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#roe v wade
odinsblog · a month ago
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“Women’s rights are meant to protect ALL women, regardless of their situation!”
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action · a month ago
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On Wednesday, September 1, 2021, Texas’s new law, S.B. 8, went into effect. This law effectively bans abortion in the state AND asks private citizens to act as bounty hunters to “enforce” the law.
Then, in the dead of the night, the Supreme Court turned its back on 50 years of precedent, rendering Roe v. Wade effectively meaningless in Texas. The Supreme Court allowed Texas’s unconstitutional six week abortion ban to go into effect. Six weeks is before many people know that they’re pregnant.
This is an attack on human rights and Texas law sets a dangerous legal precedent and could clear a path for states to override people’s constitutional rights. If the courts let this bill stand we can expect to see similar bills introduced in states across the country.
Abortion is health care. Yet politicians are consistently attacking access to that care (even during a pandemic).
Tumblr, let's rally our voice and speak out against this ban.
Ways to take action:
Hit the ❤️ and 🔁buttons to share this post
Make sure your voice is heard by signing this petition
Give your community a little ✨razzle-dazzle ✨with this poster
Make a donation: Text “Texas” to 22422 or visit
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kaleidoscope-vol2 · a month ago
Abortion has now effectively been banned in Texas.
Supreme Court failed to block the 6-week abortion ban. Many people don't even know they're pregnant by then. They will carry pregnancies against their will. People will die.
And that's not all. This law also allows people to sue anyone they believe is providing or assisting someone in getting an abortion, like Uber drivers. The law will also award the people who report with at least $10,000.
A bounty.
A fucking bounty on pregnant people.
Fuck the Supreme Court.
Fuck Susan Collins.
Fuck Republicans.
Fuck men.
Fuck Texas.
Fuck Trump.
Fuck Trump voters.
And fuck the pathetic women who defend this shit.
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smileybughead · a month ago
Texas just brought back the Salem Witch Trials.
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arizonaconservativegal · a month ago
Fun fact: Planned Parenthood has spent more than $241,000 on Facebook ads in the last seven days.
Just something to think about next time you hear them crying for more federal funding.
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theunwomyn · a month ago
You’re not preventing abortions from happening. You’re only letting women kill themselves trying to induce a miscarriage or doing a DIY abortion.
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titaniatime · a month ago
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odinsblog · a month ago
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Yes, there should be an organized boycott of Texas.
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And yes, we definitely need to acknowledge that in sO many ways, the GOP is as extreme and as dangerous as the Taliban—and we need to recognize this fact without unconsciously resorting to Islamophobia; without whitewashing how dangerously racist and misogynistic American Christian fundamentalism is.
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This is a link to an “Anonymous Pro-Life Whistleblower form” used to hunt down and punish people who’ve gotten abortions. It would be really unfortunate if we all spammed the form with that one John Green copypasta and made the website essentially unusable because of how many copypastas they have to sort through. Please don’t do that. I’ve included the link for educational purposes but really, don’t crash the pro-life form with cock and balls. 
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profeminist · a month ago
"That’s when Biles shared her own opinions on the issue, explaining she is pro-choice and elaborating on her experience in the foster care system.
“I already know this is going to start the biggest argument & may even lost followers BUT,” the medalist started. “I’m very much pro-choice. Your body. Your choice.”
“Also for everyone gonna say ‘just put it up for adoption,’ it’s not that easy and coming from someone who was in the foster care system TRUST me, foster care system is broken and it’s TOUGH, especially on the kids & young adults who age out.”
“Adoption is expensive… I’m just saying,” she added. “And don’t even come at me if you couldn’t keep a mask on or refused to wear one.”
Read the full piece here
My post on the 100% hypocrisy of the so-called “Pro Life” movement
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my-mausoleum · a month ago
alex claremont-diaz would be so disappointed in texas right now
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politishaun · a month ago
In a few months, the Supreme Court will hear a case that gives the conservative justices an opportunity to overrule Roe v. Wade, allowing states to ban abortion at early stages of pregnancy. But Texas can’t wait that long. In May, the state’s Republican lawmakers passed a law known as SB 8 that outlaws abortion after six weeks. But SB 8 is unique: It empowers private citizens, not government officials, to enforce it. The measure allows any random stranger to bring a lawsuit in state court against any individual who “aids or abets” an abortion in Texas after six weeks. Anyone in the country may file such a suit against abortion “abettors” in any state court within Texas. If the plaintiff wins, they collect a minimum of $10,000 plus attorneys’ fees. And if they win a case against an abortion provider, the court must shut down that clinic. If the provider somehow prevails, they collect nothing, not even attorneys’ fees.
Texas Republicans devised this convoluted system in order to prevent federal courts from blocking the law—and so far, they’ve succeeded: On Friday, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals abruptly canceled a trial judge’s hearing on SB 8’s constitutionality, effectively allowing the law to take effect in two days, on Sept. 1. This aggressive intervention forced abortion providers to do what seems almost unthinkable: Ask the U.S. Supreme Court—the same court that agreed to hear a direct challenge to Roe v Wade only a few months back—for an injunction in an emergency filing on Monday. Their plea raises the inevitably bleak question: Will the conservative justices who control a 6–3 majority of the Supreme Court let Texas overturn Roe v. Wade before they have a chance to themselves?
SB 8 was designed as an Escher staircase for litigators. Its sponsors’ chief goal was to evade review by federal courts otherwise obligated to enforce Roe. Typically, when a state restricts abortion, providers file a lawsuit in federal court against the state officials responsible for enforcing the new law. Here, however, there are no such officials: The law is enforced by individual anti-abortion activists. There’s no specific defendant to enjoin from enforcing the law. The state ensured that even as it runs afoul of current precedent—under Roe, states may not ban abortion before fetal viability, at about 22 to 24 weeks—this version of the six-week ban survives. Texas argues that “abettors” can challenge the law once it’s enforced against them. But SB 8 locks all litigation in state courts that are now obliged to ignore Roe. So the Supreme Court cannot punt now then step in as soon as someone files suit under SB 8. If the justices want to keep abortion legal in Texas, they must act before Sept. 1.
If SCOTUS does allow SB 8 to take effect, it will be open season on Texas’ abortion providers. Anyone, anywhere, can sue an “abettor” of any abortion that takes place after six weeks in Texas. Patients themselves are exempted from suit, but their loved ones, including spouses, are not. Possible targets may include any person who encourages the abortion, including family members of the patient; rape crisis counselors, genetic counselors, and clergy; a friend who drives the patient to a clinic; donors to an abortion fund; and, of course, the clinic staff who facilitate the procedure. Any person who forms an intent to “abet” the abortion can also be sued, even if they don’t follow through on their intentions. All these individuals can be sued for at least $10,000 per abortion in any state court. If they don’t defend themselves, the court must automatically rule against them.
One little-mentioned provision of SB 8 also triggers the mandatory closure of abortion clinics in Texas. When a plaintiff wins a suit against an abortion provider, they get more than just monetary damages: The state court is legally obligated to shutter the provider, as well. Thus, if SB 8 takes effect, it will not take long for state courts to end all legal abortion services in Texas.
Supreme Court asked to block Texas' six-week abortion ban
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Women in Texas now need to be taking a pregnancy test every single day, apart from when they’re menstruating, and these pregnancy tests need to be paid for and provided by the state. End of.
Women have six weeks from their last period to catch a pregnancy and have an early abortion, and they damn well need to be given the means to do so.
Pregnancy tests need to be as normal as air from now on. Wake up, morning pee? Perfect. Hold a stick in there while you’re doing it.
We gotta facilitate this somehow. Pregnancy tests can only detect anything 1-2 weeks after conception.
Another thing.
Anyone sued under this Texas law found to have acted within their 6 week time limit will then have to be paid the sum of money the person suing them was claiming.
Anyone who takes a woman to court for this better be damn fucking sure exactly when her last menstrual period was or they have to cough up what they’re demanding.
No. Double. Triple.
One million dollars. Ten million dollars. They’re can’t object, surely they’re certain? They’re so certain, they don’t need to worry about ever paying ten million dollars.
If forced birthers can implement unconstitutional laws then this law shouldn’t be an issue.
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intoxicatedfandom · a month ago
As of tonight, Texas now allows open carry without a gun permit and disallows abortion after six weeks. But even more appalling is this:
But there is another aspect of this Texas law that is extreme, even by conservatives’ forced-birth standards. The Texas law, known as SB 8, places a cash bounty on abortion providers and empowers any citizen to come collect.
The law stipulates that any US citizen can sue a Texas abortion provider, or sue a person suspected of “aiding or abetting” abortion services. The plaintiffs don’t even have to be residents of Texas to sue Texans suspected of helping people make private choices. Should the lawsuit prevail, the person who brought the suit will receive $10,000, plus attorney fees. (Explained in The Nation)
So yeah, the good ole boys are celebrating tonight. Same governor who won’t allow local school districts to have a mask mandate. Fuck you, Abbott.
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