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Tigerstar - ShadowClan Leader

“Friendship is worthless. You have learned an important lesson, one that I could have never taught you. But I will teach you much more. There’ll come a day when you’ll be so powerful, you’ll have no need for friends. And when that day comes, I promise you will never regret that you chose to be a warrior.”

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Thief: We aren’t afraid of your “widdle pea-shooters”. The treasure is ours for the taking!

Knight: We Shall See.

Knight: [steps forward and unsheaths a *Real Ass Goddamn Sword*, and point it at them]

Thief, afraid for the first time in their life: Woah! Is that a Real Ass Sword??

Rogue: Holy Crap


Page, pretending to be a hostage: Oh No! I am an unwilling hostage! I hope I’m not hit! By a gun! Or a Real Ass Goddamn Sword!

Knight: Egads!

Maid: They *Swore*

Page: and I don’t feel bad about it! My innocent youth has already been corrupted by badguy proximity!

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Puff “Racket” Yippenefi, a Svirfneblin Rogue. She’s friends with Nockty.

She doesn’t dress like an asshole because she’s a gnome, just because she’s an asshole. She’s a character that exists solely because I needed someone to introduce Nockty to an obscure deep gnome goddess lmao

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I never drew the Thrrasir party together like I did with Temphere, huh?

Well, today, that changes. I decided to draw them together being all fun and cute because these four idiots have been through major chaos over the last couple months in game.

Such chaos includes, but is not limited to:
-joining a secret vigilante guild
-helping faerie dragons
-accidental murder
-taking down a drug cartel
-ticking off a sea hag and her many many grungs
-fighting our great enemy, Moe the giant octopus, three times before finally killing it the third time

Doryen (he/him) - lizardfolk wild magic sorcerer - played by @tigerwriter
Tandy (they/them) - rock gnome great old one warlock - played by @aceweyoun
Alyx (she/her) - human arcane trickster rogue - played by @ginzloveslife
Virga (she/her) - water genasi circle of the coast druid
Fleck - familiar to Tandy from pact of the chain
I feel like it’s only fair to tag the DM after all this, so the DM is @dnd-thrrasir

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A modern AU picture for a challenge about drawing someone else’s character! I drew one of the PCs -Laestis, the rogue / warlock- with my boy Vest, the tiefling, who is her patron. They have a rather unusual friendship in the game, but of course, they never get to hang out much since Vest has no physical body and has to take refuge in Laestis’ mind. So, an AU where they can physically meet and mess around is always very much wholesome!

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