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abylight a month ago
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Rain, thunder and deep thoughts - Hyper Light Drifter
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hoe-smad 26 days ago
I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love open world games as a physically disabled person. Especially if they're set in a fantasy world.
I mean, you're meaning to tell me I can walk across vast distances and admire the world around me without getting beyond exhausted, walk up and down tall flights of stairs without fearing my legs might give way and I'll eat ass, fly and swim and jump and climb mountains, trees and tall buildings??? And forage???? Girl????
Not to mention like, using actual magic and fighting monsters and shit??? I can do all of that, really?????
RPG games and such like that are such a wonderful bit of escapism, and they gain yet another layer of the escapist fantasy if you're not able-bodied. And I love them so much for it.
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yasminanoradraw 4 months ago
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Harper and her new dog were also very cute !
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shadefish 6 months ago
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The Rapid Assault Team or RATs from the Lancer RPG game I am a player in that is run by my friend @fleur-cannnon !
Tip of The Spear Piloted by Magpie ( @josie-cd )
Trashy Lady MKII Piloted by TrashMan ( @elithetubaguy )
Harrow Piloted by Revenant ( @jate-kara )
Sammeal Piloted by Lazarus ( @candy-knight-jon )
Fortunate Son Piloted by Flak (ME!)
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mtg-realm 4 months ago
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Magic: the Gathering - Dice Beans
Lovely creations from the brilliant mind of Ruadh O'Brien-Simpson (ruadh.art) currently residing in Tokyo.
Setting : a tight, dimly-lit room with D&D players gathered around a diminutive table
DM : Roll the bones Bard !
Me picking up a D20 and say : You mean roll the beans
DM : Wut ?
Me (trouser-coughing / bum-burping) : Rolling the beans
Everyone : Oh Gawd NOOO! Run!
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jorgesantiagojr 3 months ago
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New @criticalrole campaign, new favorite character! I love Laudna so much, I can鈥檛 wait to learn more about her! I may color this one like my Elder Scrolls portraits so look forward to that soon!
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bogleech a year ago
Why a big ass $10,000 kickstarter!? BECAUSE THE GAME SAT IN DEVELOPMENT FOR MORE THAN TEN YEARS (NOT BY CHOICE!!!!!) AND I WANT TO MAKE IT 10,000% WORTH THE WAIT!!!! Money will go into being a GOOD EMPLOYER to AS MANY ARTISTS as I can pay to make the core rulebook look better than ever, expand the content, improve my own illustrations, flesh out things I physically can鈥檛 do on my own and put out the coolest, most beautiful book I possibly can about a fictional world I鈥檝e developed for almost TWENTY YEARS of my life!!! SUPER QUICK RUNDOWN FOR PEOPLE WHO SEE THIS AND DIDN鈥橳 ALREADY KNOW WHAT IT IS:
Tumblr media
Mortasheen is like Pokemon or Digimon in a biopunk body horror world.
Like instead of like a picklechu you鈥檇 have like a poisonous eyeballs guy with psychic lice or something like that kinda stuff!!
Your trainer isn鈥檛 a regular person but has maybe like a big bug head or fly traps for hands, I dunno, you鈥檙e the weirdo with the big bug head or fly traps for hands, you tell me!!!
The game will have an all-original play system instead of using like D20 or something that exists already, but it鈥檚 intended to be pretty easy, quick and fun to pick up!
The book will flesh out the world, characters and all kinds of stuff beyond the hundreds of monsters I鈥檝e made already!
If you already saw a bunch of content previewed a million years ago, pretend you didn鈥檛, because it鈥檚 all subject to overhauls in the coming year and I want to add a whole lot more!!!
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indigobugs 9 months ago
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Had these Beholder doodles sitting around for awhile now. I was gonna do something more with them... still might, not sure...
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kawaiikaychu 2 months ago
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A Wizard, a scarecrow, and Crows
Happy Halloween! 銉忋儍銉斻兗銉忋儹銈︺偅銉 !
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mapeffects a month ago
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馃尦 Want to learn how to draw forests on a city map? Here鈥檚 some simple steps you can follow to draw trees in a top-down perspective!
Check Out the Full Tutorial on How to Draw Forests On Your City Map HERE
You鈥檙e city or village map is just about done, but you need to add some trees to breath some life into the surrounding landscape. In this tutorial I鈥檒l show you how you can draw some simple trees that will stand out and really make your fantasy map pop!
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probablyasocialecologist 2 months ago
With players gathered round the table, a session of Ecopunk is under way, a role-playing game set in 2044. It's like Dungeons and Dragons but with more politics and environmental collapse.
To play, all you need is the game book and some character sheets to keep track of your energy, skills and inventory. You also need a lot of dice.
Its designer is Liam Hevey from Nunhead in south-east London. He is autistic and grew up to think with a large degree of what he calls "political dissidence". He didn't like or understand the way the world runs, with its "irrational" norms and ideas that everyone else seems to accept.
This is a familiar feeling to many autistic people - if something in the world doesn't make sense then it needs to be corrected and smoothed out.
It has led Liam to have a passion for environmentalism, and frustration at the lack of coordinated action to save the planet.
Liam explains that the story starts with the crisis going into full swing.
"Politics has broken down and reformed and restructured around a new reality. We no longer live in this period of capitalism ... and America has kind of fallen apart."
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abylight a month ago
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No time for fear - Hyper Light Drifter
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chaoticdumbasshalforc a month ago
鈥淚t has always been a safe haven for folks who might not feel at home elsewhere,鈥 says the game鈥檚 principal rules designer, Jeremy Crawford. 鈥淒&D is about a group of people with wildly different pasts coming together to create an intentional family and overcome adversity. A group of players are stronger because of their differences from each other. You don鈥檛 want four fighters; you want a fighter, a cleric, a rogue and a wizard. In other words, you want a group that is powerful because of its diversity.鈥
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This is cool. I know its been a lifesaver for my very social kid and my not as social kid and my really not social BF :)聽
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yasminanoradraw 4 months ago
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Drawtectives One-Shot stream fanart, because this moment was too cute !
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theartofthecover 7 months ago
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Capcom World Tournament RPG [Unreleased] (2004)
[The iconic Muhammad Ali standing over a defeated Sonny Liston photo (1965) homage]
Art by: Alvin Lee and Ben Huen of UDON Studios
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ib-gomes 4 months ago
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Waist up commission of @louxd_85鈥瞫聽Character, Liliana. 鈾
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undungeon 8 months ago
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Tiamat, the goddess of nature, and her gatekeeper, the three-headed worm (full animation cycle)
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lucasferreiracm 6 months ago
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White Hat, Magic Missile Wizard, Titan Slayer, Scabbard/Flute/Map - Mage Hand Press
Satyr and Coat - Freelance Commissions
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shadefish 21 days ago
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Doodled some Everests and a Sargarmatha from Lancer
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theblackbookofarkera 4 months ago
Unseen blades
A common spell used by blood mages and infernalists to cause grievous injuries like those inflicted by a keen sword. When this magick inflicts wounds the blood can attract primordial demons from beyond our realm. The more grave the wounds the more demons may appear to turn their attention upon the caster. Many foolish sorcerers who have abused this power have themselves been torn apart by the rending claws of unseen horrors.
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