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Ron: My goal is not to be the best, but to inspire someone enough to one day surpass me.
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I absolutely, 100% REFUSE to take Ron Weasley slander.
He honestly deserves so much better than what the fandom gives him. How on Earth can you hate him?
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts (2022)
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wolfstar-lb · 3 months ago
summary: you are in a poly relationship with draco and ron and everyone hates you and thinks that you're ruined. you embrace it
a/n: take a shot for every time the word ruined has been said (dron has been playing on my mind lately because of @ameliora-j so this is her fault really) also this fic is based heavily on the poem "the ruined maid" by thomas hardy
pairing: ron weasley x draco malfoy x reader
word count: 928
cw: mentions of sex
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Tumblr media
there was no other way to say it.
you were ruined.
you walked through hogwarts day after day, acknowledging the ones who scoffed at you and turned around but not saying a word at first.
they were quietly judging you, waiting for you to leave before they launched into sneers and cruel laughter; you were probably one of the most hated in the school and it was because of who you belonged to.
not a day passed by when a remark wasn’t passed around the corridors or the great hall, snarky comments here and there about how you were such a slut, you were ruined, ruined, ruined.
you dressed like it too. you accepted that you were, perhaps, tainted.
that was who you were.
you took it with pride, but that’s not how you dealt at first.
at the beginning, you would bounce your leg and shake at the prospect of running back to your dorm, running back to find your boyfriends, who would comfort you and coach you through your hard times.
they would comfort you about the fact that your social status had turned around and it was absolutely shattered as a result of your relationship.
you were affronted they laughed and laughed about how you had probably been fucked too hard the previous night so you just couldn’t stop moving.
there was no breathing space, no room to think clearly and reflect on how others truly felt of you.
were they just mocking you for the hell of it? because everyone else was doing it?
or did they think so low of you? were you just ruined?
your reputation certainly was.
“she's a skank, don’t you think?” you’d hear the same girl giggle to her friend everyday, not sure of when she was going to get used to the fact that you were the property of draco and ron.
it bothered you for a while.
you almost didn’t think your relationship was worth it.
but you’d see their faces, feel their touch and hear their voices and you knew that you couldn’t stay away.
“i think i’m ruined,” you told them one day, one fateful day.
“you are,” ron responded, smirking and then nodding for draco to speak, letting their dynamics speak for themselves.
“you’re ruined because we made you,” draco snickered, walking up to you, brushing over your arms up and down, eyes wandering to your tits, “we carved you, we moulded this cockslut, didn’t we ron?”
he looked with adoration at his boyfriend, admiring your beauty and the way you looked was priceless. he was so mesmerised by you.
the ginger nodded again, edging closer to the pair of you, “we sure did, dray. we made a whole mess. we ruined her.”
and so they began to show it pubicly.
they began to walk with you through the corridor, one holding your bag over their back as they held your hand, the other holding to your other hand and looking cocky at the onlookers, but they left the big show for much later for everyone to hear.
you hardly wore your school uniform anymore, draco would give you some of the most revealing things sometimes and you learned to flaunt the extent of how sculpted by your boyfriends you had become.
“that’s how you dress when you’re ruined,” muttered a boy as you passed by.
you backtracked, walking towards him with your boyfriends in tow and then you bent over slightly, whispering sultrily, “i bet you’d like to know, eh?”
you let your moans and screams be heard by everyone in the common room. and no one could tell the teachers because all they could do was sit in absolute silent disgust. there was no controlling how loud you got because it all depended on when draco and ron were done.
because you were just their plaything, you were tossed around.
made to look pretty, made to look lively.
because that's how you were when you were ruined, they said.
liveliness opened up the door to many possibilities. it opened up to the fact that maybe you'd opened your legs up to more than one man and it was disgusting.
it was filthy, you weren't supposed to act this way.
you had no shame, you did exactly what you wanted, you took and took, you gave and you gave.
you were happy, you were alone with no friends.
all you had were your boyfriends.
which is why it didn't matter, it really didn't fucking make a difference if you misbehaved in the middle of the common room.
you risked punishment from draco, the strict dom, but you could give ron cheek and flirty kisses from across the room. draco couldn't take it, he was both jealous and annoyed that you needed to be taught some manners.
"this is how we behave when we're ruined," you moaned, your eyes innocently sweet as draco left you a beautiful mess - after he'd fucked you all night with ron close by, observing him and telling him that maybe you didn't deserve all the punishments, but he touched himself and groaned at the sight of your physical state after draco had finished with you nonetheless.
and then you were shown off the day after with your hickeys and bruises, flexing the steamy night before.
there could not have been any more eye rolls: you'd seen them from everyone. the disapproval and the frank repugnance to your presence grew and grew.
but you were ruined.
and that is how one acts when they are ruined.
golden era smut taglist: @itsmentalillness @queen-asteria04 @gothboutique @keepawaythenargles @ms-heartbreak-queen @ewlovesucks @eleventhboi @peachybaes @book-dragon-not-worm @dreamerthinker @angel4you @evesbiggestf4n @l0vely-lupin @harrypotterlover234 @i-is-a-fangurl-weeb @shaysamilf @rosie-posie08 @kayleiggh @rainmaybank @noceurwhore @heartbeats-wildly @siriusstwelveyears @dr4cking @wrongilbert @noturmom128 @wlfstxr
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golden trio x reader
summary: you realize that the golden trio will leave you eventually when you notice them getting distant.
warnings: angst, panic attacks (let me know if i missed any!)
requested: yes | no
a/n: a small thing while i’m writing for an anon again
Tumblr media
when i wake up, i'm afraid somebody else might take my place when i wake up, i'm afraid somebody else might take my place
"they're going to leave," you whisper, shaking. "they're going to replace me."
it was bound to happen at some point. all the signs. you were going to be left behind while they move on.
ever since your 1st year, you'd been friends with hermione, harry, and ron. you'd always been a group. but now, things were different. the world was changing. slowly, the four of you had been drifting apart.
except it was them three against you.
make that money, fake that bunny, ache my tummy on the fence, all the time paid junk honey, your face so sunny, ain't that funny? all my friends always lie to me, i know they're thinking
it was back-and-forth with being happy all the time.
at one point you all would be laughing in the great hall together. the next, they'd be glaring at you and giving you the silent treatment.
the war had already started and you were on the brink of being alone.
you were on the fence all the time, swinging your feet back and forth, waiting for them to break the relationship with you.
they smile at you and act friendly all the time, but you know that internally they're about to crush you again.
you're too mean, i don't like you fuck you, anyway you make me wanna scream at the top of my lungs it hurts but, i won't fight you you suck, anyway you make me want to die, right when i
your anxiety made this a known fact:
they hated you.
after the war you haven't any idea of what will happen after they leave.
it was only a matter of time.
when? you didn't know. all you knew was that you had to find out who you'd fight for when the time came.
them? hogwarts? gryffindor? your family?
when i wake up, i'm afraid somebody else might take my place when i wake up, i'm afraid somebody else might take my place when i wake up, i'm afraid somebody else might take my place when i wake up, i'm afraid somebody else might end up being me (being me, being me)
"oh, god. oh, god. oh, god."
your shoulders shook.
they were going to replace you and leave you behind completely.
they were your only friends and if you didn't have them, you had no one.
you would be alone.
the thought made you sob harder, your breathing quickened, you burried your face in your knees and sobbed freely.
the moonlight beamed onto your bed, shining on you.
alone. alone. alone.
you were alone.
keep on dreaming, don't stop breathing, fight those demons sell your soul, not your whole self oh, if they see it when you're sleeping, make them leave it and i can't even see if it’s out there anymore, so
of course, you couldn't give up now.
not now, not ever.
no matter how vulnerable you were, you couldn't give up. you wouldn't give up. hermione, harry, and ron knew you were vulnerable, but you wanted them to ignore this fact.
you were strong enough to do it on your own, but your feelings took over at the moment. your body was on autopilot and when you took back control, you would be fine.
you always had a feeling that they'd leave eventually.
they were closer with each other than they were with you anyway.
you're too mean, i don't like you fuck you, anyway you make me wanna scream at the top of my lungs it hurts but, i won't fight you you suck, anyway you make me want to die, right when i
"i'm sorry ron, but i can't give you the answers. that's cheating-"
"fuck you, anyway." he grumbled, mumbling about how you were useless and how they all thought the same thing.
neither harry, nor hermione did so much as flinch.
you gulped back tears and continued to write in your notebook, not really remembering what you were doing in the first place.
your head clouded with thoughts and a voice echoed in your ears:
they're leaving you. they don't like you anymore. why didn't you just give him the answers?
you frowned and stood up, trying to blink back the tears, but failing as they fell despite your efforts.
harry mumbled a small, "well, that's pathetic." when he saw your tears.
hermione only rolled her eyes and turned back to her book.
your necked bobbed as a desire to scream battled with your voice box. you rushed away and tried to wipe away the tears, but once again failing to stop them as more fell.
when i wake up, i'm afraid somebody else might take my place when i wake up, i'm afraid somebody else might take my place when i wake up, i'm afraid somebody else might take my place when i wake up, i'm afraid somebody else might end up being me (being me, being me)
you let your head hit the pillow behind you as your hands reached up to cover your eyes.
"fuck. oh, fuck. they're- leaving me- behind."
your voice was ragged and you thanked magic for silencing charms before crying out unwillingly. more screams tore from your lips as your head pounded.
you could hardly think clearly.
an ear piercing scream left your throat as you cried and cried and cried.
being me can only mean feeling scared to breathe if you leave me, then i'll be afraid of everything that makes me anxious, gives me patience calms me down, lets me face this, let me sleep and when i wake up, let me be
you begged your anxiety to leave you alone.
your only source of comfort was your friends, but they were the source of your problems.
they couldn't leave.
"they can't leave me. they can't leave me. they can't leave me." you chanted.
you shook and shivered.
merlin, your friends were leaving you. you were going to be alone. you didn't have anything else. without them, you were nothing.
when i wake up, i'm afraid somebody else might take my place when i wake up, i'm afraid somebody else might take my place when i wake up, i'm afraid somebody else might take my place when i wake up, i'm afraid somebody else might end up being me (being me, being me)
the door burst open to reveal hermione, ron, and harry, all shocked at the sight of your panicked state.
hermione shut the door and rushed over to you. she cradled you and you sobbed in her chest,
"you can't go. please don't go. don't go. you can't- don't-"
"y/n, i'm not going anywhere. i'm here. i'm right here."
"you all are going to leave me behind. you can't! you can't leave me behind!"
she sat and rubbed your back as you sobbed and sobbed some more. it wasn't until about an hour later until you calmed down and resorted to ragged breaths and hiccups.
harry and ron walked over as they all embraced you.
this wasn't real.
"y/n, we aren't leaving you. what are you talking about?"
"you all hate me. stop- don't do this- don't get my hopes up again. you all roll your eyes at me, call me pathetic, resent me- i can't- you're going to leave. you're going to leave me behind."
they took a moment and realized that was absolutely true. or it had seemed that way anyway. they weren't going to leave you behind, but they realized how awful they'd been treating you.
hermione gasped and hugged you tighter. "i'm sorry. i'm so, so sorry. i can't believe i- god, i'm so sorry. y/n, i'd never leave you. i can't even dream of leaving you. you're my best friend."
they're lying.
harry and ron agreed. "we didn't even realize."
hermione kissed your face and wiped your tears. they apologized over and over and over again. they were sorry. god, they didn't even realize. they didn't realize how badly you must've felt.
they stayed with you that night.
that night everything was going back to normal.
Tumblr media
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stream afraid by the neighborhood
Tumblr media
🏷 tags: @dlmmdl @sir1usblacksgf @littlemissnoname13 @just-a-smol-spoon @dracoscum @mattheosbae @i-have-my-issues @wolfstar-lb (i can't tag anyone else because my taglist is on my notes app and my phone is broken so that really sucks :D)
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himanshishh · 4 days ago
“Fuck you, my child is completely fine-“ Ma’am, your child’s favourite activity of the day is to think about their favourite fictional character and how much they love them.
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professorlupins · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Helen McCrory as Narcissa Malfoy in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part One 2010 | dir. David Yates
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enchantedpersephone · 23 days ago
The entire HP 20th reunion vibe:
Emma was the one who remembered the stories.
Daniel was the one who had forgotten most of them.
And Rupert was just there silently agreeing with both of them, providing moral support and helping with those typically short parental replies.
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vwikaartt · 6 months ago
Maybe we could just poison her?
Tumblr media
Snape: "Maybe we could just poison her?... Accidentally..."
Ron: "We could"
Hermione: "Ron!"
Snape: "Oh, how I hope that no one will take that yellow bottle on the third shelf of the fifth row of my potions storeroom..."
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splinterbean · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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hufflepufffle · 10 months ago
need i remind you that ronald weasley, aged eleven, didn’t know that he had just sat in ~the harry potter~’s compartment and offered half of his sandwich to this random boy on the train who he’d only just met, because he was all alone and seemed to have no food,
i’m sick of the ron slander
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silverdelirium · 3 months ago
SUMMARY ➠ your childhood best friend’s dad, ron weasley, moved in next door. he can’t help but let temptation get the best of him
WARNINGS ➠ age gap sex (reader is 19), sir and daddy kink, size kink, oral sex (m receiving), mutual masturbation (?), degrading, praising, nicknames (petal, sweetheart, doll, etc.)
A/N ➠ i really tried to give this one a plot but my brain is a bit of a mess rn so its pure smut im sorry :(
you were a forbidden fruit in ron’s eyes.
so sweet-looking and harmless. but also so fucking wrong.
he knows this is not okay, he is aware that if his daughter were to find out what was going on, she might’ve slapped the living shit out of him.
he doesn’t blame her… but fuck, he doesn’t regret it.
the euphoria traveling through his veins were like no other— he did not expect such good head from a nineteen-year-old.
“oh god, petal” he would groan, hand tugging at your disheveled hair while your tongue ran down the vein that decorated his girth.
your pleading eyes showing how bad you needed him.
and who was ron to deny you that?
“please, sir” you babbled, mindlessly slurping around his cock while he gave labored breaths, flexing his muscles as he tried his hardest not to cum on the spot when your tongue teased at his slit.
“go on, sweetheart- put it in your mouth, like the good girl you told me you were.” he grunted, scrunching his eyebrows as you slowly took him in, knees shuffling on the wooden floor of his foyer.
praises dropped from the tip of his tongue like caramel, and you eagerly drank it all up as you deep-throated him, your drool slobbering down your chin as you tried to hold back a gag.
his voice was low and raspy when he spoke, “you’re such a pretty thing, so obedient and so fucking good at sucking cock- as if you’re a little whore off the street” his words dispatched a spark to your engorged clit.
you sent vibrations through his cock as you whimpered around him
your cheeks hollowed as you bobbed your head, eyes trained on the way ron’s abs clenched continuously, probably trying to not fuck your throat raw— not like you would mind.
“sir” you pulled away from him, gasping slightly as you looked up at him, “need you inside me.”
ron chuckled lightly, chest heaving up and down as he lent down to stamp a kiss on your forehead, “listen up, petal, you are nothing but my little fuckdoll, just a little hole for me to use, got that?” he squeezed the sides of your jaw, feeling your neck grow hot as you nodded in submission.
“yes- i’m sorry, sir, just wanna make you feel good” you cried, tears rimming in your eyes as he mocked your pout.
“poor little slut’s just too needy, hm? want my cock buried deep inside you so bad, is that it?” he teased, cock twitching as you moaned lightly, rocking your clit against the heel of your foot.
a whine slipped from your lips, your hips rocking faster now as he wrapped his large palm around his weeping cock, matching your pace as your eyes unfocused.
“need to- cum, please”
he scoffed, “already? is that how fucking desperate you are? cumming from just a little tease on your princess parts, that’s pathetic” his words triggered a set of tears to fall down from your face, yet your stomach fluttered at the degrading.
you gasped, feeling your thighs quiver as you held eye contact with ron, his own release catching up to him as you reached the seventh heaven.
“cumming! i’m cumming!” you warned, squeezing your eyes shut as your arousal drenched your knickers while ron urged you further, drawing out your orgasm from mere words.
“there we go” he said “cumming on your pretty panties like a naughty little girl.”
all you could muster were weak mewls, pawing at his arms as he continued to jerk off, aiming the tip of his cock to your bare thighs, the soft flesh covered in ropes of sticky white substance not even a minute later.
you felt dirty and almost ruined, but god did it feel fucking amazing.
puckering your lips up hazily, ron complied and delivered a messy kiss to your swollen lips.
“we’re not done, sweetheart” he murmured against your mouth, lightly pushing you back until you lay flat on the floor, breasts that spilled out of your tank top from earlier bounced lightly, making ron’s softening member perk up. “i’m gonna fuck your pretty cunt so hard you can barely even sit on it” he threatened.
the thought of being full of him had you spasming, aching to have him inside you.
“daddy” you sobbed.
the nickname had ron’s head thrown back, as well as his dick getting as hard, if not more, as before.
“please, daddy, fuck me hard” you pleaded, spreading your legs and bunching up your skirt at the waist as you revealed the drenched lace that you called underwear.
he groaned, “you bet i will.”
the tip of his rigid cock kissed your slit, drenching itself in your arousal. “you ready, bubba?” he asked, laying a sweet peck on your exposed neck.
“yes what?” he slid the head in, making your breath pause.
“yes, daddy”
the stretch was painful as he lulled his hips in further into yours. “atta girl” he sighed.
your thighs shook at the mere burn of his cock prodding your insides. you were nothing but a mush of a brain and meek intakes of breath, whilst ron soothed the urgency your mound begged him with the pad of his thumb.
“faster!” you gasped, wiggling your hips in a weak attempt to intensify the delirium you were falling in.
ron tutted at you, “be patient, sweetheart, i ought to teach you some manners after this, hm?”
he obeyed anyway, pining your hips with one hand as he accelerated his, making the both of you cry out in bliss.
“you like that? like the way i pound into your little pussy?” he taunted, running a finger down the pushed-out skin on your stomach, a little bulge that represented his cock that lay there.
“yes, fuck!” you wailed, giving him a strangled moan as he grazed your sweet spot, your vision dotting with dark stars.
squelching and clapping hit your ears from where you two connected, ron’s eyes darkening as he looked down at the base of his cock covered in a ring of your slick.
“you look so pretty right now” he cooed “creaming all over my cock like a brainless little doll.”
the stand-alone sentence had your ears heating up while your mouth stayed agape, cunt pulsing around him as you reached the peak, ready to fall into cloud nine.
“daddy” you pleaded “i’m gonna cum! i’m gonna cum so hard- please” your walls contracted around him as your muscles gave mini spasms, toes curling and mouth watering as you came with a silent scream.
“that’s a good girl” praised ron “cumming all over daddy’s cock so fucking good”
he was right behind you, dumping streams of cum all over your insides. your name left his lips like a chant as your cunt greedily milked him dry.
it took a few moments for the both of you to calm down, his cum poured out of you once he pulled out; a puddle had formed on the floor from both of your juices.
“aw baby” he started “your cunt’s all messy and puffy already- it’s best if i lick it clean for you, no?”
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Tumblr media
Draco, it’s cold outside.
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serendipity-in-love · 13 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts (2022)
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pottahishotasf · 24 days ago
Harry: Hey Ron, do you like Eminem?
Ron: Hell yeah, I LOVE m&m's!
Harry: No, I meant the rapper.
Ron: Why the fuck would I eat the wrapper?
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lilbeanz · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Something I whipped up for pride month!
Concept: This motley crew go to a pride parade in the early 2000's
I wish every gay, lesbian, bi, trans, ace, aro, pan, poly, and every other type of bean -- whether you're out or in the closet, whether you're still questioning and curious-- a very happy pride month!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ach-seal-beag-gearr · 12 days ago
Random ideas after reading your AU. Danny dresses down Ron after he's scared some of the Slytherin 1st years again about his cowardice of going for the weakest. Deadpaning to Harry's face that before coming to Hogwarts, he hadn't ever heard his name let alone about Voldemort or the war in Great Britain because he's muggleborn from the USA.
Danny dresses down Ron after he's scared some of the Slytherin 1st years again about his cowardice of going for the weakest.
"Oi! Who do you think you are?!"
Ron whirled from the cowering Slytherins to see another Slytherin with hair to rival Harry’s storming towards him.
“And who do you think you are?” Ron retorted. Maybe it was a bit aggressive, but really, what did he think he was doing? There was no point in defending them, everyone knew they were guilty.
“They were minding their own business and you started yelling at them!” The boy stomped right up to him and Ron finally recognized him. It was that weird Fenton bloke who claimed not to recognize You-Know-Who and thought he should have thrown Harry out a window. Great..
“They deliberately tripped me,” Ron rolled his eyes. “And then they mocked me for it and said I was being ungrateful. Right gits you lot are,” he addressed the originals, who had clustered behind Fenton like a little horde of mice.
“No, we didn’t!” the shortest one said, hovering by his shoulder. “It was an accident, we even apologized but he just got mad!”
The temperature dropped. Fenton’s cheekbones grew sharp and shadowed. His fingers thinned and curled. The air tasted like lightning.
Ron shuddered, nerves racing with burning fear. No. He would stand his ground. He was a Gryffindor, and Gryffindors were brave.
But did he ever want to run.
Lips peeled back to reveal gleaming white teeth, and then the tirade began.
“I can’t believe you. It was an accident. Believe it or not, they do happen. They did nothing to deserve that. Absolutely nothing. If it was a couple Gryffindors, or even some Hufflepuffs, you'd just laugh it off and keep going. But because we wear green you decided to attack a bunch of first years. First years. Are you a jerk or just plain stupid!? They are brand-new to this school and all this magic, and you decide to, what? Attack them for no reason? Eleven-year-olds, seriously. So much for being the ‘golden house', you know I think you’re just the stuck-up bullies you say we are!”
Fenton leaned in close, canines bared. "Well, listen up. From now on you better play nice with my friends, you crimson coward, because if you ever come near them again, I will know and I will avenge them."
Ron gulped, trying to summon up bravado that he didn’t feel. He couldn’t let this slimy snake threaten him! “O-oh, yeah? You and what army?”
Fenton’s eyes glinted with a deathly light. He threw back his head and laughed. “You’re lucky I don’t need it.”
Ron eyed the Slytherins behind Fenton. They watched avidly, faces too fierce, bodies too still. Maybe he didn’t need them, but Ron got the feeling that his army hadn’t gotten the message.
Deadpanning to Harry's face that before coming to Hogwarts, he hadn't ever heard his name let alone about Voldemort or the war in Great Britain because he's muggleborn from the USA.
this was my favorite
"Oh, yeah, sorry.” The boy thrust his hand out for them to shake. “I'm Danny Fenton."
Harry, Ron, and Hermione blinked at him blankly. Why was this Slytherin talking to them...?
Fenton slowly lowered his hand. His smile stayed on his face, but it suddenly looked a lot more fixed. "...and you are?"
Harry choked. If he had been drinking anything, he would have spewed it. "You don't know who I am???" Too late, he realized how that might sound. But really, he was the Boy who Lived. People had stared at his scar and whispered behind his back ever since he first stepped foot in the Leaky Cauldron. The idea that someone in the Wizarding World just. Didn’t know who he was. It felt almost unreal.
Fenton frowned. The hand dropped completely. "That's a little presumptuous."
Ron spluttered. "Presumptuous? He's Harry Potter! How do you not know who is is? The Boy Who Lived?”
“He’s in at least five common books on magical history and contemporary events!” Hermione said, scandalized.
“Yeah, still not ringing any bells.”
They stared again. Fenton stared back calmly, like he wasn’t taking their assumptions and cracking them over their heads like sugar glass. He was a Slytherin, he had to know this stuff. Slytherins were always at least half-bloods, there was no way he was a Muggleborn.
“He's defeated You-Know-Who--"
"No, I don't know who."
"You're going to have to."
"Voldemort. "
Finally a light dawned in Fenton’s eyes. "Ohhhh that terrorist guy. Gotcha.” 
“How do you know about You-Know-Who and not Harry?” Hermione was genuinely baffled.
Fenton sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “Look, I don’t know what to tell you. I've never heard of you and Professor Cat mentioned something about a Voldesnort maybe once. Quite frankly I'm surprised I even remember that much.” He tapped a finger to his chin. “Though I did wonder why he used a spell that could backfire instead of just...throwing the baby out the window, or something. I dunno, seems like a waste of effort."
Hermione squeaked while Ron slowly reached for his wand and Harry just looked at him in horror.
Fenton blinked. “...you were that baby, weren’t you.”
“Yeah,” Harry bit out.
“Ah. That’s...awkward. I’m just--gonna go, now...”
Fenton stepped back slowly, then turned and walked away so briskly it was practically a jog.
Baffled silence, and then--
“Why didn’t he just throw you out a window?”
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professorlupins · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part One 2010 | dir. David Yates
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marauderenergy · 4 months ago
Harry: Hagrid, what’s wrong?
Hagrid, scratching two of Fluffy’s heads and crying: I don’t have enough hands
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wolfstar-lb · a month ago
dialogue masterlist
Tumblr media
* indicates smut ** indicates dark content
Tumblr media
james potter
james wrapping you in his long black coat
you hopping onto james’ back randomly
waking james up by sucking on his cock **
dilf!james fucking nanny!reader whilst she is preparing food for his kids *
wrecking james potter as he wears a skirt *
losing a bet to james
surprising james with pink lingerie for valentine’s day *
remus lupin
remus praising sub!readers new tit piercings
comforting you when harry falls off his broom (poa)
remus cumming reader’s tit piercings
sirius black
make up sex with sirius after you both say things you regret
sirius being obsessed with you wearing a garter
realising who you are as sirius thinks of fighting you
sleeping with the poly!marauders
ron weasley
riding stepbro!ron’s dick as you watch a movie with your family **
ron fucks you in front of your best friends / his brothers (fred and george) to show them who you really belong to **
peter parker
peter always sitting in your lap
peter leaving you to help mj
tasm!peter fucking you on the sink and making you watch in the mirror *
giving peter head *
picnic date with peter
tom!peter seeing you (his sister) knowing that you don't remember him
peter sucking your tits
stepdad!draco sneaking into your bedroom **
you, as wolfstar’s daughter, make your parents both worried when you come home late
coming out as bi to the marauders
remus and sirius bringing their daughter home for the first time and falling in love with you
harry telling his sister that he doesn’t want her to go to war
remus and sirius telling you to relax and take care of yourself
getting overwhelmed during soft morning sex with fred
poly!dron punishing you for flirting with theo **
wolfstar worrying too much about you and harry after you leave the house without telling them but harry stands up for the both of you
harry walking you down the aisle
sirius and remus talk to you about your brother (peter pettigrew's) betrayal
harry and reader!sister see their aunt and uncle in muggle london
wolfstar!daughter having an off-day. remus comes in with a copy of her book and sirius comes in as sirius
Tumblr media
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