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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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GUYS BIG LIFE UPDATE: I’m now welcoming a young chincilla into my life. I’m so excited I can barely contain myself, it will still be another 2 weeks before I meet her. Help me pick out a name for her. Oh man she has no business being this cute oml.


Guys turns out theres gonna be 2!!!!

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I’m periodically working my way through the different annual forms for the Solunar Spirits, as only a few of them are relevant to the main story, i.e. the rabbit and of course, the dragon! I felt like drawing one of the cuter ones today so I went with this year’s animal, the rat! :’D
Similar to the rabbits, it was an interesting challenge to adapt the dragons’ complex markings and colours onto a much smaller body, while still making sure they looked like the same characters. These two are some of the most complex designs for Starglass Zodiac, but I think that’s fitting for the reigning gods of this universe.

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