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#ron weasley fanart

I think I’m gonna draw some of my favorite characters in outfits I strive to wear.

Also experimenting with gradients.

Anyways have a Strawberry-themed Ron

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Ron’s Chessboard Fest



UPDATE (15th Jan 2021): You can claim these prompts now!!

❗️You don’t have to be on FB. Just answer the first question with: “I’m not on FB” ❗️

First come, first serve. You’ll get an email within 24h if you can claim one of the prompts of your choice.

These are the prompts:

And this is the claiming form:

If you have questions, feel free to ask me. I’ll get in contact with the mod to answer them :)


Happy New Year everyone!

One of my personal goals for this year is to write more Ron-centric stories. In my case, Romione and Rarry.

Dear writers and artists, I hope you don’t mind the tag but I thought you might be interested in this. I’m 100 % sure I forgot to tag a lot of people, so if you can think of anyone who might be interested, please tag them :)

This is a Ron Fest hosted by the mod of a new Ron-centric Facebook group. Since yesterday prompting is open. Even if you’re not a writer/artist yourself, but you want to see a specific prompt for a specific pairing, consider to fill out the form. The more prompts, the better. This is the Google doc for the prompts: Ron’s Chessboard Fest Prompting Form

You don’t have to be a member of the FB group, but you have to have an account on AO3. Both fics and art can be submitted. If you submit fanart an AO3 account isn’t necessary but it must be sent directly to the mod if you don’t have one. If you have questions feel free to DM me; I’ll pass it on to the mod :)

This is the link for joining the FB group: Ron’s Chessboard

@accio-broom @headcanonsandmore @remedial-potions @azaleablueme @hillyminne @be11atrixthestrange @adenei @avatarvader @abradystrix @lytefoot @thedistantdusk @chuchiotaku @gurinpotte @sbooksbowm @isidar-mithrim @booigi-boi @manny-drawz @rijsamurai @ramonameisel-art @honouraryweasley12 @al-in-the-air @aloemilk @displayheartcode @my-patronus-is-a-champagne-glass @princesserica84 @nomminay @divagonzo

These are the rules:
1. ALL pieces must feature RON as the main character. ANY Ron ship is allowed. Triads are welcome but Ron must be the focus.
2. Anyone can participate that has a AO3 account.
3. Each prompt will be allowed to be claimed for both art  and fic .
4. Collection will be made via AO3.
5. If you wish to withdrawl or drop from the fest no worries. Nothing will be against you now or in the future. Life an muses happen.
6.  Everything must be properly tagged according to ratings and triggers
7. While prompts can be specific each artist/author is allowed to take what they will from it.
8. Self prompting IS allowed.
9. 1k minimum word count, and no maximum but must be COMPLETE
10. Any art medium is allowed. NSFW art MUST be on AO3 and I will share here via a link to abide by Facebook rules. Other art if not posted to AO3 may be sent to the mod directly for posting.
11. Fest will be closed, anonymous, and moderated. A master post will be made at the end revealing all work and their authors names! Have to have a little mystery and fun!
12. Mod does NOT require co-author status, and if there are any issues I will contact via email.

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look at this. 

stop and sit and look

a while back, i fell absolutely in love with @saffie-art​‘s artwork, and when she posted that commissions were open i immediately commissioned her to draw for me ronald weasley, my new passion. she was such a delight and sent me updates so i was able to experience this masterpiece in the making.

and it’s mine today, tomorrow and forever, amen.

i’m completely and utterly in love. 

this is forever how i will envision our king.

the freckles, ok? the patterns, and on his lips. just i die. his HAIR. and then…then THEN…the EYES. ice blue and gorgeous.

@saffie-art​ thank you, sweet! you are one wicked talented artist. i’m beyond pleased, like over the fucking moon, and will cherish this always. 

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“He must have known I’d want to leave you.”

“No, he must have known you would always want to come back.”

Ron Weasley. The final part of my ‘battle of Hogwarts’ series.

Might go back and redo this one because I don’t quite like the feeling of it. Then again, after having been on the run and in a battle no one is going to look good.

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Ron and Scabbers.

Also blurry shading’s gone because I prefer this look and also because it takes a while having to blur each part.

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Look at this beautiful family <3

Bruh I hate sketching with ink because I can’t erase and y'all can see so many mistakes and it’s a mess but anyway

From left to right: dragon, Charlie, Ron, Percy, Bill, Fred, Ginny and George

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kintsugi, or kintsukuroi, is the act of repairing broken pottery with gold. i like to imagine that the wizarding world does something similar with scars.

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I’m trying to figure out how I want to draw ron because he’s my fav so I’m gonna have A LOT of pages of random ron drawing

also I made a Twitter for my drawings if anyone is interested 👀 (@dessines_)

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