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8th year Drarry part 3

TW/past abuse


Harry’s POV

Ron, Hermione, and I had just come up from dinner, they asked me if I wanted to sit with them in the common room but I told them that I was tired and wanted to go to bed. Really I just wanted to be alone, I didn’t expect Malfoy to be there already, I assumed that he may have been with McGonagall trying to get out of having to share a room with me. When I saw him I was happy, I hadn’t really wanted to be alone I had just wanted to be away from so many people for a bit. I really didn’t need to be alone with my thoughts right now. I must’ve made a face because Malfoy was staring at me, “what?” I asked. He looked nervous and that worried me, he seemed to want to say something but was thinking about just how to say it, finally, he did, “Nothing, sorry. I um … I just have something to say really quickly and then we can either go back to hating each other or hopefully start fresh” he had said the last part under his breath but I heard it and smiled “Malfoy, I don’t hate you, sure we haven’t had the best track record when it comes to our interactions but I don’t hate you” he looked surprised “you don’t?” I went and sat down on the other bed so that I was facing him and looked up “No, now please get on with it I really want to get to bed.” “Yeah, sorry. Umm, okay here goes nothing… I am so incredibly sorry for everything that I put you through over the years, I know it’s no consolation but I was trying to make my father happy, he made me do all of those things, either him or Voldemort. I know we can’t start fresh but I just wanted you to know that I am genuinely sorry for everything and want to try and become a better person and make it up to you. Also, I really wanted to thank you for saving my life during the war, you could have left me to burn in the room of requirement, after all of the shit I did to you I still can’t comprehend why you even saved me… but thank you for giving me a second chance and I promise not to waste it.” I sat there frozen in shock at what had just happened, Malfoy was apologizing, that had only happened once in his whole time at Hogwarts and that was because McGonagall made him. I can’t think of what to say, as I eventually start to talk Malfoy looks up to meet my gaze, I look him right in the eyes and can tell that he is being genuine, “Wow, that was a lot to take in…Thank you… I am also really sorry for everything that has happened between the two of us, I certainly didn’t try to stop it. And sometimes definitely made it worse. I’m sorry about everything that happened with Voldemort and your father as well, that was most certainly not your fault, we were kids. And how could I not save you, I have never hated you, certainly not enough to watch you burn alive. I really hope that you can try to be a better person for both yourself and everyone else at this school as we are finally in a calm school year and I think everyone just needs a break from our drama and fighting.” Now was his turn to look frozen, Malfoy looked as if he was expecting me to have punched him after his confession. He seemed to have planned for that but hadn’t had a plan for me agreeing with him and apologizing as well. Finally, he broke the silence, he held out his hand and said “friends?” I quickly shook his hand and replied “of course, how are we going to survive being roommates if were not” he chuckled and I continued, “but we are going to have to push the new friend bonding to a later date because I am rather tired.” We wordlessly got ready for bed and the only other noise was Malfoy saying a curt “goodnight” before turning out the light.

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A Hunting We Will Go

I gave myself like two hours (it took three, lets be honest) so I tried a much more simple style. Not sure I pulled it off- I’m not very happy with this. Oh well. Practice is practice and I want to post even imperfect practice.

For this piece and more, head over to my DeviantArt.

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Someone’s been intercepting Harry’s mail and turning over personal letters to the daily profit! Auror partners Draco and Ron are on the case!

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harry, sarcastically: [picks up the newspaper] now which woman am I having an affair with today?

harry: “is the chosen one secretly enamoured with his longtime friend ronald weasley?”

harry: …I suppose that’s slightly more believable than the usual headlines.

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Can’t swim - Ron weasley


Prompt list

Summary: Ron saves Y/N from drowning.

Type: Fluff


Third POV:

Y/N sat with her best friends Harry, Hermione and her crush Ron. Herminoe was talking about her favorite muggle games when they heard the obnoxious voice of the ferret himself, Draco Malfoy, acompanied by his goons Crabe and Goyle.

“Yes sounds like so much sun. Tell me is it true that muggles believe water melts witches. Can we test that.” He pulled out his wand and hexed the water from the lake causing it to hit Hermione.

“What the hell is your problem” Y/N said standing up. “Ohhh so Y/L/F can speak” he chuckled taking a step towards her, “but my problem is that filthy mud blood going to the same school as me.” “Most would rather be with her than with you” Y/N said causing him to get mad. He lifted his arms and pushed her back into the lake. He walked off laughing and Hermione ran to where Y/N fell in. “Guys she can’t swim” she yelled and Ron looked petrified. Hermione yelled for help and without thinking Ron jumped in the water. He tried to see through the water and got a glimpse of Y/N, grabbing her arm and pulling her to him. Harry helped Ron pull her out and a crowd had formed around them. Dumbledoor came running with Hagrid and madam pomfery trailing behind him. Madam Pomfery started to help her and Ron sat back panicked about the girl on the ground. Y/N coffed up water and Hagrid picked her up to help them carry her to the med wing. Dumbledoor turned to Ron and gave him a smile, “you saved her lif, good job” he walked off with them behind him.

They walked to the med wing where Y/N was laid on a bed. Hermione and Harry walked out and Ron approached Y/N. He took her hand in his and sat beside her. “You saved my life” he heard her say and looked up with tears in his eyes. “Y/N” he said and she looked at him. He pulled her into a hug and she smiled. “I’m gonna kill Malfoy” he said and she giggled. “I love you Y/N” Ron said and she gasped and pulled back. “I love you Ron” she said and pulled him into a kiss that was filled with passion.

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✨Good morning✨

Here is a mini Ronnie drinking tea in a tea to wish you a happy day💗

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Me and a small group of friends made a Christmas Fic Exchange. I wrote some Rarry for the Incredible TheUltimateUndesirable.

Here is Maybe They Always Have…

Rated T / No warnings / with a cute little french niece ;)

Summary: It’s Christmas Time and Ron comes to an important realization…

Wordcount: 4294

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Romione - The Beginning of Dating

  • The Battle of Hogwarts was on Saturday, 2 May 1998
  • They helped to rebuild Hogwarts over a couple of weeks (even with magic, it was a large property that took a lot of work)
  • Then the Weasleys went back to the Burrow along with Harry - who wasn’t keen to get back to Privet Drive - and Hermione who had no home to go back to
  • Hermione was a huge help to have around those few weeks. Molly hardly left her bed, distraught from Fred’s death, so Hermione helped around the house and brought her tea
  • But she was especially a comfort to Ron
  • They never wanted to leave each other after the war, so they shared Ron’s room
  • Hermione insisted Ron didn’t have to give up his bed while Ron insisted she take it until Hermione suggested they just share it
  • It was innocent. Not that other things didn’t cross their mind after years of pining, but it was the last thing they thought of after the casualties and deaths they’d witnessed
  • But they would hold each other. Some nights they’d talk until the sun came up about the war or sometimes they’d just talk about nothing in particular
  • Other nights they would just embrace each other in silence, neither wanting to talk but not wanting to be alone
  • Hermione would talk about her parents and one night, she asked Ron if he would go with her to get them, to bring back their memories
  • “You want me to come to Australia?”
  • “You don’t have to. Oh, of course you don’t want to leave home now. Forget I said anything, it’s-”
  • “Hermione, of course I’ll come. I want to come.”
  • When they found them, Hermione couldn’t bring herself to say the charm because she was crying too much, so Ron did it himself
  • He was a little nervous as Hermione was better at such things, but he tried really hard for her sake and it worked
  • There was a tearful reunion and Ron felt a bit silly standing around until finally Mrs Granger looked at him, then up at his red hair, and she beamed
  • “Oh, my goodness! Ronald!” she gave him a large hug as if they were the best of friends. “We haven’t seen you since you were - what was it, dear? - 12 or 13! Of course, the amount Hermione spoke about you, it felt like we saw you every time she was home-”
  • “Mum!”
  • “Don’t be embarrassed, Hermione. He’s a lovely looking boy!”
  • While Mr Weasley loved Ron, he was not keen for him to share a room with Hermione so he took the sofa while Hermione took the spare room
  • It was difficult to fall asleep at first because they’d gotten so used to the other’s presence at night
  • The room felt so quiet to Hermione without Ron’s snoring, and to Ron without Hermione humming symphonies in her sleep
  • Both thought of the other
  • But eventually they did fall asleep and Ron was the first to wake up when he heard Mrs Granger tiptoeing around the kitchen, trying to make tea silently and failing
  • “I’m sorry, Ron, did I wake you?”
  • “No! No, I’m always up at… 5 in the morning.”
  • “Oh, good! I’ll make you some tea. How many sugars do you take? Do you watch Friends? I’ve got a few episodes recorded we can watch on telly!”
  • Ron is his father’s son and Mrs Granger is delighted by his interest in the television, but doesn’t make him feel silly and answers all his questions
  • She offered to make him breakfast, but he declined, rather waiting until everyone was eating so he wasn’t a burden even though he was, in fact, starving
  • When Hermione ran down later that morning, she spluttered with laughter at Ron who was sat on the sofa with her mother, gawping at the screen
  • “Did he just say Rachel?” Ron gasped. “But isn’t that one Rachel? The bride was called Emily! Ross! Ross, her name is Emily! Why can’t he hear me?”
  • “They can’t hear you, Ron, it’s pre-recorded”
  • Ron was crestfallen. “So you just have to watch and do nothing? You can’t help? Blimey.”
  • Ron expected some sort of speech from Mr Granger, but he seemed too fascinated with Ron to think about being an overprotective father
  • Hermione had avoided the gory details, but she told them enough for them to be hugely impressed and proud of their daughter and her new boyfriend, the war heroes
  • But, as parents, they were also worried by the whole deal. Even if Hermione didn’t tell them everything, war was war and there was a small tremor in their daughter’s hand that hadn’t been there before
  • Sometimes a car would backfire on the street or a neighbour would shout and they would see Ron and Hermione tense up, gripping each other’s hands tighter
  • Mr Granger changed his mind about Ron and Hermione sleeping in separate rooms because he could see they needed it
  • “We can’t avoid it anymore,” said Hermione. “We need to talk about Hogwarts. You’re not coming back for our final year, are you?”
  • “No,” said Ron. “No, I’m not. Are you?”
  • “Yes,” she said. “I am.”
  • Ron went with Mr and Mrs Granger to see Hermione off at King’s Cross for the final time, and they met up with Harry and the Weasley parents so they could see off Ginny, too
  • Harry and Ron watched as Ginny and Hermione waved from the departing train
  • “Merlin, I love her,” Ron said
  • “What?” Harry smiled teasingly. “What was that?”
  • Ron’s cheeks were red as he realised what he had said out in front of his parents and Hermione’s
  • But suddenly all he could say was, “I didn’t tell her! I won’t tell her for months!”
  • Arthur clapped his son’s back. “You know, the train hasn’t completely gone yet.”
  • Without much thought, Ron ran to catch up with her window and shouted, “Hermione!”
  • He window opened and her head popped out
  • “I LOVE YOU!” he bellowed
  • She smiled so brightly as she called, “I love you, too”
  • And then the Hogwarts Express disappeared
  • Hermione flopped back into her seat, a dazed look on her face and Ginny grinned at her
  • The same grin Harry was giving Ron
  • Ron was barely listening when his parents invited the Grangers over for tea
  • Harry joked that he hadn’t looked like that since he accidentally had a love potion in sixth year and asked, “Hermione never slipped you anything this morning, did she?”
  • Hermione and Ron did their separate things. Hermione took over Hogwarts as Head Girl - naturally - and was treated like a celebrity along with Ginny, Luna and Neville. Ron went with Harry and started his trading as an auror
  • They wrote each other several times a week about all the updates of their lives, and both saved every letter
  • Ron kept his letters from Hermione in an old shoe box which he kept under his bunk to look through on particularly difficult training days
  • Hermione kept hers together with red ribbon tied in a neat bow in her bedside table to read when she missed him most
  • Ron told her how busy training was and how he couldn’t get away on Halloween to meet her at Hogsmeade
  • She was upset, but decided to get some of his favourites from Honeydukes to send to him
  • When she and Ginny went in, though, they found Harry and Ron waiting for them
  • Ginny and Harry kissed, Ron and Hermione embraced each other and he swung her around
  • “You’re meant to be at training!”
  • “We wanted to surprise you!”
  • “But you said you couldn’t come!”
  • “Hence the surprise!”
  • They all hung out together for the most part, but separated for the final hour for some alone time as couples
  • (So Hermione and Ron could make out out of public view - naturally, it ended up in The Daily Prophet)
  • “Have you seen the photo they used of us? Ron, it’s pornograhic!”
  • “I don’t know, I like it”
  • That Christmas, the Grangers and Harry stayed with the Weasleys as no one wanted to miss another Christmas with their children
  • Harry waited until Hermione, Ginny and the Grangers were gone to round up the 8 Weasleys
  • "The thing is,” he said. “Well, I know I’m meant to just ask you, Mr Weasley, but, well, you’re all so important to Ginny and to me, so- I- I want to-”
  • “You want to marry Ginny?” smiled Molly
  • “If that’s okay with you, yes.”
  • Ron was Harry’s best man while Luna and Hermione shared the role of Maid of Honour
  • Hermione spoke with Dudley who Harry was now on better terms with, and made him feel a bit more comfortable as she was more used to talking to muggles than some of the wizards who seemed to scare him
  • She even danced with him as Ron danced with Luna
  • Luna said, “you have so much love for her in your eyes, perhaps it will be your wedding we’ll be dancing at next”
  • “Nah, no way, too soon,” said Ron, but suddenly he was feeling a bit giddy
  • As Ginny threw the bouquet, he muttered something and flicked his wand discreetly and the flowers landed in Hermione’s hand
  • She looked at them in amazement, then to Ron who was watching her lovingly and she waved the flowers at him while she laughed
  • “What do you say, Ron?” asked Harry. “Are there more wedding bells in the future?”
  • And as he watched Hermione laughing with Ginny about the flowers, he smiled and said, “I hope so”
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Harry to Voldemort sniggering: Tom Riddle, why do you always wait till the end of term to kill me? Can’t you plan it earlier? You’d loss anyway.

Voldemort to Harry retorting: Well, it’s because I really care about your academics. But, you make your friends do your homework and snoop around yourself.

Ron to Voldemort furious: And you kick around your sorry lot to do your bidding and hide your hideous face behind their back. Want to know more, you swine?

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dumbledore: be careful going out of the castle this morning. it’s ass-eating season.




harry: sir, do you know what ass-eating season means?

dumbledore: of course i do! there’s ice and snow, so it’s all slippery out there. you could fall and eat ass.

hermione: who told you that?

dumbledore: severus.

ron, sighing in relief: oh, that explains it.

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Starfish || Chapter 12 || A Draco Malfoy X Reader Fanfiction


Summary: It’s the first Potions class of the year. Hogwarts has reopened after the war, and students have been invited back to repeat their last year. The school has assigned a new seating plan and turns out you’ve been paired up with Draco Malfoy.

Pairing: Draco Malfoy X Female Reader, Slowburn, Multi-chapter

Warnings: Swearing, Drinking, Smoking

Author’s Notes: Oh this chapter! So much fluff and banter you guys. I’ve been so excited to write the trio finally spending time with Draco, and I’m not sure if I am truly happy of the result, but I love it nonetheless! Just a bunch of teenagers, drinking and bantering and being themselves really. Thank you to everyone who is following the story. I’ve asked you guys about what gifts Reader and Draco should give each other, and I’m still contemplating on everything, you can also give ideas here. The gifts part will be in the next chapter. Let me know if you wanted to be added to the taglist, and my askbox is open, for anything really 💫

Starfish Masterlist

leydileyla’s Harry Potter Masterlist

Word Count: 5,424


You walked into the Great Hall, by yourself. You saw your friends already seated and six other students at the table. Draco was to follow you in a few minutes. You were relieved when you saw there were two empty chairs next to Hermione. Scared, there would be no seats left side by side, petrified at the thought of having to sit apart, yet being so close. McGonagall, Hagrid and Flitwick were also seated around the round table, that had been readied for the Christmas feast. You took your place next to Hermione, greeting everyone and wishing them a Merry Christmas. The seat next to you stood still and empty and you felt your palms getting sweaty, your knees getting weak with anticipation as you looked at it. Everyone was joyously indulging in the festive food and chatting merrily. That was when you heard McGonagall’s voice speak,

“Mr. Malfoy, we were wondering if you would make it, come take a seat please,” she said as she gestured towards the seat beside you, sending a quick glance by your way, as if to check if you would be okay sitting next to your childhood bully. Oh if only she knew, you thought.

“Merry Christmas Professor,” he simply replied. Taking the empty seat, without acknowledging you or the Ravenclaw student that was on his other side. You couldn’t help but give his upper leg a small squeeze from under the table when everyone had returned to their meals and chitter chatter. He replied by placing his hand over yours, returning the squeeze. You suppressed a smile, averting your eyes to your friends, making an effort to pay attention to them, not him. With McGonagall practically sitting opposite you, you didn’t want to pull any attention towards yourselves. Dinner flowed by flawlessly. Hagrid and Flitwick seemed to have drank a tad bit too much, and they had started to sing together when it was time for dessert. You took a slice from the white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake from the golden plate that was before you. You couldn’t help but moan with delight when you took a bite.

“Oh my god Hermione, this is amazing, you have to try some!” You exclaimed as you added a slice to her plate, feeling the soft texture of the creamy filling and the crunch of the biscuit base harmonising perfectly in your mouth. She was giggling at your response to the dessert, but her smile froze on her face, her eyes widening with shock when she saw what you were doing.

“You need to try this Draco, it’s truly out of this world! I’m sure you’ll love it!” You were giggling with joy, also adding a slice to his plate. The boy seemed equally as surprised as Hermione was, but he seemed amused at your slip up.

“Thank you Y/L/N, I appreciate your consideration,” he said, trying his best to surpress a smile but not really managing. That was when you noticed the whole table was staring at the pair of you in complete silence, even Hagrid and Flitwick had stopped singing. You wanted to kick yourself for being so stupid, wanting to cover up the interaction you and the blonde boy had just said, you passed the plate over to the Ravenclaw who was sitting beside Draco, basically forcing them to take the plate,

“ Everyone needs a slice, pass it on please,” you managed a fake smile, trying to imitate the bubbly demure you had on a mere second ago. The student looked at the plate, raising their eyebrow in confusion, though taking it nonetheless. Harry and Ron were stiffling their giggles, you could hear them from the other side of the table As you were about to resume eating, not wanting to deal with the embarrassment you were feeling, you noticed McGonagall was looking at you, her lips, pressed together forming a thin line, you could almost sense the curiosity and amusement she was feeling from her eyes, but the Headmistress was an expert at hiding her feelings, so you weren’t sure if you were just making it up. You smiled quite shyly, and lowered your gaze down to your plate, everyone else seeming to forget about your actions as the plate traveled around the table, from hand to hand.

Draco leaned in towards you when everyone seemed like they were back to their usual selves,

“It truly is out of this world,” he whispered. And you smiled without looking at him, feeling your cheeks warm up. That’s when you heard Harry,

“Shall we get going then, if everyone’s finished?”

Every Gryffindor on the table said yes, verbally and non-verbally. A sudden small sized chaos ensured on the table, when Ron dropped his cutlery on the floor, creating a large clashing sound, making Hermione almost fall over as he suddenly bent down in an attempt to retrieve the cutlery, resulting in putting her hand in a big bowl of custard, causing it to splatter all over herself and Ron by accident in an attempt to hold her balance. You couldn’t help but laugh at the scene as McGonagall stood up, trying to calm the two down, taking out her wand to clean them up. With the distraction, Harry came up between you and Draco. You had stood up in an attempt to hold Hermione before she’d put her hand in the bowl, although failing miserably. The blonde boy was still seated, watching Hermione scold Ron about being careless as Hagrid had also stepped in trying to calm them down. Harry put a hand on your shoulder, so you turned to look at him, he leaned down, lowering his voice looking at the both of you, causing Draco to tense up when Harry also addressed him when he talked,

“Would it be rude if we all just left them here?” He asked with a grin. You thought it was sweet of him, you could see he was trying to talk to Draco in a way that wouldn’t make both of the boys feel weird, in a way that would subtly make him feel like he was a part of the group. You were thankful to have him as your friend, seeing the slight conflict in his eyes, the conflict that could only be seen if you knew what you were looking for. The conflict of trying to be friendly to a person he had known to be his enemy for years.

“Yes Harry, that would be awfully rude. It’s tempting, but rude,” you laughed, and just as you were about to carry on with your sentence, you heard Hermione talk,

“Sorry Professor I’m awfully, sorry. I lost my temper, we’ll be leaving right away. Sorry and Merry Christmas to all,” she sounded mildly calmer now, or she was just putting on an act, trying to hide her annoyance towards Ron in front of the small crowd. She started to walk towards the exit with her head high. You noticed Ginny had her hand over her mouth, hiding a grin by the look of the crinkle at the sides of her eyes.

“"I guess that’s our call to to go,” Harry said as he moved towards his girlfriend,

“Y/N, Malfoy,” he nodded his head at you both, prompting for you to follow him. You could see Draco was surprised, shocked even, at the open invitation. You looked at him, silently telling him to get up, and get on with it with your facial expressions.

“Merry Christmas,” you all chanted, as the rest of you moved to leave, hurrying to catch up with Hermione. None of you wanted to step on the wrong side of her. Draco silently stood up, also wishing the Professors the bestest Christmas, and walked beside you, following Ron, who had taken the lead trying to catch up with his girlfriend, followed by Harry and Ginny. The five of you waltzed out of the Great Hall that was beautifully decorated for Christmas, leaving the whole table in awe, some rubbing their eyes in disbelief. Not wanting to believe that they had just saw Harry Potter and his friends, exiting the Great Hall together, with the Prince of Slytherin.


“Screaming Toads,” Ginny said out loud as you reached the Fat Lady’s Portrait, making it swing open,

“She’s gonna kill me,” Ron mumbled,

“It’s Christmas Eve, I doubt she will. She might try after Christmas is over though,” Harry laughed as he entered the hole behind the portrait after Ginny. You had walked side by side with Draco, sparing yourselves the occasional glances and the reassuring smiles that you felt like you needed to give him.

“After you guys,” Ron gestured dramatically towards the both of you. You lightly touched the blonde boy’s shoulder, urging him to follow in after Harry. He complied and you watched him disappear through the hole.

“Well this is gonna be interesting,” Ron muttered,

“It definitely is,” you replied moving towards the entrance, “and please be nice Ronald Weasley.” You pleaded before disappearing through the hole into the familiarity of your Common Room. You held your breath at the sight before you. The blonde Serpent, standing high by the entrance of your Common Room, seemingly lost, but putting on a prideful facade nonetheless. It may have worked on Harry who had already taken a seat by the fireplace, but he couldn’t fool you. You could see the discomfort he was feeling in the setting that deeply contrasted his own Common Room, around people he had known to hate for years. People who had given him a chance, believing he had changed.

“Have you ever been in here?” You asked him as you placed your hand on his upper arm, guiding him towards the fire place, whilst Ron was climbing through the entrance. The tense energy that he was emulating, reduced with your touch.

“No, never. If father ever heard I’m spending time here, he’d probably-” he cut himself off, not letting himself finish his sentence, asking you a question, to divert the subject, as you seated yourselves opposite Harry,

“I guess you had never been in the Slytherin Common Room before?” He asked, subtly hinting at the moment you had shared before dinner. You saw Harry avert his eyes from the fire towards the carpet underneath his feet, and Ron had also clearly heard his question as he moved towards the area where you were all placed, hiding his mouth behind his hand. You decided to be honest. Honesty wasn’t always something that had great outcomes, but it was the right thing to do.

“I have been in the Common Room before.” You mumbled.

“What? When?”

“Second year. And it wasn’t just me,” you looked up at Harry and Ron expecting them to also intervene,

“I should be checking on Hermione,” Ron said and he bolted towards the girls dorm. Draco had his brows furrowed, waiting silently, obviously confused by your revelation.

“Yes, Ron, Y/N and I all visited your Common Room once, and Hermione would’ve joined us too if we hadn’t had some… technical issues,” Harry said looking straight into the blonde.

“When did this happen? And why would you do something like that Potter?” Draco seemed confused as to why the Golden Boy of Gryffindor would want to sneak into his Common Room.

“Well, you were actually there when it happened. We wanted to know if you were the Heir of Slytherin or not, so we made Polyjuice potion and disguised ourselves as Crabbe, Goyle and Parkinson. Asked you some questions and you acted like a complete prick,” he paused dramatically and you thought the boys were about to have a go at each other, but you were relieved when Harry smirked, “we were all annoying little kids, so don’t worry yourself about it Malfoy.” You saw Draco shake his head with disbelief.

“I can’t believe you Potter,” his eyes were filled with exasperation but you could see the glimpses of amusement sparkling in his eyes when he turned to look at you, making the butterflies in your stomach wanting to escape from their cages. “And you Y/N? I can’t believe you’ve never told me this before. For fuck’s sake how did you even manage to brew Polyjuice in second year?”

“Hermione truly is the brightest witch of her age, couldn’t have done it without her,” you let yourself giggle, also setting Harry off in process. The exasperation started to disappear from Draco’s eyes, leaving itself to amusement and he let himself smile, shaking his head again. You couldn’t wrap your head around what was happening, the boy you had started to really, really like, the boy whomst you had conspired and plotted against with your friends, the boy who had called you horrible names throughout your childhood, sitting in your Common Room. And you were reminiscing about a past event, an event that was remembered from both sides of the coin, the good and the bad. But the good and bad were blurring into each other. You now knew, that they wouldn’t be able to exist without one another.

“Where’s Ginny by the way?” You asked Harry,

“Oh, she went up to check on Hermione,” he said just as you heard the footsteps of the red haired girl coming down the stairs, with a disgusted look on her face,

“They started making out, so I threw myself out of the room” she said, scrunching her face as though she had just eaten a vomit flavoured jelly bean.

“They’ll be up there for a while then,” you rolled your eyes. “Oh dear Godric, the door is closed isn’t it?”

“Yes, I managed to shut it before my eyes melted,” Ginny replied.

“The drinks were in there, and we can’t accio them out because they’ll just be shattered to pieces!” You exclaimed disappointedly, knowing none of you would be willing to go up there to fetch the bottles and snacks you had stashed away.

“Well, it’s a good thing I’ve got this with me then,” the blonde boy smirked cockily, as he put his hand into his pocket, pulling out a tiny box. He simultaneously took out his wand, and waved it at the box muttering,

Engorgio,” under his breath. The box gradually grew in his palm, finding it’s true size. He handed the box over to you, and gestured you to open it with his head as he stuck his wand back into his pocket. You took the now large, long and heavy box into your hands and opened the lid.

“You’re amazing!” You shrieked when you saw the label that read “Ogden’s Old”. You saw Ginny heading towards one of the couches on the other side of the room, leaning down, to fish out a couple of glasses from underneath.

“I knew these would come in handy!” She said, as she handed held out the cups for you to fill them, “Only two but I’m sure we’ll manage to share,” she grinned as she watched the liquid pour from the bottle, filling the glasses. You closed the lid and set the bottle down onto the coffee table that was placed between the two couches. Ginny passed you a glass before taking a seat beside her boyfriend. You took a long sip, and handed it over to Draco. He followed your lead, also taking a long sip.

“I needed that!” You let out a relieved sigh as you leaned back against the soft cushions of the couch, feeling the whiskey running through your system. A weird silence hung in the room, as the four of you sipped on your drinks. And you were surprised when it was the blonde boy who broke it,

“I thought this was supposed to be a party?” He smugly asked you. You could see the longing for mischief he had in his eyes. The mischief that wasn’t present when you were initially paired up for Potions, the mischief that you gradually pulled out from him. You grinned, taking your wand out to open the radio that was placed on the mantelpiece. You let the music play on a low volume,

“Oh wait until you see us once the alcohol sets in, you’ll regret you’ve ever said that Malfoy,” Ginny spoke to the Slytherin directly for the first time. He retorted with a grin,

“Well I have heard the rumours that Gryffindors do party like hell,” he said. As each second passed, the tension in the room started to leave itself to a more playful tension. Harry and Ginny were starting to accept his presence, and Draco was slowly adapting to the dynamic you all shared. Harry leaned in to fill their shared glass with a second serving of whiskey, you downed the drink that was remaining in yours, and you passed it over the table to be filled. You still couldn’t believe you had dragged Draco to your Common Room. When you retrieved your now filled glass, you handed it over to the blonde boy. You watched him as he took the glass from your hands and lifted it to his lips. Noticing the intimacy of sharing a glass. It was inexplicable with words. The sight of the boy, sitting on the couch elegantly, his almost white hair, contrasting the fire crackling behind him, drinking whiskey ever so slowly was making your heart ache for him. You noticed you had never actually consumed alcohol with him, sparing the experience you had with the Elixir.

“I’ve never seen you drunk before,” you mused out loud, sending him a look full of desire, forgetting Harry and Ginny were sitting right before you, for a moment. He blinked ever so slowly as he lowered the glass down to his lap, looking straight into you when he opened his eyes.

“I don’t really get drunk that easily Y/N.”

“We’ll see what we can do about that then,” you grinned. That was when you all heard the footsteps coming down the girl’s dorm.

“Thank Merlin!” Ginny emitted as Hermione and Ron appeared at the bottom of the stairs. You took out your wand, moving another two-seater couch towards where you were sitting. The seats forming a “u” shape around the fire. Ginny proceeded to open the dorm room door with a spell, ’accio‘ing all the snacks and drinks you had prepared earlier. Now this is the start of the party, you thought as you watched the small table starting to overfill with everything being placed upon it,

Engorgio,” you said as you waved your wand, the table accomodating to the perfect size. Hermione was busy organising everything as they arrived, wanting every single thing to look impeccable. Ron picked up the cocktail shaker,

“Okay, who’s ready for some Weasley specials?”

“Not me, last time I had one, I could not remember where I had put my feet. I literally searched for my feet for almost an hour before you said they were on my feet.” Harry laughed as he reached for a chip from one of the plates.

“Oh come on Harry! Ginny, Y/N? Could I surprise you with a Roonil Wazlib Delight?” Ron pleaded,

“Ew no, that sounds horrid,” Ginny scrunched her face again.

“No, thanks Ron,” you smirked as you reached for a strawberry.

“Don’t even dare asking me Ronald Weasley, I want to remember what I’ve done on Christmas Eve.” Hermione chimed melodically as she settled down on the couch, putting her wand away. The red haired boy looked at Draco from where he was standing,

“Malfoy!” He exclaimed as though he had just had a huge revelation, “Come on, let me prepare you a drink!”

“Oh Ron, no one wants your cocktails!” You shaked your head with a chuckle emulating from your lips.

“Okay then Weasley, surprise me.” You heard Draco’s voice from behind you.

“Darling you don’t need to be polite.” You interjected.

“No, really I’m intrigued by the concept of ’losing one’s feet’,” he grinned,

“I’ll make you lose much more if you want to Malfoy,” Ron smirked almost wickedly,

“Try me,” Draco urged. You met eyes with Hermione, who was also trying to stifle a laugh, just as you were. So Ron prepared Draco a cocktail, you changed to some white wine after the whiskey, not really caring about mixing drinks. Ginny and Harry snuggled up to each other and Hermione decided to drink some vodka mixed with cranberry juice, even though Ron reminded her what had happened the last time she’d drank vodka. Needless to say, conversation flowed, your friends accepting Draco even more as the night carried on, with bottles emptying, the clock ticking and your mind drifting.


You were surprised when you heard the tune of “Sweet Caroline” on the radio.

“Wait a minute, what’s Neil Diamond doing on the wizarding radio-thingy?” You asked, finally feeling drunk, your legs draped over Draco’s lap, whom himself had moved to a more comfortable position, with his back supported by the comfortable cushions on the couch, his body had already lost every single tense edge to it. You could see he felt safe here.

“Neil Diamond is a wizard Y/N,” Ginny shouted, without halting the act of pouring a shot down Harry’s throat.

“HANDS TOUCHING HAAAANDS!” Ron suddenly started to shout, so you waved your wand to turn the volume up to the fullest. You were too drunk to comprehend that Neil Diamond was a wizard when all of your friends started to join in with Ron. So you did too,

“SWEEET CAROLINE! GOOD TIMES NEVER SEEMED SO GOOD!” You were all shouting, the act could not really be called singing, at the top of your lungs. All of you, but the Silver Serpent. You urged him to join in, not caring if he knew the lyrics or not. And he did. He knew the lyrics, and he started quietly at first, timid even. But as the song carried on and the whole Gryffindor Tower was echoing with your voices, he left the need to be discreet. The six of you lost yourselves in the lyrics, laughing and giggling. Ron even stood up and gave Hermione a twirl when the song was halting to an end. Harry cheered and clapped his hands when the melody died down, as the rest of you all chuckled with glee trying to catch your breath.

“I need a fag,” you said suddenly standing up, but the dizziness suddenly took over as your body slightly tipped towards the left. Two almost-steady arms in the linen shirt you had picked out, took a hold of you before you tumbled down.

“Come on Princess,” he murmured into your ear as he wrapped his arms around your waist from behind you, urging you to walk. So you both wobbled your way towards a nearby window, as he hugged you all the way there. You pushed open the window slightly ajar with the Prince of Slytherin glued to your back, nuzzling your neck with his nose.

“Oh stop it,” you giggled, feeling like time itself had stopped. “Tell me you’ve got a pack on you, pleeease,” you whined, needing the feel of nicotine running through your veins desperately.

“Tis in m'pocket,” he mumbled, not lifting his head up from where it was nestled, pushing his right leg slightly forward. You let your hand creep up his thigh, towards where the pack of cigarettes were. The feel of his jeans were heavenly under your fingers, so you took your time, probably taking more time than you should have, with your drunken mind losing it’s ability to judge your actions. When you finally reached the rectangular case, you fumbled around with the fabric having a hard time getting it out. He only wrapped his arms around you tighter as a response, his warm breath grazing at your neck. You managed to get the silver case out, despite his attempts of sabotage. Relieved when you noticed the lighter was placed carefully in the case.

You took out a cigarette, offering him one by reaching out your arm out towards his cheek, without turning your back, your body still pressed against his. You slightly tapped his cheek with it, and he made you chuckle when he got slightly irked out by the sudden touch of the cigarette. He took it between his lips, taking the lighter from your hands and proceeded to light it with his right arm, as you placed one amongst your own lips. He leaned down do light yours, and you watched the small flame the lighter produced in a drunken haze. You were relieved when you took the first breath in, with the smoke filling your lungs calming you.

Both of you stood there, silently. The boy hugging you from behind with his left arm, his head perched on your right shoulder, watching the snowy night sky, excluding yourselves from the crowd for a moment. Still not knowing what you were feeling, how the both of you had grown so close in such a short time and what he was to you. What were you to him? Was this even right? You didn’t want to be asking these questions with your mind faltered by all the wine you had downed. So you sent them off into the starry night, imagining them evaporating into the air. You had him by your side, and he made you feel elevated, so that was all that mattered at the moment.

“Mistletoe!” You heard Hermione yell, which startled the pair of you. She had her wand in her hand, pointing towards you. Lifting your head up, you saw the obviously newly formed mistletoe hanging above you and the Silver Serpent. A very drunk Serpent, to say the least.

“Hermione, you just placed that above us, we all know that,” you whined with protest.

“Oh come on!” Harry and Ron both urged you on and you were confused as to how easily they had accommodated to the situation. Must be some of Ron’s special cocktails that made the transition easy for them, was the thought that was passing through your head when you felt him turn you around, your body complying, moving much faster than your brain was processing everything. So when his lips smashed against yours it was actually a tad bit of a surprise. You could hear your friends cheering from the distance while your lips found their sync, the taste of the alcohol, the nicotine, strawberries and chocolate, laced with peppermint on your mouths, the adrenaline coursing through your veins as your brain finally kicked in, reminding you that you were in the Gryffindor Tower, snogging a very drunk Serpent in a very drunk manner. The kiss was far from elegant, it was a drunken and clumsy clashing of mouths. But it was amazing, nonetheless. You savoured it, and cherished it.

Draco pulled back, and you could see his cheeks starting to go red, although you weren’t sure if it was from the kiss, the alcohol, or kissing someone in front of a group of people. He put a hand through the hair at the back of his head.

“Okay Hermione, you’ve had your fun, now it’s our turn!” You exclaimed as you giggled, taking out your wand,

Wingardium Leviosa,” you said carefully, as you guided the mistletoe towards her and Ron, so it would linger between them

“Well I’m not complaining,” Ron said as he practically attacked Hermione’s face.

“Ugh get a room!” Ginny said drowsily where she had her head on Harry’s lap, curled up on the couch.

“Good idea Gin,” he grinned, pulling Hermione from her hand and heading towards his dorm.

“G'night everyone!” Hermione managed before disappearing up the stairs.

“Oh Godric, those two will be the death of me,” Ginny rolled her eyes and Harry just chuckled at her, his fingers playing with her auburn locks of hair that was sprawled out across his lap.

“Come on,” you took the blonde boy’s hand when you had both finished your cigarettes, leading him to the couch where you had previously been seated. Thankful for the fireplace, the snowy night had given you a slight chill.

“Is Ginny sleeping?” You whispered to Harry as Draco sat down.

“I think she is, yeah,” he replied with amusement. You sat down right beside Draco, placing your head on his chest, his hands automatically wrapping around you. You sighed deeply, inhaling the scent of him as you felt your eyes starting to feel heavy, betraying you. It was such a weird sight the Common Room was bearing at that instant. Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, both drunk, both sitting up straight, both with a girl cuddled up to them. Two sides of a coin, reflecting each other perfectly in the moment.

“I should probably take her up to bed,” Harry mumbled as he stood up, slightly stumbling. He was obviously not aware of how drunk he was.

“Oh, could you send down a blanket down while you’re up there?” You asked him, without moving your head away from the Serpent’s chest. The chest that was filled with scars.

“Yeah, of course. Of course,” he said quizzically raising his eyebrow in an amused manner, but not commenting about it.

You and Draco both watched as Harry woke Ginny to take her upstairs, whilst he took a half empty bottle of red wine from the table.

“Good night lovelies, Merry Christmas!” You whispered, not wanting to completely awaken Ginny as she was still half asleep.

“Love you Y/N,” Ginny mumbled, as Harry grabbed her from her waist.

“Right, good night then. Thanks for coming Malfoy,” Harry nodded at Draco.

“Thanks for the invitation Potter,” he replied. And a moment of mutual understanding passed between them. You watched as Harry guided Ginny towards the stairs.

“Well that went well, didn’t it?” You slurred,

“Quite well.” you could feel the smile on his face. You placed your hand on his chest, holding it there for a moment.

“What time is it?” You wondered and glanced up at the grand clock in the Common Room.

“Bloody hell, it’s almost 4 o'clock!” You couldn’t believe how time had passed.

“I should be going,” the blonde attempted to move. You sat up, pushing down the hand you had on his chest, making him stay where he was. That’s when a blanket came levitating down the stairs, draping over the couch you were both sitting on.

“You, Draco Malfoy, are not going anywhere,” you sang as you took your wand out with great effort, your head spinning. You hoped you could manage magic.

Engorgio,” you pointed your wand at the couch and it started to grow. Once it reached the size you had intended, it carried on to grow slightly more. You shrugged, not caring about the perfect size right now. All you wanted to do was drift off to sleep in Draco Malfoy’s arms. He had wide grin on his face,

“I’m not sending you down to those cold and scary dungeons by yourself at this time of the night,” you drunkenly waved your finger at him, making him chuckle,

“Whatever you say Princess.”

You reached over to the blanket after collecting some pillows from around the room. You made him shuffle so you could put the pillows where you were to place your heads, and you let your body drop down to lie down next to him, pulling the blanket over you. The blanket was soft and warm, the boy next to you was even warmer. You were having a hard time keeping your eyes open at this point,

“Lay beside me Draco, please,” you whispered to the boy who was still in a half seated half laying position. He seemed like he didn’t know what to do with himself. But your words seem to console him, you saw his body soften and relieve it’s tension as he lowered his head on to the pillow beside you. You thought you could hear his heart beating, but you waved it off as your drunken imagination making up things. You looked into his eyes one last time before cuddling into him, finding a comfortable position on the now quite enormous couch, clutching onto him, never wanting to let him go,

“Thank you Y/N,” you heard him whisper as he wrapped his arms around you, burying your head deeper into his chest.

“Oh is nothin’,” you managed before you finally surrendered to sleep. Draco Malfoy, followed you shortly after.

And your minds danced together in the realms of dreams, finding each other every single time.


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