker!Bucky x Reader
"She broke his heart but you're not going to let her win. Bucky deserves the best and you're going to give it to him."
☽ 𝙀𝙧𝙖𝙨𝙚 𝙀𝙫𝙚𝙧𝙮 𝙏𝙧𝙖𝙘𝙚 by @angrythingstarlight TFAWS Bucky x Reader
"Bucky had to sit back and watch another man touch you, but now that the ruse is over, he’s going to erase every trace of him off your skin."
☽ 𝙁𝙞𝙡𝙡 𝙈𝙚 𝙐𝙥 by @angrythingstarlight Jealous Bucky x Reader
"Bucky finds out about your little game and he is not pleased. Based on a plot twist for Stretch you out."
☽ 𝘿𝙤𝙜 𝙏𝙖𝙜𝙨 by @baroquebucky TFAWS Bucky x Reader
"bucky is always wearing his dog tags, you like to keep your hands busy"
☽ 𝙁𝙞𝙣𝙙 𝙖 𝙒𝙖𝙮 by @creme-bruhlee Alpha!grunge!bucky barnes x innocent!omega!Reader
"bucky thinks you’re paying too much attention to steve, so he shows you exactly who you belong to."
☽𝙋𝙚𝙧𝙛𝙚𝙘𝙩 by @bucksbestgirl Bucky Barnes x Reader
"Bucky wants a little something to get him through a long mission."
☽ 𝙎𝙪𝙘𝙠𝙚𝙧 𝙋𝙪𝙣𝙘𝙝 by @buckyblues Boxer!bucky x Reader
"Bucky thought he knew what was his, until he accidentally let it roam free."
☽ 𝙇𝙤𝙫𝙚 𝙈𝙚 𝙃𝙖𝙧𝙙𝙚𝙧 by @celestialbarnes Bucky Barnes x Reader
"you and bucky have been flirting and screwing around for months now, after seeing him getting frisky with someone else, you decide to do the same and bucky’s just about had enough."
☽ 𝘾𝙖𝙪𝙜𝙝𝙩 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝘾𝙖𝙥𝙩𝙪𝙧𝙚𝙙 by @marvelouscaptainrogers Stucky x Reader
"After Steve struggles with a confession he had been holding on to for a while, Y/N walks in on a rather heated moment between Steve and Bucky, who are ecstatic to bring her along for the fun."
☽ 𝘼𝙡𝙡 𝘽𝙞𝙠𝙚𝙧𝙨 𝙖𝙧𝙚 𝙃𝙚𝙡𝙡𝙨 𝘼𝙣𝙜𝙚𝙡𝙨 (series) by @sweet-barnes Biker!bucky x Reader
"When Y/N’s older brother Steve gets into a near fatal accident, she’s the emergency contact. The notorious biker gang she finds littering the hospital is unexpected and so is the news that Steve is the leader’s best friend and right hand man, the infamous James Buchanan Barnes."
☽ 𝘼𝙨𝙩𝙧𝙤𝙥𝙝𝙞𝙡𝙚 (series) by @all1e23 Firefighter!Bucky x Reader
"Orion Rebecca Barnes's favorite thing in the whole world (besides her daddy of course) is spending hours after school in the bookstore by her house and the owner GIVES her any book she wants; she’s the coolest girl Orion has ever met. It doesn't take long for Bucky to notice his daughter’s sudden interest in constellations and the large stack of astrology related books piling up in her room. He’s spent her entire life trying to teach her about the stars and where her name came from with little interest from his little comet and all of sudden she’s in love. All thanks to the girl who owns the bookstore?"
☽ 𝙋𝙚𝙖𝙘𝙝𝙚𝙨 (series) by @buckycuddlebuddy Dadsbestfriend!buckybarnes x Reader
"what they were doing was wrong, both of them knew that. it had to be kept as a secret. not everyone would understand what they have, she knew that much. they’d look at them and see an older man misleading a girl so much younger than him. it wasn’t the thing, though. that had never been the thing. it wasn’t misleading, taking advantage ─whatever they called their situation. it was love. forbidden, not-society-friendly, but love."
☽ 𝘽𝙖𝙗𝙮, 𝙗𝙪𝙩 𝙔𝙤𝙪 by @nsfwsebbie Bucky Barnes x Reader
"He hopes you can feel it, because nobody else can heal it but you. Baby, but you."
☽ 𝙈𝙖𝙠𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙂𝙧𝙖𝙙𝙚 by @darkficsyouneveraskedfor (dark) Professor!Bucky x Reader
☽ 𝙁𝙚𝙚𝙡𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 𝘼𝙧𝙚 𝙁𝙖𝙩𝙖𝙡 by @sunmoonandbucky Bucky barnes x Reader, past Steve rogers x Reader
"After the events of Endgame, you struggle to come to terms with what you’ve lost, though you’re learning that you still have something to gain."
☽ 𝙎𝙤𝙪𝙩𝙝𝙥𝙖𝙬 (series) by @gogolucky13 Boxer!Bucky Barnes x Reader
"Tied up in the criminal world your godfather has built, you have no reason to leave, until you find one in the man they call Southpaw."
☽ 𝙒𝙞𝙩𝙝 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙎𝙣𝙖𝙥 𝙤𝙛 𝙖 𝙁𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙚𝙧 by @babycap TFAWS Bucky x Reader
"Bucky Barnes is a selfish, reclusive asshole who never answers the phone. When John Walker takes up the shield, he emerges from his Brooklyn apartment in a fit of rage that drives the only two people left to care about him in this post-Snap world over the edge. It all comes to a head on trip to Germany. Includes spoilers for TFATWS, episode two."
☽ 𝙎𝙚𝙘𝙪𝙧𝙞𝙩𝙮 𝘿𝙚𝙥𝙤𝙨𝙞𝙩 by @babycap Bucky Barnes x Reader
"Bucky Barnes was a romantic, sure—but a hopeless romantic? He’d never believed in the whole ‘love-at-first-sight’ thing, not before the war and certainly not now. So when he stumbles into his building, fresh out of yet another demoralizing therapy session, to find his new neighbor blocking the stairs with her mattress, he should be his usual scoffing, unamused self—right? Everything changes with her (and that mattress)."
☽ 𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝙈𝙖𝙩𝙘𝙝 (series) by @babyboibucky CEO!Bucky Barnes x Reader
"You come across your boss’ Tinder profile."
☽ 𝘼 𝙋𝙞𝙚𝙘𝙚 𝙤𝙛 𝘾𝙖𝙠𝙚 by @buckybarnesdiaries Bucky Barnes x Reader
"Something happens at Shuri's birthday party that leads to a heated fight."
☽ 𝘽𝙪𝙨𝙞𝙣𝙚𝙨𝙨 & 𝙋𝙡𝙚𝙖𝙨𝙪𝙧𝙚 by @witchysoldier Boss!Bucky Barnes x Assistant!Reader
"You’ve always lusted after your boss, but little did you know, he lusted after you too."
☽ 𝘼𝙧𝙤𝙪𝙣𝙙 𝙔𝙤𝙪𝙧 𝙉𝙚𝙘𝙠 by @beyondspaceandstars TFAWS Bucky x Reader
"Something sparks in you when you watch Bucky wrap his hand -- the metal hand -- around Zemo’s throat."
☽ 𝙏𝙧𝙞𝙡𝙤𝙜𝙮 (series) by @buckycuddlebuddy Fuckboy!bucky barnes x Reader
"Most of the time you were with him, you were used for pleasure only, you knew that, and he wasn’t hiding it. maybe it was how good he made you feel that made you fell in love with him, or maybe it was the fact that he somehow made you feel like you were someone ─ but you fell in love with him. although you knew in the beginning that you shouldn’t have, it was way too late for that, now. you were in too deep."
☽ 𝘿𝙚𝙫𝙞𝙡’𝙨 𝙈𝙖𝙧𝙠 (series) by @babyboibucky CleanRockstar!Bucky x Fem!Reader
"You accept a temp job as a runner for a rockstar’s concert."
☽ 𝙉𝙤 𝙇𝙞𝙛𝙚𝙜𝙪𝙖𝙧𝙙 𝙤𝙣 𝘿𝙪𝙩𝙮 by @buckys-blue-eyes Lifeguard!Bucky x Reader
"A shitty motel pool isn’t the place you expected to meet the man of your dreams."
☽ 𝙇𝙖𝙢𝙗 by @buckycuddlebuddy Tws!bucky barnes x Reader
“he didn’t even take you home, did he?” he smirked. he placed his flesh hand over your stomach, fingers expertly undoing the buttons of your shirt.
☽ 𝙎𝙣𝙖𝙠𝙚𝙨 & 𝙇𝙖𝙙𝙙𝙚𝙧𝙨 (series) by @imaginativeavengers Bucky x Reader x Steve
"You're on holiday with your Mafia boyfriends Bucky and Steve, but the weather leads to you all having a miserable time. Bucky and Steve come up with a great idea to pass the time whilst they wait for the sun to come out."
☽ 𝘽𝙖𝙘𝙠 𝙩𝙤 𝙔𝙤𝙪 (series) by @celestialbarnes Ex!bucky barnes x Reader
"Desperate to find a place to stay after your boyfriend cheated on you, you end up crashing at bucky’s apartment, the problem is he’s the ex that you never really got over and he’s got a new girl who doesn’t like you very much."
☽ 𝙉𝙤 𝙂𝙤𝙤𝙙𝙗𝙮𝙚 (series) by @badassbuchanan Bucky Barnes x Reader
"Bucky’s left to pick up the pieces of a broken heart"
☽ 𝙞 𝙬𝙖𝙣𝙣𝙖 𝙢𝙖𝙠𝙚 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙝𝙪𝙣𝙜𝙧𝙮 (𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙣 𝙞 𝙬𝙖𝙣𝙣𝙖 𝙛𝙚𝙚𝙙 𝙮𝙖) by @belowva Rockstar!bucky barnes x Reader
"there's nothing in the world that bucky loves more than spoiling his girl - but sometimes he ends up treating himself too."
☽ 𝙊𝙫𝙚𝙧 & 𝙊𝙫𝙚𝙧 by @mrwinterr Pornstar!Bucky Barnes AU x Pornstar!Female Reader
"You’re an up-and-coming adult film star secretly eager to work with the popular Bucky Barnes, and with just the right connections, your paths cross much sooner than later."
☽ 𝙄𝙩'𝙨 𝙖 𝘿𝙚𝙖𝙡 (series) by @justreadingfics Bucky Barnes x Reader
" You’re out of a relationship of 10 years and you’re just in desperate need to get laid, no strings attached, no romance, no complications. You dear friend Natasha feels like she’s going to regret this later, but she might have the perfect guy to fulfill your needs."
☽ 𝙎𝙪𝙣𝙧𝙞𝙨𝙚 (series) by @wkemeup Veteran!bucky x librarian!reader
"After an explosion takes his arm and his only sense of belonging, Bucky is discharged from active duty and sent back to civilian life. Left with a storm of unchecked guilt, Bucky is content to live out the rest of his days in the hollow comfort of the dark. This is, until Sam drags him down to the local VA and he meets you."
☽ 𝙎𝙖𝙛𝙚 𝙋𝙡𝙖𝙘𝙚 𝙩𝙤 𝙇𝙖𝙣𝙙 by @sunlightdances Modern!Bucky Barnes x Female Reader
"You and Bucky are both standing up for Steve and Peggy’s wedding. Checking in at the hotel for the weekend, you’re horrified to realize there’s been a problem. A big problem."
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