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Neo: *kisses Roman* And no, we’re child free by choice. Neither of us really want kids, we’d rather focus on our careers and each other.

Neo: And as for most people not shipping me and Roman? Well I don’t really care that much. Ship and let ship after all. I only mind when it bleeds into my real life and have people telling me to leave Roman or, and I quote, “Come step on my face.” Like dude. Fucking No. I am not your waifu, I will never step on you, and I will never like you. Ever. Period. Full, fucking, stop. LEAVE ME ALONE!

Roman: Feel better?

Neo: A bit.

Roman: *hugs her* Now?

Neo: *smiles* Much better.

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Qrow: It would have been pretty cool honestly. I would have liked to see more background for my character and the other members of team STRQ.

Roman: Same here. I mean come on, how cool would a book about my character be? I’d rad the hell out of that!

Summer: But we’re also very happy that team CFVY got their own book! Along with more of team SSSN!

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Aliens (1986)

1) Raven Branwen as Ellen Ripley (reasoning: warrior leader and also because of who I have Yang cast as) 

2) Taiyang Xiao Long as Corporal Dwayne Hicks (reasoning: Raven’s love interest and being an all-around good guy) 

3) Whitley Schnee as Carter Burke (reasoning: let’s say that the Schnee Dust Company replaces the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. In that case, it made sense that Whitley took the role of the slimy corporate exec) 

4) Penny Polendina as Bishop (reasoning: android assistant) 

5) Yang Xiao Long as Rebecca “Newt” Jordan (reasoning: Raven’s daughter. Although in this AU, Yang would be Raven’s daughter-figure) 

6) Cardin Winchester as Pvt. Hudson (reasoning: the arrogant, douchebag bully) 

7) Peter Port as Lt. Gorman (reasoning: I was thinking who among the adults could be an incompetent commanding officer and for some reason, Port kept coming to mind) 

8) Winter Schnee as Pvt. Vasquez (reasoning: badass female soldier who hates incompetence) 

9) James Ironwood as Capt. Apone (reasoning: the competent military officer)

10) Clover Ebi, Caroline Cordovin, Vine Zeki, Harriet Bree, Elm Ederne, Marrow Amin and one extra Atlas soldier as Drake, Frost, Ferro, Spunkmeyer, Dietrich, Crowe, and Wierzbowski aka the marines who get wiped out by the Grimm-Xenomorphs in the first ambush (reasoning: Atlas soldiers under Ironwood’s command) 

11) The Grimm take the place of the Aliens/Xenomorphs


Scarface (1983)

1) Adam Taurus as Tony Montana / Scarface (reasoning: minority facing discrimination, power-hungry asshole who becomes a violent leader / EDIT: Oh, I just realized, the name ‘Scarface’ could also reference the branding on his face)

2) Ilia Amitola as Manny Ray (reasoning: member of the White Fang. Also, I have Ilia as Manny mainly because of who I have Blake cast as)

3) Neopolitan as Elvira (reasoning: to keep with the themes of human-faunus relations, Elvira had to be a human character. Also, Neo is a crazy criminal, so she fit the role)

4) Blake Belladonna as Gina Montana (reasoning: one, to reference Adam’s unhealthy obsession with Blake and Blake’s initial fascination of Adam. Two, since Manny and Gina get together and Ilia has a canon crush on Blake)

5) Roman Torchwick as Frank Lopez (reasoning: Roman’s connection to Neo and Roman being a criminal mastermind) 

6) Jacques Schnee as Alejandro Sosa (reasoning: the big-name supplier, just switch cocaine with dust. Also, since Adam is the main protagonist, it made sense to have the Schnees as the main villains) 

7) Klein Sieben as the shotgun-wielding assassin who kills Tony (reasoning: works for the Schnee family) 


The Breakfast Club (1985) 

1) Cardin Winchester as John Bender (The Criminal) - reasoning: the asshole bully who harasses everyone

2) Weiss Schnee as Claire Standish (The Princess) - reasoning: the snobbish girl who thinks she’s all that 

3) Sun Wukong as Andrew Clark (The Athlete) - reasoning: this was a surprisingly hard role to fill in. Eventually, I just went with the character who I thought fit the mold of the “stock high school athlete”, which was Sun.  

4) Ruby Rose as Brian Johnson (The Brain) - reasoning: the goodie-two-shoes nerd who has trouble socializing with people

5) Blake Belladonna as Allison Reynolds (The Basket Case) - reasoning: the shy, introverted goth (well, closest to goth) girl who is seen as an outcast 

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RWBY Ship Headcannons BrOTP Edition #2: Froyo

  • Roman found poor little Neo when he was around seventeen and she was maybe three or four. He was absolutely horrified that someone would leave a little kid out in the Solitas snow, but for her sake, he just asks if she’d like to come with him.
  • They spend the rest of their lives with him stealing anything he can to support his new daughter, which seems like the appropriate thing to call her. Neo is positively ecstatic just to have a dad. As she gets older she also starts helping out by creating illusions with her Semblance, though it leads to a lot of almost getting caught when she’s just learning how to get the hang of it.
  • When it becomes apparent that Neo isn’t making a choice not to speak, Roman learns sign and then teaches her. It makes everything a lot easier.
  • Since they only ever have each other, Neo doesn’t ever try to leave. There have been a few times where she’s gotten too frustrated or upset and has actively gone against Roman’s wishes on jobs and such, but either she learns her lesson the hard way or he ends up apologizing. The only permanent time they get separated is the Fall of Beacon.
  • They encourage the living daylights out of each other’s tendencies and habits. The constructive ones like Neo’s short-lived passion for drawing as a teenager or Roman’s efforts to make himself look better than any crook in history. And the destructive ones like Roman stealing from Junior’s bar or Neo’s impressive track record of fighting anyone who says a bad word about him.
  • And Roman with his Semblance is nothing special — just making his pockets deeper for a bit to stash away more steals — but to Neo it’s the most remarkable thing ever! She’s fascinated with it, even though he doesn’t really think it’s anything that good.

Thanks for the suggestion! Remember ask box is OPEN for Ship Summaries, Ship Trials, Headcannon Requests and Headcannon Chibis!

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Rwby oc x canon ship week. Day 7: whatever you want


“Hey, Green Streak.. Long time no see.” 


“It’s alright, Olive…. I’m here now.”

So, we have reached the end, but let’s end it on a happy note. A while back, a few others and I were talking about how Olive would go through Vol 7. Then, an idea hit the group. What if Torchwick was in vol 7? This is that scenario. Olive is in her vol 7 outfit (my favorite out of all her outfits) and Torchwick is in an outfit I imagined for vol 7. It’s basically his jacket, but it buttons up differently.

I also would like to thank @sillytorch​ for helping me out by coming to my aid and providing reference for how the background should look. I had no idea how to do a perspective background properly and she helped me out majorly. Thank you so much, Silly! 

@rwbyocanonshipweek​ I also want to thank you, Mod Nub. If it weren’t for you, Olive would still just be an oc I shared with my friends. This ship week provided many an opportunity to post their oc x canon ships. Just thank you so much once again. 

All ship week prompts:

day 1 | day 2 | day 3 | day 4 | day 5 | day 6 | you are here 

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RWBY plays Among Us (part 3):
Qrow Branwen: Okay, I found Summer's body in O2. Now I know that y'all don't trust me because of my semblance but hear me out. I think it's Taurus and Ice Queen-
Adam Taurus: -WHAT!? HOW DARE YOU ASSUME I'D EVER BE WORKING WITH A SCHNEE! --> (Adam is the first impostor)
Winter Schnee: Everyone, don't listen to the drunkard, he has no idea what he's talking about --> (Winter is the second impostor)
Taiyang Xiao Long: Yeah Qrow, that accusation was kinda stupid, especially when we know who the REAL impostor is!
Qrow Branwen: Wait...we know who it is?
Taiyang Xiao Long: It's obviously Ironwood-
Qrow Branwen: Guys, I'm pretty sure it's not Jimmy. I'm telling you, it's Faunus-Killmonger and Ice Queen-
Winter Schnee: -The drunkard lies! He's lying! (starts sweating)
Summer Rose: (cheering loudly in her room, hoping that the group listens to Qrow)
Cinder Fall and Roman Torchwick: (also dead and both are amazed that Qrow somehow figured out who their killers are)
Qrow Branwen: (votes Adam Taurus)
James Ironwood: (votes Taiyang Xiao Long out of spite)
Taiyang Xiao Long, Raven Branwen, Neopolitan, Winter Schnee, Adam Taurus: (votes James Ironwood)
Qrow Branwen: Damn my bad luck! (mutes his mic)
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Roman: Is Neo still mad at me for laughing at her?

Banesaw: No

Roman: The one word answer makes it more terrifying

Banesaw: When I piss her off she makes a sim that looks like me and makes him die hilariously. She made a sim of you and tortured him to death for Twitch views.

Roman: that sounds close enough to forgiveness for me

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