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evil-genius-wannabe · 5 months ago
I think one problem of romanticizing everything in life is that it leaves you very indecisive and not knowing what to do with your life.
Because now I want to study history and languages and mathematics and physics and philosophy and engineering and I want to be everything and that desire is so overwhelming that it leaves me unable to do anything at all.
So I just sit there on the floor with my abundance of dreams and my third existential crisis this month bot not knowing what to do.
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jannaaath · a month ago
love-letter-to-me mini moodboard (aka romanticising my life through rain and shine)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
p. s. all pictures are mine, do not repost without credits
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leminttea · 6 months ago
Start romanticising online class
- wearing pajamas or comfy clothes
- having tea / coffee
- your mom checking in, asking what you want for dinner
- cut up fruit or vegetables to snack in classes
- texting your friends, making jokes about the teacher struggling with the program
- listen to your teacher explaining a topic while cleaning your room, off camera
- funny backgrounds :)
- listening to music, while writing or reading a text, off mic
- being able to make a toilet break anytime haha
- the morning sun through your window
- stretching and yawning heartly, without any pressure
- writing in the chat, off mic, no worry if you stutter
- not having to stand up and go to the front of the class for presentations
- sending an assignment at 12:59 pm
- spending more time with the family
- being able to order your folders and stuff, since your only at one place
- study dates with your friends via ft
- sit in the garden/on the balcony while studying/online class and enjoy the sun
- messy desk, because you kept learning for hours
- using all your different pens and highlighters you have at home
- making to do lists and feeling the satisfaction of checking them off
- lots of colourful sticky notes
- pinning vocubulary on the wall to memorise them
- making a study playlists
- feeling like a writer or famous author to sit at your laptop, writing so often
- being in your warm bed while attending class
Feel free to add
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litttpieceofshit · 7 months ago
I just have to romanticize everything or else i get sad
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romanticize /rə(ʊ)ˈmantɪsʌɪz/
verb deal with or describe in an idealized or unrealistic fashion; make (something) seem better or more appealing than it really is.
honestly, i cant wait to go back to school just to romanticize it. like reading your book in the library during lunch and annotating it with love is like a violin- ken dodd repeating over and over again.
also just keeping to yourself, and keeping on top of everything seems fun this year. doing your homework on time, and keeping quiet seems so fun.
i've started to read twilight, and its so much better than the films. theres so much more description in it. im about a third through the book and we have not even met edward's family (officially) yet. i love the films because they are so bad they are good, but the book is good.
recently these past few days i've been watching films to do with romanticisation of schools. so wild child, st. trinian's, angus, thongs and perfect snogging and also the first princess diaries film. might also watch barbie princess charm school because that is a classic and i love it!
bye for now!
a ♡
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deadseagirl · 4 months ago
romanticism is so needed. to think about the possibilities of the present that exists beyond space and time, to exist in this world and in your head, simultaneously a parallel universe where everything is about scented candles, crystals and leather journals and it feels right. alright.
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airasora · 2 months ago
Hi! Saw your last post and it got me thinking. Wanted to ask your opinion, do you think after thousands of years of sexual violence women had to learn how to erotisize and romanticize it for like survival purposes?
*cracks fingers* I've been waiting for a chance to rant about this.
So, this may be a very strange thing to read, but try to play along: We can all agree that women as a whole are sexualized, right? Femme fatales, we can't nurse our babies because "oh no boobies", the beauty standards, teen girls feel like they need to grow up and basically look like what the beauty/fashion industry is currently saying is the most attractive, whether that's an hourglass figure or whatever the hell they're saying now, right?
All those things are true.
But women are also romantizised, right? It's the damsel in distress, the prize after overcoming a huge quest, winning a war, she takes care of you, she's your girlfriend, your wife, your mother, she's the "born sexy last Tuesday", she's the whimsically quirky girl who just opens your eyes to the wonders of the world, she's the support, she's the bad, sexy vixen you know is gonna break your heart, but you just gotta have her anyway...
I mean, there's an entire song in the Sweeney Todd musical that is basically just one huge romanticisation of really normal every day things that women do. You could even argue that it's essentially the sexualization and romanticisation of women that leads to the entire conflict of Sweeney Todd.
And Alex Meyers did an entire video about the "quirky girl" I mentioned too.
So... yes, women have been both sexualized and romantizised since pretty much forever... but that is slowly changing. Sort of.
It's been less than 100 years since women finally got actual independence. Women literally don't "need men" anymore, we have rights. We have jobs, we have homes, we can vote, etc. and that's now how things were until VERY recently.
So, what happens now that women don't need men to just live? Well, first of all, men suddenly need to "step up their game". I can't count how many confrontations I've come across online of a misogynist saying that women have forgotten their place and that it "used to be easy to find a wife". Well, it was easy because women had to rely on men to do ANYTHING. That's not the case anymore, so now men just have to be *gasp* actually worth spending time with. It suddenly takes effort to attract a now, independent woman. It was pretty easy when we literally didn't have a choice, right?
So, are men sexualized and romantizised? Sure... just not nearly as much. And, the weird thing is... it makes perfect sense.
Humanity didn't "need" some fantasy to convince women to want men. We needed them. Quite literally. So society didn't bother to come up with these fantasies that would encourage women to want a man cause we risked death or ostracization if we DIDN'T marry.
But wait, what about fairytales? Like Snow White? That's a "fantasy" for women about men, right? That a prince on the white horse would come rescue you and you live happily ever after...
Try reading that line again.
Even the fantasies and fairytales that ARE targeted towards women are still about us NEEDING them. Snow White NEEDED the prince to wake up, she was literally DEAD without him. And so many fairytales have the same overall message; women NEED men, men WANT women. Because hey, women are sexy and magical, and men are... a necessity.
And that mindset is just as toxic towards men as it is for women. Because while it says that women need men for pure survival, it also says that men are... a necessity. Not something to love, not something to cherish, not something to fantasize about... just something you need. Like food. And shelter.
Men have never "needed" women, so society romantizised and sexualized women as an encouragement. And women needed men, so society didn't have to convince us men were worthwhile.
There's so much disgusting toxic misogyny in the world and we've finally reached a point where a decent amount of men are calling themselves feminists and understand that misogyny is toxic towards men as well. It's sad that that realization was what was needed to kick some men into action, but I'll take what I can get.
Because here's the thing... no matter how small or big, oppressed groups need allies. Oppressed groups need people OUTSIDE of the group to give a shit. No one can fight a battle against societal norms alone.
So give that high-five to your feminst allies, no matter their gender. It takes all of us to make a legit change. And I genuinely believe that with some more time, and that could be anything between 50 to 500 years, there'll be more of an equal balance, and that societal gender norms could be crushed.
And if all else fails... if we can't make society stop sexualizing and romantizising women... we could always try to sexualize and romantizise men more. It'll still be equal.
I'd take it.
I'll end this long-ass post on this lighter note. I hope somewhere I answered your question x'D
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homolegs-simping-aid · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
my dearest lovely, mere words could not even fathom to explain how much i adore you-
I could write, and draft and articulate over ever single tiny detail but alas
I could never come close to describing how much you mean to me
wether it be your little quirks,
or the way your eyes resemble oceans...
or how your lips are so so kissable...
or how i want to bundle you up and hum lullabies to you
to protect you
to hold you
oh now i’m getting carried away...
but do you see what i mean?
nothing can compare to you...
but i’m left like a babbling fool when it comes to describe it-
If only i could though-
you’d understand just how much you mean to me
how you help me through thick and thin
how i love you...
(A/N I’m lovesick if that wasn’t obvious
@g0d-f34rz-m3 this may or may not be about you 😳👉👈
@that-one-queer-poc (DID YOU CHANGE POC AND QUEER AROUND MY HEAD IS ANUSING) more yearning material my liege
feedback is accepted!!)
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venturlee · 2 months ago
An internet friend of mine, just randomly today, asked me when my birthday was because she had wanted to know it for a long time.
She has no idea how wanted, and cared for I felt after her question. My existence was valuable enough for someone to note when I was born? Whaattt?! You see, it was not just a casual question. She genuinely wanted to know that detail about me. As someone who's been a sad, miserable loner on all her birthdays, the act of being shown the desire of getting to know me, feels welcoming. It's an extremely intimate act of care to a person like me, who's had only 5 people in total, all family, wish her all the past 23 years of her existence.
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