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The air is much nicer now;
She brings the scent of passion
Fruit and nectarine, sweetness
Bottled up in fancy shampoos and
Nourishing body creams. Steam
Flows from the bathroom in wafts
Of perfumed clouds, fresh and clean,
And I breathe it in for a while
As she rushes me by,
Clenching her robe, escaping the cold
Of the hall post-haste.
Her room is warm. As always,
By far the warmest room in the place.
And I grin as I watch her belly flop
On the bed, still half-wet; she always
Half-asses drying off, favoring drying up
In that pink robe she got, so soft.
I loiter a bit, smitten by her image;
Her legs playfully swinging, her back
Arched slightly, inviting; accentuating
Her curves and figure.
I soak her up
Imprinting a painting of natural beauty;
Unadorned, blushing, radiating. Mine –
How she petrifies me in infatuation. I linger,
Till she whines: “Close the dooor…”
And as I lock it behind me, I almost feel guilty
For being about to turn her into
The dirtiest girl.

28-10-2020, M.A. Tempels ©

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The way your neck tastes; slowly kissing and licking from your ear to your shoulder! Taking my time with you, especially in this area! Listening to your gentle gasps, your subtle moans, your body language! Mm, let me take care of you!

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