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Aight it’s like almost 1am here so BULLET FICS BABEY-

  • Elizabeth is not having this sh**
  • “I’m not even that sick I can make dinner”
  • “You are running an almost 110 fever. You’re going to overheat.”
  • “I’m fine!”
  • “Remus?”
  • Remus proceeds to just
  • Lay across his mum like a limp sack of potatoes
  • Shes trapped now the rat has prevented any escape attempts
  • Roman tells her bedtime stories while Belladonna makes her some soup
  • The twins are very upset that they cant have mommy kisses from both moms before bed
  • Also that they have to take medicine so they domt also get sick
  • She gets better tho that’s the important part
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There were two things Elizabeth cared about more than anything, Belladonna, and the twins.

Granted, sometimes she cared more about food than the twins, but the twins could be very- inconvenient, when they wanted.

But her affections toward Belladonna never wavered, they were happy together and she made Elizabeth feel safe and warm and appreciated.

And Elizabeth wanted to do the same for her, wanted to hold her close and bury her face in Belladonna’s shoulder and give her loads of kisses anywhere she could reach.

But what she wanted most was to make Belladonna feel like she was enough.

This was a very common issue, sometimes they’d sit together after Belladonna had taken her hormone supplements, or shaved, or done something else that she believed made her a ‘real’ woman.

They’d sit together and they’d talk for hours and Elizabeth would go on and on about how smart and pretty and sweet Belladonna was, until finally Belladonna could manage to stop crying, then they would sit on the couch and watch movies until the sun went down.

“When did you get so beautiful, Bella,” Elizabeth ran her fingers through Belladonna’s hair, braiding flowers into it like art.

“I’m not that pretty…” Belladonna murmured.

“Nonsense! You’re gorgeous!” Elizabeth said in a half-surprised tone.

“But my hands are to big and my voice is to deep and my muscles are to defined and-” Elizabeth pressed a kiss to Belladonna’s lips.

“Your hands are just the right size to hold my face and wipe my tears when I’m upset,” Elizabeth said, bringing Belladonna’s hand to her face for demonstration.

“Your voice mixes perfectly with mine and the twins in concerts,” Elizabeth said, humming a few notes.

“And your muscles are amazing for hugging and warmth and safety,” Elizabeth said finally, throwing herself against Belladonna’s chest. Belladonna waited a few seconds before hugging her.

“You really dont care that it doesnt make me look like a woman?” She whispered.

“Youd be a woman no matter what you looked like, and I for one, like you exactly the way you are,”


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Ok bullet fic time sfgbsfgsb

  • They bought tuxes for the twins at first but Roman wanted to be the flower girl so he literally s c r e a m e d his head off (in a cute way not a brat way) until he got a dress
  • Belladonna’s dress has teeth marks in it, and they are from Remus, despite Roman being the one who was four years younger and also just discovering how to use teeth
  • They set a table on fire, if anyone asks they say it was an accident
  • Belladonna knows it was not an accident
  • If you want to see chaos throw flowers at Roman see how well that goes
  • He tried to propose to this cute emo girl at school with the flowers he caught
  • He later married a cute emo boy
  • He did in fact not connect these dots because he is a himbo with like two braincells total
  • Remus ate all the decorative flowers
  • They were going to have a fondant cake at the wedding but Roman ate all the fondant so they couldnt do that
  • Somebody left a window open and a pigeon managed to get in
  • It stayed on Elizabeth’s head the rest of the ceremony
  • If someone tried to move it she just hissed at them
  • It lives in Remus’ closet now, he named it Bastard
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Elizabeth was never one to expect things, mostly because she was about as observant as a goldfish, but this was a different case entirely.

Standing in front of their shared bedroom, open-legged dress, garter belt visible on the exposed leg, was Belladonna.

Elizabeth couldve fainted right then and there.

“B-bella what is-” Elizabeth was cut off by Belladonna’s arms wrapping around her, pulling her close.

“I know you dont like going out very much in the winter, but I wanted to give you something special for our first date,” said Belladonna, smiling as she ran her fingers through Elizabeth’s hair.

“If this is the kind of cards you pull for a first date I cant wait to see what our anniversaries are like,” Elizabeth said with a laugh. She let out a small squeak as she was pulled forward onto the bed.

“Well, you’ll have to find out wont you?” Belladonna said, burying her head in the crook of Elizabeth’s neck.

“So are you going to keep being cryptic or are you going to tell me where you got that garter belt,” Elizabeth said, placing a kiss on Belladonna’s cheek.

“Oh? You want one to do you? Well I must say I quite like the sound of that,” and Belladonna’s hands were attacking Elizabeth’s sides, and they were laughing and rolling around like teenagers at a sleepover.

But the entry was nothing to the food, for Elizabeth had settled down for a nap, and awoken to a wonderful smell, she walked out to a table of deserts and dinner and any food she couldve imagined.

“Bella! I was only asleep for an hour or two!” Elizabeth said, that is, before she noticed a spinning wheel set up in the living room. She crossed her arms and rolled her eyes before placing a kiss on Belladonna’s cheek.

So they ate together, and talked about the future, Elizabeth hoped for a future with children, Belladonna agreed, and both had decided that if it was possible they wanted two boys.

Belladonna Duke and Elizabeth Prince were very popular with the imagination, and it was very important that they received this wish, even if it took a few dates to get it.


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To understand how Liza and Bella met, it must first be understood that they are the one exception to the rule of the imagination.

See, most things in the imagination were created by Roman or Remus. Elizabeth and Belladonna, were not created at all. Dragon witches and Fairy Godmothers came about on their own accord, found a nice place to settle, and stayed there for as long as they pleased.

And in this case, that place was the brilliant mind of a child named Thomas, that was the location they’d settled on, though of course, Thomas himself had to dream them up first,as you cant very well live in an imagination if no one’s imagined you yet.

At first, they were bitter rivals, darkness and late, they despised each other.

But then there were the twins, small, helpless, if they were left alone in a place like this, well Thomas would have no creativity of any kind left to spare.

“Oh as if I’d let you take them, you’re probably absolute rubbish with children!” Elizabeth said, cradling both twins in her arms.

“I’d be a right bit better at it than you! They’d choke on glitter if they stayed with you for to long!” Belladonna retorted. They carried this argument on for a fair few hours, and then the crying started.

“Oh nonono it’s alright, dont cry, I’m sorry,” Elizabeth had been so preoccupied with Roman, that she barely noticed the tiny black bundle Remus had been wrapped in slip out of her arms.

“You’re brothers a loud one isnt he? Hm? Very noisy,” Belladonna cooed, the black bundle let out a laugh.

“Hes a baby! Babies cry! Not that you would know anything about emotions would you, witch,” Elizabeth said.

“Oh I’m sure I know plenty about emotions, and plenty about how to deflect and ignore them,” Belladonna said with a pointed glance at Elizabeth.

“Why I- you cant just show up here and act all ‘holier than thou’ because you want to steal my children!” Elizabeth said, snatching Remus’ bundle back into her arms.

“Now now Lizzie, arent fairies the ones known for stealing children? And besides, you cant possibly expect to care for those two on your own,” Belladonna said, smirking.

“What are you suggesting,” Elizabeth replied, narrowing her eyes.

“I’m suggesting, that we call a truce, to take care of the children,” Belladonna said. Elizabeth stared at her for moment, until finally, she nodded.

Neither was quite sure what they expected to happen after taking care of children together in the same house for multiple years, but Elizabeth supposed she shouldnt have been so shocked when asked about a first date, after all, compared to the level they were at before, this was child’s play.


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Everything has a story, scars, events, even something as small as the plush toy on a child’s bed can have a story.

But few stories were quite as entertaining as the story of the scar across Elizabeth’s forearm.

It had been a chilly Monday morning, Elizabeth, Belladonna, and their sons, had been out for halloween decorations.

Belladonna had been dead-set on a life-size skeletal dragon, and by the gods was Elizabeth going to get that for her.

But of course, the life-size dragon had to go last, to make sure it would fit.

This was a problem for several reasons, the first being that it was a life-size skeletal dragon.

The second, Belladonna wasn’t the only one who wanted it.

Hence the fleeting seconds of a staring contest between Elizabeth, a four foot ten girl in a pink blouse and a jean skirt, and a man who looked like he ran the goth version of an HOA.

Now Elizabeth didnt usually like getting violent, but this was a gift for her wife, and if she didnt fight tooth and nail to get it, she didnt know if she really counted as a wife.

Hence the subsequent feral dog growling from the floor as she and the man battled over who’d be the first to get the gift, with Belladonna cheering in the background, Roman trying to divert everyone else’s attention, and Remus yelling which anatomically correct parts to claw at.

Elizabeth did eventually win, but not without a rather large scar on her arm.

3 notes

  • Belladonna’s trans because I said so
  • Elizabeth is the scarier one, Belladonna looks scary but Elizabeth would fight you over a cheeto bag
  • Belladonna’s the mom that puts the kids in a laundry basket and shoves them down the stairs
  • Elizabeth has a panic attack if one of the twins scrapes their knee
  • Elizabeth is that one rich kid with like- way to many niche skills
  • Belladonna has one skill and it is Cuddles
  • Elizabeth could murder someone and Belladonna just stands in the background like “YEAH THATS MY WIFE I LOVE HER SO MUCH”
  • Elizabeth gave Virgil The Warning Speech when he started dating Roman
  • Belladonna gave it when he started dating Remus
  • Dw tho they trust him
  • For now
  • Belladonna is the only person in the house who knows how to eat healthy food
2 notes

There are few things that a dragon witch gets angry about, for creatures that are half-season, they tend to be very level-headed.

But theres a difference between keeping ones temper in a restraunt, and waking up to discover that your lovely and amazing wife is no longer curled up under your arm, and instead there is a note from your sister detailing a ransom of your entire hoard if you want to be able to run your fingers through her hair again.

The latter was currently the reality of one Belladonna Duke, and she was in no way keeping her temper over it.

“BOYS! WE’VE GOT A MISSION!” Belladonna called up the stairs as she began pulling on her armor.

She waited as she heard Roman and Remus’ footsteps rushing down the stairs.

“What happened? Wheres Fairy mom?” Roman was the first to speak, Remus was the first to answer.

“Somebody took her didnt they,” he said, Remus had always been the quickest thinker of the two boys, Roman identified the questions, and Remus came up with the solutions.

“Get your weapons,” Belladonna said, nodding her head slightly. The twins nodded their own heads and fled back up the stairs.

In a matter of minutes they were on their way to the house of Belladonna’s sister Jaina.

“Well I was beginning to think you werent going to make it!” Jaina said as she opened the door.

“Where the hell is my wife,” Belladonna replied, holding a dagger up to Jaina’s throat.

“Well, getting straight to the point are we?” Jaina said, stepping back to allow the three entrance into the house.

And there was Elizabeth, sitting at the table, looking as though she was asleep.

“Lizzie!” Belladonna pocketed the dagger and rushed over to her wife’s sleeping form, running her hand along her face.

“Shes alive, for now,” Jaina said sinisterly.

“Oh, of course she is, she’s not you,” Belladonna growled, paying little attention to the sound of sword meeting flesh and morningstar against bone as she picked her wife up in her arms.

She couldnt have been happier with the family she ended up with, and anyone who tried to mess that up was going to learn the hard way what happened when you messed with a dragon-witch’s hoard.

2 notes

Elizabeth prided herself on her looks, when she was younger they hadnt mattered much, she barely paid attention to them in fact.

But now she could afford to pay attention to the details, and by the gods she was going to use that to her advantage.

Well, as much as she had to anyways, there was no point in using her looks on others when she already had a perfectly nice girlfriend to spend her time with.

“Bella? Can you pass me my lipstick?” Elizabeth said with a smile. Belladonna smiled back and handed her the makeup before returning to her book.

“Thank you sweetheart,” Elizabeth said, batting her eyelashes. She felt a rush of joy as Belladonna’s face flushed a darker brown color.

“You’re welcome dear,” Belladonna said quietly, Elizabeth let out a small laugh.

“Oh my gods Liza if you dont stop being so adorable right now I am going to fight you,” Belladonna said, her face now even darker.

“Aaaaawwww, you say that like youd win,” Elizabeth taunted as she finished her lipstick.

“Just because you have a bunch of sword-fighting experience doesnt make you a master of hand-to-hand combat,” Belladonna said.

“Well how about we figure that out when I get home from work,” Elizabeth smirked.

“Alright you’re on,” Belladonna replied.

“I love you sweetheart,” Elizabeth placed a kiss on Belladonna’s cheek before rushing out the door.

Needless to say, Elizabeth’s looks conveyed a lot of things, but they certainly didnt convey just how many fighting styles she knew, much to the delight of her girlfriend.

1 notes

Elizabeth was never one to worry about things, not since she was in school. So waking up one morning to the discovery of a rather severe case of morning sickness, and a belly a little bigger than a belly ought to be hadnt caused much distress.

Belladonna on the other hand…

“Do you need water? I’ll go get you some water- oh WHERE did I put those outlet coverings,” Belladonna had been racing about the house since she’d heard the news that Elizabeth was pregnant. Elizabeth had tried to tell her there was nothing to worry about, but the words didnt seem to carry any meaning.

“Bella I’m fine, calm down I’m not due for another six months,” Elizabeth said, smiling.

“But you’re fragile I cant just let you risk getting hurt!” Belladonna rushed to the couch Elizabeth had seated herself on, running her hands over Elizabeth’s face and then her stomach.

“I am most certainly not fragile my darling and if you call me that again you’ll learn just how breakable you might be,” Elizabeth said severely, Belladonna’s face went scarlet.

“Yes my dear,” Belladonna said, hurrying off to continue in her baby proofing of the house.

As it turned out, this may have been an extremely necessary venture. From the moment Roman was able to crawl on his own he’d attempted to climb over the baby gate, his crib, the couch, the table, his high chair, and several other things a baby shouldnt have been crawling on.

“He reminds me of you,” Elizabeth said, smiling as she rocked the sleeping prince in her arms.

“Yeah, that’s what I was worried about,” Belladonna said, smiling slightly. Elizabeth placed a kiss on her wife’s cheek before disappearing into the nursery.

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I’m just gonna bullet fic this one cuz it’s like almost midnight and brain cant Word gdsnsdgbdgs

  • So, imagine, you are a fairy, this royal monarch decides you are cool
  • So you go to this dudes palace and you get to use magic and stuff
  • And then you wake up and suddenly the guy who’s been in charge is two different people who are now Actual Children
  • So you decide to take a walk in the woods for a bit because What The Heck
  • And then theres this really attractive dragon guy, like r e a l l y attractive
  • So you hang out for a while and this dragon friend of yours turns out to be a lady
  • A very hot lady
  • So you decide to introduce this hit dragon lady to your sons, who have taken it upon themselves to play matchmaker for the two of you
  • So now the hot dragon lady works with you
  • And you’re always in the same room
  • And she loves the himbo princes as much as you do
  • And then you start Feeling Things and it’s like woah when did those get there
  • And it turns put dragon lady has feelings to because suddenly you’re kissing in front of a tapestry with no real idea how you got there

And that’s how the fairy godmother fell in love with the dragon witch

3 notes

Elizabeth had always found hair to be a bit of a hastle. She didnt complain all to often though, after all Belladonna had much more trouble with hers. But long hair was just so… Inconvenient. She missed the days when their sons had fallen in love with the resident emo, so the hair styles were short and the clothes were a brilliant form of goth fashion.

“Babe? Can you brush my hair?” Elizabeth said, sitting on the bed checking her nails.

“I’ve done that five times today,” Belladonna said, smiling as she picked up the brush.

“It feels nice,” Elizabeth said as she rested against Belladonna’s chest.

“You are so ridiculously needy,” Belladonna said with a grin.

“Speak for yourself,” Elizabeth responded, completely content with the situation.

4 notes

“Oh Bella I’d love to go on a date but I just dont think I can leave Remus and Roman alone for that long!” Elizabeth said, rocking a sleeping Remus in one arm and running her other hand through Roman’s hair as he slept.

“We can leave them with a guard! Itll be alright! You need a break Lizzie you look exhausted,” Belladonna said, twirling a lock of Elizabeth’s soft pink and blonde hair around her finger.

“I just dont want anything bad to happen to them…” Elizabeth said, smiling fondly at her sons.

“Lizzie, darling, nothing will happen, the guards are very competent, the boys will be alright,” Belladonna said softly.

Elizabeth thought for a moment, once again looking between the two boys.

“I suppose it would be nice to get out again,” she said finally.

Elizabeth had forgotten just how many dresses she owned, she didnt know how long it’d been since she last wore one.

“Should I wear blue or yellow?” Elizabeth said, holding up a dress in each color.

“Yellow, it looks brighter on you,” Belladonna said, fastening a choker around her neck.

Elizabeth really had missed dates, missed watching the sky with Belladonna, feeding the ducks, singing karaoke at a bar while Belladonna smuggled far more bottles than should have been physically possible into her purse.

She knew, of course, that it wasnt the twins fault she rarely went out anymore, but the stress of leaving them at home certainly didnt help.

Hence her relief at coming home to Remus asleep in his crib, and Roman waiting patiently for his fairy real-mother.

“Aaaawww- poor Prince Roman, couldn’t sleep without a story huh?” Elizabeth said, sitting down and ruffling Roman’s hair.

“Nuh-uh, a prince always needs a story before bedtime,” he said, giggling slightly.

“Alright alright, Once Upon a Time…”

Elizabeth loved dates, but she loved spending time with her boys even more.


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Elizabeth was never all that fond of misleading her ‘hatchlings’ as Belladonna called the young twins, but alas even a fairy godmother had to have fun once and a while.

So there Elizabeth was, braiding blue pink and white flowers into Belladonna’s shiny black hair, when she noticed the smirk on her loving wife’s face.

“Is there something on your mind dear?” Elizabeth said, placing a kiss on Belladonna’s cheek.

“I’ve had the most dastardly idea little sugarplum,” Belladonna said, flexing her newly painted nails and checking to see if they were dry.

“And what might that be my mistress of misery?” Elizabeth continued as she finished braiding the last flower into her wife’s hair.

“I dont suppose you have anything you’d be mad at me over my lovely willow wisp?” Belladonna continued, examining the ring on her finger.

“I could make something up I’m sure, our little hatchlings dont get their creativity from nowhere,” Elizabeth said, tracing her wife’s broad shoulders with her fingertips.

Little had they known that the imagination itself seemed to have ideas of its it’s own. Elizabeth awoke the next morning, not with Belladonna’s arms around her, in their treehouse home that Belladonna had built for the two of them.

Of course, Elizabeth didnt show any sign of disappointment around Roman, he’d bought the ploy hook line and sinker, and what with all the sudden changes, Elizabeth didnt think such a revelation would be helpful at the moment.

So she hid her ring, on a necklace that she kept under the neckline of her clothing.

She didnt see Belladonna except in dragon form now, and even then was told to stay behind while her own son fought his own mother.

It was like this until the twins were adults, they’d grown further and further apart. They still were, but something had happened in the mindscape that had caused some part of their bond to mend itself.

Elizabeth hadnt noticed it at first, Roman’s side of the kingdom had seemed completely normal. But then she saw the flash of a tail disappearing in the market place.

She chased after Belladonna, nearly tripping on all sorts of things in the process, until the two met in a clearing.

“Bella?…” Elizabeth said softly, holding a hand out to the girl.

Belladonna’s eyes were slitted, she didnt seem to recognize Elizabeth at first. So Elizabeth did the only thing she could think of, brought out her ring.

And then she was in her wife’s arms again, halfway off the ground and spinning through the air.

“See! I told you she still had it to!” Remus’ voice sounded from a nearby bush. Belladonna dropped Elizabeth back to the ground, the latter looking around for her other son.

“Well she always has the necklace hidden! Excuse me if I thought it was personal! Which by the way it was!” Roman said as he stepped out next to his brother.

“And may we ask what brought this on you two?” Elizabeth said, ruffling the twins hair.

“DW still had the ring on her finger in dragon form so I asked about it and she told me about the prank and since Roman doesnt actively think I’m terrible anymore I told him so we lured you out here but DW’s gone mildly feral so she didnt recognize you and then you showed her the ring and then we came out of the bushes and the-” Roman slapped a hand over Remus’ mouth, quickly snatching it back with a disgusted expression.

“Did you just lick my hand!” Roman said.

“It tastes like Virgil’s hairdye!” Remus said gleefully, Roman blushed.

“Alright, you caught us, it was a prank, we hadnt accounted for a divide of the imagination of course, that was rather unfortunate,” Elizabeth said, biting a nail slightly.

“Well the important thing is it’s nearly normal again! Which meeeeeaaaannnnnnsssss-” Belladonna let out a roar, the twins and Elizabeth took off running in the woods, content to be able to play their games together again.


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Remus: how dense are you they’re still married DW’s still wearing a ring

FGM: Babe!

DW: I couldnt get it off!!!

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