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#romantic poetry
thegirlthatcriesacademia · 3 months ago
All my grief says the same thing— this isn't how it's supposed to be. And the world laughs, holds my hope by my throat, says: but this is how it is.
Fortesa Latifi, The Truth About Grief
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amomentwiser · a month ago
Poets write in beautiful flowery language, and we romanticise things, because that is the only way to reach into someone's heart, to make them feel things. Because the common person, while always yearning for love, wouldn't recognise it if it hit them smack in the face, like it does in the mundane everyday.
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thenightingalesings · 26 days ago
you say, you're afraid of death?
oh honey, we are immortal.
we'll be alive in each others words,
in each others poetry,
as long as the poetry exists,
as long as the poetry exists in between the mortal,
in between the earthborn,
we are alive.
we'll be alive in each other's words and poetry, forever.
immortal - Eva.
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introvert-unicorn · 5 months ago
How to confess your love for someone in a poetic way
My Heart calls out for you
I Burn for you
I'm all yours
I love you to the moon and back
I picture growing old with you
I yearn for you
You are my world
You are the center of my deepest fantasies
I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you
I am always all about you
You are my sunshine
You are worth the wait
You are the object of my affection
You are my most favorite part of reality
I adore you
I feel passionately about you
You are a treasure I would never think of sharing
You own my heart
I want you endlessly
You fill me with desire
You are heavenly enchanting
You mean the world to me
You amaze me
I am drowning into you
My heart always belongs to you
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definegodliness · 14 days ago
Beautiful is just a word
She was sweet She was dear She was always She was near She was heaven She was good She was the fountain of youth She was fire She was rain She was love She was pain She was rhyme She was reason She was metamorphosis She was every season She was intricate She was magic She was bliss She was tragic She was suave She was smooth She was electro-magnetic She was mind-bogglingly cute She was dancing She was joy She was life She was coy She was passion She was rage She was a woman She was undulating waves She was dominance She was submission She was imagination She was wild romance She was truth She was music She was rhythm She was everything She was creation She was godly She was God She was funny She was hot She was horny She was delirium She was a moment of clarity She was gravitation She was push She was pull She was wanderlust She was soulful She was wonder-filled She was intricacy She was overkill She was stubborn She was impatient She was ecstasy She was an angel She was care She was there She was mystery She was a major cock tease She was insightful She was hurt She was convalescence She was earth She was sun She was moon She was a better world She was just a girl
--- 8-10-2021, M.A. Tempels ©
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darkacademia07 · 2 months ago
“i overthink. i overlove. i over feel.
i am the sea. or i am nothing.”
— 𝘑𝘶𝘢𝘯𝘴𝘦𝘯 𝘋𝘪𝘻𝘰𝘯
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heartofmuse · 13 days ago
I am yours. Never forget that. My heart has decided and it keeps its promise. Silence is nothing but an illusion when one loves as true as I love you. Distance is but a mirage that dissolves in the memory of your warm presence. Love beats strong, uninterruptedly in my heart, singing your name. You are ever cherished, every second you are so loved. You are the incandescent happiness that beats in my chest, always. You are the Sun of my days and the Moon of my nights. The silent echo in every thought and the strength with which beats my heart. Always, my beloved, remember that. 
e.v.e. (Letters to my love)
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