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sanguineships · a day ago
Tumblr media
imagine wanting to be tangled in someone’s being. to be so close to them, to melt into them like candle wax. to be entwined with warmth, or to warm them like a flicker from a fireplace. for their touch to elicit a gentle, pleasurable shudder up and down the spine. for their love to feel like enchantment.
Tumblr media
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corvase · 19 hours ago
Hi! Hope you're doing awesome :)
I was wondering, can you please make some "person a calls person b to pick them up cuz they are drunk" prompts and situations? Like, what person a said or did while drunk, or something (maybe they are dating, or maybe they both secretly like each other, idk)
some drunk prompts
AAHHHHH excited to do this because it is so different from my usual asks!! feel free to use :)
character a calling character b and asking if they said anything stupid yesterday and character b takes about thirty seconds too long to reply
one character that is not even near a clumsy drunk and is highly functioning but the other can’t even remember how many fingers a person has when they are
a confession but they’re both too drunk for it to have any weight so it goes like “waaaait. if iiiii like you. and u ljke me! let’s like i dunno like date like. u kno” and the other persons like “what”
a question like “can you come get me?” being answered in different ways; “again?” or “i’m on my way” or “who is this?”
“did you just kiss me????? what a scoundrel!!!!!” “we have been dating for like five years bubs.”
one holding the hair back for the other as they empty their guts
“thank you for being there for me.”
classic where they both pretend they don’t remember and later on find out they both knew <3333
“i didn’t know you were a clumsy drunk.” “i’m not.” “so you meant to call me and say you—" “OKAY OKAY. OKAY. I GET IT”
“can we talk about what happened yesterday?”
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novelbear · 23 hours ago
any chance you could write some "crushing and in denial" dialogue prompts? thank you!
crushing and in denial dialogue
“you’ve been on a call with them for four hours.” “okay and? sorry about that B-” 
 “just because I call A ‘my love’, or ‘babe’, and ‘sweetie’ does not mean I like them! those can totally be platonic nicknames!” “i get that, i do, but my problem is that you only call A those things.” 
 “you’re really happy that someone thought you two were a couple...” “what do you mean? i just found it funny, that’s all...” 
 “can we hold hands? it’s chilly out here and i don’t want your hands getting cold...”
 “i just really like spending time with them."
"i swear, we're just friends."
"even in some universe where i did just happen to like them, there's no way they'd ever like me back."
"shit, they like me?!"
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mercutiosbloodyrag · 2 days ago
my 5 favorite types of kissing to imagine your otps to (suggestive)
- gently kissing every part of their face, on their hairline, their brow and their cheekbone and on each eyelid, cooing consolingly and pressing feather-light kisses on their trembling mouth to hush their cries, whispering “oh, my darling, its alright…”
- kissing, or rather sucking on their neck, kissing their adams apple or collarbone, smelling their hair and feeling the rumble of their pleasent hums in their throat on your lips.
- playfully pecking kisses on their smiling lips, laughing when you pull away, dopey from the wine and the giddiness from being in each other’s presence.
- goodbye kisses, contently or in despair; long kisses that stay locked on each other as you gingerly hold the other, protective and gently, for they are your most prized possession and god damn you if you should ever let anything harm them.
- desperate kisses, melting into one another, tasting each other as if youre both dying of starvation, the moans of yearning and of being at the mercy of each other buzzing on your tongues.
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fluffyomlette · 2 days ago
Hi, can I request prompts for an assassin (with trauma in the past) and a doctor who always help out after their missions 🥹. Thank you very much
Assassin prompts and doctor prompts (more) here, I hope these give you some ideas!!
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screnwriter · a month ago
''there's only one bed.''
''i'll bandage you up.''
''who did this to you?''
''i didn't know where else to go.''
''can you be my date to the wedding?''
''you're my best friend. i've always loved you.''
''shut up.'' ''make me.''
''i would never fall for you.''
''then why did you do it?'' ''BECAUSE I LOVE YOU''
''oh. oh.''
Tumblr media
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denofdreams-writerblr · 5 months ago
soft prompts for couples who aren’t together yet
hugs that last a little longer than they should
immediately looking at the other after telling/doing something funny in hope to see their smile
making playlists and mood boards for the other
trying to learn about the others interests
continuously denying others who think they are together
“no we are not together!! … at least not yet…”
finding similar fictional characters who shares the other one’s MBTI and enneagram type
trying to know little things about them by observing
always giving the utmost attention to the other if they are in a crowd
associating random things with them
getting matching key rings
hanging out together often
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mangocherri · 17 days ago
Forced proximity prompts:
Classic "there was only one bed"
Alternatively, there was only one couch
Having to share one blanket, fighting over it the whole night.
There's only one pillow, and neither of you can sleep without one. You both end up using each half of the pillow to rest your head on, causing your faces to be only a few inches apart.
All other seats are taken, so you both have to squeeze into one chair.
Wanting to borrow the same book but there's only one copy of it available at the library. After arguing over who will get it, you both decide to share it and study together.
Or sharing a book with your friend during class since they forgot to bring theirs.
It's raining heavily, and you don't have an umbrella. Your friend helps you out by sharing their umbrella with you.
Being trapped somewhere (eg: a cave)
It's culinary class and your assignment is to create a dish. All the work stations are occupied except one. You and the other person have to work in the same place, and turns out, that person is none other than your rival.
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delilahfairchild · 5 months ago
betrayal liners
"i should have seen it coming."
"given your history, i should have known better."
"please tell me that at least a part of it was real."
"[friend's name] tried to warn me about you, but i didn't listen, you know."
"i was ready to give you my heart."
"you should have killed me earlier, so i wouldn't live to see this."
"get away from me."
"kill me right now then, i dare you."
"i should have left you bleeding to your death."
"do you have any regrets doing this to me?"
"i hope you will remember this until your death."
"i loved you in this lifetime. i won't make that mistake in the next."
"no one could have saved you."
"somehow, i expected that this would happen eventually."
"do we really have to end it all?"
"the worst of it all, it's that if you ask now, i will forgive you."
"are you expecting me to beg for my life now?"
"you made a promise."
"we could have had a thousand of tomorrows together."
"i lost, didn't i?"
"i deserve this. you deserve to kill me"
"technically you won't kill me, because i gave it to you. do it properly, then."
"make it quick, please."
"please tell me why."
"was i not enough for you?"
"please forgive me for pushing you this far"
"i forgive you."
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coffeewritesfiction · 7 months ago
An alien desires to 'court' another alien, of the race called humans. The human is desirable in every way: talented in multiple skills, professional and domestic, with soft, squishy flesh and an eagerness to learn - the alien could go on and on, but people complain when the alien talks about their 'crush', as other humans call it
The problem is, the alien's species relies on scents and pheromones for communication. Their first meeting with the human was during a crisis, and their natural scent was strong, sweat mixing with that fabled human instinct to survive with all members of their extended pack alive, too. No other human smelled quite like this one. It sent the alien's hearts a-flutter, and shivers through their many wings.
But now? The human smells different, and not in a normal human way. One week, citrus and palm fruits from the black jungles of the planet Cerib. Another week, exotic vanilla from their origin planet, with something warm and spicy the alien can't place. Lavender and honey from Blackcurrant bees. Something juicy like apples. Something this, something that, and they're all beautiful scents - but it's not the human's scent, and they can't really smell their emotions through it. Frustrating.
One day, the alien sulks, watching their desired one rush past, tablet in hand. They smell like sweetened coffee and chocolate - the latter a romantic treat to humans, and a reminder of how far they are from that romance to the alien. The human next to them breathes in the scent, and smiles.
"Man, (name's) got some great perfume on today," they say.
The alien lifts their head. "Perfume?"
A little research later, and things suddenly make sense. They'd heard about perfume before, the human wasn't the only one to wear scents, but they'd been so lovelorn they hadn't used their brain. But that wasn't important. What mattered was that humans used perfume and similar products to draw in desired partners.
Two can play at that game.
Three days later, the alien walks in to their normal location. To their surprise, the human their hearts are set on rushes towards them, calling their name.
"I'm so sorry!" They apologize. They aren't wearing any scents today. "I didn't realize my perfume might be messing with your senses. I've switched it out with another type that you'll find easier to deal with. I was just trying to..."
They trail off. The alien waits, hopeful. A new scent spikes from the human.
"Is that... Cinnamon?"
"With a little bit of Ophelion flower, and Soljoiner lemon," the alien says, smiling like the humans do. "I got inspired by your choices."
A hesitation. "Do you like it?"
The human breathes in deep. From them, now the alien can sense what they've wanted. Interest.
"You smell amazing," the human says. The glow in their eyes as they look at the alien, well, the alien adds that to their list of all the reasons they want the human as a partner.
"Are you sure you know what you're getting into?" Another alien says later, at the communal garden. "Humans are hardcore."
The alien looks across the way to the human of their hearts. They are smiling, they smell a bit like the alien now, from their hug.
"For that one? It's worth it."
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creativepromptsforwriting · a month ago
Saying I love you...
… as a promise
… as a declaration
… as a joke
… as reassurance
… as a friend
… as family
… as a last attempt
… as a dare
… as a question
... as a confession
... as a manipulation
… as a sign of happiness
… as a goodbye
Saying I love you…
♡ Love Confessions ♡
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juicywritinghoard · 2 months ago
30 incredibly specific aus
ghost/cryptid hunter and person who will believe any dumb shit for a steady paycheck 
roommate A grabs the baseball bat only to find roommate B eating pickles and macarons in the kitchen at 4 in the morning 
yes I am a vampire sorry no the sleeping upside down hanging off the ceiling thing was just a bit
undeniable chemistry between the two lead actors in the worst hallmark movie ever
verified purchase reviewer on multipack of toy horses that only says THE RED ONES TASTE THE BEST and customer service agent going hello???? enemies to lovers nightmare 
librarian desperate to understand what wild phase the other character is going thru rn
goofing around in ikea and accidentally spending +2 hours in there. where does it end and honestly where is the bathroom 
roped into a d&d game with someone and having a crush on them but only knowing their character name
"So what brings you to the ER today?" well I laughed so hard at my own joke I passed out and hit my head? "oh my god" I know 
made a little offering to an ancient deity for funsies and woke them from a deep slumber. oops
I don't know why you've got a ferret on a leash but at least I've stopped crying on public transportation to watch that lil guy go
the decorative fishtank at this restaurant just broke, my instant reaction was to pick one of the fish up with my bare hands, and now we've made eye contact about it
sorry for swearing a blood feud against you but in my defense you paid for your whole transaction in quarters
I'm so so sorry I didn't mean to honk at you, I sneezed and hit the honker on accident please don't be upset at me
nothing against your choices at all, honestly kind of enthralled, but the fishnets and thigh high boots and pirate blouse seem like a lot for this 8am class 
you make me sick. babe I want to make this work but I'm so allergic to your fur
i can excuse unethical science but I draw the line at skirting lab safety. you cannot be eating rn
doctor doctor give me the news, I got a bad case of uncontrollable super powers
listen it's just a mild case of radiation poisoning you don't have to yell abt it
accidentally saw their coworker's nipple piercings
hang on have you never seen the stars outside of the city? we're going on a road trip immediately
working on the moon is fine but the alien jokes are getting old
pretending to be married for this high stakes heist is kind of distracting not gonna lie
truth serum is stupid and this is never gonna work but the fact you believe it will makes me love you even more. wait. shit
you know I've been waiting for an excuse to come unhinged and I think this might be it actually, so thank you for that
hahaha no worries, it's not my blood
but what's wrong with the lyric, "baby you make me feel like the home depot light fixture aisle" ?? I don't understand 
haha don't roll up your sleeves and tie up your hair our relationship is so platonic rn haha
I would help you move. I would follow you into hell. but you cannot make me come on vacation with your family I will do an actual homicide stop nodding and smiling at me I'm so serious 
hey bud. I didn't mean to reveal that I can read minds but I gotta know what in the actual hell is going on in your head, do you live like this? always??
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novelbear · 2 months ago
the little things - romantic gestures i love
massaging their shoulders when they clearly had a long day
cupping their cheeks
random "i love you"'s just in case they forgot
kisses on the cheeks
kisses on the tip of their nose
or on their upper lip/cupids bow
playing with their fingers
reading with them
taking pictures of them when they don't realize it because they just look too good to not do so.
fixing their hair for them
pulling them closer when a cool breeze hits you both outside
linking arms
tying their shoe when you notice the laces flying around
knowing their morning routine so perfectly that you already have some of their breakfast/drinks laid out before they get to the kitchen
recording their favorite show on the dvr because you know they'll be in a little late tonight and miss it
gently wiping something off of their face and noticing them smiling because you're just so cute and close
pulling each other into the warmest hugs
dancing together for the first time
letting them take a sip of your drink, then another, then another, then- you might as well let them keep it
giving them a bite of your food
brushing your teeth together and looking at yourselves in the mirror
resting your head on their shoulder
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youneedsomeprompts · 2 months ago
15 enemies-to-lovers prompts
Tumblr media
requested by: anonymous
Feel free to use and reblog!
#1 - thinking the strong feelings they had for the other were feelings of despise but it turns out it just covered the even deeper feelings they had
#2 - talking bad about the other behind their back but feeling very strange when they find out the other heard it
#3 - they never saw the other as the person they are but only as the one thing they despise
#4 - everything tells them to give the other away when they've got the chance but somehow they just can't do it
#5 - thinking that maybe they really begin getting along well but then the other tells them it all wasn't serious
#6 - hating the other but not being able to get them out of their head anyway
#7 - only having heard bad things about the other so their relationship is off to a rocky start. it's easiest to ignore every nice trait the other shows
#8 - arguing all the time about everything and nothing (somehow love starts seeping into their arguments)
#9 - caring much more about the other than they even would admit to themselves
#10 - keeping their romance a secret at the beginning because how should they explain that they're in love with their enemy?
#11 - sending anonymous love letters to the other and the other never guesses right who sent them
#12 - not wanting to be reminded of the fact that they once hated the other (because they're so precious to them now)
#13 - not being able to believe that the other wants to do something nice for them
#14 - accepting that their feelings for the other are just a huge mess
#15 - realising that no matter how they label their feelings it will have a dangerous outcome because, oh, these feelings are so strong
bonus: #16 - and a classic: a heated argument turns into making out
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nchant6dkitty · 3 months ago
Smut prompts
Never tease me like that again.
I'm bored. Wanna play?
I want to kiss you everywhere.
Can I touch you?
Touch me and you lose.
You look beautiful. But I'm afraid you'd look more gorgeous with that dress off you.
You have no idea how much I want you right now.
I want you so bad...
Ugh,baby, I cant- please...
I can't help but have naughty thoughts when you when look like that.
You know,you make me feel so naughty.
You make such pretty sounds,my love .
How do you feel,baby?" I... feel... good... "
Tell me how it feels. It doesn't hurt does it ?
Are...you ok? Is this pace good enough?
I'm gonna do the type of things that happen in your dreams .
Mmm, so beautiful...
I can't help but wonder how your cute face would look when I finally touch you
You know, how about a little fun before we go to bed?
You're more than just a fling,my love.
Does doing these kind of things make us friends with benefits?
Just friends?! Do your friends make you feel hot and bothered like this? Do they make you moan like this?!
I love your body,baby.Everything you hate about it is what drives me crazy.
I'd love to love you all night,my love.
I love how excited you are .
Right now, I'd love your kisses on anywhere but my lips.
Gosh, why can't I get enough of your body?
I love seeing you so flustered.
You're safe with me,my love . You know I'd never hurt you .
You're so cute when you're nervous.
But baby,I want to play with you ~
See what a mess you've made me ?
I need you...
You like it when I touch you?
I want to make love to you.
It looks like you're ready for me,my love.
Tell me how much do you want me, my love?
I can't help but to be turned on by the sight of you
You don't have to be so shy around me, you know?
Don't tempt me.
I'm gonna do something very crazy but I know you're gonna love it.
You have been waiting long for this, haven't you?
Did I tell you to touch?
I'm going to mark all the parts I love to show you how beautiful you are.
I will never get tired of holding you./ Your body
Would you like to do it again?
Why can't I get enough of you?
We could... do it.
I want to make you feel so good,babe.
You're so beautiful...so,so beautiful...
Come here.
What if I told you I wanted you, right here. Right now?
I'm always in the mood to play,my love
You're mine , understand? Mine!
You know exactly what I want .
I love it when you're naughty like this.
Don't mind me, just enjoying the view.
I want you so badly...
Why are you covering up? I have already seen everything.
Let me show you how much I care about you.
How bad do you want me,my love?
I-I've never done this before so I'm afraid you have to guide me.
You're so adorable. Aww, don't hide your face/ don't cover up.
I-I want you to touch you too. Please remove the cuffs...
It's not going to hurt,is it?
Wet already? I see you're so eager,hm?
Seriously,when are you never horny?
Stop the teasing, please...
No,I'm supposed to make you feel good.
First person to become horny/turned on loses.
Don't you wanna feel good, baby?
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screnwriter · 5 days ago
physical intimacy prompts
holding hands during a stressful situation
smiling in-between kisses
touching foreheads
cheek kisses
slow dancing
intertwining fingers
comparing hand sizes
resting your head on your partner's lap
piggy back rides
standing on your tip toes to reach your partner's lips
kissing your partner's wounds
forehead kisses
falling asleep on your partner's shoulder
bridal carries
rolling over in bed, switching positions during a kiss
embracing your partner
intertwining fingers when making love
pulling away from a kiss, deeply looking into each other's eyes, appreciating being here with each other before diving back in
nudging into the crook of your partner's neck
being carried/tucked into bed, after having fallen asleep on the couch waiting for your partner to come home
saying ''i love you'' in-between kisses
nose boops
back rubs
tracing fingers down your partner's chest
hand on chest during a casual conversation
bumping into each other
hugs that last longer than they should
showering together
hands around the waist
straddling your partner's thighs
helping your partner undress
playing with your partner's hair
falling asleep to your partner's heartbeat
resting a hand on your partner's back
squeezing each other's hands
sitting in your partner's lap
cupping your partner's face
linking arms with each other
exploring each other's lips
caressing your partner's face
brushing your lips together, lingering for a moment
jumping into your partner's arms
wrapping legs around your partner
tucking a strand of hair behind your partner's ear
pulling your partner into your lap
hugging from behind
lifting your partner off the ground
holding hands across the table
holding hands under the table
bear hugs
caressing your partner's hand
laying a hand on your partner's thigh
literally sharing a sweater
slapping your partner's butt
tummy kisses
feeling each other's pulse
glancing at each other's lips
falling asleep while cuddling on the couch
climbing back into bed, onto your partner's body to wake them up
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denofdreams-writerblr · 5 months ago
cliche romantic things that i absolutely love
staring at someone and turning away as soon as they meet your eyes
the taller one helping the smaller one to pick a book on the top shelf of the library
sharing an umbrella
dancing together in rain
drawing/writing something in the other’s palm
all the ‘good morning’s and ‘how are you today’s and ‘good night’s
“this reminded me of you”
holding hands
whispering in someone’s ears
suddenly all the diary entries and love songs starting to be about them
knowing someone’s flaws inside out, seeing their worst side and yet falling in love with them aka enemies-to-lovers
cafe dates in autumn
morning hikes in spring
going together in beach in summer
and building snowman in winter
reading books in your lover’s lap with them running a hand in your hair
the things that once seemed annoying starting to become lovely
when, from ‘weird’ things become ‘quirky’ until they start to be ‘unique’ and ‘charming’
going on picnic dates
laughing together after a joke
making a flower crown
cooking or baking together
hugging them from behind
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mangocherri · 16 days ago
Friends to lovers prompts:
Being cast as the main characters in a school play and having to perform a romantic confession scene together. You're okay with it since it's your friend playing the love interest, and they (probably) don't mean it anyway. But when they start acting it out, it almost feels real. Once the scene has ended, you realize how much you wished it was
Or being the one who has to act out the confession to your friend (who you've been crushing on for years) and trying so hard to not faint from embarrassment
Calling each other by nicknames
Accidentally confessing to each other while laughing over something
Being separated from each other for sometime and realising how much you miss the other's presence
Sharing a book and reading it together in a library, when your friend rests their head on your shoulder. It's been a common thing for years, so why has this fuzzy feeling taken over you all of a sudden?
Drawing small doodles in each other's notebooks, when one day your friend writes 'I like you'
Helping your friend move to another place, coming across the teddy bear you gave them ages ago
Sharing the most awkward first kiss ever, but becoming better at it by the second try
Telling their friends about their relationship, only to be surprised by the fact that they already knew and placed a bet on when they'd get together
Proposing at the same place where they first met as kids
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ayrusss · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝐖𝐫𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐦𝐩𝐭𝐬
Collection of some of my fave prompts.
NSFW cut below‼️
“I trust you, more than anyone else”
“Will you just...hold me? Please?”
“I don’t care, to me you’re perfect!”
“I believe in you”
“You make me happy”
“Nothing is going to happen to you”
“Take my jacket, it’s cold”
“My friends get annoyed by how much I talk about you sometimes”
“I’m not going anywhere”
*A is lying down on B’s chest* “I can hear your heartbeat” “Does that make you happy?”
“It reminded me of you.”
Sharing a dessert
Slow dancing
Fake dating turn into lovers
A meeting B’s family for the first time
Learning each other’s mother tongue language
A notices that B is staring at an item in the store. For their next birthday A buys the item for them.
“They deserve better than me”
“Don’t mess with my family”
“I trusted you...”
“I’m not going to cry. This isn’t worth crying over”
“I never thought I’d be the one to hurt you”
“I guess were just not meant to be”
“You’re pathetic”
 “You’re not worth my time”
“How could you do this to me?”
“You’ve changed”
“This isn’t the man/woman/person that I fell in love with. I want the old (name) back”
“Please stay”
B reassuring A promising them that they will be back. Years later, B never returned: either because they’re dead or they’ve moved on and found someone else
A is holding a gun towards B in tears
A goes through an accident (can be life changing) that leaves them distant and bitter making B upset
A finally has the courage to confess to B but when they approach B, they find a wedding band on their finger/kissing someone else
Unrequited love
“I’m hard/wet” “sounds like a personal problem”
“Are you in heat or something? What the fuck is wrong with you?”
“Oh fuck! Do that again!”
“We’ve been doing this for (x) hours, how are you not tired?”
 “You weren’t supposed to hear that.”
“You could use those fingers for something useful like playing the piano.” “Oh? But they look so gorgeous around your folds”
“It’s hard to hate you when you’re under me like this, submissive and breathless. Gorgeous sight really”
“You’re skin is so soft”
“That’s it”
“Aw you’re so cute when you blush like that”
“Use your words”
“After all that you’re still shy?”
“I think we’ve found a new kink”
“You weren’t so quiet last night when you cried out my name”
“Come for me”
“You sound so pretty when you moan”
A is holding B by the throat while roughly fucking them into the sheets. B is mumbling incoherent words but they have achieved what they wanted.
Quick fuck before getting out of bed.
A goes down on B for hours, making A cry out as they orgasm so much, leading to overstimulation. A is begging B to stop but B won’t stop until they are satisfied leaving A in a mess of moans of intense pleasure.
Both A and B try a new kink. However things get too intense for B to handle which lead to A dropping everything and spend the rest of the night cuddling and comforting B.
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flovprompts · 7 months ago
secret relationship prompts: getting caught & confronted
requested by: @screnwriter ; [ cw: one mention of drugs ]
“ oh my! ”
“ where were you last night ? ”
“ i saw you with that lady yesterday. ”
“ i'm fed up with your lies. ”
“ tell me the truth, now. ”
“ you are full of lies. ”
“ stop making excuses. ”
“ i saw you. i saw you two together! ”
“ what is your relationship with her? ”
“ tell me . ”
“ you're the worst at keeping secrets. how long did you think you could fool around and make ridiculous excuses without me noticing it? ”
“ you're dating them? them?! ”
“ i can't believe you're serious. ”
“ i can't believe it. ”
“ i'm disgusted by you. ”
“ are you in your right mind? ”
“ are you mad ? ”
“ tell me why you would date someone like them! ”
“ i thought... i thought you were better than that. ”
“ i can't even begin to understand why you would get into a relationship with her. ”
“ you couldn't have gone for someone better than that? ”
“ why'd you have to go for her?” 
“ you've got bad taste. ”
“ you're a real mess. ”
“ how long? ” [a confused pause] “ how long have you two been in a relationship ? ”
“ and how much longer will you keep this a secret? ”
“ i’m telling mother about this. ” “ no, please don't ! ”
“ what will you do if your family finds about this, huh? ”
“ how long do you think it's going to take before your family finds out ? ”
“ i don't want them to find out, okay?! ”
“ tell me it's not true! spare me from depression! ”
“ i wish i'd known when you were born that you were going to betray me like this. ”
“ i never expected this from you. ”
“ have you hit your head? ”
“ are you in your senses? ”
“ are you doing drugs? ”
“ what have i done to deserve this? ”
“ i raised you like my own child and this is how you pay me back? ”
“ why would you betray us like this? ”
“ you've disgraced me. ”
“ our reputation will be ruined. ”
“ we're going to be the next talk of town. ”
“ you will make a fool out of us. ”
“ you have made a fool out of us. ”
“ have you no respect for us? ”
“ we expressly forbade you . ”
“ i'm so disgusted i can't even — ”
“ you will cut all ties with her . ”
“ no more. you will stop this now, you will stop meeting with her. ”
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