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Knox uses her blinding speed to keep an edge in fights, because if she doesn’t she’s just another pile of dust waiting to happen.

Whether it’s an immense amount of luck, or actual skill, she’s not yet sure. Maybe she’ll never be sure. Life as a loose Anarch loner makes it hard to really introspect much, let alone take a breather.

What happens when something even faster than her comes along?

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I like to think a potential thing could be deluding themselves in privilege. Rogues are Outlaws, that care for others. Having them themselves be in a position of power, but too afraid to lose it to actually act their more anti-system desires, is an interesting struggle.

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TTRPG Dice & Class washi tape now available

I now have my new TTRPG-themed tapes on my store! It features the 7 iconic polyhedral dice, as well as weapons from RPG class favourites printed in silver foil for that extra shiny pizzazz. Perfect for decorating character sheets, notebooks and journals! 

Perhaps this will be a ‘critical’ roll of washi tape for your adventure! 

Found on my store here.

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