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wylanvnneck · 8 months ago
enemies to lovers be like honey (derogatory) to honey (affectionate) and friends to lovers be like i love you (platonic) to i love you (romantic) and i am a complete sucker for both.
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weasleymione · 4 months ago
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♡  Rupert and Emma in Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts ♡
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timdrakedeservesbetter · 2 months ago
When the two idiots who've been pining for each other for over 200k words break up because of some dumb misunderstanding:
Tumblr media
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sonch · 12 months ago
me: ugh i hate cliches
harry potter fanfiction: they were partners at the potions class and the assignment was to do amortentia and they realized they were each other's favorite smell
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celestemagnoliathewriter · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Absolutely fascinating to see how the Harry Potter ships go on AO3.
Going to put a bunch of ships in the tags simply so other people can see this and weigh in because I think it's fascinating.
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marauderenergy · 3 months ago
Ron: what seems to be the problem?
Harry: I don’t know exactly, but it all started when I was a baby and my parents were murdered
Ron: I meant with the car
Harry: oh, it makes a beeping sound every time I slam my head into the steering wheel
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katherineebishop · a month ago
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laura’s 10k celebration (top 30 ships as voted by my followers) ✵ 5 ➳ ron weasley & hermione granger
↳ Harry glanced over at the dark shapes they made on the floor beside him. Ron had had a fit of gallantry and insisted that Hermione sleep on the cushions from the sofa, so that her silhouette was raised above his. Her arm curved to the floor, her fingers inches from Ron’s. Harry wondered whether they had fallen asleep holding hands.
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Ron and Hermione in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1
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tae-rhr · 14 days ago
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gryffindor prefects; 1995 - 1997.
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butterflysclaws · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
"OI! There's a war going on here!"
Ron and Hermione broke apart, their arms still around each other.
"I know, mate," said Ron, "so it's now or never, isn't it?"
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sunnymagenta · 11 months ago
Me: ugh I hate cliches
harry potter fanfiction: one of them casts expecto patronum and they realized that their patronus changed to match the other person’s
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wylanvnneck · 7 months ago
Fangirls say goodnight and then go read fanfics until 3am
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weasleymione · 5 months ago
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1992 x 1998.
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confused-pyramid · a month ago
Take Me Where the Music Ain't Too Loud
pairing: george weasley x fem!reader
summary: You've had a crush on your best friend's brother for ages, and he only seems to reciprocate when he's drunk...
word count: 4.3k
warnings: angst, fluff, slight attempted coercion, drunkenness, best friend's brother, smut in next part (!)
a/n: title and premise are inspired by the song "wish you were sober" by conan gray. also, in this fic, the reader and the golden trio are all only one year below the twins, instead of two. (also, smut will be in part two)
part 1 / part 2
Tumblr media
You and Ron Weasley have been best friends since you met on the train platform on the first day of Hogwarts in your first year. You'd had trouble getting through the entrance to the platform, and his family had seen you struggling and decided to help. You were eternally grateful to the Weasley family, including but not limited to their yearly holiday season invitations to their cozy house that was the only place you could truly call home.
You and Ron had been inseparable from your first year, and ever since your little friend circle had expanded to include Harry and Hermione, spending time with your friends was your favorite part of the holidays. Well, your second favorite. The top spot went to a boy who had been the object of your daydreams since you got to know him during your first Christmas at the Burrow: George Weasley.
While Hermione found his and Fred's pranks childish and silly, you found them ingenious, secretly marveling at how they managed to cast such intricate and well-timed spells. You were also one of the only people who was able to tell them apart. Even Ron didn't know how you did it, but you found is quite obvious. There was something hidden beneath George's smile that Fred lacked; a sense of mischievousness and something else you couldn't quite place.
But it doesn't matter, because he has never thought of you as more than a kid sister. He had no idea how you felt about him, and you would do everything in your power to keep it that way. The Weasley family was your safe haven, and you would rather hide your feelings forever than do something to ruin that. Ginny was the only person who knew how you felt about him, and she had promised that it would be your secret until you managed to move on.
This is exactly what's running through your mind when you bump into George on the way to your first class of the day, a couple of months into your sixth year at Hogwarts.
"Hey, y/n," he grins, his hands gently gripping your shoulders to keep you steady. "What's the rush?"
"Late for class," you reply simply, adjusting your book bag on your shoulder. You do your best to avoid his eyes, but they seem to carry a magnetic force that pulls you in.
You're staring so intently into his light brown eyes that you almost miss it when he chuckles and says, "Class? Oh, that's so boring. I was really hoping you were heading somewhere interesting...or better yet, running from Filch!"
Biting the corner of your lip, you do your best to hide your smile. "Just because you and Fred are always on the run from some teacher, doesn't mean everyone else is."
"Ah," he smiles wistfully, "wishful thinking, I guess."
Shaking your head with amusement, you gaze up at him, enjoying the feeling of him practically towering over you. "I have to get to Transfiguration."
"Yes, of course," he nods, moving to the side with a dramatic step. "Lest I be the reason you are late for such an important endeavor."
Unable to stop the grin that crosses your face, you tighten your hold on your bag and rush off down the hallway. You meet up with Ron, Harry, and Hermione in class and take your seat by them, near the back of the room.
"Where were you?" Hermione asks as Professor McGonagall begins the class. "You were nearly late."
"Lost track of time this morning," you whisper back, not meeting her eye as you pull your books and quill from your bag. Thankfully, your answer seems to satisfy her and you begin listening to McGonagall's lesson on how to turn a teacup into a gerbil.
The rest of the day goes by without any interruptions, and by nightfall, you are ready to get to bed. After changing into your nightgown, you settle yourself nicely into bed and are about to fall asleep, when Hermione and Ginny begin a loud conversation right next to you. You usually loved dorming right next to two of your best friends, but sometimes they drove you crazy.
"Y/n, what about you?" Hermione asks, smiling at you as she sits cross-legged on her bed.
"What about me?" you grumble, reluctantly sitting up in your bed.
"Ginny and I were talking about her relationship with Dean and we were wondering if there was someone you had feelings for?" Hermione recounts, matter-of-factly.
The face of one particular redhead pops into your brain, but you immediately push the thought away. This was not the time or place to be divulging long-held secrets like that.
"Umm, no one really," you muse, trying to speak in a diplomatic tone. "I've just been trying to focus on passing my N.E.W.T.S."
Ginny nods appreciatively, shooting you an apologetic look, but surprisingly Hermione doesn't let you off the hook so easily. "If you don't have your eye on anyone in particular, then it wouldn't hurt for me to tell you that a certain seventh year has been asking around about you."
This piques your interest and you sit up straighter. There's no way it's him. Is there?
"Roger Davies!"
You deflate almost immediately, but manage to school your features to hide your disappointment. Pasting on a tight smile, you look at the excited faces of your two friends and find yourself actually considering their proposition.
Roger was cute, and after he was Fleur Delacour's date to the Yule Ball, his popularity had risen exponentially. Everyone knew his name now, and you were not an exception. He seemed nice enough, and after all this time, was there really any reason to keep holding out hope for someone who had yet to reciprocate your feelings?
Taking a deep breath, you do what the hopeless romantic in your heart begs you not to and you nod.
You weren't sure what you were expecting, but it certainly didn't involve Roger Davies waiting for you outside of the Gryffindor portrait hole a few mornings later.
"Good morning," he smiles at you kindly. "I'm Roger."
You are completely taken aback by the speed at which your acceptance had traveled to him, so the only thing that comes out of your mouth is, "I know."
This seems to please him and he takes your book bag off your shoulder and slings it across his own, matching your pace as he walks alongside you.
"How's your morning going?" he asks, expertly navigating through the halls even as he keeps his focus on you.
"Splendid," you squeak out, still in shock that the seventh year Casanova was paying you such close attention.
"That's wonderful," he says, before stopping outside of the History of Magic classroom and standing in front of you. "Anyways, there is going to be an all-houses party this weekend, hosted by Ravenclaw, and I was hoping you would be my date."
You can't help but notice that Roger's "ask" isn't posed as a question, and something tells you it's because no one has ever really turned him down. Nevertheless, you were planning on going to the party anyway, and you promised Ginny and Hermione that you would put yourself out there more.
"I would love to," you smile genuinely, taking your bag back from him.
"Delightful!" Roger beams, his tone displaying absolutely no surprise. "I'll pick you up outside of Gryffindor tower on Saturday at 9."
You nod and smile at him as he heads back down the hall, before entering Professor Binns' classroom and finding yourself a seat. Hermione was your only friend taking History of Magic in her sixth year, so you plop down next to her and grin brightly when she shoots you a questioning look. "Roger asked me out."
Her confused expression drops and is immediately replaced with one of surprise and elation as she squeals and throws her arms around you. You fill her in on the details of the date as Binns begins the lesson, but his droning is so monotonous that you both spend the rest of the class making plans for the party.
By the time the weekend arrives, the whole school is humming with excitement. Immediately after dinner ends in the great hall, you rush upstairs to get ready with Hermione and Ginny. You opt for a simple sundress that flows around you when you dance, and after doing your makeup, you meet the boys in the common room.
"You guys look great," Ron exclaims, a note of surprise in his tone that makes you laugh...and makes Hermione blush.
Harry nods in agreement and you tell them all to head to the party without you. Eventually they agree, reluctantly leaving you to wait for Roger to arrive. He shows up on time and as he walks you back to his house's tower, you can't help feeling a tinge of excitement at the night ahead of you. You hadn't dated anyone in over a year, and that relationship hadn't lasted very long on account of the fact that you had feelings for someone else.
Pushing George out of your mind, you take Roger's arm as he leads you into the Ravenclaw common room, where the party is in full swing. The room has been charmed to display banners from all four of the houses, and everyone seems to be getting along exceedingly well. Alcohol really did make people act unlike themselves.
The common room is so crowded that you can't spot your friends anywhere, so when Roger goes to get you a drink, you stand by the fireplace alone, leaning against the mantle.
"What are you doing here with Roger?"
You look up to see George standing in front of you, a plastic cup in his slightly wobbly hand.
Pursing your lips, you look back at him with conviction and state, "I'm his date."
George looks away from you then, and his eyes shine under the candlelight with a look you can't quite place. You know he's been drinking and you're about to leave to search for Fred when he breaks the silence.
"He's not as great as everyone thinks he is," he mutters under his breath, taking another sip from his cup.
You are about to protest even though you don't know Roger at all, but then George continues. "You're one of the best people I know. Ron talks about you and your little gang all the time, but I don't think even he knows just how lucky he is to know you."
All of the air in your lungs disappears and you're not sure if you gasp out loud or if you imagined it. The air is quickly replaced with a tightness that sucks your chest in, and you peer up at George to see him looking back at you with a conviction that you've never seen in him before. You open your mouth but are saved from responding when Roger returns with your drinks.
Pasting a smile on your face, you accept the drink and turn around to address George again, only to find that he is no longer there. Frowning, you let Roger lead you over to a couch by the fireplace and you sit down next to him, holding onto your drink tightly.
"I hope I didn't leave you stranded over here," Roger grins, taking a long sip from his cup.
You laugh good-naturedly, embarrassed by how flustered George had gotten you. "No, not at all. But I am glad that you returned."
"So," Roger begins, settling into the navy blue couch, "tell me about being a Gryffindor."
You spend most of the party just talking, but eventually Roger asks you to dance, and you welcome the change of pace. He takes your hand, pulling you onto the makeshift dance floor, and spins you around, making you laugh loudly.
Feeling playful, you grab his hand and spin him too, causing him to flash you that classic smile that must make every girl swoon. You can almost understand why, but before you have the chance to consider it, your friends finally find you. Joined by your gang, the rest of the night is so much fun that you nearly forget about what happened with George. Nearly.
The next morning, everyone is severely hungover, but having only taken a few sips of your drink, you were feeling rejuvenated. Hermione and Ginny are still fast asleep, so you quietly tiptoe to the bathroom and splash some water on your face. After brushing your teeth, you hop into the shower and hum to yourself, before one specific memory from last night jolts you from your tranquility.
Your mind races, remembering every detail of your conversation with George, before you decide that you can't think anything of his words. He was drunk. He didn't know what he was saying. For all you know, he had been thinking of somebody else.
When your friends finally wake up, you all meet in the common room to walk to the great hall for breakfast together. Ron groans the moment the portrait swings open, shielding his eyes from the morning light, and Harry bursts out laughing at his hungover state.
"How are you guys completely fine right now?" Ron complains, rubbing his eyes to help them adjust to the light. "My head feels like a mandrake was screaming at me all night."
You chuckle softly, patting him on the back. "None of us were brave enough to try Luna's jungle juice."
Just mentioning the drink makes Ron groan again, and Hermione rolls her eyes, swatting the back of his head with a roll of parchment. As you near the great hall, Ginny pulls you aside, letting everyone else continue on ahead of you.
"What's up?" you ask her, concern coloring your features when you see her pensive face.
"I saw you talking to George last night," she says simply, causing your heart to skip a beat. "I thought you were seeing Roger now?"
"I am," you mutter, tilting your head down to hide the embarrassed look on your face. Ginny always had your best interests at heart, but she could be blunt sometimes.
She sighs, before patting your forearm sympathetically. "I know how much it sucks to have feelings for someone who only sees in one way. I also know how hard it can be to move on, but I really think Roger will be good for you."
You nod, knowing that she's right. She somehow always is.
Ginny pats your arm again with a final nod and heads off down the hall. You begin to follow behind her when Roger Davies corners you in the hallway outside the great hall.
"I had a really great time with you last night," he says to your delight, as he looks at you with a close-lipped smile.
"I did too," you reply, hoping your tone is brighter than you feel, as you tuck your hair behind your ear. "We should hang out again sometime."
"Well, I don't know about hanging out," he says seriously, making your stomach drop. But then he continues, "but I sure would love to take you out again."
Your face cracks open with a smile and you hear yourself giggle before you can stop the sound from emerging. This doesn't seem to faze him, and he promises to plan a date, before leaning in to kiss your cheek. The spot where his lips were feels warm and you smile at him as he leaves, wondering why you hadn't put yourself out there sooner.
When you arrive at the table, Hermione is positively giddy and you have to tell all of them every detail of the previous night before they even let you enjoy your food. Grabbing a slice of toast, you slather on three different kinds of jams and nut butters. You are taking a bite of your impressive creation when a large figure plops down on the bench next to you and grabs the toast out of your hand.
Scoffing with alarm, you don't even have to turn to see the shock of bright red hair that has appeared beside you.
"George, give it back," you command, you voice laced with exasperation and a note of worry after the events of last night.
He completely ignores your words, finishing off the toast with two large bites. "That was incredible. Next time I'm hungover, I'm definitely having you make me breakfast."
You still aren't completely convinced that last night was a drunken fluke until George looks at you with his big brown eyes and gives you his usual wink that always sets off butterflies in your stomach. His complete normalcy was the final piece of the puzzle, proving that last night was just the alcohol speaking. He probably didn't even remember what he said to you last night.
Doctoring your face to hide the hurt you were feeling, you roll your eyes at him comedically and grab another slice of toast. "In your dreams, Weasley."
He swings his legs out of the bench, suddenly preoccupied with finding Fred, so you're almost certain you imagine it when you hear a quiet, "If only you knew."
Shaking your head to dislodge the intrusive thoughts, you return your focus to the fresh piece of toast in front of you and try to concentrate on your upcoming date with Roger.
The date finally occurs a week later, when Roger takes you on a picnic by the Black Lake. The whole afternoon is damn near perfect and by the time he drops you off by the portrait of the Fat Lady, you can feel yourself starting to like him quite a bit. You especially like how slow he is going with you, allowing you to set the pace of every get-together.
The end of the fall term comes quickly, with exams keeping you too busy to think about much else. It feels like only a moment has passed before it is suddenly the week before school lets out for the holidays. Even with all of the internal drama surrounding your interactions with George, you can't help but be excited by the prospect of staying at the Weasley's for Christmas and the new year.
You get even more excited when you find out that Gryffindor is hosting an "end of exams" party on the night before you all leave for break. You immediately invite Roger to join you for the party when you hear the news, and you speed through exam week with a renewed motivation.
You have your final exam on the day of the party, and after you get through it, you turn off all thoughts of school or assignments. You and the girls spend extra time getting ready, even opting for sparkly cocktail dresses, instead of your usual casual outfits. This time, Roger is already in the common room enjoying the party with the boys when you, Hermione, and Ginny head down. You spot Roger first, waving a hand to signal you to come over and join him. Smiling back, you make you way down the stairs, but your eyes drift over to the person who has always seemed to have a magnetic pull on your attention.
George is standing with Fred and Lee Jordan, sipping from a full plastic cup. He must feel you looking at him, because he meets your eye and raises his cup in a quick 'hello', before leaning his head back and downing his drink. You frown, but Roger is calling your name and you don't want to keep him waiting for you.
When you reach him, Roger pulls you into a tight hug, kissing you fiercely to your shock. You laugh when he pulls away, holding onto his forearms as you ask, "What was that for?"
"Nothing," he says simply, his arm hooking around your waist, "I just missed you this week."
You grin up at him and let him lead you to the center of the common room to dance. All of the couches have been pushed out of the way and most of the people dancing in the center have already gotten started with the drinks. Hermione manages to pull Ron onto the dance floor with her, and you flash her a thumbs up when he finally starts to sway back and forth a bit.
Laughing at the scene around you, you excuse yourself to grab a drink from the back and leave the dance floor. The music is a bit quieter by the drinks table and you take a deep breath, grabbing an unopened beer bottle from a cooler. Pressing the cap against the edge of the table to open it, you pop it off and take a small sip, enjoying the cool liquid in your parched throat. Leaning back against the table, you survey the party, smiling to yourself as you see Harry watching Ginny longingly across the room. You would be sure to talk to her about that at some point. Your eyes then land on George with his friends, and you see him take another long swig from the cup in his hand. He had been drinking so much lately, and you were starting to get worried about him.
You are about to approach him when Roger appears by your side and leans in to whisper in your ear, "I was waiting for you."
"Sorry," you say kindly, noticing the smell of beer on his breath, "I was getting a drink."
He nods slightly and takes your hand, pulling you to the stairwell. "Let's go somewhere quieter."
Your brow furrows with confusion, but you follow him into the dark corner, letting him take you in his arms. You smile as he kisses you slowly, but the softness quickly fades, and soon you feel yourself being pushed against the wall, your back pressing uncomfortably against the railing of the staircase.
"Roger, please, slow down," you whisper, squeezing his biceps to signal that you need him to step back.
He doesn't seem to understand this, and he instead continues to press against you, his hands slipping down to the hem of your dress, inching it upwards.
"Roger!" you gasp, pushing your hands against his chest to shove him off. "What are you doing?"
He steps back, an indifferent look crossing his face as he runs a hand through his hair. "Bloody hell, y/n, we've been going out for weeks. How much longer did you expect me to just kiss you?"
You flinch away in disgust, wrapping your arms around yourself as a makeshift shield. Thankfully, Roger starts to leave you, but before he can get away, a fist connects with his face.
You gasp with shock and confusion until you see George's livid face towering over Roger's bruised one. "What the fuck did you just say to her?"
Roger lifts his hands in surrender, a stupid grin crossing his very drunk face. "Just a private conversation between me and y/n. Nothing to concern yourself with."
"Private, my ass," George spits out, grabbing onto the front of Roger's shirt to pull him forward. "Don't even think about looking at her again."
Then, before you can say anything or intervene, fists are flying everywhere. You close your eyes for what feels like a moment and when you open them, Fred and Lee are pulling George off of Roger's bloody face. A few Ravenclaws rush over to pick Roger up, and you sink towards George, anger searing through you.
"I got it, I got it!" George mumbles, shoving his friends off of him as he stumbles up the stairs to the boys' dormitories.
Huffing, you give Fred and Lee a pointed look and follow behind him. When you reach the top of the stairs, you see George sprawled out on his bed. The anger running through your veins manages to help you forget that you are seeing his bed for the first time, and you stalk up to him, smacking him in the chest.
"Ow," he groans, lifting his head slightly. "What the hell was that for?"
You scoff, crossing your arms. "I could ask you the same thing!"
George sighs, scooting himself up the bed so that his head hits the pillow. "Roger was being an asshole. I showed him how I deal with assholes."
You can hear his words slurring slightly, and you decide to cut him some slack for tonight. Dragging your feet, you glide up next to him and pull the sheets up to cover him as much as you can. His breath starts to even out, and you assume he's asleep, so you finally let yourself observe him fully.
He was so beautiful and you had no idea how your friends didn't see it. He was also the kindest and funniest person you knew, and he always managed to make you laugh, even when you were a second from crying. Reaching up hesitantly, you push his hair off his forehead, noting how peaceful he looked. He grunts suddenly and you jolt back, gasping at the sudden movement.
"He doesn't deserve you," George mumbles under his breath, curling up further in the sheets. "I don't know if anyone does."
Your breath comes out in a long stream and you do your best to keep your heart rate steady as you take in his words. Why did he only say the loveliest things when he was drunk?
Then, right before he falls asleep, he whispers something that makes you stop in your tracks. "But I bet I could make you happy."
Your hand flies up to clutch your chest and you swallow a shallow breath, unable to move a muscle.
Oh, how I wish you were sober.
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Hermione: And this is St. Peter's Square!
Ron: But it's an oval...
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I just love this two :)
Tumblr media
I have a short video process for this. Maybe even will force myself to post it on Instagram. Hmmm.
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Ron Weasley & Hermione Granger in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Pt. 2
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aeshsar · a year ago
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Another movie still redraw, the iconic Golden Trio Judging You (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince)
Featuring a guest
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weasleygrangersource · 24 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1
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