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“Why shouldn’t I? You like it too, right…? And don’t even act like you don’t, because we both know that’d be a lie…” A cute smirk catches his lips, and he squeezes her hand in return. He can’t help teasing her, he really can’t… “I do really wish they’d keep it down around you, though. All of us are used to it, sure, but you’re not… and having a bunch of demons around you, yelling at each other so often… it must be tough for you.”

As they arrive in the planetarium, his pinkish-purple eyes are still fixed on her rather than the stars, his smile soft and caring. “Of course I mean it, dummy,” he says affectionately, flopping down at her side and resting his head on her shoulder. “You’re not just ‘some random human’… You’re our human.” His arms wrap around her middle, his head nuzzling into her as they sit under the stars. “My favourite cuddle buddy.~”

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Asmo blows kisses at the babies to try and catch their attention, Satan offering them a little wave, both of them smiling brightly as the children laugh.

As they tug on his coat, Levi blinks and kneels down to be closer to them. “Huh? What’s up, little guys? You want something?”

“They like ya!” Mammon smiles warmly at the sight.

“Pick them up, Levi. They want to see you,” Lucifer adds, finding his heart rather warm as he watches.

“I… I can’t,” Levi mumbles, hands wringing together nervously. “It’s not that I don’t want to see them! It’s just… they’re so tiny… I’d be scared of dropping them…” He does sit on the floor with them, though.

“I get it,” Belphie speaks up from where he’s sitting with his head resting on Beel’s shoulder. “I felt like that the first time I picked them up as well…”

When the babies fall asleep, their father isn’t long behind them, passing out against his twin since he’s still so exhausted from all the shock and grief of earlier. Satan fetches a blanket, draping it across Belphegor, as Levi and Lucifer stay beside the babies to ensure they’re safe while they sleep.

“Leave it to all three of the sloth demons to be sleeping,” Asmo jokes, quietly giggling behind his hand as he looks over them all.

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Hearing the familiar vibration of his D.D.D., Levi glances down to see who the message is from. Seeing it’s from Chuck, a warm smile touches his lips, and he pauses his game; if it had been from anyone else he would have just ignored it, but… well, his partner was even more important to him than his games!

Setting his controller aside, he picks up his phone and reads the message and… oh. Oh, his cheeks are burning… they’d… they’d called him beautiful? Really? Him?!

Other hand pressed shyly over his mouth, he raises his phone and glances up into it, snapping a quick picture of himself and sending it to his partner.

‘You just made your beautiful demon blush soooo much… >//////< I’ll be there right now! Never fear, my Henry, your Lord of Shadow will comfort you~!’

As soon as he hits send, he shuts off his console and heads out of his room, sticking his phone in his pocket as he rushes to his partner’s room. Sure, he’s all flustered about being called beautiful… but comforting his partner takes priority!

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“My tail, huh…? Mm… well, I happen to think you’d look pretty cute being tickled with something fluffy… y'know, kind of like my tail?” He can’t help but tease her; he doesn’t mean anything bad by it, of course, but… she’s just so cute, and even more so when she’s flustered. “Ah, yeah, I get you… A little craziness is fun, but sometimes, it’d be nice if they all kept it down. Seriously, sometimes I can hear Lucifer yelling at Mammon in the living room when I’m all the way up in the attic…” He breathes a little sigh, his fingers playing with hers in return. “I’m glad you’re not like them.” Hearing her words, his free hand gently pinches her cheek. “Heeeeeeeey. Don’t talk down about yourself,” he gently tells her off. “You’re special to us, well… because you’re you. That’s all there is to it, but that’s all there needs to be to it, really… You’re you, and we love you. It’s as easy as that.”

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“Oh… I’m sorry ya had ta go through that, Tori.” His eyes are concerned, and he immediately wants to comfort them; maybe it’s because he’s their guardian demon, maybe it’s just because he cares about them… either way, he can’t quite help it. “Y-You don’t gotta go outta your way ta stay here with me or anythin’…” he murmurs. “But, well… since ya already did go outta your way ta come here, I ain’t just gonna make ya go all the way back to your room. ‘Course ya can stay,” he gives them a little smile. Honestly… after that nightmare, he’s glad that they’re with him. It’s not like the Great Mammon is about to admit that having Tori around makes him feel more safe or anything! …but, well, that may just so happen to be exactly how it is.

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“It was… uh…” A soft sigh leaves him, lips pouting just a little bit. The words aren’t quite coming to him because he’s still a bit frazzled after the presentation, so he just taps the unhappy face pin on his jacket. “It wasn’t like it went badly… I think I did pretty well… it was just so stressful to have to talk in front of everyone, even if it was just virtual and they weren’t really in the room with me, I just…” He draws a deep breath, his hand resting over theirs on his shoulder, clutching onto it. “But you’re right, it’s… over now,” he smiles, trying to calm down. “Thanks for… coming to check on me. I really appreciate it…”

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Nuh-uh, you’re too good to me with these! They’re always such a delight to write, and your writing is always so lovely 💕 I hope yourrhaving a wonderful day today, dearie!


He listened to her so intently… even when she trailed off, his eyes were focused on her rather than the movie for a good long while. Realising that she was a bit too distracted to keep speaking, the demon turned back to the laptop, watching the sweet and tender moment between the characters. A small smile touched his lips, before his hand subtly set itself over his mouth to cover it; at heart, he really did love things like that… even though he did try to hide it. He had a reputation to uphold; the Great Mammon couldn’t be seen enjoying cute things! His brothers would just make fun of him for it, anyway…

“I…” His heart fluttered at her words, and as she leaned against him, he literally had to take a deep breath to keep himself calm. “I’m happy to… share this with just you, too… MC.”

Hearing her sit up, Mammon kept his attention on the movie, not noticing the bright smile on her lips or the blush across her cheeks. “Hm? Oh, yeah… Anything.” He glanced towards her, giving a little smile for a moment, before frowning as he notices her expression. “Huh? MC, you’re all flushed… You okay?”

He leaned a bit closer as she ‘thought,’ checking her for signs of a temperature… before his eyes blow wide at her question. “H-Huh?! A-Are… You aren’t serious… Right?”

…Oh, he wanted her to be serious, though. Wide blue and gold eyes kept glancing from her own eyes to her lips, thoughts of how nice they would feel against his own just flooding his mind… but… but what if she was joking? What if she didn’t mean it?!

“…If ya wanna kiss me, then…” Mammon squeezed his eyes closed, even covering them with his hands. “…then fine, just– just kiss me already! I… I ain’t gonna stop ya… But I ain’t goin’ first, so if ya want it, you’re gonna hafta come an’ get it! I ain’t gonna look, so… just… whenever you’re ready…”

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“There’s literally nothing that you could do or say to ever make me mad at you.” There was no deception in his tone at all; just honesty, and the kind of love an older sibling would have for their little brother. “And that’s a promise.”

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“Honey… you’re scaring me,” Asmo says gently, his eyes concerned. He’s not used to this kind of behaviour from the boy who was practically a relative to him; it was very worrying to him. “I can’t make you tell me, and I’ll drop it if you really want, but… I want to help you, to be there for you if there’s something going on…”

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“Honey…” Asmo’s tone isn’t mad, or disappointed; just knowing. He sighs softly, holding out a hand to gently pat the boy’s arm. I’m going to worry anyway, but I’ll worry less if you let me know what’s going on…”

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“Hey hey hey… it’s alright, little guys,” Mammon says softly to the babies, gently taking them from one of his other brothers. “…Oh wow, look! They stopped cryin’! See, Belphie? I told ya it wouldn’t go on forever,” he smiles up at his youngest brother.

Belphegor, leaning against Beelzebub as he often did, smiled a teary smile. “Yeah… I guess you were right,” he says softly.

“They are precious,” Lucifer smiles, looking over at the babies. “They look just like you, Belphie.”

“I remember when you were that size,” Levi looks from the babies over to Belphegor, chuckling softly. “It was a long long time ago, so I don’t remember it much, but I do remember!”

“I remember when Satan was that size,” Belphie murmurs absently, managing to give a somewhat playful smirk over at the fourthborn.

“H-Hey, we’re not talking about me,” Satan blushes lightly, thankfully staying calm since the children were present.

“They really are cute, though…” Asmo sighs happily at the sight of the two little ones.

When it comes to feeding time, Beel takes care of it, sharing his human world-style cheeseburger with them (after mashing it up with a fork so they can manage it, of course.) “They’re amazing,” he says softly. “Belphie, do they have names?”

“No, she… she said in her note that they don’t…” Belphegor feels tears fill his eyes again at the memory.

Lucifer gently wraps his arms around the seventhborn, resting Belphegor’s head on his shoulder and stroking his hair. “Listen… It may not seem like it right now, but… everything is going to be alright.”

“Yeah,” Satan nods to his partner in crime. “As much as it pains me to agree with Lucifer of all people… he’s right. We’re all here for you, and ni matter what happens, we’re all going to make sure you and the twins are alright.”

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“Huh…?” He stares at the tiny hand wrapped around his finger, and the tiny tail wrapped around his arm… and for a split second, the world seems to make sense, and he sees everything in frightening clarity. Above all else, he knows he needs to look after these babies… even though he’s distraught and confused, he knows he needs to prioritise these little lives. “H-Hey,” he protests weakly as the twins grasp at his nose and his hair, a tiny laugh escaping him. “Oh… oh. Food. You two are… gonna need that. R-Right…” Blinking, he thinks for a moment. The babies look like they’re a few months old, not quite old enough to eat anything too solid… “Come on. We’ll… see if your uncles can help us, okay?” He lifts the babies into his arms, carefully - oh so carefully, he’s so scared of somehow scaring or hurting the tiny things - heading out of the attic and downstairs.

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“Are you sure…?” Asmo already knew that wasn’t the case; he could tell by how the boy was acting. “Hey… you don’t usually send me texts like this. Have you not got your notebook on you?” he asks. It’s not like the human to forget his notebook, so he can’t help but ask.

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