somewillwin 10 hours ago
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I did it 馃槵
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supervisorjanus 16 hours ago
ronance in a different timeline
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clashatdemonheads 7 hours ago
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something lgbt happened to her. don鈥檛 know what
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very-feral-lesbian 11 hours ago
sometimes im three hours deep into a slowburn fanfic and im like鈥. maybe i should stop.
but like, why would i? its fun
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justfruityfourthings 11 hours ago
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stranger things + new girl quotes // fruity four
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steddie1986 13 hours ago
Steve: Every time I'm around Eddie my pulse increases, my breath shortens, and my temperature skyrockets.
Steve: I think I鈥檓 allergic to him.
Robin: Oh my god.
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somewillwin 17 hours ago
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I鈥檓 so tempted to redraw this with Nancy鈥. Help 馃珷
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thatguywasvaping 10 hours ago
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eddie-munson-deserves-better 17 hours ago
nancy, looking at robin: she's so stupid, i want to kiss her
eddie looking at steve: he's so pretty, i want to bite him
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strangertheories 14 hours ago
There are two wolves inside of you. One of them is glad Mike doesn't think Will is immature. One of them is glad Nancy isn't thinking "Johnathan who" when Steve talks to her.
Both of them are confused as fuck.
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mamakitty187 15 hours ago
What the fuck is wrong with you people??
A good friend of mine just received a DEATH THREAT because she wrote Eddie with a girl鈥 their message was:
鈥淵eah kindly go kill yourself you homophobic piece of shit steddie is number one and always will be if you can鈥檛 see that then you鈥檙e clearly a fucking homophobe it鈥檚 people like you who need to disappear鈥
What the actual fuck, people. I鈥檝e heard of this happening a lot lately, for multiple pairings. Guys. It鈥檚 fiction. It鈥檚 not that serious.
Also I鈥檇 bet money that this person and others claiming 鈥渉omophobia鈥 aren鈥檛 even gay, just straight white girls that like watching pretty boys kiss for funzies. Not that there鈥檚 anything wrong with that, and it鈥檚 not the point, but still.
No one should be told to kill themselves over a fucking fanfiction. I mean no one should be told to kill themselves ever, period, but like. Come on. Grow the fuck up.
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steddie1986 12 hours ago
Nancy: What are you, 5?
Robin: 5 feet taller than you!
Robin: Please don鈥檛 hurt me
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navnae 17 hours ago
Duffer brothers: ok everyone this is your scripts and make sure to really get into character, add anything if necessary!
The cast: 馃寛馃寛馃寛馃寛馃寛馃寛馃寛
Duffer brothers: wait why are they doing that? STICK TO THE SCRIPT!!!!
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sophemeva 5 hours ago
Nancy : wow, robin you smell nice, kinda wishing my sheets would smell the same tomorrow morning.
Robin :..I mean, I could lend you my perfume if you'd like
Steve : Robin..
Robin : oh...OHH!
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ronancelovemail 17 hours ago
more on jealous nancy. she gets 1000000x more affectionate if she thinks another girl likes robin . they鈥檙e clingy enough together but something about the jealousy makes nancy gorilla glued to robin
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suspicioustwerp 19 hours ago
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They're two big gays!
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Robin: You high-fived me for dating your ex-girlfriend but won't let me back into the house because I ate your bagels? Priorities, Steve.
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