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#role swap au

Redid my design for warlord Brad in the Role Swap AU, I’m a lot happier with this one as I think it’s interesting while still fitting with his character!

A little fun fact, the gi(his shirt) Brad wears isn’t worn as it typically is in karate where the lapels are crossed left over right, you’ll notice it’s the opposite. Irl this is only done in one specific case: when the person has died and is dressed in their gi when they are buried. Brad would be aware of this; it’s all really symbolic of how he sees himself as not really a person anymore, mostly just a thing full of rage and hate after what he’s gone through(ex. the ”I’ve been dead for 35 years” quote).

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@xdeusxmachinax and I where talking and I added Journey (will their permisson) to their Role swap au. So here you go!

Soujourner watched as Kanjigar throw himself into the sunlight. “Pathetic.” Did he really think sunlight would stop her? She leans over the edge, feeling the warmth of the sun on her stone skin. She pulls back into the shadows as a human youngling came into view. She watches as he and his small friend get off  their bikes. She let out a snarl when the amulet called for one of them. She wanted to jump down and rip their heads off. 

“Patience is key, Sojourner.” The voice of her father echos in her mind.

“Yes, Father.” She says to the memory. 

“Why am I not burning his hut to the ground and feasting on his mother as he begs for death?!” The wing troll demands as her eyes glowed like the moon. 

Gunmar, better known as Marshal to the humans, glared at her. “You need to be patient, Journey-”

Sojourner whipped around and snarls in his face. “Only my family can call me that! You are NOT my family, Impure!” Impure. Why did it taste sour on her tongue when she said it? Changelings are impure so why did it seem so wrong to say it?

She felt tears fill her eyes as she saw the figure of her father on the other side. “Father!”

“Sojourner. My daughter.”

She pushes her chest out in pride only to drop it when Gunmar and his disgusting son stepped forward. Her father no longer paying attachen to her. She will wait. She will be patient.

Sojourner screams in pain as the trollhunter cuts her right arm off. Before she could do anything else, a shift kick in the chest sent her into the water. She hadn’t been patient. She had failed. She was no troll. The last thing she felt was someone pulling her out of the water before she passed out.

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SkekTek the Garthim-Master! 

 After being hidden away by the Emperor for countless of trine for being meek and feeble looking, skekTek finally got his chance after skekUng invented the Garthim. SkekTek overheard The Scientist and some of his companions plot to usurp skekGra and  while he did agree with them (was it not he who spend doing mindless busy work for all those long, long trines?), he didn’t want to give any other skeksis the satisfaction of knowing his true feelings. 

 He blackmailed the Scientist into making him the leader of their new army and to everyone surprise he was very capable of it. But the power went to his head and he got too confident. 

This confidence cost him an eye. Feeling that this was a major setback he did something that he felt he should have done years ago; make his body stronger. Not by work but by science. He forced the Scientist to help him replace his arm with that of a Garthim. Ever since then, no one dared to make a comment about skekTek. 

 Fuelled with new confidence he’s working on a plan of his own to become a stronger and better leader to the skeksis.

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Guess who’s off the persona 5 obsession? This little bitch over here.

Voltron role swap Au

  • Keith, Katie, and Colleen are the Keroberos mission trio. Keith and Katie are thrown into the arena, and Colleen is sent off to a concentration camp. As much as Katie would’ve liked to chase after her, Keith was injured and lost an eye-but not for too long.
  • Lance is the atlean prince who’s been sleeping for a long time. Hunk is his royal advisor.
  • Allura and Coran are the two troublemaking cadets; Matt is there just to watch in amusement through the cameras.
  • Shiro is the mild tempered cadet at first, but when his near-brother is declared dead on his mistake, make no assumptions that he wouldn’t do anything to get him back.

Extra Notes:

  • Keith is the Garrison’s pain in the ass golden boy. They both despise and love him. Shiro was their favored candidate, but Keith was A.) older, and B.) better because he’s had extensive training.
  • They do ageswap. Shiro is like 18, Allura and Coran are 17, Matt is 14(?), and yeah.
  • Keith loses an eye instead of a arm bc I’m like pretty sure Canon!Shiro losing his arm and having a Galra prosthetic was a hint to Canon!Keith being half Galra.
  • Yes, Keith is still Half-Galra. This is why he loses an eye.
  • Pidge(Katie) never gets sent to a concentration camp because Keith didn’t attack her. She’s a ferocious human who will make sure they both survive.
  • Instead of King Alfor, its Lance’s sister, Veronica.
  • Keith does get a part of white hair, and it’s due to the PTSD of being both experimented on by the witch and the Champion fights he and Katie take part of.
  • Keith has long hair. Fight me.
  • While Keith escaped via escape pod(Katie locked him in), our friendly neighborhood pidgeon gets saved by the rebels. Keith cursed Katie all the way back.
  • Keith is to look for Voltron while Katie set off to find her mother. Ulaz helps Katie lock Keith into the escape pod.
  • Keith is still hothead™ but it’s toned down a bit due to reasons. He only explodes under extreme pressure and frustration, which did cause him to yell at Lance.
  • Lance and Keith’s “Rivalry”. Lance seemed to take Keith taking charge a personal offense, and starts bantering and challenging him every chance he gets. Hunk tries but ultimately fails at defusing. Keith just ignores the petty challenges, which in turn makes Lance more upset, which ends up in a circle.
  • Keith is in Black, Matt’s in Green, Coran’s in yellow, Allura’s in blue, Shiro’s in red.
  • When Shiro takes black, Red chooses Lance.
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So I have another AU… 👉👈

This is for my swap AU where the Ro'meaves swap with each other along with the Shadow Knights and Jury of Nine! The swap goes Garroth >> Vylad >> Zane >> Garroth. Laurance and Katelyn also swap places with each other but not much changes.

Please ask me about this AU- I have alot of ideas-

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skekVar the Satirist

SkekVar would be very funny if he could manage to finish a joke for once. He snort laughs so hard that he never reaches a single punchline. The castle-skeksis got tired of his entertainment and begged The Emperor to banish him. Since skekVar had no real crime to his name he was send away to ‘share his gifts with Thra.’ Not realising he was punishment, skekVar send out to entertain the Gelfling which his jokes. 

After some time in the wilderness he met The Hunter, The Satirist decided that they were going to be friends, which The Hunter reluctantly agreed to. He rather be alone, but The Hunter sees potential in the Satirist. 

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Roleswap AU!! 


  • Dragon MK
  • Demon Mei
  • Monkie Kid Red Son

I made myself sad thinking about how MK would deal with living in a big empty mansion. He’s a lot less likely than Mei to head sneak out, or even go out at all because he’d overthink it and feel like he was breaking a rule or that he was breaking his parents trust 

Anyway I spent way too long on this and regret NOTHING SLSKDFMAOWIEMF 

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Watching his younger brother and his new niece interacting with one another was absolutely heartwarming. He could remember when Rex and Boba were that age, mostly Boba since the boy was so much younger than the two of them. Every now and then he’d catch Ponds taking a quick snapshot or even video of the two, the crinkling at the edges of his eyes giving away his amusement. The tour of the cloning facility continued, with little Ahsoka making comments here or there about the ‘nice teacher’ or the ‘fun class.’ Rex listened to her speak with a bright smile on his face and it warmed Cody’s heart.

When they came into the hand-to-hand combat class he was pleasantly surprised to see Obi-wan. Catching the redhead’s eye he hid a wince when the jedi was almost taken down by his opponent, although he managed to turn it around at the end. He hadn’t meant to distract the poor man.

“Everyone, this is his Highness, Cody Fett of Mandalore, and his personal guards.” Obi-wan gave him a small smile and nodded at him before he once more lowered himself to one knee- along with every other jedi in the room. Rex gave him a look and he flicked his eyes over to the Kaminii guiding them. Rex nodded and forced himself to relax. Now was not the time.

‘Spread out, gain intel.’ Using Dadita, something that he was eighty percent certain no one outside of his personal guard would know, he tapped out a quick order on his thigh. The others recognized the tapping and quickly followed his order, walking around the room and greeting any jedi that looked eager or ready to talk. Ahsoka smiled and waved at Obi-wan, whose return smile was so gentle when he looked at the little girl that Cody felt as if he couldn’t draw breath.

“Obi-wan. Overseer Wren Lo didn’t say you were in this class when I asked to see what kind of physical training the jedi have.” Turning toward him Obi-wan bowed gracefully.

“All jedi receive proper combat training, Alor.” Ah, back to titles. Maybe he felt too self conscious using Cody’s name in front of so many others? “In order to better serve.” Clamping down on his emotions he had to force himself to stay calm.

“All so we can be your sword, Alor.” Obi-wan went carefully still as a blonde male human strode over confidently. It was obvious there was some kind of rivalry between them in the way the two of them very carefully did not look at each other.

“I see. Do you also learn how to use blasters?” The two men quieted and he wondered if he’d made some sort of social blunder.

“We’re taught how to strip, clean, fix, and handle them, yes. But it is forbidden for us to use blasters without the permission of our Alor. Since none of us have Alore we’re not allowed to use them… yet.” The blonde finally said, icy eyes watching Cody with a kind of hunger that made him feel uncomfortable. Turning back to Obi-wan he smiled.

“Well, I’d certainly be interested in seeing you use a blaster. But it can wait for later. What about armor?” Obi-wan spoke quickly, as if trying to answer before the blonde. Cody wanted to snort in amusement, it was almost like a sibling rivalry.

“Jedi do not wear armor, Alor. It is not our place.” He frowned, looking down at their robes. All it would take was one well placed blaster bolt and there would be nothing to stop it from piercing right through the simple fabric. But he had heard tales that jedi could predict the future and move with unnatural speed. Perhaps they didn’t need armor?

“Your Highness, there are other classes you might wish to see before they end. I am sure the jedi need to get back to their training as well.” Overseer Wren Lo said in that eerily serene voice. Cody didn’t need the force to know she was impatient to get on with the tour. Rex and his cousins joined him as he slowly made his way back to the Overseer’s side. Before they left the room the jedi all bowed at once and wished them well.

The tour continued and they were taken to the forge. Wolffe’s eyebrows rose when he saw the unclaimed beskade lying about on shelves, unused. “Each jedi is given a sword once they have passed the Padawan stage and have proven they understand their place. They are expected to carry, and care for, the weapon from that moment forward. If it is somehow lost or broken outside of training they are placed in remedial classes.” Wren Lo explained simply, brushing off the fact that they had hundreds of Mandalorian Iron swords just lying about.

Lunch was a quiet affair, taken in their rooms so they would not be disturbed. Rex sat with Ahsoka in his lap, laughing and talking to her about all the fun things they could do once they returned to Manda’yaim. Ponds sat across from him, looking thoughtful.

“This is several flavors of fucked up.” Cody snorted in response, giving his cousin a dry, humorless, look.

“We’ll get this sorted. We’re not leaving them here, not a one.” Ponds’ shoulders relaxed and he nodded firmly in agreement.


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skekUng the Scientist! 

The scientist is in charge of keeping the others healthy and in shape but as the years went by both these things became more challenging. Angered by their laziness and their thankless relying on him the scientist came up with a plan. 

While taking care of the emperor and his court he would keep the best things for himself. In secret he experimented on his own body with as goal to become the strongest and eventually usurp the throne. 

After the invention of the essence he decided to keep all vials on his body at all times to prevent stealing or accidents from happening. 

While very social and loud the scientist cannot let the others know of his secret plan, other than the few he trusts to support him, and thus he started to work mostly naked, to keep the others away.

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