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#romance prompts
screnprompts · 2 days ago
sad spicy prompts (hurt/comfort)
implied nsfw.
“ kiss the pain away. “
“ kiss me until it doesn't hurt anymore. “
“ i don't know about this... “
“ i'm just not sure if this is what you need right now... “
“ i need you to screw me to oblivion. “
“ i've never cried while having sex before. “
“ sex is good. sex is right. sex is what i need right now. “
“ missionary hug position? “ “ you... what do you mean by that? “
“ you're not crying because of me, right? “
“ does this feel good? “ “ no, i still feel like shit. “
“ are you absolutely sure this is what you need right now? “
“ it's not your fault i'm crying. “ “ oh thank god... “
“ you're so beautiful... even when you're crying. “
“ we're both wrecks. but the sex is good. “
“ sex is gonna make me feel good. “ “ maybe for a couple of minutes, but the pain will still be there when you finish. “
“ tonight is not about me. “
“ i've never seen you cry before. “ “ i'm sad for you. “
“ no, i don't want you to touch me. i don't want to lay here, and let your hands roam around my body while you're crying. that's just not right. “
“ can we forget about me for a second and focus on you? “
“ don't stop... please, don't stop... take my pain away... “
“ hey, let me kiss your tears away... “
“ i want you to be more gentle tonight. “
“ use me to get off. “
“ tell me where you need me to touch you. “
“ you're finished. “ “ but what about you? “ “ wasn't part of the deal. “
“ i told you. tonight is about you. you can make it up to me some other time. “
“ you need a distraction, i'll create a distraction. “
“ can we just have sex? i don't really feel like talking. “
“ this feels good. “ “ you're crying. “ “ yeah, but not because of you... “
“ my only purpose is to love you, through it all. “
“ you're crying. “ “ shut up. “ “ you really think i'm that terrible, huh? you've been faking this entire time? ;) “ “ shut up! :D “
“ i don't want any pleasure from you tonight, not when you feel this way. you'll finish, and then we'll go to sleep. “
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screnwriter · a day ago
can you think of any prompts for that shift from rivals to lovers? the denial, the frustration, ugh, just thinking about it gives me butterflies.
- 🦉
offering a hug when your rival is upset, because there's a line that can't be crossed and that is the other one being upset
you're the only one allowed to make jokes at your rival's expense, anyone else tries it and you come to their defense
giving up your award/opportunity for your rival
wondering why you spend every moment thinking of your rival, and beating yourself up over it
promising each other ''it's just a kiss'' but it's more than that
kissing your lover's forehead, wishing them good luck
ranting to your friends about your rival, so intensely that your friends start to suspect something else is in the air
being given the opportunity to sabotage for your rival, and going against your group when you decide not to go through with it
sabotaging for your rival, and then spending every moment awake trying to make up for it when you realize what you did was wrong
somehow always ending up in each other's company, even when you try to avoid each other
agreeing to work together, instead of against each other
sleeping with each other, wanting to pretend like it never happened, but you can't stop making things awkward
trying to throw your rival off balance by seducing them, but you end up seducing yourself instead because you're a little more attracted to them than you first anticipated
refusing to stand next to your rival because you know that if you do, you won't be able to think about anything other than taking your rival's hand
[while in a meeting] starting an argument by screaming at each other over what you're doing wrong in terms of [the company] when in reality the fight has to do with your feelings for each other
looking at your friends like they're dumb and leaving the room when they try to suggest that you might actually have feelings for your rival, claiming they're spewing bullshit
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starstruckspring · 2 days ago
100 romance dialogue prompts <3
Tumblr media
Please feel free to use these for anything, just give me credit c:
Feel free to replace any of the pronouns with they/her/etc
A / means that it is a response, e.g "I like ice cream"/"What's your favourite flavour?"
Tumblr media
"I've always loved your cheeks, so full of warmth and comfort"
"Let's create our own life of riches"
"We can buy a cottage in the woods and go, just go right now!"
"Give me your hand and I'll give you an opal rose, give me your spirit and I'll write you a spectacle of an opera"
"I love how happy you make me feel, I just want to scream your name into the never ending night sky"
"You know, you're the reason why I like dusty journals, rainy days and stiff sheets now"
"It's as if I'm seeing you for the first time all over again"
"Stop staring!"/" Why, shouldn't works of the renaissance be admired?"
"Let's learn to love these things, together"
"You're just you, and that's the best part"
"What's in the air?"/"Love, wishes and life"
"I just need you to catch me, because I'm falling fast"
"Stop smiling like that, every time you do it my heart sings just a little and I'm not a good singer"/" I can always sing for you"
"That was sloppy"/"So what? Want a kiss well done or something?"
"Do you know, all I want is you"
"Your love is the most precious thing"
"I wrote you a love letter"
"Don't you think it's a blessing that I'm so pathetically bad?"
"Life is never what you planned, so let's try to understand what's happening together"
"Why are you here?"/"I had a dream about you, but it wasn't as good as the real thing"
"When we're together, life feels like it doesn't have such high stakes"
"I thought that I was so subtle, it's almost embarrassing"
"Can I say, I have never been loved this way"
"You smile till the next full moon"
"No poet or prophet could come up with the words to describe how I feel about you"/"Not even god above?"
"We're quite the unlikely lovers, aren't we?"
"What I feel right now is like something out of a storybook, we don't even have to say a word to know how deep our love is for each other"
"It's as if everything in life is slotting into place to immortalize this perfect, pure moment forever"
"All things are beautiful but you're a model from the heavens themselves"/"In this light it's as if you've been molded from a statue of a Greek god"
"You are the reason why the world is so enchanting and fascinating"
"Let's us stroll through our perfect, light filled Sunday"
"I kept my promise"
"The way you catch the light and the care and the feelings you cause"/" They're a bit scary, aren't they? But I feel safe with you"
"Seems we never know what we're going to find"
"I don't know what to do with all this love I have in my heart now"/I'll take it"
"I love the way your words have made me"
"I never thought I could love you, but now it seems so easy"
"You're heartsick, but also my darling and sunshine"
"God, you're pretty"
"Let me win"/"Okay"
"I love your eyes, your lips, your nose, but most of all, I love your passion"
"Your touch is pure"
"I love you more than I meant to, and here we stand"/"Take my hand"
"It's just really nice to finally hear your voice again"
"Without you my life would be boring as shit"
"Would it be possible to see you or to kiss you or to give you a call?"/"Anything's possible"
"What a world we live in!"
"It's been hot, also very sweet and when you smile the earth begins to sway"
"I'm glad you're mine, awake or asleep"
"This has been better than words can tell, what more can I say?"
Tumblr media
"But I love you"/"it'll run its course"
"I just want us to be together, I just want us to be happy"/" I know, and I hope that one day you'll find someone who wants that too"
"You are horrid and conniving and abhorrent"
"Just get out and let me be"
"I'm sorry"/"I know, but it always seems you say that after you get what you want"
"I just wanted us to be special"/"Why? Your whole life is going to be full of unspecialness"
"Stop promising me all of these things when you can't even promise me your love"
"You know that I love you"/" it's not enough anymore"
"I wasted years of youth on you"
"Just tell me how you feel!"/"But you already know how I feel! Stop making me say things I can't!"
"I was told that everyone gets what they deserve, so who the hell threw this curve?"
"I never wanted to love you, I just wanted to love and not be blamed"
"I'm telling you I'm leaving because I thought you might care, but you care about nothing except for your shallow vanities!"
"I care about many things but I don't know who"
"We do not belong together and we should have belonged together"
"What am I even doing here anymore?"/" Wasting your time"
"You know, they say love can tell a million stories. But I sure hope you aren't in mine"
"You're sometimes worthless, sometimes evil"/"But I love you and I need you and if you loved me I'd concede it"
"Is that my fault though? Should I be blamed for that?"
"Since this is the last loving thing we'll probably ever do together-"/"stop being an asshole, I know"
"He's not a maniac and he's sweet and he's warm and he loves me so"/"And he's not me"
"How could you ruin what we had?"/" We had fights and games, we never had anything"
"You act as if you're untrained"
"I know how great your life is and I can't deal with that"
"Don't let me make the same mistake"
"I love you, but I shouldn't have ever met you"
"Please go home and don't be scared"
"Drink a little something till you're dead, think of me around and be ignorant for your own good"/"Let's be scared together, let's pretend that nothing is morbid"
"I looked everywhere for you"/"Have you ever thought that I dont want to be found?
"I called your name but you weren't listening"
"What made it so right, is what made it all so wrong"
"No one is you and no one can be, but no one else is me and anyone else can do"
"I can't stop wondering and I don't know why"
"There is nothing else I can say"/"Say them differently then"
"Tell me that you don't want me to leave, that you're angry, that you're frustrated, that you're bored! But don't just expect me to stay"
"Your words are deluded and filled with pity for your own self doubt"
"I loved you, but I sure as hell didn't like you"
"If you're blue, think of me around, sleeping soundly in our bed"/"But you're never around"
"Just let me go, you know I'm not ashamed to have loved you"
"Well okay, so you've had a bad day. I don't know what to say"
"I know you won't regret anything, you will find someone and repeat the same process and you will still somehow live and die for them because that's your way"/"What if I don't, and they leave with the same empty promises you made me"
"You say you'll love him until you both die, your soul will die along with his at your wedding"
"You have lost your mind"
"I am so ashamed"/"Of who?"
"Does anyone understand all I want's a kiss? "
"This has been a wonderful yet fabulous flop"/" This had better come to an end"
"I never know with you, no one can ever know with you"
"I never wanted till death do us part, but how do I start not to love you?"
"How you must adore and hate me"/" I never adored you"
"You're everything to me"/"Nothing is everything to me"
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delilahfairchild · 23 days ago
kissing prompts
kissing your lover's knuckle before a dance
during the dance's climax, you and your lover lock eyes, and your lips met
place a kiss on your lover's nape after taking off their necklace
kissing your lover in the shower, water running on your face
your lover leans in for a kiss, but they just kiss you tenderly and pull back to see your reaction, only then to crash their lips against yours passionately
alternatively, your lover places a small kiss on the corner of your mouth before their mouth lands on yours hungrily
kissing your lover in a completely dark room, their hands in yours. no light will get in, it's only us here
your lover kisses you goodbyes as usual, but when they start going towards the door, you run towards them and give them another deep kiss
your first passionate kiss with a person. you touch your lips absently, feeling the phantom of your lover's lips
your lover ate all the caramel tartlets, so you pushed them on the couch to jokingly kiss them, and god their lips are sweet
kissing in the rain, where your hair is an entangled mess, but you both don't care. you have each other and that's enough (bonus point if it was during a thunderstorm and you cup your lover's face to make them look at you)
imagine this you had covered your lover against the enemy's arrows while they were unconscious. your back is scarred and you tried to hide it from them. but then your lover discovered it and they go feral like "why did you do this, i am not worth it" and they proceed to land soft kissed on each of your scars.
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oc-interrogation · a month ago
Enemies-to-Lovers Prompts: When They Confess
1. “What is wrong with me? Even when you tell me you hate me, I can’t find it in my heart to hate you back.”
2. “I used to think I was so unlucky—I could have been born in any other time period, but instead I got stuck with you. Now, I think, it was luck along. I’d rather be stuck with you than anybody else.”
3. “Growing up, I was told stories of soulmates, who fit together like perfect puzzle pieces. You and me, we’re nothing like each other. But somehow, you make my heart race more than any soulmate could.”
4. “Do you hate me?” “I want to.” “But do you?” “…I can’t.”
5. “I’m not supposed to be with you, but…when have I ever cared about what I’m supposed to do?”
6. “Ironic, how the one thing we have in common, is the same thing that prevented us from admitting the truth.” “And what is that?” “Pride.”
7. “Which of us do you think realized their feelings first?” “I did. When you were injured, I chose to spare you.” “No, I did. I was pretending to be injured in order to lure you in, but I couldn’t bring myself to attack you.” “Wait, what?”
8. “Why? Why have you been avoiding me? Are you really that cowardly?” “Maybe so. But it isn’t that I fear you. Rather, I fear the way I’ve come to feel for you.”
9. “If I love you, what does it mean?” “For one, it means I can stop pretending to hate you.”
10. “When you looked so vulnerable back there, I felt like—for the first time—I saw you. I saw the gentle person you are on the inside, and I thought, How can I hate someone like that?”
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suchitasenthilkumar · 13 days ago
Prompts for Writing Physical Intimacy Between Characters
Tumblr media
wrapping arms around the other person from behind
burying head in the crook of the neck of the lover
tracing the veins on the wrist
dropping a kiss to the wrist
gently playing with the other's fingertips
tracing the curve of the lips
running a thumb over the lips
kissing the eyelids
gently caressing the eyelashes
easing the wrinkles when one has brows furrowed (when worried/annoyed etc) with the fingers. That is, as though separating those wrinkles away.
playing with the hair at the nape of the neck
smiling against the other person's neck
hugging, but the shorter person wraps the arms around the taller's head (i don't mean to imply that all couples you write must have this tall-short dynamic)
playing footsie
playing footsie but with legs caked with mud/soil etc
ruffles wet hair (after rain/after a shower? so it sprinkles onto the other
tugging the chin upward/closer
kisses own fingers and then places it on the other's cheek/forehead/lips.
places a kiss atop the hairline
pinching cheeks fondly
caressing the cheeks
tracing the edge of the ears
kisses pressed onto the back of the ears
kisses planted onto the collarbones
running fingers across the length of the neck
tracing the spine
Hope this helps your writing! Feel free to request for more prompts/advice/insights etc.
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malabuj · 2 months ago
soft writing prompts
waking their lover up to tell them they look beautiful, even when sleeping.
answering “i love you” with a kiss.
kissing their lover’s knuckles.
holding hands/placing their hand on their lover’s thigh when driving.
entangling their arms and legs with their lover’s when cuddling.
going on a date and asking their lover to stay the night.
finding their lover asleep on the couch, pushing their hair off their forehead, pressing a kiss to their skin, and carrying them to bed.
bandaging their lover up after an injury and falling even deeper in love.
tracing their finger over their lover’s tattoos/scars.
dragging their lover onto the dancefloor, slow dancing with them before sharing a tender kiss.
touching foreheads after their first kiss.
hyping them up before they have to go in front of people and speak.
doing their hair/nails/makeup poorly, but they claim they love it.
they get shoved in a closet and are a bit too close for comfort.
resisting the urge to kiss forever, then muttering “fuck it” before kissing each other.
interrupting their lover with a kiss.
taking their lover’s hand during a stressful situation.
accidentally saying “i love you” too early, but the other pulls them in for a kiss and says it back.
an awkward first date.
dropping hints that they’re in love, but the other doesn’t catch on until they’re pulled in for a kiss.
kissing each other to prove there’s nothing there, accidentally proving that there was, in fact, something there.
helping their lover out of their clothes and into their pajamas/washing off makeup and taking their hair down after a night of drinking.
being proposed to and saying no at first because they don’t think they’re worthy, but their lover convinces them that they are, and they say yes.
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tommymcartney · 27 days ago
warnings: It’ll include dialogues too.
“I’ve never been in love with someone but you, always you.”
“What are you talking about? We are best friends!”
“C’mon, what are you guys even talking about? We’re nothing more than friends” “Well, what was that kiss another day then?” “A friendship kiss…?”
“Are you… jealous?”
“Did you just kiss me?”
“One last thing before I go, you really didn’t notice all those signs I gave to you?”
“If I stay here tonight and sleep by your side again, I won’t be able to control myself, not today”
“You’ve always been more than a friend to me, I just didn’t had the courage to admit it, and now I’ve lost you”
“Do you remember? When we were twelve? We promised to marry each other, being honest, I always hoped you wouldn’t broke this promise”
“I think I messed things up, I’m not in love with her, I’m in love with (Y/N)”
“We should stop pretending” “Pretending?” “That we’re just friends”
“I want to ruin our friendship”
“We’re only friends, stop being a pain in the ass” “Well, he wasn’t talking about you as a friend yesterday” “He did what?”
“I don’t care about who’s she’s hanging out with, she can do whatever she wants” “Even if she’s hanging out with your archenemy?” “I beg your pardon?”
“So, for how long are we gonna pretend we don’t love each other more than friends?”
“You’ve been my best friend for all these years, and I’m really grateful for everything you did to me, but I can’t stay here watching you fall in love with someone else, because the truth is… I’m in love with you”
“Everytime I look at you I feel my heart breaking, because I need you, desperately, and you never notice”
“Am I an end-of-party love to you? ”
“Don’t cry, you don’t need to hide your feelings, I feel the same”
“Well, since we were kids I planned to marry you someday”
“I’ve been waiting forever to hear that”
“Sometimes I allow myself to imagine a future where we are together, a future where I can hold your hand and bring you closer and when I’d smile to you, you’d call me ‘love’, a future where I am more than a friend ”
“Yes, I’ll clean your mess once again, I’ll do it, but not because we are friends, because I am fucking in love with you”
“There’ll be a day where I’ll look at you and all this pain will be gone”
“Fuck, I’m sorry okay? But I can’t hide my feelings anymore”
“Are you really blind enough to not see the sparkles in his eyes when he’s staring at you?”
“Did you just… wait, you love me?”
“Dance in the rain with you will always be my favorite thing in the world, cause in those moments, I feel like you love me back”
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alexwritesfiction · 4 months ago
enemies to lovers prompts because i’m self indulgent
i love them? Them? SERIOUSLY, HEART?
i wonder why they make me feel self conscious and careless at the same time and how my heart flutters when i’m around them but also i think i’m starting to not hate them what- oh. Oh.
oh my holy shit have you always been so beautiful or did you have to try on a new face mask huh? i mean, i mean you look so ugly ugh i hate you
oh you think you’re gonna win this argument? well guess who’s gonna tell you they love you and leave you speechless, darling
i must protect my secret at all costs or else they’ll find out and i’ll never live it down no no nope
oh we have to share a bed and you’re gonna kick me out of it? let me just cuddle you in the middle of the night so you blame yours- yeah no it’s because i want to
gOd they’re so infuriating i want to kill them but i would also kill myself on something happened to them—
oh oh you pinned me and now we’re hugging and you’re not letting go and i hate you so much and then why am i liking it- THAT PINCH HURT YOU NINCOMPOOP
so you’re gonna entice me at the ballroom with a dance? well let me just -accidentally- step on your shoe so we can fall together and i can kis- i mean kill you
i want to hate but i love you so for the love of god i swear this is the only time i’m letting you get away with it *proceed to let them get away with it more than only this time*
accidentally kissing each other and liking it and then having a fight because Of Course You Kissed Me And I Liked It But I Cant Tell You I Liked It
holy shit they went through something horrible so of course it’s natural for their mortal enemy like me to comfort them because MORALS and realising how protective you are of them
playfully flirting and hating each other and someone else flirting with them and you getting jealous and realising how possessive you are of them
*if you use these, please send me what you wrote! i’d love to read XD
reblog if you liked these, follow for similar content!
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screnprompts · 11 days ago
spicy enemies to lovers prompts
not safe for tumblr.
“ is that an actual gun in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? “ “ neither. “
“ or maybe, i'm trying to create a distraction... “
“ you need a distraction. “ “ i need a release. “
“ if you don't touch me, i think i might die. “ “ seems like a win to me. “
“ don't be a tease... “ “ for you my love... “
“ your touch alone... “
“ listen, it's okay if -- “ “ stop talking. “
“ don't speak, or this will be over sooner than it began. “
“ bend over. “ “ why, is the sight of my face really that repulse? “ “ it's for your own good. trust me. “
“ you know... considering how you treated me tonight... you could kill me right here and now, and i wouldn't even try to fight back. “
“ don't be such a grump. “
“ i find you so unbelievable attractive i can barely
“ i won't stop before you're on your knees, begging for my touch... “
“ you're going to kill me, aren't you? “
“ do you want death? “ “ i want to [screw] you. “ “ same thing. “
“ you're incredible. holy fuck... “
“ touch me. “ “ beg for it. “
“ come inside. “ “ the house, or you? “
“ you're really going to leave me here, naked and tied up? “ “ if i don't hear the sound of you screaming my name in the next ten minutes, i'll come to shoot you in the head myself. “
“ [screw] me like you mean it. “
“ there's tension, and i would like to release it. “
“ you know, if you want to see me naked, you can just ask. “ “ okay. take of your clothes. “ [long pause] “ wait, are you serious right now? “ “ dead. “
“ i hate you so fucking much. “ “ then show it. annihilate me. “
“ you hate me, huh? because your body's quite responsive to my touch. “
“ are you sure you want to do this? because, you know... “
“ the way you're touching me... “ “ quite good for the soul, ey? “
“ you're about as useful in bed as you are in battle. “
“ my love, walk away while you still can. “
“ don't remove your hand... “ “ but love... the chase is so much more fun. “
“ i'm warning you now, love. you won't be able to walk away. “
“ you're quite cocky. “ “ and you love it. “
“ you'll see me in any man you touch, and when his fingers trace your body, you'll close your eyes, wishing it was me... “
“ get on your knees and let me treat you. “
“ let's play nice for one night, ey? “
“ there's not a lot i would do for you. expect maybe, get down on your knees. “
“ get on your knees and show me what you're capable of. “
“ just shut the fuck up and kiss me. “
“ get up. “ “ but... “ “ get up. “
“ you're not leaving. “ “ i'm sorry? “ “ you're not leaving. ever again. “
“ i need you. now. “ “ can't get enough of me, ey? “
“ you'll look for me in any man that you see... and you'll hate yourself for it. “
“ do you touch yourself at night, thinking of me? “
“ hate-sex is quite good for the soul. “
“ you know... when you touch me like that... i forget
“ don't flatter yourself. you're simply nothing more than a means to an end. “
“ with your mouth on mine, there's less bullshit coming out of it. “
“ get me off. “
“ don't be selfish. “
“ i'm not a bargain ship. “
“ get on your fucking knees. “
“ don't fucking speak. “
“ your kisses are so much better than i ever could have imagined... “
“ if you as much as even think about coming before i do, i'll slit your fucking throat. “
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screnwriter · 2 months ago
small details for fictional kisses
whispering ''kiss me'' to your lover
wrapping your arms around your lover's neck
kisses that travel from your lover's nose to their lips
breaking the kiss but instantly pressing your lips back together
intertwining your fingers
kisses that start out gentle but grows more passionate
forehead against forehead
running your fingers through your lover's hair
unbuttoning your lover's shirt, pressed against the wall
surprise kisses, in which your lover weren't prepared for it but responds immediately
a kiss in which, ''we're late for work but let's be later''
kisses shared under a waterfall
pulling your lover closer by the waistband
kissing under the stars
messy kisses, destroying furniture trying to reach the bed
a kiss that isn't meant to happen but it does anyway
sliding your hands down your lover's chest
grabbing your lover by the collar
''if we get caught kissing we're dead but let's risk it''
hand kisses
exploring each other's lips
smiling in-between kisses
now-or-never kisses
caressing your lover's cheek
good night kisses
''i was supposed to take a shower alone but sure, jump right in''
brushing your lips together, lingering for a moment
an accidental kiss between two exes
kisses in which, you've already said goodbye but can't help stealing another one
this might be our last kiss ever so let's make it last
kitchen counter make-outs
jumping into your lover's arms
soft kisses while cuddling in bed
i missed you kisses
a kiss that leave you breathless
stopping a kiss when it gets too heated
a kiss on the cheek turns into a kiss on the lips
trailing kisses from your lover's lips to their neck
''everything is going to be okay'' kisses
kisses that start of passionate but grows more delicate
pulling away from a kiss to look at each other, then smiling as you dive in for another kiss
wrapping your legs around your lover's body as they lift you
a goodbye kiss, but neither of you can quite let go
''we shouldn't do this'' but they do so, anyway
a swirling reunion kiss
''i've had a terrible day at work so just kiss me''
a kiss that lasts longer than it should
tending to your lover's wound, placing a kiss on top of their head, grateful they're still alive
spinning your lover into a kiss on the dance floor
kisses in which, i can't believe this is real, but i love you so much
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yanderenightmare · a month ago
What is your favorite trope out of curiosity?
I'm guessing you mean trope as in writing?
I've never really considered myself a big fan of the romance genre, but that's simply because most romance films are boring. I don't enjoy sappy shit, nor romcoms especially, but I do think movies/series and books without romance are really weird and unnatural.
I guess my favourite genre would be either a thriller/action/adventure/horror piece of media with a side-dish of romance.
Kidnapping or Stalker or Obsession or Prisoner - Classic lovesickness/Yandere - Incel-rage, especially if it's internet-stalking - Prisoner of war or a war trophy taken by the winner - Slavery
Blackmail or Arranged/Forced Marriage Especially if it's set in old medieval times.
Fake/Convenient engagement - Uniting Kingdoms - Last of their kind - Quirk-marriages It's similar to the one above, but it's more disarming because they're in the same boat of unhappiness and they can find consolation in that, which leads to them falling for each other. Or, it's discovered that one of them orchestrated the entire thing from the start.
Soul Mates or Destiny/Fate/Prophecy Especially if it's like the one above, where they're simply told that they're meant to be together, but one of them doesn't really feel a connection, but has to be with the other person anyway because they're not really given a choice. - Alpha x Omega - Any soulmate au trope
Forced Proximity - Snowed in together - Huddling/cuddling for warmth - Apocalypse bunker or Codependence for survival - Shared classes/clubs/activities/assignments - Roommate/Neighbours - Newly turned step-siblings - Co-wokers
Opposites attract - Rich x Poor - Hero x Villain or Angel x Demon - Playboy x Virgin - Bully x Victim - Popular x Dork
Power-dynamics - Boss x Secretary/Nanny/Maid - Wealthy High Society x Erotic Dancer/Model/Ballerina - Mafia x Someone who owes them - Villain x Victim - King x Slave - Wardon x Prisoner - Police/Hero x Criminal - Teacher x Student - God x Worshipper
Enemies to Lovers - Bully x Victim - Hero x Villain (either it be the charming guy-villain x girl-hero or extremely inappropriate flirty guy-hero x flustered girl-villain) - Competitors finally having extreme hate-sex
Frenemies or Friendly Competition - Workplace rivalry - Different teams in a sport/club (Gaming, Chess, Mathletes, Debate, Football and etc...)
Medical Romance - Doctor x Patient Either one nurses the other back to health and they fall for their care-taker. Or the one healing falls for their patient. - Psychiatrist x Client Either the psychiatrist is the sane one treating a client in an insane asylum, and the patient falls for them. Or the client is the normal one and the therapist treating them goes insane for them.
Girl Next Door If they have windows that align and they can both see each other dressing and dancing to music and walking around naked. It could be mutual, or a stalker scenario.
Fish Out of Water or New Girl in Town A girl moves to the city or to a small suburb all alone and a guy takes interest. She's obviously vulnerable and happy to have a friend that knows his way around, and he enjoys that she's so dependent on him.
The Wallflower or Plain Jane Feminists should hate this trope, but I love it still, I'm sorry. Often portrayed as a shy quiet dorky bookworm nerd-girl getting wooed by this entitled smooth popular jock. But in reality it would be more like this: Independent woman getting unwanted attention from sex-predators.
The Dare or The Bet Usually a popular guy is dared to make the shy nerd fall in love with him only to break her heart, but obviously falls in love with her in return, only for her to find out about the bet and has her heart broken anyway, only for him to win it back again in the end.
Love Triangle or Male-Male-Female Just good poly drama. Especially if two guys fight over the girl until they realise they can all be together.
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sstrangeprompts · 9 months ago
You’ve always had a hard time finding romantic love so, at some point, you just gave up. This didn’t really stop you from feeling incomplete though, since romance is something you yearn for. So then, with the help of an assistant, you decided to build a robot that would love you.
You did not anticipate that the robot would turn evil, nor did you realize that your assistant had been slowly falling in love with you.
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Royalty Masterpost
Romance Prompts
Princess x Loyal Companion
Prince/ss x Commoner
Princess x Knight
First Meeting
Forbidden love
Arranged Marriage (Prompts + how to, Events)
Fake Dating
How to write modern royalty
A Queen’s Assassination Plot
If you like my blog and want to support me, you can buy me a coffee! And check out my instagram! 🥰
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delilahfairchild · 11 days ago
Hey! Hope you are having a nice day!
Can I ask prompts about two friends loving each other, but being totally oblivious about it? Like, totally unaware of how the other is feeling despite their crush dropped several hints about their feelings?
hi anon! i hope you are having a good day too, and thank you for your support <3 my ask box is still open for requests and other stuff
your typical grumpy x sunshine friends duo. the grumpy one started complimenting awkwardly everything their sunshine friend does, but sunshine isn't so used to that
A has the habit of kissing B's forehead or knuckles every time they meet, but now A's kisses seem to linger a little bit longer, but B still hadn't noticed
every single person just take one good look at A and B smiling at each other like the other is the world and just automatically sighs "these two are the worst idiots i have ever seen"
A's and B's families treat the other like their own child. they also plan the future wedding in secret
always a pair of shoulders for the other to cry on. no matter the circumstances, i will always have you in my arms, and quietly pouring my heart to you "i love you, i will love you if your ex couldn't. i am here"
i bring food to your place in the middle of the night because you said that you were hungry and you were like "you are such a good friend to me!" and i want to leave because you're such an idiot you're lucky that you're the love of my life
you actually brought me food at midnight because of a text??? i love you so much but i don't want to ruin our friendship right now because of some corndogs so i tell you that you are my best friend why your eyes are twitching like that-
you idiot shit i am the one who forgot my textbook and why the fuck did you push yours under my notebook and now the teacher is giving you a disciplinary slip you stupid motherfucker-
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oc-interrogation · 4 months ago
Prompts for When Your OTP Has Survived The Big Dangerous Event
1. “I’m...I’m okay.” “For real?” “For real.”
2. “We...we did it. We did it! Oh my God, I could kiss you.” “Well, don’t be shy.”
3. “Now that this is all over, I feel like it’d finally be appropriate to you, uh, wanna go out for dinner sometime?”
4. “Are you hurt?” “I’m fine, as long as you are.”
5. “You were so brave back there! I could...I could never be as brave as you.” “Good thing I like you, just the way you are.”
6. “I’m gonna need a while to recover from this.” “And I’ll be with you, every step of the way.”
7. “I love you. I didn’t want to admit it before, because I afraid of what could happen. But we’re here now, and I love you.”
8. “I’ve lost so much, but...I’m grateful that I still have what matters to me most.” “And what is that?” “You.”
9. “So...what happens now?” “The next chapter begins.”
10. “You’ve helped me so much. I just want to thank you.” “C’mon, I think you want to do more than just thank me.”
11. “Can we...have our little house with a white picket fence now?” “I’ll start looking at real estate listings.”
12. “I’m afraid that if I hold you, I won’t want to let go.” “I wouldn’t want you to.”
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fluffyomlette · 2 months ago
Can I request some friends to lovers that are running away together please :)
im very curious about this 👀 i hope you like these prompts!!
- - - - -
"Are you tired? We're almost there. We can camp at that motel for tonight."
"Do you have the cash?"
"Don't worry yourself about that. I'll take care of it."
- - -
"What if we don't make it? Out here?"
"Whatever happens, I won't let them get you again. I'll keep you safe."
- - -
"This is a stupid, crazy, hare-brained scheme-"
"And yet you're coming with me."
"And yet I'm coming with you. You're lucky I love you."
- - -
"We're...we're actually out."
"Heh, can you believe that?"
"...What do we do now?"
- - -
"I can't offer you a lot. We're both runaways. We're barely getting by but I swear, I'll treat you like royalty with all my love."
"You're all I need."
- - - - -
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writerswritingprompts · a month ago
Fluffy Prompts 1
Tumblr media
“No, it’s fine. I can wait until you’re done talking to them.”
“Wait, don’t pull away… not yet.”
“I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes.”
“I’ve been trying to get ready for an hour and a half now, because I know you’re going to look good and I’m trying to match up.”
“Would it be too cliche if we matched clothes a little?”
“When I first saw you, I couldn’t get over how beautiful you were.”
“Can I hold your hand?”
“I really love holding you, darling.”
“Aw, you’re blushing like a rose.”
“You’re hiding because you’re blushing?”
“Are you flirting with me?” “You finally noticed.”
“I’d do anything for you.”
“Stop moving and let me braid your hair.”
“Your hair is really soft.”
“Are you blushing?”
“You’re safe now, I’m here.”
“Take my hand. Just trust me.”
“You’re the only thing that matters to me.”
“Darling, I love you and all, but please stop doing that.”
“God, you’re so pretty.”
“Your hands are so small!”
“Now I know where half my wardrobe went.”
“Here, let me just-”
“I love your voice.”
“Can... can you come over?”
“Why are you looking at me like that?”
“You’re freezing, Jesus!”
“That tickles!”
“I don’t want to be alone.”
“Look at you!”
“Did you just whistle at me?”
“Put me down! I can walk!”
“It kills me when you look at me like that.”
“I love you. I’m completely and utterly in love with you.”
“The only thing I want is you.”
“There was never a choice.”
“It’s always been you.”
“I tried, but I just can’t stay away from you anymore.”
“I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”
“You’re mine. I don’t share.”
“I think I forgot how to breathe.”
“Stay with me.”
“You come to my room and wake me up at 4am, to cuddle?”
“Is that my shirt?”
“You look like you need a hug.”
“You’re lucky you’re cute.”
“Cuddle me.”
“I just feel safe with you. Like nothing bad can happen.”
“You’re adorable, and I can’t believe I have you all to myself.”
“Are you warm enough?”
“You’re soft and warm and I don’t want you to move.”
“I like it when you say my name.”
“I think it’s adorable how easily you blush.”
“If you’re so cold, why didn’t you say something? Come here.”
“You look really cute in that.”
“I’ve been thinking about you all day.”
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