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picshag · a year ago
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humorverse · 5 months ago
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I yearn for this level of chill
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quirrrky · 3 months ago
GREETING HAIKYUU BOYS “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY, DADDY” 😏 -» headcanons  -» ⚠️ suggestive -» ft. my hq daddies
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You just arrived home from your date when you suddenly wrapped your arms around his and leaned your face close to his ears. “Happy father’s day…daddy.” He paused for a while and slightly averted his face as his smile briefly formed from ear to ear. He returned his attention back to you now with a devilish smirk on his face. He pushed you against the wall with his body with his forearm just right above your head. “You’re forgetting something, don’t you think?” He whispered, mischief laced his eyes and tone as he gripped your chin between his fingers to tilt your head up to him. “Everyday is daddy’s day with me, kitten.” 
He’s resting against your shoulder, while you were watching a movie in bed, when you called out to him, “Hey,” lightly rubbing his chin to grab his attention. “Hm?” He looked up at you quizzically. “Happy Father’s day…daddy.” He blinked at you twice, but it didn’t take long before a playful smile stretched across his face. “That means daddy should get what he wants this day.” He teased, hand started skimming under your shirt, as he leaned in close, “and daddy wants you, baby. ” 
He was peacefully cuddling you on his lap, eyes closed and arms tight around you, when “Happy father’s day….daddy.” He was surprised. “Are you- are we-“ His eyes darted on your tummy and you blushed. “N-No! Not that! I mean…” You tried to explain but you’re too embarrassed. He was just staring at you in confusion until he realized what you actually meant. He blushed, sighed and chuckled. “Daddy?” He began and whispered against your neck, “we can make that happen. For real.”
You were strolling around the city when you suddenly tugged on his sleeve. He gave you a questioning look and you snickered, “Happy Father’s day…” he knitted his brows all confused until you continued, ”…daddy” His was stark surprised and eyes wide for a brief moment then he shifted his head away from you mumbling something under his breath. He turned to you again, a slight pout evident on his face as you felt his hold on your hand tightened, “Let’s go somewhere. My treat? Or…let’s just hurry home?” 
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