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#romantic intrulogical

Probably did the “selfie with engagement ring” thing until he proposed on new years or something

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There are things one needs to remember when raising a teenage boy in a house primarily composed of absolute chaos, and the first of these is remembering to lock your secret lab at least ten times. The second, try to keep a low profile in public and pray for mercy if anyone notices you.

Which of course, does not work depending on how normal the setting is.

“Varian set that down immediately!”

“Remus dont give him more flammable objects!”

“We’re leaving in an hour I dont have time for this!”

Logan let out a groan as he checked his watch and looked on as his spouse and his child ran about the living room, with lighters, as though that could possibly end well.

Luckily, they were dressed within an hour and ready to go out to the nice restaurant Logan had decided on.

And proceed to terrify anyone within a five mile radius.

“Can we please pretend to be normal for once,” Logan murmured under his breath, he looked on the verge of losing his mind.

Remus paused for a second and looked over at his husband.


“Its fine- lets- just finish eating-” Logan said quickly as he began stuffing food in his mouth. Remus looked at him with a guilty expression before continuing with his own food.

The car ride home was filled with an air of guilt, and no one liked it that way.

“Logir I didnt mean to upset you-” Remus had started the apologies almost as soon as Varian had left for his room.

“I’m not upset, it’s fine, you didnt do anything wrong,” Logan said calmly, and almost defensively.

“Logie please…” Remus brushed a hand down the side of Logan’s face.

“I just- wish we could go out as a family without it ending in either an escape plan or a bail out…” Logan replied quietly.

“I’m sorry Logie I shouldve known better, I’ll talk to Vari about it ok?” Remus said, placing a kiss on Logan’s forehead.

“I love you…” Logan said quietly.

“I love you to Logie,” Remus replied.


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of course!!!! and actually, i’ll do you one better—#4 AND #6 of this post. i should write these two dorks more often, haha.

warning: i did this at midnight when i couldn’t sleep so i hope it’s coherent lmao-

words: 251 (just a lil drabble <3)

ship(s): intrulogical

tw(s): kissing, cuddling, brief lust mention (well, it’s more of an observation about the LACK of lust, but still.)

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Logan, rolls over in bed and knees Remus in the ribs:

Remus: ow, you kneed me.

Logan, half asleep: yeah, i do need you.

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Remus, looking at Logan: damn he’s hot.

Roman: wh- what??

Remus: i said “damn he’s hot” are you deaf?

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Logan: I don’t really care what you all think, frankly. Remus makes me happy.

Remus: Wait, what? You’re…you’re actually defending me? You should be dumping me! Why aren’t you following the fucking script, glasses!?

Logan: First of all, I’m going to punch you with affection. Second, of course I’m defending you, you’re my boyfriend and I love you.

Remus, near tears: *voice breaking* Oh my god, I love this one.

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Logan wasnt exactly good at conveying things, he was either all to subtle or all to brash, never once in between.

And it certainly wasnt from lack of trying, oh no he tried very hard, but the thing was, he just wasnt good enough at it.

“Remus? Do you have anything going on tonight?” Logan said over the skype call the two were in, eyeing the camera slightly.

“Nope, nothing, besides watching movies half-naked on the couch,” Remus replied with a laugh, Logan’s face went slightly scarlet at the words.

“Would you be inclined to change those plans?” Logan asked.

“Eeehhhh- I’ve been looking forward to alone time all week, it’s been busy at work,” Remus said. Logan tried to hide the dejected look creeping up on his face.

“Oh ok, maybe some other time,” Logan replied.

“You look tired Logie, you should get some sleep,” Remus replied.

“Alright alright, fine,” Logan said, moving the laptop to its charging station next to his bed. He lay down and angled the camera so it was only focused on his face, plugging the laptop in and waving at Remus before collapsing.

“Goodnight Logie,” Remus said as he continued tapping away at his keyboard.

“G'night,” Logan said.

This was a fairly common ritual for the two of them, Remus had issues with nightmares, and Logan had issues with breathing while asleep, so they figured it would be easier to sleep on camera in case one or the other needed help.

Though if Logan was honest,a part of him just liked the idea that someone cared enough to watch over him at his most vulnerable.

He couldnt wait till he and Remus could move in together, but it just wasnt safe yet, Remus’ younger brother Roman was still to young to live on his own, and Remus didnt want to leave him with their family, but didnt feel like he could take care of him himself.

So they were reduced to skype calls and the occasional physical meeting, and even those were torture sometimes.

Logan collapsed onto the couch with a groan, crossing his arms and burying his head back into the pillows.

“Logie what’s wrong? You’re so grumpy today,” Remus said.

“Oh I dont know,maybe the fact that I’ve been dropping subtle hints that I want your attention for weeks and the day I can finally get it all you’re talking about is tacos and Mexican food and now I’m pissed off and i feel guilty for it.” Logan said with a huff.

“Awe, Logie! You couldve just told me!” Remus dragged Logan into his lap and began messing with his hair, Logan melted into the touch, smile quickly returning to his face.

“I love you Logie, dont forget that,”

“I love you to Rem,”


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Logan answering the phone: Hello?

Kidnapper on the other end: we have your husband now pay-

Logan: HAHAHAHA ok sir seeing as sides can’t die and this is Remus I’ll let him slowly break you down until you call the police on yourself goodbye *hangs up*

Remus: we’re gonna have some FUN

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What’s my goal well it’s to one day to have one of my posts on the top page of looking intrulogical cuz that’s top of everything that’s been marked intrulogical of all time the only problem is I have no talent for drawing and I really don’t like it and there seems to be a biase but change can happen

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Logan: so my boyfriend gets absolutely hammered gets naked and just stands in front of the bed I ask him he’s gonna get on and says “no thank you, I’m sure your lovely but I have a boyfriend”….I love him

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Anyone have any songs that give off either moxiety or intrulogical vibes (both romantic)

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A random comic in my head that i wanna doodle:

Roman: *pouting* I demand kisses!

Remus: *also pouting* I’m not allowed to demand kisses

Logan and Janus: *glancing at eachother tiredly and with exasperation at their boyfriends’ dramatic antics*

Logan: *kisses Remus, who melts happily*

Janus: *kisses Roman, who does a happy wiggle*

And thats it thats the whole scene, the creativitwins wanting kisses from their signifigant others and being gifted such happily xD

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Logan’s Birthday (1/7)


Logan was a smart man, he always had been, top of his class since he was little. But being smart only got you so far, there always came a time when you just werent smart enough.

For Logan, that time was adulthood. So many years worth of studying, gone at the slightest notion that someone else was- better. And of course, Logan knew exactly what made his competitors better, but saying it out loud, that was paramount to insulting the company.

So here he was, twenty-two years of age and stuck in an apartment, sifting through job applications and bills, as if he’d ever have enough to pay them off.

“Oh yes Logan go on take only honors and AP classes for the rest of your life, I’m sure it’ll all turn out fine,” Logan muttered bitterly.

He let out a groan of annoyance as the tv flickered through one of his least favorite commercials.

He’d always despised fashion and makeup companies, but the Kingsley company was another story on it’s own. He couldnt explain it, for all he knew it was some odd combination of self hatred and toxic societal expectations, he just couldn’t stand those twins, with their overly wide smiles and stupid overzealous compliments. But of course, most other people bought it. So Logan always assumed there was something wrong with him.

Eventually Logan finished with the papers, setting them aside and walking to the kitchen.

“Like anyone would pay thirty bucks for a makeup set that’s going to fall apart two days afterward,” Logan muttered, glaring at the tv. He walked over to the coffee machine and got started on his fourth cup for that day. It wasnt healthy, Logan knew that, he’d done an entire report on it in sixth grade, but it was the only way he could seem to stay up without having a breakdown.

Logan looked over at his to-do list for that day, he never seemed to finish them, so he had no idea why he bothered. He checked off the section labelled “bills and applications” before walking back to the coffee machine and picking up the mug. He watched the sunrise outside the window, he always liked sunrises more in the colder months, they were much brighter.

Logan finished his coffee and set the cup in the sink, checking his watch. His mother had set up a job interview for him, but all she’d given him was an address and a time, he certainly didnt want to be late. He walked to his closet and pulled out a blue sweater, black vest, black pants, and dress shoes.

“5629, Ridgeport Avenue, should be interesting,” Logan muttered as he fixed his tie. He’d never exactly liked Ridgeport, it was a rich people and idiots thinking they could make it big on stupid ideas.

But what awaited Logan when he reached the location was far worse than what he was expecting.

Mother I told you I dont want anything to do with this company!” Logan hissed over the phone, currently hiding out in the bathroom, he may have hated the Kingsley company, but he wasmt stupid enough to insult them where someone might hear.

“Its good pay! You can suck up your pride for once in your life cant you?” His mother replied.

Me, a secretary for those- those-” Logan couldnt seem to find the right words for it, all he cod think was ‘Ew’ and 'Not in a million years’.

“I’ll call you back after the interview,” Logan said, hanging up and stuffing the phone back in his pocket. He fixed his hair in the mirror before rushing back out, after all, he did have a meeting in thirty minutes.

“Logan Sanders,” The intercom sounded, the voice of Remus Kingsley flooded the room. Logan felt his stomach lurch as he stood up. He trudged down the hall, fiddling with his tie. He finally reached the door to Remus’ office, and knocked twice.

“I’m not naked if that’s what you’re thinking,” Logan held back the urge to vomit as he processed the sentence, and then he opened the door.

Remus Kingsley was a tall man, with a white striped birthmark in his hair, and a mustache that gave him the impression of a man who’d gorged himself on mud. His clothes didnt help much, a ripped jacket paired with a green shirt and twice as torn black jeans, his feet were even propped up on the desk for gods sakes.

“I’m here for the secretary position,” Logan said as he closed the door.

“Well secretaries arent supposed to stand are they?” Remus said, moving his feet and gesturing toward the chair in front of the desk. Logan took a seat and finally let go of his tie.

“So what sparked your interest in the position?” Remus said, very obviously reading off notecards.

Logan bit back the urge to say 'brute force and a ransom note’.

“I’ve seen a lot of your commercials, the name was recognizable,” Logan said.

“Oh so you’ve heard of us?” Remus said, now checking his nails. Logan was getting more annoyed by the minute.

“Yes, I have,” Logan replied, biting the inside of his cheek to keep from growling.

“Great! You’re hired! You can start tomorrow,” Remus said with a grin, Logan noticed he was missing one of his front teeth. He slid a sheet of paper across the desk, Logan looked it over and pocketed it before getting up.

“Very well, I suppose I’ll see you tomorrow,” Logan said as he walked out.

“I could get used to seeing that face every day,” Remus said, Logan felt his face heat up slightly, though he could scarcely tell if it was from rage, or from something else. He merely nodded and closed the door behind him on his way out, rushing through the lobby and out into the streets of Ridgeport.

“This is it- my life is over, this is how I die,” Logan had decided to meet up for coffee with his friend Remy, and the conversation had turned very quickly to Remus’ comment at the end of the meeting.

“I mean it could be worse, at least you’re both in the same age-range,” Remy replied, taking a sip from his iced coffee.

“I dont know how you’re drinking that when its 27 degrees out,” Logan said with a laugh.

“Nothing will ever be as cold as my heart,” Remy said, grinning.

“Oh? Cold-hearted are we? Then please, do tell me where all those photos of Emile huddled up under your arm with his head buried in your chest came from,"Logan said sarcastically.

"Oh Em, the only person warm enough to melt my poor icy cold heart,” Remy said, bringing a hand to his forehead and falling back slightly.

“Gods you’re so cheesy,” Logan said, rolling his eyes.

“You’re just mad because you dont have a queerplatonic partner to give you forehead kisses every night before you go to sleep,” Remy said.

“I dont need a partner of any kind, I’m fine on my own,” Logan replied.

“Sure you are bud, sure you are,” Remy said.

And that stuck with Logan the rest of the week. He had a lot more interactions with Remus than he’d expected to, sometimes they felt- planned. But Logan could swear up and down he was imagining things, there was no way someone as influential, nor as self-absorbed, as a Kingsley would’ve spared him a second glance.

And he carried this thought process with him, that is, until he found a letter on his desk. A letter, inviting him to the company Christmas party, from Remus.

“Did you get my letter?” Remus leaned on Logan’s desk, that same grin he always wore plastered on his face.

“Yes, though I dont think you specified the office you want it delivered to?” Logan replied.

“Oh! My bad, I think it was right abooouuuuttt- here,” Remus pressed a finger to Logan’s nose, Logan tensed slightly, his cheeks flushed red.

“You turn a very pretty red when you’re nervous,” Remus purred, resting his head on his arms, which were now crossed over Logan’s desk wall.

“I-” Logan wasnt sure what to say, here was all the evidence, right in front of his face, and yet he still didnt dare believe it.

And he didnt believe it, not until the day of the Christmas party, where he arrived in a limousine, hand in hand with the man, to a cruise ship of all places, wearing, for the first time in his life, a stunning midnight blue dress, that made him feel like he was worth a glance.

Though of course, no amount of party dresses could top that which he wore on his wedding night, a floor length gown of Remus’ own design, studded with pearls and sequins, reflecting blue lights everywhere he walked.

“Remember how I said I wouldnt mind seeing a face like yours every day?” Remus said, smiling as he moved Logan’s veil.

“Well, you wont have to worry about that now, will you?” Logan said, smiling, and he relished in the kiss that Remus placed on his lips, Remus’ arm pulling Logan closer and closer by the waist, until the space between them was so thin that they were almost attached.


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Logan: I’m tires.

Remus: Tires?

Logan: Yeah, tires.

Remus: I think you need the sleep.

Logan: Yeah, that sounds good. *lolls and falls asleep against Remus*

Remus, having a cuteness overload: So…cute…

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chapter one - chapter two - chapter three - chapter four - chapter five - chapter six

Word count - 3,332
Pairing - Intrulogical, Prinxiety, Moceit (I’m deleting the pre bc I have decided to have a chapter with them getting together)
Warnings - some characters are a lil insensitive in spots but I wouldn’t call them unsympathetic, creativitwins angst, swearing, food mention, self-deprecation bc they’re all wrecks, pining, and then there’s Remus-typical behavior (body horror mentions, sexual innuendo/mentions of sexual stuff, and other stuff heh), if there’s anything else that should be tagged or put in the warnings, tell me!

After a hearty and delicious meal of spaghetti and meatballs with a side of broccoli, the sides had all retired to get ready for bed. The adventure had gone terribly late, so dinner was later than they’d ever had it.

Logan stopped when he reached the door to his room. Yes, he knew that the next logical course of action would be to enter his room and get ready for bed, perhaps read a book as his stomach digested dinner, but he couldn’t help but remember how quiet Remus had been at dinner. He was never quiet.

His mind flashed back to what Roman said to Remus when they left the Imagination, and Logan clenched his left hand into a fist. Roman, while always striving to do what he saw to be the correct course of action, could also be awfully insensitive. Especially when he didn’t even know he was doing it.

Logan promptly turned on his heels and walked towards Remus’ room.

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ao3: “not a platypus”
rating: T
warnings: intrulogical
genre: fluff
description: Logan’s going to scream if Roman keeps this up. Then again, if Roman’s right, maybe Remus is all he needs to calm down. ( @tsshipmonth2020  prompt: Day 3 - You have an animal that only you and your soulmate can see.)

“It sounds like a platypus.”

“For the last time, Roman, it is not a platypus, surely I have managed to describe it well enough that you-”

“Nah, it totally sounds like a platypus.”

Logan huffs in exasperation, shoving his glasses further up his nose. His friend is impossible, he decides, shaking his head. Instead of paying attention to the admittedly boring lecture going on, they’ve been having a whispering session in the back about their soulmate animals. Roman’s is fanciful, some sort of alicorn with gloriously glossy feathered wings and shining horn. Logan’s is-

Well, it’s certainly not a platypus, no matter what Roman wants to claim. It can’t be, or he wouldn’t know what to call it! Just because it happened to be duck-billed-

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ao3: “reflections”
rating: T
warnings: non binary remus, intrulogical, coming out
genre: hurt/comfort
description:  Remus knows their boyfriend. They do. But…what if they’re wrong? (for anon prompt: “could i please request nonbinary remus scared to come out to logan bc they’re worried he’ll be like ‘there are only two genders’ but obviously he. doesnt do that.”)

He won’t believe you, you know, Remus’s reflection informs them as they stare nervously into the glass, smoothing down a crumpled skirt. There are only two genders. And you don’t even know what gender you actually are! What kind of gender is 'non binary’ anyway?

“Mine,” Remus answers in a fierce whisper. “It’s mine.”

All their bravery deserts them as they turn away from the mirror. The rumpled fabric of their green and black checkered skirt seems to mock them as they reluctantly peel it down their legs, trading it for their usual black jeans. What if I wore the skirt over my jeans? They wonder, but they aren’t quite brave enough. Not for going out in public. Not when their hair is an unruly mess, grey streak prominent. Not when they have a five o'clock shadow that they can’t get rid of, no matter how many times they pass over it with their razor.

Not when Logan might see them.

He’s never expressed transphobic views before, Remus grimly reassures themself as they smear purple and red eyeshadow around their eyes. This, at least, is their usual look. No need for an identity crisis here! Not yet, anyway.

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ao3: “dandelion wishes”
rating: T
warnings: food, coming out, trans remus, intrulogical
genre: fluff
description: Remus has something he’d like to tell Logan. (for @paravigilant-virgil ‘s prompt “Do you think you could write something with Logan and Remus with one of them coming out as trans to the other?”)

“Can I tell you something?”

Logan stirs, scooting up the grass with his elbows. Remus swallows hard, anxiety churning in the pit of his stomach.

“Of course,” Logan says, attempting a smile. Sun-dappled leaves above them sway in the breeze.

“Can you call me Remus?”

“Sure,” Logan says, surprised. “May I ask why?”

Remus shrugs, eyes shifting away. He plucks a thin blade of grass, twirling it between his fingers.

“You can’t tell Roman,” he starts, chewing on his bottom lip.

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