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#ron weasley x reader
pinkandblueblurbs · 13 hours ago
kinktober day 25- titty fucking
ron weasley x fem!reader. d/s, titty fucking, praise, degradation, bruising, cum swallowing. this was done quickly and not well oops
“Fuckin’ love your tits.” Ron breathes out, large hands reaching down and groping the soft flesh of your breasts where you sit on your knees before him. You whimper softly at his rough touch, his calloused fingertips surely leaving bruises in their wake.
“M’gonna put these to good use, princess.” Ron says lowly, removing one hand from you to stroke his long cock. You watch hungrily, tongue darting out to lick your lips as you watch his fist move up and down on his length. Ross chuckles. “Sorry, love. You don’t get to taste my cock tonight.” You fail to hide your disappointment at his words.
Once he’s fully hard he lets go of his cock and steps back to sit down at the foot of the bed. He ushers you to follow, and you crawl towards him. His hands are immediately back on your breasts once you’re close enough, and he uses the hold to coax you upright, your chest level with his cock.
“Gonna fuck these pretty tits, baby.” He growls, holding the sides of your breasts to keep them together, accentuating your cleavage. He angles his hips, and you watch intently as his cock slides up between your tits, sheathing between the warm flesh. Ron groans, his brows furrowing in pleasure.
“Fuck- they’re so fuckin’ soft, baby. Feels so good.” He rasps, hips snapping upwards in a slow thrust. He starts up a steady pace, his cock moving up and down between your breasts, the friction of them delicious against his shaft. You keep your eyes downward, entranced by the sight of his tip disappearing and reappearing from your cleavage.
With the incredible, soft feeling of friction between your breasts, it doesn’t take long for Ron’s breath to hitch as his orgasm hits him. He thrusts upward with a groan, and cum shoots from his slit, painting your face and breasts in white.
You moan at the erotic feeling, tongue darting out to gather what spilled onto your lips. You hum at the familiar taste, playing up your enjoyment of it for Ron’s pleasure, and as you’d hoped the display makes him moan.
“Look at you, princess. So fuckin’ pretty covered in my cum.”
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Hey :) how are you?
i saw ur requests are open so aaaa
I have this idea for a headcannon, the boys sneaking out to meet with their s/o who is from a different house,,, idk just lots of fluff (i hope i explained myself well lol) english is not my mother tongue 🕴️
The boys sneaking out past curfew to see their s/o who's in another house: 
I didn't add Cedric, Seamus or Dean because I couldn't think of anything for them! My apologies!
Sorry for the lack of posts. I'm not doing great mentally and am slowly coming out with stuff. Thank you for those who are patient with me! Much love <3
Harry: He's got the invisibility cloak! So sneaking out is a piece of cake really. He almost got caught a few times but managed to slip past Filch since he's not exactly the brightest, even with Mrs. Norris being able to see through the cloak. He sometimes brings gifts! Be it his hoodie, some food from the kitchen, or something he had gotten you from Hogsmeade that he skilfully had to hide from Ron - he's got a gift for you! You both like to cuddle in your dorm room while your roommates are asleep or just stay in the common room until Harry has to go get ready for breakfast. 
Ron: He's not the best at sneaking around at first but he eventually gets the hang of it. Plus Harry helps him out, sometimes lending him the cloak and map or just taking him to the dorm himself before going off to wander the school at night. When he entered the common room area, the first night he had to go and wake you but from then on you were excitedly ready to jump into his arms and waste the night away, either sneaking to the kitchens to eat snacks or going to the Astronomy Tower to stargaze. Either way, it's a real fun time for the both of you <3
Draco: Being a prefect, he doesn't have to sneak around. He'll just pretend he's doing the nightly hall patrol before he runs off to your dorm to poke you awake or slip into bed with you - depending on how tired he is. Half the time he finds a way to harshly wake you up without waking up your roommates. Even if they wake up, they're used to it by now. He drags you out most times to patrol the halls with him. Sometimes you manage to stay awake, other times he has to carry you back to which dorm is closer - his or yours. Or other nights after his patrols, he'll take you to dance around the school - him humming along to some song he heard on the radio while on the train¹ and you're laughing along and singing with him. 
Neville: In his beginning years he wouldn't sneak out. You'd have to be the one to sneak out to him. But as time went on and he started to get more confident in the coming years and he started to finally grow into himself - he started to sneak out to your dorm. The first few times he'd get caught until Harry and Ron offered to help him out a little by showing him the best ways around the castle. Soon enough he was speeding to your dorm and curling up into you as you both read to each other. Neither of you preferred to go out during the night, not wanting to be bothered by Filch or Snape. So he'd stay until he had to go get ready for breakfast, and then come right back to take you to eat your morning meal. 
Fred: After having the Marauder's Map for so long, he and George know a thing or two on how to get around the school without getting caught. They'd practically memorized the map! So getting to your dorm was a breeze. Once he got there, he would sneak up and tap you awake - whispering in your ear that it was time to wake up even if it was only 2 am. You - still half asleep - got ready and was dragged off to go to wherever Fred decided your nightly adventure was going to end up. The Astronomy Tower, the courtyard, even all the way out to the Black Lake as dangerous as that was! Your nights sneaking out with Fred were always filled with so much fun, but neither of you told anyone about them - leaving people to wonder why you guys were so tired but so cheerful the next day. 
George: As previously stated, he knows the school like the back of his hand just like his twin. So naturally, getting to you was quick and easy. He didn't ever plan anything extraordinary like Fred did. Just some simple snacks and cuddling in the commons. During the night when he was with you, he felt all his troubles melt away. Truly he could just rest without the stress of the joke shop or his brother planning some wicked scheme against Snape and just relax with your hands running through his hair. You both would have very silly in depth conversations about the simplest of things. It would end in George getting heated about the topic, but bring laughter and smiles to both your faces. Nights like these were his favorite. 
Adding footnotes I guess so my writing doesn't get too scrambled! I know footnotes are for more professional writing but I might have them as sort of "author's notes" at the end of each set of hcs I do. This is just a test run so lmk what you think??
1: I hc that the train plays music. It's just quiet and there's a bit of static, but it's comforting to the students. They play all the bops that were from the 80s lmao
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slytherweasley · 2 days ago
Smutober/Kinktober- sex dream (Ron Weasley x reader)
Warnings: oral, penetration
Tumblr media
“Fuck Ron, i need you” you whisper in his ear “How do you want it?” “Take me right here, in the kitchen.” You start to discard your clothes until you’re in your underwear. He picks you up putting you on the counter and slides off your underwear.
Ron attacks your clit with his lips sucking desperately and licking up and down. His fingers move inside you pounding into you. “Shit, feels amazing” you praise him “Ron, I’ve wanted this for the longest time” “Me too.”
He adds another finger inside you, stretching you out in order to prepare you for his dick. “Fuck” you yell “I’m close” you moan and he feels you pulse around his fingers as you finish.
You help him out of his pants, his dick already hard, he feels the pleasure as he moves inside you, you’re tight around him. “Feels so good” he says “We should’ve done this years ago” you moan “We really should have.”
Ron pounds into you using every ounce of strength he has left. “Shit I’m close” you moan “Me too, so close.”
Ron mumbles and moans in his sleep, he woke you up after tossing and turning in his sleep. You thought it was a nightmare. “y/n” a moan escapes from his mouth.
You repeat his name shaking him. He opens his eyes feeling edged “Shit” he mumbles coming to the realisation that it was just a dream. “Are you okay?” “Yeah sorry I don’t know what you heard” “It’s okay, don’t apologise it happens to everyone, you shouldn’t be embarrassed” Ron felt a sense of relief. “Thanks, it’s a bit embarrassing though” “I have them almost every night, if it helps it’s sometimes about you too” Ron turns red.
“You have them about me?” “Yeah, you’re my best friend, of course I do” “Oh wow, I didn’t know that’s how you felt” “Yeah I care about you a lot.” “I’m glad you’re not mad” “You can tell me about it, I sometimes like to analyse them and find the deeper meaning behind it all” Ron was confused, was he in another dream? He can’t be, this feels real.
“I guess I can tell you, it might be awkward” “It’s okay, it won’t be.” “Uh well it started as normal, we were sitting down in the kitchen and you kind of came onto me” “How?” He turns bright red “Well you kind of pinned me against the counter and told me some stuff.” “Every detail counts, can you remember what i said to you?” “y/n this is so embarrassing” “No it’s not, keep going” he wasn’t sure if this was a joke or not but you looked genuinely interested.
“Well you asked if I wanted to fuck you, I said yes and you told me to take you there in the kitchen” you stop him “Hold up, what?” “Well it means you want me to fuck you in the kitchen” he explains “Oh no, what are you talking about?” “Nothing, what are you talking about?” “Well I thought we were talking about your nightmare, I think it’s the opposite of that.”
Ron hides his face with his hands “How the hell did you think I was moaning your name because it was a nightmare?” “I didn’t think you had those dreams about me.”
“This is so awkward” he refuses to look at you “Its okay” “No it’s not, it’s embarrassing” “A little but I’ve definitely dreamt about you like that before.” “Lying to me only makes things worse” “I’m not lying” “Yes you are, girls don’t dream of sex” I laugh “You are so wrong.”
“Never talk to me again” he says “It’s not that big of a deal” “Yes it is!” “I touch myself and I think about you” you admit, he looks at you for the first time. “There you go, we are even now” “No way” he says “I do, we have been friends for a long time but I’ve been doing it for a while.”
“Why?” I smile “Why do you think?” “I honestly don’t know” “I think you’re hot” Ron kisses you, you kiss him back.
“Do you actually want to fuck me? For real this time?” You ask “Yes, it’s an easy yes.” Ron undresses you, he unclips your bra massaging your breasts then takes off your underwear. “Fuck, is this actually real?” “Yes, it really is.”
You take off his shirt throwing it across the room while he takes off his pants. “I’m so ready for this” you admit “So am I.”
Ron takes off his underwear, his dick stands tall, he’s bigger than you’d expected. “Ready?” He asks “Yeah, do it.“
He pushes himself into you, he shifts his weight to his arms resting beside you. The two of you make out, moaning against each other’s lips as he pounds into you, it felt so much better than in the dream.
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wolfstar-lb · 2 days ago
summary: you are in a poly relationship with draco and ron and everyone hates you and thinks that you're ruined. you embrace it
a/n: take a shot for every time the word ruined has been said (dron has been playing on my mind lately because of @ameliora-j so this is her fault really) also this fic is based heavily on the poem "the ruined maid" by thomas hardy
pairing: ron weasley x draco malfoy x reader
word count: 928
cw: mentions of sex
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Tumblr media
there was no other way to say it.
you were ruined.
you walked through hogwarts day after day, acknowledging the ones who scoffed at you and turned around but not saying a word at first.
they were quietly judging you, waiting for you to leave before they launched into sneers and cruel laughter; you were probably one of the most hated in the school and it was because of who you belonged to.
not a day passed by when a remark wasn’t passed around the corridors or the great hall, snarky comments here and there about how you were such a slut, you were ruined, ruined, ruined.
you dressed like it too. you accepted that you were, perhaps, tainted.
that was who you were.
you took it with pride, but that’s not how you dealt at first.
at the beginning, you would bounce your leg and shake at the prospect of running back to your dorm, running back to find your boyfriends, who would comfort you and coach you through your hard times.
they would comfort you about the fact that your social status had turned around and it was absolutely shattered as a result of your relationship.
you were affronted they laughed and laughed about how you had probably been fucked too hard the previous night so you just couldn’t stop moving.
there was no breathing space, no room to think clearly and reflect on how others truly felt of you.
were they just mocking you for the hell of it? because everyone else was doing it?
or did they think so low of you? were you just ruined?
your reputation certainly was.
“she's a skank, don’t you think?” you’d hear the same girl giggle to her friend everyday, not sure of when she was going to get used to the fact that you were the property of draco and ron.
it bothered you for a while.
you almost didn’t think your relationship was worth it.
but you’d see their faces, feel their touch and hear their voices and you knew that you couldn’t stay away.
“i think i’m ruined,” you told them one day, one fateful day.
“you are,” ron responded, smirking and then nodding for draco to speak, letting their dynamics speak for themselves.
“you’re ruined because we made you,” draco snickered, walking up to you, brushing over your arms up and down, eyes wandering to your tits, “we carved you, we moulded this cockslut, didn’t we ron?”
he looked with adoration at his boyfriend, admiring your beauty and the way you looked was priceless. he was so mesmerised by you.
the ginger nodded again, edging closer to the pair of you, “we sure did, dray. we made a whole mess. we ruined her.”
and so they began to show it pubicly.
they began to walk with you through the corridor, one holding your bag over their back as they held your hand, the other holding to your other hand and looking cocky at the onlookers, but they left the big show for much later for everyone to hear.
you hardly wore your school uniform anymore, draco would give you some of the most revealing things sometimes and you learned to flaunt the extent of how sculpted by your boyfriends you had become.
“that’s how you dress when you’re ruined,” muttered a boy as you passed by.
you backtracked, walking towards him with your boyfriends in tow and then you bent over slightly, whispering sultrily, “i bet you’d like to know, eh?”
you let your moans and screams be heard by everyone in the common room. and no one could tell the teachers because all they could do was sit in absolute silent disgust. there was no controlling how loud you got because it all depended on when draco and ron were done.
because you were just their plaything, you were tossed around.
made to look pretty, made to look lively.
because that's how you were when you were ruined, they said.
liveliness opened up the door to many possibilities. it opened up to the fact that maybe you'd opened your legs up to more than one man and it was disgusting.
it was filthy, you weren't supposed to act this way.
you had no shame, you did exactly what you wanted, you took and took, you gave and you gave.
you were happy, you were alone with no friends.
all you had were your boyfriends.
which is why it didn't matter, it really didn't fucking make a difference if you misbehaved in the middle of the common room.
you risked punishment from draco, the strict dom, but you could give ron cheek and flirty kisses from across the room. draco couldn't take it, he was both jealous and annoyed that you needed to be taught some manners.
"this is how we behave when we're ruined," you moaned, your eyes innocently sweet as draco left you a beautiful mess - after he'd fucked you all night with ron close by, observing him and telling him that maybe you didn't deserve all the punishments, but he touched himself and groaned at the sight of your physical state after draco had finished with you nonetheless.
and then you were shown off the day after with your hickeys and bruises, flexing the steamy night before.
there could not have been any more eye rolls: you'd seen them from everyone. the disapproval and the frank repugnance to your presence grew and grew.
but you were ruined.
and that is how one acts when they are ruined.
golden era smut taglist: @itsmentalillness @queen-asteria04 @gothboutique @keepawaythenargles @ms-heartbreak-queen @ewlovesucks @eleventhboi @peachybaes @book-dragon-not-worm @dreamerthinker @angel4you @evesbiggestf4n @l0vely-lupin @harrypotterlover234 @i-is-a-fangurl-weeb @shaysamilf @rosie-posie08 @kayleiggh @rainmaybank @noceurwhore @heartbeats-wildly @siriusstwelveyears @dr4cking @wrongilbert @noturmom128 @wlfstxr
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rainingonplants · a day ago
HP Males HeadCanons with Ron, Harry, and Tom.
Prompt by me: Little autumn quirks.
A/n: Not part 2 of the Autumn Imagine.
Tumblr media
Ron Weasley
Knowing him, he would have the best sweaters for autumn. Sweaters of various red and brown knitts courtesy of his mum.
He would take you back to the burrow to show you his mum’s decorations of pumpkins and scarecrows that litter their home.
The Burrow wafted the scent of cloves and cinnamon when you open the door. Homemade apple cider would be sitting on the counter still warm waiting for you to take a sip thanks to his mum once again. She even gave the family recipe to try to make it yourself.
Fall photos are a must for him. He would need to send them out to his family members around the world.
Indulging in the art of pumpkin carving is definitely on his list of things to do around this time. Maybe even a pumpkin patch. Picking the biggest pumpkin is what he does with no questions asked.
Harry James Potter
It was a sensitive time for Harry when it came to fall. He sorta dreaded it. He would think about his parents a lot and would take you to visit his parents graves exactly on October 31st. Bringing a blanket and a thermos of a warm drink to sit down by their gravestones. You and Harry would chit-chat to them. Talking about everything and everyone. A bittersweet moment that made you sob quietly when you got home. You sob so quietly to not worry Harry because he still had a heavy burden on his shoulders.
He’s tired because he’s always out and about so spending time at home with you was everything to him. He would take holiday in the month of October. It’s well deserved for him and you to be together around this time. October was more important to him then the month December.
He would spend time making a playlist for the two of you. You best know he put the classics, Sweater weather by The Neighborhood and 505 by Arctic Monkeys on it.
Pumpkin scented candles and hot baths. He loves to take them with you. It’s what he describes as a perfect night. He gets to be close to you and relax in a safe environment filled in a home of festivities that he never had.
Tom Riddle
He’s into wearing the coat aspect of Autumn. Being able to wear one and not break a sweat. The cold nips him that forces himself to wrap the coat around him tighter as he sees his breath roll out of his mouth when he breathes. When he’s with you, he’ll hold on of your hands in his coat pockets. Far enough from being public affection since he doesn’t like drawing attention but close enough so people know your his.
He takes you to one of the spots that he happened to find by chance where you could have a stunning view of the golden red leaves trickle their way down to the ground floor that make little piles of multicoloured leaves. He stand around to watch you fool around and kick the leaves up with your feet to watch them settle back down again. Originally, he didn’t want to take you here since it was out of his way but nonetheless he was content that he did.
He’s kinda lost on what to do when it comes to this type of this. He wasn’t raised to enjoy it nor did he have money too. It felt uncomfortable to him so he was stiff in anything he participated in. He just wants you to smile for him even if that ment over-eating on sweet tasting pumpkin treats that you whipped up in the kitchen.
He just wanted to settle down with you to watch cloud covered skies that rolled by that dribbled rain here and there.
Tumblr media
Please do not take or post my work anywhere!
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iamthecabbage · 22 hours ago
Chaotic | ron weasley
Single Part
Requested: "can we have another one with ron weasley? maybe this time he brings reader home and they're dating but no one knows because he's nervous that the twins will make fun of him."
Pairings: Ron Weasley x Gender Neutral!Reader
Words: 934
Warnings: ron is a little insecure
Summary: Ron loves reader but his family can be super overwhelming.
A/N: Hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
He loved the idea of having his girlfriend around him all the time, and you loved the idea of being around him...but Ron knew his family could be a lot to handle. There was a lot of them after all.
Barely even three minutes after you walked into the Burrow a small explosion came from up in the Twins room. It was something that Ron was used too, but you noticed immediately how Mrs. Weasley seemed embarrassed as a tinge of red lit up her ears and neck. Her voice was loud and shrill as she shouted up at the twins and Ron rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly, "Sorry about that, she normally just doesn't even yell at them anymore."
"It's okay," you sat down on the couch next to him, you were both very close. Close enough that it would probably be pretty suspicious to anyone who walked in, "Trust me I understand how the Twins can be."
They both took a moment to appreciate being around each other, hesitantly Y/n places her head onto his shoulder and he intertwines their hands. They were sat like this for only a minute before foot steps signaled Mrs. Weasley's return, Ron pulled away from her and moved away on the cushion making her frown.
Of course he had told her that he wasn't quite ready to let his family know, and she totally understood that. He had a big family and sometimes they could be a little overwhelming.
"Ginny is setting up a place in her room for you and Hermione dear," Mrs. Weasley said once she reached the landing, she rubbed her hands against the apron she was wearing, "Do you think you could help me in the kitchen? I want to make sure everything is done by the time Hermione and Harry get here, they'll probably be hungry."
Y/n didn't hesitate to agree she stood up from the couch and smiled smally at Ron who just blushed in response, his mother led the way into the kitchen she peaked around the corner for a moment to look at Ron, "Ronald be a dear and set up the table outside, I want to take advantage of this nice weather."
He did as asked and stood up from the couch, he left through the propped open door glancing briefly at Y/n as he did so. She winked at him and he blushed again. At this point if anything was going to get them caught it would be the constant blood rushing towards his face as he continuously got flustered.
Y/n washed some carrots under the sink, unfortunately unable to use magic freely like Mrs. Weasley was doing. While standing at the sink she stared out the window at Ron who was dragging some old tables and benches together and attempting to unfold a large table cloth.
"So you and Ron huh?" Mrs. Weasley sidled up next to her at the sink. The older woman smirked over at her teasingly and Y/n quickly looked away from Ron and towards her in shock.
Mrs. Weasley laughed, "You and my son, you're dating aren't you?"
"How'd you know?" Y/n asked quietly, glancing out at Ron. Had he told his mother?
"I'm a mom," Mrs. Weasley shrugged, "I always know, plus Ron turns about as red as freshly ripe tomato whenever you so much as glance at him."
Y/n giggled a little turning the sink off and passing the carrots over to the older woman, "I think it's charming," she said, "He's great, really."
"Good, I've taught him well." the red headed woman nodded her head firmly, "You seem great too Y/n, must be is Ron likes you after all."
Dinner was chaotic in a good way.
All the Weasley's plus Y/n, Hermione, and Harry had piled out into the back yard and were sitting around the picnic tables that Ron had set up. The chattering was loud and chaotic and Ron was afraid that Y/n would be sick of it (...sick of him) by the end of it all and that was one of his greatest fears.
He watched her throughout dinner, she talked animatedly with Harry and Hermione which he suspected. They knew of their relationship and were friendly in school before they even got together in the first place.
Though what did surprise him was how comfortable she seemed talking with his family. Y/n was chatting with Fred and George, listening to the twins talk about their pranks. Something that even he had trouble following sometimes. Percy told her all about his dream job in the Ministry and how the Minister absolutely positively loved and respected him.
Despite not really knowing much about Quidditch Y/n listened to his sisters excitement over the last game she read about in the Daily Prophet. The Chudley Cannons had been mentioned and while Y/n had no idea what that meant she matched the younger girls excitement with full force.
Merlin, he loved her so much. He felt stupid for even being afraid of his families reaction to him dating in the first place. Under the table he reached and grabbed Y/n's hand in his own. "I love you." he mouthed and she grinned widely, he knew that the twins across from him probably saw but he didn't care.
She was perfect and deserved to be shown off to everyone. Even his chaotic family.
Tumblr media
Requests are Open!!!
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hellounicorn · 2 days ago
pt 2?
imagine ron and harry coming back to see neville taking care of you while your in subpace and ron gets jealous
Ooh we got some Neville action now😼
“There you guys are!” Exclaims the freckled brunette, your hand furiously clamping down on his as to keep him near. “It’s about time you got back,”
Ron stares at the sight, the blank look you gave him signaling that you’d only submerged deeper into subspace from the care Neville gave you, because no matter still wasn’t daddy.
“Hiya, pet.” Ron cautiously approaches you, and you only whimper and grab Neville’s hand tighter, worried that the ginger was upset with you for some reason. “Don’t worry baby, I’m here now. Daddy’s here.”
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quillsanddaydreams · 4 months ago
⸻ a hp following disclosure
Tumblr media
I've been meaning to make an appreciation post for all the writer's on here and since I already reblog all stories I read on @daydreams-treasury , I thought why not just recommend blogs as a whole. All the blogs down below are amazing, talented, brilliant— you name it. Do check out their masterlists to fall in love with their writing, I know I have.
Please note that this order is quite random, I went through my rec and following lists to create this :) Also, there might be blogs who are no longer active or write anymore, but I felt it was worth mentioning their amazing works.
Tumblr media
☆ @scvrllet » I don't think I've ever found a person more deserving of the title "angst queen" and you'll be surprised to see her fluffy stories are equally delightful.
writes for: the marauders, lily evans, regulus black, tom riddle, barty crouch jr, golden trio, draco malfoy, the weasley’s, blaise zabini, pansy parkinson, and cedric diggory
☆ @nuttytani » To prove that no amount of fluff is just enough and stories can in fact make your days a bit brighter everyday.
writes for: bill weasley, cedric diggory, ginny weasley, harry potter and the marauders
☆ @propinquify » For angst, fluff or hurt and comfort I think Naija can take you on a roller coaster of emotions.
writes for: the marauders, wolfstar, draco malfoy, fred weasley, george weasley, harry potter, ginny weasley, blaise zabini and cedric diggory
☆ @sunrisefairy » I have yet to start on her works, but I know for a reason that her works are *chef's kiss*
writes for: george weasley, bill weasley, charlie weasley and the marauders
☆ @fortisfilia » I remember reading her works and dreaming hours on end. And I think the world she created with her stories was a pretty one to live in ;)
writes for: the marauders, tom riddle, draco malfoy, fred weasley, dean thomas and cedric diggory
☆ @sirisuorionblack » You know the moment a story feels less like fanfiction, but more like an adventure you're going through? Yeah. Her stories will make you feel that.
writes for: the marauders, wolfstar, marlene mckinnon and cedric diggory
☆ @henqtic » I have yet to start on their stories but as far as general consensus goes, their works are all amazing.
writes for: the marauders, draco malfoy, fred weasley, george weasley, luna lovegood, neville longbottom
☆ @rcwenaclaw » The way she writes makes me swoon and you are bound to fall for all of those works too!
writes for: fred weasley, george weasley, charlie weasley, harry potter, ron weasley, hermione granger, ginny weasley, luna lovegood, draco malfoy
☆ @natasha-romancff » The overwhelming amount of emotions I feel when I read her stories should be illegal :')
writes for: fred weasley, george weasley, the marauders, tom riddle, ron weasley, harry potter, neville longbotton, cedric diggory, oliver wood, ginny weasley, luna lovegood, draco malfoy
☆ @shaynawrites23 » Her fluff just makes my heart skip a beat and melt all gooey inside >.<
writes for: sirius black and remus lupin
☆ @blue-writes-things » The light-hardheartedness in their works is amazing and I never not smile when I read their works.
writes for: remus lupin and sirius black
☆ @george-fabian-weasley » The amount of talent is awe-inspiring, the feelings and emotions all put to words are just so beautiful.
writes for: george weasley, fred weasley, bill weasley, oliver wood and harry potter
☆ @hxlyhead-harpies » You know the moment when you have to stop everything and look at the wall for a moment because the thing you just read actually made your heart ache? Oh yeah. Their works will do that to you.
writes for: the marauders, lily evans, wolfstar, jily, hermione granger, neville longbottom, luna lovegood, cedric diggory, fred weasley, george weasley, ginny weasley and oliver wood
☆ @weasleydream » I have yet to start on their works, but please do check their works out.
writes for: fred weasley, george weasley, charlie weasley, bill weasley, percy weasley, ginny weasley, the marauders, harry potter and oliver wood
☆ @iwritesiriusly » For the amount of fluff and cuteness and sweet scenes that is contagious to health XD
writes for: draco malfoy, the marauders, regulus black, george weasley and newt scamander
☆ @awritingtree » If you weren't in love with a fictional character already, they'll make you fall for them, hard.
writes for: george weasley, fred weasley, draco malfoy, oliver wood, neville longbottom and the marauders
☆ @theonly1outof-a-billion » For the fluff that can cure blue days
writes for: remus lupin, sirius black, draco malfoy, fred weasley
☆ @remmyswritings » I think her writing is like a comforting hug you need after a long long day and I don't think anything describes her works better than simple beautiful.
writes for: theodore nott, blaise zabini, charlie weasley, regulus black and sirius black
☆ @willowbleedsonpaper » You know the moment you don't feel like reading, but more like watching a movie unfold? I think her writing can do that to you.
writes for: draco malfoy, theodore nott, james potter, sirius black, regulus black, fred weasley and george weasley
☆ @boxofbadaddiction » For me, reading her stories has always been painful because all the while I can't help but go "I want that-"
writes for: fred weasley, george weasley, harry potter, draco malfoy and remus lupin
☆ @coffee--writes » I don't think words can accurately describe just how perfect and gorgeous her writing is. The emotions, decriptions- everything about her works is just *amazing*
writes for: the golden trio, draco malfoy, neville longbottom, ginny weasley, fred weasley, george weasley, cedric diggory, blaise zabini, theodore nott, daphane greengrass, susan bones, katie bell, charlie weasley, bill weasley, fleur delcor, the marauders, regulus black and lily evans
☆ @oopskashish » Her writing cannot be described as anything else than enchanting, she'll make you fall in love with her words.
writes for: the marauders, regulus black, lily evans, harry potter, draco malfoy, fred weasley and george weasley
☆ @selenes-sun » I think I've always loved stories that make us feel like going through an old photo album and val is an expert at just that.
writes for: blaise zabini, charlie weasley, harry potter, draco malfoy, regulus black, neville longbottom, sirius black, remus lupin, fred weasley, george weasley, ginny weasley, hermione granger, minerva mcgonagall and pancy parkinson
☆ @heloisedaphnebrightmore » The way she writes is filled with fluffiness and an appropriate way to comment on them seems to be a long keysmash.
writes for: the marauders, regulus black, oliver wood, draco malfoy, cedric diggory, ron weasley, fred weasley, george weasley, neville longbottom and charlie weasley
☆ @ghosts-of-hogwarts » Her works have always been a fluffy delight :')
writes for: the marauders and draco malfoy
☆ @leahstypewriter » I think her works give off a huge dark academia, head in the clouds vibes- in a great way.
writes for: the marauders, cedric diggory, draco malfoy, fred weasley, george weasley, neville longbottom and the golden trio
☆ @iliveiloveiwrite » Millie's works have always been a joy to read- angst or fluff or light-hardheartedness alike, she has it all.
writes for: the marauders, the golden trio, draco malfoy, george weasley, fred weasley, neville longbottom, cedric diggory, oliver wood and luna lovegood
☆ @finnwrld » I still remember the time he sent in a story of his to review and I was at a loss of words. Because try as hard as I may, I could find zero faults in their work and wow, his works are simply wow.
writes for: the marauders, harry potter, draco malfoy, hermione granger and george weasley
☆ @omgrachwrites » All of her series are to die for, you wouldn't be able to comprehend the emotions she'll make you go through.
writes for: sirius black, jily and more
☆ @thou-crusty-batch-of-nature » She has written some extremely fluffy stories which are to live for.
writes for: the marauders and harry potter
☆ @angelxnaa » I don't think there is anyone who isn't a fan of her works because oh my god they are so beautiful.
writes for: the marauders, golden trio, cho chang, fleur delcor, ginny weasley, luna lovegood, cedric diggory, draco malfoy, george weasley, fred weasley, neville longbottom, bill weasley, lily evans, marlene mckinnon and regulus black
☆ @ickle-ronniekins » Her stories have e v e r y t h i n g. They'll get you right in your feels like magic.
writes for: fred weasley and george weasley
☆ @approved-by-dentists » The talent they have is unreal and you'll never know you're reading fanfiction or a famous published book because he is just that good.
writes for: the marauders, luna lovegood, draco malfoy, cedric diggory, golden trio
☆ @pregnant-piggy » Her stories are one of the best out there- they're so damn amazing. I'm always awe-struck when I read her works, it's like living a dream.
writes for: the marauders, jily, golden trio, draco malfoy, fred weasley, george weasley, charlie weasley and blaise zabini
☆ @sweeter-than-strawberries » Reading her stories is like watching a beautifully aesthetic movie and I love all of them for it.
writes for: sirius black
☆ @heyquxxns » I just fell in love with her writing the moment I read them and I hope you do too.
writes for: the marauders and regulus black
☆ @theweasleysredhair » I love love all her stories and the way they make me feel- the emotions and characterization, everything feels on point.
writes for: the marauders, fred weasley, george weasley, draco malfoy, neville longbottom, ron weasley and oliver wood
☆ @bave-de-crapaud » I simply adore the way she writes for Sirius and hope you will too!
writes for: sirius black
☆ @rainandhotchocolate » I remember going through her masterlist and falling in love with every single story she wrote because they were all just that good ;)
writes for: the marauders, jily, lily evans, harry potter, hermione granger and teddy lupin
☆ @padfootagain » There is a reason she's called the "queen of fluff" and that is entirely due to her breathtaking works.
writes for: sirius black, remus lupin, blackinnon, jily and charlie weasley
☆ @wreckofawriter » I don't think I've ever found such unique and beautifully written stories and I adore every single one of them on her masterlist.
writes for: the marauders, lily evans, harry potter, draco malfoy, blaise zabini, cedric diggory, teddy lupin, fred weasley and oliver wood
☆ @futurewriter2000 » She is the person who inspired me to start with my own fanfiction, because her stories were so emotion packed I couldn't help but imagine all kinds of whatifs and live in the beautiful world she created.
writes for: the marauders, draco malfoy, fred weasley, george weasley, cedric diggory, harry potter, oliver wood, charlie weasley, ron weasley, neville longbottom, molly weasley, regulus black, mulciber, tom riddle, severus snape, peter pettigrew, teddy lupin and james sirius potter
☆ @hermioneshandbag » I went through her entire masterlist in a span of 2-3 days because I just couldn't stop reading, her works were all so fantastic.
writes for: sirius black and remus lupin
☆ @seriouslyblacklikemysoul » Another writer's whose works I couldn't help but binge time and time again. Fluff and angst- she has everything.
writes for: the marauders, lily evans, regulus black, cedric diggory, george weasley, draco malfoy and hermione granger
☆ @princesse-de-ravenclaw » Her works are light-hearted and fluffy, will make you transport right into the wizarding world because they're all so great.
writes for: the marauders, harry potter, draco malfoy, cedric diggory and fred weasley
☆ @haracelovestruck » You know how some series are just so darn great, they feel like an action packed novel? Yes, her stories will make you feel like that as you swirl up in a world of drama and mystery.
writes for: the marauders, regulus black, severus snape, draco malfoy, fred weasley, george weasley, cedric diggory, percy weasley, bill weasley, newt scamander and credence barebone
☆ @lumos-barnes » I've always looked up to the way she writes and her stories are a huge bomb of fluffiness.
writes for: the marauders, fred weasley, george weasley, bill weasley and oliver wood
Tumblr media
And I guess that's it. This is the long list of all Harry Potter writers I follow and look up to. Here is the link to my own masterlist. And over here you can find a list of over 100 masterlists from different blogs.
Thank you and I hope you have a great day!
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silverdelirium · 26 days ago
SUMMARY ➠ your childhood best friend’s dad, ron weasley, moved in next door. he can’t help but let temptation get the best of him
WARNINGS ➠ age gap sex (reader is 19), sir and daddy kink, size kink, oral sex (m receiving), mutual masturbation (?), degrading, praising, nicknames (petal, sweetheart, doll, etc.)
A/N ➠ i really tried to give this one a plot but my brain is a bit of a mess rn so its pure smut im sorry :(
you were a forbidden fruit in ron’s eyes.
so sweet-looking and harmless. but also so fucking wrong.
he knows this is not okay, he is aware that if his daughter were to find out what was going on, she might’ve slapped the living shit out of him.
he doesn’t blame her… but fuck, he doesn’t regret it.
the euphoria traveling through his veins were like no other— he did not expect such good head from a nineteen-year-old.
“oh god, petal” he would groan, hand tugging at your disheveled hair while your tongue ran down the vein that decorated his girth.
your pleading eyes showing how bad you needed him.
and who was ron to deny you that?
“please, sir” you babbled, mindlessly slurping around his cock while he gave labored breaths, flexing his muscles as he tried his hardest not to cum on the spot when your tongue teased at his slit.
“go on, sweetheart- put it in your mouth, like the good girl you told me you were.” he grunted, scrunching his eyebrows as you slowly took him in, knees shuffling on the wooden floor of his foyer.
praises dropped from the tip of his tongue like caramel, and you eagerly drank it all up as you deep-throated him, your drool slobbering down your chin as you tried to hold back a gag.
his voice was low and raspy when he spoke, “you’re such a pretty thing, so obedient and so fucking good at sucking cock- as if you’re a little whore off the street” his words dispatched a spark to your engorged clit.
you sent vibrations through his cock as you whimpered around him
your cheeks hollowed as you bobbed your head, eyes trained on the way ron’s abs clenched continuously, probably trying to not fuck your throat raw— not like you would mind.
“sir” you pulled away from him, gasping slightly as you looked up at him, “need you inside me.”
ron chuckled lightly, chest heaving up and down as he lent down to stamp a kiss on your forehead, “listen up, petal, you are nothing but my little fuckdoll, just a little hole for me to use, got that?” he squeezed the sides of your jaw, feeling your neck grow hot as you nodded in submission.
“yes- i’m sorry, sir, just wanna make you feel good” you cried, tears rimming in your eyes as he mocked your pout.
“poor little slut’s just too needy, hm? want my cock buried deep inside you so bad, is that it?” he teased, cock twitching as you moaned lightly, rocking your clit against the heel of your foot.
a whine slipped from your lips, your hips rocking faster now as he wrapped his large palm around his weeping cock, matching your pace as your eyes unfocused.
“need to- cum, please”
he scoffed, “already? is that how fucking desperate you are? cumming from just a little tease on your princess parts, that’s pathetic” his words triggered a set of tears to fall down from your face, yet your stomach fluttered at the degrading.
you gasped, feeling your thighs quiver as you held eye contact with ron, his own release catching up to him as you reached the seventh heaven.
“cumming! i’m cumming!” you warned, squeezing your eyes shut as your arousal drenched your knickers while ron urged you further, drawing out your orgasm from mere words.
“there we go” he said “cumming on your pretty panties like a naughty little girl.”
all you could muster were weak mewls, pawing at his arms as he continued to jerk off, aiming the tip of his cock to your bare thighs, the soft flesh covered in ropes of sticky white substance not even a minute later.
you felt dirty and almost ruined, but god did it feel fucking amazing.
puckering your lips up hazily, ron complied and delivered a messy kiss to your swollen lips.
“we’re not done, sweetheart” he murmured against your mouth, lightly pushing you back until you lay flat on the floor, breasts that spilled out of your tank top from earlier bounced lightly, making ron’s softening member perk up. “i’m gonna fuck your pretty cunt so hard you can barely even sit on it” he threatened.
the thought of being full of him had you spasming, aching to have him inside you.
“daddy” you sobbed.
the nickname had ron’s head thrown back, as well as his dick getting as hard, if not more, as before.
“please, daddy, fuck me hard” you pleaded, spreading your legs and bunching up your skirt at the waist as you revealed the drenched lace that you called underwear.
he groaned, “you bet i will.”
the tip of his rigid cock kissed your slit, drenching itself in your arousal. “you ready, bubba?” he asked, laying a sweet peck on your exposed neck.
“yes what?” he slid the head in, making your breath pause.
“yes, daddy”
the stretch was painful as he lulled his hips in further into yours. “atta girl” he sighed.
your thighs shook at the mere burn of his cock prodding your insides. you were nothing but a mush of a brain and meek intakes of breath, whilst ron soothed the urgency your mound begged him with the pad of his thumb.
“faster!” you gasped, wiggling your hips in a weak attempt to intensify the delirium you were falling in.
ron tutted at you, “be patient, sweetheart, i ought to teach you some manners after this, hm?”
he obeyed anyway, pining your hips with one hand as he accelerated his, making the both of you cry out in bliss.
“you like that? like the way i pound into your little pussy?” he taunted, running a finger down the pushed-out skin on your stomach, a little bulge that represented his cock that lay there.
“yes, fuck!” you wailed, giving him a strangled moan as he grazed your sweet spot, your vision dotting with dark stars.
squelching and clapping hit your ears from where you two connected, ron’s eyes darkening as he looked down at the base of his cock covered in a ring of your slick.
“you look so pretty right now” he cooed “creaming all over my cock like a brainless little doll.”
the stand-alone sentence had your ears heating up while your mouth stayed agape, cunt pulsing around him as you reached the peak, ready to fall into cloud nine.
“daddy” you pleaded “i’m gonna cum! i’m gonna cum so hard- please” your walls contracted around him as your muscles gave mini spasms, toes curling and mouth watering as you came with a silent scream.
“that’s a good girl” praised ron “cumming all over daddy’s cock so fucking good”
he was right behind you, dumping streams of cum all over your insides. your name left his lips like a chant as your cunt greedily milked him dry.
it took a few moments for the both of you to calm down, his cum poured out of you once he pulled out; a puddle had formed on the floor from both of your juices.
“aw baby” he started “your cunt’s all messy and puffy already- it’s best if i lick it clean for you, no?”
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selenesheart · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
thank you so much for 1k followers, i love you all so much. thanks for all of the love and support in the past two (?) months, it’s so crazy to me how much I’ve grown— and now I wanna show my love and support by recommending some of my favourite fics/blurbs <3
* indicates smut
Tumblr media
ceo!blaise by @slvt4fakerealities *
moonlight & afterlife by @nic0lodean
messy office by @silverdelirium *
rest by @acosmis-t
sticky washing machine / pt. 2 by @silverdelirium *
better by @bellatrixscurls *
mommy by @fredshufflepuff *
edging by @/slvt4fakerealities *
tears of gold by @hellounicorn *
perfect by @akraziia
sweet tooth by @/silverdelirium *
good girls get awarded by @kirascottage *
walk through hell by @gxtitobxby
look how pretty by @arcaneslut *
can’t take it by @slvt4fakerealities *
that’s what i’m here for by @eunoniaa *
tutor by @hellounicorn *
Initials by @cupids-crystals
wrapped around my finger by @akraziia *
rivals / pt. 2 by @shadesofvelma *
deserve nothing by @thotbutpurple *
dreams come true by @marauders-lupin
wish you were sober by @hxlyhead-harpies
angel by @earlgreydream *
if you were here by @slytherweasley *
anniversary by @/silverdelirium
scissoring (ft. h.g.) by @/arcaneslut *
I like her name by @ladyvesuvia
we fell in love in October by @dreamy-clousds
pretty in pink by @miiamour *
your touch by @/chokemepansy *
sub harry by @railmeharrypotter *
trust me, darling by @chokemepansy *
dom harry by @peppers-analytics *
sweet kisses by @ronsbadidea
stress reliever by @/thotbutpurple *
bubble baths by @dracossweetprincess
scissoring (ft. p.p.) by @/arcaneslut *
keep going by @chokemepansy *
on camera by @cupidsriot *
muggle devices by @/cupids-crystals
overstimulation by @slvt4fakerealities *
je t’aime by @maybanksslut
his baby by @bellatrixscurls *
my good girl by @/fredshufflepuff *
first time by @pinkandblueblurbs *
she loves me by @henqtic
needy by @arcane-history *
a birthday show by @salazarslytherin *
opportunities by @holden-caulfield
flustered adorable mess by @/fredshufflepuff
shaking and trembling by @/ronsbadidea *
multitasking by @miiamour *
special by @magicchai
wrong by @/bellatrixscurls *
cinnamon and roses by @chokemepansy
cuddle bunny by @/dreamy-clousds
wrong by @/chokemepansy *
pretty by @gothboutique *
big breath, darling by @/eunoniaa *
sweater weather by @mullthingsoverinthehotwater
would you? by @magicchai
deification by @yoooespinosa *
my lord by @ingeniouscollectionthing *
wrong by @/silverdelirium *
my heirs by @b-aobao *
Tumblr media
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Pulling their hair while making out:
Moderate NSFW warning!
HCs and blurb requests (both sfw and nsfw) are open! Check my pinned post on my page for my writing boundaries.
Most of these HCs that I'm making so far are based off just random thoughts that pop up in my head. But the last one seemed to do well so we'll see how this one does. I promise they'll be more organized in the future. For now you just get my jumbled notes that I jot down for fun and occasionally share with you guys. <3 I appreciate all the support though. It means so much to me :)
I didn't add Harry or Dean because I didn't know what to do for either of them.
Fred: You would be making out with him in the common room during lunch. You wanted to test something so you tug at his hair a little bit too roughly. The groan that left him was something you didn’t expect but was very welcome. You also didn’t expect the smirk on his face once he pulled away. "Do that again and whatever happens next is not my fault darling." He laughs when you stumble over your words for a comeback, either in anger or embarrassment, but he secretly wishes you'd pull his hair again.
George: Lets out a soft whimper followed by a breathless "please do that again-" And just melts with another light moan when you do. He grabs you by your waist and pulls you impossibly closer before burying his face into your shoulder while pressing open mouth kisses along your skin and silently begging for more.
Neville: Poor mans would get so flustered after he lets out a surprised whine. You have to reassure him that it was kind of the reaction you were wanting, but it didn’t exactly help his flustered state. It might take a minute to calm him down though. Once he's calm, he tells you that he wants to keep kissing. He’d be nervous to ask you to do it again but you get the hint.
Draco: Oh boy. He really pulls the “you’re playing a dangerous game” card on you before going back to making out. But only now, he's rougher than before. Probably would put his hand against your throat so you could feel the cold metal of his ring. And to scare you, or tease you further. Whichever you're into. 
Ron: You would be in his dorm room, making out instead of studying like you guys said you were going to. You wanted to try something out so you tangled your fingers in the back of his hair and tugged. You got the exact opposite reaction you thought you would. He'd whine. First time he'd ever done so too. You pulled away to see him bright red in the face, but before he could pull away from you completely - you grabbed him by his face before whispering "do that again." And bringing him back into a heated makeout. He didn't complain, and by the end of it he was whining for you to do more than just kiss him.
Seamus: He’d probably see it as a game at first and pull your hair right back but the sound you let out tells him it’s not that kind of game. The soft noise of realization before he feels his face flush and playfully pushes you off makes you laugh before teasing him for being so oblivious. He curses you out, but he isn't really angry. The previous mood was ruined but hey you got a few laughs from it. You guys experiment with it later though.
Cedric: A gasp escaped him as he pulled away to look at you. You flushed as you tried to explain why you did it but he just grinned and chuckled. "Curious little thing, aren't you?" He quipped, before going right back in. He curled the ends of your hair around his fingers as he kissed you, threatening to pull it just like you did to his but he never did. Left you whining a bit and you hated how he just laughed at you. It's all lighthearted of course. He eventually made it up to you.
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ameliora-j · a month ago
peach // mechanic!rw x reader
Tumblr media
words: 3k
warnings: mechanic!au,, insinuation of divorced/separated parents,, exes to lovers trope,, degradation,, choking,, finger sucking,, daddy kink,, teasing,, clit slapping,, overstimulation,, breeding kink,, cum play (not rly),, ALL ACTS ARE CONSENSUAL!
a/n: au idea from dani 🤩 (@silverdelirium here’s your tag bae!)
the heat of july was brutal as it infiltrated the inside of your old jeep, the air conditioner not doing much to cool you down. you sighed softly as you moved to roll down the windows, praying that maybe the fresh air of the night would help the brutal heat of the mid july desert. a strange clicking sound resounded throughout the car as you continued on down the deserted road, causing you to turn up your radio. the clicking sounded expensive and you were in no place financially to be worrying about car troubles right now.
you were about an hour and a half from home, in the middle of nowhere as you were driving back from seeing your older brother at university. the clicking of your car seemed to get louder, causing you to groan quietly. “stop that right now,” you mumbled, as if the car would hear and magically get you back home before inevitably breaking down the way you knew it would. you, of course, had no luck however, for as soon as the words left your mouth, your car jerked and slowed to a stop, making you groan loudly and you veered off onto the side of the abandoned road. placing the vehicle in park, you got out and opened the hood, allowing smoke to escape from underneath it. you kicked the tire as you groaned, slamming the hood shut. “piece of crap car.”
you were in the middle of nowhere, nobody could be seen for miles. there was no way that anybody would be magically coming around to assist you anytime soon. you climbed back into your car, closing and locking the door as you pulled out your. you let out a sigh as it flashed with one service bar and fifteen percent battery. you scrolled through your contacts before pressing on your brother’s name and waiting. “hey nerd, home already?” you could just barely make out his sentences due to the lack of service in the area.
“no. my piece of shit car broke down in the middle of nowhere,” you grumbled into the speaker. you hear his choppy laughter in response, making you roll your eyes.
the next words you were able to make out were “i told you… car… stone ages,” and that was all it took for you to know it was a dig at how old your beloved jeep was.
“fuck off asshole,” you grumbled. “not all of us get by gallivanting on daddy’s money,” you rolled your eyes.
“we… same dad,” he kept cutting out, but you knew your older brother enough to know exactly what he was saying to you.
“are you gonna help me or not asshole?” you complained.
“sure, where are you?” he asked.
“like two hours away from home,” you answered.
“mom’s house or dad’s house?” he asked.
“dad’s…” you answered nervously. your mom’s house was much closer to where your brother was going to uni at. however, per court order, it was your dad’s weekend to have you so you were driving back to his place.
“ynnnnn!” your brother complained loudly. “no way, you’re a four hour drive from here. i’ll call someone to see if they can help you alright? just hang tight. don’t go anywhere.”
“where would i possibly go, dumbass?” you deadpanned.
“fair point,” and then you heard the three beeps of him hanging up. you sighed as an alert flashed across your screen.
you closed your eyes as a stress induced migraine began to settle between the temples of your skull, deep in the frontal lobe of your brain as you waited. and waited. and waited. finally after what felt like eternities, but was really only ten minutes, your phone rang again. when you picked it up, your brother immediately began speaking. “ron’s on his way.”
“nevermind i’ll walk,” you told him.
“oh you’re being a big baby. i told you not to fuck my best friend,” he spoke, and of course the service allowed that sentence to come out clear as day.
“i didn’t fuck him you jerk, i was in love with him! but i didn’t know that he was just as much of an asshole as you are,” you didn’t let your brother speak again as you hung up the phone, letting out an exaggerated scream as you threw it into the passenger seat and flung your head back against your seat, trying to hold in your emotions at the prospect of seeing your ex boyfriend for the first time since you broke up eight months ago.
two hours later, there was a knock on your car window. you rolled it down and came face to face with a long-haired redhead with piercing blue eyes that just happened to be your ex boyfriend. “hey peach,” he smiled, and you nearly melted. “y’brother said you needed help. go on, pop the hood then,” you leaned forward and did what he said, allowing him to walk to the front of your jeep and prop the hood up. “come on out here, peach. wanna show you something.” you sighed loudly as you slid from the driver's seat of the car and walked to meet ron at the front of your car.
he handed you the flashlight and you held it for him as he began to work on stuff. “see that here?” he pointed to a small knob and you nodded. “‘s the oil, sweetheart,” he pulled the stick out and showed you it. “got nothin’ in there, ‘s why the car stopped working. need an oil change. ‘f you woulda kept driving like that, engine would’ve exploded. we don’t want that do we peach?” you shook your head nervously and he shot you a smile. “only think i can do is call a tow truck and get it to my shop. i’ll fix it up there, yeah? i’ll give you a ride back home.”
“i…” you began nervously and he tilted his head to gaze quizzically at you. your heart fluttered as you averted your gaze to avoid eye contact. you felt ron’s fingers gently grip your chin, forcing you to look at him and your breath caught in your throat.
“what is it, peach?” he hummed quietly.
“don’t have the money for a tow truck,” you bit your lip gently and he smiled before kissing your head.
“don’t you worry your pretty little head about that,” he ruffled your hair before walking to his car and grabbing his cell phone.
it was now the early hours of the morning, 3:30am to be exact, and you were sitting in ron’s dimly lit garage as he worked on your car. he was under the hood and you were sat on the table next to the car with all the tools, handing him whatever he asked for. it felt like old times. you really did miss sitting in ron’s garage with him as he worked on his cars. at some point, he had pulled off his t-shirt in an attempt to escape the july heat.
he kept pushing his hair from his eyes as he worked under the hood of your jeep and you slowly slid from the table you went over to him, pulling the hairtie from your wrist and gently combing your fingers through his long hair, and pulling it into the hairtie in a small manbun at the back of his head. “thanks peach,” he murmured softly.
“welcome,” you hummed back as you took your place back on the tool table. you let our a soft sigh as you rested your elbow on you knee, placing your chin in your hand as you waited for ron to be finished with your car. the longer you watched ron work, the more apparent the arousal between your legs became. his hair was messily pulled back into a manbun through use of your hairtie, his brows furrowed in concentration and his bottom lip tucked between his teeth as sweat dripped down the side of his face.
suddenly, ron was standing in between your legs and reaching behind you to the wall with all his tools. your breath hitched in your throat as you inhaled his scent. “sorry peach. needed the wrench,” he breathed as he slowly pulled away from you, holding up the aforementioned tool.
“oh uh… s-sorry,” you stuttered as you blinked hard, holding back a whimper that begged to release itself from the depths of your throat. you fought the urge to squeeze your thighs together, as ron was now standing in between them. shirtless, sweat dripping down his toned chest and abdomen. you looked up and realized exactly how close you were. one wrong move and your lips would be pressed together in a butterfly-inducing kiss.
“what’s got you all distracted, hmm?” you felt his breath fanning across your lips as he tilted his head to gaze at you. you didn’t say anything, but your eyes betrayed you. for they quickly flicked down to his lips before following suit down the rest of his body, following the dribble of sweat down his neck, between his pectorals, down his chiseled abdomen, and all the way untill it disappeared behind his dirty jeans, before you finally looked back up at his eyes. ron smirked as a chuckle left his lips. “me?” he asked. “i got you all flustered, hmm? you feeling it in your little tummy baby?” his smirk widened as a whimper escaped your lips. “i bet if i pulled back your pretty panties, your little cunt would be dripping for me,” he mumbled huskily in your ear.
“ronnie…” you whined.
“christ peach, eight months and you’re still nothing but a dumb little slut f’me,” he mocked. “s’pathetic, really.”
“please…” you begged softly.
“what do you want, hmm? wanna hear you say it,” he demanded.
“want you ron please. want your cock. wanna feel good please make me feel good,” you tugged at his belt loops, attempting to grind your cunt against his leg.
“yeah baby? want me to fuck you till you go all stupid? make you cum untill you physically can’t anymore? gonna stretch your little cunt over my cock untill you can’t think anymore baby. make you so stupid with my big cock. gonna make you feel me for days,” he promised, causing a wanton moan to escape your lips.
“please ronnie. haven’t felt good in so long,” you pouted up at him.
“yeah? no one’s ever been able to make your cunt feel as good as i did, isn’t that right princess?” you nodded, practically salivating at the prospect of finally getting to fuck your ex boyfriend, the best cock you’ve ever felt, after eight months. you spread your legs wider and tugged him even closer.
“fuck me ronnie. make me forget my name,” his hand wrapped around your throat as he pushed you back on the table.
“what’s my name, slut?” he raised a brow.
“daddy,” you bit your lip softly as you looked up at him with wide eyes. he groaned loudly, squeezing harder as his free hand went to the hem of your shirt, which was actually one of his old ones, and tore it off your form, before he bent down and pressed your lips together in a searing kiss. you moaned into his mouth as you bucked your hips up to mean his, moaning as the rough material of his jeans created an amazing friction on your clit through the thin shorts you decided to wear.
“dirty little slut, can’t even wait for me to take off y’clothes,” he teased. “go on then. fuck yourself on my thigh like the desperate whore you are,” he growled. you wrapped your arms around his neck and continued to rock your hips on his thigh. he found great pleasure in watching you desperately hump his thigh. his hand wrapped around your throat again as you threw your head back in both frustration and pleasure.
“please just fuck me already daddy i need it,” you whined.
“take off your clothes then peach,” he smirked. you immediately did what he said, pulling off the rest of your clothes you stared up at him as he unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them, and his underwear, down just enough to free his cock. “you know how i like you, peach. what are you waiting for?” you scrambled to bend over the table and put your hands behind your back.
he gripped your wrists in his big hand before pushing his cock past your walls. he moaned as he felt your cunt stretching around him before setting a punishing pace. giving you no time to adjust to his big cock abusing your cervix. the only sounds that could be heard throughout the garage were skin slapping on skin, your loud and incessant moans, and the squelching of your cunt as ron fucked deeply into you. he gripped your hair and pulled you up untill your back was pressed against his chest. “that’s it. you take my cock like such a good little whore. gripping me so tight baby fuck,” he moaned loudly. “best cunt i’ve ever felt,” he growled into your ear as he bit down on your neck.
“daddy!” you moaned loudly.
“god shut the fuck up,” he growled. “sick of hearing your dumb baby mouth,” he shoved his fingers into your mouth, causing you to gag on them.
“cum,” you gargled around his fingers.
“yeah? wanna cum slut? go ahead. soak my cock, milk me dry like a good little cockwhore,” he growled as his free hand reached down to rub roughly against your clit. you moaned loudly as your body spasmed and your cunt clenched around his cock. you repeatedly moaned out ‘daddy’ as your knees became weak and the only thing that kept you up was ron’s strong arm around your waist. his pace didn’t let up as he continued to fuck you into oblivion and his fingers continued the incessant rolling of your clit.
“please daddy. please already came it hurts,” you whimpered.
“awh,” ron mocked a pout. “hurts baby?” you nodded as a whine escaped your lips. “that’s too bad, cus daddy hasn’t cum yet. and i’m not anywhere near finished with you. i’m gonna make sure you don’t ever dare get anywhere near another cock. gonna ruin you for anyone that isn’t me. do you understand me slut? your cunt is mine. you belong to me.” he grumbled lowly into your ear. you merely moaned in response. “i asked a question, slut,” he demanded as his thrusts slowed before he came to a complete stop.
you whined lowly as you tried to fuck youself back against him. “please,” you whimpered softly. “please…” you gasped as your eyes rolled back. he gripped your hair even harder then.
“tell me what you are. who you belong to,” ron demanded. his hips still didn’t move, and neither did his fingers on your clit as you continued trying to fuck yourself back on him. his hand roughly came down on your clit in a harsh slap. “tell me,” he demanded, slapping your clit again.
you whimpered softly. “g-good…” you babbled.
“try again,” he demanded, slapping your clit again.
you whined, squirming as your cunt clenched around him. “slut,” you whimpered. “dirty little slut. j-just a hole for you daddy,” you moaned as ron’s pace picked back up and he continued abusing your cervix with his cock.
“whose dirty little slut?” he asked.
“your’s. daddy’s dirty little slut,” you moaned as he continued to rub your clit.
“cum for me again peach,” he commanded and you blindly obeyed. your body twitched and spasmed as your cunt clenched around his cock.
“daddy… cum in me. please. wanna feel you. want your babies,” you whimpered.
“want daddy to fuck a baby into you, peach? breed your filthy little cunt?” he teased.
“yes please daddy,” you nodded.
“then cum with me peach,” he demanded. you moaned loudly as you felt ropes of his cum spilling into your overworked cunt. you squirmed and twitched as his fingers continued to rub against your clit. your cunt spasmed around his cock as your back arched away from his chest and you let out loud, incessant moans. you screamed loudly as your release squirted out of your cunt and all over his lower abdomen. he moaned as he continued to rub circles on your clit. “good little slut,” he whispered in your ear as he slowly pulled out.
you squirmed and whimpered as he pushed his cum back into your cunt with his fingers. he shushed you as you whimpered softly. “shh baby, just gotta keep it all inside, yeah? don’t wanna waste it,” you nodded and allowed him to push his cum back into you. he pulled your panties back up and pat your cunt gently.
you hummed deliriously as ron lifted you by your armpits. his cum seeped out of your abused hole, soaking the fabric of your panties as your body fell limp against him. “wan’ be yours again daddy,” you murmured deliriously into his neck.
“you always were peach. you always were,” he pat your bum softly as he walked you up to the bathroom where he began immense aftercare. cleaning you up and washing your hair. he brushed through your hair and put his shirt and a pair of his boxers on you before climbing into his bed with you, allowing you to snuggle close to his chest as he rubbed your back, slowly pulling you back from your degenerative headspace.
laying in ron’s bed again made you feel whole. it felt like you were back at home. with him back in your arms, you realized that this is what you’d been missing. whatever reason you and ron broke up had now surpassed your mind. and you fell into a peaceful sleep, wrapped in the arms of the man that you have always and will always love. the man you planned to spend the rest of your life with. you knew that when you woke in the morning, you would continue to make up for eight months of long time. you knew that this was just the beginning. after all, ron did promise that he was nowhere near finished with you.
🏷: @roonilwazlibswhore @ronweasleylover1 @mollysolo @i-love-scott-mccall @Beautyandthemermaid @hogwartshomiehopper @desiredmalfoy @louweasleymalfoy @dracomalfoys-wh0re @rvnwhre @trashyvicks @jochim322 @bbyxbluess @dracomalfoys-wh0re @bellatrixscurls @missryerye @marrymetheonott @black-rose-29 @m4lf0ym1lk3rs @shrekboobies @mypainistemporary @nevsluvr @random-fandom-things-555 @ivettt @emmysworld @ameliaphoenix @lunacurlclaw @rudypankowisdaddy @griebis @catarina @bohologyc @gloryekaterina @0x0spunky-monkey0x0 @biles-bilinskiii @ameliasbitvh @whoreforgeorgeandfred @georgelvr @amalfoyandariddle @mrslizzyolsen @whoreforgeorgeandfred @pandaxnienke @wlfstxr
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prompts list (150)
Tumblr media
• fluff
“you look better in my clothes than i do.”
“i believe you.”
“is that my shirt?”
“can i play with your hair?”
“you can tell me anything.”
“isn’t the view beautiful?”
“my mother adores you.”
“they’re not you.”
“if you cry, i’ll cry ─ and that won’t be fun for anyone.”
“did you just kiss me?”
“i’ve dreamt about this.”
“is that a drawing of me?”
“i didn’t mean to say that but yeah, i love you.”
“of course i will.”
“wow, you’re photogenic.”
“i thought you'd never ask.”
“quick, kiss me!”
“you cancelled plans for me?”
“i’ve never seen anyone look so cute and ridiculous at the same time.”
“that is not what the instructions say.”
“you remembered?”
“stop looking at me like that!”
“has anyone told you that your eyes sparkle in the moonlight?”
“how mad would you be if i kissed you?”
“you’re hugging me too tight!”
“my lipgloss is all over your lips.”
“that’s the first time i’ve ever seen you smile.”
“you’re lucky you’re hot.”
“i didn’t know you could sing.”
“you weren’t supposed to hear that!”
“shut up before i kiss you.”
“you give me butterflies.”
“i can’t think around you.”
“i just wanted to make you laugh.”
“kiss me better.”
“why’d you stop?”
“you wrote me a song?”
“i’m not scared but if you are, you can hold my hand.”
“you ramble and it’s adorable.”
“are you blushing?”
“did i say that out loud?”
“hey, only i can call them that!”
“have you ever thought about how much worse our lives would be without each other?”
“i meant it when i said for better or for worse.”
“that’s the sixth time you’ve complimented me today.”
“nothing else matters except for you.”
“we could run away.”
“the world could be on fire and i’d still be happy as long as i'm with you.”
“they’re such an idiot. my idiot but still.”
“this isn’t adrenaline, i want to spend my life with you.”
• smut
“do you think of me when you touch yourself?”
“stop before someone sees!”
“do that again.”
“ten? i only need five.”
“on your knees.”
“enjoying the view?”
“that was the prettiest sound i’ve ever heard.”
“i didn’t think you were into that.”
“i trust you. do it.”
“next time we get into an argument, i’m reminding you that i took your virginity.”
“against the window? are you insane?”
“i’m going to ruin that pretty makeup.”
“now everyone’s going to know you’re mine.”
“i could do this all day.”
“louder, i want them to hear you.”
“you can finish if you beg.”
“do you want to come on my fingers or mouth?”
“you won’t be able to walk tomorrow when i’m through with you.”
“how funny do you think teasing is now?”
“after that little stunt? you’re not getting off that easy.”
“lay down and stay still.”
“are you doing that on purpose?”
“i didn’t like the way they were looking at you.”
“have they ever touched you like this?”
“i never noticed how beautiful filthy words could be.”
“were you masturbating?”
“my boyfriend/girlfriend would kill us.”
“keep quiet or someone’ll hear.”
“not so cocky now, are you?”
“is that new?”
“who gave you that?”
“are you jealous?”
“show me you’re mine.”
“i’ve been waiting all day to do this.”
“does that hurt?”
“lipstick’s a good look on you.”
“we should skinny dip.”
“as beautiful as you look, all i want to do is rip that dress off right now.”
“were you checking me out?”
“this isn’t what i had in mind when i yelled fuck you.”
“call me that again.”
“did i do that?”
“i’ll try it for you.”
“i think we just found a new kink.”
“i always hated spankings as a child.”
“leave the heels on.”
“i’d rather have your hands around my throat but the necklace will do.”
“what would people say if they knew you were such a slut for me?”
“shut up and pin me down.”
“i thought your laugh was the prettiest sound in the world. i was wrong, it's your moans.”
• angst
“do you love them?”
“you’re not sorry.”
“how did you find out?”
“don’t lie to me.”
“am i not important to you anymore?”
“i didn’t realise i was such an inconvenience.”
“do you think about them when you look at me?”
“how many times am i supposed to forgive you?”
“don’t raise your fucking voice at me.”
“i trusted you.”
“are you ashamed of me?”
“it was open and i read it.”
“i can’t deal with you right now.”
“did you ever really love me?”
“i see the way you look at them.”
“if you can’t live without me, then die.”
“i don’t believe you.”
“all you had to do was stay.”
“i knew you were too good to be true.”
“i don't need help and i don’t need you either.”
“some things aren’t meant to be.”
“all my friends told me you’d break my heart.”
“we can’t afford to do this anymore.”
“you deserve better.”
“it’s not safe.”
“i wish i’d never met you.”
“i can’t look at you.”
“get out.”
“was it worth it?”
“how could you let them say that about me?”
“there’s just no pleasing you, is there?”
“why don’t you give a shit?”
“how many times are you going to look me in the eye and lie to me?”
“i can’t do this if you don't trust me.”
“find someone else then.”
“don’t touch me!”
“they were there. you weren’t.”
“i don’t want to spend another second with you!”
“is your image really more important than us?”
“you win.”
“this isn’t what i wanted to happen.”
“i’d take our relationship back in a heartbeat.”
“you two deserve each other.”
“can’t you listen for one second?”
“you’ll be happier without me.”
“if you loved me, you wouldn’t have done it.”
“don’t you try to explain yourself!”
“you can’t take back what you said.”
“i don’t see the same person i loved when i look at you anymore.”
“why didn’t you fight for us?”
Tumblr media
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Harry Potter Universe Recommendation List
Last Updated: 12/21/2020
Marauders Era
James Potter
One Shots:
The best prankster by @deathlyhogwarts Summary: When a lowkey Gryffindor who values her education is disrupted during class by a roudy group of boys she decides to retilate, and she is determined to win.
Falling For You by @theweasleysredhair Summary: Soulmate AU. After suffering thorugh the pain of your soulmate, whom was not particulary careful about injuries, their identity is revealed during a Quidditch game.
What’s Happening To Me by @harrytpotter Summary: James Potter was starting to feel more and more overprotective towards his friend Y/N and considerably annoyed at the blatant flirting she and one of his best friends were displaying publicly and at the thought she might be falling for Sirius. What was happening to him?
Sirius Black
One Shots:
Drooling like a dog by @deathlyhogwarts Summary: Dogs are great pets, and it´s annoying how all kind of pets are allowed at school but dogs. So when you realize a group of friends frequents one you can´t help but shower it with affection. 
Cardigan by @gcdric Summary: You love everything Sirius’s family hates about him.
Remus Lupin
One Shots:
Scared by @thoseofgreatambition Summary: y/n’s mother has left their family, and because of this the reader is quite scared to form romantic relationships. Remus does his best to build her strength and trust up. in doing so they fall in love.
Peter Pettigrew
Lily Evans
Regulous Black
One Shots:
Mon Soleil by @poppin-potter Summary: Lupin!reader; no-Voldemort AU. Regulus Black helps you with your lycanthropy symptoms
Narcissa Black
Golden Trio Era
Harry Potter
One Shots: 
One step from happiness by @weasleydream Summary: After the war is over, there is one person he needs to see, a muggle that made Privet Drive seem less gloomy.
Dumbledore’s army by @poppin-potter Summary: Lupin!reader. When you help your boyfriend, Harry Potter, you start to notice a few things in his teaching style.
The Girl I Once Knew by @lunalovegxxd Summary: Malfoy!reader. When you receive the Dark Mark the best you can do to keep those you love safe is to play perfect pureblood daughter, sadly, that includes making Harry hate you so he’ll stay away.
Hermione Granger
Ron Weasley
One Shots:
Coffee Shop by @lunalovegxxd Summary: Coffee shop AU; Soulmates AU. In which you meet your soulmate in a coffee shop.
Only For You by @iliveiloveiwrite Summary: Ron Weasley is a family guy and a sap.
Draco Malfoy
One Shots:
Sneaking out and Shooting Stars by @stupxfy Summary: Draco wakes you up in the middle of the night to go watch the meteor shower
two sworn enemies Part 2 by @wondernimbus Summary: there is only one thing worse than being hated by draco malfoy; it’s being fancied by him.
A Beautiful Dream by @angelinathebook Summary: You meet up with Draco during the night and discover the boy buried underneath the pain.
Play Dumb by @willowbleedsonpaper Summary: Ravenclaw!reader. One day visiting your friend Myrtle, you found that she already had company. Learning some things you shouldn’t about Draco Malfoy you become really nervous around him and see yourself in the need to face him.
Carrot Cake by @willowbleedsonpaper Summary: Soulmate AU. You decide to put your own café after the war and you find yourself with some unexpected clients.
Seamus Finnigan
Dean Thomas
Fred Weasley
One Shots:
The Smell Of Love by @leahstypewriter Summary: You remain unranked by the Weasley twins catching one of the readhead’s attention.
Act Like a Gryffindor by @hp-imagines-07 Summary: Gryffindor!reader. The 4 times that Fred Weasley made you blush and the one time that it was the other way around…
Nervous by @hufflepuffgirly Summary: Fred’s nervous about meeting your family, but he really has nothing to worry about.
Blue by @hufflepuffgirly Prompts: “You’re so agitated, what’s wrong?” “You know exactly what’s wrong.”; “Come here.”; “Your hair smells nice.”
Surprises by @acciotwinz Summary: All the times Fred never manages to catch Y/N off guard and the one time he does.
George Weasley
One Shots:
Lifelines by @diary-of-an-onliner Summary: Gryffindor!reader. Your happy line responds to George as you flirt incessantly.
Gryffindor bravery by @heloisedaphnebrightmore Summary: Your shy and quite personality never matched the infamous bravery of Gryffindor. However the little bet George initiates might just help you find your inner Gryffindor, the bravery you have been looking for.
5th December by @george-fabian-weasley Summary: You read him a poem as he laid on your chest, loving the sound of your voice.
Ginny Weasley
Neville Longbottom
One Shots:
Childhood crush by @angelinathebook Summary: professor!Neville x professor!reader. You lost contact with your best friend after the war but neither is planning on passing up your chance when you find yourselves back in the castle you grew up in.
Oliver Wood
One Shots: 
Little brother by @poppin-potter Summary: Hufflepuff!reader. Your boyfriend comes to meet your family and everything seems to be going swell, except for the fact that your little brother doesn’t seems to like him much.
Charlie Weasley
Bill Weasley
Theodore Nott
One Shots: 
Terrible Tuesdays by @gcdric Summary: You get paired up with Theo in potions who defies all your preconceived notions on what a Slytherin is. Needless to say, Theodore Nott was not at all what you were expecting.
Lonely Heart by @willowbleedsonpaper Summary: After years of frienship you realize that although you might not be alone you’re lonely. You’re not part of the Golden Trio and they don’t seem to care when you drift away from them. You learn to be by yourself when certain Slytherin enters your life and change it for the better.
They don’t know about us by @willowbleedsonpaper Summary: Hufflepuff!reader. You are open and unapologetic about your relationship, even with its particular critics.
Blaise Zabini
One Shots:
Chess is for chumps by @peeves-a-legend Summary: Chess is all about sophistication and strategy; everything that Blaise prides himself on. Monopoly is about frugality and… also strategy?
Cedric Diggory
One Shots:
Ceasseless Interruptions by @imaginexmeintheuniverse Summary: Five times you almost kissed + when you finally did
4 AM by @random-imagines-blog Summary: You’re a transfer student at Hogwarts, and all of these changes are feeling restless. You develop a late-night hobby, but a handsome Hufflepuff catches on.
Yule Ball from the Sidelines by @imaginexmeintheuniverse Summary: In your attempt to avoid the elephant in the room you tell your best friend to go with someone else to the ball, and he does. Don’t worry, he has saved a dance just for you.
Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them
Newt Scamander
One Shots: 
The Dress by @poppin-potter Summary: platonic!reader. You and your best friend, Newt Scamander, try to find the perfect dress for your wedding.
Theseus Scamander
One Shots:
Care For a Treat? by @poppin-potter Summary: Theseus never cared for sweets until his little brother’s best friend walked into his life.
Tina Goldenstein
Jacob Kowalski
Queenie Goldenstein
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hellounicorn · 2 months ago
Dialogue Masterlist!
Okay so this is long overdue and special shout-out to @myshamalfoy who had created a Draco dialogue masterlist of my dialogues before but unfortunately tumblr would let me link it😕.
This took forever and I will update this each time I post a new dialogue, if I forget please be patient with me🥰
Tumblr media
Draco Malfoy:
soft dom thigh riding
ceo draco+corruption
clit slapping
lazy couch sex
ceo draco+breeding
more breeding
healer malfoy giving you an orgasm
jokingly saying ‘yes sir’
nsfw headcanons
casual dominance
dilf draco at the grocery store
mirror kink
neighbor draco watching you get off
doctor draco+colleagues w benefits
healer malfoy giving you a lollipop
fucking you before the kids wake up
soft passionate sex
dilf draco fucking scorp’s nanny
difl draco babysitting lyra and her friends
father/daughter w lyra
lyra putting butterfly clips in draco’s hair
dilf draco having a talk w lyra’s bf
making love
draco finding out you write smut
draco forgetting to say ‘ily’ to lyra
mob draco taking lyra to work
dilf draco teaching his kids 
comforting lyra after a nightmare
lyra after draco comes home from a business trip
mafia draco
happy family
dilf draco feeding lyra
dilf draco fucking you after the kids are asleep
mob draco finds out you’re pregnant // p2
mob draco meeting his daughter’s bf
dilf draco seeing your nose piercing
not falling asleep
husband draco making you walk around in just panties
slapping you w his cock
you and lyra make fun of draco
lyra on her period
the morning after
coming out to him
shutting you up w his fingers in your mouth
more mafia draco
first kiss
teaching you chess
meeting lyra’s bf (harry potter’s son)
lyra using ceo draco’s paper as a coloring page
professor draco bringing scorp and lyra to class
ceo draco fucking his assistant
laying on your tummy
dilf draco attending scorp and lyra’s first quidditch match
comforting you after a bad day // p2
lyra getting ceo draco’s attention when he’s on the phone
surprising his kids
comforting you during pregnancy
kissing your pregnancy bump
best friend draco hyping you up
dilf draco seeing lyra texting a boy
giving you more kisses than lyra
dilf draco getting the family a pet
loving your thick thighs
having the sex talk w lyra
sugar daddy draco buying you a pole
pillow humping
mob draco when his employees are rude to you
sex after an argument
sugar daddy draco fingering you in a new car
more mafia draco
mob draco seeing you have a tiny bruise
mob draco taking care of clumsy you
doctor draco fingering you
keeping you quiet during sex
mob draco+spanking
sugar daddy draco fucking you in his private jet
dilf draco handling lyra’s bully
mob draco fingering you during a meeting
carrying you to sleep
holding lyra for the first time
comforting lyra during a thunderstorm
mob draco seeing you upset
lyra’s sick
lyra wanting draco to dance w her and not you
roommate draco finding your vibrator
hate sex (when you’re a virgin)
alone time w best friend’s brother draco (you’re theo’s sister)
patching lyra up
gamer draco letting you talk to the boys w the headset
blaise and theo walking in on draco fucking you stupid
more thigh riding
lyra and scorpius want another sibling // p2
touching you in a movie theater
losing your virginity
giggly making out
breaking down from sadness
strip uno
accidentally making out w your twin
more gamer draco // p2
cute beach vacation
roommate draco taking care of you when you’re drunk // p2 // p3 // p4 // p5
gamer draco getting protective when the boys cuss you out
morning after wedding night
you sleep on the couch after a fight w draco
playing w your small tits+getting rid of your insecurity of them
reuniting after the war+telling him you’re pregnant
you needing help bc you’re pregnant 
fwb w draco and finding out you’re pregnant
admiring you when you sleep in his clothes
gamer draco not giving you attention
more casual dominance
him saying ‘good girl’ a lot
making you watch yourself in the mirror
getting your wisdom teeth out and draco taking care of you // p2
him being a v mean dom
teasing sugar daddy draco
shutting you up so his parents don’t hear you getting fucked
king draco fucking you(his maid) in his throne
calming you when you’re stressed
dilf draco bumping into his ex+lyra insulting her // p2
accidentally sending nudes to roommate draco // p2 // p3
fucking you w the showerhead // p2
dilf draco w his kids
royal guard draco fucking you (the princess)
fucking your throat when you were bad
being underwear models and draco having to grope you
fucking you during a ball
more king draco being a mean dom
fwb draco marking you up
king draco spanking you w his belt
king draco aftercare
teaching you how to get off
more hate sex
king reader fucking you when you’re just in your jewelry
husband draco w breeding kink
not knowing what was poking you down there when cuddling gamer draco // p2
roommate draco watching you model dresses
showing him a raunchy outfit
your hair getting in the way of kissing draco
roommate draco teaching you how to please guys
degrading you during spanking aftercare
caring for draco after he gets into a fight
everyone forgets your bday
fucking you w an empty whiskey bottle
feeling you up after putting scorp to sleep
flashing him a peek of lingerie
wanting gamer draco’s cuddles
treating you like a toy
draco tells a crowd that he loves fucking you
trying to build a crib
king draco+breeding 
being a complete brat and draco not having it
one bed trope w enemy draco // p2
cuddling draco when he’s sleeping
trying a pb&j for the first time
you’re both teachers and meet after years // p2
ceo draco’s employee bothering you
getting cheated on and roommate draco fucking you to make up for it
proposing to you w a ring pop
you’re scorp’s nanny and draco breeds you
taking best friend draco to ikea
trying to dom draco
dads best friend draco helping you when you’re subby
draco being all soft while baking
ex husband draco calling you ‘honey’
scorp walking in on you two
ex husband professor draco+jealousy sex
makeup sex // p2
comforting you after you get compared to your sister
having a dream he cheats on you
trick or treating w your kids
teaching you manners
youre both professors and your students find out abt you dating
struggling to unhook your bra
more draco+nanny reader
someone calls you a princess
pansy, blaise, and theo finding out abt you two
doing your makeup for halloween
coming in late to class 
mafia draco coming home late
his parents spoiling your kid
you just joined mob draco’s gang
teaching you to kiss
giving him a handy in class
correcting someone who misgenders you
doing mob draco’s makeup
fucking you when your bf cheated
dancing to taylor swift w him
accidentally transfiguring him into a baby
looking back on memories after you break up
sitting on his lap when other girls flirt w him
teaching you how to pleasure him
accidentally sending everyone a horny meme
taking you to a museum 
eating you out+squirting
best friend draco corrupting you
more aftercare
laying on ur tummy
best friend draco and after seggs awkwardness
draco picking music to fuck to
you frantically rambling in spanish
sucking gamer draco off 
sex around christmas time
awkward double date
riding him
edging+phone sex
v deep subspace
more deep subspace
fucking you in secret
soft first time
halloween costume
fucking you during a death eater meeting
he’s protective
fucking you when guests are over
waking you up
sleepy mornings
youre possessive
patching you up
Ron Weasley:
eye contact
cumming w/o permission
being subby in public
casual dominance
hate sex
Fred Weasley: 
tummy bulge
casual dominance
shutting you up by kissing you
gamer fred+orgasm denial
you’re v needy and clingy
teaching your son to make fireworks
Bill Weasley:
nsfw headcanons
casual dominance
fucking you in a corridor
Ginny Weasley:
angry sex
nsfw headcanons
Hermione Granger:
milf mione meeting daughter’s bf
Cedric Diggory: 
rough in the sheets
eating you out
Remus Lupin:
casual dominance
rem getting off to the thought of you
being subby when he’s w the boys
sirius+jamie taking care of you when rem isn’t there
wearing lingerie for him
size kink
taking rem to hershey park
rem making you a good cocksucker
losing your virginity
finding him jerking off to your nudes
drinking behind his back
him letting you sit in on a mafia meet+you getting all whiny
fucking you before a full moon
helping you write an essay
mafia rem+casual dominance
harry interrupting you two
teaching you to skate
trying to bake but failing
you being caffeine deprived
calling him pretty
losing a present he gave you
wandering off
Sirius Black: 
texting sirius
best friend’s dad
mob boss sirius
dilf sirius playing w his two toddlers
first time after having kids
secret romance (you’re james’ sister) 
teasing you when you can’t smoke
finding out you’re pregnant
giggly sex
him being condescending a v mean dom
teaching you to suck him off
husband sirius being horny
helping you clean up after a full moon (you’re remus’ sister)
being his stress reliever
trying to hide from rem that he’s fucking you
master sirius
going to a carnival
wearing his leather jacket
cockwarming him+punishment
pillow princess
enemies to fuck buddies
matching tattoos
spoiling you
more pillow princess
James Potter: 
edging w vibrator
slapping your ass
bicep riding
gamer james eating you out
skinny dipping 
being sleepy in the common room on jamie’s lap
more edging
dad’s best friend james and you getting caught // p2
more dad’s best friend james 
quidditch rivals to lovers
remus walking in on you two
him and sirius stalking you and rem on a date
wearing his quidditch jersey
finding out you like to be slapped
acting bratty to them all day
getting mad when you drink behind their backs // p2 // p3
punishment // p2
casual dominance
taking care of you after a long day
when you have the hiccups
mafia marauders not letting you leave the house
they leave you alone on a full moon
having a bad day
they offer to be your first kiss
teaching you to skateboard
them having a crush on you
waking up in subspace
them being assholes but liking you
you break someone’s jaw
giving you an ear piercing
competing to see who can make you cum fastest
being ‘their girl’
theyre lovesick over you
jamie being subby
getting your wisdom teeth out
not understanding their dirty jokes
acrylic nails
seeing you at a bar
you come home drunk (you’re their daughter)
casual dominance
both of them making you feel good
mafia wolfstar getting angry at you at dinner
mafia wolfstar+someone disrespects you
mafia wolfstar+introducing you // p2
showing them your tattoo
Lily Evans:
overstimuation+finger sucking
Regulus Black:
nsfw headcanons
soft dom
reg controlling you
Harry Potter:
letting his kids dress him up
best friend harry
best friend harry takes you to prom
finding a date for best friend harry 
Oliver Wood:
nsfw headcanons
casual dominance
shower sex
captain kink
eating out
public teasing
thigh riding
mafia oliver
walking in on you humping your pillow
finger sucking
teaching his daughter quidditch
Theo Nott:
casual dominance
dom theo
fwb (you’re draco’s sister) // p2
making you touch yourself
fucking you w vibrator+eating you out
telling him you’re pregnant
showing you off to blaise and draco on skype
roommate theo flirting w someone else to rile you up
not admitting your feelings for each other
asking him to make love to you
he’s protective
fake dating
strip poker
letting you do his makeup
being annoyingly cute w him
confessing feelings
breeding kink
feeling dizzy
Pansy Parkinson:
eating you out when you’re on the phone
riding her thigh
Blaise Zabini:
loving your stretch marks
thinking you’re not good enough for him
professor blaise+thigh riding
Narcissa Black:
helping you study
Draco and Theo:
being their dirty bunny
casual dominance
three of you being models and having to do sexual moves
skinny dipping
Blaise and Draco:
them teaching you to touch yourself
jealousy when you’re around another guy
husband blaise fucking you while you cook
Pansy and Draco:
pansy holding you up while draco overstimulates you
Fred and Draco:
both of them using you
Draco and Ron:
ron dressing you up to show draco
Draco and Hermione:
power dynamic
Poly!Slytherin Trio:
making you squirt
helping draco figure out his sexuality
you use the safe word
James and Regulus:
fucking you after truth or dare
James and Lily:
james finding out you and lily kissed
Steve Harrington:
nancy talking you to him
introducing you to the kids
calling him ‘pretty boy’
waking him up w a blowjob
introducing you to kinks
doing his makeup
teasing you when you always want to suck him off
fucking you in the backroom of scoops ahoy
spanking the brat out of you
fucking you until you cant speak
chilling w him in the pool
keeping your dirty pics in his wallet+his friends finding them // p2
calling steve ‘daddy’ in front of his friends
getting mad at him bc of a misunderstanding
asking you to prom
helping him when he’s angry
billy’s flirting w you and steve’s protective // p2 // p3
overstimulating your tits
getting a tattoo
hot tub sex
watching you fuck yourself on a toy
Robin Buckley:
steve teasing you two at work
Billy Hargrove:
max talking you up to him
cockwarming him while he drives
publicly teasing him
taking care of drunk billy
Peter Parker:
teaching you to skateboard
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Y/N: can you at least try and see from my perspective?
Ron: (kneels on the floor)
Fred: (crouches down)
George: (sits on the floor)
Y/N: I fucking hate you all
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whyennwhenyouareyn · 2 months ago
Harry Potter Masterlist
Main Masterlist
Tumblr deleted my HP masterlist (AGAIN) so here you go xx
A/N: Hello lovelies, so this is basically every H.P fic I’ve ever written so… enjoy!
Harry Potter:
Happiness: You’re a muggle, but that doesn’t stop The Boy Who Lived from falling for you.
The kiss: You accidentally take an overheard conversation the wrong way.
The strange girl in Hogsmeade: Harry never thought that he would fall for the girl he saved in his Third Year.
Surprise : You, Y/N Potter, have been getting sick for quite some time. After visiting St. Mungo’s, you are astonished at the cause of your poor health.
Friends or more?: Where Harry kissed you in Sixth Year, but you weren’t sure what it meant.
Ammortentia: You, Y/N Diggory, have sworn to hate Harry Potter. But your love potion states otherwise.
Cry for me: Y/N shares her feelings after her breakup with Harry.
The fifth Champion (ongoing) : In which your name comes out of the Goblet of Fire and you’re terrified. Your friend, Harry, for whom you have developed feelings, is much the same.
Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4 , Part 5
Ron Weasley:
Cuddles: Ron gets flustered when his girlfriend shows him affection.
Idiot: When Fred lets your crush on Ron slip by accident, the boy is astonished.
Entranced: Harboring feelings for your best friend isn’t the best way to go - especially if he has a girlfriend. But does he really love her? Or has it been someone else all along?
Draco Malfoy:
None yet! Request and I’ll make it happen :)
Fred Weasley:
Bet (Both): You have a bet with the twins.
Dance With Me: The Yule Ball has been responsible for breaking many hearts, and yours was one that left you convinced it could never be mended.
George Weasley:
Bet (Both): You have a bet with the twins.
Cedric Diggory:
Pretty boy: You’re convinced Cedric is a prat, but a Quidditch match changes your opinion.
Lipgloss: Cedric tries guessing what flavor of lipgloss you’re wearing
Oliver Wood:
Hopeless Romantic: After losing a Quidditch match, your boyfriend tries to cheer you up with a date.
Bill Weasley:
None yet! Request and I’ll make it happen :)
Zacharias Smith:
Stupid smirk: When the annoying Hufflepuff accidentally lands you in detention, you find out that he isn’t that bad after all.
Christmas with the marauders: Christmas special.
James Potter:
Jealousy: When you and Sirius fake-date to make James jealous, he wonders if it’s really Lily he’s after.
Sirius Black:
Exam stress: Sirius helps you cope with exam stress and you get a little snappy.
Pureblood Mania: When your mother announces your marriage and takes you to your best friend Regulus’ house, you are confused… until you realise you are engaged to his cocky older brother.
Remus Lupin:
Suck and blow: A game changes everything about your relationship with Remus.
Peter Pettigrew:
I’m sorry, who is that?
Severus Snape:
None yet! Request and I’ll make it happen :)
Regulus Black:
None yet! Request and I’ll make it happen :)
Tom Riddle:
Love you too much: You fall for your best friend, but are too scared to tell him. That is, until a girl dies.
One sickle: Tom doesn’t want you to get too close to him with the fear that he’d hurt you.
Challenging Fate: You and Tom had been wonderful friends…. until he came back from Hogwarts.
Also, for any imagine with any character that you’d like to request, you can ask it on or off anon.
Remember, I don’t write NSFW
And you can use this prompt list for requesting an imagine: (xxxx)
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siriusmydeer · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
guys holy crap— one thousand, ONE THOUSAND? to this day i continuously wonder how you guys put up with my shit posts and some of my quite literally ASS works. but i am so greatful, and thankful for each and every one of you for supporting me along with way.
and a big thank you to all my mutuals who helped me when i was stuck in writers block, and every single one of you who had reblogged, commented or liked my fics. i am so greatful for you guys.
so around 500 followers i did fic recs, and now 500 followers later i thought i would do another to recommend some of my favourite fics that have recently come out/or i couldn’t add to the last one because of the limit.
i just want to let all of these authors know that i read your works almost everday, you are all such phenomenal writers and you deserve everything in the world!
thank you so much everyone you are so amazing :,)
* indicates nsfw content!
harry potter
gryffindors victory * by @rowema-ravenclaw
jelly slugs by @wreckofawriter
ron weasley
on air by @ronweasleysgf
enamoured * by @gryffindors-weasley
hermione granger
parents presents, and girlfriends by @cursestothemoon
sparkling by @chokemepansy
ginny weasley
any other way by @sweetnspicysimp
ginny on a love potion by @cursestothemoon
stop thinking * by @sultrypotter
george weasley
tracing constellations by @floweryimagine
NSFW headcanons * by @shadowsinger11
cherry, lemon, peach by @harrysweasleys
dating george weasley by @prettyb0y-george
tradition * @weasleyyy
my little angel * by @acosmis-t
fred weasley
NSFW headcanons * by @shadowsinger11
soft boy @omg-imatotalmess
anywhere else is hollow by @vogueweasley
pinky promise by @darthwheezely
new home by @heloisedaphnebrightmore
blaise zabini
the floor is cold by @coffee--writes
untitled by @malfycs
theodore nott
coffee, quills and puddles by @coffee—writes
lonely heart by @willowbleedsonpaper
neville longbottom
NSFW headcanons * by @samineisntmyname
better than your pillow * by @omg-imatotalmess
like daylight by @holyhead-hufflepuff
bill weasley
where you wear his rings * by @randomoutsiders
midnight rendezvous by @salazarslytherin
luna lovegood
NSFW headcanons * by @samineisntmyname
fluff alphabet by @persvphcne
james potter
new earrings * by @hp-imagines-07
to stupid, from dork by @vanillann
sunshine by @gcdric
dating james potter by @littlest-dark-age
dare or dare by @sirius
always have by @awritingtree
breakfast of champions * by @gxtitobxby
his princess by @acosmis-t
sirius black 
party revelations by @lenalxvegood
the good and the bad by @emmielupinblack
hair dye by @iliveiloveiwrite
marauders petting zoo by @vanillann
weak by @greyslytherin
remus lupin
one too many @theboywhocriedlupin
remus around the full moon * by @wonderwomanfantasy
dear insecurity by @bl597
before sunrise by @solllaris
weak by @greyslytherin
in a mirror * by @thotbutpurple
lily evans
dating lily evans by @chokemepansy
the story of a girl by @ch0colatefr0gs
regulus black
nsfw alphabet * by @persuasivus
eternity by @scvrllet
marlene mckinnon
cuddles * by @eideticprongs
breakfast by @sleepyremu
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