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#roman sionis imagine
Hi!! I’m the anon who requested dad Roman in quarantine and I rewrite the request for you!! Dad Roman spends quarantine time with his kids and reader but it doesn’t stop him from trying to influence them even when they’re doing soft things. Like they would be baking and Roman would be like “do you know what else a knife can do?” And mum reader would obviously be like Roman nO

Ahhhhh you came back!!!


You held onto your sons sides as he stood on the step stool, stirring around the cake batter as the other little one watched from his high chair. Your daughter sat beside him at the bar. “There’s my lovely family!” You heard romans voice ring through the kitchen. Jameson’s excited giggles began to erupt. “My love” He whispered against your head as he placed a kiss.

“How was work?” You asked as you looked at him fondly. He was working from home now. The virus had made its way to your city. Which meant homeschool for your daughter, Maya, and work from home for Roman. Roman saw it as an opportunity to “get back to where you started” as in more time to spend with everyone since he’s away for hours on end.

“What’re you drawing?” Maya asked Jameson cautiously. She thought it was funny that the boys were being easily influenced by their father. You knew it was all a joke and that Roman would never actually teach them to do messed up things. He also knew it got under your skin easily. “Daddy” he answered. You looked over at the paper and picked it up.

“Oh wow” you whispered and cleared your throat. “This is…lovely, baby” you smiled tightly and looked at maya, who was trying to hide her laughter behind her hand. “That’s me?” Roman asked as he finally got an eye on the drawing. “That’s a knife” he pointed to the poorly drawn triangle and stick. “I’m aware” you breathed out and handed him the paper. “We know what knives are for right?” He asked loudly.

You sighed just as loud and held Jackson again. “Mudder!” Jackson answered, causing you to choke on your spit. “Oh my god” you reached over and swat the back of Roman’s head. “Stop it” You hissed but still had a happy glint in your eyes. It was adorable you had to admit. Maya was giggling out of control now, shaking her head at the two of you.

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Originally posted by genekellys

Requested be @jason-is-my-senpai:  Can I request a fic where Roman and the reader have been dating for a while and he wants to meet her father. So they invite her father to dinner and Roman keeps teasing her in front of her dad (like grabs her but or kisses her longer than usual) and she’s just a blushy mess the whole time. I loved your last Roman fic btw! Good job!

Summary: A few months into your affair with Roman, he discovers your estranged father has a connection to Gotham’s infamous Falcone family. He insists on inviting him to dinner, much to your dismay. The night takes a strange turn when you realize Roman has little interest in business, opting to put on a show.

Word Count: 1961

Warnings: language, drug use, implied smut, implied daddy complex (nothing explicit), tension, morally problematic characters, criminal affiliations, etc.

The reader is initially embarrassed, but gets in on the antics by the end. It just kinda happened like that, lol. Regardless, I hope y’all enjoy! 


You’d grown accustomed to being Roman’s girl. Having come from a broken home and never having many friends, the attention he gave you was addictive.

Roman Sionis was a bad man. But he treated you like a princess. 

And though his reputation proceeded him before you officially met him, but his dark grandeur appealed to you.

He’d seen you one night, at a fine restaurant in the Diamond District. You’d been dining with your mark, some sleazebag that you’d tricked into thinking you’d sleep with for a thousand bucks.

In reality, you just had to make through dinner. Once he made it to his final drink, you’d slip a pill into his glass when he wasn’t looking.

You’d done it before and made a decent living doing it.

Not enough to kill him, just to make him drowsy enough to not notice you grab the wallet out of his pocket as you helped him down his vehicle.

You hadn’t noticed one Roman Sionis staring at you from across the room, attempting a swindle at his own table. The night wouldn’t offer him much luck in the way of his prospect, but now he had much more personal business to attend to: you.

Escorting your slovenly ‘date’ to his running Cadillac outside the front doors had been easy enough; desperately fighting unconsciousness, he hadn’t noticed when you’d swiped the wallet out of his sport jacket.

“He had a little too much to drink,” You assured his uninterested driver as the man slumped on the leather seat.

You watch the vehicle speed away before retreating under the under the awning. With one hand secured on your now full purse, you attempted to wave down a cab with the other.

A few rolled by to no avail when a smooth voice caught your attention.

“Need a ride?”

Keep reading

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Zsasz taking over Roman's empire after his death and falling for a dancer?

(not my gif)

Victor Zsasz taking Roman’s criminal empire would include…

  • Damn, this man was lucky to survive the Birds of prey and Harley
  • It took him some time to recover
  • Anger was everything he could feel when he found out his bff was dead
  • Roman was everything he had and now he was gone
  • Victor didn’t have time to scream and cry, he had work to do
  • All the money Roman used to have was now his
  • Taking care of The Black Mask was one of his priorities and also taking care of his now dead friend bussiness
  • The henchmens couldn’t believe he had survived
  • They are more scared of Zsasz than they were of Roman, i mean obviously, our boy here is way more violent and sadistic
  • Victor learning how to be a mobster by himself, he has always been more a hitman so this is kinda new for him
  • is wasn’t that hard, all those years with Mr. Sionis helped him now
  • After Roman’s death some of the employees at the club left,except for the bartender and a couple of waitresses and dancers
  • There is this girl, a dancer that always caught Victor’s attention
  • he never really talked to her, it was just hi or good night the words they exchange
  • he doesn’t even understand why is she working in a place like that, she seems more like innocent college student, not like the other whores in the club
  • Soooo he is your boss now
  • he has to use that
  • You believe he’s handsome but you’re scared anyway because you know who he is and the things he has done
  • Victor is not good at flirting but he tries
  • “Hi”

“ Mr.Zsasz, hi. Is there anything I can help you with?”

“You are beautiful and an incredible dancer, just call me Victor ”

“Oh, thanks…I’m y/n by the way”

“I know, sweetheart, you are very talented”

  • He’s way too direct with his words
  • tbh that’s charming
  • He likes to sit in the club while you’re dancing
  • You feel flattered but confused, does he even like you or what?
  • He does indeed
  • Unlike Roman he doesn’t like having a lot of girls around him, he prefers a table for himself and msybe if he’s lucky, you
  • With the time he started to send you gifts or flowers to your dressing room in the club
  • Sometimes he even visits you before opening
  • The other girls kinda hate you for the attention you receive
  • He was unsure but he asked you out one day when you were leaving the club
  • It was… weird, definitely not romantic
  • It doesn’t matter because you said yes
  • He prepared a normal dinner in the penthouse now redecorated to his style
  • “Victor this was a lovely evening, thank you”

“You’re more lovely, y/n.”

  • Other women would be scared or renuent to kiss Vic
  • You were pretty chill about it
  • You’re the one who ask him to be your boyfriend
  • He becomes overprotective once you start to date
  • The henchmens don’t like him as their boss but they have no option
  • There are other criminals in Gotham who hate him so you always have a target on your back
  • Obviously the other dancers doesn’t like your relationship, Victor put them in their place
  • they can leave you alone or they can be punished by Zsasz
  • Rough sex
  • lots of sex
  • He lives for breath play and knife play
  • When having sex he likes to be called by his last name
  • He asking you to stop working as a dancer. When you said no he arranged everything for you to be the center of attention
  • He is a psycho but he loves you
  • “Princess, you look ravishing today”

“I’m literally wearing sweats”


“Zsasz, I love you”

“I… I love you too”

  • He is not used to people loving him so he’s happy of you doing it
  • He doesn’t kill anyone if you are close
  • You are impressed when you see him covered in blood
  • Your friends asking you if you’re not scared because of his scars
  • Of course you’re not
  • In fact, you believe he looks hotter with them
  • His love can be… yandere style , maybe
  • He doesn’t want you to leave him, he’s making you happy and you should be thankful for that
  • You are his little princess and your place is by his side


I hope you like it! I’m not really sure what I was doing, i did my best tho

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what if dad!roman had a daughter and he gets paranoid about her going on a date with a guy and he’s about to pull up with a gun and all and Mum reader just goes roman nO all over again

Omg that would be so cute! They definitely have 3 kids, two young boys and their oldest being 14 (maybe) they spanned their births out weirdly

Also would y’all prefer if I named the kids or did Y/S/N and Y/D/N?!


Originally posted by obipadawankenobi

You sat perched on the arm of the leather chair that Roman was occupying, looking down at whatever he was reading. “Ahem” came the soft voice from your daughter. You both looked up and you gasped in delight. “Oh sweetie! Look at you” you say excitedly and walked over, spinning her around to assess the dress. You picked it out and thankfully she wasn’t too picky about her clothes.

“And who’s this boy?” Roman questioned from behind his papers. “You know him, dad” she says back. She got his attitude. They always butt heads but she was always daddy’s little girl. You pushed her hair over her shoulders and wrapped your arms around her from behind. She settled her hands on your arms as you tenderly held her. “Michael was it?” You asked and she nodded.

“He’s a sweet boy, Romy, I’ve met him once” you say back honestly. If anything, Roman would accept your opinion over his own anyday. And he hasn’t met the boy. “Do I need to come down with a shotgun?” He asked seriously. “Dad!” “Roman” You and your daughter both said in a threatening tone. “Gun!” You heard one of the boys call from the back. “No! We say fun” you pulled away and snatched the little boy before he could get away. “Tell sissy how pretty she looks” You cooed.

Roman watched the interactions before walking to the window. He hummed to himself as he watched the car pull up. “He drives?” Roman asked. “No. His mom is bringing us to and from” she answered and gave everyone a big hug. “I’ll come down” Roman offered and took her hand lightly. “Gotta make a good impression huh?” He says seriously. “No packing heat, I’m watching you” you warned and watched the two leave the apartment, smiling to yourself as you searched for your other son.

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Freedom and Love

(Roman Sionis x Reader)

Requested by: @oneandonlyizabelle


(A/n): Thank you so much for request. I had much fun, writing this imagine, I hope you will enjoy reading it.💜🍸

Warnings: Gramatical Errors, swearing, death/or at least Injury, kidnapping


Nights in Gotham City were never peacefull. This city was living it’s own life like always. Through the day, crime wasn’t sleeping and in these hours it was just worse.

You were running through Gotham’s dark alleys, turning your head behind, every time that it was possible. You knew you had no chance against him, he was the Dark Knight after all, the protector of Gotham. What would Roman do? This question popped into your mind. Roman Sionis, was your boyfriend, owner of the Black Mask club, which was now too far from your aproach.

The question; What would Roman do?, was not right becouse he wouldn’t get into situation like this at all.

Few days ago

You were sitting behind the table in Roman’s and your’s apartment, since you already moved there.

Roman was sitting by your right side, and Victor was sitting in front of you, at the end of the table.

Victor had complicated relationship with you, same with Roman, it wasn’t negative, but weirdly possitive. You could say that he liked you both.

That day, you were having breakfast with them, eating little cupcakes from the plate.

“Boss, we still have no idea, who is that crossbow killer guy,” Victor mumbled as he ate cupcake.

“Victor, I told you that you should’t talk as you eat.” Roman looked nervous and then, he realized what Victor told him and smashed his cup on ground.

“WHAT! I sent few people after him, what happened?” Roman screamed after Victor.

“Roman, babe, I told you that you should’t smash those cups,” you told, even when you knew that this may don’t help to his current situation.

“I don’t care about the cups! I need that crossbow guy dead!” Roman turned to you and pointed at the cup. Victor looked on you with the ‘we need to calm him down’ look, and you sighed.

This crossbow killer, was causing Roman stresses and outbursts of anger. But what wouldn’t, right?

You loved Roman despite his flaws and he loved you, even when he sometimes said terrible things, he always apologized.

“Honey, honey, look at me.” you came to him, lifting his chin with your finger. Roman stopped shaking and his heavenly blue eyes looked in your (y/c) eyes.

“Breathe slowly, in and out,” you whispered and Roman closed his eyes, and breathing exercise calmed him down a bit.

His breathing slowly turned into yours as you ran from the hero of Gotham City. Shit! He was still somewhere behind you.

“Breathe slowly, in and out,” sounded your own voice in your head. “Right,” you mumbled as you ran around some couple, who were holding their hands and then you dissapeared in another alley.

Roman opened his eyes, calm and then he stood from his chair. “Sorry for that cup, I will buy a new one to you,” he mumbled and left. You looked on Victor desperately, who just silently mouthed at you -He needs you, go-

You turned to Roman who was leaving to bedroom and then back on Victor. “Go,” he whispered, so Roman couldn’t hear him.

You went to look at your boyfriend, who was standing next to window, looking down from it.

“What are you thinking about?” you asked as he turned around to you.

“I have no idea,” he mumbled. He had still his pajamas on and you came closer, wrapping your arms around, hugging him.

“Don’t worry about that crossbow guy,” you whispered as he hugged you back, kissing the top of your head.

“I guess I should go take care about the club,” he said heading to elevator.

“Roman, honey?” you stopped him.

“What?” he turned, with raised eyebrows.

“You have still your pajamas on,” you smirked and opened the wardrobe, pulling out his favourite suit.

“Oh, right, I forgot,” he laughed as you gave him his blue suit.

“I have to go, I have some bussines to do. I will be home probably sometimes around this time tomorrow,” you said as he changed his clothes.

“Okay.. Should I sent few my mens with you?” he asked as you caught his shoulders, pulling him closer to you.

“You don’t have to,” you kissed him.

“Are you sure?” he asked as he broke the kiss.

“I am sure, don’t worry,” you smiled, “I love you,” you said and turned to go out, but Roman caught your arm.

“I love you too,” he said and kissed you, “Be safe (y/n),” you smiled and blushed at his words.

“I’ll try,” you said and left the bedroom.

Behind you felt something down. He was close, and Black Mask club was few miles from this maze. Maze was the first thing that appeared in your mind when you heared Gotham City. Hidden spots all over the city, occupied or not, you had to find one of them and when we are mentioning a maze, that also meant lots of blind paths. End of the line.. Said voice in your head as you stopped running, facing the walls. You were trapped…

As you left the apartment, with two guns in your coat and one knife attached to your belt, you decided to go for this Crossbow killer alone. It was better, you hated teamwork. When you went somewhere by yourself you always informed Roman about it. Not becouse he would hold you back, but just for assuring him that you will return, or in the case that if somebody kiddnapped you, he could send you some help.

Roman had his own bussines, and you had yours. You were strict to your morals, unlike him, who acted always impulsive.

You also prefered to travel mostly by walk. Police station was your first stop. Roman had few cops there, who would hopefully tell you some useful informations.

When you entered, you found officers laying on ground with glitters on the floor. Pink and blue, those two collors were reminding you just one person. Harley Quinn, she was somewhere close. You didn’t wanted to meet her right now, doubting she would tell you something what would help you.

The crossbow killer could be anywhere and cops wouldn’t tell you right away anyways. So you 'got lost’ in archives of criminal records of Gotham City. Of course, all of them weren’t here, many of them were destroyed becouse their owners were unhappy with their existence. Few cops had their tables here, they weren’t close so you sneaked to their workplace, taking a closer look. There were nametags on it, 'Howard Petterson’ and 'Renee Montoya’

You started seraching the tables, hoping that you will find something that would help Roman.

In first table there was nothing, just few notes, diary and photos of dead bodies.

But then, you stopped, looking again onto the photo. There were laying mans on sofa, and you knew them. Roman knew them also. You saw the arrow sticking out of the neck of one corpse. It was familiar to you, the arrow was made in such a precise way, only one man in Gotham could do weapons that precise.

You took the photo with you, heading to the weapon shop, which was open in Gotham 24/7. You knew the owner, who was kind to everyone who came to buy something.

Shop wasn’t looking too fancy, windows looked like they weren’t cleaned a while and when you opened the doors, they made a terrible noice. Interior of the shop didn’t changed, it was exactly like you remembered. Big guns on top of the rusty iron shelves were clean and polished.

“Hello?” old man said from behind counter.

“Hey dad..” you told him as you came closer.

“Long time no see..” he said and frowned, “What happened?” he asked.

“I need to know who did this,” you said and took out, from your pocket folded, stolen photo.

Your dad fixed his glasses and looked on it.

“It looks like crossbow killer was in action again,” he laughed and gave you back photo.

“Dad, I need to know who is he. That arrow is from your shop, isn’t it?” you whispered as you heared opening the doors.

“Who told you, she is he?” he laughed and smiled when he saw girl, dressed in black and purple, entering the shop.

“Oh, hello, i did not expected you to be here so soon,”

he said and she smiled at him, holding the helmet in her hands.

“Hi, as usual please,” she came to counter, pulling money from her pocket.

“Of course, wait here,” your dad said, going somewhere in back of the shop.

“You looking for somebody?” she asked you, pointing at the photo.

“No, no.. Just checking..” you mumbled, holding your eye contact away from her, slipping the photo back into your pocket.

“Okay then,” she smiled. You dad came back with a little box.

“Thanks,” she told, opening the box with the little arrows, similiar to the one on the photo.

“Bye,” she said and left the shop.

You were just collecting your thoughts at what really happened. She is the crossbow killer!

“Bye dad, I think i have to go..” you mumbled, running to stop the mysterious woman.

“These childrens..” Your dad told himself and shaked his head.

When you walked out of the shop, there was nobody. Not even a trace of the Crossbow lady.

It was getting late, sun started to fall slowly down like your hopes.

It was already dark, with starts above you as you went back to your boyfriend with empty hands.

Maybe it was better that you didn’t followed her.

You didn’t even knew what you would tell her. You didn’t planed to kill her, just to blackmail her or maybe steal the crossbow from her, and now she is gone.

Somebody suddenly crushed into you, as you walked by.

“Hey, mind where you going,” you turned to him as he standed there facing you suspiciously. After that you felt somebody’s arms wrapping around you, throwing you in the trunk of a car. You tried to scream, but nothing, no one was around to save you.

They threw you out on ground in some old warehouse, which reminded you Roman and Victor, but this warehouse was darker.

“You took her weapons?” one of them said.

“Yes of course, I am not an idiot,” said the other one.

There was just two of them, both of them looking like burgulars. They were poor, jugding by choice of clothing.

“What the fuck?” you shouted as one of them kicked you into the back.

“That’s for Clary!” they both screamed as they continued with kicking you.

“Who!? Who is Clary?” you asked and they stopped.

“You are (y/n) (y/s), You are dating Roman Sionis, the man who killed my wife,” one of them told you, kneeling down to you.

“Sure, look i am sorry about your wife, but that wasn’t me, dude,” you said.

“That doesn’t matter!” he hissed at you, leaning his face closer, which was a big opportunity for you. They took the guns, but they forgot the knife.

You took it from your belt, stabbing the kidnapper into the cheek. The second one was pulling a gun at you.

“Oh, darling, you don’t even know how to shoot with that,” you smirked, standing up, ready to leave this damn place.

And it was true, he didn’t know, but surprise came across your face when you saw big figure, dropping through the ceiling, falling down to kiddnaper.

“Shit..” you mumbled and started running away from the Dark knight himself.

And that is how you got into this situation, standing alone trapped in this corner, you turned to face him.

“You can’t take me. I did nothing wrong..” you laughed as you watched him comming closer to you.

“You have nothing against me. I just defended myself there,” you shouted at him.

Your shouts were muted by his punch. Then, you lost consciousness.

Then, you woke up, laying in some little cell. It looked familiar. It looked like.. Blackgate..?

“No, no, no.. Shit!” you screamed and kicked to doors.

“Hey! Go away from the doors,” cop told you, and you obeyed and stepped back from the door.

“Wait, I need to ask you something,” you shouted to officer. He just raised eyebrows, “What do you want?”

“Why… Why am I here? Shouldn’t i be judged by court at first?” you asked, you knew you had some criminal background, but you weren’t 100% evil.

“Oh, you are not here permanently. We have you, we have also your boyfriend. When he comes to save you, we will get him and then we will move you to another cell,” cop laughed and left.

You caught your head, you wanted out, but you hoped that Roman is not comming for you. You didn’t wanted be the reason, which is gonna get him behind bars.

Time was passing slower than usual, or not? You didn’t know. Cell was small, boring, without the window, without the chance to see what is going on outside.

It was like time stopped and suddenly, you were all alone. You felt tear slowly comming from your eye. You realized that if Roman doesn’t come for you, he probably didn’t loved you that much as you thought. But if he came, he would be here trapped with you. You hated batman and cops for putting you in this position. Light above your head went out and you were thinking, if you already spent whole day here. No, that wasn’t possible, they would give you some food and water. When the light above your head started flickering, you got up from bed.

Somebody broke in.. That was the next thought that popped into your head. Roman? You ran to doors, looking around through the small window. Others inmates started bashing on doors, shouting on the uninvited guest.

When you saw familiar Black mask, you bashed on doors.

“Hey, this is a trap, you have to go!” you screamed at him, as he tilted his head and called, “Zsasz?”

Roman whispered something to Victor, who just smirked waving you through the window.

“Don’t worry princess, we got this,” said Vic, kissed the window and ran away. Roman gave him an ugly glare, and put down his mask.

“I know, babe, that is why we need to go right now,” He said, unlocking the doors. His mout hang open as he opened the doors.

“What?” you asked.

“I know this is not the right time for me to say that, but damn, you look so hot in that prison uniform,” Roman said and you rolled your eyes, pushing him forward, away from the cells. Other prisoners didn’t stopped kicking into doors and you heared few police officers.

“Sure, look who is talking, I am sure the prison uniform would fit you as well,” you smirked as you both ran to the exit.

Outside, you both ran to his Rolls-royce.

“Wait.. Where is Victor?” you stopped and asked.

“He will be back, enter the car my dear, please do it now,” Roman said, entering his car.

You sat next to him, watching the back doors entrance open. It was some officer, who was slowly comming closer to the car, and when he opened doors on the driver’s spot, you held your breath.

“So, I guess we can go,” said the police officer and turned to us. It was Victor in police uniform.

“Victor! Why did you.. Oh wait.. That’s a brilliant idea,” Roman and Victor smirked as you laughed.

“But how did you.. Where are guys, that were guarding this place?” you asked, while Victor started the car, leaving this horrible place.

“Look out from your window (y/n),” Roman pointed to window, at your left side, showing you the view of cops, who were fighting against Roman’s army.

“That’s impressive, what about Batman?” you asked and Roman’s face went from being confident to being shocked.

“Batman, he is going after you? What have you done?” he asked you, holding your shoulders.

“Nothing, I.. I don’t know why is he going after me,” you lied and fixed his messy hair.

“Are you sure, he is not after us all?” Victor asked and increased the speed of the car nervously.

“I have no idea, but that could be the reason,” you mumbled as Roman hugged you.

“Baby, it was just a day and i missed you so much,” Roman moaned into your ear and you smirked.

“I missed you too,” you said as he wrapped his gloved hand around your neck, kissing you slowly.

On the way home, nothing bad happened, no Batman, no cops, no kidnappers or crossbow killers. Sun was slowly rising.

“Beep, beep,” Victor said as he parked next to Black mask club. “Hey, love birds, wake up!” he shouted. You and Roman, were peacefully sleeping, Roman sitting and you, laying your head on his lap.

As Vic shouted, you both woke up.

Club was closed, and you were glad. This night was so stressful and you both went up to bedroom to get some sleep. After bath and dressing up to pajamas, you both laid on bed, hugging eachother.

“I love you,” you smiled and gave him kiss.

“I love you too,” he kissed you back and you both felt asleep.

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Hi! Can I request a fic where dad!roman who influences their kid and mum!reader just goes like Roman nO with prompt 47 “You’re seriously like a man-child.” please? Thank you❤️

Dad content is what gets me GOING! You’re welcome hunny ❤️

(This is a blurb but I will write a dad!roman fic if you want more!)

47. “You’re seriously like a man-child.”


Originally posted by directedbysnyder

You sat at the table with your kids as you listened to the conversations they were holding with Roman. Mister “with all due respect, fuck family” decided that a family wouldn’t be that bad. Specially if it was with you.

You were sipping your coffee and mindlessly scrolling through your phone. Sometimes listening if the conversation was going south. Roman has a tendency to try and “corrupt” your children. As he put it. “And If anyone tries to mess with you, you know what you do?” He asked the two boys who sat side by side at the table.

“Roman” you started in a warning tone as you watched the scene unfold. “Beat them up!” Your second youngest announced proudly. You rubbed your face with your hands as you sighed loudly. “Jackson, we do not beat-“ you stopped and watched as the boys started to list off more ways of “teaching people a lesson”. “How about we play a game called eat your cereal before mommy gets upset”

The boys stopped and nodded quickly. Ever so eager to play games and eat. Got that from both of you. You gave Roman a look. He looked at you and put his hands up in mock surrender. “What?” He says in a teasing tone. “You’re seriously like a man-child.” You say back with a shake of your head, smiling nonetheless. “And I love you” you added.

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i'm a whore for content so.... no. 20 of the kissing prompts w roman, mayhaps ? with the reader on the higher stair 🥺 :)

feeding me the Roman content so I can feed you right back 🥺🥺

20. Kissing in a stairwell, giving them an artificial height difference.


Originally posted by genekellys

You stood perched on the bottom step of the staircase that led directly into the club. Roman’s club to be more precise. Your eyes did yet another lap around the room, trying to spot your man. And whatever color outfit he had on that night. He was easy to find sometimes. But not tonight. It felt as if he was being difficult. Like it was a game. “See how long it takes my baby doll to find me in a packed room” type of shit.

You began to assess your attire. Simple. Thankfully it wasn’t pjs. You were upstairs doing work so it was a casual day. Many people showed up to clubs in jeans. Right? It didn’t matter anyways. You basically were a face for this club too. You weren’t going to try and brave the drunken crowd of people here to party.

It wasn’t worth it. You turned around to begin heading back upstairs. “Hey baby doll” there he was! You turned back around and smiled upon finally seeing your man. “Hi” you giggled happily. You always turned into a giggling mess no matter what. No matter how many months or years you two were together. He would always hold that power to make you blush and giggle instantly.

“I was just looking for you, wanted to know when you were going to come back up” You twirled a piece of hair around your finger. A smirk graced his full lips as he stepped towards you, staying put on the floor. “I’ll be up in 2 hours, and make sure you’re ready for me, okay baby doll?” You nodded instantly. You set your hands on his shoulders and kissed him deeply. You were given the leverage from the step you were stood on. “I’m taller then you” you teased.

Roman swatted your ass playfully. “Not for long” he teased back and watched as you walked upstairs, giving him one last glance before disappearing into the pent house again.

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Rivalry || Roman Sionis

Part Two

Reminder this is a story I’m doing it doesn’t have the “Y/N” to it only the other character I made up myself! enjoy x


Ever since that night at the club Victoria couldn’t get Roman off her mind. She could sense she was getting under his skin, personally and sexually. She loved it. But she knew what she had to do, and that was to take him down no matter how much she wanted him to fuck her till she shook.

On the north side of Gotham City she lived in her small penthouse apartment right above one of her diamond shops. Her business was strictly getting what she wanted. She owned three business like she said to Roman. One was her mobster crime business, Two was her small business of making her own clothing like the suits she wore and Three was V Magnum Diamonds, she owned that place after getting what she wanted from Bruce Wayne’s estate which was easy. The woman was close to 26 and already owned businesses without any man. She even had her own henchmen’s as well, a small group of men who sneaked out the nooks and crazies of Gotham like she wanted, especially the east end.

She sat in her office, going over papers lots and lots of newspapers about Roman Sionis. She wasn’t obsessed with him, she wanted to know her research on him, and boy was there a lot. He was known for being behind the murders of the Bertinelli’s and rumors spread about him going after one of their precious diamonds. The idea came to key in her head.

“Pauli!” She yelled for one of her henchmen. Pauli has worked for Victoria for nearly 2 years and was the one who helped her in combat and self defense when she was nearly 19. Practically a brother to her. “Yes boss?” He said from the doorway. “Get me the info on the Bertinelli massacre” he nodded as he went to find articles about it. Victoria knew that if Roman was part of that massacre then he’s more than sure after that diamond as well. What better yet to get it before he does.


On the other side of town in the east end Roman was frustrated as usual. Victor found everything possible on Victoria Velinti, being every article and stuff online he could find. Roman was amazed on the info he found. This woman was no joke which made it harder for Roman not to like her. He couldn’t stop thinking of when she stepped foot in his club, how she dressed, the way she talked all business like, her voice dripping like honey, the way he could imagine what her mouth could do… how much he wanted to make her….his.

“Boss?” Victor yelled coming into his office shaking Roman out of his thoughts. “What is is now Victor?” He asked simply annoyed. “I relocated the Bertinelli diamond!” He said. Roman jumped up from his chair at the news. “Spectacular news!” He said walking to Victor. “Where is it?” He asked. “Gotham City bank, west side” Victor said flatly. “Well then go get it! I want that diamond!”


Victoria was already one step ahead from Roman. She entered the Gotham City bank with no cares no worries, no one really knew how big of a crime boss she was on the west side of things. When she walked in, she flatly said she owned the diamond her self. That someone stole it from her store that was strictly Gotham jewelry and more so diamonds. The teller went with the story which Victoria cheered in her head, handing her the diamond like nothing at all. Victoria grinned from ear to ear knowing that this small diamond hid the Bertinelli’s fortune which would make her even more richer in Gotham City more than Roman would dream of.

She walked out of the bank like nothing as she walked passed a familiar face. Victor Zsasz. Victor glanced at her then back to where he was walking till it clicked in his brain. He secondly looked back as he saw the young woman walking away and her features and the way she walked and dressed he knew it was her. What he didn’t know was she took the very thing Roman wanted and needed.

Victor walked into Gotham City bank asking for the diamond till the teller said they don’t have it. Which made Victor furious. “What the fuck do you mean you don’t have it?” He said scaring the bank teller. “Well… a young woman just came in and claimed it, said it was stolen from her store” the teller explained. “Did she have a name?” He asked as the teller shook their head. He quickly walked out of the bank as he still noticed the young woman who walked past him was getting in her car and eventually driving off. Now he knew who took the diamond.


Roman was relaxing as usual in his penthouse getting his normal wrinkle injections which he never needed but the man wanted to look young. The smell of sage filled his apartment as he finally felt calm and relaxed.

“She took the diamond!” He over heard Victor say. Roman’s eyes opened wide at the words. “What?” He said her voice stated to get angry. “Victoria Velinti… she took it” Roman shot up from his couch shooing the other people out till it was just him and victory. “What the fuck do you mean SHE took it?” He said sitting up. “I went to the bank and a woman passed by me I thought nothing of it till I walked into the bank and the teller said a young woman took it.” Roman’s eyebrow twitched. This woman sure did have balls to fuck with him especially after something he’s been looking for ever since the massacre.

Roman started cursing and throwing his pillows around. “Fucking Fuck! I don’t ask for much do I? That diamond is my thing MY things!” He yelled. Victor tried to calm him but Roman was already in over his head.

He huffed and sighed throwing the last pillow as it flew over Victor’s head. He then turned to him.

“Find her! I don’t care what you have to do to get her back to this fucking club! I want her and that diamond now! You hear me? NOW” he said screaming which caused Victor to quickly leave the room. Roman was gonna show her who was boss, in ways it turned him on knowing she was gonna be submissive to him once he has his hands on her. Submissive and begging to be let go.


Victoria on the other hand was ecstatic, she got the diamond before Roman and she had no cares in the world. She sat in her office looking over the diamond in her hand smiling hard, she was gonna be rich, richer than Bruce Wayne. But her thoughts got interrupted when shots broke out, causing her to pull out her own gun while she was at it. She left her office chair walking to the door entrance peering around the corner only to see her henchmen Pauli on the ground bleeding

“No no no no no” she said running fast to him. “I’m alright boss…” but he was clearly not ok. “Just add pressure to it ok!” She said as she motioned to help him till she heard a click from behind her head and a hand wrapped around her neck covering her mouth.

“Time to have a little fun” she heard the sadistic voice whisper in her ear with a chuckle. Next thing she knew she was out cold.

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Headcannons for self quarantining with Roman?

I love this ahhh imagine being with Roman during quarantine I’d be very happy tbfh omg

Headcanons for self quarantining with Roman includes :


  • The two of you heard about the virus spread the night Roman came back early from his business trip
  • He closed the club down for the time being so it was just you, Roman and Victor.
  • Before this all got out of hand you thankfully went out and bought the most needed things you needed.
  • food, alcohol, some dvds, candy, bath tub needs, things Roman loved as well, necessities, thank god toilet paper
  • “I seriously had to fight three people for the toilet paper cause they were running out.”
  • “What do you mean you had to fight for toilet paper?”
  • “Roman… lets just say people are going crazy”
  • You both weren’t sure how long this was gonna last being stuck inside
  • But again you both didn’t mind being sick inside together.
  • Roman was still ticked he couldn’t continue his business trip
  • But he was with his favorite girl and that made him happy
  • Watching movies together
  • Sleeping together basically all night
  • “What time is it?”
  • “3am”
  • “Excuse the fuck what? It was 9pm a min ago”
  • “Yeah 3am is the new 12am now love”
  • Victor joining y’all in watching movies till he gets tired and goes back to his apartment which is underneath Roman’s penthouse
  • Roman still going over his business plans in his office
  • Walking around with no pants on and only a large t shirt
  • Roman getting turned on by it
  • “Baby…you shouldn’t walk around half naked like that, your gonna make me take you right here and now”
  • “Well then… put your words where your mouth is then… Sionis”
  • Sex
  • Lots and lots of sex
  • Sex to the point Victor can’t stand hearing it since he lived underneath y’all
  • You getting sick out of nowhere
  • Roman getting worried
  • “Do you have a fever?”
  • “No”
  • “Coughing?”
  • “No”
  • “You breathing ok-“
  • “Roman darling, I have a stuffy nose and head cold I’m ok”
  • Roman taking care of you, he makes you a bath and cooked some breakfast for you the one week
  • Roman being soft was a side you adored the most
  • Eventually you started feeling better
  • Roman drinking his scotch in his maroon pajamas looking outside his window watching people still being outside as you came up behind him in your lacy seethrough coverall
  • “Can you believe people are acting like this is nothing?”
  • “They are idiots”
  • Quarantine wasn’t as bad as it was
  • Yes you were eventually getting panicky and anxious
  • Being inside did that to you
  • But Roman calmed you and told you everything will be ok
  • You believe him
  • Being with him in quarantine wasn’t that bad after all
  • You were safe at home with your love what more could you ask for

ahh I tried my best on this I kinda made it soft and cute! hope ya liked it x

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Requests open for headcanons and preferences 💖

Marvel: Original 6, Peter Parker, Wanda Maximoff, Pietro Maximoff, Bucky Barnes, Scott Lang, Stephen Strange.

Star Wars: Anakin Skywalker, Kylo Ren, Ben Solo, Padme Amidala, Obi Wan Kenobi, Armitage Hux, Poe Dameron, Rey.

Supernatural: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Lucifer, Gabriel, Charlie, Rowena, Kevin Tran, Crowley.

Birds of prey :Harley Quinn, Victor Zsasz, Roman Sionis.

In you request add the character you want and some details of what you want.

I don’t write smut.

For preferences gimme at least 3 characters.

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Requests open for hc’s and preferences

Marvel: Original 6, Peter Parker, Wanda Maximoff, Pietro Maximoff, Bucky Barnes, Scott Lang, Stephen Strange.

Ewan McGregor: Roman Sionis, Obi Wan Kenobi, Danny Torrance.

Star Wars: Anakin Skywalker, Kylo Ren, Ben Solo, Padme Amidala, Obi Wan Kenobi, Armitage Hux, Poe Dameron, Rey.

Supernatural: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Lucifer, Gabriel, Charlie, Rowena, Kevin Tran, Crowley.

DC:Harley Quinn, Victor Zsasz, Roman Sionis.

In you request add the character you want and some details of what you want.

I don’t write smut.

For preferences gimme at least 3 characters.

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His Property (a jealous Roman Sionis imagine)


Originally posted by directedbysnyder

Here’s a Roman x reader imagine to tide you guys over while I work on requests (the first of which will be out tomorrow).

Warnings: Smut, rough sex, hints of bdsm, language, explicit sex, etc.


  • You and Roman have been exclusive for awhile. While you’d be more than happy to label your relationship, he prefers to keep it ambiguous.
  • One night, particularly frustrated with your flamboyant beau’s behavior, you decide to make him jealous.
  • You stand on a table near the bar at the club, beckoning some drunk and mildly attractive guy to come up and grind on you.
  • Most patrons ignore you, not thinking anything of it. But a few know exactly what you’re doing.
  • Roman orders Zsasz and a few goons to dispose of your dance partner. He’ll take care of you personally.
  • The club quiets as Roman slings you over his shoulder. He reassures all his club goers as he exits with you through the elevator.
  • Ignoring your protests, he smacks your ass warningly. He takes you to the bedroom immediately. His silk suit is cool against your hot skin. Expensive spicy cologne tickles your nose.
  • Tossing you on the bed, he makes you strip. You’re wearing nothing underneath.
  • He binds your wrists before smacking your bare ass until your skin is red and raw. This is what you want. Making him jealous feels so good.
  • Unzipping his pants, he pulls out his hard cock. Running himself down the length of your slit, he enters you with a sharp thrust.
  • Hands grip your thighs hard enough to bruise as his thrusts become harder and harder, until you can’t take it anymore.
  • You come hard on him, urging him to spill his seed in you. He pulls a blanket over your limp and bruised body.
  • “You’re mine. And I don’t t share” he whispers before making himself decent and returning to the club.
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Rivalry || Roman Sionis

now this is something I wanted to try it’s not a Y/N fic or anything like that I made my one character up so this is a smallish fic maybe long fic I’ll do based on my other character a female mobster with roman sionis as a rivalry but down the line they will be together?? I’m making it a hard to get fic in a way too so yeah! Maybe I’ll even post it on wattpad as well maybe! But I’ll do it here first!



no warning except this fic will have cursing and sexual innuendos and yes smut!! Again it’s not a Y/N it’s based on my oc and my own story of roman and a rivalry between him and a female mobster who eventually do get together but again this is my fic story and I wanted to share it and maybe post it on wattpad too!

Roman Sionis aka the King of Gotham City. He owns everything in the east end and will stop at nothing to get the entire city to be owned by him. He owns a little more so big club in the east end of Gotham called “The Black Mask Club” his designs for the club you’d say are exquisite yet strange, even more of you saw his penthouse which was right above the club. The man practically lives in his own club along side his sadistic henchmen Victor Zsasz “Zsasz” for short.

Roman loves being in control and getting his way, his offers, his deals, if something didn’t go his way he’d throw himself around have a tantrum yet after that he’d have to do what he had to do. That was peal the enemies faces off of they turn on him or didn’t do as he wanted and torture them. He didn’t care if he didn’t get what he wanted he’d find away and leave Victor to it.

That was till something well someone new was running Gotham on the north side of town. He found this out and didn’t like it, nOPE not one bit. Roman Sionis owned Gotham not this other imposter that he heard so much about.

He was enjoying his time at his club, his songbird singing the songs he instructed for her to sing, his club was life full and energetic. He made sure everyone was having a good time. He was wearing his blue velvet suit and his hair nicely styled wearing his golden lightly colored sunglasses with his black mixed golden gloves on his hands.

“Whooo!” “Who’s having a good time?! You are!” He pointed at someone towards the booth. He grinned from ear to ear with no cares in the world. “Shots on the house tonight!” He yelled over the music as everyone cheered, the man was a bachelor at his finest. He drank his scotch as he watched Black Canary sing nothing could ruin this perfect moment he was having.

“Boss!” He over heard Victor from behind him he turned to glance at him. “Yes Victor?” He asked. Victor moves his head nodding to left as Roman glanced to where he was nodding at.

There stood a woman who looked in her mid 20s wearing a black dress suit with gold patterns on it, she wore high heels, as well as black gloves. Roman eyed at her up and down at her figure and fashion of course as he turned back to Victor. “Who is she?” He asked. Victor looked at Roman moving in closer. “That’s your new rival” he said. Roman shocked. That’s the one running the north side of Gotham? He excepted it to be some guy who didn’t know what he was doing, maybe ones of Penguins men or some lowlife but not some woman. Roman thought for a moment as he glanced back at her as she stood by the bar drinking a cocktail.

He moved in closer to Victor. “Bring her to me” he said sternly as he walked over sitting in one of the booths. Victor quickly obliged and walked over to the woman. He leaned on the side of the bar looking at her. “Someone would like to speak to you” he said, she glanced at him from her drink with small smile. “And who might that be?” She said back. “The owner of this club… he’s right over there” he said staring over at Roman. The woman quickly glanced at the man sitting in the booth as two other woman sat with him, he looked like some big shot who owned a playboy mansion someone who was way too into himself. She looked to Victor and smiled. “I’d be gladly to”

“They really know how to make a cocktail in this club” Roman said to the girl next to him with smug smirk. He glanced around the club and noticed the woman Victor was talking about coming his way. “Excuse me ladies I have business to attend to!” He mentioned to the woman sitting with him shooing them away as they got up to leave. He quickly ran a hand through his hair as the woman finally approached him. “I know a new face when I see one” he said with a smile. He got a better look at her and boy was she something else. She was gorgeous and stunning, he was amazed this was his rivalry? The things that flashed in his mind as he looked at her, dirty things. She smiled at him as she sat inside the booth as he quickly did as well sitting across from her.

“So…” she hesitated looking at him. God was he handsome, she could smell his cologne a smile away mixed with alcohol and cigaret smoke. “Your Roman Sionis?” She said sipping at her drinking while keeping eye contact with him. He swallowed while watching her, boy did he want to fuck her good till she couldn’t walk. He cleared his throat. “Yes I am dear.. and you are?” He asked leaning back getting a good look at her in front of him. She bit her lip lightly looking at him. “Victoria Valenti” she said. He grinned slightly looking at her. “And what do I owe to this pleasure?” He asked leaning in with his elbows on the table. “The east end of Gotham City” she spoke. He raised an eyebrow looking at her. Was she for real? There was no way in hell he was giving up the east end especially to a woman who thinks she is about to take him down.

He laughed slightly “I’m sorry dear but that is never gonna happen” she hummed leaning closer on the table keeping eye contact with him. He may be hot but she wasn’t going down without a fight. “Oh it is gonna happen Sionis… I own the north side of Gotham, I own three businesses and already took Bruce Wayne’s entire estate” she said as she took her hand reaching out to Roman touching his exposed chest dragging a finger up it to his neck placing it under his chin all the while never breaking eye contact. Roman felt his cock twitch. No woman ever has made him feel this way, never and the fact she was stealing his power, his control making him slightly weak under her touch made his blood boil. “I get what I want!” She continued taking Roman out of his trance. She was about to pull her hand back when he gripped it close to him. “Listen here darling, I own Gotham and you may own the north side but you will not get the east end. You really don’t know who you are dealing with here” he said sternly and now she was feeling something in return. His voice left her feeling wet having to close her legs together from the slightly shock that was sent to her core. She grinned at him pulling her hand back from his grip as she placed it under her chin leaning on it. “You certainly don’t know who you are dealing with ether… Mr. Sionis. You may own the east end but you certainly do not own Gotham!” Roman’s blood boiled as he did not want to hear he didn’t own things cause he certainly did.

“And you think a little girl like you is gonna own Gotham?” He spat making her laugh lightly. “Sweetie… I am not some little girl.. I know this city like the back of my hand unlike you!” She spoke as she got up from her seat as Roman followed soot. “You may know this city darling but I know that I always win in the end.” He said coming closer to her, his sent was intoxicating making her tremble inside but she kept her ground. Instead she leaned closer into him looking at him intensively “Well see about that….Sionis” she said giving a slight peck on his cheek as she turned on her heels walking away to the entrance of the club leaving him speechless.

He frustratedly huffed as he walked over to Victor. “Find everything you need to on that Victoria Valenti” he said leaning into Victor as he walked away. There was no way in hell he was gonna let her take his power, his control. No matter how much that woman made him feel, how much he wanted to push her against the wall and fuck her till she was screaming his name in his club for everyone to hear. He wasn’t gonna let her win, even if the fight had to be deadly.

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the classy mob boss has jumped out of me



Kinda close to making a fic maybe that will have 5 chapters or more on here based on my female version of roman but me making my character just a female mob boss that revivals with Roman while having feelings for each other???

*also yes I had more pics of this look😏*

idk I have a cute idea for it cause my cosplay is giving me that female mob boss Gotham City idea omg

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Rival crime boss!reader x roman sionis :3 ?

(not my gif)

Love, I’m sorry this took me a while but here it is, I changed a little bit the request, I hope you don’t mind.

Being a mob boss and dating Roman Sionis would include…

  • Contrary to what many would believe, Roman and you have never had problems
  • You two work in different areas of Gotham and you both respect the limits
  • You’ve only seen him a few times in parties, dinners, galas, etc. He’s gorgeous tho
  • There’s nothing more dangerous than a man with charm
  • Unlike him you didn’t came from a rich family, you builded your empire by your own
  • He respects you for that and he’s also surprised of you being so powerful at your age
  • Also, you’re hot, not like the rich but old women who are usually interested in him
  • So one day, one of his henchmens tried to kill one of yours, in your territory
  • that wasn’t okay, so you had to go to The Black Mask to talk with Romy
  • “Ms. y/l/n! To whom I owe the pleasure of having u here?”

“Stop it, we need to talk.”

“Of course my dear. Follow me”

  • You went to his office, you were a little bit distracted because he looked so handsome with that blue velvet suit and he knew it
  • “Mr. Sionis, you know how this things are, one of your puppets tried to kill one of mine in my territory of the city”

“I’m sure he had a reason. But honestly, what you want me to do? For what I heard he’s not even dead”

“What kind of mobster would I be if i let this go? I want him dead, we have limits, remember? And unless you want to start a war between us I suggest you to do what i said.”

“You’re a tough one, aren’t you? Alright, but I have one condition for you, kitten”

“You’re not in the position to ask anything, I am here for a reason and I’m not leaving unless you give me that man”

“This is my place , of course I am, I don’t have to do what you want. In fact, i could kill you right here, right now. But as I already told you my dear, there is a condition, let me take you to dinner”

“What? If you think I’m forgetting the incident you can be s…”

“Dear, you can kill that guy with your own hands if you want to, I just want to have dinner with you ”

“I… alright but if you try anything you’re dead”

  • Your first “date” was in a fancy restaurant
  • He was a gentleman
  • The conversation was really nice, you have lots of things in common
  • obviously
  • After the 6th date you officially started to be a couple
  • You were  a mob boss, but not an expert yet and that’s why he gives u some advices
  • You killing people or being a badass turns him on
  • Victor likes you, finally a girl of his boss level
  • If u need it Vic is willing to help you
  • No one suspects you’re a mobster, mostly ‘cause you look like a normal sweet woman
  • Roman knows you don’t need expensive gifts but he likes to buy stuff for you
  • Badass couple in general
  • Another criminals know not to mess with any of you
  • After some time he asks u to live in the penthouse with him
  • You said yes but never get rid of your own apartment, just in case
  • Neither of you mess with each others bussiness
  • “Son of a bitch!”

“Woah! Baby girl, what’s wrong?”

“That jerk has been stealing from me!”

“What? Who? ”

“One of my men! Damn it! ”

“Oh dear, think about it, go and have fun with him, teach him a lesson”

  • Killing is kinda easy at this point, he likes to watch you
  • All of his henchmens have to respect you also yours have to do the same with Roman
  • Sometimes he takes you with him to the warehouse
  • Are you a criminal? Yes
  • Are you a psycho like Roman? Hell no, not even close
  • Mind blowing sex
  • Kinky af
  • “Open your pretty mouth for daddy, that’s my baby girl”
  • Bondage, bdsm, daddy kink, praise kink, breeding kink, breath play
  • “You look so beautiful with my hand around your neck”
  • He treats you like a queen
  • “Sweets, you’re so beautiful ”

“What? Oh, I love you too”

“I never said I love you ”

“Yes you did, in your own way but yes”

  • When the whole Harley Quinn started you stayed away
  • You actually like Harley, she’s really nice
  • For you she’s something like a friend, she has always been cool to you
  • You don’t hurt kids unlike Roman and Victor
  • If you’re going to kill somebody you have to be 100% sure they’re guilty of something
  • You kill only if necessary, killing someone just for being annoying is not common to you
  • Roman likes to work by his own most of the time but you do have deals with other mobsters like Penguin
  • Mr. Sionis is not agree with thlse deals but never said a word
  • You’re the King and Queen of Gotham
  • He’s crazy for you
  • he doesn’t understand love very well but he knows what he feels for you is that, love
  • Everybody should be scared of you two
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