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modern-wilde · 3 months ago
“Sometimes I wonder if there's something wrong with me. Perhaps I've spent too long in the company of my literary romantic heroes, and consequently my ideals and expectations are far too high.” ― E.L. James
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pissandrats · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
it's literally midnight and I just saw @atropabe11adonna post and had to make this no credits no nothing just. Resting with your lover
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dramatic-bard · 5 months ago
Fuck it I deserve a love story. I deserve to be adored like I adore the rain, my scratches and poems admired like I admire the tiny poles left by thunder, and I deserve to be touched with gentle hands made to care and not to hurt. I deserve a sweet silence, and someone out there deserves my fierce and thundery storm of a love, and whomever you are, I hope to find you soon.
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cocomuses · 7 months ago
all im asking for is a good life. im a simple girl with simple needs. i just want to live in a small cottage or a mansion full of art, it doesn’t matter which. i just want to be surrounded by art. art like the warm scents of wild flowers, the smell of soil, the varying colors of the earth which its flowers bear, and art like the wide fields where i want to run through with my lover hand in hand, like there’s no tomorrow. again, im a simple girl with simple needs, with a need for art.
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sadclad · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Friday study night. I lit candles and outside it was rainy and windy, so I left the balcony open. Had to study romanticism, ironically.
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chaotic-academiaa · 7 months ago
Things that scream Chaotic Academia
having four drinks at any one time
studying till 2am but unable to function before 8 in the morning
reading three books at once and getting them confused
grey jumpers
fluffy socks 24/7
peppermint and liquorish obscure tea
subscribing to things like poem-a-day and never reading any of them
smoking at 3am exclusively
constantly scribbling
stacks of loose sheets and notes
going to a museum and running from room to room aimlessly
unapologetic criticism of the classics, whilst loving them
only having motivation for the things you don't need to do
layering mismatched clothes
casually dancing in museums
quoting Virginia Woolf on a daily basis regardless of the relevance
odd socks
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wildeacademics · 10 months ago
Romanticising Quarantine
Note: Best applied if you have a room to yourself, or if you’re living alone 
Putting a podcast about your favourite subject on, letting the voice from the radio fill the silence as you start making dinner, or do the chores 
Starting a quarantine journal with daily entries, like a diary - but decorated with stickers or knick-knacks you discover while cleaning your room one day (I did this back in March if anyone’s interested!) 
Re-watching Studio Ghibli films on Netflix or from the internet - the aesthecism somehow makes the world calmer, and it feels like a better place for just one second. 
Re-arranging your book collection from scratch. Pulling all the books from your shelves and brushing the dust off their covers, looking fondly back at childhood memories. A playlist in the background is recommended. 
Put your kettle on, and dive into your cupboard for that forgotten ginger and honey teabag from three months ago. Brew a mug of tea, or hot chocolate, and just sit there, wrapping your hands around the warm mug. If your thoughts get too loud, pluck a book off your bookshelf, or put a show on your laptop. (Note: Make sure the teabag still works and it’s not tasteless) 
Record your days, so as to make them less repetitive, less dull, less stagnant. Anything works. Your playlist of the day. Your meals. The shows you watched, the course you discovered online. Anything. (This is similar to the quarantine journal) 
Discover new things online. Read that book you’ve been putting aside for months. Watch online concerts, online ballets, online operas. Or try the online archives of museums. The Internet is an infinite treasury of knowledge; you can find virtually anything you want. 
Make lists. I’ve found making lists ground yourself to reality and stop oneself from spiraling into panic. To-do lists. Lists of movies/books/tv shows you want to watch, want to read. New research ideas. Cross them off when you’ve completed something, Before long, you’ll have lists of things you want to do, or can do. 
Put on music. Any type of music you want, and just dance. Or even just move around to. You won’t have to worry about people’s eyes on you. Put on Shostakovich’s Second Waltz, and pretend you’re at a ball, twirling on the dance floor with a hand on your partner’s shoulder, another clasped in their hand. 
Above all, remember; you’re not alone if you can’t get your spirits up during quarantine. Some people can write plays in quarantine, but most people don’t have that motivation. So just try to make your days a little better, a little less repetitive, a little less stagnant day by day. It doesn’t have to be anything significant in world terms. As long as it’s significant in your terms, and make you smile a little, or lift your spirits a little, that’s enough. And yes, that includes mundane things like taking a shower, or doing your dishes/laundry. Every step counts. 
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pretentious-emma · 3 months ago
Do all people have a feeling or a sense of what they are gonna die of, or y'all normal?
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g0d-complexity · 3 months ago
things i think are actually really cool about life:
- helping people purely because you want to
- having a book case full of stories you love
- hand me downs that have passed through so many people they have stories to tell
- locked notes app poetry
- between seven and nine in the morning when you're half awake and half dreaming
- books with annotations in the margins and letters in the front
- camping; staying up late by the fire and waking up early just a little bit too cold
- swimming in an outdoor pool in the rain
- having people you love without shame or regret
- praying to false idols and made up gods
- songs that make you feel indescribable emotions
- the state library of victoria's ceiling
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imaaa · 2 months ago
she weaves verses so delicately as if caressing each and every word with tender touch and then slowly placing them together with care.
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shewritesherthoughts · 11 months ago
i wish there was some dark academia society/club where people could sit back down with their individualist ideas, poems, humour on literally anything while the golden sun is shining through the cracks in the treehouse or an ancient building where a very famous prince was once rumoured to happen to run away with his lover and live
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raspberry-gloaming · 6 months ago
You know what, fuck people who tell you not to romantacise things! I want to be able to say i wish i lived in victorian times swanning around a stately home i own with a bustle and a big dress without you reminding me that as a girl/woman i would have no rights, arranged marriages with cousins, ect... I do know all of that! I am aware of it all! This is just a daydream, and its not like im going to time travel to the past and actually do this stuff, so just let me enjoy my daydreams!
Also I know that in Medieval and Norman times life was absolutely shit, with plagues, short life spans and the fact most peasants were villeins whose lives were completely controlled and were almost slaves, but sometimes i want to daydream about being a pre-medieval traveller, who goes around little foresty villages telling stories and selling potions (that might be a bit magical!) Let me live my dark cottage-core imaginary dream in peace!
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emiliamudavanhu · 17 days ago
I want the kind of connection where we’re fully grown but we get so immature when we’re alone.
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