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#rogers the musical
jacketpotatoo · a day ago
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Rogers: The Musical in the Hawkeye series is going to be the death of my musical-theatre enthusiast self
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asexual-wintersoldier · 2 days ago
Okay but... if marvel released a full-blown broadway version of Rogers the Musical they would make more money than they did on endgame.
Or like... if they released a script, we could literally do it ourselves.
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tomsapplejuice · a day ago
I really hope that Rogers the musical had a Hamilton-esque love triangle letters thing and like Hamilton it was just a whole bunch of letters that the producers found and were like… hmmm love triangle, but it’s like… Bucky, Steve, and Buckys sister, Becca.
As in the producers of Rogers the Musical found all these letters that were really sweet and had motifs like “love, Steve” “all my love, Becca” “Love, Bucky” “My dearest Becca,” “Stevie,” etc. and they didn’t realize that it was Bucky’s sister and were just like “OMG Rogers and Barnes were in love with the same woman!”
I just… I think that would be really funny.
Especially if Bucky rolled up to a showing with Sam and in a scene where they try and do a song about the “love triangle” he just yells, full volume, in the middle of the show “BECCA WAS MY SISTER” in the most horrified voice ever.
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stevenrogered · 8 days ago
some further thoughts on Rogers the musical:
if they didn't cast aaron tveit to play steve then what even was the point bc you know damn well if this was a real thing that's who it would be lmao
did bucky go see this play? did he go in disguise or as himself and everyone was paying more attention to him than the actual musical?
did bucky go backstage and take a picture with his stage counterpart?
did bucky keep yelling THAT'S NOT WHAT HAPPENED with sam telling him to stfu? Ushers would come and realize he's THE bucky barnes so they just leave him there to heckle and the audience gets a huge kick out of it?
did other avengers go see this musical?
did peter download the soundtrack prior to going and learn all the words so he can sing along? LOUDLY?
did the devil of hells kitchen go since that's literally his neighborhood and say wtf is this why don't i get a damn musical I save this place every damn day
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vclkyrxe · 8 days ago
Facts to Consider
1. Bucky Barnes lives in NYC
2. Broadway is in NYC
3. Bucky is “friends” with Sam Wilson
4. Bucky and Sam like to make fun of things
5. Bucky and Sam were friends with Steve Rogers
6. Rogers The Musical
7. Sambucky going to see Rogers The Musical
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otp-holic · 8 days ago
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See that sign there??? The missing words behind the yellow sign are “Bucky Barnes” making it the truest most romantic musical ever in Broadway:
Yes, that’s it, I have x-ray stucky vision, trust me. I cannot wait to see the greatest love story ever sung.
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tomsholland2412 · 8 days ago
If they don't sing THE anthem I don't want it
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Tumblr media
Who's strong and brave here to save the American way?
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i need to see bucky and sam's reaction to rogers the musical asap
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I want Marvel to film Rogers: the Musical in a Hamilton esque manner and put it on Disney+ so I can watch it anytime I want, along with the Hawkeye show.
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lovelyavengers · 6 days ago
WHO is going to write the sambucky fic where they go see the steve rogers musical in their obvious disguises and spend the entire time complaining about tiny details the playwright got wrong à la those two old guys from the muppets
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heather-rose-owens · 8 days ago
I need a full production and cast album now
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sheisraging · 8 days ago
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My takeaway from the Hawkeye trailer is that I want a whole series of AU fic that is just variations on the theme of Bucky reacting to this.
Going to see this show. 
Dragging Steve, nightly, to this show.
Live blogging it during intermission.
Starting a blog just to critique it.
Buying tickets for all of the Avengers to see it and then asking for everyone’s honest thoughts at the end just so he can correct them.
Asking Steve to re-enact the birth pod dance number, shirtless. For accuracy.
Buying the original cast recording and playing it in the house all day. All night. On missions. Just all the fucking time. Steve can’t get the fucking songs out of his head.
....this could be a fun challenge.
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lunamyangel · 8 days ago
you’re telling me, chris ‘wants to star in a musical’ evans, the self-proclaimed theatre kid, isn’t part of rogers the musical?? the blasphemy
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liminal-zone · 8 days ago
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riordanverseinc · 8 days ago
still a better captain america than john walker
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wildnoutinwildemount · 8 days ago
So which number is y'alls favorite in Rogers: The Musical? Personally I'm a fan of "I Can Do This All Day."
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youngqueerdemon · 8 days ago
hawkeye disney+ show according to tumblr:
1. rogers the musical
2. clint barton gets a hearing aid
3. it's the most wonderful time of the year
4. lucky the pizza dog
5. gay for kate bishop
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In Rogers: the Musical, Bucky Barnes has a metal right arm, prompting people to stop the real Bucky in the streets and inform him that his arm is on the wrong side
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merelyspecters · 8 days ago
You've heard of Shang-Chi doing karaoke, now get ready for Shang-Chi doing karaoke of Rogers: the musical.
Katy invites Sam and Bucky. Chaos ensues.
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