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✨Dreams of Thavnair✨

Figured I’d hop on into the fun! I might be hella white on the outside, but it always catches people off guard when they discover I’m Mexican and have understood everything they thought they were okay saying. 💖

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Going out for a night of adventure and fun? Why not start it off right with dinner and some good company! Come to the Maid’s Basin tonight! Mateus, The Goblet, ward 13, plot 13. Visit our tavern for filling your bellies, our baths for relaxing in, or our Arcade to get you hype for the night to come!!

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brock looks scary and badass with his book but he is actually reading windows 98 for dummies under there

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And now, a moment of incredibly dumb shit.

There’s a race in FFXIV named the Roegadyn. One of their tribes, the Sea Wolves, has a naming convention that is based on their ancestral language and… half the time, looks like a cat walked around on a keyboard. My character is one, with a lore-appropriate name, and the amount of “How is one supposed to pronounce that?” or “Is this a bot?” comments I’ve heard by now is nothing short of ludicrous.

So naturally I can’t get enough of coming up with ridiculous names for the species, if only for the sake of coming up with with embellished folk tales and what not. After all, who can resist the tale of Barawyrn (Naked Snake) who spent hours climbing a ladder, of the cyborg ninja Thosinfohc (Grey Fox), or the inventor of the Roegadyn slingshot, Ybolgfolg (practically Angry Bird)?

Although finally, I think I came up with the best.

Sthannfhisk Dennspaersyn.

In their language it would mean ‘Standing Fish, son of Thin Sparrow’… but being practically “Stunfisk Dunsparcin’” takes the cake and eats it too.

(I am so tempted to make an alt with that name).

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