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A little sneak peak of Completely Mental Chapter 10 for your dash. More coming soon!


It was the cool, clear blue of watered ink, somewhere between night and dawn, and everything was quiet except for Ron and Hermione’s slow, deep breathing. Harry glanced over at the dark shapes they made on the floor beside him. Ron had had a fit of gallantry and insisted that Hermione sleep on the cushions from the sofa, so that her silhouette was raised above his. Her arm curved to the floor, her fingers inches from Ron’s. Harry wondered whether they had fallen asleep holding hands. The idea made him feel strangely lonely.


“Harry? Harry? Harry!”

“I’m here!” he called, “What’s happened?”

There was a clatter of footsteps outside the door, and Hermione burst inside.

“We woke up and didn’t know where you were!” she said breathlessly. She turned and shouted over her shoulder, “Ron! I’ve found him”

Ron’s annoyed voice echoed distantly from several floors below.

“Good! Tell him from me he’s a git!”


“I’m still mad at you for disappearing,” said Ron, when the pair found a moment alone in the drawing room.

“Sorry,” mumbled Harry, realizing he had been wrong to think he and Hermione would appreciate waking up alone.

“Just don’t do it again,” said Ron. “We need to stick together. All three of us, all the time.”

Harry groaned. If that was the case, it might be a very long year for them. “I won’t do it again, but if you two want a moment alone, please tell me.”

Ron looked at him in confusion.

“Looked like you two fell asleep holding hands,” he clarified. “Figured you’d have something to talk about when you woke up.” Harry shrugged.

“Oh. So that’s why you left us alone,” said Ron, now chuckled.

Harry nodded, choosing not to mention how seeing them immediately made him miss Ginny.

“Well I’ll have you know,” said Ron. “Hand-holding is as far as we got.”

“Well that’s good, considering that I was right next to you,” he laughed. “Sorry your dance got interrupted.”

“S’okay,” shrugged Ron. “We’ll get a chance.”

“So what happened at the wedding?”

Ron glanced into the hallway to make sure Hermione hadn’t reappeared from the loo, and once confident she wouldn’t overhear him, he continued. “I almost kissed her. At least I thought about it. Pretty sure she wanted me too.”

“Why didn’t you?”

“We were interrupted. Nothing kills the mood like a Death Eater attack.”

“Of course.” The interruption was Harry’s fault, and he knew it. He recalled a previous conversation with Ron, where Ron insisted that there were many other reasons keeping them from being together, but he was pretty sure it was mostly the war. “If you two ever need a moment alone, just let me know.”

“No, it’s ok,” said Ron. “We wouldn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable or anything. We can be subtle. That is, if anything ends up happening… it’s still kind of a weird time to start a relationship—”

Ron stopped abruptly when Hermione descended the stairs. “Morning!” she said brightly.

“Morning!” said Ron a little too excitedly. Hermione chuckled.

“Just let me know,” repeated Harry.

“Ok,” spluttered Ron, his face turning red.

“What are you two talking about?” asked Hermione.

“Nothing,” the two boys said in unison.

Hermione looked skeptical but shrugged it off, before having a seat next to Ron on the sofa. Ron stiffened slightly, then hesitantly slipped his arm around her shoulders. She looked quite pleased as she leaned into him, and for the second time that day, Harry felt like a third wheel.

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Here’s a drabble that takes place sometime during Chapter 46 of my current Dramione story, Timeless. Enjoy!

**Contains Timeless spoilers if you haven’t read Chapter 40**




Draco: I don’t know how to die. I’ve spent my whole life trying to survive.

Ron: Dying is the same as living. Living just sounds better.

Draco: So, what? Just go on like normal?

Ron: Is there anything you’d do differently?

Draco: No. But I thought dying people were supposed to do something special.

Ron: I don’t think so. Just - spend time with your friends and family. And whenever you find yourself doing something you don’t like, stop. Unless you’re doing it to avoid a fight with Hermione, of course.

Draco: You’re sort of brilliant.

Ron: It comes and goes.

You can read the story here: FFN || AO3

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Holy crap guys i had this horrific dream last night that i was in my year 12 class again and had to finish one last english test for grading and whether i got a good grade or not dictated whether or whether not i would graduate. 

And what made the dream more like a fucking nightmare though was the test required we write a harry potter fanfic for some unknown reason. The only requirements were that it would be 5000 words, be based on the ‘barry’ ship (which i am guessing must be harry and someone with the name starting with B so Bellatrix, Bill Weasley, Barty Crouch etc - fucked if i know). And had to specifically cover the topic of TITTY?! 

Let me tell you i have not been that stressed in my life, i woke up in a bloody sweat! I have never read let alone written a harry potter fanfic so i have no idea why i dreamt this shit but it was lowkey traumatizing.

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I don’t think there’s a conversation between Harry/Ron and Hagrid about their almost fatal trip to Aragog’s lair, but if there was I honestly would be interested in how Hagrid would’ve reacted to hearing about Aragog allowing the rest of the spiders to attempt to eat the two of them.

(graphic made by @glowstar826 - thank you!)

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The Weasleys as Aesthetics

Bill: doc martens, tussled hair, windshield wipers, leather jackets, little scars from your childhood, tree bark, long chain necklaces, falling off your skateboard, jeans w rips at the knees, grateful smiles, cold hands, speaking softly, tattered net fences with holes cut through them, slow dancing at night, twisting your ring on your finger, lighthearted humor, the crashes of ocean waves

Charlie: worn out shoes, big smiles, calloused fingers, being kind to animals, wrinkling your nose, comic books, sci-fi, the smell of dirt, bouncing your knee when you sit, shark tooth necklaces, nature, dog barks, getting your hands dirty, stretching when you get up, the excitement of finding a new interest, gusts of wind drowning out your voice, missing people and being missed, shielding your eyes from the sun, breaths of fresh air, pleasant surprises

Percy: pushing your glasses up on your nose, speaking confidently, finding comfort in books, pants made of flannel, laying upside down in your bed, shades of blue, organized bookshelves, sitting up a little straighter, eyes too old for the face, the typewriter font, sounding harsher than you intended, leather watches, shoe polish, falling asleep to thunderstorms, communicating with facial expression

Fred: hard denim jeans, head banging, clicking your tongue, running too fast down a hill, mischievous smiles, cheering someone up, being underestimated, taking the fall for the ones you love, vocal impressions, apple juice, roughhousing, draping your arm over a friend’s shoulders, kissing in a closet, sneaking around after hours, feeling like you’re meant for more than this

George: going down the up escalator, laughing until you can’t breathe, comfortable t-shirts, keeping your middle name a secret, the feeling of someone stroking your cheek, laying in the grass, running a hand through your hair, sweet kisses, indie music playing in the background, intimate car conversations, watching the sunset, curiosity, sighs of relief, feeling like you’re second best, doodling on your page, hopeless romantic

Ron: warm hugs, petting neighbour’s dog, holding hands, being selfless, jumping at the jump scares, cartoon tv shows, reading out loud, tracing your path on a map with your finger, poor radio connection, grabbing onto someone’s wrist, vintage shops, hair in your face, lending a hand, roasting marshmallows around the fire, self doubt, untapped potential, shy flirting, kind eyes

Ginny: planting your feet, speaking up for what’s right, quirking a brow, looking out for others, not being what people expected, falling in love, hair sticking to your lipgloss, witty comebacks, natural beauty, happy laughter, loving kisses, strung up lights, getting someone a gift you know they’ll really like, climbing a tree for a better view, taking off your makeup, cracking your knuckles, seeming like you’ve got your shit together even when you don’t

Molly: pretty sweaters, having a lot on your plate, doing your best, baking sweets, flower bouquets, lace trim, waking up early, sharing generously, feeding the ducks, lakes covered with fall leaves, leaving notes for your loved ones, tight hugs, poetry that rhymes, keeping things out of sentiment, curling your eyelashes, being messily organized, warm hearted, late springtime

Arthur: hopeful smiles, button down shirts, afternoon tea, patterned socks, integrity, holding the door for someone, shaking out a rainy umbrella, sunflowers, clearing your throat before you speak, patience, cute nicknames, working tirelessly, loving deeply, appreciating what you have, late night snacks, optimism, humming while you work, wishing you had more to give, seltzer, leisurely strolls in town

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Harry Potter Characters as Aesthetics~

Harry Potter: scratches on your glasses, wishing on stars, improvising, tired souls, needing a hug, playful teasing, acts of kindness, oversized flannels, old photo albums, dulled pain, gentle snowfall, blanket forts, pushing yourself forward, being out all day, sleepovers, the color maroon, kissing on the first date, hoping for the best, the rustling of leaves, playing with fire, the wonder of someone new, tracing engravings with your finger

Ron Weasley: warm hugs, petting neighbour’s dog, holding hands, being selfless, jumping at the jump scares, cartoon tv shows, reading out loud, tracing your path on a map with your finger, poor radio connection, grabbing onto someone’s wrist, vintage shops, hair in your face, lending a hand, roasting marshmallows around the fire, self doubt, untapped potential, shy flirting, kind eyes

Hermione Granger: slip dresses, hardcover books, messy hair, compassion, worried glances, helping someone up, the smell of books, playing with the hem of your skirt, taking charge, holes in your tights, playful shoves, exasperated sighs, knee socks, pretty bathrobes, having to raise your voice, sitting cross-legged, polite smiles, self care, natural makeup, terms of endearment, feeling like you have something to prove

Draco Malfoy: wearing all black, smearing your eyeliner, silent judgement, keeping secrets, distant memories, sleepless nights, taking your time in the shower, silent apologies, regretful eyes, pressing your back against the wall, looking someone up and down, rough kisses, throwing things aside, crumpling up important notes, scribbled poetry, faked confidence, being unsure of who you are

Neville Longbottom: shy smiles, alone time, brushing your hair, forgetting, leaning your head on someone’s shoulder, wishing you were someone else, talking to plants, the smell of nature, biting your nails, silent bravery, moving your hair out of your face, sitting in diners, letting your feet dangle, comfort beverages, soft touches, giving everything you have, wooden park benches, birds flying overhead

Luna Lovegood: cozy sweater cardingans, the feeling of grass under your bare feet, the smell of late summer, crystal necklaces, clear lipgloss, scented candles, small smiles, sitting on your hair, rooftop sitting, people watching, encounters with wild animals, encyclopedias, picking flowers, keeping lovenotes in your pocket, your dress flowing as you run, stargazing, standing apart from the rest, art museums, content smiles, knowing better, distant music, daydreams

Pansy Parkinson: uncomfortable heels, goodbye kisses, the clinking of wine glasses, bold red lipstick, tugging at your hair, looking over your shoulder, eye rolls, zippers on the backs of dresses, blowing bubbles with your gum, jealousy, sheer sleeves, red cherries, faking a smile, the smell of cheap makeup, dramatically retelling a story, making out in the car, skirt slits, tapping your nails as you think, unrequited love

Cedric Diggory: fairness, coffee shops, climbing on uneven ground, wearing someone else’s shirt, stretching your arms out for balance, watching someone’s lips as they speak, thick eyelashes, sunny days, finally kissing the person you like, the smell of trees, getting compliments, counting your blessings, light hearted laughter, rolling your sleeves up, watching movies with your friends, tucking your necklace into your shirt, hand kisses

Cho Chang: finding interesting books, photography, wind blowing through your hair, laying in your bed listening to music, learning different cultures, libraries at night, being misunderstood, sparkly earrings, clear nail polish, staying quiet, longing gazes, laughing with a stranger, balconies, biting your lip, tying your t-shirt, blowing kisses, frozen yogurt swirls, friendship bracelets, sports games, wondering what could have been

Oliver Wood: whistling, the sound of footsteps on dirt pavement, dedication, snapping your fingers, walking at the front of the group, humming to yourself, wind blowing in your face, explaining how much something means to you, counting down, sitting on your bed to brainstorm, throwing your arms up in victory, holding hands while you kiss, shaking rain out of your hair, summer

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i have returned to give some more hp fic recs!! dramione this time!!! again, i have zero clue how to make a non-bulky list of links so bear with me while i figure things out and deal with the typed out list :,,)

mudblood - comfortablesilences

the pitfall - bentnotbroken1 (ffn)

how to win friends and influence people - olivieblake

east of eden - msmerlin (triad fic)

how to train your auror - mrbenzedrine89

omina vincit amor - syrengrey

bring him to his knees - musyc

cupere - honeysweetcutie

every day, a little death - lovesbitca8

break for me - ada_p_rix

the auction - lovesbitca8

the carnal club - ada_p_rix

the erised effect - ada_p_rix

the dragons bride - rizzle (ffn)

all the wrong things - lovesbitca8

the right thing to do - lovesbitca8

bond - mrbenzedrine89

manacled - senlinyu

the fallout - everythursday

the eagles nest - heartofaspen

clean - olivieblake

marked - olivieblake

breathmints/battlescars - onyx_and_elm

a wonderful fortuitous love - owlsarelovely (wattpad)

bathwater - xXBeckyFoo (wattpad)

isolation - bex-chan

silencio - akashathekitty

the bracelet - akashathekitty

hunted - bex-chan

all you want - senlinyu

sugar and spice - inlovewithforever

amorous - mrsren

fire and whiskey - craft rose (ffn)

broken - inadaze22

apricity - honeysweetcutie

the fine line between love and hate - short-circuit-soulmate (ffn)

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17 January 2020

Alhurst Brown Dead, Conspiracy Theories Abundant

Alhurst Brown, 43, was the Chief Editor of the Daily Prophet from 2011 to 2021. He unfortunately passed away under mysterious circumstances last week.

His body was found in the Department of Mysteries on 6 January by an Unspeakable, Onbekende Towenaar, while preparing for undefined work. A common theory is that he was murdered by someone in the Ministry, perhaps even someone familiar with the Department of Mysteries.

As to whether Harry Potter will be named a suspect is unknown.

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For some odd reason, probably my obsession with coffee, I keep thinking about what HP (mostly the Marauders tho) would order at a cafe soooo yeah this is what this is

  • Remus Lupin. Don’t fight me on this, he drinks the sweetest things. He’d order a white chocolate mocha, with regular milk non of that almond bullshit, extra sugar and whipped cream. Depending on the coffee shop he’ll request chocolate shavings are added on top. He drinks it super hot, even during summer. He has it with 2 or more shots of expresso, Moony is a tired man
  • Sirius Black. Plain black coffee, because lets be honest he’d do it for the aesthetic. He only adds a bit of sweetner because it’s too bitter without any. Black coffee is punk rock.
  • James Potter. I don’t think James drinks coffee. He’s energetic enough as it is, he’d honestly just order hot chocolate. He also carries around a bag of marshmallows to add in case the coffee shop doesn’t have any.
  • Lily Evans. Either a regular ol’ latte or some sort of tea. Simple, efficient to keep her warm.
  • Peter. He orders a coca cola. Regular. That’s it.
  • Marlene McKinnon. Iced coffee, with an unhealthy amount of caffeine. She had to have an intervention after she ordered a 7 shot coffee
  • Regulus Black. Simple americano.
  • Ron Weasley. Frappe. I have no doubt in my mind Ron would love icecream in his coffee
  • Seamus Finnigan. Basic answer but he’d have Irish coffee. The obvious choice ik
  • Hermione Granger. Romano. Look it up.
  • Harry James Potter. Flat white. I’m not sorry.
  • Luna Lovegood. Probably lemonade. She’d say something about how 80% of coffee consumers are nargles’ victims
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word count: 0.4k

paring: soft dom!ron x fem!reader

warning(s): smut, overstimulation, praising, oral (female recieving), fingering, small daddy kink

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ✧・゚: ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*

you moaned loudly at the feeling of ron’s fingers deep inside you. he’d already made you cum twice and your body was still recovering from the orgasms you had beforehand. “r-ron i don’t k-know if i can take a-any more” you say shakily, body trembling.

“yes you can, i know you can take one more, darling” he says before starting to rub figure eights on your clit with his thumb, continuing thrusting his fingers in and out of you. “such a pretty girl, taking daddy’s fingers so well.” you whimper and your hands move to his hair, gripping on to it roughly, tugging hard.

he stops rubbing your clit with his thumb and moves his hand to your thigh, holding it in place, trying to keep you from squirming so much. he leans back down, attaching his lips to your clit before beginning to suck on it, blending in with the g-spot stimulation you were receiving perfectly, the pleasure becoming almost unbearable.

“f-fuck” you cry out, back arching off of the bed as you start to feel the familiar knot forming in your stomach, hinting that your orgasm is approaching. “go on, let go, angel, cum for me” he says, and you moan at the feeling of his hot breath against your throbbing cunt, which glistens in your own arousal.

he goes back to sucking on your clit and begins fingering you at an extremely fast pace, knuckles deep into your pussy, fingers hitting your g-spot with every thrust which is what sends you over the edge.

“merlin—f-fuck, d-daddy i-i’m gonna—.“ you cut yourself off with a moan as your orgasm takes over.

rolling your eyes back, you feel the coil in your stomach snapping before you release, your grip on his hair even tighter as you begin squirting all over him, your fluids dripping from his chin all the way down to his shirt. he continues fingering you but slows his pace, helping you ride out your orgasm.

“suck” he says after pulling his fingers out, bringing them up to your mouth, making you taste your own arousal. “good girl” he coos, taking them out. “you did so well baby—always such a good girl for daddy, making such a mess for me.” you blush after noticing that his shirt is soaked with your own liquids.

“come on darling, let’s go run you a bath, yeah?”

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We know that these two have always had a love/hate relationship, but do you think that Draco was jealous of Harry? Do you think that his hatred for the Chosen One stemmed from a want to be like him? Let us know your opinion by joining us over on Discord -

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Summary: Ron meets with Professor McGonagall for his 5th year Career Advice Meeting. No pairing, but I won’t deny that Romione is 100% implied.


“Good afternoon, Mr. Weasley. Please have a seat,” Professor McGonagall said as Ron entered the room.

He wasn’t sure what to expect. The twins weren’t entirely helpful when they saw the bulletin for the career advice meetings, and each student was scheduled sporadically. His was consequently one of the first. So much for relying on alphabetical order, he thought as he took a seat.

“Now as you know, we hold these meetings before students take their O.W.L. exams to give them an idea of what courses they’ll need to achieve high marks in to pursue their career of choice. Have you given any thought to what may interest you after you complete your Hogwarts education?” Minerva asked.

Ron felt his ears grow hot at the professor’s question. He knew what he wanted to say, but hesitated, doubting she’d react positively. His grades were mediocre, and he wasn’t exceptional in any particular subject, but he was consistent in his classes across the spectrum.

“Well, Mr. Weasley? I don’t mean to rush you, but we don’t have a lot of time,” Professor McGonagall pressed.

“I, er–I’ve given a bit of thought to being an Auror,” Ron admitted finally.

He stared at the biscuit tin on his Head of House’s desk in an attempt to avoid seeing her reaction. After a few seconds had passed, he glanced up at McGonagall briefly to see what was taking her so long to answer. She was watching him with her piercing gaze, no doubt thinking of a way to let him down gently. Somehow, he knew his aspirations were too good to be true.

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Does anyone have any Harry Potter fanfiction requests?????

More specifically:

• Tonks just Tonks cause she amazing.

• Hermiones aftermath of Malfoy manor cause you can’t convince me she didn’t have PTSD.

• A Tonks fanfic where either she’s at Hogwarts with the marauders or her with any of the black family.

• The golden trio being platonic and chaotic

• The Black family because you can’t convince they aren’t iconic.

• Literally anything.

Thanks for coming to my plea for fanfictions to read.

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Thanks for playing! ^^ That’s an interesting one, huh

  • favorite family dynamic: with Fred and George, I love the bad influence his mischievous big brothers are, and yet how they do always have his back
  • brOTP: Harry!
  • OTP: mh, I don’t actually have a real OTP for Ron? I guess I generally just… take him with Hermione. I also thought his crush on Viktor was cute though
  • OT3: Viktor/Ron/Hermione
  • NOTP: huuuh mh, Ginny, I guess? Of all the Ron-ships I’ve encountered so far?
  • favorite character trait: He’s very clever, it’s usually lost due to standing next to Hermione, but I really do think that the way he thinks about problems and solves them is great
  • least favorite character trait: his unfounded jealousy and how he expresses it
  • faceclaim (if not adapted)/favorite adaptation: Joey Richter in A Very Potter Musical, sorry, Rupert
  • favorite headcanon about them: I don’t think I have any headcanons about him, tbh
  • godly parent in a Percy Jackson AU: I’m leaning toward Athena! Between the fear of spiders, the impeccable chess game, the strategist-mind and the jealousy/anger issues that all seem to fit a child of Athena quite well, it’s the perfect match!

Send me a character and I’ll tell you

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harry: wouldn’t it be weird if we started dating?

ron: haha, yeah.

harry: yeah, super weird.

harry, internally: F*CK!

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ron didn’t believe you could take control, as you were quite submissive to him. but one day you had tied against the headboard, you would be riding him, moving as fast as you could feeling his tip pulse inside you and as he announced he was going to cum, or you felt it. you pulled yourself off him, loving his moans that were so desperate for a release. once he calmed down you let him enter again, but would stop moving let him buck his hips into you, then pull off him again.

“y/n” he groaned

you continued teasing him and edging him like he does to you, until you yourself were close. you moved on top of him, at that moment making sure it was what both of you need until you two came together. he laid his head back panting as he released inside of you finally. you giggled panting as well as you untied him.

“didn’t think i had it in me did you?” you asked him. he cupped your chin kissing you deeply.

“absolutely not, but fuck that was hot” he smiled kissing you.

“i told you i could” you smiled kissing him back.

“i’ll never doubt you again baby, but please, let’s do this again” he lightly chucked letting you cuddle up to him.

“sounds like a plan” you giggled listening to his still racing heart beat.

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headcanon that harry, ron and hermione once dressed up as the malfoys for halloween lmaoo

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