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#romantic aesthetic
prettyasapeach111 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Stephan Sinding
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introvert-unicorn · 8 months ago
My favorite forms of affection
Holding hands.
Resting their heads over my shoulder.
Lying on their lap or chest.
Kisses on the forehead.
Playing with my hair.
When they give me that look of admiration.
Them making me laugh.
Giving compliments.
Putting their arms around me.
Making me feel heard and seen without even trying.
Random hugs when words aren't needed.
When they remember the things I am passionate about.
Buying me food.
Them checking on me constantly.
When they respect my boundaries.
When they talk to me about things that reminds them of me.
When they speak their truth.
When they say they love me.
When they lift me up, support me and make me feel valuable and capable when I least believe in it.
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linkinmoon · 2 months ago
"I’m a very romantic person. I don’t mean romantic in a flowers and chocolate kind of way. It’s more like if it’s raining, I’ll go up to the window and press my nose against the glass and sigh at how beautiful it all looks."
- Amy Winehouse
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