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#rockstar smut
buckycuddlebuddy · 25 days ago
𝐢 𝐰𝐚𝐬 𝐦𝐚𝐝𝐞 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐢𝐧' 𝐲𝐨𝐮
summary ─ “having miles on the stage with me today felt amazing, but i miss him as a baby.” he kissed the spot right under your ear. “i want another.”
pairing ─ rockstar!bucky barnes x bassist!reader
warnings ─ smut, +18, breeding kink, dirty talk, pet names, fluff, kissing, light lactation kink, unprotected sex, fingering, rockstar!bucky is a dad, established relationship (husband and wife), the whole band has kids lol, daddy kink (not ddlg/ddlb), spitting and slapping the kitty kat
a/n ─ i don’t know where i got the idea but i suddenly wanted to see rockstar!bucky as a father and this happened. i hope you like it! please leave a comment if you do! thank youuu <33
title is from i was made for lovin’ you by kiss
Tumblr media
“A’right,” Steve’s voice boomed through the microphone. “We have a new drummer.” He gave the crowd in front of him a very big smile. “He’s new into this, but he’s got all the qualifications we need.” He could see the audience talking to themselves, asking whether they kicked Bucky out of the band and hired a new drummer or not. Steve’s smile widened. “Ladies and gentlemen,” he said. “I present you, Miles Barnes!”
The spotlight moved from Steve to drums, where Bucky was perched on the stool with his five-year-old son Miles on his lap. He had the biggest smile on his face. His kohl-painted eyes were shining, hair covering half of his face, but it was impossible to miss the big smile. He didn’t have any t-shirt on him because it was a very hot night and he had been playing the drums for the past two hours now. His leather short shorts were giving him a brief relief whenever a breeze decides to say hi to him.
Miles was sitting on his lap, his tiny hands were holding his father’s drumsticks. He had a band merch t-shirt on; it was made especially for him, all tiny and cute. He had his father’s eyes; wide and blue, shining happily.
“Hi, Miles,” Bucky said, the microphone next to his drums picking up his voice. “Wanna say hi?” Miles grinned at his father, showing all the teeth he had. Bucky chuckled. “Yeah? You gonna say hi? Come on, then.” Bucky pointed the crowd.  
Miles waved crazily with drumstick in his hand, almost gauging his father’s eye out. “Hi!” The crowd aww’ed and cooed.
“Miles is gonna play for you guys,” Bucky said. “He’s been real excited about it, ain’t ya pal?” Miles nodded, hair bouncing. Bucky giggled happily, kissing his son’s cheek. “Okay, I’ll handle the downstairs, you play upstairs, okay?” Miles nodded again.
“Are we good to go?” You said with your bass guitar hanging from your shoulder, watching your husband and son having their moment with a fond smile on your face. Bucky gave you thumbs up. Sam and Steve took their positions, too. “Ready, baby?” You asked Miles.
“Yesh!” He exclaimed. Bucky kissed his cheek loudly.
“One, one, two, three, four!” Bucky counted, and all of you started playing.
For a five-year-old, Miles was really good at playing the drums. He had always watched his father playing, always with them in the studio since he was born and even before that, while you were pregnant to him. He had the ear.
So, it wasn’t a surprise that you played a whole song with Miles hitting the right places and Bucky doing the foot work for him. He never missed a beat, looked all focused and cute while playing. You were beyond proud, and Bucky wasn’t so far off. You could see him whispering encouraging things in Miles’ ear throughout the song. It made you feel warm all over.
You cheered along with other members of the band and the audience when the song was over. Miles was grinning ear to ear. You immediately walked up to them.
“You did great, baby!” You exclaimed, hoisting him up, you hugged him. “You played so well! Just like your dad, huh?” Miles made happy, approving noises, and you couldn’t help but kiss him soundly. Bucky rose from his stool, kissing his hair and then your cheek. Sam was there to fist bump Miles.
“How did you find our new drummer?” Steve asked. You heard the crowd yelling ‘yes’ loudly than before. You laughed. “Your spot is in danger, Papa Barnes,” Steve joked. “I’d watch out if I were you.” Bucky snorted as he rolled his eyes.
“Watch out, punk,” he deadpanned. “Besides, let it be my son who takes over rather than someone else.” He ruffled Miles’ hair and smiled down at him. Steve held his hands up.
“Yeah, can’t argue with that logic,” he murmured. “Miles Barnes, people.” You turned Miles to the audience and told him to wave. Miles did so very enthusiastically. Everyone cheered and laughed. “Okay, we’ll have a small break and then we’ll be back for the last four songs…”
“I want another,” Bucky whispered into your ear, making you jump slightly. His arms slid around your waist, pulling your body against his, and he trailed his nose up and down your neck. “Having Miles on the stage with me today felt amazing, but I miss him as a baby.” He kissed the spot right under your ear. “I want another.”
“Bucky…” Your eyes closed as your head lolled back, resting on his shoulder. Bucky hummed. He continued to his assaults on your neck as he kept talking.
“I miss seeing you pregnant, honey,” he whispered. “I miss your bump, miss feeling them kicking into my hand and miss fucking you bare.” He nipped your flesh gently. You hummed, grinding your hips against his crotch at the memory of the night Miles was most likely conceived. Bucky hummed, too, like he knew exactly what you were thinking.
“Don’t you wanna have another son, mama? Hm?” His hot breath licked over the gentle bite he placed a second ago, and you shivered. “Or a girl this time? With your hair and brains?”
“Bucky, fuck,” you moaned lowly. “Miles is in the next room.” Bucky scoffed.
“Please, we’ve fucked in dressing rooms while it was packed,” he rolled his eyes. “Miles being in the next room won’t stop me from treatin’ you, and you know it, pretty.” You hummed approvingly. It really wouldn’t stop him. “You still gotta be quiet, though,” he whispered then, licking the flesh he had been assaulting. Shuddering violently, you leaned into him even more.
“You really want another baby?” You asked him. The tour was almost over; you only had four more stops before you were finished, and then you’d probably be in studio, writing new songs for the next couple years. It was the perfect time to have another, actually.
“Yeah, honeybun,” Bucky agreed. “I wan’ it so much. Besides, Miles would make a great big brother.” You smiled at the thought. Miles was always a sharing and caring kid; you saw him helping Sam’s daughter getting up after a fall, watched putting a band-aid on Steve’s son’s knee…
“Okay,” you said. “Let’s have another.” Bucky let out a soft ‘whoop’ sound before he threw you over his shoulder and marched towards the bedroom. Thankfully, the hotel room was big so, your sounds would most likely to be muffled and wouldn’t wake Miles up very easily. You still placed the baby monitor close to you.
Shedding your clothes quickly, you pulled Bucky in by his belt loops. Both of you fell onto the cloudy bed with your limbs mixed with each other, and Bucky leaned in for a hot, passionate kiss. You moaned into his mouth. The way he kissed you always stole your breath away, always woke up the butterflies that lived in your stomach. His kisses also made you feel cherished and loved which was the main reason why you loved kissing him so much.
Humming, you trailed your hands to his back, nails digging into his tattooed skin. Bucky moaned brokenly. You spread legs even more, heels came to rest at his back, and you threw your head back, baring your throat to him.
“God, the first time you pulled this trick on me, I was reciting baseball scores so that I won’t come the second you brush against my dick,” he murmured, and you laughed. Bucky huffed into your skin. “Yeah, laugh away. You have no idea how fucking beautiful you are.” You smiled down at him, cheeks feeling hot as the shyness shone in your eyes. Bucky chuckled fondly. He kissed your neck, fingers pulling your shorts down with your panties. You hummed and lifted your hips to help him take them off. He threw the clothes somewhere in the room without lifting his head.
“Hmm, Bucky,” you sighed, fingers diving deep into his hair and pulling them lightly. He buried a soft moan into the skin of your neck.
“You’re so soft, damn,” he whispered, kissing his way down to your breasts. “Can’t wait for these to fill out again so that you can feed me some.” You groaned while he chuckled. “It tastes very good, mama, hush.” You rolled your eyes.
“You’re impossible,” you murmured and heard him getting out a ‘damn right’ before he bit the soft flesh of your breast over your bra. You gasped. Bucky’s hand sneaked under the oversize t-shirt ─his t-shirt─ you had on, and his fingers were quick to unclasp your bra.
Bucky growled when the t-shirt got in his way. “Off,” he grumbled. You sat up for a second to ditch the cloth with your bra. When you were free of any sort of clothing, laying naked under Bucky, you watched him properly crawl on top of you. He kissed the valley of your breasts, biting down on them gently before he took one of your nipples in his mouth.
Hissing, your fingers got tangled in his mid-length hair, pulling on the strands harshly. Bucky moaned at the delicious sting on his scalp. He sucked and twirled his tongue on the perky tip, biting very gently sometimes to increase the sensation. His right hand was squeezing your left boob while his left arm had sneaked down, stroking your lower stomach gently as if there was a baby already. You shivered.
“Don’t tease,” you murmured. “Please, not today, ple─ Oh!” His fingers came in contact with your clit, making you jump and tighten your legs around him as you threw your head back and bit your lip to keep your loud moan inside. Bucky hummed, lips still around your nipple and sucking. “Bucky!” you hissed again. He pulled back with an obscene ‘pop’ sound.
“What’s wrong, baby?” He asked. You wiggled under him.
“Don’t tease, please,” you whimpered, tugging on his t-shirt. He smirked. It was half playful and half dangerous, you inhaled shakily. Straightening up, he ditched the t-shirt, exposing his tattooed chest on display among with his nipple piercings. You trailed your hands on his chest, flicking his nipples to make him moan and nails following the lines of his tattoos to make him shudder.
“Hmm,” he hummed. “It’s not fair of you to tell me not to tease you while you’re doing the same to me.” You winked at him. You moved your hands south, to his belt, and you quickly unbuckled it. Before you could throw it away, Bucky grabbed it from you. His huge hand took a hold of your wrists, and you felt the leather of his belt against them, suddenly tied up to the bedpost.
“Yup,” he said. “You’re getting handsy.” You pouted.
“Can I not touch my husband?” You said, increasing your pout. Bucky chuckled. He leaned in for a kiss as his fingers undid the button of his pants.
“Of course you can, love,” he murmured against your lips. “Just not now.” He gave you a peck on the cheek. “I have a mission.” You snorted. “A holy mission.”
“Jesus, Barnes,” you said, cackling. “It sounds so unholy when you say it like that.” He grinned.
“As it should because it’s gonna be messy as fuck.” With that, he briefly abandoned you on the bed and chucked his pants down. “God, I feel like a teenager who’s about to lose his virginity because it’s been so fucking long since I got to fuck you bare.”
“You’re an idi─ mmph,” you murmured but got cut off by Bucky’s lips onto yours, tongue licking inside.
Next ten minutes or so spent by making out with your gorgeous husband, swallowing his moans and him pulling whimpers out of you. His hips were grinding against yours slowly. His cock, all weeping and red, slid on your equally wet and desperate sex. Bucky straightened up. He slid his arms under your legs and lifted them up on his shoulders. You gasped. You knew where this was going. You knew his favorite position after all.
“Yeah,” he grunted. “You know what I’m about to do, bunny,” he whispered. He hugged your legs with one arm and pressed them against his chest. His free hand untied you. “Wanna feel you touching me, but I’m pulling out the rope for the round two.” You nodded. You’d be okay with that as long as you got what you want for the first one. Or until you got over your desperation.
You watched his hand disappearing from your view, and the next second you felt his cock at your slick hole. “Yeah, gimme,” you whispered. Bucky hummed. He shuffled forward, thighs resting against the back of yours, and he leaned forward. His cock slid inside of you slowly, making you feel every inch and vein as he did so. You groaned.
“Fuck,” he gasped. “Been fuckin’ you silly at every chance I get, but you’re still tight as fuck─ Oh my God.” He threw his head back as he wrapped his other arm around your legs. You mewled at the feeling of his cock inching its way in you. Your knees were almost touching your chest, your felt small under his bulk.
“Oh shit, Bucky,” you gasped, nails digging into the meat of his biceps. He groaned as an answer. He bottomed out after what felt like a century, and both of you let out a moan of relief. “So big…” You whispered.
“Yeah, baby,” Bucky said. “Made for your tight, lil pussy.” He pulled out slightly and thrusted in. Your slick walls were hugging his hard cock so nicely, Bucky felt like he might pass out any second. His cock was literally getting swallowed by them whenever he tried to pull out a little, and the thought was doing something to him. “Shit, princess. You’re pussy is milking me already.” He let out a harsh exhale as he thrusted in once more. His balls snug against your crack, you clenched around him.
“God, move,” you breathed. “Move, please.” Bucky hushed you, placing a soothing kiss on your ankle. You whimpered when he pulled out and thrusted in a bit harder than before. “Yeah, c’mon.”
“You know the magic words, bunny,” Bucky rasped. “Use them and I’ll fuck you like you want.” You whimpered again. Even though saying those words turned you on a lot and made your sex life whole fucking sexier, you still couldn’t help but get shy each time Bucky asked you to say them out loud. “Aw,” he taunted. “I love how you get shy every time.” He kissed your nose. “Say it,” he whispered against your lips, giving your bottom lip a harsh bite. You gasped.
“Mmh,” you hummed, sounding more like a whine. Murmuring a ‘fuck it’ to yourself in your mind, you tried to ignore your shyness as you gave Bucky what he wanted. “Please, daddy,” you whispered. “Breed me, fuck a baby in me, please!” Bucky groaned loudly. Those magic words sounded like a freaking lullaby to him, like angels were singing especially for him, and he groaned once again before he picked up a faster pace.
You gasped.
“A’right, bunny,” Bucky rumbled. “I’ll fuck a baby in you. I’ll breed you proper and stuff you well.” His balls were hitting against your crack, his pelvic bone brushing against your clit with his every thrust, your eyes rolled back. “I did that before, didn’t I? I fucked you proper, breed you well and you gave me a son.” Shuffling forward a bit more, Bucky dropped his torso onto his elbows, bending you in half. “Gimme another, huh, mama? Another son?”
You moaned loudly, but it sounded muffled due to Bucky’s bulk covering your body. Your nails were digging very deeply into his skin, possibly leaving marks, and your pussy was getting assaulted in the best way possible. Every drag of his cock, Bucky made sure you felt the every twitch and vein, and it had been driving you crazy for a little while now.
“Fuck, James,” you panted. Bucky leaned in to capture your lips with his. Moaning into it, you slid one of your hands into his hair, pulling on them tightly enough to yank his head back with a gasp.
“Oh fuck─” He moaned, hips twitching and pace faltering for a second.
“I fucking love your pain kink,” you whispered hotly against his lips and pulled on his hair even more. Bucky let out a throaty moan. His hips practically jackrabbitting in and out of you, you could feel the desperation in his movements. You dragged your hand down his arm, nails still dug deep into the skin, you clenched around him. “Gimme your come, daddy,” you moaned when his next thrust brushed that sensitive spot in you. “There!” You gasped when he did it again. “Fuck, there!”
You heard him cursing in Russian, something that he usually did when he was too turned on or too close to coming. “Fuck, you’re gonna be the death of me,” Bucky grunted. His cock moved even faster in you. He pulled out until it was only the head inside and slammed back in, managing to brush that sweet spot in you every time. You groaned. Your legs started to shake a bit, your lower stomach tingling with your upcoming orgasm.
“’m close,” you whimpered. Your hand in his hair slid down his back, leaving angry, red marks down his spine and making him shudder with the amazing feeling of pain mixed with pleasure. “Daddy,” you whined. “’m so close, gimme─” Bucky snarled. Suddenly straightening up, he held your legs up on the air by your ankles.
His thrusts got sloppy. The obscene sounds of wetness and skin slapping skin had filled the room, echoing slightly, and very briefly, you wondered if Miles was able to hear you. You bit your lip.
“So good,” Bucky was mumbling. “Feels so good aroun’ me. Like velvet, softest pillows, hmm.” Your breath hitched. He was nailing that spot with his every thrust, and you were on the edge. Bucky growled when he felt you tightening up as a warning. He brought one of his hands harshly on your pussy, slapping the slick covered flesh, and you cried out. “Sshh,” Bucky whispered. “Be quiet, bunny.” He slapped your pussy three more times, abusing your sensitive clit and making it throb. You watched his face getting dark and more turned on with each passing second. Your brain short-circuited when you saw him spitting right onto your clit, and you gasped.
Bucky pressed his thumb on your clit where he just spitted, rubbing it in and rolling your clit beneath his fingertip at the same time. Your back arched, legs trembled violently and walls tightened around Bucky’s cock as you came with a silent scream.
“Fuck, you’re face─” Bucky breathed. He picked up his pace again, going back to his jackrabbitting. His balls were heavy and slick, cock twitching you deliciously. “’m gonna come, bunny,” he rasped. “Gonna come in you. Gonna put a baby in you, get you pregnant again─” He gasped loudly and let out a long groan. His cock twitched, balls seized up, and they emptied themselves into you. He fell onto his elbows on the last second, leg muscles twitching with his cock still in you. You hummed.
“This was almost as hot as the one we had when we conceived Miles,” you slurred. Bucky hummed into the crook of your neck. His hips were still thrusting in and out of you at a very lazy pace, you sighed at the feeling. “We’re filthy,” you whispered. “Gotta shower.” Bucky let out a protesting sound.
“In the mornin’,” he rumbled and rolled to the empty side of the bed, pulling you with him.
“Bucky─” He placed his hand over your mouth.
“In the mornin’ I said, bunny, hush.” You sighed, accepting your fate. Snuggling against him even more, you closed your eyes. It didn’t take too long for the sleep taking over you both.
“Oh, hey, Liv,” Bucky whispered as he stroked his daughter’s soft cheek. Little baby girl made a cooing sound and snuggled into her father’s hand on her face. Bucky stifled a sob. “Gonna get you inked on my body like your brother with your mama,” he murmured. “It’s tradition.” You smiled at your husband.
“We can take you guys,” the tattoo artist said, a soft smile on their face as they watched the small family walk inside. You placed the small portable baby bed on the small couch, helping Miles climb on next to his sister.
“Watch out for her, okay, baby?” You asked. Miles nodded. He immediately placed his hand on his sister, holding onto her little hand. You felt your eyes getting teary at the scene. Kissing his forehead, you went back to the seats where the artist was waiting for you.
“He’s cute,” the artist said. “Protective.”
“Takes after his father,” you told them. Bucky rolled his eyes, but there was a proud look on his face. You chuckled.
“Alright, what do you guys want?”
 Ten minutes later, you left the tattoo shop hand-in-hand with Bucky. You were holding Miles’ hand with your other one and Bucky was carrying Olivia. You could see the small patch on his chest where he got his new tattoo while it was on your hand: Names of your kids and the day they born. Small, but a memoir anyway.
You got inside the car, Bucky sliding next to you with Olivia on his lap. “You know, Liv, I was made for lovin’ you guys.” You snorted as you fixed Miles’ hair who was sitting on your lap.
“You’re a sap,” you murmured. He hummed approvingly.
“A badass sap,” he said, making you snort again. “A badass sap with tattoos.”
“You’re also a dumbass, don’t forget to add that in your CV.” He laughed.
“Yeah,” he nodded, eyes finding yours. “I’ll remember to add that I’m a badass and dumbass sap with tattoos who’s crazily in love with you.” You felt your cheeks burn.
“Shuddup, Barnes,” you grumbled. He grinned wickedly and kissed your warm cheek. He, then, signaled the driver, and the car started to move.
You sighed happily as the car drove the four of you home.
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fuckandfluff · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Every single thing I have written so far is strongly 18+ and super smutty! PLEASE heed all warnings at the start of each fic & DO NOT engage if you are a minor
💓special thanks to the incredibly talented @rainbowkisses31 for the beautiful little dividers xo
Tumblr media
Found Here
Tumblr media
I'm With The Band Series
Part 1 (Where it all began)
Part 2 (Bucky corners you in the bathroom)
Part 3 (You finally hook up and it gets rough)
Part 4 (DP with drummer Steve Rogers and Bucky)
Part 5 (You film a tape with Bucky to make Steve jealous)
Part 6 (Bucky is coked out so you explore your feelings for Steve)
Live Wire (inspired by Seb with those drumsticks)
Shout at the Devil (Bucky refuses to share you & the hate sex proves it)
Kickstart My Heart (A bet with his bandmates turns into some hot motel sex for you)
Bucky & The Bombshell (Bucky & his girl want to take you home)
Sympathy for the Bombshell (Bucky tortures you with a remote controlled vibrator during a show - male POV)
Tumblr media
Something Borrowed (dark!Bucky x innocent!reader collab w/ @sableseb for @basementwiveswritingchallenge)
Tumblr media
The Smell of Sunshine (You give Mickey your virginity after a balmy night out in Greece)
Tumblr media
Stepdad!Andy AU
Recollection (Stepdad!Andy, where it all began)
Lose Control (You tag along on the honeymoon)
Attitude Problems (Andy’s done with your attitude)
Ignition (Andy’s breeding kink emerges)
Inveigle (You lose your anal virginity)
Happy Daddy’s Day (You decide to tease Andy on his special day)
No Vacancy (Andy is sick of you being a hoe - male POV)
He lets rockstar!Bucky have a piece of you
He brings home your best friend to get revenge
Reprisal (Andy gets his just desserts for bringing home your friend)
Tumblr media
Persuasion (Want a spot on the team? Earn it. - male POV)
Tumblr media
Honey & Her (Sub!Lee has a mommy kink)
Tumblr media
The Wolf , The Lamb (2 part story with BestFriendsDad!Steve - co-written with my beautiful, talented bestie @sableseb)
Miscellaneous Characters:
Constant Craving (Natasha introduces a new toy in the shower)
xoxoxo Tay
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buckycuddlebuddy · 2 months ago
𝐩𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐬𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐬𝐮𝐠𝐚𝐫 𝐨𝐧 𝐦𝐞
summary ─ you were hypnotized. his handsome face was contorted with such emotions, he was so lost in the music, lost in the instrument, and it was mesmerizing to watch.
pairing ─ rockstar!bucky barnes x virgin!reader
warnings ─ smut, +18, language, dirty talk, pet names, fluff, so much fluff, bucky is an adorable dumbass, softdom!bucky, kissing, first date, natasha romanoff is a very good bro, drinking, multiple orgasms, oral sex (f receiving), virginity loss, light fingering
a/n ─ this happened because of seb. hope you like it. please leave a comment if you do, i really worked hard on this one! thank you <333 (this is worst banner i’ve ever made btw pls ignore it) [enjoy this 9.2k monster. this is officially the longest one shot i have ever written]
title is from def leppard - pour some sugar on me.
Tumblr media
The lead guitarist had been eyeing you since the concert started. You were lucky enough to buy yourself a front row ticket, but you didn’t know you were that lucky to get the attention of the lead guitarist, James.
Commandos were your favorite metal band. Their music made everything better for you after you discovered them, and following the band for three years, you finally got to see them live. You were very excited while you made your way over the stadium where the concert was going to happen. Your friend, Natasha, accompanied you to the concert because she liked them, too, and even she could tell that James’ eyes were on you.
“Is he looking at you?” She hissed into your ear. You shivered with the excitement. You were bobbing your head to the beat, feeling every drag of James’ skilled fingers over the guitar strings deep in your bones. “Y/N, what the fuck, is he?”
“I don’t know,” you hissed at Natasha back. You didn’t want to get excited over something that was very unlikely to happen and just wanted to focus on the moment. “Let’s enjoy the concert, please?” Natasha frowned a little, but she nodded, both of you turned your heads towards the stage again.
You watched James getting lost in the song. His fingers were flying over the guitar; stroking the strings, hitting the notes and feeling every note he hit in his soul. It was so obvious that he loved doing this. It was written all over his face. You were hypnotized. His handsome face was contorted with such emotions, he was so lost in the music, lost in the instrument, and it was mesmerizing to watch.
Honestly, you didn’t understand how fast three hours passed until they announced that this was their last song and that they would be missing touring. You felt tears filling your eyes slowly. You loved them, valued their art and found yourself in their songs so much, it was hard to say goodbye to them now that you’ve seen them live.
“We’ll be back before you know it!” James said, sending the crowd a wink and making his bandmates and the audience chuckle. They waved and walked towards the exit, and with that the stage lights went off.
“This was a ride!” Natasha exclaimed. You nodded eagerly.
“It was better than I expected!” You were still shouting because your ears were howling. “I never wanted it to end!” Natasha pointed herself, meaning that she didn’t either. You held her hand, never letting go, because you didn’t want to lose her in the crowd. Both of you slowly made your way to the exit. Just as you stepped into the small corridor to get closer to the exit, you were stopped by a bodyguard.
“Miss,” the guy said, raising his hands in the air. “You were invited to the backstage with your friend, Miss.” You turned to your right to look at Natasha owlishly who was looking at you right back with the same expression.
“Us?” You asked. “Are you sure?” The guy nodded. You looked at Natasha again, hoping that she’d answer for you.
“Alright,” she said. “We’ll come.” The guy smiled, stepping aside, he showed you the way to the backstage. You thanked him. Tightening your hand on Natasha’s, you walked towards the entrance.
“What the fuck,” you hissed. Natasha just smirked and shrugged.
“He was looking at you,” she said instead. “He just proved it.” You gave her a disbelieving look, pinching her arm at the same time. Natasha chuckled. “James the guitarist has a crush on you,” she murmured. “It sounds good, doesn’t it?”
You rolled your eyes. Yes, it did sound good, but accepting their offer to get into the backstage? When it was passed midnight? God, you hoped you wouldn’t be fucked up tomorrow.
You slowly made your way inside, the bodyguard right behind you both to show you the way. All the guards you passed had smiled at you warmly. They were kind, hell, maybe even friendly, but you weren’t here to find out that. You were invited. Fuck.
“Walk straight, the main room will be on your right after you passed the number seven,” the bodyguard said, pointing at the number. Natasha and you thanked him. The guy just smiled at you both and bid you good night. After he disappeared, you took a deep breath and walked to the number seven that was winking at you at the end of the hall.
“Are you excited?” Natasha asked, sounding perfectly calm.
“Of course, Nat!” You hissed. “You said he was looking at me, and now, we’re invited to the backstage, and you’re asking me if I’m excited? Fuck yes, I am!” She grinned. Looping her arm to yours, she pushed you to walk a little faster.
“Maybe you’ll have sex with him tonight,” she said cheerfully. You whimpered. You wouldn’t dare. Would you? Who were you kidding, you would. “Maybe he asked you to come to him because it’d be a chaos for him to come up to you.” You huffed out a breath. She was right. You couldn’t even imagine the crowd that would be gathering around you if he were to come up to you.
“Yeah,” you murmured. Natasha pulled you towards the door on your right, and you realized you were about to pass the number seven. You stopped. “Nat,” you whispered. She squeezed your arm.
“It’s fine,” she said gently. “We’ll walk out if you don’t want to do anything with them. We could just say hi and bail.” You looked at her green eyes for a couple seconds, biting your lip. “It’ll be alright. Maybe, we’ll have some real fun. Come on.” You nodded. You weren’t going to back out. You weren’t going to miss this chance.
“Okay,” you said and continued to walk.
It took you half a minute to reach the door.
Tentatively, you stepped inside the huge room. It had three, different color, big couches, and one wall was covered with mirrors and make-up tables. The lights were yellow and dimmed; they weren’t hurting your eyes. There were a couple plants at the corners of the room. There was some chatter going on, chuckles and laughter were echoing from one wall to the other.
“Um,” you started. “Hello?” As soon as the word left your mouth, the chatter died. You tried not to cringe and get awkward with the silence. “W-we were invited?” You saw Steve’s, the vocalist, eyes widening and brows rising.
“Oh!” He said. “Bucky!” He called out, inclining his head backwards. “Your visitors are here!” You frowned. You didn’t know any ‘Bucky’, but when you couldn’t see James around, you assumed it was him. “Why don’t you girls sit down? He’s probably battling with his make-up.” He grinned.
“Sure,” Natasha agreed easily and pulled you to the couch with her. “Is he the only one who wears make-up?” She asked. Sometimes you were jealous of her making-small-talk ability, and right now was one of those moments. Steve chuckled.
“Sammy here also likes to indulge himself with some mascara,” he said. “Hell, I even saw him rockin’ white eyeliner once. It was dope.” You smiled. White eyeliner would look great on Sam, the bassist, you thought. “Thor likes mascara like Sam. Clint has his own make up with all the bandages he puts on his face,” Steve snickered when Clint protested. Natasha and you chuckled.
You looked around the room, at the people, and saw how tired but happy they were. Thor, co-guitarist, was sitting on a large armchair with his phone in his hands. Clint, the drummer, was sprawled on an empty couch with his drumsticks in his hands, spinning them aimlessly. Steve was humming, Sam was tapping his foot to some imaginary beat, and you could hear someone, probably Bucky, swearing in one of the dressing rooms.
“I swear to fucking God if Sharon fucks with my bag ever again─” Bucky stormed out of the room with anger etched on his face but cut himself off when he saw you and Natasha sitting in front of Steve. “Oh. Hello, girls.” He smiled warmly. You wiggled your fingers and saw Natasha smiling at him. “I hope they weren’t being assholes as usual,” he added, narrowing his eyes at his bandmates. Steve and Sam flipped him off simultaneously while Thor and Clint didn’t acknowledge him.
“They were nice,” you murmured, feeling your cheeks burning along with your body. Bucky smiled at you widely, making your stomach flip. He was so handsome, looked so pretty smiling like that, you sort of couldn’t believe you were sitting in front of him right now.  
“As much as this is nice,” Natasha started. Her green eyes were narrowed, and she looked a little terrifying. “Did you invite us here just to have a small talk or…?” You saw Bucky blush, Steve smirking, Sam elbowing Steve, and Thor wiggling eyebrows at Bucky. You frowned. Something was going on for sure, but you didn’t feel alarmed yet.
“Um,” Bucky murmured. “Well, I was going to come up to you but didn’t wanna make a scene. I was just wondering if you’d like to accompany us to the bar? We’re gonna celebrate our last day, and I thought maybe you would like to… hang out… with us?” Bucky looked shy and a little embarrassed, a scrunch was sitting on his nose adorably. Natasha raised a questioning eyebrow.
“Are you asking me or her?” She asked, making you choke on nothing.
“What? I know you wanna bone him, and he doesn’t look like he’s going to say no to that.” She rolled her eyes. “Besides they are gonna celebrate, Y/N,” she added, wiggling his brows, sending you a wink. You groaned. Covering your face with your hands, you whined.
“I’m gonna disown you from friendship when we go home, just so you know,” you mumbled, making everyone in the room laugh.
Bucky cleaned his throat with a light cough. “I was asking her,” he pointed at you, “but Sam here really liked you.” He placed his hand on Sam’s shoulder, alarming the guy and making his eyes widen. “He told me so, and I thought he could ask you to hang out with us himself, y’know. I’m that kind of a wingman.” He winked at Sam.
“The fuck,” Sam grunted. You snickered with Steve. Natasha smirked, it was a dangerous, seductive smirk. Uh-oh, you thought gleefully. Natasha was going to seduce the hell out of Sam, and he wasn’t going to know what hit him.
“Brace yourself,” you said to Sam, causing him to frown and give you a questioning look. Before you could answer him, though, Natasha slid off from her spot on the couch next to you and perched herself on top of Sam. You heard him making a mix of choking and gasping noise, eyes comically wide, he looked at Natasha. Steve was trying to keep himself from laughing while Clint was recording the whole thing with his phone. Sam wasn’t going to live this moment down, you knew that for sure.
“She’s gonna ruin him for other women, isn’t she?” You heard someone ask you, and when you turned your head to your left, the spot Natasha was occupying, you saw Bucky. He was still smiling, looking friendly and non-threatening. He had his usual combo on: A black t-shirt and tight, black jeans. His sleeves were on display, you could see his tattoo neck, too, and the piercing on his eyebrow was shining with the lights around him. He still had eyeliner around his eyes albeit faint, but he didn’t seem like it bothered him.
“Yeah,” you said, nodding. “She has that effect on people generally.” Bucky snickered. He slowly sat down next to you but put some distance because he wasn’t an asshole like his friends loved to call him. “You, um, still have some…” You stammered, pointing at his eyes. Bucky snorted, rolling his eyes.
“I tried to wipe them, but they don’t come off for some reason. They might be waterproof? I need to scrub them, I guess,” he said. You nodded again. You hated these awkward moments because you just didn’t know what to do.
“You could try coconut oil, though,” you blurted. Bucky frowned lightly. “It, uh, it helps t-to remove the, um, waterproof eyeliner.”
“Oh,” he murmured. “I think I saw a small jar in one of the make-up bags. Will you help me?” You froze for a second. Of course, you would help him, but that would mean you were going to be close to him, right? You didn’t know if you could handle it─
“Yes, she will. She helped me with the same situation many times,” Natasha chimed in. “She’s gentle.” You side-eyed Natasha. You were so going to hit her with a pillow when you went back home. She saw you looking and blew you a kiss.
“Y-yeah, I did. I- I will,” you said. Taking a deep breath, you decided to just roll with it because you weren’t getting out of here anytime soon, apparently. “Come on.” You grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the room he stormed out earlier. You ignored all the whoos and cheers although they made your cheeks and body burn. “Show me the jar?”
Bucky nodded mutely. Without letting your hand go, he moved to one of the desks that were against the wall with big mirrors and lights all around just like the other room, he pulled out a bag. “Should be in this,” he said.
“Okay,” you agreed. “Sit down.” You let his hand go, missing its roughness and warmth immediately, you opened the bag to dig the jar out. You grabbed a small piece of cotton, dripped some oil onto your hand and turned to Bucky. He was on your level, now, sitting down. “Close your eyes,” you whispered. He did. Inhaling slowly, you stepped closer to him and slowly applied the oil on his eyelids.
His skin was soft, you realized. He had lots of small moles on his face. Most of them were hidden with his long hair and light scruff, but they looked beautiful on him. His lips had a pretty bow shape, their natural color pink-ish red. You suddenly wanted to lean down and kiss him to see if they were as soft as they looked. Blinking, you pulled your hand away and brought the cotton to wipe it off. The oil helped, of course, and soon, the cotton was all black with the make-up.
“There you go,” you whispered, signaling that you were done. Bucky slowly opened his eyes. They were dark and mesmerizing; his pupils were large and almost swallowed the pretty color of his eyes, and you felt stuck. You saw him licking his lips with the corner of your eyes. His hands came up to your waist, one of them moving to your face to tuck a strand of hair behind your ear. His thumb stroked your cheek gently, so gently that you sighed and nuzzled against it without thinking. You heard him letting out a soft sound, and then his lips were onto yours.
Moaning in shock, you stood there, trying to process what was happening.
You were being kissed by James Barnes. The lead guitarist of Commandos. Your favorite band. You were being kissed by him. You pushed him away. Your hands still on his chest, you looked at him, the disbelief visible on your face.
Bucky cursed to himself silently. He should have known better than just kissing you like this, he should have taken you out first and let you that he was thinking of asking you out for real because he had been watching you throughout the whole concert, and you were so fucking pretty─
“What─ Why did you do that?” You asked him, interrupting his inner panicking. Bucky swallowed and looked at you, the color of his eyes had returned slightly.
“I─” He started, but realized he didn’t know what he could say. “Wanted to?” He cringed. God, he was hopeless. “I’m sorry, I should have asked. I’m─ Look, I wasn’t trying to force myself on you, I swear. I’m really sorry.” He tried to stand up, but you stopped him with putting your hands on his shoulders.
“Why did you do that?” You asked again. Yeah, he might have wanted to kiss you, but you had to know exactly why. Bucky held his breath.
“Because I wanted to kiss you,” he said with a soft voice. “Because you looked so pretty singing along to the songs I wrote with your friend, looked so carefree and gorgeous, I wanted to know you, wanted to kiss you so bad. Because you felt right when you were close to me. Because I wanted to keep you even closer, so that no one would try to steal you away fro─ Mmfm!”
You cut him off with pressing your lips against his. Of course, you were attracted to him. He was this devilishly handsome, funny and charming lead guitarist of your favorite band. How could you not? Him admitting that he wanted to know you was dizzying, to kiss you so bad was definitely passing out material.
Bucky sighed into the kiss as he brought one of his hands to rest on the small of your back and the other on your face. Tilting his head to his side slightly, Bucky deepened the kiss. With the hand on your lower back, he pulled you to him, making you step into his personal space even more. You hummed. Your hands were on his cheeks, fingertips playing with his hair while your thumbs stroked his cheekbones.
He kissed so nicely.
His lips were as soft as they looked. They felt like silk onto yours as he kissed your breath away. His body heat was setting your own body fire. His hands on you were like a dream come true. The way he held you close to him felt so good, you wanted to cry at the feeling. You were a little touch starved, but he was feeding you well with his itty bitty touches.
“Mmm,” he hummed as he pulled back for oxygen. He opened his eyes, watching you nuzzle in his palm, kissing his wrist, Bucky felt immensely happy. “Darling love,” he whispered. “You feel so right in my arms.” You let out a broken sound as you buried your face in his palm, partially hiding in it. He chuckled softly. “You do.” You wiggled even closer to him. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him in for another kiss.
Just as both of you were getting lost in the kiss, the knock on the door made you jump. “We’re leaving for the bar!” It was Clint. “Are you guys coming or not?” Bucky looked at you.
“Let me take you out?” He asked, hope shining bright in his beautiful eyes. “Let me treat you? Please, honey?” You nodded mutely. You were too stunned to answer him verbally. He smiled. “Alright,” he said and stood up. He, then, took a step back and extended his hand to you. “I’m James, but people close to me call me Bucky.”
You chuckled at his cheesiness. Holding his hand, you shook it. “I’m Y/N, but Natasha calls me dumbass sometimes,” you said, making him grin. Bucky held your hand in his as he brought it up to his lips, kissing your wrist.
“Can I take you out on a date? Buy you a drink?” He asked, then. You bit your lip as you grinned.
“Yeah,” you answered him. He beamed.
“Great!” He pulled you against him. “I know just the place.”
You’ve been at the bar with the band and Natasha for two hours now. You were having so much fun that you couldn’t stop giggling or cracking jokes sometimes. You felt incredibly lucky to get to know the band this way; they were a bunch of charming and funny guys who occasionally called each other asshole.
Thor was a weird one; he kept talking like he was someone from a Shakespeare play but he was a very funny dude. Sam was a sarcastic but a very charming guy; him and Natasha had kept the flirting going since she sat on his lap at the backstage. Steve was actually a pretty smart guy, but he loved fucking with others and playing dumb. He was almost as flirtious as Sam, but he kept the flirting to Thor only which you later learned that Thor and Steve had been dating for two years. Clint was… he was a real dumbass. He was a beast with his drums, but in general he was a walking disaster and the bandages on his face and arms sort of gave that away.
They were a good bunch.
Then, there was James. Or Bucky as he reminded you to call him that once or twice. He was funny just like the others. He was charming and actually a sweetheart. You learned that he was also the Mama Bear of the band while Sam had taken the Papa Bear role. They were the ones who kept the others doing shit. He was considerate, lovable and smart guy. He loved his music, loved playing his guitar whenever he could and loved exploring new things.
You might have been a little in love with him already.
“Aight!” Steve interrupted the chattering. He was a little tipsy, not drunk, and leaning onto Thor more than he probably should. “Round… four? Five? It’s on me. Who wants what?” Everyone placed their order with Steve and Thor, but you.
“Just water if they have such a healthy drink in here,” you said, chuckling. “I had enough.” You weren’t big on drinking your consciousness away, and considering this was sort of your first date with Bucky, you wanted to stay sober.
Steve and Thor nodded, not pushing you to drink when you didn’t want to, and made a bee line to the bar. Bucky was holding you against his side, his arm was either over your shoulders or around your waist, and you were leaning into him. He placed a soft kiss onto your temple, making your body heat up with the simple touch of his lips. With a sigh, you buried your head into his shoulder.
It was sort of surprising that you felt so safe and at ease with Bucky although it’s been only three hours since you met officially. Sure, you’ve known him partially from the interviews, but you spent three hours in his presence, and the closeness between you two felt like you’ve been like this, close and touching each other, for years. It was a weird but not unwelcomed feeling. In fact, you loved it a little too much.
“Are you okay?” Bucky whispered. His breath smelled a bit like beer, but you didn’t mind. Yours probably smelled the same. You nodded. “I can take you back home if you want or to a hotel? I… just realized I don’t know where you live.” You chuckled.
“I live around, don’t worry,” you assured him. “Like an hour or so away with car? I’m local.” You snuggled deeper into his embrace. “I’m fine, though, it’s been very fun so far.” Bucky hummed.
“Yeah, they are good guys,” Bucky agreed. “But say the word and I’ll take you home, alright?” He said, looking into your eyes.
“Okay,” you agreed, kissing his cheek. You have never felt like this with a guy before. Sure, you were a virgin, but you had boyfriends, you had dated. None of them made you feel this at ease around them. None of them but Bucky. You found that you loved this feeling. With a smile, you hummed happily.
After Steve and Thor returned with a new round of drinks, you’ve spent another hour and half laughing and talking with them. It was around 3 AM when all of you decided to call it a night.
“It’s technically morning, though,” Clint said, swaying on his feet a little. Everyone groaned. “Fine, geez. I ain’t makin’ any joke anymo’,” he grunted and flipped the bird. You snorted lightly. Clint got offended real easy when he was drunk, apparently.
“So, girls,” Sam started. “We can take you home if you want? Or put you in the same hotel we’re staying for tonight?” Natasha shrugged.
“It’d take us at least an hour to get home, I’ll take the hotel option,” she said, and you hummed approvingly. “We don’t need new rooms. I think it’s obvious where we’ll be staying,” she added with a smirk. You felt your cheeks burn.
“I’m so divorcing you when we go home,” you muttered, and Natasha snickered. You felt Bucky’s assuring squeeze on your arm.
“We can get you a new room if you don’t feel comfortable enough with sharing, though,” he said, ignoring Natasha. You frowned as you thought about it.
It wouldn’t make you uncomfortable, but you didn’t know what you’d do. Would you just cuddle and go to sleep or… You sighed. You wanted to take that step. You were in your mid-twenties and you wanted to get rid of your virginity already. It stuck with you for a long time. You didn’t want to push him for it, though. Frown deepening, you realized you wouldn’t mind whatever you chose to do when you shared a room. Even though you wanted to get rid of things, you really would like to cuddle with Bucky and go to sleep.
“It’s fine,” you murmured. “I won’t mind sharing a room if that’s okay with you.” Bucky shook his head, a smile playing on his lips.
“Of course,” he said. “Let’s go then.”
It took you fifteen minutes or so arriving the hotel and all of you quickly scattered your own rooms. You followed Bucky. He was holding your hand into his gently, you in front of him, his arms were around your waist and hands holding yours as you rode the elevator. When you were on the floor nine, you got off and walked down the hall.
Stepping inside the room 107, you felt nervous. It wasn’t Bucky who was making you nervous, but yourself, you knew that. You could come clean and tell Bucky; he had been so patient and loving with you all day and you knew he wouldn’t mind you telling him about your conflict.
“I can take the couch,” Bucky started. “I don’t mind. It’s actually pretty comfy,” he grinned. “Took a nap there before we hit the stage.” He wiggled his brows adorably. “I can lend you some clothes if you wanna shower, I’m definitely taking one. I have no idea how you put up with my stink for four hours.” You chuckled.
“You don’t stink,” you said. “You smell nice, actually.” Bucky tilted his head to his side and sent you a cocky smirk. Fuck, you thought.
“Nice, hm?” He laughed, then. “I half-showered with my perfume is probably why,” he added, rolling his eyes. “Anyways, you gonna shower?” You bit your lip. You were hesitating just a little, but you knew you had to take some steps yourself in these kinds of things.
“W-what if we take o-one to-ogether?” You stammered clumsily. “We, uh, both need one, anyways, right?” Bucky froze. His eyes snapped at yours, watching you carefully as he tried to see if you really wanted this.
“You really want that?” He asked. You nodded. There was nothing else you wanted more at the moment, you thought. “Honey,” Bucky murmured. “Do you know what you want? Do you wanna tell me?” Ye walked closer to him and placed your hands on his chest when you were close enough.
“I want to take a shower with you,” you said, surprisingly with a steady voice. “I… We don’t have to, but if you want, I, um, also want to have sex with you, too.” Bucky exhaled shakily at your words. They were affecting him, you could see it in his eyes. So, you thought, might as well drop the bomb. “I, um,” you continued. Your fingers were playing his exposed dog tags. “I really, really would like you to be, um, the first one to… you know…” You narrowed your eyes, looking at him and hoping that he’d understand.
“The first one to what, love?” He asked. His eyes were intense, now. They looked at you like they wanted to see through you. You shivered and licked your lips. Your mouth opened and closed, words wanting to get out but didn’t know how. “Y/N,” Bucky said when you didn’t answer. “Honey,” he called out. “Are you a virgin, love?”
You nodded. Your whole body was burning with embarrassment, burning under the intense look of his beautiful eyes. You fidgeted in your place, tearing your eyes from his, you gave your whole attention to his dog tags. You played with them until you felt his fingers gripping your chin gently and tilting up.
“Are you sure?” He asked. “Do you really want me to do that?” You nodded again. Words were hard for you, at the moment, you were beyond embarrassed. “Sweetheart, I’m honored that you see me worthy.” You snorted.
“Dork,” you whispered. He grinned.
“That’s me,” he said, making you snort again. “Alright, let’s take a shower together.” He grabbed your hand and pulled you towards the bathroom. He left you by the sink to undress while he adjusted the water. You were stripping off your clothes one by one, not feeling so confident about your body, you had a strong urge to hide it.
It was Bucky, though. You may not have known for a long time, but you knew he wouldn’t mind. Still, you couldn’t silence the irritating small voice in your mind that had been whispering how different you looked from all the women Bucky had seen out with.
“Water is ready,” he announced, unaware of your inner struggle. He turned around as he yanked his t-shirt off his body. “Y/N? Are you okay?” His eyes roamed your body, moving up and down and up again. “What is it? It’s fine if you don’t want to do this─”
“It’s not that,” you muttered. “Well, sort of about it, not that exactly.” You shrugged. Your tears were on their way to fill your eyes, you could feel them, but you weren’t going to cry. “It’s just… I don’t have a model’s body, like, um, all the other women you’ve dated? I don’t have it, and um, it just makes me feel a little self-conscious?” You watched Bucky’s face going from worried to soft in a matter of seconds.
“Baby,” he whispered, stepping forward and getting into your personal space. “I don’t care.” He tucked your hair behind your ear, stroked your cheek and looked deep into your eyes. “I don’t care that you don’t have a model’s body. I actually like your body better than theirs because yours tell me that you’re happy and not starving yourself to look the way they do. You’re beautiful.” You whimpered. “It’s alright if you wanna back up, it really is, but please do not think that I won’t find you attractive because you don’t have a body like theirs, okay?” You sniffed lightly as you nodded.
You slowly got rid your t-shirt, dropping it on the floor like he did with his, and reached behind your back to unclasp your bra. He looked into your eyes all the while you undressed yourself. His eyes never flickered down once. They kept looking into your eyes, and his thumbs kept stroking your cheeks and your neck. Once you got naked, you fought with the urge to wrap your arms around yourself and cover your bits. Bucky liked your body, you reminded yourself. You were beautiful to him.
“There you go,” Bucky whispered. “That’s a good baby.” He leaned in and pecked your lips. “Let’s get under the water, alright?” You nodded. He quickly rid himself from his remaining clothes. His tattooed and pierced body’s naked glory was right in front of you, and you wanted to leave some marks. You wanted people to know that he was yours, now, no one else’s. “Come on, love.” He nudged you into the shower gently, pulling you out of your head. You carefully stepped into the tub, the water hitting your back immediately, you shivered with the warm water. Bucky walked in behind you and closed the glass doors.
Bucky plastered his front to your back, gently encouraging you to lean against him. His arms wrapped around your middle, he dipped down and placed kisses on your neck. The steam coming from the warm water warming your body, making his kisses feels even more sensual. You shivered.
“Let’s get you wet,” he murmured, eyes shining with mischief. You let out a soft snort and rolled your eyes. He grinned. He turned you around and stepped under the water with you still leaning against his body. You could feel his well-defined muscles on your back. His bulging biceps around your waist was giving you a nice feeling, too. His already warm body was even warmer now thanks to the water.
You sighed.
Bucky grabbed the shampoo and washed your hair, fingers massaging your scalp. After you were clean, it was his turn. He had to crouch down, later he went down on his knees since it was easier for you to reach all of his hair easily. As you washed his hair, Bucky held onto you, face buried in your stomach, he breathed calmly as you massaged his scalp like he did to you. You could feel the tension draining out of him. He must be exhausted, you thought, and suddenly felt guilty about springing this whole I-want-to-have-sex-with-you conversation. He needed rest, not more action. You huffed to yourself silently. Telling him to stand up, you grabbed the second loofah and dragged it along his body, washing away the dirt and sweat of the concert.
Washing away the shampoos and last of the dirt on your body, you turned off the water and stepped out, Bucky right behind you and still holding onto your waist. He grabbed a big towel from one of the cabinets. It was white and looked so fluffy. He smiled when he saw your wide eyes and wrapped it around your body, squeezing you into a hug with towel around you, he held you against his chest. You chuckled. Your face was right into the crook of his neck; his warm body was radiating heat even with a towel between your bodies.
“It’s so fluffy,” you said, amusement in your voice. Bucky snickered.
“Yeah, that’s what I love about fancy hotels.” Bucky wiggled his eyebrows and grabbed another towel from the rack to dry himself. Both of you walked back into the bedroom again with your naked bodies covered with fluffy towels.
“Hey,” you called out softly. “We, um, don’t have to do it now,” you said. “I know you’re tired, and you need some rest. So, it’s totally okay if you─” Bucky placed a finger on your lips and silenced you.
“I want it,” he whispered. “I am tired, I’m not gonna lie, but I want to do this, too.” Amusement shone in his eyes. “Don’t be surprised if I fall asleep on you in the halfway, though,” he said. You chuckled. Your hand poked out under the towel and hit him on the arm gently. Bucky grinned. He leaned in and kissed your cheeks; they felt warm under his lips.
Bucky started humming as his hands grabbed the hem of the towel that you’ve been hugging tightly. You frowned lightly, trying to make out what he was humming. While you were thinking, Bucky took the towel off of you gently. You barely felt the cold air hitting your body because of his body heat. It was coming off of him in waves and warming you in a weird way. He smiled as he pulled back a little. His face was so close to yours, his moving lips were brushing against yours as he continued to sing the song.
“Television lover, baby, go all night,” he sang softly. “Sometime, anytime, sugar me sweet,” he continued and pressed a kiss on the corner of your lips, arms pulling your closer to his body. “Little miss innocent sugar me, yeah.”
You frowned lightly, face scrunched in a very adorable way. “What are you singing?” You asked, still trying to making out what song he was singing. Bucky grinned.
“Ooh, in the name of love,” he started and saw the light bulb going off. “Pour some sugar on me. C’mon, fire me up.” He swayed to right and left, making guitar sounds just to make you giggle. “Pour some sugar on me. I can’t get enough!” You laughed.
“Oh my God, Bucky!” you exclaimed, tears in your eyes. “I can’t believe you’re singing─”
Bucky grinned even wider. “I’m hot, sticky sweet. From my head to my feet, yeah!”
Both of you cracked up. Bucky was still humming the song as he, too, discarded his towel. He came closer, looking into your eyes and searching for a ‘yes’ in there, which you gave him while still giggling. Bucky crouched lightly to grab you by your thighs and hoisted you up. You squeaked. Your arms were quick to wrap around his neck as he carried you to the bed.
“Crazy little woman in a one man show,” he continued to sing. “Mirror queen, mannequin, rhythm of lovee!” You snorted. “Sweet dreams, saccharine, loosen up.” He kissed your cheek. He lowered you on the bed, lying you down gently. You smiled at him. Bucky winked and leaned in.
His lips found yours with a sweet sigh escaping from you. Bucky hummed. His lips stroked yours gently, pried them open to deepen it with a small tilt of his head, and suddenly, you were kissing heatedly. You moaned when you felt his tongue licking at your bottom lip, his teeth nibbling on the soft flesh lightly. You opened your mouth, allowed his tongue inside and moaned again. Bucky grunted. He dropped his body onto yours, minding his weight, and caged you under him.
“Baby,” Bucky moaned when he pulled back for oxygen. His lips moving from yours to your neck, he hummed appreciatively. The light scruff he had was scratching the skin of your neck raw, but you didn’t mind. It felt so good, so nice to have his warm body onto yours like this and to feel his lips on your skin. Your body was on fire. Between your thighs, you were aching and dripping wet; the urge to press them together was strong, but Bucky was in the way.
“Bucky,” you sighed as he nipped on your collarbones. His breath was hot on your already heated skin. The rough texture of his hands drove your body into the edge of oversensitivity as they brushed and stroked every inch of skin they could reach. Bucky hummed appreciatively at the sight of your breasts on his face. His eyes flicked up at yours, silently asking for a permission. Heart beating in your mouth, you nodded. Every breath you drew in was burning you in the best way, making your head rush.
You gasped loudly when his hot and wet mouth closed over your nipple. His tongue was teasing the delicate nip gently; cheeks hollowing as he sucked on it, he slurped. One of his hands had closed over your other breast; the rough texture that drove you crazy was on your boob now, and his calloused fingers were playing with your nipple. Your arched your back. Your hands wound tight in his longish brown hair, pulling on them whenever he sucked too hard and twisted your nipple in a very good way.
“Oh, shit, Bucky!” Eyes closed, you threw your head back as you thrusted your chest against his face more. Bucky just grunted and switched nipples. His hand was now playing with your saliva covered nipple while his mouth had closed over your other breast. When you moaned high and very feminine, Bucky scrapped his teeth over the sensitive bud, making your hips buck against his unintentionally. “God, I─ This─ Shit, feels so good,” you sighed, breath hitching.
Bucky let go of your nipple with an obscene ‘pop’ sound and placed a kiss on your sternum. He kissed his way down, tongue dipping into your belly button and placing a kiss there, too. You tried not to squirm away when he finally made contact with your dripping core. His hot breath was licking your mound, making you hyperaware of his presence there and also making you even wetter.
Feeling how nervous you were, Bucky looked at you softly and kissed your inner thighs. You breathed in shakily. His lips were covering your inner thighs with kisses, hands stroking your sides and stomach, fingers occasionally finding your nipples, Bucky calmed you down. Soon, you were melting under his soft and loving touches as he made his way to your pussy slowly.
First flick of his tongue on your clit had you gasping, bucking your hips and grabbing onto his hands on your stomach. Bucky shushed you and placed a kiss on your clit, sucking it just a little.
“Oh my God! Bucky!” You moaned. He shushed you again with grounding strokes of his thumbs on the back of your hands. He dove in.
His tongue flicked on your clit over and over again, lips closed around the tiny bud and sucked little hickeys onto it. His scruff was rubbing on your inner thighs and making this whole new experience even better. You kept moaning, whining and whimpering; your hands never letting of his, you held onto them tight as you arched your back and buried your face into the pillow with your eyes closed.
You could feel your slick running down, dripping onto bed, because the sounds Bucky was making while eating you out were so hot, it made your thigh muscles twitch around his head. He was burying one groan after the other into your pussy, humming and grunting at the taste of your slick and your tight hold on his hands.
At one point, he pulled back. Freeing one of his hands out of your hold, Bucky swiped a finger from your slit to your clit. You cried out. The colors were exploding behind your closed eyes; your body was taut with the expected orgasm. Bucky swiped his fingers a few more times before he slowly dipped it inside you. An audible hitch in your breath, Bucky stopped. He pulled his finger back slightly only to push it back in.
“James,” you whined. You could feel the pressure gathering in your lower belly. “Please, God, please─” You groaned when he continued to move his fingers in you as he pressed his thumb over your clit. You were close. You were so close, you could fucking taste it. You whimpered. Your free hand found his body, and you grabbed the meaty shoulder, digging your nails deep. Bucky hummed and crooked his fingers.
You screamed when you came.
Your body went taut, muscles cramping, you felt them relaxing at the same time. It was a bit weird and amazing feeling which you loved. It wasn’t that you’ve never made yourself come, you have, but none of them felt like this.
“Your fucking face─” You heard Bucky growl lightly. He climbed his way up to your lips and kissed you passionately. “The way you look when you come? Gorgeous.” He kissed you harshly, nipping your bottom lip. “The way you taste? Magnificent. Pouring out some sugar for me, there, don’t you, baby?” You felt your cheeks burn at his words as he ducked in for yet another kiss which you gave him happily. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him even closer. He pulled back just a little and started kissing on your cheeks and neck. “You still wanna do it?” He asked. You nodded. “Speak up, bubba,” he nudged your jaw with his nose. You squirmed happily at the pet name.
“Yes,” you whispered. “Still wanna do it. Still wan’it to be you. Please?” You looked at him with wide eyes, face open and excited.
Bucky wanted to hide you in his bed forever because you were too good to be true. “Alright, love, okay,” he whispered. He reached for his wallet that he left on the bedside drawer and pulled out a condom. Bucky was quick and efficient as he put on the condom, discarding its small package.
You gasped lightly when you saw his cock. It was a little above average, wasn’t too big that it might really hurt you. He was uncut, but you could see faint lines of veins throbbing there. There was a shining metal going through his cock head, but to avoid panicking, you diverted your eyes to his ball. They were big and looked full, and suddenly, you felt your body burning even more with the thought of them slapping against your skin.
“It’s might hurt at the beginning, okay?” He said, drawing your attention back to him. “Tell me, please, just tell me to stop if it hurts really bad or you just don’t wanna do this anymore, alright?” You nodded. He tapped on your lips. “Words, honey.”
“Yes,” you breathed. “I’ll tell you to stop if I don’t like it.” He nodded with a big smile on his face.
“That’s right,” he whispered and kissed you. Settling in deeper between your thighs, Bucky kept kissing you. One of his hands was on your face, gently stroking your cheek, while the other had grabbed his cock and lined it up.
The slide in was smooth, and Bucky was going real slow. He really didn’t want to hurt you, make this experience a bad one, so he was being extra careful. He could feel how your silky wet walls wrapping his cock slowly as he inched in, in and in. His eyes were rolling backwards behind his closed lids. It was addicting, the way you felt around him. Bucky never wanted to pull out, wanted to stay buried in you forever because you were so tight, so warm and so wet, it was like a dream come true.
“Sweetheart,” he croaked. “You feel so fuckin’ good.” Your breath hitched at his low voice calling you a sweet name. Between your thighs you were aching, hurting just a little it, too, but it wasn’t unbearable. You held onto him tight, reeled into the feeling of his cock sliding into you and just… felt.
You whimpered when his cock was fully seated. There was a throbbing pain, almost pulsating with the same beat as your heart. Bucky was panting in your ear. He wasn’t moving, was just holding you tight against him and trying to control himself until you gave him the go. You hummed a little as he pain subsided.
“You good, bubba?” He asked, lifting his head only a little to look you in the eye. You sniffed, tears had sprung to your eyes at the pain, but it was gone now. You nodded, hands tightening on his shoulders.
“Yeah,” you whispered. “Move, please?” Bucky groaned. He gave you another kiss on the lips: A sweet, chaste and soft kiss. You sighed into it.
Carefully, he pulled out a bit and slid back in, stealing your breath. His breathing was shaky. You could hear his silent grunts and groans. His hands were fisting the bedding until you grabbed them and twined your fingers together. He kissed your neck as thanks. He continued to thrust into you slowly. Every drag of his cock, you could feel it in your bones, deep in your body, and it was so goddamn good.
“God,” you choked on a moan. “Fuck, faster, please─” Bucky growled.
“Don’t wanna hurt you,” he hissed through his clenched teeth. Sweat was beading on his forehead, chest and back, making his skin glow. You whimpered as you turned your head to him where he buried his face into the crook of your neck and kissed his temple.
“You won’t,” you said. “It doesn’t hurt anymore, please!” You clenched your thighs around his hips, urging him to move a little faster. His growling increased; it sounded like he was almost snarling with each thrust of his hips.
“You want it hard, darlin’?” He asked, taunted. You whimpered again as you nodded. A wanton cry of ‘yes’ spilled out of your mouth. “You want me to fuck you faster, hm?” You let out another litany of yeses and tightened your hands in his. Bucky groaned deep and loud. His hips started to snap against yours. His balls hitting your slick covered skin, his cock started to move in and out of you at a rapid pace.
The pleasure it brought was fucking blinding.
You moaned when he gave you a particular hard thrust. You were moving up and down on the bed where you were lying on your back as Bucky thrusted in and out of you madly. You could feel the metal you saw through the condom stroking your sensitive walls, making the pleasure feel even better, and you knew you were going to come. You could feel how close you were.
“James,” you breathed, your face drowning in pleasure as he looked at you. “’m gonna come,” you whined. “’m so close, ‘m gonna come!” Bucky snarled.
Straightening up a bit, he leaned onto his elbows, still holding your hands. His thrusts were deeper now. He was hitting at a spot that got you choking on almost every moan that wanted to get out, stealing your breath with each thrust; you were delirious.
“Bucky,” you sighed. Your voice carried a panicking tone, but it was because you were so close to coming. “Bucky, fuck, I’m─”
“Come, honey,” he whispered, lips brushing yours. “Come for me, c’mon.” He ducked down to bite one of your breasts, sucking and licking at the same time. You gasped. Your thighs and walls clenched around him so tightly, Bucky’s eyes rolled behind his head, mouth open and he was almost drooling at the sensation. “Fuck!” He roared. The vice of your walls around his hard cock felt so fucking good, he started to move in and out of you rapidly. He was jackrabitting, so close to coming himself, and you didn’t mind. It still felt good albeit a bit too much.
“James,” you whispered. Your hand squeezed his and you lifted your head enough to peck him on the lips. Bucky moaned brokenly. He leaned down, fully pressing his lips on yours as he kissed you deeply. He was releasing moans and grunts and sighs into the kiss, into your mouth, and you smiled. “Come on, lemme see you,” you whispered again. Pecking his lips once and twice, licking his bottom lip, you bit it gently.
Bucky cursed. His thrust halted for a second. His balls jerked as he thrusted into you one last time, and he filled the condom with his seed, his face buried in your neck. You hummed. His weight on you was a welcomed one, it felt like a personal, living, weighted blanket and you hummed again.
“Oh shit,” Bucky whispered. It was quiet for a while. He silently and carefully pulled out of you and ditched the condom. He got up to get a wet cloth from the bathroom. When he returned, he gently cleaned the between your legs, taking away all the dirt and slight blood that he caused, and then cleaned himself. Dropping the cloth somewhere in the bathroom, he walked back inside the room, lay on the bed and gathered you in his arms, hugging you tight against his chest. You sighed contently. “How do you feel? Was I too rough?”
“Mm, no,” you murmured. Your face was squished on his chest. The barbells on his nipples were warm against your cheek. “It was perfect.” You smiled dopily as you pulled back. You kissed him on the cheeks and then on the lips. “Thank you.” He smiled at you back; the crinkles around his eyes showing themselves, he scrunched his nose.
“You’re very welcome, bubba,” he whispered, kissing your nose. You chuckled and settled back on his chest. You lay in the silence. Although both of you were tired, you didn’t feel the need of sleep immediately. Bucky was in agreement with you since he started to hum again. You frowned for a second until you realized he was still singing the same song from before. You chuckled. “Hmm,” he said.
“Same song still?”
“Yup,” he grinned. “Lyrics fit, don’t you think?” You made a questioning sound. His grin widened. He was expecting you’d react like that. “You got the peaches, I got the cream,” he sang, and you snorted out loud as your face burned yet again. “Sweet to taste, saccharine.” You started to laugh. “Cause I’m hot, hot, so hot, sticky sweeet!” He started to crack up slightly. “From my head, my head to my feet, yeaah!”
“Oh my God, stop!” You cackled, face buried in his neck.
“Never,” he said and went back to singing. “Take a bottle, shake it uuup! Break the bubble, break it uuuup!” He stopted, looking at your with the corner of his eyes. You snorted and bit his neck lightly. “Come on, sing this part with me.” You shook your head. “Come ooon! Do this and I’ll shut up, I promise.” You looked at his grinning stupid face. Rolling your eyes, you murmured a ‘fine’.
“Pour some sugar on meee!” Both of you sang, trying very hard not to crack up. “Oooh, in the name of looovee! Pour some sugar on meee! C’mon fire me uup!” Bucky flipped your positions, taking you under him again, causing your breath to hitch and stop you singing.
“Pour some sugar on me,” he sang quietly this time. He leaned in and kissed you passionately, deeply, lovingly. His lips traveled your neck, peppering kisses and then came back to your lips again. He whispered the last notes of the song as he leaned in close enough for his lips to crush against yours before he engulfed you into another hot and loving round of sex.  
“Ooh, I can’t get enough…”
Your grinning self was turned into a gasping and chanting his name with pleasure one real quick after that.
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fuckandfluff · a month ago
Bucky & The Bombshell
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Rockstar!Bucky x GF x F!Reader
Word Count: 700
Warnings: 18+, minors DNI! Mentions of alcohol, hard drug use, allusions to smut
A/N: We were blessed with so much Pam & Tommy content today so I needed to write something. Like imagine if these two saw you from across the room and just had to have you .. ugh. 🥵💦
All other rockstar Bucky can be found here 💖💖💖💖
You’ve been an avid fan of Bucky and his girl for a while now. The two of them plaster the front of all the rag mags; the relationship is equally parts passionate and volatile. Bucky is arguably the most famous rockstar on the entire planet and his girl is on constant rotation between Playboy, Penthouse, and Pornhub.
The couple is very candid about their open relationship, even making headlines last year for being in a throuple with Carmen Electra for a couple of months. But their modus operandi is picking up groupies (men or women, they didn’t discriminate) and bringing them back after a show. And they are entirely shameless about their escapades.
You were maybe three or four vodka crans deep at this point, surprised that you even went out tonight. The girlfriends you went to the Winter Soldiers show with had headed home right after but there was just a gut feeling that you had to stay out.
So when you find yourself at the same bar as Bucky and his girl, it’s nothing short of kismet. The young couple is wedged against the bar, brazenly doing lines off the mirrored countertop.
The rocker is donning skin-tight black jeans and not much else. His bold, intricate ink adorns the full sleeves of both arms and you can’t help but stare at the deep Adonis vee traced along his abdomen. His jet black tendrils are slicked back with a five-o’clock shadow sweeping across his razor sharp jawline. So hot.
The curvy harlot looked up from the pile of coke, dusting the white residue off the tip of her nose. Cliche as it sounds, this woman was truly sex in heels. Long platinum locks cascaded down her back, svelte tanned legs peeked out from her red latex dress and her inflated tits spilled out of her plunging neckline.
You two made eye contact but you quickly averted her gaze, cheeks flushed crimson. Someone that looks like her should not be looking at someone that looks like you.
The bombshell of a blonde pranced towards you but she certainly couldn’t be coming to talk to you, right?
“Hey, babes.. so like, what would you think of like coming home with me and Buck?” she purred seductively, twirling a strand of her bright blonde hair around her fingers.
The thought of her wanting to fuck you makes the heat between your thick thighs grow. You weren’t sure who you wanted to be under more; a true bisexual paradox.
Bucky slings his arm around his girl, letting out a low whistle of appreciation. His calloused hand seizes a healthy helping of your plump ass and he lets out a low growl.
Her French manicured claws gripped into his forearm, big blue eyes pleading with you through fluffy lashes. She swiped a layer of MAC gloss over her overplumped lips and giggled.
“Yeah, you’d be perfect for us, baby. Whaddya’ say we get out of here?” he rasps, reaching down to take your hand.
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another-army-spot · 5 months ago
Jungle (m) II jjk
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jungkook x OC (fem)
Rating:  M
Word: 6k~
Genre:  smut, fluff, rockstar!jk x manager!oc, tatted!jk is real jk
Summary:  As one fo the temp managers for the up and coming rock band, VL, you know it’s your professional duty to NOT fall for the lead singer, Jeon Jungkook.  So, you keep your distance from the blond, tattooed Godsent, in hopes to prevent awkwardness.  But with an international tour and a late night dinner run, you find that you’re not that the only one struggling to keep things professional.
Warnings:  Language, unprotected sex (know better), Noona Kink (I think?), soft!jk, switch!jk, switch!oc, everyone is a switch, multiple orgasms
AN:  You are correct.  I am still affected by Jungkook being blond, that one Coca Cola commercial that I never knew I needed, and that BTS RUN episode where the editors finally gave us what we’ve been SIMPING for.  So, I combined all three into a dedicated to this obscenely handsome and talented person.  K thnx.  I hope you enjoy~
Won’t you, follow me?
The lights fade from dark green to black as Jungkook’s voice softens.  He stands center stage at Barclay’s Center with his band mates beside him.  He holds the mic like you imagine he holds lovers.  He grips the stand tightly with one hand, while the other caresses their imaginary figure.  He flips his blond hair back and runs a hand through it.  His tattoo filled hands brush the sweat off his brow.  
Into the Jungle.
You want to lick his fingers dry.
The clapping brings you out of your thirst for the lead singer of Vocal Line, the rock band that has taken over the world this past year. The stage hands whisper and giggle to themselves, in shock that they had not realized how amazing the band was before they entered the venue two days ago.  Also, how hot they all are.  
“Good job, guys,” says Manager Hwang as he steps on stage.  “You guys deserve a break.”
“Thanks, Hyung,” Jin - the visual and the lead guitarist - winks.  
Hwang rolls his eyes at the eldest’s flirty antics.  He simply claps his hands and says, “let’s get you guys home so you can rest up for tomorrow.”
“Wait, Hyung,” Jungkook calls out, in a soft voice.
Gone with the sex icon demanding the stage, and back with the shy boy.  It’s truly baffling how Jungkook’s duality morphs in mere seconds.  The moment he hits the stage, a demon washes over him as he commands the audience to bow to his every will.  When the music stop, Jeon Jungkook arrives — the cute youngest of the band who practices Duolingo English everyday and obsesses over new video games.  Somehow, the two personalities live in one body. And you want them in your bed. 
Okay, You have to chill.
“Did you hear about me pracitcing My Time?” Jungkook asks.
“Dedicated as ever, huh?” Jimin - the bass guitarist - laughs, elbowing Jungkook’s side.   “Little perfectionist.”
Jungkook glares at his elder.
Hwang claps his hand. “Right, yes.  They have time to go through your solo.  But they need as many people out as fast as they can.  So I’ll take Jin, Tae, and Jimin back to the hotel. And... _____?”
Oh perfect...
“Here,” you stand up from the side seats.  Your voice isn’t particularly loud but Jungkook seems to notice it.  His eyes go wide at what Hwang might instruct.
“____, you’ll wait for Jungkook here.  And then take him back.  He needs an English speaker around.”
“He’s been practicing,” Taehyung commends the youngest.
“Not enough to get back to the city,” Hwang clarifies.  “No offense, Jeon.  So, you got this, ____?”
“Okay,” you nod.  Luckily you’re far enough so they don’t hear the shakiness in your voice.  
The stage hands and crew scatter as they prepare Jungkook for his performance.  Taehyung - the drummer -  waves bye to you and gives you his boxiest smile.  “Take care of our baby, ____!”
“Always do,” you joke.
On the other hand, Jungkook looks like he might have a stroke. He peeks his eyes to the side to see if you’re still there.  And you are.  So he fidgets with his hands and tongues the inside of his cheek before going back stage to get changed.
When you first met Jungkook, you thought Jungkook’s awkwardness was due to your immediate attraction to him.  When Namjoon - a childhood friend - asked you cover him as translator for the tour, you hadn’t heard of VL before.  You weren’t really into the rock scene before.  When you arrived for the interview with Manager Hwang, you also got to meet the boys.  Namjoon wasn’t kidding when he said, “oh they’re pretty for rockstars.”
The moment you saw Jungkook you nearly choked on your own saliva.  Unfortunately, you do have a type. It involves being really soft for tattoos, wavy hair, and boys who were just good at anything. And here he is, standing before you again and again.
The past three months being on tour with VL hasn’t made it easier.  You’re with the boys nearly every day, from the wee hours of the morning till way past your usual bedtime.  You’ve seen them on their hard days, their off days, and their concert days, but time doesn’t help the attraction. You were afraid that maybe somehow (despite never vocalizing it) that Jungkook somehow knew his presence made you turn into fucking wetness.  It would be unprofessional for you to say anything but maybe he knew, just by the way you rub your thighs on extra horny days or the way your eyes would linger on his back too long.  You’ve made sure to keep a reasonable distance from him, as to not make him uncomfortable.  But not too much, because you don’t want him to think you’re avoiding him either.  You can make light jokes with him, but you never sit next to him in car rides.  He laughs when you make fun of Jin, and you think his imitations of the members are spot on.  You’ve found a sweet spot in this professional friendship.  But that doesn’t mean you two can handle being alone together.
Jungkook’s stage for my time starts black and morphs crimson.  He enters in those iconic red leather pant and jacket set, and his open tiger print shirt.  His hair is slicked back, and he looks like something out of your wildest wet dreams.  You’ve seen him perform this endlessly but it still makes you shiver.  A song about stolen youth is hard to focus on when Jungkook moves around the stage like the snake from Eden.
God, you need to get laid.  You’d think life as a rockstar’s manager would get some kind of dick on an international tour. 
Like usual, Jungkook preforms with grace and passion.  He ends and you hear some of the audience crew commending Jungkook for his talent.  It’s hard not to be in awe of him.
You receive a text from Hwang saying they’ve arrived back at the hotel and the boys are exhausted.  Taehyung even slept walk into to the hotel.  They’re all going to bed and breakfast is at 9:30.  Hwang also suggests that you and Jungkook get some food — company’s treat.  Brooklyn has such good food too…
“Noona,” Jungkook calls out from the stage.  The crew is helping him take off mics and wires.
You stand up and lean over the railing.  “Yeah?”  
“Are you hungry?”  He asks hopefully. 
You smirk.  Hwang knows the kid well.  He always has food on the mind.  “Yeah, we get company’s treat.  The others are already back at the hotel, so we can pick something up on the way back.”
Jungkook’s face lights up with a smile.  “Halal food?”
“Anything you want, Kook. Meet you back by the exit.”
Jungkook’s smile turns into a full on grin at the prospect of eating.  He rubs the back of his head as he exits the stage.  You slide your arms through your parka and sling your canvas bag over your shoulder.  You make way through the venue, checking on some finals things with the crew before heading to the exit.  
You find a place for some halal food not so far and place an order. One chicken over rice and a coke for you; one lamb over rice and a sprite for the golden boy.  You request extra lam for him, because the kid loves meat almost more than he does his band mates.  
“Sorry for making you wait,” Jungkook says.  He’s barefaced now, a little more tired than before, but still handsome as ever.  Without the extravagance of the stage, he looks like a normal guy coming out of working overtime.  A soft fluffy feeling rolls through your body.  Who knew you could feel fluffy in your organs?
“Don’t worry about it,” You say as you head out to the garage.  “I ordered for us.  Lamb over rice with extra meat. And a sprite, that good?” 
Jungkook pops his lips and looks down as he follows you out the door.  When you’re met with silence, you look back at him with shaky eyes.  “Did you not want that?” You ask quickly.
“No, no!” Jungkook says reassuringly.  “It’s just... you remember our orders. It’s nice.”
“Well, yeah,” you nod, hoping your body cools down enough so you don’t show the blush forming on your face.  “It’s my job.”
“You learned fast,” Jungkook commends.  “Namjoon Hyung can’t remember anything.”
“He’s always been like that.”  You laugh at the truth as you slide into the rented Camry.  “Brilliant but a mess.”
“Can memorize the whole periodic table but never our flight time,” he agrees. Jungkook follows you in the car and slips into the passenger seat.  He snuggles into his seat once you turn the car on and crank the heat.  He looks so cute and cozy. 
The drive to the Halal spot is Manhattan and luckily not too far from the Hotel.  The silence that washes over the two of you could’ve been comfortable in an alternate reality, but the tension is too palpable.  You can taste it on your tongue - it’s musty and tangy. He sneaks glances at you, keeps a hand stuffed in his pocket, and one on his phone as he scrolls through.  You, on the other hand, have your grip so tight on the steering wheel and your jaw clenched.  You’ve never trained your eyes on the road so hard, but it feels like you’re flying by instead.  Is it easier to bare the silence than say what needs to be said?
Not that you have any idea what that may be.  You could just be making all of this up in your head.  That’d be sad.
You double park in front of the crowded East Village restaurant.  People stand outside waiting for their orders and a table.  Thank God, you ordered early.   “Do you need anything else, besides the food?”  You ask quickly.
“I can go get it,” Jungkook offers.
You make a face.  “Can you?”
“I mean, yeah,” He points.  “It’s right there-“
“I’d rather you not get flocked tonight.”
“Ah, right.”
“I’ll be just a minute, Jungkook,” you say before slipping out of the car.
Sometimes, the rockstar forgets that he’s the face of a rising boy band.  It’s precious.
You’re back in less than four minutes.  You see Jungkook watching you with bright eyes, like a puppy waiting for its human.  God, he’s adorable.  You shake the bag of food and he claps his hands teasingly.  You step off the sidewalk and peak both ways at the corner.  
But, Just as you walk into the bike lane and towards the cars, a gust of wind rushes past you.  An electric bike passes faster than it should’ve and you jump back onto the sidewalk.  The rider veers and stop short to glare back at you.  “Look where you’re going, Bitch!” The rider shouts harshly.
“You’re the one on a fucking bike, Dumbass,” you clap back.   This is New York.  Everyone shouts.  Nothing changed from when you lived here during high school.
“It’s a bike lane!”  He shouts again.  “The fuck is wrong with you.”  A few people watch the scene unfold.  A few people don’t even bat an eyelash.
Before you know it, Jungkook is opening the car door.  Despite wearing a mask to hide the lower half of his face, you can tell his face is tight.  He’s holding the car door so firmly that you swear he might dent it.  His knuckles try to burst through.  This is a new side to Jungkook, one that should not be released in the concrete jungle of New York City right before his concert.
“Yeah, pedestrians right of way,” You dismiss, not giving the rider a second glance but a middle finger.  “Get a fucking bell.”  You cross the bike path and shimmy through the other cars.
The rider calls you something else but it’s muffled since you’re too focused on getting Jungkook back in the car.  “Come on, Jungkook,” you urge in Korean.  “It’s not worth it.”
The rider laughs.  “Yeah, get your bitch, Man.”
“Ignore that,” You insist, as you push against his coat.  You feel his sturdy chest despite the layers of the  but you see the his dark eyes turn obsidian.  “Please, Jungkook.”
“He shouldn’t say that to you… or to any girls,” Jungkook says lowly, still glaring at the rider.
The rider tells you both to fuck off, and you feel Jungkook push against your hand as the biker goes back on his way.  The idiot still goes way too fast on a side street, but you prioritize Jungkook who still looks like he is seeing red.  “Jungkook,” you whisper.
“Jungkook, come on, people are watching.”
You let out an exasperated sigh.  “I could get in so much trouble, if someone recognizes you.”
Jungkook snaps his head down at you.  It seems like that reality hits for Jungkook.  A softness returns to his face and he immediately slides back into the car.  He takes the food from you and sits quietly.  You let a relieved exhale as you make your way back to the driver’s seat.  Before any else has time to look at Jungkook some more, because now a few teenage girls are staring at the car more than they should be, you drive off down the street.
“Sorry, Noona,” Jungkook says after a moment.
“It’s okay,” You reassure him.  “I know you wanted to help me.”
“I wanted to punch him in the throat,” Jungkook clarifies as he looks down at his tattooed.  “I really considered it too, but you’re right, I would’ve gotten you in so much trouble.”
You bite your lip.  “But you didn’t.  And that’s what is important.”  
Jungkook looks up at you.  “If he touched you-“
“He didn’t,” you remind him.  You find yourself really trying to comfort him more than you would if it had been Jin, Tae, or Jimin.  Why does he need more?  Why does the boy you’re most awkward with need the most reassurance from you?  So you ask.  
“Why is this working you up so much?  This happens all the time in New York, and sometimes even in Seoul.”
Jungkook looks back down and gulps.  You see from the corner of your eye that his Adam’s Apple bob at the question.  The same silence from earlier returns like the wind.  Something on the tip of his tongue just can’t fall off, and it looks painful to say it.  
Just when you consider letting Jungkook off the hook from speaking, he finally says, “Because it’s you.”
If you weren’t at a red light, you’d have brought the car to an immediate halt.  It’s your turn to gulp.  “What do you mean?”
“Fuck,” he exhales as he closes his eyes.  “I didn’t want to say anything to make you feel uncomfortable, but I think you’re… you’re…”
“I’m what?”  You ask after a moment of your own intentional breathing, to regulate your beating heart.
“I just think about you a lot,” Jungkook admits as he looks at you. You don’t need to look back at him to know that his eyes are soft and full of sincerity. “I think about the way you can speak five languages — I like the way you speak Spanish the most.  I think about the way that you love ramen more than me, especially the Shin cups.  I think about the way you doodle in that purple notebook you carry around all the time. I think about the way that you don’t let anyone talk shit to you.  I think about the way you look when you sleep on the plane.  You drool, and it’s cute.  Really cute.”
Maybe your heart is going so fast that you can’t even feel it anymore.  Thank goodness you’re pulling into the hotel parking lot at this point, because you may have caused a car crash if you had to drive any further.  You lean out the car window and scan in.  The garage door scrolls up.  You should say something back to him, because this guy is looking at you with wavering eyes.  
“How long have you felt like this?”  You ask softly, not knowing what else to say.  You pull in and drive to the designated spot.
Jungkook pets the hair by his ears, a tell-tale sign of his embarrassment.  “I don’t know… I always thought you were pretty.  It’s hard to focus when you’re around.”
Your mind begins racing as you pull into your spot.  You stay frozen and stare at the front window.  This is so bad, but it explains everything.  Jungkook was awkward around you, because he had a crush on you.  God, it feels like you’re teenagers all over again.  The jitters, the deer in the head lights look, and the small confession of feelings.  But you’re both grown adults.  
You’ve liked other people, been with other people.  But this feels so foreign, because he is your client.  You never took a class on managing rockstars but fucking them seems like an obvious no-no.  
Why the hell are you even jumping to fucking him?  He just said you’re cute.
“Noona,” Jungkook says quickly as he collects his bag and the food.  “I’m sorry.  I shouldn’t have said anything.  Just forget it.  I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.”
“Jungkook…” you say softly, looking at him.  
Tell him it’s okay.  Tell him that you think he’s the sweetest thing you’ve laid eyes.  Tell him that it’s okay to talk to you.  Tell him it’s okay to want you.  Fuck, say something!
“Let’s go,” he says as he slips out of the car swiftly.
Did you lose your chance?  God, you’re a fucking translator, but you can’t even translate your own thoughts into words.  Just awesome.
When you’re out of the car, Jungkook is already several steps ahead holding his own bag and the food.  You lock the car and follow behind him.  He pushes the elevator button and doesn’t look back to see if you’re there or not.  
You have to get your chance back.
The small elevator arrives immediately.  You follow Jungkook into the elevator and press the 17th floor, where you’re both staying.  He’s clutching the bag of food by his face, trying to hide the embarrassment splayed across his face.  He can’t even look at you, not even if he tried.  So you have to try.  
Timing is a funny thing.  The elevator dings and a fancy, besotted couple enters.  They’re pawing at each other, whispering sweet nothings, and look like they’re about to fuck any minute.  You clear your throat, but that doesn’t stop them.  You doubt they could even hear you.  The other funny thing is that Jungkook slides closer to you, not wanting to get into the crossfire of the couple’s extravagant display of drunken affection.  You feel him press up against your side, and he must notice it too, because he stiffens.  He tries to pull away from you, but your hand lifts to tug on his sweatpants, keeping him close.  
Jungkook looks down at the way you punch the fabric of his clothing.  He then looks back up at you.  You don’t freeze this time when you look back at him, with steady eyes.  “It’s okay,” you whisper, barely audible.  “Stay.”
Jungkook is nothing if not a good boy.  So he does just that.  Something new grows in his chest, replacing the anxiety and the shame of sharing his feelings with you.  It’s something even stronger and even wilder than his embarrassment.  It flows down from his chest to his stomach to even further.  He blames the growing warmth on your fingers that are no longer just toying with the fabric.  You run a long line down the sinew of his thigh, and he feels himself growing just at the thought of you touching his actual skin of his thighs.  What happens when you touch the rest of him?
The elevator stops at the 14th floor where the couple stumbles out.  The doors take forever to close, and when they do, you come clean.  “I think you’re cute too, Kook.  I always have.”
“R-really?”  Jungkook asks.
“I was afraid of making it too obvious, and making you uncomfortable too.  I’m your manager, and I didn’t want to ruin our professional relationship.”
“Oh, I get that,” Jungkook nods.  “Same here.”
The silence is different this time.  The air feels lighter, like you can breathe.  It’s not filled with tension, but curiosity and wonder instead.  You want to explore it all with him.  
“What do we do now?”  Jungkook murmurs.
“What do you want to do?”  You ask before the elevator dings, notifying you that you’ve reached the 17th floor.  
The pair of you exit the elevator together, side by side instead of one in front of the other.  Your rooms are close to one another and at the end of the long hall.  You both take your time, not wanting to part from each other just yet.  “I want to kiss you,” Jungkook says honestly.  
You smile.  “Okay, but we can’t do it in the hall.”
“Yeah,” Jungkook agrees.  “That wouldn’t be… so good.”
“Yeah,” You laugh. Your room comes up first.  You and Jungkook peek around anxiously before you unlock your door with the keycard.  You both scatter in the room, just in case if someone were to pop up out of nowhere.  You slam the door behind you while Jungkook flicks on the lights.
Now, it’s just the two of you.  
Jungkook slips off his shoes and then goes to set down the food on your table.  You shrug your coat off and slip your shoes off too.  Jungkook runs a hand through his blond hair as he looks back at you.  He licks his lips at the sight of you.  He’s wanted you all to himself since the moment he laid eyes on you in the lobby of the entertainment building, sipping on iced coffee and doodling away.  He always imagined what you’d taste like.
“Have you ever kissed a girl, Kook?”  You tease with narrowed eyes.
Jungkook scoffs.  “I did have a life before I became a workaholic.”
“You are an addict for the music,” you say as you step up to him.  You’re so close, he can smell the lavender perfume you wear.  It’s addicting and relaxing — it must be a drug.  “When do you have time to meet up with girls?”  
“In the beginning of my career and during my trainee days, I did have a couple of girlfriends,” he clarifies with a smirk.  “Nothing lasted long, but I did kiss them.  More than too.”  The last part of his statement darkens as he cocks his eyebrow at you.  
You suck in a breath as he leans down.  You refuse to be outdone by this kid, no matter how handsome, talented, and sweet he is.  “Guess you’ll have to prove it to me,” you whisper as you close the distance.  You brush your lips against his and you hear him groan softly.  “Is that what you want, Jungkook?”
“Yes,” he whispers.
“Atta boy,” you smile against his lips, before pressing them into a deep kiss.
Jungkook’s lips are softer and sweeter than you’d expect, but he’s just as pliable you had hoped.  His mouth opens when you lick at his bottom lip, begging for entrance.  His hands fall to your hips while yours weave to his neck.  Your bodies mold effortlessly, despite there being a big puffer stopping you from getting even closer.  A more sensible suggests that a kiss should be enough for now, but all sense is lost when Jungkook squeezes your hips tighter and groans your name into the kiss.
You’re both idiots for thinking that one kiss would be enough to satiate months worth of sexual tension that you both stupidly misinterpreted as awkwardness.
“Let me,” You say as unzip his jacket.  He pulls back and shrugs his jacket off, letting it fall to the ground.  He puts his lips back on yours in seconds. You two shuffle back to the bed that you’ve barely slept in since you got in yesterday.  Jungkook sits once his legs hit the back and you crawl onto his lap.  “You sure this is okay?” 
“Definitely,” he says, pulling you in to sit on his lap.  
You smile as you rest your knees on either side of him.  You wrap your arms around his neck and begin kissing him again.  Your hands take his beautiful blond hair into your hands.  You tug a little when Jungkook’s hands move up your waist, tickling your ribs.  You moan in tandem.  
“You wanna touch me?”  You ask as you begin peppering his chin and jaw with kisses, making way to his neck.  
“Hell yes,” he groans as he rolls his hips against your clothed core.  “Please, Noona.”
It’s been so long since someone has begged for you, and it’s music to your ears.  It releases something hot in your core, something that makes you want to take him so deep inside of you that he won’t be able to find his way out of your body.  
“I got you,” you promise before sucking on the flesh that makes him writhe beneath you.  You want to kiss and bite him everywhere on his neck, which he seems to like in theory too, but you can’t leave marks on him.  So you let up and lean back.  You relish the low whine that comes from the back of his throat the you detach yourself from him.  But you reward him with taking off your turtleneck.  
“Shit, you’re pretty,” Jungkook groans as you toss the bra to an unknown corner of the room.  Before you can thank him, he’s laving at your chest like it’s his first meal in weeks.  He did says he was hungry earlier.  
You moan his name when he bites down at your plump flesh. You rub his arms, inhibited by soft Carhartt fabric.  You want to feel his muscles everywhere.  You’ve seen him shirtless and sweating a bunch of times, but it’s never been just for you.  It’s never been on your bed and because of you.  
“Kook!”  You shout, louder than expected when he snaps off your bra.  He smiles smugly when he tosses it away.  He takes one of your tits in his palm while he licks his lips at the other.  He looks up to you with needy eyes, as if begging for permission.  You give it to him with a nod.  You moan when his lips wrap around your nipple.  He finds a dizzying combination between sucking and biting that makes your hips grind against him.  Through his sweats, you feel him growing harder and harder.  
You push back from him when it feels like you’ll cum from just that.  He has a mischievous grin that you want to wipe right off, but you slide off him.  He tries to pull you back by your arm but you push him back down against the bed.  “Ah, ah,” you tut.  “Your shirt first.”
Jungkook listens and pulls his shirt off, exposing some of Nature’s finest work.  She must’ve spent extra time in the genetics lab working on him in utero.  You practically drool at the carved abs, the dips in leading south, and the look on his face when you realize that the rockstar is all yours.  You lean forward and lick down his abs, making sure to get every inch of him so that you can memorize his flesh by the end of the night.  If he shows his abs tomorrow night at the concert, you want to at least know what they taste like before sharing them with his NY fans.
“Noona,” he groans, letting his head loll back when you settle onto the ground and between his legs.  You kiss his clothed length.  
“Mhmm?”  You hum.
“I-it’s been a long time for me,” he laughs nervously as he looks down at you, taking your sweet time to pull down his pants.  “Please don’t make this harder than it already is.”
You pout when you snap the waistband of his sweats.  “I’ll take care of you,” you purr.  “I always do, don’t I?”
Jungkook nods desperately at the sight of you releasing his cock from the confines of his pants.  “Shit…” he breathes.
Your eyes go wide at his length.  You had a hunch that he’d be big, but you’re still met with surprise.  He’s beyond average, with a thick vein wrapping around him.  You can’t even hold yourself back from licking it from bottom to top, all the way until you sucking the pre-cum off him.  “F-fuck,” he groans.  “N-noona, please.”
“Please what, Baby Boy?”  You ask coyly, before flicking his angry tip with your tongue.
Jungkook licks his lips at the sight of you: hand tight at his base, hair tousled, eyes intent, and lips against his cock.  Fuck, he wish he had his phone to take a picture of you just like this.  He won’t last long with you looking like sin.  He’ll write a song about you.
You squeeze him tighter. “What do you want, Jungkook?”  You ask again.
Jungkook swallows his shyness.  “Suck my dick, please.”
You smile smugly before leaning up to take him in your mouth, in just one go.  He sucks in a harsh breath as he grabs your hair.  He can only hold onto you when start bobbing up and down, pressing your tongue up against the underside of his cock. He wonders where you learned how to do this so nice, and wonders if you know how perfect you look like this.  He loves your hollow cheeks and your eyes boring into his.  Truthfully, he never really looked his exes in the eye when they gave him head.  He felt too embarrassed, or he felt like he’d embarrass them.  But with you, he’s hypnotized.  There’s no other option.  
Except when you start deep throating him.  His vision blurs and he may pass out from the pleasure.  The back of your throat might be the gateway to heaven.  The hand in your hair tugs harder and pulls you up.  You lick your swollen lips and try to push past his strength, but let’s be real, the guy can rip open a pineapple with his bare hands.  You’re not going anywhere if he doesn’t want you to.
“I-I want to,” Jungkook pants, “make you feel good too.”  The hand in your hair travels down your jaw and to your bottom lip.
You bite the thumb and in the corner of your eye, you see his cock twitch.  You’re so weak for this guy.  
“Okay,” you say as you release his thumb.  You stand up and let him shimmy down your leggings.  The thong you chose to wear is black and lacy, but the material is flimsy and already soaked.  Sucking dick has always been fun, but it’s never made you this wet.  Jungkook notices and licks his lips. “You can later,” you smirk, not wanting to let his mind wander for too long.  
“Noona,” he whines as you return to straddle him.  “I want to taste you.”
You shiver at the thought, but you’re more focused on riding him until he’s shouting.  “I need you inside me, Baby,” you insist.  You rub your pussy against his cock, and he nearly chokes.  “I’m so wet for you,” you admit, even to yourself.
Jungkook brings you in for another kiss.  “Fuck, you’re amazing.”
You smile against his lips as you push down onto him, just the tip at first.   You whimper into the kiss and he holds you even closer.  You probably should’ve let him eat you out since it’s been a long time for you too.  But the stretch and the burn is what you yearn for the most, and Jungkook can give it to you.  So you keep sliding down.  “J-jungkook,” you pant, ripping your lips away from his.  You need to breathe to be able to take him.
“You’re so tight,” he groans as he begins to shower your neck with kisses.  “And you make fun of me for not getting some in a while.”
You find it in you to let out a soft laugh.  “I-I want to tease you all the time.  I just held back because I thought you couldn’t stand me.”
Jungkook grips your hips and pulls you all the way down, until he’s hitting your cervix.  You yelp and hold onto his shoulders so hard that your nails leave crescent moons on his shoulders.  You’re face to face him, noses touching.  He’s never looked so dangerous before.  Only when he’s on stage, performing as his other persona.  “Still thinking that?”  He tests.
“N-no,” you stutter, eyes fluttering as you get accustomed to his size.  You never felt like this before, full to the brink.  So close when he just entered you.  
“Good,” he says before kissing you again.  It’s slow and easy, and now he’s somehow in charge.  You thought of him more of a sub, but you’re not opposed to a switch.  It actually makes more sense.  The way he coaxes you into relaxing onto his cock has you now rolling your hips against him.  He leans back onto his hands when the need for oxygen becomes too much.  He can’t decide where to look as you grind against him.  There’s your tits to move in tandem with your hips.  There’s your bodies meet.  There’s your beautiful face, making sexiest expressions he’s ever seen.  It’s then he decides that this won’t be his last time with you — he has so much left to give you.  And he can’t do it all in this one time.
But he’ll give you what he can.
“N-noona,” he gasps for your attention.  
Your eyes blink open, and you’re not so sure when you closed them.  “Mhmm,- ah!” you let out a strangled shout when you reach a particularly sensitive spot.  
“I-I want to give it to you,” He groans as he takes an arm around your waist, preparing to flip you over.  “Please?”
“Wait, wait,” you beg, hitting his shoulder.  “I’m right there.  I’m so close, just stay.”
“Okay,” he pants.  Jungkook does his best to stay still but it’s so damn hard when you’ve begun to bounce on him.  You’re eyes are screwed shut and you’re bitting your lip.  You’re so stunning, and he’d do anything to see you cum.  He’d do anything you say.  
But he can tell you need just one extra thing.  He shifts his weight forward, and he sucks his two fingers before sliding them between your body and pressing them against your clit.  He holds your hips forward so you don’t run from his touch.  Your moans get higher and higher as he rubs your clit in small circles.  It’s heaven.
And it becomes perfect when he groans your name.  You cum so hard that you see white, and you’re shaking around him like a tsunami rushes through you.  When you’re done, your voice is sore from moaning.  
When your eyes finally flutter open, you find Jungkook staring at you like when man claimed to have seen Aphrodite herself.  His jaw is slack and his mouth dry.  You pull him for a kiss as you try to power through the overstimulation.  “So good for me,” you say in between your kisses.
Jungkook groans.  “Noona, can I now?  Please.”  He’s been holding back so patiently for you.  It’s hard not to give Jungkook the absolute world.  
“Yeah,” you whisper against his lips.  “Do it”
“Thank God.”
In a swift motion, Jungkook flips you over so that your back is against the mattress.  He’s still deep inside you, and keeps it that way when he presses his feet to the carpeted ground.  He rears back until only the tip is in you, and he presses down gently at your thighs.  You’re more flexible than he expected and he can’t help but smile like an idiot at the sight of you spread for him.  All for him.
“Jungkook,” you whisper.
It’s the way you say his name that makes Jungkook start plowing into you like a madman.  You reach out for his hands that hold you down, needing to hold onto something while you get wrecked.  He interlocks his fingers with yours, and just that makes you squirm.  He flicks back his blond hair, and you can see his brow lined with sweat.  
How have you lasted this long without him inside you?
“I-I’m not going to last much longer,” Jungkook reveals shakily, but with no hesitation in hips.  
“It’s okay.  Cum in me,” you simper.  
Jungkook’s face twist at the possibility.  “Fuck,” he shouts as he slams into you.  His thrusts become sloppier and less rhythmic.  He’s so close, and you want to feel him pour himself into you.  What can you say?  You’re greedy for it.
You drag one of Jungkook’s pretty hands from your thigh and up to your mouth.  Poor boy is so confused — he doesn’t know where to look and he’s on the brink of exploding.  But when you take two of his inked fingers — the one’s you’ve dreamt about — he decided that your God’ gift to this world.  And as much as you are greedy, he’s a perfectionist.
Jungkook groans as he pulls his finger out of your mouth and wraps them around your throat.  Your eyes widen at the feeling of him holding you steady.  “No, no, it’s okay, tighter,” you urge him, as you enclose your fingers around him.  
“Noona,” he moans as he tightens and rocks in and out of you at a punishing speed.
Between the lack of oxygen and your cervix being abused, you’re astound to say that you cum again.  It’s not as long as the first, but it’s more powerful.  You shake against his hold and tighten around him, spasming and gushing at the feeling of him continuing to fuck you through it.
Jungkook lets out a spew out of unintelligible curses when he cums.  It’s warm and spreads through you like fire — it leaves you feeling satiated.  You hum in satisfaction as he finishes with his lips against yours.  He’s still moaning your name like a mantra.  
“Good Boy,” you tease as your hand runs through his hair, as he pants against his shoulder.
He chuckles lowly into your shoulder.  He turns his head and presses a kiss to your jaw.  “I did all right?”
“More than all right,” you praise.  “I didn’t expect you to have Dom energy.”
Jungkook blushes when he pulls out.  He lifts your legs up swiftly and lets them fall onto him, using gravity to make sure that all of his cum stays inside.  “Guess you bring it out in me,” he smiles as he lays beside you.  “And who knows there might be more?”
You run a finger along his jaw.  “You want to keep doing this?”  You ask softly.
“Only if you do.”
You nod.  “I do.”
“Then we go at it some more.”
“We’ll have to keep it a secret.”
“I can’t keep it from the others,” Jungkook says honestly.  “You know I’m a shit liar to them.”
If Jin looks at him sideways, it’s over. If Taehyung furrows his eyebrows, he’s spilling. If Jimin pouts, Jungkook would give him the world.
“But if the managers find out, I could be fired.”
Jungkook grins.  “Them, however, I can lie to.  And even if they do find out, it’s better for them.”
“Oh yeah?”  You ask leaning up onto your elbow.  “How’s that?”
“Yeah,” Jungkook nods surely.  “If publicity tries to make a scandal out of me dating my manager, it’s much easier to keep hidden and come up with cover ups.  We have a professional reason to be together all the time.”
You blink.  “Dating?”
Jungkook gulps.  “I-I mean, yeah,” he says, looking down.  Shy boy returns.  “I do like having sex with you obviously, but I also… you know, like you.”  He takes a deep breath before saying, “I meant what I said in the car.  I think about you… a lot.”
You bite the inside of your cheek at his honesty.   You’ve never felt so adored.  The rockstar could have nearly anyone he wanted, but here he is, with his temp manager who picks up Halal food with him.  
“You think about me too, right?”  Jungkook asks.
You lick your lips.  “A lot,” you admit.  “A lot.”
Jungkook smiles before leaning into kiss you again.  Dating a rockstar could be like surviving the jungle, but at least it’s with him.  It all seems so perfect as you two continue to hold each other throughout the night, finally able to say what’s been on your minds.  Eating in bed, him eating you.  You think you can do this, see the world, if it’s with him.
Guys, this twitter also solidified whippedness.  Look at him.  Ugh.
Tumblr media
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belowva · 2 months ago
i wanna make you hungry (then i wanna feed ya)
Tumblr media
pairing: rockstar!bucky barnes x reader
summary: there's nothing in the world that bucky loves more than spoiling his girl - but sometimes he ends up treating himself too.
word count: 2k
warnings: fem!reader, established relationship, fluff, smut (+18), body shots, body worshipping, dirty talk, oral (f receiving), edging, unprotected sex. reader has a nipple piercing (because i said so). title taken from måneskin's song "i wanna be your slave".
Under the low light of the hotel bar, and the nice post-concert buzz you’re still under, everything feels light. There are people all around you, voices and laughter and music mix and fill the atmosphere as you make your way through the crowd. You can feel the dull thud the heels of boots make on your way, and the hands of people greeting you as you pass by, trying to get your attention. You greet them, wave a hand and blow a kiss in the air - but there is someone you are looking for.
The party is in full swing, a celebration for the end of another successful tour, and you can’t have a minute alone with your boyfriend. You seldom complain - you know that dating a musician means sharing him with the world - but the wine you’ve been drinking all night is making you feel needy, so you set yourself on a mission to find Bucky - who, you knew, is probably basking in the attention of businessmen and artists and fans, acting blasé and disinterested, but glowing in the inside.
You know he says he doesn't care for their approval, says that the music is what truly matters, but you know that, deep down, that he cares. And you loved seeing him and the boys get all the praise they deserve.
Halfway to the bar, you feel a strong arm wrapping around your waist. Your body tenses until you look down and recognize the black lined tattoos covering the man’s left arm. A familiar cologne fills your senses as he buries his nose on your exposed shoulder, leaving a playful bite on his wake, warm tongue soothing the sting of teeth. You giggle and call out his name, turning around to face him.
Pale blue eyes are focused on you, dilated pupils running from your lips, to your eyes. You wrap your arms around his broad shoulders, leaning forward to be nose to nose with him. “I was looking for you.”
“Found you first.” He grins, holding you by the waist again. “Also, I got you something.”
Your boyfriend raises his right hand, holding a bottle of your favorite champagne. Bucky preens, looking so proud of himself, while you open your mouth in surprise. Narrowing your eyes at him, playfully, you tease. “I thought we were already celebrating.”
He hums, tilting his head as if he’s planning something, until he pulls you closer, into his chest, as he leans into your ear. “I was thinking more of a private party.” The low voice in your ear is full of promise, and his hand squeezes your waist just a little harder.
Bucky is always full of surprises.
He never meets you without a gift, ever since your first date. Small gifts, like flowers or a trinket that reminded him of you - and the more expensive ones, like jewelry and designer clothes. When he's away on tour, they're always sent to your apartment, with a cute note attached. At the beginning you were flustered and dismissive, telling him he didn't need that to win you over, but as your relationship progressed you found out this was just his way of showing you how much he loved you. Bucky is a giver through and through, and you couldn't be more spoiled.
The smirk on your lips matches his as you take his hand from your waist and hold it in yours, intertwining your fingers. You feel the bite of his rings in your skin and the calluses on his palm - the familiarity isn't the only thing that makes your tummy flutter. The anticipation is thick in the air.
"Lead the way." You ask. Your voice gives away your desire, and Bucky will do whatever you want.
Tumblr media
The way to your hotel room is a blur. Bucky kisses you on the elevator, hard and demanding, against the mirrored wall, sucking and biting at the tender skin of your neck, where surely there will be bruises in the morning.
The two of you are a tangle of lips and limbs as you stumble through the hall, trading kisses and feeling up the other's clothes, Bucky grabbing your ass through your skirt while you giggle and try to make your way to the door while not taking your hands off each other. When Bucky lavishes you in attention, it's as if the world melts - there is no one else around but you.
"Couldn't wait to ditch that party, all those people." He confesses, breathing heavily into your mouth. His pink lips are agape, hungry for your taste. "Want you all to myself, all fucking night. Won't you let out of that bed until you're sore."
Once you're inside, Bucky backs you against the hardwood door, right hand still holding the champagne bottle. You look at him expectantly, waiting for his next move.
"Strip, baby." He says, voice thick, eyes shining with promise. "And lay on the bed."
Biting your bottom lip, running your tongue over the plump flesh as you let go, not breaking your gaze on him, you pull your top over head, moving away from him, and wiggling out of your tight skirt, sticking your ass out just a little. You hastily throw your shoes to the floor, crawling up the bed and laying on your back, propping your upper body up on your elbows.
You see that Bucky is shirtless, standing at the foot of the bed. You drink in his inked torso, low rise pants showing the ridges of his body, strong arms on display. He walks to the bedside table, and twists the bottle open, the 'pop!' echoes through the room, and he takes the fizzing drink to his lips, the liquid running from his mouth to his neck. You laugh and try to reach in his direction, but he backs away.
"Ah, ah." He reprimands. "Lay down, babydoll. This ain't about me."
"What is it about, then?" You raise an eyebrow as you question him, laying back down. Bucky walks back to the foot of the bed, and then crawls in with you, kneeling between your legs.
"It's about you, your beautiful body, and this." He makes his point by softly shaking the bottle he's holding, grabbing your attention.
Oh. You know what he means.
"Now, let me make a real toast." Bucky leans over, one hand in your sternum, forcing you toward the pillows with him on top of you. He lays a light kiss to your waiting mouth, and raises the bottle to your lips, pouring the champagne into them. You swallow it happily, and Bucky watches, before going down your chest, pouring the cold liquid between your bare breasts.
You hiss a little bit from the contact, but his hot mouth is soon upon you, liking and sucking the drink from your skin. Sighing, you bring a hand to his long hair, scratching his scalp with your nails. He brings the bottle to your breasts, pouring a little, and then sucking your nipples into his lips, running his tongue over their hard peaks, making you moan and whine loudly.
"You like that, baby?" He teases. One hand fondling one of your breasts while kissing the other. "I love your tits, so fucking pretty. Could kiss on'em all day."
He bites and tugs gently at the ring on your left nipple, making your pussy jump. You can feel yourself dripping into your underwear, staining it with your slick. You grind into the air, looking for some kind of friction, as Bucky continues to lavish your chest with his mouth and tongue, covering it with sticky champagne and spit.
Then, when he is satisfied with his work, he continues down, pouring the drink over your belly, licking, sucking and biting all the way down. You mewl, angling your body to meet his hungry lips, and your pleas get louder when Bucky runs his fingers down your slit, over your lace panties.
"Please, Bucky? Touch me, please."
"Touch you where, princess? I'm already touching you." He feigns innocence, smirking at you, while leaning backwards and laying the half finished bottle to the ground. "Use your words, baby. Where do you want me to touch you?"
Emboldened by his words, you plead again. "Touch my pussy, Bucky. Please. I need you."
You hear Bucky hum, pleased with your begging. "That pretty pussy needs me?" He pushes your legs further apart, and up by your knees, his long fingers reaching to take off your soaked panties. "We can't have her waiting, can we?" You sigh as you feel them go down your legs, your throbbing clit needy for attention, and Bucky throws them back, over his shoulder.
Wasting no time, he goes down on you, leaving a sucking kiss to your clit, then attacking your entrance with his mouth. He moans with his face buried in your cunt, kissing it messily, sucking and licking, fucking you with his tongue. He praises you, telling you how much he loves your wet pussy, your taste, how you shake under his hands, his voice trembling and wild.
You're delirious with pleasure, feeling it building and building, his big hands holding your thighs to keep you in place. You squirm at the feeling of him pulling your clit into his lips, making your vision swim. When you're about to snap, whining loudly into the air, Bucky stops.
"Bucky, no!" You complain, feeling your eyes tear up. You're so wet it almost hurts. "Let me cum, baby. I was so close."
"You're gonna cum on my cock, princess. All over it, right where you belong." He moves, straightening up his body, and lifts your right leg on the way. Then, he aligns his cock to your weeping entrance, rubbing the head on up and down your clit, before sliding in, filling you up with every thick inch. You take in the delicious stretch, clenching around him. "That's it. That what you wanted? You want me to make your pretty pussy cum?"
You glance at him above you, all dark eyes and wild eyes, tanned torso lined with tattoos - looking like a god, looking down on you.
"Yeah, Bucky. Fuck me." You beg, again. "I'm all yours."
"Damn right, you are." His voice shakes a bit when he starts rocking his hips into yours. "All mine. My baby."
You see stars when he slams into you, harder and faster, setting up a punishing rhythm. He's unrestrained, movements making the bed hit the wall with every thrust, but not louder than your moans. You grip the sheets beside you, feeling your walls grip him, taking all that he gives you. Suddenly, he lifts your other leg, both of them resting on his shoulders, as he hits your spot from a new angle, making you cry out.
You scream his name, tears falling from your eyes as you feel your orgasm build again, his cock dragging in and out of you with every pound of his hips. "Yeah, scream my name. Let everyone know who's fucking you this good. Who owns you."
You can barely breathe as your release crashes into you, making you scream his name again, just like asked. Your body shakes and your pussy creams all over him, and the sheets, gripping his cock like a vice. Bucky moans, running his filthy mouth, telling you he's close. He fucks you through your orgasm as he reaches his peak, burying himself deep inside of you.
Slowly, he releases your legs, pulling out, and lays down on top of you, both of you gasping for air. A weak hand runs over his spine as you feel breathe into your neck. He kisses your shoulder and lifts himself up, then laying on his side beside you.
Bucky moves away a strand of your hair that's fallen on your face, a blissed out look on his. "You good?"
Nodding at his question, you meet him halfway, lazily turning your body in his direction. "If you told me you wanted to celebrate like this we could have started earlier."
He chuckles, kissing your lips, and pulling away with a sigh. "There's no need to hurry. We have all night, princess. And all day tomorrow." Bucky stalks closer, joining his body to yours, skin to skin. "I'm gonna have you in every corner of this room, and then at the balcony, have you scream my name for the whole world to hear."
You smile, scrunching your nose at him, and leaning to steal another kiss. You know he's not playing - and you can't wait.
Tumblr media
a/n: thursday night an anon sent me an ask about bucky spoiling his girl and inspired me to write this, so now you have a rockstar!bucky loving on his girl in his special way. thank for reading! as always, reblogs and comments are much appreciated 🖤
the glitter text divider is @firefly-graphics's.
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fuckandfluff · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
I sort of just took this and ran with it.. A few birthday prompts in here, some filthy suggestions from @cadencejames87 and @sableseb and alot of self-indulgence 🤦‍♀️
Pairing: Rockstar!Bucky x Stepdad!Andy Barber x F!Reader
18+ below
Tumblr media
Bucky’s nicotine-laced fingers threaded through your tangled curls, his lithe hips pistoning into your abused flesh with the force of an uncaged animal. With a rough tug, he yanks your head up so your half-lidded gaze met Andy’s:
“Been holdin’ out on me Barber, didn’t tell me your daughter had a pussy this fuckin’ tight,” he growls, steadily keeping his punishing pace. Your eyes have almost permanently rolled back as another orgasm is ripped out of you, this time gushing his well-endowed cock with your juices.
Your stepfather is already 3 beers deep which is 2 more than your mother ever allows him.
“Stepdaughter,” he sharply corrects, taking another swig of the ice cold Heineken. The warm haze of liquor and lust all but consumes him, steel blue eyes locked on you as he uncomfortably adjusts his rock hard cock.
Bucky had been client of Andy’s when he worked at a private criminal defense firm in Manhattan, securing a mistrial when Bucky had been charged with drug trafficking and misdemeanour battery. So it was sufficed to say that the young rockstar owed him one. Backstage passes would cost him extra, though.
Andy had laid out the rules quite clearly: Don’t kiss her and don’t come inside of her. Your heart swelled just a bit when he forbid Bucky from the most intimate parts of sex - it almost made you feel like Andy had real feelings for you.
But everything else was fair game and Bucky certainly took advantage of every last stitch of real estate on your exposed frame. After he had fully fucked out your pussy, he’d move on to your tightest ring of muscle and pound into it until you literally couldn’t walk the next morning.
“Hurry up Barnes, I still want a piece’a her when you’re done,” Andy sneers, unzipping his light wash denim as you peer up at him through your smeared, damp lashes.
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trafalgar-temptress · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
This is my (late) contribution to BNHarem's "Making Beautiful Music" Collab- the rest of the masterlist can be found here. 
Fandom: BNHA - Band!AU Pairing: Midoriya Izuku x F!Reader  Word Count: 13.2 ☆☆☆☆☆ Warnings: 18+, mild self harm, dub con, unprotected sex, oral sex, reader has female anatomy/pronouns and enough hair to grab and pull, quirkless au, Bakugou is an asshole, unrequited love, implied kiribaku, hinted bkdk.  A/N: This is the first fic I've ever attempted for Deku. He's not exactly my favorite to write for as he is in canon- so he may be considered ooc and closer to how the fandom portrays villain deku. The warnings listed for this fic are important.  Huge shoutout to the loml @lady-bakuhoe​ for beta reading and helping me through all of the doubts and questions I had while writing this! 
Tumblr media
》》》》☆《《《《 ☆  》》》》☆《《《《
You held your breath as you walked through the final customs checkpoint; sure that this would be the end of your journey. This would be the scan that revealed some chaotic evil person had slipped a weapon into your carry-on bag and you would be deemed an international danger. Thus, you would be forced into some secret holding cell in the basement tunnels of LAX until you could plead your case; effectively missing the best night of your life.
But soon enough, a bored-looking TSA agent motioned for you to lower your arms and step through the machine, already looking toward the next person in line. You were breathing a sigh of relief as you collected your non-threatening personal items from the conveyor belt and tiptoed to a nearby bench to put your shoes back on. 
A loose sea of bodies carried you the rest of the way through the terminal until you reached your gate. Your plane was departing at exactly 8:15pm for a non-stop flight to Tokyo, where two nights from now, you would be cashing in the tickets you had won for an exclusive night with your all time favorite band- Chaotic Neutral.
With some time to spare before boarding, you sat down in a chair and reached into your bag for your phone. The zipper grazed against the inside of your wrist and you reflexively pulled back with a jerk, moving your clothing back to examine your skin. 
There, forever inked onto your body was the band's logo (a bright orange explosion with a lighting bolt through it) signed with a messy scrawl that was the recognizable signature of band frontman and lead singer - Bakugou Katsuki. While the tattoo was fully healed by now, you winced at the thought of blemishing the tribute to your heroes before you had a chance to show it to them. Specifically before you had a chance to introduce yourself to Bakugou as his most dedicated and loving fan. 
Satisfied that your ink was still in perfect condition, you settled back with a digital copy of a book you’d been meaning to read, mentally preparing for the lengthy flight ahead of you.
》》》》☆《《《《 ☆  》》》》☆《《《《
Five thousand miles away, the midmorning sun was fighting through the heavy shades that hung over the floor-to-ceiling windows of Bakugou Katsuki’s bedroom. The blond superstar groaned loudly and blindly felt around until he found another pillow to throw over his face to drown out the pounding in his head. He’s been out most of the night at a party with the band and he had a vague recollection of letting some groupie or other come home with him. Although, as he had been feeling around his bed for a pillow, he felt nothing that resembled a body - so maybe they already left. Or better yet - hadn’t stuck around at all. 
The pillow seemed to help muffle the pounding in his head until it stopped entirely. Bakugou snuggled deeper into his mountain of pillows and blankets, grateful that he could feel himself already slipping back into sleep- until the pounding started again. Louder and much, much closer…
“Kacchan!” The single most annoying voice in Bakugou’s life shattered through the sleepy haze and brought him abruptly back to full consciousness. 
“Midoriya - he’s not going to…” the deeper, less annoying voice of Kirishima Eijirou sounded from what Bakugou now understood was the other side of his bedroom door. “He better get the fuck up if he knows what’s good for him - for all of us” The first voice continued on as the pounding against wood resumed- more persistent than before. Bakugou threw the blankets and pillows off of his body before launching himself out of bed, too quickly. He did, in fact, have a throbbing headache and the very familiar feeling of a hangover. Willing the room to stop spinning, he ran one hand through his tousled hair as he stomped toward the door, cursing loudly. Reaching for the handle, he flung it open - “Deku! I’ll fucking kill you-” “I’ll kill you if you’re late for one more interview,” A green haired man stood firm in front of the now-open door. His voice cut off Bakugou’s with equal ferocity. “I have enough on my plate trying to cover up your party life, I don’t have time to organize apologizes for missed interviews. Now get moving.” Midoriya Izuku, full time band manager and part time friend to almost everyone in Chaotic Neutral, shoved past the front man and made his way toward the walk-in closet, quickly locating an outfit that was suitable for the interview and threw it on Bakugou’s unmade bed. “The car is waiting.” With that, Midoriya walked purposefully out of the room, leaving the other two men to get ready; Kirishima standing sheepishly in the doorway. Bakugou was already turning away and heading toward his attached bathroom. 
“Bro, he sounds like he means business this morning,” the red haired drummer started after his best friend, “I wouldn’t push him anymore-”
Bakugou’s voice snapped back from inside the on-suite bathroom over the sound of running water, “Then stop wasting time and join me, Shitty Hair.”
Kirishima’s heart jumped into his throat at his best friend’s words, and he felt his cheeks heat up. Casual sex with Katsuki has become a normal occurrence for Eijirou, and he would be lying to himself if he tried to deny that he hadn’t let his feelings run away with him. 
As Kirishima peeled off his comfortable clothes and stepped into the warm steam of the shower, he reminded himself that Bakugou was married to his music. The singer’s entire heart and soul were dedicated to his art, and that left no room for meaningful relationships; Eijirou knew that. But behind the locked bathroom door, under the soothing stream of hot water, with Katsuki’s lean body pressed up against his larger, bulkier form - it was too easy to forget anything but how right it felt to be with him.
In the large, open kitchen across the flat, Midoriya found Kaminari Denki and Sero Hanta animatedly discussing a new game they had been playing the night before and drinking their personal Starbucks orders. Izuku always made a point to have their specialty drinks ready to go when he showed up to whisk the band off a day of PR events. It was the least he could do, and he prided himself on being the best possible band manager anyone could ask for. Even if Katsuki did love to push him to the brink of rage on a daily basis. 
“Hey Boss Bro! How’s Blasty feeling?” Kaminari asked when he noticed his manager come in, “I bet he’s still drunk!” The bass player laughed as Sero nodded his agreement and quipped, “Yeah man, he had at least a whole bottle of tequila to himself -”
“Plus whatever was in those shots he did off that one chick’s tits-”
“-Is that the one that he brought home?”
“I thought he was bringing two back-”
“Oh yeah! That’s why they got their own -” “Guys!” Izuku’s voice cut through the back and forth banter like a blade, and he pinched the bridge of his nose as if he were the one with a headache from hell. “I don’t give a shit who he did what with, I just need him to play nice for this last bit of publicity before the show tomorrow. And then after we get through the whole ‘Night with the Band’ thing, he can go back to doing whatever - and whoever- he wants.” 
Kaminari looked like he was about to reply, but Sero quickly elbowed him in the ribs and shot him a look. 
Realization dawned across the bass player’s features as he watched his manager’s retreating back move toward the elevator. Midoriya always seemed uncomfortable when the band would joke about their sexcapades or drunken adventures, though never directly asked them to stop.
When he reached the solitude of the elevator with the metallic doors shut and the button for the lobby lit up,  Izuku exhaled and let himself lean back against the wall. He hated acting like a hardass, but that was what it took to keep the guys in line. And what it took to keep his emotions in check as he focused all his time and energy into keeping Chaotic Neutral at the top of the charts and in the spotlight.
This had been his entire life just as long as it had been Bakugou's. The first time the pair had dreamed of being in a band was forever captured on an old video of them before they had even started school. A green haired string bean of a boy banging on pots and pans while a wild eyed ash blond sang terribly offkey in the kitchen of the Midoriya family home. Their mothers had been childhood friends who raised their sons next door to each other.
But while the boys grew, so did their personalities. And though their dream of being famous performers only grew stronger, their friendship became more strained.
To Izuku, Katsuki could do no wrong. The smaller boy always looked up to his friend, even when his small sparks of childhood rage grew into the explosive, sometimes even aggressive, personality of a teenager. While Izuku grew alongside him, he never had an ounce of the fire his friend did. In fact, the emerald eyed young man was soft spoken and understanding- he was patient and inquisitive, always observing. To Katsuki, Izuku was too soft and needed to be ordered around to reach his full potential. 
Bakugou grew into his voice the same year they started high school- the same year they met Kirishima, Sero, and Kaminari. All five boys  had dreams of a life of music and became friends with the goal of starting a band. While they all worked well together and shared a bond: two pairs formed stronger than the others. 
Kaminari and Sero had clicked in the way that only two musically talented, content-with-second-place, stoner guys could. They bonded over video games and bongs, and played each other's perfect wingman as they worked through a long list of casual relationships. 
Kirishima came along to balance out Bakugou in a way that Midoriya never could. Kirishima was calm and determined, but didn't have the same soft personality that Izuku had. In fact, there was a hardness about him that couldn’t quite be explained. The redhead could go toe-to-toe with Katsuki even on his worst days and still come out on even ground.
So when the day came that Bakugou declared Kirishima was a better drummer than Izuku could ever hope to be- the fight was short lived. Izuku was christed "Deku" by his childhood friend; a loser who didn't have the same talent the rest of the group possessed.
But Izuku wasn't ready to give up on his dream, and his friends weren't giving up on him. He had to figure out where he fit into their plans. So that night, he went home and spent hours researching small-town band success stories. One thing they all seemed to have in common was a solid management system. Like the man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz - someone who pulled all the strings to keep the band topping the charts and juggling publicity while the musicians focused on their art.
That was exactly what Izuku was determined to be. They could call him Deku the Director for all he cared, just as long as he could make them see how important his new role in their story would be. The next day, he showed up at band practice with a detailed itinerary for their practices and customized practice/study plans for each member to better balance their school work and band time.
“What the fuck is this, Deku?” Bakugou was the first and loudest to protest when Izuku started handing out the papers, “You think I’m going to follow anything -”
“Every successful band has a good manager,” Izuku spoke over him for the first time in years, much to Bakugou’s disdain, “And since you’re all going to be too busy being rockstars, I’m taking it upon myself to handle all the less-thrilling parts of this life that we both know you won’t have the time, or patience, to deal with.” He finished with a sarcastic flourish of his wrist as he presented Katsuki with his personalized paperwork, refusing to show any fear or hesitation as the leader of their group stared him down with blazing carmine eyes. 
The blonde grabbed the papers and snarled, “Don’t expect me to thank you.” Next to him, Kirishima was already flipping through his itinerary, looking pleased. “Hell yeah, Midoriya!” The newly appointed drummer gusted with more enthusiasm than was strictly necessary. Izuku assumed that he was doing his best to be supportive in an attempt to diffuse any lingering bad feelings from accepting the part of their percussion- “I just resigned myself to flunking out of high school since this band became my entire life, but now it looks like I’ll have time to scrape together a passing grade!” “You’re welcome, Kirishima.” Izuku allowed himself a smug smile; at least someone appreciated him. 
And from that day forward, with the addition of structure, their dreams felt more attainable than ever before. They boy grew together, learned together, and before they knew it - they were trading local shows in rented gymnasiums to paid performances at bars and small venues. Their name only changed once- originally named BKKS before Midoriya brought “Chaotic Neutral” to the table at one meeting. It stuck almost instantly and no sooner had they announced it on their Instagram than fans were sending in designs inspired by the new name. 
Their public image had been a bit more of a challenge to tame. In their early days, Bakugou’s anger nearly always got the better of him. He’d threatened more than one group of fans for getting “too touchy” with him at a party when they were only getting in close for a selfie. On top of that, he was the one band member who wasted no time in taking up groupies on their offers for sexual favorites behind bars or even in their old, tin bucket of a van. Both habits hadn’t gone unnoticed by the slew of young and excited journalism interns and freelancers that frequented their small town shows. 
It had taken some time - nearly two solid years- to find the perfect balance between a personality that their volatile front man could manage in front of their fans and enough free range and party time to keep himself satiated.  With the help of the rest of the band (mainly Kirishima), the amatuer band manager had coached Bakugou into a nearly perfect publicity personality. He was charming, flirty, and funny - everything fans wanted to see in a front man. And the public eye ate it up. 
Bakugou’s less desirable past proved to be a challenge to erase. It took everything from exclusive photos to bribery for Midoriya to get the least flattering stories off the internet; but somehow, he managed. Once that major hurdle had been efficiently handed- the rest fell into place. The natural charisma that Kirishima exuded without even trying; the comic duo act that came naturally out of Sero and Kaminari’s friendship; and the collective good looks and godlike bodies that were half good genes and half scheduled time slots at the gym. 
Thinking back at just how far they had come helped reassure Izuku that he was more than qualified to handle anything this weekend would throw at him. After all, Chaotic Neutral would never have made it this far without him. With that internal pep-talk, the band manager stepped purposefully out of the elevator and strode through the lobby to meet up with the band’s driver. He knew damn well it would take Katsuki at least a half hour to finish getting ready, which is why he always showed up early. 
》》》》☆《《《《 ☆  》》》》☆《《《《
A few glasses of airline priced booze had helped make your eleven hour flight more than bearable. In fact, between the drinks, a long nap, and your book - you were almost surprised at how soon the flight attendants were telling everyone to prepare for landing. 
The Tokyo International airport went by in such a blur, you hardly had time to take any of it in and before you knew it, you were sitting in a cab on your way to the nicest hotel you could have ever imagined. Your stay had been 100% covered for five nights, and you had even been given a meal budget that you were sure was enough to feed five people instead of just yourself. In fact, it felt like every aspect of this all-expense paid trip had been meticulously planned out- so the only thing left for you to do was enjoy yourself. 
Thanks to the time difference, it was well after dark in the city but your body was under the impression it wasn’t even nine in the morning. Site-seeing was definitely on your ‘to-do’ list, but most of the locations you had in mind were either closed for the evening, or just better viewed in the day. So that left you with little to do, alone in one of the most splendid cities in the world, besides crawl into the king-sized hotel bed, turn on a random local channel, and browse the internet on your phone. 
Once you had figured out how to work the unnecessarily complicated remote, you brought up the guide channel and selected a station that looked like a typical news station at first glance. To your pleasant surprise, the host wasn’t discussing the weather or stock market- they were recapping an interview from earlier that morning. An interview with four faces you would recognize anywhere.
“This morning, it is my pleasure to have Chaotic Neutral here for an exclusive interview!” The host was speaking to the camera as if introducing a house guest to the entire audience; he was dressed in a perfectly tailored suit and seated causally on a comfy looking chair next to a long matching couch. From a side entrance to the staged lounge, the guys were entering in single file. 
First, naturally, was Bakugou. Your face split into a wild, giddy grin at the sight of him walking across the screen with both hands up in the air, waving as the studio audience burst into applause and screams. He always looked perfect to you, and today was no different. Spiky blond hair, perfectly tousled; a perfect set of pearly whites lining his wide, enchanting grin; brilliant ruby eyes that pierced through every bit and byte of electricity and wifi - hardly dulled by the video feed. The outfit he was wearing was one you hadn’t seen in any videos or photo shoots before, but was similar to what he usually wore- dark jeans that hung perfectly from his lean waist, a dark maroon v-neck shirt with a black, short sleeved button up over it- exposing the lower halves of his perfectly muscled arms. 
You were so enchanted by the object of your affection on the screen, you hardly noticed the other three members of the band following him out. If you had, you might have noticed the adoring look Kirishima shot his best friend as they sat next to each other - surely adding fuel to fangirls and fanfiction writers across the world. Or maybe you’d have even gotten a laugh out of how Sero and Kaminari playfully fought each other over the end seat to see who would get the armrest- earning a roar of laughter from the crowd. 
Most of the interview revolved around discussing the inspiration for songs from their last album and a short question and answer segment with randomly chosen audience members. But toward the end, the host brought up something you never thought about being public knowledge; 
“So! Tomorrow is a pretty big night for you guys, huh?” The host began, pausing to allow the band to respond. 
“It sure is!” Kirishima jumped right in, eager to take on the rare question that didn’t appear to be directed solely at their front man, “This is our biggest venue yet! And it’s totally sold out!”
The host smiled politely, but it was clear that wasn’t the response he was looking for. 
“I think he means our biggest fan, Red” Sero supplied, playfully nudging Kirishima in the ribs. The drummer looked embarrassed by his enthusiasm for only a second before the host continued on.
“Exactly! A once in a lifetime chance for one lucky fan! Tell us, Bakugou - do you have anything special planned for your special guest?”
The blond flashed his picture perfect smile again before he answered, “You know, I bet I’m more excited to meet her than she can even imagine. Our fans mean the world to all of us, and their love and support means more to me than anything. The least I can do is help make sure this is a night she’ll never forget.” His words were followed by the sound of swooning fans in the crowd and your heart thumped loudly in your chest. They were talking about you. On a nationally broadcasted interview.
“Oh-ho! So it’s a girl, is it?” The show host latched on to that bit of information and raised his eyebrows suggestively, “Should we be on the lookout out for any…” He trailed off, giving the band members the sort of look that said ‘you know what I mean..’
“You never know what might happen,” Bakugou smirked and winked at the crowd, from the other end of the couch, Kaminari woop’d loudly as Sero and Kirishima laughed heartily at the implications. They were all used to tabloids, reporters, and just about everyone else wanting any hints at relationships in or around the band. Nothing sells quite like romance - and everyone knew it. 
On that crowd-pleasing note, the interview segment ended and a climate specialist came home to talk about what to expect in the next season's weather patterns. You let the program continue, ignored, as you laid in that over-sized hotel bed and stared at the ceiling. Your mind played over Bakugou’s cheeky answers and allowed yourself to fantasize that maybe there would be a spark of… something when you met him the following night. 
》》》》☆《《《《 ☆  》》》》☆《《《《
Izuku sat in the second row of the blacked-out Lexus LX SUV that usually only transported Chaotic Neutral to and from events in the city. Earlier in the day, the group had been dropped off at the venue to get ready for tonight’s show. Midoriya had even instructed Kirishima, Sero and Kaminari to ‘accidentally’ pass through the VIP area for some impromptu photos and autograph signing.  Now, the luxury vehicle was parked in front of the entrance to your hotel. 
The band manager had planned to be early for your pick up, and was taking a moment to scroll through his emails and direct messages while he waited. Last night had been a battle of wills between himself and Katsuki; the latter determined to make an appearance at some other celebrity event and no-doubt get shit-face and end up fucking someone else’s date. With as much attention as this show was getting, there was no way Midoriya was letting his problem child out on the town. With the promise that Katsuki would be free to flirt, fraternize and fuck to his heart’s content once tonight was over, he had agreed to hang low with his friends at the band’s flat for the night. And thanks to that, Izuku’s inbox was issue-free for a change. 
“Midoriya, is that who we’re waiting for?” The voice of the band’s bodyguard and driver, Shindou Yo, startled Izuku from his scrolling. He lifted his emerald gaze and scanned the sidewalk for the vaguely familiar face of the contest winner. 
He didn’t need to look long to find you. The one person dressed for a rock show and gazing around at the people and buildings was undoubtedly the foreigner. Izuku’s first assessment was that you were pretty; stunning even. The awestruck look on your face was adorable and made him want to take your hand and show you around his favorite places in Tokyo. On top of your looks, you had enough respect for a schedule to actually be early- this pleased the manager and he was already starting to feel like this night might go smoothly enough to have been worth all the complaining his front man had been doing.   
From your spot on the busy sidewalk, your attention was pulled to the opening of a car door. A sturdy looking man with dark hair and sunglasses stepped out and was looking right at you. 
“Y/N?” The man called, and you instantly knew that was your ride. When you reached the car, the driver opened the back passenger door for you. It was dim inside the cabin thanks to the deeply tinted windows, but bright enough to let you know that you didn’t recognize the man sitting in the car any more than you recognized the driver. Your movements faulted mid-step with one hand on the open door. Was this all a set up? Were you actually a well-pampered kidnapping victim? 
“I’m Midoriya Izuku,” The man supplied immediately, extending a hand to help you up into the vehicle, “We’ve been emailing back and forth since you won the trip - but I don’t suppose you’d recognize me without my email address on a name tag, now would you.” He had a kind smile that made you feel better in an instant. Yes, of course. The band’s manager- it makes sense that he would be the one to pick you up.
 With a sigh of relief, you climbed into the SUV and settled in, leaving the smaller middle seat open between you and the green-eyed stranger. Without another word to either of you, the driver took his seat and pulled out smoothly into traffic. 
“Now then!” Midoriya announced, reaching into a backpack that sat at his feet, “We have some paperwork to go through, just some formalities and you’ll be free to enjoy your evening with the band!” You watched him with interest as he dug around for a pen. For a band manager, he didn’t look like he was all business as you might have expected. With a pair of dark jeans, a Chaotic Neutral t-shirt and a zip-up hoodie- this guy could have just as easily been a fan on his way to meet the band. You wracked your brain for any stories or articles you had read about Midoriya, but none came to mind. Not that you really paid attention to anything that didn’t involve Bakugou, anyway. 
“I’ll just need you to sign this liability form and a non-disclosure form.” Midoriya had evidently found his pen and was handing you a thin folder. Inside, two sheets of paper filled with very fine print.
“Feel free to take your time and read through it,” he encouraged you, “But the general idea is that if you get trampled  in a mosh pit, you can’t sue us for inviting you here and most importantly.. while you are free to post any photos taken with or of any member of Chaotic Neutral - including myself, Shindou, or any other staff member- you are not allowed to give any interview or statement to anyone about private conversations or happenings that may happen while you are interacting with the band. In other words, what happens tonight is between you and your favorite band- simple enough, right?”   
A non-disclosure? You hadn’t even thought about anything like that. Maybe, under different circumstances, you would have questioned that. Or at least read through all the fine print. But something about the way Midoriya spoke was so reassuring and sweet - you knew he wasn’t the sort of person to screw anyone over. It was obvious by everything from his mannerisms to the tone of his voice - this man was only looking out for his band, and for you as their fan. 
So you signed and initialed as you were instructed and spent the rest of the ride to the venue in genuine conversation with Midoriya Izuku. 
》》》》☆《《《《 ☆  》》》》☆《《《《
The concert passed in a blur. A memorable one, but a blur all the same. You were escorted in through a back entrance and brought to the VIP selection. Plenty of other fans had spent more on the VIP passes to get close to the stage and have a chance at touching someone’s hand or catching a guitar pick; but only you would be leaving with the band. 
On stage, Chaotic Neutral performed in perfect synchrony, but with the casual appearance of just four friends having the time of their life. And of course, your eyes were trained on just one body. 
Bakugou was mesmerizing to watch as he moved around the stage, strutting from one side to another as he interacted with each of his friends individually. He leaned in close to Kaminari and Sero during the duet lines they added to, and even scaled the side of the risers that held Kirishima and his drum kit up higher in the back of the stage; rocking out to a particularly intense drum solo. During a song that featured Sero for a solo verse, Bakugou stood to the side and motioned for the crowd to clap along to the bassline. It was obvious to you that he loved taking the time to focus all attention on his bandmates. Such an amazing guy, how could anyone be so charming? 
It felt like every second watched him, the more you loved him.  
You did your best to commit each second of the show to memory, screaming your heart out to every lyric and thrashing around with the rest of the crowd. Only a couple times, during slower songs, did you risk pulling out your phone and holding it above your head to snap a photo or record a short video of your favorite lyrics. 
By the time it was over, your throat felt raw and your legs were sore from jumping around. The crowd around you started to push and pull you along with them toward the exits of the venue, when suddenly you felt a vice-like grip around your wrist. 
Caught off guard by the sudden intentional contact, you whipped your head around to find a figure looming over you. Between the dim lighting and the stage lights fading from your vision, you realized that you recognized the man as the driver from before. Or was he a bodyguard? Either way, you thought you remembered his name… Shinsou? No, that was another the lead singer of Mindless Manipulation. You were sure it was similar…. 
“Shindou?” you spoke your recognition, and earned yourself a curt nod from the stoic man.
“This way, Y/N. They’re waiting for you.” He seemed to be a man of few words, and you wondered if that was by choice or by job description. Shindou’s grip on your wrist didn’t loosen as he started to pull you toward the stage. 
Like a salmon heading up stream, the throngs of fans heading in the opposite direction should have been slowing your progress. But the bodyguard was an unwavering force as he stepped forward. People parted around you, pausing only to give a curious glance as you passed by. The closer you got to the stage, the thinner the crowd became, until finally you were back at the metal barricade that separated the performers from their fans. 
Without stopping to ask permission, Shindou turned and picked you up under your arms as if you were no more than a toddler. He lifted you up and over the bars, setting you down before vaulting himself over after you. 
“This way,” he instructed, setting off in the direction of stage-right. It appeared that he trusted you to not get lost as you followed him now, since he had not reclaimed your wrist. Back here, the lighting was even dimmer, fading into black as you reached the enormous black curtains, pulled back to expose the stage and bunched together almost as solid as the metal barrier behind you. 
Shindou’s hulking form disappeared between the stage and the curtain and you didn’t think twice before following him. When you emerged on the other side, it was louder than the emptying venue you had just left. The sounds of equipment being drug around as stage crew and venue employees alike called out to each other and worked together to pack up the band. 
Your eyes scanned the scene, hoping to get a first glance at anyone from Chaotic Neutral. You were so preoccupied that you didn’t notice Shindou had stopped moving in front of you. 
You had walked face first into the sculpted backside of the band’s muscle bound body guard. And that mountain of a man didn’t stagger in the slightest. You stumbled backwards and fell flat on your ass, letting out a shout of surprise as you did.
The floor may have been softer than Shindou’s back, or maybe it was just the extra padding of your ass- but thankfully your pride seemed to hurt worse than your body. Your face felt like you’d been slapped with a sunburn as you sat, stunned, not sure if you were ready to face him again. 
“Are you alright?” A different voice, only vaguely familiar, asked. You looked up to see Midoriya Izuku leaning over you, one hand extended in an offer to help you up. Behind him, Shindou wasn’t even attempting to conceal an amused smirk. Green eyes met yours and you felt better seeing that Midoriya wasn’t laughing at all. In fact, he looked truly concerned. 
You shook your head slightly, scolding yourself to get it together before you made a complete fool of yourself, and reached out to take his hand. His palm was calloused, but warm, and your hand felt tiny as his wrapped around yours. The dim back stage lighting reflected off of a collection of faded, white scars along his knuckles and wrapping back around his wrist; you wondered briefly what would have caused them. 
“Shindou, I sent you to make sure she didn’t get hurt,” Midoriya dropped your hand as soon as he was sure you were stable on your own two feet and turned back to his driver. 
“It’s not my fault if she can’t watch where she’s goin’, Boss,” Shindou chuckled. 
Izuku was smaller than he was by almost half a foot, but the stern look he was giving Shindou was enough to have him silencing his laughter. It was becoming clearer to you that Midoriya  Izuku wasn’t someone to mess with. He exuded a presence that softly demanded respect without any explanation. 
"Come on, the guys are in the lounge." Midoriya turned with a nonchalant wave of his hand, motioning for you and Shinsou to follow him. This time, the bodyguard stepped back and let you walk in front of him. 
Midoriya led the way out into a short, narrow hallway. Along the wall on both sides were an assortment of doors without any sort of nameplates leading to a dead end with one last door. Anticipation had you wringing your hands together, anxiety at the knowledge that your dreams were about to come true. The band’s manager opened the door in front of you and you had your first look at the band after a show. 
The lounge was larger than you’d have expected on the other side of such a small hallway. A huge half circle couch opened up a seating area to a big screen television. A racing video game that you didn’t recognize was being played by two people on the couch, facing away from you. A raven haired man and a brilliant blonde with a streak of black; Sero and Kaminari apparently wasted no time in kicking back with a video game. To one side of the room was an open bar and kitchenette with a shiny silver refrigerator. Along the far wall were a pair of frosted glass doors and a sign indicating a bathroom. Scattered throughout the room were a couple lounge chairs and smaller tables - the perfect space for a group of people to relax together, but apart. 
You glanced around hopefully, searching for your favorite band member as your threesome moved fully into the room; Shindou stopped to lean with his back against the now-closed door. Judging by the faint sounds of water from the other side of the glass doors, you gathered that Bakugou and Kirishima had been the first to hit the showers after the show. Only slightly disappointed, you took comfort in the thought that you could at least use this extra time to relax a bit. 
“Guys,” The band manager said loudly, “Your guest is here.” 
The big screen froze in place and the men on the couch looked around until their eyes landed on you, standing slightly behind Midoriya. Kaminari threw his controller to the side and nimbly jumped over the back of the couch. 
“Hey girlie!” The bass player greeted you with a wide smile and reached out with his hand in a fist, a clear indication that fist-bumps were his chosen formality. Sero walked around the couch with as much warm enthusiasm, but a little less chaotic energy. He reached out to fist bump you as well. From the smell of fragrant smoke coming off the pair of them and a glass pipe on the table, there was no doubt they were both high. That tracked with their stoner-boy image. 
“Name, I have a feeling you don’t need me to introduce these two pot-heads.” Izuku turned back to you with an almost apologetic smile. “Hanta, Denki - this is Name.”
“Well, no shit, boss!” Denki laughed. 
“Yeah, we’ve seen at least one photo of her,” Sero added. 
“Or about a hundred when you showed us her fan-stagram-”
“And her twitter.”
“Her personal IG-”
“-and her profile on CN’s fan site!” 
Seeing these two finish each other’s sentences in person had you giggling. You’d known them for less than a minute and it was clear that they really were the pair of jokers you had come to know and love.
“It’s not like we’re stalking you, I promise.” Denki said.
“We aren’t - but Deku might be,” Sero replied with a wink. 
Izuku rolled his eyes with a groan, and you curiously glanced over at the nickname. 
“Deku?” you asked innocently. Hearing such a pretty little thing like yourself use his hated adolescent nickname was a stark contrast to Izuku. He was used to the guys using it, since that was just about the only thing Katsuki insisted on calling him. But it sounded wrong rolling off your tongue - like a child using a curse word. 
“It’s not stalking when you’re trying to determine that the person you’re funding a vacation for is who they say they are and not someone with a hidden agenda,” the green haired man explained curtly.
Before anyone could continue that thought, one of the frosted glass doors opened and the other half of Chaotic Neutral walked into the lounge. 
It felt like your heart fell into your asshole as you found yourself face to face with the man of your dreams; the ash blond rock star you had been pining over for years. Katsuki had changed into a pair of dark grey, straight legged lounge pants, and a loosely fitted black t-shirt. His arms were over his head as he rubbed a towel through his wet hair without looking up. 
“Oi! Shower’s free” he barked before unceremoniously tossing his towel over the back of the half-circle couch. Your eyes widened as you took in the look on his face. He looked annoyed, almost angry even. Nothing like his usual smile and soft expression you were used to seeing anytime he wasn’t performing. 
Behind him, Kirishima side stepped around him and made his way to the open bar- not meeting anyone’s gaze. If you hadn’t been so focused on Bakugou, you might have thought his mannerisms were odd. 
Midoriya, however, did not miss that Kirishima had the appearance of a teenager sneaking in after curfew. When the drummer finally glanced over from behind the safety of the bar, Izuku shot him an annoyed look. Eijirou shrugged sheepishly and darted his eyes over to where Bakugou had kicked back on the couch already. 
Naturally, it would have been Katsuki that would ignore Midoriya’s pleas to keep it in his pants until their guest was gone. An after-show fuck seemed to be as necessary to the front man as breathing. And while everyone in Chaotic Neutral was used to whatever was happening between him and Kirishima, Izuku didn’t think it was something they should even hint at in front of you. Or anyone else for that matter. A relationship within the band was something he knew would bring an influx of attention, but something he was planning to use later if they ever needed to win back the interest of the press. 
“Katsuki,” Midoriya cleared his throat as he placed a hand on the small of your back, pushing you forward gently toward the couch area, “Our guest has arrived.”
“Hey, shitty hair! Bring me a drink, will ya,” Bakugou barked in the direction of the kitchenette before tossing his phone to the side and turning in his seat to look at you and Izuku, “Is this our biggest fan, then?” 
“Katsuki, this is-”
“I’m Name! Or, L/N F/N - whatever you want to call me, really” You supplied, cutting the manager’s greeting off. You had stepped around Midoriya and extended a hand toward the singer, hoping desperately that he’d shake it. 
Bakugou raised an eyebrow at you and scoffed. “Calm down, extra. You already won the trip, there’s no one to impress.”
His words were short, but it wasn’t enough to dull your excitement. He was probably just tired from the show, or maybe he had a headache. 
“I call next shower!” Denki announced before bounding off and disappearing behind the frosted glass that Bakugou had entered through. Kirishima came over with an open bottle of beer and handed it to his friend. The drummer turned to you with a broad grin. 
“I’m Kirishima Eijirou,” He said, holding out a large hand to you, “Nice to meet you! Can I get you something to drink?” You shook his hand and drank in the image of your second favorite band member. He was dressed similar to Bakugou, but with a red shirt that was almost too tight in the sleeves around his muscular biceps. Your mind was reeling trying to remember what sort of drinks they might have on hand.
“How about a rose wine?” You asked, shyly. 
“You’re not a fucking waiter, Ei. Have Deku get her something.” Bakugou drank deeply from his bottle, “And have him get me another beer while he’s at it.” 
From behind the couch, Izuku balled his fists at his side but chose not to respond. He rolled his neck from one side to the other and heard the quiet ‘pop’ of relieving tension. Sero was watching from the kitchen area now and opted to step in. 
“I’ll bring the drinks,” the guitarist announced, “Tonight, I’m Sero the Server!” A moment later he was rounding the couch with an arm full of bottles. He handed them out and set a couple extras down on the table before picking up the glass bong he and Denki abandoned earlier. 
“So, Y/N, tell us about yourself!” Kirishima took control of the conversation and seemed genuinely interested. Content with the way things were going for the moment, Izuku settled himself into a lounge chair away from the group and pulled out his laptop to catch up on some work. 
You told the guys a little about yourself, your job and your hobbies and of course- how grateful you were to have won this trip. Kirishima and Sero listened with rapt attention and shared some stories of their own, until Denki came back to take Sero’s place while he headed for the shower. 
Denki offered you a hit of the bong and you were about to accept when Bakugou spoke again-
“Fuckin’ stoners. You’ll share your shit with anyone - who knows where her mouth’s been.” 
Kaminari barked a laugh and passed you the lighter, “You’re one to talk, BakuBro! How many mouths have you had-”
“Denki.” Izuku’s voice cut through the playful banter like a knife. You had truly forgotten he was even there. Kaminari swallowed the rest of his sentence and picked up his beer. You glanced between the two musicians with curiosity. What was Denki about to say? How many mouths Bakugou had…. What? 
Sero rejoined the group at this point, freshly showered and settled back into the couch next to his best friend- he picked up the video game controller and turned to you, “Do you mind if Denks and I finish our race, Y/N?” 
Surprised that he’d even ask, you responded “Hell no! Have fun!” Hanta grinned at you and handed Denki the other controller “Thanks! You’ll have a front row seat to him being a sore loser.” “No shot! I’ll own you with this new build,” Kaminari was already flipping through a list of custom built race cars. 
Bakugou was five beers deep now, and doing nothing to hide his boredom. His phone was back in his hand and he seemed to be scrolling absentmindedly through images.  Kirishima had relaxed into his position of host and was going a good job of keeping your conversation flowing. You had relaxed as well, until his next question jump-started your nerves again-
“So, Y/N. What’s this I heard about having something to show us?” The redhead was fixing you with a curious look and you felt your cheeks heat up. Your tattoo. 
After actually meeting your idols and realizing they were just as human as the rest of the world - you had started to feel a little foolish about wanting to show them your tribute to the band. Bakugou’s less than enthusiastic personality had done little to encourage you to admit to having his signature permanently carved into your skin. But then again, maybe this would make him realize you were worthy of a bit more attention. 
“Uh, yeah!” you nervously tugged at the fabric of your sleeve, pulling it further over your hand at first. “I uh - got a tattoo pretty recently. And I thought you guys might like to see it.” 
At the mention of tattoos, Sero paused the video game again and nodded for Denki to pay attention again. From his place on the lounge chair, Izuku’s ears perked up and he shot a glance toward the group on the couch, but didn’t move. He had seen your post about having a surprise for the band, but he hadn’t seen anything about a tattoo that would matter to them. Even Shindou leaned forward a bit to get a better look at what was going on. 
“A tattoo, huh?” Bakugou finished off yet another bottle and set it down with a thud on the table, “Lets see it, then.”
With all eyes on you, you pulled your sleeve back and flipped your wrist over to show the brightly inked logo of the band. “That’s fucking sick!” Kaminari yelled approvingly. 
“No fucking way! Our logo as a tattoo?!” Sero was equally excited and reached over Kirishima to take your hand for a closer look. “And who’s-” 
Kirishima had remained silent. Being the closest one to your display - he recognized the scrawl immediately as Bakugou’s. He was waiting for Katsuki to recognize it, as well. 
“Is that Blasty’s scribble?!” Denki exclaimed.
“It sure is!” Sero confirmed, “Katsuki, get a look at this!” The guitarist released your wrist so you could turn to your right and give Bakugou a better view of the brand. Their praise had you feeling better about your choice to reveal it to the band, and you turned to your hero with a shy smile. 
“Do you like it?” You asked, looking at the front man with nothing less than complete adoration. 
Bakugou’s eyes narrowed as he took in the sight of  his messy scrawl across the thin skin of your wrist. The tattoo was clearly new, colors still bright and the back ink still sharp and crisp. It was a well done tattoo, without a doubt. But it made his blood boil. 
“You mean to tell me, people are dumb enough to get a stranger’s name - someone they’ve never met, someone they don’t even fucking know - tattooed on their body?” There was venom in his voice as he spat the words out. “That shit’s fucking permanent, you know.” 
From your other side, Kirishima drew in a sharp breath. He wasn’t surprised that Bakugou would hate the tattoo - but he hadn’t expected him to be so blunt about it to your face. Kaminari and Sero looked at their bandmate as if he’d grown a second head. Across the room, Izuku snapped his laptop closed and stood up, growling Bakugou’s name as a warning that he had gone too far. 
“Don’t even fucking start with me, Deku. This fucking groupie went and got my name stabbed into her flesh before she even met me. That’s just about the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.” 
“Katuski-” Eijirou started in a scolding tone, “Don’t you think-” 
“What? Do you want me to lie to her? Tell her I’m flattered? So then she can go back and tell all her friends that Bakugou Katsuki supports this sort of fucking stupidity? How many other people out there have this sort of this?” The blond scoffed as he cracked open another bottle of beer, “I guess it's good that it's small - you can get it covered up.” 
You were frozen in your seat, staring down at your own wrist as it was still held out for Bakugou’s assessment. The rejection pierced through your heart as your mind blanked. What could you even say to that? It felt like a kick in the gut and a slap to the face at the same time. You were sure you were going to be sick. Beside you, Sero and Kaminari were trying to defend you by saying how much they loved it and that it represented them, too. They were saying they wanted photos with you to remember it and that you shouldn’t listen to Bakugou. You didn’t want to hear it, you didn’t want to hear anything. You needed to be alone to try and pull yourself together. You needed to get out of there- at least for a minute.  
“Where’s the ladies room?” You blurted out, as you stood up suddenly from the couch. You could feel the tears behind your eyes threatening to spill over, but you weren’t going to let it happen here. 
“This way, Y/N, I’ll show you.” Shindou called from his place by the door. You kept your eyes on the floor as you hurried to the exit and slipped out with Shindou close behind. Before the door shut, you heard a small explosion of voices as the other members of Chaotic Neutral started ripping into their front man for being such a jackass. 
“It's at the other end of the hall, there’s a sign that says women - can’t miss it. Do you want me to escort you?” Shindou offered. “No, I’m sure I’ll find it,” you answered, already walking quickly away from the bodyguard. He watched your retreating form with pity. You weren’t the first fan who had walked away from Bakugou worse than you had come, and he was sure you wouldn’t be the last. But each time, Shindou always hoped for better. And each time, he was disappointed. 
When you reached the end of the hallway, you shoved open the door to the bathroom and found yourself in a spacious lavatory, just as the tears you had been biting back began to fall. 
The lavatory was decorated in warm, dark colors. At the entrance, a low couch was built  back into the wall underneath a large ornate gold mirror. To your left, the room opened up to a black stone marble counter with sinks carved into the stone. Opposite that were a couple of open toilet stalls and at the end, a walk-in shower with marble walls to match the counter. 
Not wanting to risk anyone coming in and finding you like this, you ducked into one of the stalls and locked the door behind you. You backed up until the back of your knees hit the rim of the toilet bowl, and sank down to sit on the closed lid. You held your face in your hands with your elbows digging into your thighs and finally let out a sob. 
How could this have happened? Why was Bakugou so different from his interviews and videos? It was like you had met a stranger tonight instead of the singer that had stolen your heart. 
It felt like another punch to the gut as his words ran through your mind again: "That's just about the stupidest thing I've ever seen."
Bakugou was right… you didn't really know him. The signature wasn't even from something he had signed for you- you had just found it online. His harsh words were true, you had been beyond stupid. 
You leaned back and breathed in deeply. Without stopping to consider your actions, you grasped your tattooed wrist in your opposite hand and dug your nails into the bright ink; dragging them across the tattoo you had been so worried about blemishing. All you wanted to do was tear at your skin until your stupid obsession was nothing more than a bad memory. You repeated the process until angry raised lines appeared across your wrist and dots of bright red blood rose at random along the ridges. You squeezed your eyes shut and let the tears fall freely as you focused on the stinging in your wrist. 
It felt like you had hardly a minute to yourself before you heard the heavy door of the bathroom open again. You wiped the tears from your face and gulped in air to try and calm your breathing back to a less noticeable level. Hopefully, this person would just do their business and leave. 
Steady footfalls made their way across the room until they came level with your locked stall. 
"Y/N?" Izuku Midoriya's voice called gently from the other side of the pressed wood. A light tap near the center of the frame made it sound like he raised his hand to the outside of the wood as he waited for a response. 
"I'll be just another minute!" You tried to sound cheerful, but your voice broke and you couldn't hide a sniffle at the end of your words. 
Midoriya let out a knowing sigh and leaned against the divider of the stalls.
"Take all the time you need. I'd apologize for Bakugou's behavior, but I doubt that'll do much." 
You didn't trust yourself to answer him. So you just stopped trying to stifle your tears. Midoriya stayed quiet and let you cry for a long moment before he spoke again- 
“If there’s one thing I know.. It’s what it feels like to not be good enough for Kacchan.” Izuku murmured in a reserved voice. Through the door, it was barely louder than a whisper.
You lifted your face from your hands and glanced up at the closed door, reflexively pulling your sleeves back down to hide the injury on your wrist. “You do?” 
The band manager didn't reply for a long while this time. You weren’t entirely sure if he planned on answering you at all, but you knew he hadn't moved from his position outside the stall. Until, finally, he spoke with a little more volume than before.
“I’ve spent my life trying to make him happy. At some point, you just have to learn when enough is enough. Katsuki only has time to care about himself and his music. Maybe I should be apologizing for giving you the wrong idea." 
You stood up and unlatched the door as Midoriya finished speaking. When it swung open, he stepped back to give you some room.
"But.. you didn't do anything, Midoriya."
He laughed dryly at that. "Who do you think created the image of Katsuki the world knows now? Who do you think picks up the pieces every time he pulls something like this?" Izuku stepped forward and reached a cautious hand forward to gently cup your chin and lift you face upwards. You didn't want to meet his eyes, but didn't pull away either. 
"You're too pretty to be crying over someone like Kacchan." He brushed away a stray tear that had slipped down your cheek. "Let's get you cleaned up, hmmm? Maybe even a hot shower?" 
"Thanks.." you began, confused, "But shouldn't we be getting back to the band? I'm sure they're wondering what's taking so long." 
Izuku let go of your face and started to unzip his hoodie while he answered, "Bakugou left when I did, taking Kirishima with him to some after-party. I sent the stoned bros home with Shindou. So no, my dear, no one is even thinking about either of us, now." He tossed his hoodie on the couch before facing you again. 
Under different circumstances, his choice of words might have worried you. But after the emotional rollercoaster you'd been on all day, you were just glad someone else was in charge. And Izuku's shower suggestion sounded pretty nice. 
You leaned forward with your hands on the smooth, marble counter to get a better look at yourself in the mirror. Your whole face was puffy with the whites of your eyes red from crying and makeup running down your cheeks. Izuku stepped up behind you and lightly rested his hands on your hips. 
"You see? Like I said.. too pretty to be crying about some asshole of a rock star." Izuku leaned forward, pressing his body against your backside and wrapping his arms around your waist, "You deserve better." 
The sudden advance took you by surprise. You tried to move and found yourself pressed tightly between the marble counter and Izuku's taller, firm body. His chin rested on your shoulder and his face was pressed against your hair; he breathed in the scent of your shampoo and body spray. 
Midoriya kept his body pressed against yours, but moved his hands to gently rub up along your arms. You inhaled sharply when he reached your shoulders and started rubbing them, working your muscles with enough pressure to feel good. "I'd like to make this night worth your while," he purred into your ear and a chill ran down your spine. 
"You know, I think I'll take you up on that shower offer!" You found your voice again and figured it was a good excuse to change the conversation. "Should we head back-"
"Oh no. There's a shower right here! In fact," Izuku's hands made their way softly over your arms and across your chest, ghosting over your clothed breasts before ending back down at your waist, "We've got everything we need right here in this room." You watched your reflections as Midoriya leaned in to kiss your neck. 
A huge part of you wanted to shove him off of you, to scream like the building was on fire and run out the door, hail a cab, and never look back. But part of you rationalized that he was, in fact, that one who put all of this together for you…
“I know I’m not the one you came here to see, but I know how to treat a woman right- unlike Kacchan. He can’t even make it through the day without me coaching his every interaction,” Midoriya’s hands slipped under your shirt and started exploring your bare skin. Between words, he kissed your neck and along your upper jaw to your earlobe, “I’m the one who made him who he is today, and the world has no idea.” 
Soft, warm breath fanned across your skin as he spoke to you and you tilted your head reflexively to give him more access to your sensitive neck. His words resonated with you as you mulled over the last hour or so in your head. Like learning it was your parents who left gifts under the Christmas tree instead of Santa Claus; you were disappointed that the magic wasn’t real, but you didn’t hate knowing that someone else was creating your happiness.  
“Midoriya…” you started, leaning back into his arms. 
“Call me, Izuku.” his lips were at the shell of your ear, and he nipped lightly at your ear lobe. 
“Izuku.” you breathed his name and were rewarded with a sharp bite to the curve of your neck. You let out an involuntary moan as he sucked on your skin, sure to leave a mark. His hands gripped the cups of your bra underneath your shirt and you let yourself lean back against his chest, giving yourself over to this unexpected encounter. 
“That’s right, baby.. Just do one thing for me and I’ll make you feel so good.” 
Lust had clouded your judgement mixed with a deep, carnal desire to feel wanted. “Anything.” 
“Tell me that you want me more than him. Tell me he means nothing to you.” His lips were working at your neck again and he had slid the cups of your bra down to massage your puckered nipples between his fingers. Through the haze in your mind, it took you a moment to realize what he was talking about. 
Over your shoulder, green eyes focused on your face in the mirror, waiting for your response. You swallowed thickly and forced yourself to meet his gaze in the reflection. 
“I want you more than him-”
“Say his name.” Izuku spat the demand and tweaked one of your nipples hard enough to actually hurt. The pain jolted through your body and straight to your cunt, causing it to clench with need.
“Bakugou means nothing to me. I don’t want him anymore.” Midoriya thrust his hips forward, forcing your pelvis and hip bones to press painfully against the unforgiving marble in front of you. One of his hands threaded into your hair and pulled roughly, forcing your head back to look him in the eyes. 
“Make me believe it, Princess.” He growled, his gaze narrowing in a look that could only be seen as threatening. The pain was uncomfortable, yet being so roughly handled by this man you barely knew was turning you on in ways you never imagined. Your breath had quickened into short pants and a soft whine escaped the back of your throat as you stared back into those intense, emerald eyes. 
“I want you, Izuku. Even if Bakugou Katsuki walked through that door right now, I’d still want you. Please… make me forget what I ever saw in anyone else.” You bit your lip at the end of your words and fixed him with a gaze you hoped would convey your desires. 
“That’s better.” He flipped you around and lifted you up to sit on the counter. He made quick work of pulling your shirt over your head and tossed it to the side. Practiced fingers unclasped your bra and let it fall to the floor before he stepped back to take in the sight of your bare chest. “You’re stunning, Y/N.” 
You reached forward and tugged at the bottom of his t-shirt, not wanting to be the only one undressing. He helped pull it off and started unbuckling his belt and kicking off his shoes at the same time. You leaned back as you kicked off your shoes as well and drank in the image of the man before you. 
Izuku was shorter than everyone in the band, but taller than you by at least a few inches and he looked like he spent just as much time at the gym as Kirishima did. His waist was small like Bakugou and Kaminari and topped with chiseled abs that ended with an Adonis belt disappearing beneath his jeans. His shoulders were broad and toned, and his arms were pure, lean muscle. 
Noticing your stare fueled Izuku’s desire for you even more. You were looking at him, gazing at him. The same way you used to look at Katsuki; with those beautiful bright eyes, those pouty lips. Now, your pupils were blown wide with lust - something Kacchan would never see. Because just like it had been their entire lives, Izuku was about to clean up the mess he had made. But this mess was different - the emotions of such an attractive woman… Kacchan’s shitty personality had made you sob, and now lame little ‘Deku’ was here to make it better. His cock twitched to life in his jeans and he surged forward to hastily grab your face in his hands and pull you into a crushing kiss. 
Izuku’s kiss knocked the wind from your lungs and you fumbled with the buttons on his pants as you tried to kiss him back with equal vigor. Teeth clashed against each other as your tongues explored each other’s mouths. You pushed his pants down and they pooled around his ankles briefly before he kicked them aside, too. His length bobbed up and smacked against the counter top between your clothed legs. He was bigger than you would have assumed; girthy and long with prominent veins wrapping around. 
Midoriya’s hands were back at your waist, hastily undoing your pants as his mouth moved down to take one of your nipples between his lips. He circled his tongue around the sensitive bud, pulling another moan from your lips as he coaxed your pants and panties down your thighs and out of his way. A large hand pushed against your chest, forcing you to lean back against the mirror and Izuku dropped to the bathroom floor in front of you. A slight burst of panic swam through your gut as you realized you hadn’t made it to the shower and you’d spent most of the evening dancing in a sweaty sea of bodies. 
“Mmm, you smell so good,” Izuku inhaled deeply as he appraised your glistening folds like a five star meal, “Itadakimasu…” he murmured before lowering his mouth to lick a slow stripe up the middle of your cunt, collecting your slick on his tongue as your body parted to reveal your dripping hole. At the top, he swirled his tongue around your swollen clit, sending a jolt of pleasure through your core. Your hips rolled forward against his face, begging for more friction. But Izuku grasped your hips to hold you in place as he dipped down to drag another tantalizing slow lick up your sex. 
“Mm-more, please!” you whined, desperate for him to devour you. Izuku hummed in response before dipping his wet muscles between your lower lips, slipping inside and flicking his tongue along your velvety walls. You tried to spread your legs further, willing him to do more. But Midoriya tossed your legs over his shoulders without lifting his from your pussy, and continued working you as if he did this every day. He moved his lips back to suckle gently on your clit, and you let your head fall back in ecstasy, moaning his name loudly. 
Izuku slowly and steadily worked you closer to your release. Your hands gripped his dark green locks tightly, but it didn’t phase him at all. He never wavered from his pace, even as you cried out and writhed against his grip, your cunt clenching around nothing as his mouth alone brought you to orgasm. 
Your body was hot and your heart was pounding against your chest as you leaned back against the mirror and turned your face to press against the cool glass. Izuku stood up and strode over to the glass wall of the shower. His dick hung low and heavy, bobbing as he walked. Your pussy gave another hollow clench as you imagined him sliding between your tired folds. 
The manager opened the ornate glass door of the shower and reached in to grab the gold plated handle, turning the water on and setting the temperature hot enough to create steam. The walk-in shower was long with two corner benches built into the stone walls, made from the same marble as the sinks and counter. A branch of fresh eucalyptus was tired around the huge, rainfall shower head in the middle of the enclosure and the soothing scene was already starting to waft through the room. 
Izuku walked back to where you waited on the counter and you immediately reached forward to touch his length, instinctively wanting to pleasure him in return. The tip was dripping precum and you licked your lips at the sight, wanting to taste him. “Don’t be impatient, Princess.” He lightly scolded, brushing your hand away. The man slid one arm under your legs and you leaned forward to wrap your arms around his neck. Midoriya carried you to the shower stall as if you were weightless. He didn’t even falter as he opened the door with one hand and stepped inside. 
The warm water rained down around the two of you and you closed your eyes, tipping your head back to let it run through your hair. Izuku seized that angle to kiss along your exposed throat again before he gently set you down on one of the low stone seats. You wiped the water from your eyes and blinked up at the man in front of you. The water running down his sculpted body accentuated his curve and sharp line better than before. He stood in front of you and gave his cock a couple of long strokes, soothing the growing ache in his heavy balls. “I could use a little help here, baby girl.”
You slipped off the bench and to your knees on the natural stone floor; looking up at Izuku expectantly. 
“Such a fast learner, Y/N. You look perfect like that.” He let his thick length rest in the palm of his hand; the water falling from above has washed away the pre from his tip. You leaned forward and pressed your lips against his engorged cockhead, only loosening your lips enough to let it slide between them. Izuku let out a hiss of pleasure as he felt your tongue start roam over his shaft, tracing the prominent veins beneath his taunt skin. Thankful for the added lubrication of the water, you lowered your face down as far as you could along his length until his tip met the back of your throat, then you brought one hand up to wrap around the base that you could fit into your mouth; the other hand laid flat against his muscular thigh.
A deep, throaty moan rolled through Izuku’s throat at the sensation and he leaned back to brace himself against the marble wall. Pleased with his response, you started to roll your wrist as you stroked the lowest part of his length as you bobbed your head along the top. You felt your mouth watering around his cock, slipping out between your stretched lips and sliding down your cheeks to mixed with the shower water; your eyes blinked back tears as you watched Izuku throw his head back in pleasure. You moved your free hand down to cup his balls and lightly squeeze them, gently coaxing him to cum for you. 
“Oh, no. We’re not done yet, baby.” One of Izuku’s strong hands gripped into your wet hair and pulled you off his cock. He reached down and wrapped his hands around your thighs, lifting you up and backing you up until your back was pressed against the marble wall of the shower, with your legs wrapped around his waist. Midoriya kissed you again, softer than before, and adjusted himself so your legs were hooked over his arms. You looped your arms around his neck and held on tightly. Izuku chuckled against your mouth, “Don’t worry, I won’t let you fall…” 
With that, he angled his hips to line up with your slick entrance and slowly lowered you down. His cock felt every bit as satisfying as you could have imagined; filling you up and stretching you out- your body molded perfectly to make room for him… and when there was no where else for his length to go, his cock head pressed tightly against your cervix, sending a jolt of sharp pain that you felt down in your toes. You whimpered as he pulled back and then sheathed himself inside you again. Izuku pressed his forehead against yours and repeated the motions until you had grown used to the painful pleasure. He leaned down to capture your lips in his again in another searing kiss. You dug your nails into his back, urging him to keep going. 
“I - don’t think I’ll be able to stop myself,” Izuku murmured, only a small shadow of his insecurities peaking through his tone; but to you, it just sounded like he didn’t want to hurt you. 
You flexed your inner walls around him, clenching down as tightly as you could as you leveraged yourself to rock against him. “Then don’t stop.” Izuku grinned and thrust back into you with a snap of his hips. Your head knocked back against the wall with the force, but he didn’t notice. His hands gripped your ass, spreading your cheeks apart as he started a brutal pace, pounding into you. 
True to his word, Midoriya wasn’t going to let you fall- your shoulders pressed so forcefully back against the wall, it was starting to hurt; but the angle he held you at had the head of his cock dragging across that elusive, spongy spot deep inside you. Your body was folded entirely in half with your legs spread, allowing the firm muscles that covered Izuku’s pelvis to stimulate your pulsing clit. 
“Fuck - Y/N,” Izuku groaned between thrusts, “You feel so fucking good.” A loud moan was your response as you felt the building pressure inside your core. “Shit. I’m gonna cum, baby- I’m gonna cum so hard, you feel so -” The end of Izuku’s sentence was a lost in a groan as his bit down on the plush skin of your breast; the sharp pain causing you to cry out and instinctively dig your nails into his scalp. But it made no difference to Izuku, he was fucking you with reckless abandon, intent on reaching his end. His thrusts became more erratic and the friction between your legs finally led you to your second climax of the night. Your cunt spasmed around Izuku’s cock, clamping down impossibly tighter as your body tried to pull him in even deeper. Your legs tried to clamp together, but broad muscles stopped you as the man inside you continued on. He fucked you through your second orgasm and right to the edge of a third one, deeper and dizzying this time, growing from that sweet spot inside you. Almost as if your body was rejecting this level of pleasure, your mind started to blank as waves of intense pleasure bloomed from deep inside you. 
“Ahh! Yes! No, no, no.. fuck, Izuku - don’t stop--” The words tumbled from your mouth, pleading to him, to your body, to whatever was listening to either let you cum again or make it stop. Another thrust had your pleasure ripping through you, white and hot - with stars dotting your vision- a clear stream of water squirted out of your cunt and splashed against Izuku’s chest. 
“Oh god- yes!” He roared, eyes alight with carnal pleasure. His balls tightened one final time as spurts of thick, warm cum shot deep inside you. Izuku continued to thrust through his orgasm, slowly, letting your velvety walls milk every last drop from him. His cock continued to pulse, stream after stream of semen pouring into your cunt and slowly seeping out between the connection of your two bodies. Through the haze in his mind, Izuku vaguely registered that he’d never cum so much before in his life. 
He leaned against your heaving chest, holding you between the marble and his body while you both tried to regain your sense. When he felt steady enough to let you down, he slid his softening length out and stopped to admire the mess dripping out of your gaping hole. Fascinated with the way the sticky substance looked against your skin, he scooped it back up with his fingers - stuffed in back between your folds before setting you back gently on the marble seat. 
“Something to remember me by,” He said in a way of explanation when he met your gaze, again. Then he turned away from you and grabbed one of the decorative bottles of soap from a self built into the other side of the wall. Wordlessly, he soaped himself up - washing his hair with liquid soap from a second bottle; after a quick rinse, he was done. 
Before he opened the shower door and stepped out, Izuku looked back at where you sat, “Take all the time you want. I’ll leave some merch for you to change into, and Shindou will wait for you in the car to take you back to your hotel. Oh, an Y/N? Don’t forget - you signed a legally binding non-disclosure.” 
》》》》☆《《《《 ☆  》》》》☆《《《《
Outside, in the VIP parking in front of the venue, Shindou Yo sat and scrolled through his social media apps idly. It was getting late, and Deku had texted him to come pick the special guest up almost an hour ago. 
As if on queue, you stepped out of the front door of the venue. You looked a lot worse for wear than the last time Shindou had seen you. Your hair was disheveled and looked damp, and you were wearing a Chaotic Neutral shirt that was at least three sizes too big. You were walking quickly toward the car with your face down, and Shindou opted to unlock the doors instead of getting out this time. He watched in the rearview as you climbed into the SUV and shut the door. 
“You okay, Y/N?” Shindou attempted to start a conversation as he shifted the vehicle into drive and pulled away from the curb.
“I’m fine. Where’s Izu- I mean, where’s the manager?” You looked out the window and pulled your hood up, wrapping the fabric of the hoodie tighter around yourself. 
“Home, I guess? Why?” Shindou raised an eyebrow at you in the mirror, “He usually doesn’t tag along for the ride home.”
Your eyes flicked up to meet his brown ones in the mirror, “Does he... Have you driven a lot of fans home this late?” Your cheeks flushed and you looked away again, trying to hide the implications of your question. 
Shindou sighed and focused back on the road, “Only the pretty ones.” 
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fuckandfluff · 2 months ago
Live Wire
Tumblr media
Pairing: Rockstar Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 500ish
Summary: Inspired by the above GIF
(🥵💦), Bucky decides to show you just how dextrous he is.
Warnings: 18+, minors DNI! Dirty talk, degradation, fingering, voyeurism
You usually occupied yourself for the ninety-ish minutes Buck went to soundcheck each afternoon, whether it was with a sweaty sesh at SoulCycle or a self-indulgent treatment at the hotel spa. But today you had decided to drop in on rehearsal and offer up some support. You and Bucky weren't official but it didn't hurt to show you cared.
Clad in a barely-there sunshine yellow crop top and curve-hugging mini-skirt, you sat cross-legged in the front row of the amphitheatre, eagerly waiting for Bucky to take his turn on the drum kit. During soundcheck, the venue ran on a skeleton crew and the only other soul you saw was a lighting engineer who popped in and out as he was needed.
With a flick of his wrists, Bucky could twirl the drumsticks so effortlessly. He almost made it look easy. His double stroke rolls were so precise and yet the sounds he curated were messy, harsh, and iconically rock and roll. His large palms gripped the oak drumsticks, bashfully thumping against the high-hat and snapping against the cymbals.
“Ugh babe, so hot. You’re so good with those hands..” You coyly commented, smiling sweetly at him. You wanted to wear his hands like a necklace.
“Yeah? C’mere a minute, doll,” he tutted, placing both sticks on the middle tom. You tramped up the stairs and onto the stage, just as you were told. You spread your feet a few scoots apart, arching your back in eager anticipation. Bucky grunted approvingly, both hands creeping up your flimsy skirt as he yanked your hips forward, hovering over his lithe thighs.
“Buck, there are people here..” you motioned to the lighting guy who sat in the booth not fifteen feet from you two. He may have been preoccupied with setting the cues for that evening’s show but he was RIGHT THERE.
Dismissing your concerns, he firmly chastised you: “No panties eh, baby? What did I say about acting like a slut in public?” his voice low and gravelly.
He spat on his index finger and rammed it inside you without warning. You inhaled sharply, barely registering what just happened, eyes wide and mouth open. He brutally curled his index finger inside you, no mercy for how abrupt he was.
You became a whimpering mess, your moans emitting at a frantic pitch. You fucked yourself back up onto his fingers but were met with scorn.
“Nuh uh, baby takes what I give her. Don't be a greedy whore.” he spits out, shoving a second finger inside, allowing not more than three seconds for you to swallow it up before tearing into you with a third.
"Bucky, oh fuck.. Fuck!” is all you could whine, your velvet walls clenching onto the calloused digits as you felt yourself come completely undone.
You could feel the pressure build in your abdomen, felt the stinging rush of arousal radiate throughout your body - so close to release. You couldn't take a breath that sated you fully, you couldn’t focus on anything but Bucky's fingers deep inside your tight pussy. You preened and blushed as he continued slicing through you. You felt a little floaty, a little dazed. This is what heaven must be like.
And they say all good boys go to heaven, but bad boys bring heaven to you.
Thank you so much for reading, my angels!
All other parts can be found here
If you like my silly little stories, add yourself to my taglist here! xoxo
@hailmaryyramliah @s-unflowxr @luxeavenger @mimilh @anakinsskygirl @katelyneann @marvelfansworld @babydaddy-buckybarnes @excellentbecca @kennaskye1 @kmuir1 @spnqueen02 @abilouuxx @s-unflow-r @crybaby-mckay @babydaddy-buckybarnes @vinniesgf @hermione-grangers-wife @keeleyrose2003 @fulltrashblaze
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So It Goes... 
full masterlist
Pairings: Rock star/Bassist!Bucky Barnes x female!reader (AU)
Word count: 7,149 
Warning: fluff, SMUT! but mostly just me falling in love with bucky, really.
Summary: natasha romanoff aka your annoying roommate coerced you into the howling commando’s live performance at a divebar near your dorm. little did you know, it was going to lead you to the man of your dreams aka the charming rock star boy/bassist, james buchanan barnes.
a/n: this one’s written for @sourpatchkidsandacokecan​‘s “Little Darlin’s Mysteru AU” challenge. i chose band/rockstar au. here’s another love letter to bucky barnes because i love that man with my entire heart and every fic that i write about him is basically just me expressing my deep affection for this man. hope you guys enjoy this one cause i certainly do! also, rock star/boy band bucky is such a concept omg i’m in love
Tumblr media
You laid in your twin-sized bed as you heard the chirping sounds of the birds outside of your window. They were singing cheerily as if they knew what you were feeling and they were celebrating with you. It felt like you were in a Disney movie that you used to obsess over as a kid, where you are the lovestruck princess because you just met a handsome prince who swept you off your feet at first sight.
The birds outside of your window are your animal pals who swoon over you swooning and they spontaneously harmonize and dance to this newfound joy. You couldn’t resist the smile taking over your face. It was too early for you to be awake on a Saturday morning. You were always up by 10 AM. No more, no less. But it was currently 8.45 AM and you still had at least one more hour to get up and be productive.
But not today. Today, you were going to welcome this exhilarating sensation in your bones, and you were going to savour every second of it. Because you couldn’t shake away those baby blue eyes and that suave, boyish charm. The way, they electrified you by first glance and made you tremble when those pupils dilated. You could still feel the way his soft, plump lips hypnotized you last night. And the raunchy way he held you at the bar.
Even when all was said and done, he found a way to haunt you in your dreams.
And you didn’t mind one bit.
You were currently in the middle of a crisis due to your upcoming final week. If there’s any word to describe you as a college student, it would be ambitious. The idea of failing or getting less than B+ makes you go ballistic. You were an active student. You joined multiple organizations that expanded your social life. You got along with mostly everyone in your classes and you had your professors’ respect too for your excellent grades and polite manners.
But your lack of dating life irked no one else more than your roommate, Natasha. You loved Natasha with your entire heart, really. She was like a sister to you. You were an only child so you cherished her older sister role in your life. She was, in fact, several months older than you and she always protected you like her own. Starting from the asshole that broke your heart in high school, despite only knowing him through your story, to incessantly pushing you to stop being such a nerd and have more fun.
Natasha was the kind of woman you don’t wanna mess with. She was loyal, brave and quick-witted. She knows how to keep her GPA high, whilst also maintaining a fun social life. She managed to do it all so effortlessly. 
“C’mon, y/n! Just one night! You need to let loose and release all tension on your shoulders, baby. It’s good for your brain before finals start!”
“Noooo, Nat. Rock bands are not my thing and I’d have a higher chance of acing the tests if I study now, okay? Just go. Have fun without me and tell me how it goes.”
“But my boyfriend’s performing, y/n. And I want you to meet him! I promise they are really good. Even if you're not into the music, you can still go for the drinks, right? Also, they’ve got other cute members available so, you might find your own rock band boyfriend too if you go.” She winked. Her smirk was menacing.
“Ugh, I’m not interested in finding a boyfriend, Nat.”
“I know, but wouldn’t hurt if you do, right? Then we can go on double dates and have them write songs about us. Oh God, it’s going to be awesome.”
“Whoa, slow down. I haven’t even learned their names, yet and we are already discussing double dates?”
“Alright, let’s just start with putting on your sexy clothes and meet them yourself. Then we can move onto picking one gorgeous beast for you.”
“What makes you even think that they’d be interested in me?”
“Don’t be ridiculous, y/n. Have you never owned a mirror? You are a total babe. You just need to get yourself more action.”
“Ugh, I don’t know, Nat…”
“You are going. And I’m not leaving until you get up and put on something cool. I have patience, baby and I’m going to annoy you all night if you stay. What do you prefer? Going out and have fun and meet some cute boys or me annoying you all night so you can’t study productively.” She glared at you. Her tone indicated that there was no compromise.
“Alright, I’m going. But that’s only because I wanna meet your boyfriend, alright? Not because I wanna find a boyfriend or whatever stupid shit you’re thinking.”
“Yay!” She jumped in excitement. Her face was content with joy and satisfaction from succeeding in persuading you. “Alright, let’s dig through your clothes.” She started rummaging your shared closet and observed meticulously each one of your outfits. “Hmm… Let’s try this one!” She picked up a strapless black sequin dress that you hadn’t worn in forever. You didn’t even remember packing it up in your baggage and brought it with you to your dorm.
You began stripping yourself out of your oversized hoodie and high-waisted shorts. You didn’t feel embarrassed changing in front of Natasha, you had seen each other naked many times. You were roommates after all and sometimes, you just had to be comfortable with the fact that you had private body parts underneath and within the course of four years, eventually, you had to get used to flashing one another at some point.  
You put it on as you started to feel a little uncomfortable. You weren’t used to wearing skimpy dresses. Already wearing it for less than three minutes, you were constantly lifting the hem of the dress to prevent it from exposing your boobs and revealing your inner thighs. And the material felt itchy on your skin too. “Nat, I’m not sure about this. Let’s just wear a leather jacket and jeans.”
“Nonsense! You look bomb! Give your leather jacket and jeans a break, alright? Okay, turn around so I can see your behind.”
You twirled as she said, restlessly.
Tonight was going to be a longspun night…
The air felt crisp against your skin, as the breeze swept through your freshly curled hair, causing a few strands shading your sight. You struggled to walk steadily in your 7-inch heels that belonged to Natasha because you didn’t have a pair of your own. You were cool with wearing ankle boots pairing them with a sparkly dress. But Natasha didn’t think it was a cute look.
“What? Boots and dresses don’t go along, honey. Oh my, you need a serious makeover!” She was derailed.
You eventually settled with a silk red dress with a seductively low cleavage on the front, exposing the globes of your breasts. You were already as uncomfortable as it is, this dress didn’t make it any easier to act normal.
So you had to endure walking in these deadly shoes of torture, whilst clad in nothing but a scanty material with makeup painting your entire face. Great. What had you gotten yourself into? Damn you, Natasha.
You and Nat were walking arm in arm to the bar where “The Howling Commandos” were performing. That’s the name of the band that Natasha’s boyfriend was in. They have been a group for 5 years now, they had been doing this since they were in high school. Clint and the rest of the members were several years older than you and Nat. As soon as they graduated, they decided that they wanted to keep making music rather than working mundane, dead-end jobs.
Yep, Natasha told you that much.
Clint and Nat had been dating for two years now. They rarely saw each other due to the band’s packed schedule. Although, they would FaceTime each other every night, talking about each other’s days. You heard it all, from their most disgustingly adorable flirtations, to the most inappropriate, not so PG-13 confession.
They would literally pretend to smooch one another through the screen when you were doing your homework or when you had your nose deep in a book. You’d try to cover your ears by putting on your earbuds and turning up the volume so you could give them privacy but also, you didn’t wanna hear them talking about what they wanted to do to each other if both of them were here.
You knew Clint well enough to not feel like you were meeting a complete stranger. Natasha would often tell you to say hi to him and she had told you a lot of wonderful things to Clint. Clint would often talk about the band too on the phone, how someone called “Bucky” would piss him off by stealing his leftover sandwich. Or someone called “Sam” would often interrupt their chat by reminding him that it was soundcheck time.  
“I gotta go, babe. Sammy’s not gonna stop yelling.”
“Aw, okay, tell the boys I say hi! Love you.”
“Love you too, baby.”
It’s like a daily podcast for you every night.
The dive bar where The Howling Commandos were performing thankfully wasn’t that far from your dorm. Natasha was super thrilled when Clint told them that they were going to perform here. They were finally able to see each other after a while, and because this was going to be their last gig until they come back with a new album, he said he was going to stay and spend some time with Nat.
You were happy for both of them. You’d never say it out loud but, a part of you was secretly jealous of their love. They managed to maintain such a fun, loving, and healthy relationship despite the distance and differences. Natasha once told you that she was never one to settle with a man for too long but, Clint changed the game for her. You smiled at the thought. They were genuinely in love. If you were to find yourself a boyfriend, you wanted the type of love that they had.
But not tonight. You were okay with being single. Just because a part of you wanted what Clint & Nat had, doesn’t mean that you actually need it or you’d die. You were too much of a goal-oriented person to be chasing over something that should come naturally. You had grown so comfortable in being alone, that you stopped desiring love so much. It wasn’t getting you anywhere. So you lived your life, being grateful for your friends and family. You invested your time in your education and passion. You were content.
When you arrived at the bar, the room was full with a crowd. You walked in with Natasha trying to make a space for yourself so you could walk through them. You could barely anything else due to the number of bodies blocking your view. Natasha held your hand as she took the lead and fought through the crowd to get to the front, where she could get the best view.
There was a blonde-haired woman standing on the front, so close to where the band were going to play. When Natasha slightly grazed her whilst trying to stand next to her, she didn’t look the slightest bit happy. She glared at Natasha as Natasha noticed. She glared back at her.
“Excuse me, there’s more space in the back, maybe you can stand there instead of cutting through the line.”
“Excuse you, miss. I’m dating the band’s drummer, so I can stand wherever I want, thank you very much. If you don’t like that, then the exit is right there.” She pointed to the door of where we walked in from.
The blonde woman rolled her eyes as she folded her arms against her chest. After you stared at her reaction, you realized that you actually know her. She was in the same social science class with you. You had never really talked to her because she often sat in the back and immediately left after the class was done, but you remembered her name. Her name was Dottie Underwood. Your classmates called her Dot. The ones that she liked anyway.
You decided to stay quiet and let it pass. It’s not like she even recognized you even if you start a chat with her. You don’t think it was a good idea either since she and Nat literally just snarked at each other. You directed your sight to the stage and waited for the famous Howling Commandos to appear.
One of the spotlights turned and highlighted a man walking on stage before he talked into the microphone at the centre. “And now, ladies and gentlemen, a group of brilliant lads, that make all the ladies go feral wherever they go, and their showstopping music are going to make us sing and jump tonight. Please welcome, The Howling Commandos!”
The crowd roared with cheers, the sounds of their enthusiasm filled the atmosphere. Their claps were jovially in sync as four, drop-dead gorgeous young men stepped into the stage as their presence shifted the energy in the room.
The first one was a blonde-haired with breathtaking bone structure, forming a ridiculously handsome face. His hair shone under the spotlight like the sun amidst the clear sky. He had an amiable demeanour about him. His smile was gentle and welcoming. He waved to the crowd and stood directly behind the microphone.
The second one to walk in was a dark-skinned man with an undeniable charisma oozing out of him. He had a neatly trimmed beard that only added to his spicy appeal. His smile was radiant as he also waved the crowd. He stood on the left side of the stage, a couple of steps behind Steve who was apparently the lead singer.
The third one to walk in was Clint. He was everything Nat described him to be. Placid and nonchalant. His smile was amenable as he greeted the crowd. He walked directly to the background, where the drumset was placed. He sat down on the drummer’s chair as he picked up the sticks he was going to play with.
The last one to enter was a literal Disney prince coming to life. His prominent boyish charm completely bedazzled you. His blue eyes gleamed under the spotlight as they lingered on you for a second. He immediately shifted his gaze as he kept walking towards the right side of the stage, but you swore that when he caught you staring dumbfoundedly at him, you could see the flash of a quick smirk on his face.
He only nodded to the crowd as he confidently picked up the bass guitar that was previously placed on the floor and put on the leather straps around his neck. His eyes turned back to you as you found yourself still bluntly staring at him. Something about him just enchanted you. He had that boy-next-door charm about him but also, a bad boy persona that was irresistibly enticing.    
That flash of smirk that you saw earlier resurfaced and it was getting harder for you to pay attention to anyone or anything else in the room other than him. His gaze grew more intense as the noises of the crowd faded into the background. You were lost in this lethal game of eye contact until Natasha accidentally elbowed you by screaming her lungs out to respond to the lead singer’s introduction.
“Good evening, SHIELD’s Nest! How are we feeling tonight?” The lead singer vivified the crowd. They responded with a reassuring reaction. “I’m Steve Rogers and these are my buddies,” he turned his head to the left, as he started introducing the other band members.  “The handsome guy right there is Sam, and in the back, there’s Clint, our brilliant drummer boy and this ladies’ charmer right here is Bucky.” As he pointed to the magnetic man who had held your attention hostage since he first walked in.
“And we are The Howling Commandos.” He paused for a second before carrying on with his prelude. “Alright, so the first song that we’re going to play tonight is called ‘Rusted Love’. Enjoy.” Steve removed his mouth from behind the microphone and started cueing the band to play. “1,2…”
Sam and Bucky started strumming the first few notes as a few people cheered. Then Clint jumped in, flaunting his talent in mastering the drum with his sticks. The energy in the room felt more energized as people started moving a part of their bodies. Then Steve amazed the room with his sultry voice, singing the words that echoed through the Sound system of the bar.
“I’m a flying kite in a hurricane, you paralyzed me with your touch and your lips got me addicted…” Steve shut his eyes, relishing the rune. You had a feeling that those lyrics wouldn’t just stay lyrics tonight…
They played another four songs that night. The crowd danced, jumped and screamed the words to their song passionately. You, on the other hand, was probably the most tranquil person in the crowd. You didn’t really know much about the band, let alone their music. So when everyone was constantly pushing you because they were too lost in the moment, you eventually tried to get out of the crowd and sat on the bar instead. Natasha was also too lost in supporting her boyfriend, that she almost didn’t notice you leaving.
Through the vibration of the crowd and the music, you had to really lean in to get Natasha’s attention and to get her to hear you. “Nat! I’m gonna sit in the back and wait there. I’m a little thirsty.” She had a giant smile on her face due to the zest the band inflicted. “Okay!” She yelled back, then carried on with her foxy moves.
You struggled to walk through the crowd, trying to not step on anyone’s feet as you made your way to the barstool. What you didn’t notice was, Bucky’s disappointed on his face when he saw you walking out on him. He noticed that you weren’t exactly as thrilled as anyone else. Although, he noticed your stolen glances as you shied away from him when he stared back. He even tried to wink at you once but you immediately looked to the floor, hiding away your blush. He swore he saw the way your cheeks reddened. Not that he wasn’t used to getting that reaction anyway…
You exhaled a breath of relief as you finally broke out of the congested mass of people. You sat on the barstool as you ordered a glass of rum and you waited as the music still reverberated robustly in your ears. You sat there as you started looking through your Instagram. Nat’s icon was the first one to appear in the row and you clicked it to see what you were expecting. She recorded a video of the band, then zoomed in to Clint, as he was ardently drumming the beat.
She put on a heart eyes and fire emoji with the text; “that’s my man!”. The next one was her and you singing along to the second song they played that night. You were able to actually mouth the words after they played the last chorus and you were a quick learner, so you memorized the repeated words easily after the third time. You scrolled through your feed a few more minutes until your order finally arrived.
“Enjoy, miss.” The waiter winked at you. He was probably in his mid-20s, he had warm brown eyes and a sweet smile. His dark hair was slicked back as you stared a little longer than you should. He was obviously attractive, but, you didn’t say anything back to him. You just smiled back in a friendly manner and uttered silenced thanks.
After sitting by yourself for about a half and an hour, like all good things, the show must come to an end. Steve Rogers concluded the show with a final thank you and goodnight as the spotlight shut down, like the drapes closing over a theatrical show. The crowd clapped and some of them started leaving, while others immediately went to the bar to quench the thirst from screaming along to volatile rock music and jumping up and down, getting lost in the tune.
Natasha patted your back as she jumped on the empty chair next to you. Thank God, she was quick on her feet, otherwise, she wouldn’t have been able to get a seat. “Hey! God, I need a full shot of whiskey right now.”
“Yeah, go crazy.”
She scoffed. “Huh. As if that wasn’t crazy enough, back there.” She signalled the bartender to make an order. “So, what do you think? That was fun, right?” The cute bartender from earlier walked to her as he asked her what would she like to drink and she quickly replied.
“Yeah, they’re pretty good.”
“Pretty good? They’re damn talented. Especially the drummer back there. He totally killed it.”
“Yeah, okay, they are amazing. But you know their music isn’t my kind of music, so can’t say  I really enjoyed it that much.”
“Okay, but you must’ve at least enjoyed the view, right? Don’t think I didn’t catch you and bass boy making several eye contacts back there.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You took another sip of your glass to cover your embarrassment.
“Oh my God, you totally do! Look at you blushing!”
“I’m not!”
“Yes, you are! Admit it! You like Bucky, don’t you?” She playfully pushed you to tease you.
“Oh my God, shut up Nat! You’re causing a scene!” You tried to lower yourself, now that you’re able to speak in a normal volume.
“Nope, I won’t stop until you admit it. Don’t worry, y/n, Bucky’s always been a charmer, so I totally get your attraction.”
That caused a peculiar sickness in your chest. It’s not like you were falling in love with Bucky, no. You didn’t even know him enough to like him. He may be an eye-candy but if he’s really as “charming” as everyone is saying, then that means, he’s one of those dangerous fuckboys that you should avoid at all cost. Because that means, he’s probably only going to manipulate you into thinking that he really cares for you, when in reality, he only wanted to get in your pants. Nope, not gonna happen to you. You weren’t going to be a new notch in his belt.
“Well, then that means he is bad news and that gives me even more reason to feel anything but attraction toward him.”
“Oh, no, y/n, I don’t mean it like that. He’s really sweet, and he’s always been the most chill one in the group. Trust me, you’re gonna love him. Just, give him a chance first, alright? I’ve known him long enough to know that he’s into you.”
“Into me? Nat, he doesn’t even know my name.”
“He will.” She winked again, as she took a sip of her whiskey.
Not long after that, Clint appeared from behind, without Nat realizing. He surprised her by wrapping her waist from behind as he whispered into her ears; “how’s my best girl?” Nat was slightly stunned but as soon as she realized it was her boyfriend, her expression instantly turned into a joyful one. “Hi, baby!” They immediately smooched as she wrapped her arms around his neck while standing face to face now.
“Did you like the show?”
“I loved the show, you guys killed it as always. Oh, and by the way, this is y/n, my number one bestie and the best roommate anyone could ever ask for. Now you finally meet her in person!” Her excitement was genuine.
“Hi, y/n! Heard so many great things about you, but you probably can’t say the same, huh?”
“No, actually I can. Nat wouldn’t stop talking about you every night even when I’m blatantly ignoring her.” You joked.
“Well, is that right?” He looked at Nat to assess the truth on her face.
“Yep,” you carried on. “She would say you’re hot, funny and kind, and all these wonderful things. Including the ones that I’m not supposed to hear.”
They laughed. They kissed once more, as Clint stood next to her seat, ordering a drink for himself. Next to you, you could hear Nat saying, “oh, where are the boys? Are they not thirsty?”
“They’re just packing up, babe, they’re gonna join us in a few.”
“Good, ‘cause I think there’s someone y/n would like to meet.” She teasingly wiggled her eyebrows at you, as you sent her a murderous glare. Your lips silently mouthed, “what the fuck?” but Clint picked up her tone and he quickly got the message.
“Oooh, who is it? Is it Steve, Bucky, Sam? Just let me know which one you like and I’ll deliver them at your door tonight, y/n. They’re all single and ready to mingle anytime now.”
You laughed nervously. “No, no, no, no. Nat’s just saying shit.”
She turned her head to her boyfriend and shook it.  “No, I’m not. She and Bucky practically eye fucked on stage.”
You instantly slapped her arm, staring deadly into her eyes. “Ouch!” She put her hand on the spot that you struck, even though it wasn’t even that hard. Classic Nat. Dramatic as always.  “Nat, you can’t just–”
Before you even managed to finish your sentence, she darted her eyes to somewhere behind you as she pointed at whatever got her distracted. “Oh, here they are!” She smirked. She raised her eyebrows at you before she stood on her feet and hugged the anticipated men.
“Hey, guys! Killer show back there!” Nat started hugging Sam and he kissed her cheek, and then she moved onto Steve and the last one to join was Bucky. You muttered ‘shit’ to yourself as you pondered on how you should act. Should you act like nothing ever happened during the show between you two? Or were you going to address the elephant in the room, and just straight up flirt with him, now that he wasn’t being so closely watched anymore?
You didn’t know which would be the best option so you just took a big gulp and drank down the entire glass of Rum you had left. Maybe if you were less sober, you wouldn't excessively overthink. You weren’t even sure whether he was really staring at you or not. For all you knew, he could be staring at another beautiful girl in the crowd that was standing beside or behind you. And if you act impulsively now, this would be like that cheesy moment on Rom-Coms, where a girl waved back to the guy who she thought was waving at her but it turns out, he was actually waving at another girl who was coming from the same direction as her.
Nope, you weren’t going to be that girl.
So you just smiled and nodded along as Natasha introduced you to the rest of the boys. You didn’t want to be rude so you sat on your chair, facing them with an interested look, even though all you wanted to do was just shrink and leave this goddamn place.
“Hey guys, here’s my bomb-ass bestie slash roomie. Her name’s y/n! Isn’t she stunning?”
When Steve was about to offer his hand to you, Sam immediately inserted himself in front of you and Steve. “Well, hello, good-lookin’. Can I buy you a drink?” Sam, being the cool dude he was, he leaned back against the bar counter on his elbows as he shamelessly flirted with you.
“Nope, thank you. I just had one.”
“Oh, you look like you could use another one. Here, let me get that for you.” He cued the bartender to make an order and you instantly tried to stop him, telling him that it wasn't necessary, but it looks like the bartender was already taking his order for you.
And then, out of nowhere, Bucky suddenly stooped in like a hero. “Hey, Sam, why don’t you back off? This one’s mine, alright?” That elicited a questioning look out of you. “Mine?” He didn’t even know you.
“Oh wait, so this is the one you told us about in the dressing room?” What the hell? You thought. They were talking about you as if you weren’t there at all.
“Yep, so why don’t you fuck off and get out of here before I get myself drunk enough to shit on your bed?” His tone was menacing but you could tell that this was a normal, daily conversation between the two.
“Jeez, alright. I’mma leave. You don’t need to wave your dick all over my face.” Before Sam moved to another spot, he patted you on the back and said, “good luck.”
What? What the hell was that for? The bartender came in with your order and served another glass of Rum right in front of you.
“You don’t need to drink that if you don’t want to.” He carefully spoke to you, as if he was trying to not scare you away.
“No, I think I need to. Tonight’s been a pretty crazy night.” You took a sip, the cold drink felt nice on your tongue.
He chuckled. “Yeah, tell me about it.”
“Oh, how crazy can it be for you? Isn’t this like, what you do, every night?”
“Yeah, but, you never really get used to it, you know? Sometimes you just wanna sit in the bar and have a nice talk with a pretty gal and hide in the booth or something.”
That… Warmed up your heart. Damn, if this is his way of flirting, it was truly working. You could see now why everyone was calling him ‘a charmer.’ He really had a way with words. And stares. His baby blues really know how to captivate you and froze you on spot.
“I’m Bucky, by the way.” He offered his hand to shake yours.
“I’m y/n.” You shook it with a smile.
“Did you like the show?” He asked.
“Gotta be honest with you, buddy, your music isn’t exactly my kind of music. But you guys were awesome.”
He paused for a moment as if he was contemplating what he was going to say next. “Think I got a little distracted up there.”
“Oh yeah? Why is that?”
“Cause there was this pretty lady in a red dress that I couldn’t take my eyes off of.” His gaze even grew more intense now. He was looking at you like you were the only thing in the room. Then his eyes darted to your lips, as he licked his. And before you knew it, he started inching his face closer to yours as he held his gaze on your plump, painted lips, while you could feel his breath more and more as the seconds went by.
And then… His lips were on yours. It’s like the clock just stopped ticking and every noise faded into the background and you were the only two people in the room. His lips felt soft against yours, and the way he licked your bottom lip made your head spin. You ajarred your mouth to let his tongue enter as it got tangled with yours.
You were aware that Nat, Clint and Steve who were having a conversation are now watching you like hawks, but you couldn’t care less. Not when Bucky’s hands grabbed your face, so he could have more control over your mouth. You were practically out of breath by the time he looked into your eyes, that are now slightly darker than a few seconds ago. He loved the sight of you, with your lips slightly swollen.
“Let’s go somewhere more secluded.” You could only nod and then took his hand after he offered you his as you got off the stool. He led the way and you couldn’t help but notice the glances that were thrown by several women along the way. They were staring at him with incontrovertible full of hunger eyes, one even shamelessly put her hand on his shoulder, as she coquettishly smiled at him. Bucky only smiled back and nodded at her but he kept walking with you in his hand.
Even if you were practically a pair, you felt invisible. Everyone’s eyes were on you, but not precisely on you. This must’ve been something normal to him, you thought. You weren’t used to big crowds and inundated with attention, and you weren’t used with unquestionably holding a stranger’s hand and letting him take you wherever he had in mind. But you did anyway, and you weren’t having second thoughts.
Bucky led you to the cramped lavatory and locked the door. The lack of space made it even harder for you to breathe when Bucky was this close to you. He pressed his body to yours, as he kissed you once more. Slowly, but you felt the spell in your bones. “All I could think about on stage was tasting those luscious lips.”
You were spellbound by his magic. You could barely speak another word when his baby blue eyes were looking at you so intensely like that. But you gathered every cell in your body to utter the words anyway, “do it again, then.” You boldly challenged him.
He grinned a Cheshire cat smile. He grabbed your face again and eagerly consume you with his mouth. He then moved his hands to the back of your thighs to elevate you onto the sink. He put his hand on your thigh and the other hand went to the back of your head as he grabbed a fistful of your hair, while still kissing you even deeper.
He pulled away to stare at your distraught state and asked the question, “can I touch you?”
You licked your lips, as you nodded. “Please.” His mouth was on yours again, as the hand that was on your thigh moved to the bottom your dress, delicately inserted his fingers to feel you against your red lace panties. You could feel yourself growing wetter and wetter as he motions his fingers in circle harder.
Your breath quickened. Your mind was getting hazy as the second passes by. The right strep of your dress had fallen off of your shoulder, and Bucky utilized that opportunity to pull down the other strap and he began groping your breast, tenderly pinching your nipple. That elicited a petite yelp out of you. He groped your breast once more as he was still toying with your nipple.
He began kissing your neck, shortly finding your sensitive spot as you threw your head back. You shuddered. Your hands grabbed his hair, wanting to feel him closer. “Bu- Bucky… Please. I need to feel you.”
You didn’t wait for his response and immediately lifted up his shirt. You were stunned by the sight under the dimmed light of the bathroom. Clothes really didn’t do this man any justice. He should never be allowed to wear any coverups, ever again now that you had seen him. He was sculpted by the Gods themselves. His biceps felt robust in your dainty hands and the V-shaped line on his hips led to somewhere you really wanted to wrap your lips around.
Your hands quickly zipped down his jeans and his boxer along with it, and you didn’t hesitate in feeling his throbbing member right there, right then. It felt tremendous in your trembling hands, and you felt it getting harder with every stoke of your palm.
“Oh, fuck, doll, don’t stop.” His voice was raspy in your ears. It was the sexiest goddamn sound you had ever heard.
“Yeah, just like that. Go faster, doll.” He sucked your earlobe and his hand fisted your hair, making a mess out of it. You didn’t mind one bit. You wanted to be a mess for him and only for him. You somehow still managed to pamper him with all the senses you had left, even if your mind was clouded with every part of him.
“Bucky, put it in me. Please.” You begged with a quavering voice.
“Your wish is my command, doll.” In a second, he pushed into you and it sent an electrifying jolt all over your nerves. You threw your head back in mingled pain and pleasure. He felt even more full now that he was fully seated inside you. He lifted you from the sink and pushed you to the wall on the opposite.
You circled your arms around his neck as your back was slammed against the concrete. Then Bucky began thrusting vigorously. You shut your eyes and moaned his name. Bucky, on the other hand, didn’t. He kept his eyes wide open to watch you with full attention. He loved seeing the way you were drunk in him. The way you forgot your name more and more every time he slammed back into you.
He loved the squelching noises ringing in his ears, better than the melody he was used to creating in the studio. The sound of your heartbeat was far more gratifying than the way Clint played his drum. Oh, how he could write an entire album solely about you in this state alone.
“You feel so good around me, doll. So. Fucking. Tight.” Your moans became louder with his filthy words in your ears.
“I’m gonna make you mine.” This time, his voice was sultry. It was rather beguiling than mortifying.
His hips kept moving and out of you with a vehement tempo, and then just like that, you crumbled. You screamed your pleasure, not caring if anyone could hear you. Bucky was still moving, trying to reach his own climax. Shortly, he was with you. He unleashed his cum deep inside you, adding the mess that was dripping all over your thighs.
You were a beautiful mess. And Bucky loved it.
After a few minutes, coming down from your high, you breathed into Bucky’s neck, not wanting for it to be over yet. You were a little scared that Bucky was going to walk out and pretend nothing ever happened between you. You didn’t know how many bathroom stalls Bucky had brought different women to and fucked them silly right there. You had a lot do unravel about him, yet, you weren’t certain whether he wanted to let you in or not.
“You okay?” Bucky whispered into your ear. You only nodded, still a little hazy from ecstasy.
“I’m gonna put you down now, yeah?”
“Okay.” He slowly set you on your feet, as he was still staring at your face. You leaned against the wall, trying not to collapse. Bucky picked up his shirt and put it back on along with his jeans and boxer.
“Let’s get out of here.” Bucky offered you his hand, like the gentleman that he was as if he hadn't just fucked you into oblivion in a public restroom.
You took his hand with a smile. You didn’t know what was going to happen after you walk out of the door, but you were going to savour every second of being in his arm if this was going to be last time you’ll ever see him.
You went home with a contented smile on your face. You were like a teenage girl who had just been asked to prom by her crush. How could you not, when Bucky offered to walk you home and left a kiss on your cheek before he called it a night?
Natasha was going to stay at Clint’s hotel, so you were supposed to walk home alone. You knew eventually this was going to happen but Natasha and Clint used it as a reason so Bucky and you would spend the night together too. You didn’t mind one bit, though. You wanted to elongate your time with Bucky and your wish was granted.
You offered him to come inside and stay for a little while, you were secretly hoping that you could go for the second round, but Bucky only chuckled and shook his head.
“Not tonight, doll. I ain’t that kinda man. And you need rest. But I’ll call you tomorrow, yeah?” Then you and Bucky exchanged your numbers and he waited until you were really gone from his sight.
You walked up to your dorm with butterflies in your stomach and sparks fly all trailing over your footsteps. Thank God, Natasha wasn’t here. If she were, she would’ve relentlessly teased you all night and made you admit that she was right to coerce you to come.
And you would’ve had to admit that she was right. And you didn’t like admitting that you were wrong.
But tonight, you were going to admit it to yourself though. Sometimes, doing something that frightens you the most would endue you in ways you couldn’t possibly imagine.
And you were going to thank your lucky stars tonight for embedding Natasha Romanoff in your life because, without her, you would’ve stayed in your shell and Bucky could’ve fucked someone else in that restroom instead of you.
That might’ve happened in another universe, but not tonight. Tonight it was you and you were really hoping that you were going to see him again in your dreams tonight. You had one taste of him and it wasn’t enough.
Bucky texted you not long after you took a shower.
“Dreaming of me, yet?” Wink emoji.
“Well, if I were, I wouldn’t be texting you right now, would I?”
“That’s true, but at least you’d be drenching your sheets because of me and I don’t think I have a problem with that.”
“I don’t need you to do that, maybe I can use some toys in my drawers tonight. They seem pretty bored.” Thinking emoji.
“Oh, doll, you are killing me here…” Drool emoji.
“You like it.”
“I do.”
“Goodnight, Bucky.”
“Goodnight, doll. Thinking of you here.”
You turned off your phone and the screen went black. You changed into your pyjamas and washed off the remnants of your makeup and let the slumber take over you.
Bucky’s face loomed over you, somewhere in a fancy balcony, the view of the city stretching over, added to the beauty of the scenery. He was wearing a navy blue suit with a white dress shirt and no tie. The first couple of buttons were unbuttoned, giving you a majestic picture that he was. His hands that were in his pockets, took yours as you exerted yours to him.
He leaned in with a bright smile under his stubbly face, his blue eyes sparkled like Sirius star.
“Fly with me, doll.”
“What if I fall?”
“Then I’ll catch you.”
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witchysoldierarchives · 2 months ago
Leather Black & Eyes of Blue
Pairing: Rockstar!Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: A night of harmless fun turns into an unexpected game of cat and mouse. He has you cornered, and truth be told, you want him to devour you
Warnings: Smut 18+ only, oral sex (f receiving), unprotected tour bus sex, creampie, choking, genital piercing mention, lots of kissing and heavy touching
Word Count: 5.4k
A/N: I think we’ve all seen (thirsted over) Seb’s new pics as a rockstar, so it was a no brainer imagining Bucky all tatted up and with nipple rings, amongst other things. Hope you enjoy & as always, feedback is greatly appreciated! 🤘
Tumblr media
He lived for it, breathed for it, no drug could compare to the high he felt when he was up on stage. He was a voracious predator, and each adoring fan in the ever changing sea of faces a willing prey. His presence alone could command any room, however those icy blue eyes pierced through every crowd like daggers as he wrapped his tattooed hand around the microphone and sang with the voice of an angel, even if he was anything but. Every word falling from his lips is like a sacred mantra, captivating anyone who’d listen.
You don’t know what truly drew you to attend the small venue that night, perhaps you were tired of doing the same thing every Friday, perhaps it was the adrenaline of uncertainty, maybe you were in dire need of some excitement and what better place than a packed concert venue featuring a band that had more than piqued your interest. You weren’t familiar with the opening act, however the headliners you had heard of. More specifically, you had seen one of their music videos that drew you down a rabbit hole of their entire discography and the songs had stuck around in your head, they were haunting and beautiful, almost as beautiful as the lead singer. Seeing him, even through the small screen of your phone, had left you somewhat speechless. He was tall, intimidating almost, his body was broad and toned, always foregoing a shirt. It seemed like he enjoyed showing off, and who could blame him, his left arm was covered completely with intricate tattoos, it would be a shame to cover up such impressive art.
Curiosity got the better of you and you decided you’d attend one of their shows. They were currently touring and it just so happened that they’d be playing a gig at the local popular music venue in your town. Maybe it was fate or purely luck, regardless, you found yourself getting dolled up on a Friday night, teased hair and dark lipstick with kohl rimmed eyes had been your go to look. As for clothes, you decided to wear a tight leather skirt with a vintage band shirt that had been cut up as a way to modernize it, fishnets and black combat boots were the obvious choice as you finished getting ready and headed out the door. You felt the excitement inside of you bubble up as you arrived at the venue. Neon signs overhead showed the name of the opening band and above it was the name of the band you were truly dying to see.
“Winter’s Children” it read in big bold letters. Their name was fitting as they hailed from the coldest part of Eastern Europe. You had noticed that the lyrics of their songs were always rather melancholy and evocative, they flowed naturally with the heavy guitars and the lead singer’s melodic voice.
You had arrived a little earlier than you would have preferred so you decided to get a drink at the bar to pass the time. There were already fans pressed up against the barrier, impatiently waiting for the show to begin. You sat facing away from the stage, not interested by anyone around you as you ordered a simple vodka soda. The bartender, an older gentleman, smiled politely as he handed you your drink. “You excited about the show?” He tried making small talk, hands busy as he poured another drink for the people sitting beside you. You nodded as you took a sip of your drink, you were excited, but mostly curious. Wanting to see if Winter’s Children were as good live as the professionally recorded songs you had heard.
“Is this your first time seeing Winter’s Children?” You heard the woman beside you ask, she was a cute blonde girl, clearly here to see the same band as her smoky eyes and all black outfit mirrored your own.
“Yeah, wanted to see what all the hype is about.” You replied, offering her a small smile. She gasped and a grin spread across her face. “You have no idea what you’re in for,” she exclaimed, “They’re amazing live! Wait till you see Bucky though…girl, he is a god!”
“Bucky?” You asked.
“Yeah, he’s the lead singer,” The girl nearly fell out of her chair as she swooned hard, “He’s like sex on legs. And that voice, it’s orgasmic!”
You couldn’t deny that the lead singer was attractive, but you had yet to see him in the flesh and for all you knew he could look completely different in person. Regardless, his looks didn’t matter to you, you were more interested in their sound.
“I’m looking forward to hearing them.” You took another sip of your drink, not showing the same enthusiasm as the girl and her group of friends. She simply nodded, giving you a friendly smile as she continued chatting with her friends. You sat back and looked around you, the venue was filling up more and more by each passing second, it seemed like it would be a sold out show. This didn’t surprise you considering the rather large following that Winter’s Children had.
After some time had gone by, the lights inside the venue dimmed and the speakers started blaring some unknown guitar riff. The crowd erupted with various screams, but the people towards the back such as yourself only clapped slightly, out of courtesy mostly. The opening act stepped on stage, taking their designated positions on stage. The drummer sat down in front of his drum set, hitting random cymbals making the ground shake slightly, meanwhile the guitarist and bassist took their respective instruments and draped them across their bodies, checking their strings as they waited for the opening track to finish. Finally the lead singer joined them, he stepped on the podium after grabbing his microphone, getting himself hyped up to begin the show.
You weren’t particularly blown away by their performance as the opening act got through their short set. The songs were somewhat catchy, the instruments were decent, but nothing stood out to you. You watched them as you nursed your drink, counting down the minutes until it was over. Other people shared the same sentiment as they migrated over to the bar, ordering drinks and moving their heads slightly up and down during the heavier parts of certain songs. The anticipation was killing you, you downed your watered down vodka, feeling only the slightest buzz afterwards.
Once they finished, the members thanked the crowd and began exiting the stage. Most people clapped, some were fans but others just clapped ever thankful that it was over. The lights turned back on and their instruments were being collected by the stagehands, prepping the stage for the main act to perform. You watched as a large black backdrop with the Winter’s Children logo was placed behind the drum set, everyone started shouting just at the sight of that. You couldn’t help the way your stomach fluttered as you witnessed their name on stage, it was almost surreal. You found yourself standing up to stretch your legs, making your way through the crowd so you could get a closer look. The blonde girl from earlier and her friends had already made their way to the front as they giggled excitedly to each other. You stood somewhere in the middle, far away enough to avoid the thickest part of the crowd but close enough to get a good view of the whole stage.
Waiting for their set to start felt like the longest thirty minutes of your life, you felt a lump in your throat the moment the lights turned off completely, covering the entire venue in a blanket of darkness. The crowd let out the most unrestrained screams that you had ever heard as Winter’s Children stepped on stage. You couldn’t tell what was going on as everything was shrouded in complete darkness, but the moment you heard the first guitar riff the spotlight was on the mysterious figure on stage. Your mouth hung slightly open as you took in the sight before you, there he stood in all of his enigmatic glory. Bucky, you thought to yourself.
He was dressed all in black, tight black pants hung low around his hips with just a belt holding them up, a leather jacket wrapped around his broad shoulders, exposing his toned abs underneath, making the crowd go wild. His head was down and you couldn’t catch a glimpse of his face as his tousled brunette hair disguised it. He definitely had a strong aura about him, it intrigued you far more than you imagined. The instruments kicked into full gear making the entire venue come alive unlike the previous band. Everyone cheered and screamed Bucky’s name as he finally grabbed his mic and began singing.
The first thing you noticed as he started singing, besides how incredible he sounded, were his striking blue eyes. They penetrated your very core, causing your body to react and get closer to the stage. Trance like, you moved through sweaty bodies until you were in the third row, your eyes transfixed on Bucky. His voice sounded even better live, how that was possible was beyond you. He moved about the stage with such ease and poise, like he owned it. It was truly beyond your expectations and by the way everyone in the crowd responded, it seemed like you were all on the same page.
Bucky was truly god like in the way he moved and sang, you could hardly contain your excitement anymore as your body gravitated even closer to the stage, not caring about the dirty looks people gave you for cutting in front of them. You needed to be closer.
You successfully made it to the front, the only thing in between Bucky and you was the metal barrier and nothing else. You swallowed thickly as Bucky suddenly made eye contact with you, you saw the faintest smirk on his lips as he took his leather jacket off and threw it somewhere on the floor. There he stood, completely shirtless, his body glistening under the hot stage lights. You could truly admire him from this distance, his nipples were pierced which was a nice surprise, considering you hadn’t seen them in the music video you had watched. But what really caught your eye was the detailed needlework on his left arm, the tattoo covered all of his flesh even down to his fingers, it looked extremely well done and it only added more mystique around him.
He caught you staring because when you looked up, he was staring right back at you. Those blue eyes twinkled like sapphires as he pinned you down where you stood and sang directly at you. You looked around thinking he was staring at someone else but once you looked back, you were met with his gaze again. You didn’t understand why he was looking at you so intently, but you couldn’t deny that it made your heart race and your palms sweaty.
The crowd seemed to have disappeared from where you stood because all your attention was on Bucky, the world could have stopped spinning for all you cared as your eyes remained deeply interlocked with his. The sounds coming from his mouth were awe-inspiring, truly something you had never experienced before. The entire band was incredible, they didn’t miss a beat as they harmonized in such a way that made your knees weak.
Bucky was something else as he continued his performance, he effortlessly commanded every aspect of the stage all the while stealing glances from you. When you thought he wasn’t looking, his eyes were still searching for you, you could hardly believe that out of every one in the venue, he had decided to stare at you for as long as he did. You were sure other concert goers took notice of this, you could feel their angry and confused faces shooting daggers at you.
Their set was nearing its end and you felt yourself instantly wishing they’d play just a little longer, you had loved every second of seeing them and you couldn’t deny that in just that time alone you had developed the biggest crush on Bucky. He had captured you unlike any artist ever before, however you were still curious as to why he had stared at you so much. Surely there were other girls who would’ve killed to be in your position, at times it felt like he was serenading you and only you, especially during the slower more intimate songs.
The dreaded moment arrived when the band announced the final song of the night, you already felt a void inside of you as it began. The melody was familiar, they were wrapping up the show with their most popular song, the first song you had ever heard from them. You watched, completely enthralled by Bucky who faced the crowd, entirely drenched in sweat and looking as entrancing as ever. The spotlight covered him in an ethereal dark blue light, your breathing sped up as you locked eyes again, this time there was something else hidden behind his irises. They drank you in, consuming you whole, you couldn’t look away from his feral gaze.
“…And in my slumber I still search for you / you haunt the darkest parts of my soul / the air around me is like a cage when you’re not there to set me free / come to me…come to me…”
He sang the last words slowly, the way his voice had dropped an octave made your face feel hot, small droplets of sweat fell down your neck and over your semi exposed chest and you caught the way Bucky licked his lips as he watched you. The air in the venue was thick and heady with all the warm bodies around you and suddenly you felt lightheaded, desperately needing fresh air. You felt so many things all at once, the adrenaline of the concert had finally caught up to you and though you didn’t want the show to end, you couldn’t wait to leave the stuffy venue.
Surely this was something Bucky did often, you thought to yourself. What famous rockstar didn’t enjoy the rush of having thousands of screaming fans worship them? Still, the way he had been watching you so intently throughout the show had felt different. He had disregarded every other person who wasn’t you. Bucky had paid no mind to the countless pretty girls in the front row with their tits nearly hanging out, your gaze was all he sought out.
You didn’t wait for the song to be over as you started making your way through the crowd to leave, catching all the glances people threw at you as Bucky’s stare burned the back of your head. You knew he was watching you leave, you wanted nothing more than to stay but the heaviness in your chest was too much to handle.
Once outside you felt like you could breathe a little easier, you sighed deeply as you rested your head against the brick wall of the building, trying your hardest not to hyperventilate. You took out your forgotten phone from your pocket and noticed the time, it was midnight and you cursed. You had completely lost track of time, you were supposed to catch the train back home but the trains stopped running precisely at midnight. You were in a sketchy part of town where no cabs or ubers were ever available, your phone was on the brink of dying and you knew no one would be able to pick you up.
“Shit!” You kicked the wall in front of you, feeling utterly at a loss. You stepped into the alley beside the building, pacing back and forth, trying to think of what to do next. You pulled out your phone in a last attempt to try and call someone to pick you up, but just as you began dialing, the device went black. You resisted the urge to throw your phone against the wall.
“You know, it’s dangerous to be out here all by yourself.” That voice, it sent shivers down your spine, and you knew who it belonged to. You craned your neck to the side, noticing the tall figure standing by the backstage door, cigarette hanging leisurely from his perfect lips.
You felt the wind being knocked out of you once more, but still found a way to keep your composure. “I know,” You replied offhandedly, “But what makes you think I’m by myself?”
Bucky laughed, the huskiness of his laugh caused goosebumps to erupt all over your body. “Just a wild guess, darlin’.” Was he really teasing you? This Adonis of a man who had spent hours stealing glances from you as thousands of fans screamed his name was currently in an alley, feet away from you and still finding a way to make you feel both confused and aroused. If you weren’t so upset at yourself you would have been swooning, like the blondie from earlier.
“If I’m being honest,” He started, putting his cigarette out against the brick wall as he got closer to you, making you back away ever so slightly, “You look lost and in need of some help.”
The closer he got the more you could admire how truly handsome he was, he loomed over you making you feel small in comparison. His beautiful body was once again covered by the leather jacket, but you could still see his bare flesh peeking underneath. Bucky’s eyes were extra intense up close, they were rimmed with black eyeliner and smoked out, making the blue hues really stand out. Your body felt frozen as you just stood there, unable to form any coherent sentences.
“Relax,” He offered with a small smile as he faced you, “There’s a phone in the tour bus you can borrow, I figure yours is dead.”
You were taken aback by his act of kindness, for a second he wasn’t a rockstar but actually just a person trying to help. It was getting darker and the more you waited the less you were likely to find someone to come get you.
“Well, thanks I guess.” You nearly whispered, feeling intimidated once more by Bucky’s presence.
By this time, the venue had cleared out and all you noticed were the stagehands carrying heavy equipment onto different busses and vans. Bucky lead you to a rather large tour bus in the back of the building, you felt so out of place but you desperately needed to find a way home. The next train wouldn’t be running until six in the morning and you couldn’t wait that long, especially not in that part of town.
You expected the tour bus to be filled with groupies and drunk band members snorting cocaine off tables, the typical rockstar life. But you found none of that as you stepped into the empty bus, it was neat and stylish, most of the furniture was black and modern, the lack of people puzzled you however. “I always request my own tour bus when we tour,” Bucky said, almost as if he could read your thoughts, “I can’t deal with the constant partying and loudness, I need my solitude.”
That surprised you, you expected him to be quite the opposite. “I’m the same way,” you added, “As much as I enjoy loud concerts, I value my peace and quiet time.” Bucky smiled at you, a smile that made your insides flutter, there was a certain softness in his eyes now, his aura felt relaxing as he sat down on the large black sofa, patting the seat next to him, prompting you to take a seat. You hesitated at first but finally your feet gave in as you sat beside him.
“The rockstar life isn’t all its cracked up to be,” Bucky retorted, “Don’t get me wrong, I love playing music and sharing it with the world, but sometimes it can be overbearing, I need a little bit of peace amidst the chaos.”
It was strange seeing this side of someone who only moments ago seemed like a completely untouchable stranger to you, he was the lead singer of a popular band but as you sat beside him on the couch, he was just a normal human with normal emotions. You felt a connection towards him, something you didn’t quite understand and truth be told, you were okay with it. Talking to Bucky felt organic and effortless, you completely forgot about making any phone calls as you relaxed and went with the flow.
“Would you like something to drink?” Bucky asked you suddenly, “I’m not the biggest drinker, but I have beer and wine in the mini fridge, and water.”
“I’ll take a water, if you don’t mind.” You replied with a small smile. Bucky stood up and grabbed two bottles of cold water out of the mini fridge, it was the fancy enhanced black water and you couldn’t help but laugh.
Bucky chuckled as he handed you the bottle, “Hey don’t laugh at me, I gotta keep up with my dark stage persona.”
“Is that all it is?” You countered teasingly, “Is your real persona not actually dark and mysterious?”
“I mean I do have a dark side,” Bucky smirked, his eyes honed in on yours, making you slightly shiver as you noticed him inching closer, “We all have a side of us that we don’t share with just anyone, I save mine for special occasions.”
You shifted in your seat, your face felt hotter than ever and you were sure your cheeks were flushed. You don’t know what power possessed you to get even closer to Bucky, but you did and you couldn’t help the sound that escaped your throat as you felt his hand resting on your fishnet covered leg. “Would you consider this a special occasion?” You let out, impish smile spreading across your face. Bucky began moving his hand, squeezing your thigh ever so slightly.
“Very much so…” Bucky licked his lips, not hesitating to reach out and cup your face so he could plant a kiss on your lips. You felt your heart stop for a millisecond as the feeling of Bucky’s soft lips overloaded your senses. Instead of pulling away you let him kiss you, granting him access to your mouth which he accepted without question. Bucky let out a soft groan as his tongue dipped inside your mouth, moving sensually against yours and letting you taste faint hints of tobacco and mint on his breath.
The sensation of Bucky’s tongue in your mouth was nothing short of intoxicating, you gasped as his hands wrapped around your hair, pulling you flush against him. You lost all of your inhibitions as you climbed on top of him, straddling his lap as his hands rested against the curve of your hips. You kissed him breathlessly, reveling in the way he lost himself under you. Your hands wandered down to his chest where you marveled at the strong muscles beneath your fingertips, you helped him slip the leather jacket off, hungry eyes watching you like a hawk as you raked your nails down his exposed skin, flicking his pierced nipples which caused Bucky to moan in delight. You smirked as you teased him a little longer before tilting your neck to the side so Bucky could bury his face into it. He kissed and sucked on the sensitive flesh, eliciting soft moans from the back of your throat.
Perhaps it had been the excitement of the show or just simply pure desire, but there was no doubt in your mind that you wanted him. And by the way he kissed you and held you, it was evident that he wanted you as well. You rocked your hips against him, feeling the way his trapped erection rubbed against you. Bucky hissed as he pinned you down by your wrists so you couldn’t move, the friction was unbearable and he desperately needed to feel your bare flesh on his. His eyes darkened as he held you down, taking great pleasure in watching you under his grasp, chest heaving and eyes half lidded with unwavering lust.
Bucky leaned down to catch your lips in another heated kiss, hands traversing down your legs and eventually stopping at your waist where his fingertips dipped inside your skirt, pulling the fabric down. You helped him slip the garment off along with your fishnets which Bucky nearly ripped off your body with effortless strength. Your clothes and shoes were thrown carelessly on the tour bus floor, leaving you only in your black lace bra and panties. Bucky nearly lost it at the sight in front of him, your body was breathtaking as he ran his hands down your thighs, admiring the softness of your skin.
“You’d look sexy with a bellybutton piercing.” He commented with a wicked grin as he ran his hands down your torso, causing you to shiver yet again under his touch. You let out a loud moan as Bucky lowered his head and licked the skin around your navel, swirling his tongue against it and eventually heading lower where he licked just above the waistband of your panties. Your back arched off the sofa as Bucky slipped your panties down your legs, taking his time as his tongue ran up your calves and his lips peppered kisses on the inside of your thighs. You were fully exposed in front of this gorgeous stranger and you didn’t care, you welcomed all of the new sensations wracking your mind. You wanted Bucky to continue exploring your body, you craved his touch, it sent sparks of electricity throughout your veins.
Without breaking eye contact, Bucky wrapped his mouth around your throbbing clit, swirling his tongue against the sensitive bud and making your toes curl as the feeling caused your brain to short circuit. His muscular arms enveloped your lower body as he held you in place, working his tongue against your wet core. Seeing Bucky completely drunk off your taste was overwhelming in the most delightful way, you loved the predatory look in his eyes and messy hair sticking to the side of his face as he brought you close to the edge. You were already close, could hardly contain yourself as you moaned loudly, tugging on Bucky’s hair, urging him to keep going. He hummed against you, the vibrations only sending more pleasure to your bundle of nerves.
It didn’t take long for you to reach the most intense climax of your life, flashes of white blurred your vision as you came hard. You gasped, breath coming in at ragged intervals as Bucky continued licking your pussy, savoring your unique taste on his tongue. “Fuck…” He let out as he finally came up for air, “You’re delicious.” You turned red at his comment, shielding your face with your arm as you tried to calm your erratic heartbeat. Instead of saying anything you grabbed him by his neck and pulled him down towards you so you could kiss him with relentless urgency. Bucky moaned lowly as your legs wrapped around his waist, the rough fabric of his pants rubbed against your sensitive clit, making you whine. In fast successions you unbuckled his belt and threw it somewhere on the floor, you were so ready for him and could hardly wait as you watched him slip his pants and boxers off, eyes suddenly becoming wide with fascination at what he had hidden underneath.
The metal glistened under the pale light of the tour bus and you couldn’t help but run a finger down the unexpected piercing on his hard length. It seemed his nipples weren’t the only place Bucky had decided to adorn with jewelry, you were utterly hypnotized by the metal bar running through the underside of his cock.
“Do you like it?” Bucky asked, his voice hoarse with arousal. He wrapped his fingers around the head of his cock, flicking the piercing with his thumb. You had never been with someone who had their genitalia pierced, it was exciting and yet a little intimidating.
“Very much so…” You winked at him, repeating the same words he had said earlier.
Bucky smirked as he climbed back on top of you, your legs instinctively wrapping themselves around him, gasping as his cock ghosted over your entrance. He kissed you hard, biting down on your bottom lip as he slowly began to sink inside of you. You mewled at the feeling of his cock stretching you out, he was big and thick, your walls constricted around him in the most delicious and torturous way. Bucky pressed his forehead against yours as he slid all of the way inside, you could feel his piercing brushing up against your cervix causing you to moan out wantonly. Bucky picked up the pace, grabbing your leg and placing it over his shoulder so he could fuck you deeper and faster.
This night had taken a completely unexpected turn and you were more than glad that it had. You weren’t one to usually jump into these sort of situations but the moment your eyes had laid on Bucky, all caution had been thrown to the wind. You were completely captivated and at his mercy, he truly was sex on legs as he fucked you into the couch with a fervor you had never experienced before. If only the girls from the show could see you now; face flushed, lips swollen from having Bucky’s mouth suctioned to yours and legs spread for him as he took you in unimaginable ways.
Bucky looked feral above you as he moaned loudly, uttering curses in an unfamiliar language. He wrapped his tattooed hand around your neck, cutting off just enough of your oxygen and making you see stars behind your eyelids. “Shit, doll, you feel so good around my cock…” He drawled out breathlessly, you clenched your muscles as tight as you possibly could, whining as his cock jerked inside of you. His hand moved from your throat to the heat in between your legs, fingers circling your clit, encouraging another orgasm. The tension coiled in the pit of your stomach arousing small spasms of pleasure to spread throughout your body. Bucky had a way of making your entire being catch on fire, his touch was unmatched and you couldn’t get enough.
You writhed underneath him, feeling the build up of your release washing over you. Bucky knew he wouldn’t last much longer either as he fucked you as hard as he could, grunting as sweat dripped down his neck and chest landing on your overly heated skin. He took a moment to fondle your breasts, ripping off your bra with a swift motion and pinching your hard nipples, eliciting a slew of moans to fall from your open mouth.
“Cum for me baby…” Bucky urged with a low growl, he caught your mouth in a messy kiss, his nails digging painfully into your thighs as he stuffed you repeatedly. It didn’t take you long to reach that familiar high again as you let go once more, cumming hard around Bucky’s throbbing length. You panted heavily as you came, legs twitching and vision going hazy almost instantly. Bucky sped up, chasing his own intense release. He threw his head back in complete abandon, coating your walls with his sticky white fluid. He pumped himself inside of you a few more times before slipping out, watching in awe as his hot cum dripped out of your stretched entrance lewdly.
You were completely spent, your legs sore and muscles already aching from the mind blowing sex you just had. Bucky stood up and you expected him to throw your clothes at you and rush you out of the door, but instead he grabbed a towel from the kitchenette and cleaned you up, making you flinch as the rough material rubbed against your overly sensitive pussy. He let out a soft ‘sorry’ and nestled beside you, wrapping his strong muscular arms around your small frame. You found the gesture foreign but accepted it nonetheless, having Bucky cuddle you after everything that had transpired felt nice.
“You need to work on your staring problem.” You quipped playfully after sitting with Bucky in comfortable silence for a few minutes. He smiled as he turned to look at you, his blue eyes drowning you in an ocean of passion. Kissing you slowly, he traced his thumbs over your cheeks, his hunger for your lips never truly satiated.
“What can I say?” Bucky smirked, “I’m like a wolf darlin’, its all about the hunt.”
You giggled, “So you’re like a silent predator?”
“You could say that.” He breathed out against your lips, pinning you with the same gaze that had initially entrapped you.
“Well, it just so happens that I like being your prey.”
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fuckandfluff · 7 days ago
Okay but here's a thot.
Rockstar!Bucky walking in on Rockstar!Steve cumming in your mouth after he's skull fucked the shit out of you...
"M'gonna fuck this whore cunt now, and if you swallow a single drop before I'm done? Well, try it and see how mean I can really get."
Aaaaanyway, love you! 💘
Tumblr media
😩💖😩💖why do you do this to me?
Warnings: rough smut, throatfucking, swearing, degradation, one tiny mention of drugs and alcohol
Word Count: 700
18+ below the cut
Tumblr media
"There we go," Steve groans, shallowly thrusting his hips upwards to shove his cock just a little bit further into your throat. But even that small motion has you choking around his thick length. “Knew this slutty little throat would fit my cock perfectly.. Bucky’s one lucky motherfucker.”
Steve, always one to charm his way into anything or anyone, had convinced you to suck him off after their sold-out show in some shithole town. Bucky had been starving you of attention as of late, spending most of his time with Colombian white and Tennessee brown. That’s how you found yourself between Steve’s obscenely spread legs being brutally throatfucked.
His head lolls back against the dilapidated greenroom couch, his hands firmly planted on the back of your head as he sets a vicious pace. As he claims space in your throat inch by inch you panic a little bit, but he just keeps pushing and harshly bucking his hips until he’s fully buried balls deep. You gag with his next thrust, a particularly brutal one that pierces the back of your throat.
“What would Bucky think if he saw his girl on her fuckin’ knees, throat fulla’ my cock?” he asks rhetorically, his calloused thumb slipping from your hairline to wipe a tear from your mascara-laced cheek.
You let out an innocuous noise; not even sure what it sounded like, just knowing that you were desperate to draw a full breath. Your hands lightly squeeze his thighs, trying to signal that you were having difficulty breathing. He ignores the non-verbal indication, instead driving your head down even further onto his cock as strings of saliva drip from your swollen lips down to your chin.
Steve’s fingers comb through your messy locks, gathering it into a makeshift ponytail before yanking it up to give you some reprieve. You whimper at the sting in your scalp but are grateful for the few clear breaths he allows you.
He releases a drawn out groan, his hand tightening painfully around your hair once again as he guides your mouth back onto his rockhard cock. With a wet slosh, his cock is cemented at the back of your throat and blood rushes to your cheeks as he rocks your head back and forth.
“You like bein’ my little skank? Turns you on when you’re between my knees suckin’ me off?”
He continues the assault on your mouth, tightening his fist around your hair, “asked you a question, not sure why your stupid ass isn’t answering it.”
You try to hum an “mhm” against his length, his eyes trained on the stretch of your mouth around him. Fishnet-clad knees pressed against the filthy concrete floor, you’re not sure how much longer you can take Steve splitting the seams of your mouth open. Though initially impressed with his pornstar stamina, the aching in your jaw has grown wildly uncomfortable.
"Oh fuck - gonna come.. you better hold it, bitch. Don’t fuckin’ swallow," he roars, and with one final thrust he’s coating your mouth with ropes of white. You gag and sputter as your throat convulses around him, trying to expel his cock from your throat.
You hold your breath to make sure you don't accidentally swallow any of the pearly droplets, not wanting to disobey Steve’s orders. Your spent lungs protest at this choice as you cough around his now semi-hard cock, which he still has wedged between your puffy lips.
He releases the grip on your hair, letting you fall backwards onto your ass. You’ve been so fucked out that until now, you haven’t noticed Bucky standing in the threshold of the door.
Bucky is pissed. You can see it in the curve of his shoulders, the furrow of his brow, the way he has his ink-adorned arms crossed. Though not exclusive, you know he’s marked you as his. Steve knew this too.
His baby blues narrow, bending down so he’s at eye level with you: “M'gonna fuck this whore cunt now, and if you swallow a single drop before I'm done? Well, try it and see how mean I can really get."
Tumblr media
I no longer use a tag list so please follow @fluffyfuck and turn on notifications if you’d like to be alerted to new writing! xoxo Tay 💖
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tom-holland-parker · 6 months ago
Summary: It’s a tradition for Tom to fuck you before going on stage
Pairing: Rockstar!Tom x reader
Warning: Smut, cursing
Word count: 700
Note: This is my first time ever writing smut so please don’t come for me. I imagine the song that Tom plays is like Kiwi by Harry Styles
PART 2 (the prologue) HERE
Tumblr media
You could hear the screaming crowd from the dressing room but were too distracted to even care about them. Tom had you right where you wanted, on your knees as his precum leaked into your mouth. "Dirty little slut" Tom moaned as he gripped your hair harder, "bet you love it when I fuck your face like this"
You only moaned in reply feeling tears falling down your face as he thrusted into you harder. He was close, you could tell as his move became sloppier. He let go of your hair running his fingers through his as he sat back on the couch.
You sucked his tip before licking up and down the length. "Fuck darling just like that. I'm so close" he moaned catching eye contact as your head moved up and down. His hips gave one last thrust before he finally became undone. Moaning as his cum flowed into your mouth. You popped off before wiping your mouth slowly.
"Come here baby" he pulled you onto his lap kissing you roughly. You kissed back grinding against his hips to create friction. "Tommy please" you begged
"Please what darling?" His smirked against your neck leaving hickeys scattered across it. "Use your words"
"Fuck me Tommy" you begged feeling him become hard again underneath you, "I've been a good girl" His hand rubbed your thighs, the cold metal of his rings causing goosebumps on you skin.
"Take off your shirt" he demanded and his hands traveled further up your skirt. Doing as you're told you heard him groan when he realized you didn't have a bra on. You could feel your skin getting hot from his touch.
He pulled you in for another kiss before flipping you on the couch, "you look fucking beautiful Y/N" his lip gathered around your nipple. Your fingers tugged at his curls as his hands pulled your skirt down. He sat up staring at your black thong, "Are these new?"
You nodded, "just got them today". He smirked, grabbing the thin material, "I'll buy you more".
With one hard tug the fabric ripped. "Look at you all wet for me" his fingers teasingly moved up and down your wet folds before rubbing circles torturously around your clit.
"Please Tommy" you moved your hips against his thumb adding pressure to your throbbing clit. He chuckled at your eagerness as he grabbed a hold of his cock rubbing it against you before thrusting in roughly.
He watched your face as your body filled with pleasure. Your moans becoming louder as he sped up. "Yes baby just like that" you screamed as your hands gripped his arms. No matter how many times you had sex you were still amazed at how good he made you feel.
His hand rubbed up and down your body before landing on your clit adding more to the pleasure you were experiencing. "Fuck you feel so fucking good" he moaned.
His other hand gripped your neck as he pounded into you. Watching your tits bounce up and down. Loud knocked filled the room as Harrison shouted from the other side of the door, “Tom hurry up we go on stage in 3 minutes” 
Tom rolled his eyes, speeding up his thrust, “Give me a minute”. You pulled his chain, pulling him into a kiss. Moaning as you come undone, your walls clenching around him as his cum poured into you. He slipped out of you pulling you onto his lap as he gently kissed your naked chest. 
“I gotta get on stage” He put his shirt on as you began to dress yourself, “Don’t forget to bring your pass this time”
Once you were both dressed you grabbed your backstage pass and walked down the hall towards the stage, the screams of fans getting louder as you got closer. Tom grabbed his guitar before turning to you, “Good luck kiss” 
You chuckled pulling him in for a quick kiss before he ran on stage. Watching as he crowds screamed became impossibly loud as he walked on. 
“Alright San Diego” He smiled, “This song goes out to the sluttiest girl I’ve ever met” He looked towards you and winked, “Love you baby”
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blushmis · 11 months ago
Only Angel Introduction
70s!Rockstar!Harry Styles x Reader
Tumblr media
Only Angel Summary: The 70s. A time of free love and music. A revolution. And that’s exactly what Harry and reader journey through together as the upcoming rockstar Harry Styles’ music career gains fame all across the nation. When sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll are involved, along comes many mishaps between Harry and reader’s relationship.
Tumblr media
{“You know what I think?" he gave you a thoughtful look.
"Hm?" you smiled.
"I think you're an angel," Harry rasped, his eyes slightly squinting. Studying you.}
Tumblr media
{"Something like that," you teased. "A few days after you had asked me to join you on tour, I told my brother. He actually knows your hit 'Carolina.' I guess a lot of his friends did, the ones he made in Vietnam. And he said to me, 'The war made me see things I didn't choose to see. It made me see hate, anger, and death... to the extreme.' So he told me," your voice broke, "he told me to go see things that I wanted to see. He told me to experience love, happiness, and life - all of it to the extreme. As much of it as I can get. So I wanted to see the world with you, Harry. And you've already given me all three in such a short amount of time."}
Tumblr media
{"And she's told me things. But it makes sense. It's how things usually are in a relationship."
"What?" you asked.
"One loves the other more. The love isn't the same."
"Is that what you believe?"
Harry nodded.
"It's how it's usually been. One loving more than the other."
"Is that your experience?"
Harry nodded.
"But I'm hoping there's a girl who can prove me otherwise," he softly smiled at you. His eyes locked on yours.
As if he was implying you were the girl.}
Tumblr media
{"I just don't want to f*ck up with you," the brunette admitted.
"You won't," you encouraged. "I know your heart, Harry. And I know it has so much love for me."}
“She's an angel. My only angel.” ~ Only Angel by Harry Styles
Tumblr media
Warnings: This series contains smut & mentions of smut, angst, language, mentions of death, drug usage & mentions of drug usage, drinking & mentions of drinking, partying... everything that made the 70s the 70s
[Chapters are based on Harry’s songs.]
Only Angel trailer made by me
Only Angel trailer made by @nosferatyou
Only Angel Playlist & Pinterest Moodboard
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fuckandfluff · 26 days ago
Sympathy for the Bombshell
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Rockstar!Bucky x f!reader
Warnings: 18+, no minors thanks! Smut, exhibitionism, female masturbation, swearing, edging, cumming, public sex acts, orgasm denial AND forced orgasm.. if I missed anything please let me know
Summary: Rockstar!Bucky tries to fix your slutty attitude with an usual punishment (male POV)
Word Count: 900
A/N: I’m a whore for Seb on the set of Pam and Tommy, that’s all 💖
All other Rockstar!Bucky can be found here 👿🪦
It‘s a scorcher of an afternoon in Southern California, easily over 100 degrees with no breeze to provide even a moment of respite. The smudged black kohl lining your cerulean eyes is unforgiving and beads of sweat slice down your face as you thumb away the salty droplets. You and Y/N are backstage, in the thick of one of your classic pre-show spats. Christ, if she didn’t have a pornstar body, would she even be worth the headache?
“It’s embarrassing Bucky, please, please don’t make me wear it!” she whined, tugging at your ink-adorned forearm in a futile attempt to doe-eye her way out of her punishment.
She had sealed her own fate the night prior when she drunkenly paraded around with Steve, trying to get a rise out of you. And her little stunt had worked because you were pissed. Her punishment? A remote controlled vibrator was nestled inside her and you would be sure to let her know who was in charge during this matinee perfomance.
“Sorry, doll..” you rasp, taking a final drag of the menthol Marlboro, “act like a slut, get treated like one.” A smirk gliding across your face as you ash the cigarette under the sole of your ratty black converse. Showtime.
One ring-adorned hand twirling an oak drumstick, the other adjusting the painted-on leather shorts hugging your lithe thighs, you were just psyched to be playing on Sunset for the first time. Being a master of multitasking, this wouldn’t be a problem at all. The tiny black remote rested on your lap, eager to be put to use.
She’s exactly where she promised she would be, propped up against the perimeter railing, her manicured hand wrapped around a bottle of Smirnoff Ice. A curve-hugging red latex dress just barely covered her bruised up, rounded ass and the column of her delicate throat is marked up with some of your finest work. The pretty pink silicone is snuggly situated inside of her, anticipation washed across her face as she waits for the inevitable initial jolt.
Crimson spotlights sweep across the stage, the low hum of the guitar and steady growl of the lead singer echoing out into the audience. A steady chant from the crowd makes your blood pump, you never grow tired of the kinetic energy that a sold-out show provides. It makes you an absolute basket case. As the shouting of the crowd swells, it’s the perfect time to dole out the first set of vibrations.
Her eyes widen as you flick the remote up to its most forgiving setting. Rookie level vibrations, surely.
Though you can’t hear her, you can just imagine she’s letting out those sweet little mewls that make you feral. Her desperate little noises alone can make your cock rock hard. Eyes firmly shut, thick false lashes fluttering, she’s trying pathetically to fight it. She’s now shifting her weight from one leg to the other, clenching her soft thighs together, as if she thinks that will somehow ease the vibrations rocking through her.
Thankful for a bit of a lull in the set, you’re able to tap at the toy’s remote, ratcheting the vibrations up a notch (or maybe it was two?) - jumping from a tepid tempo to something a bit spicier.
Your cock is fucking throbbing under the confines of the tiny, unforgiving shorts and you adjust uncomfortably on the padded stool in an attempt to find some relief. You wouldn’t be chase to find your own release, not now. Though the idea of 5,000 adoring fans watching you get off really tempted your exhibitionist energy.
She’s an absolute wreck by this point and there is still four or five songs left in the set. Her breath looks ragged, pathetic, and she has no idea that there are still several settings to go.
“P-please Bucky..” she mouths to you, clearly desperate for some relief, exhausted by the snip-snap of speeds and patterns that you’ve cruelly dishes out.
You smirked slyly, shaking your head empathically as you slick your jet black tendrils out of your eyes. Whores don’t get to cum. The toy still has the capability to go up one notch further and you topple her over the edge with a single flick to the remote.
You’re back on the kit again, pounding through a complicated tympanic melody and you’ve chosen to leave her suffering through the highest possible setting - poor thing’ll have to ride this out until you have a free hand.
By this point, she’s white-knuckling onto the metal railing, keeled over, rocking back and forth on the pads of her feet. Her chest pitches forward, eyes glazed over and barely open, knees bent inward as she tries to combat the impending orgasm. Such a desperate little skank.
Her entire body buckles underneath her, thick thighs trembling as she attempts to steady herself. Like bimbo Bambi on black ice.
It gave you a sick satisfaction, watching her writhe and wriggle, trying to stave off the inevitable. At this point, she’s openly moaning that pornographic moan you’ve come to adore. As you thumb to a setting with a more steady throb, her eyes begin to roll back while still fluttering partially open, a harbinger of her most toe-curling orgasms. The drunk patrons around her are clearly enamoured - a few of the men even brazenly rubbing over their clothed cocks.
You let the vibrator slowly dwindle, something she is surely grateful for as the soft humming left her feeling a little spacey, a little floaty.
Encore. Second encore. You kept the low thrum of the toy going until the very last note of the very last song was finished. In a mad rush to track her down, you darted off the stage like a bat out of hell.
“Did you enjoy the show, baby?” you whisper into the shell of her ear huskily, dusting your calloused hands between her still damp thighs. She really was stunning, you were lucky to have this broad at your side. Might even consider making things official sometime soon.
Pure pleasure bleeds out of her voice: “Yeah Buck - yeah, it was pretty flippin’ amazing. I’ll be a good girl from now on, I promise.”
You lean in to kiss her glossed up pout, palm cradled under her slackened jaw. Her legs may have been jelly but she was starting to make you a little soft, too.
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