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kavohh707 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Spooky birds, well, actually rooks. They always look a bit scary with their gray faces, but also very interesting. The perfect Halloween bird ( a bit early as it is only September).
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pet-pet-peet · a month ago
Could i request hcs of pomefiore + cater with an gn!s/o whos a professional fashiom designer? And they like to make clothes for the boys as gifts? (Like a hat for rook, a jacket with a dragon embroidered in the back, a scarf for vil, etc)?
I wanna learn how to sew so that I can make my own clothes and cosplays, so this is super up my alley- (aka, my only friend better be prepared for the onslaught of clothes I’m probably gonna make her)
Tw: none (that I'm aware of, lmk!)
Pairing(s): Vil, Epel, Rook, Cater x gn reader (separate)
Tumblr media
shawl (yes I changed it, but I had an idea for a shawl so I hope you don’t mind-)
After you started thinking of Vil’s overblot, you realized just how good he looked with that flared collar
So..figuring that colder months were approaching, you decided to make him a big, fluffy shawl!
You found the perfect glittery white fabric to go with it, too~
To add some more flare, you added sequins in a cute snowy design on the outside, finishing it up with a ribbon to tie the front together when worn
You put the puffy piece in a little box, delicately tucking it down so you can put the lid on and wrap the box with a pretty bow
Vil wasn’t necessarily surprised by your visit, as you both try to see each other when you have free time
He was, however, surprised to see the gift you brought him
He loved how soft it felt, and how well it complimented his shoulders
He wears it all through winter, bragging on his social media that it was one of a kind and no one else has one except him~
Tumblr media
(faux) leather jacket
You know that Epel wants to be seen as a very manly person, so you were trying to find a way to support him in how he wanted to be seen
What’s more cool and strong than a leather jacket? Nothing else really screams badass
So you got your supplies together and got to work
It was definitely a very ambitious project, especially having to secure all the gold pieces, but you managed to do it
You didn’t want to risk folding it and messing it up, so you just grabbed it and went over to Pomefiore
You texted Epel that you were on your way with a gift, and when you arrived you could see him eagerly waiting for you at the entrance
When you held up the jacket his eyes sparkled with pure joy
He brought you to his room so he can try it on without Vil seeing him take off his uniform jacket
He pulled it close and smiled widely as he grabbed you in an excited hug, telling you he would wear it whenever he could
He makes sure to keep that promise any chance he can, much to the dismay of Vil
Tumblr media
The amount of love your boyfriend showers you in is plentiful, so you decided to give some back to him
You wanted to make an accessory he could easily wear, one that looks just as extravagant as the way he speaks
So, insert you learning how to make a sturdy and beautiful hat!
After doing some research into how to make them, you’re pretty much an expert as you start putting the pieces together
A nice tall gift box, and you’re set to go see your beloved
As usual, he greets you with open arms and sweet words, though he stops to inquire about your box
You give it to him to open, and he gasps as he lifts the beautiful and intricate hat
He puts it on and hugs you tightly, lifting you a bit off the ground from his joy
He refuses to stop wearing it, even if Vil asks him to for whatever reason. He keeps it on as it symbolizes your love
Tumblr media
letterman jacket
You always wanted to try your hand at a letterman jacket because of how iconic it is
So, who else to do your little experiment for but your loving boyfriend?
You made some cute patches that fit his aesthetic, got the black and red fabric you need, and started working based on a template you made
It took some time to clean up and perfect, but you’re happy with the result and hope Cater will be, too
You used a bag to wrap the folded jacket in, then made your way to Heartslabyul
Cater was just finished with painting the roses for the day, so he was able to greet you once you arrived
He asked what you had in the bag, so you handed it to him and he opened it
He grinned widely at the sight of the cool jacket, asking if you made it as he put it on (don’t worry, he cleaned the paint off his hands already)
Takes so many selfies with you after putting it on, tagging with #relationship goals
Anytime he doesn’t have to wear a uniform, he’s wearing the jacket you made. Otherwise it hangs in his room in plain sight for anyone who walks in
*All Images are official art from Twisted Wonderland and do not belong to me. They are the Lab Coat Groovy card art
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seraphinitegames · 2 months ago
What was Rook and Rebecca's wedding like?
Bigger than Rebecca would have liked or expected! :D
But it was still quite a small wedding. Mostly just family and some of Rook's friends. The ceremony took place at the Square before the party moved into the garden of the (then new) house Rook and Rebecca had just bought!
Had a more rustic-feel to it than anything else.
Thank you so much for the ask! :)
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nemfrog · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
A rook. Nature round the house. 1907.
Internet Archive
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tallaroo · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
if i think about her for too long my brain turns mushy
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brewerssupplies · 5 months ago
So I've finally completed all six of my main classes! Or at least gotten them to a point where I am satisfied with them until I get the chance to actually playtest them! Here they are in alphabetical order:
You are the guardian of a powerful relic from which you draw power from. As part of your guardianship you study magical items and their nature, able to access a vault of magical items and imbue your bound relic with greater power. The Artefactor has 5 complete subclasses. The fifth class I ever made. I've always liked the trope in media where a person is entrusted with a magical item which grows in power the longer they wield it and bond with it. Also just magic items in dnd are neat.
You have uncovered the primal magic of cryomancy, which you have dedicated yourself to studying and channeling. Through this power you are able to cast primal forms of spells known as cryomancy spells. It currently has 3 complete subclasses. I was very much inspired to make this class by the various characters in media who use ice as their powers!
You bear the soul of a draconic being which grants you access potent draconic deeds. From your draconic soul you are able to access the power of dragonkind and rend your foes with draconic claws. The Drakesoul has 8 complete subclasses. This was the first class I ever made, which I was inspired to make after watching the Dragon Age 2 trailers. It's seen many updates and overhauls throughout my career.
You are the former master of a dungeon and its denizens. Taking with you a band of minions and some of its treasures, hoping to one day remake your former dungeon in your own image. The Dungeonkeep has 8 complete subclasses. The third class I ever made, it was very much inspired by the game Crawl. All the way from the dungeons theme, minions, and minor magic items!
You have forged a connection to the immense power of the universe. Through this connection you can call forth various aspects of cosmic power such as manifesting your own personal singularity, flinging comets at your foes, or alter the flow of time. There are currently 4 subclasses. I had many sources of inspiration for this subclass. Sigma again, Teferi from the new mtg set, art of space.
You are a traveling merchant who seeks to find and sell the treasures you uncover among your travels. Able to access a dimensional shop which contains all your wares. The Merchant has 6 complete subclasses. This was the second class I ever made. One of my friends who I played dnd with asked me to make a merchant class which emphasized social/skill over combat. So I did, and he very much enjoyed it!
You are a master of the battlefield and defensive tactics, able to conjure forth magical walls and other fortifications. You can conjure forth small panels of force to deflect incoming attacks, conjure towers from which your allies can rain arrows from, gain benefits based on your favored armor type, etc. The Rook has 9 complete subclasses. The sixth and latest class was very much inspired by my favorite chess piece, the rook! I've always liked it, and I really like defensive tank classes. I was also playing a lot of Overwatch when I made this, played a lot of Sigma!
You walk in the footsteps of the Allfather, the first master of the runes. Through much study and focus, you are able to manipulate the runes and the power they provide. Through the runes you are able to manipulate fate, and as you grow in power so does your ability to draw out different and more powerful effects from the runes. The Runekeeper has 6 complete subclasses. The fourth class I ever made. I was inspired to make it after reading the rune scribe prestige class, watching Ragnarok on Netflix, and playing through God of War on ps4. So lots of norse inspiration and such. I still feel like the runes need some work to better solidify their identity.
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natewriteslol · 5 months ago
May I request a reaction(?)/headcanon?
(twst boiz }:‑))
Rook, Sebek, Idia, Jack and Azul reacting to a secretly ripped reader.
Explanation!: Reader wears a lot if oversized stuff, lazy af, tends to skip PE classes and etc. You know acting like they're weak and stuff while in reality they're just lazy. For some reason Vargas saw the potential and the true power in reader, so he decided to add them to the team of [insert a really brutal sport or smt]. Everyone r like: "Y?? They weak!" When it's Readers time to enter the game, they take their hoodie off and omG those muscles. I swear someone fainted right on spot. And someone went 🧎🤰 After Absolutely destroying opponents team, they're just like "ok, I did the thing! Now I want my super duper rare chips".
A/N: This is such a creative premise, thank you for sending it!!
MC goes by they/them pronouns :)
Warnings: none except that MC takes off their shirt
Honestly Y/N was known to be one of the most laziest people on campus, so lazy that it even rivaled Leona! Which there has to be some form of intervention for them because it’s just getting out of hand. And while it benefitted in certain situations, such as annoying Grim to actually start moving his lazy ass around the house, or bullies leaving them alone since Y/N couldn’t bother to muster a reaction.
However they continued to skip P.E classes, and just all around not doing anything. So it came to a surprise that when they were called to Vargas’ office.
“Wait. Y/N where are you going?” Ace questioned, as their friend went with their backpack toward the door.
“I got an interview with Vargas for something. Watch Grim for me please, later” they replied relaxed. And while both Deuce and Ace questioned what their friend was going to be interviewed for, the pair just looked at each other, shrugged and went back to their schoolwork.
Once Y/N got to Vargas’ office, they sat on the chair on the other side of his desk. The student gazed at the sports paraphernalia on the walls, before Vargas started talking.
“Well Y/N, I bet you’re wondering why I called to talk to you?” He asked.
“Yup” the student said, keeping their answers short and concise.
“You tend to skip my classes a great amount, and while both you and Grim are enrolled as one student your lack of participation is dropping your grade,” Vargas said while standing up.
Y/N started to feel bad, sure they didn’t really care to participate but they didn’t want to inconvenience Grim.
“But, I will promise you one thing, I can feel the potential in you Y/N!” the man said excitedly, slightly spooking you. “As a man who is incredible person overflowing with talent,” Vargas started,
‘Wowee, pretty narcissistic’ you thought, but then you started to pay attention again.
“I can see greatness within others, it’s almost like my 6th sense. And I can feel it within you. Now all I ask of you Y/N, is that you participate in the Great Dodging Tournament try outs. And I will raise your grade” The older man offered, Vargas really believed in you.
And that really put a smile on your face, “You know what, I’ll do it.”
“Thanks kiddo!” the man boomed with a great smile on his face while ruffling your head.
I mean, if he’s this excited you can try for him.
It was tryouts, Deuce and Ace were a little apprehensive for Y/N to be participating. I mean the Great Dodging Tournament involves one person dodging great magical attacks from the opposite team, in order to get at least one of the balls from the other team. And while you didn’t technically need magical powers to compete, it certainly did help.
“Y/N L/N, you’re up!” It was their turn. Whispers broke out, everyone didn’t understand why they were even allowed to participate.
“Have you even seen them run?” Someone whispered.
The heat was rising despite it being the afternoon, “Damn, I’m getting hot” Y/N says and they start to strip, taking off their oversized shirt.
What came to a great surprise was their physique, incredibly ripped abs. Strong shoulders, back and arms now exposed to everyone.
They did absolutely fantastic for their tryouts, moving across the field with great speed, dodging every single attack and they were able to take 2 out of the 7 balls from the other team. Y/N was excellent, and absolute essential to the Great Dodging Tournament team. Every person was in great shock, they didn’t even break a sweat.
“Alrightie! Now where’s my snacks?” They said, sitting down on the bench.
-Oh mon cherie, what have you been hiding from him? ~
-Rook had alot of information on almost everyone at the school, so this definitely came to a shock to him
-A strong advocate for keeping them shirtless all the time
-I mean Y/N lays around all the time, they might as well look good while doing it
-It's just him and Sebek arguing (well it's Sebek who is actually arguing) about what Y/N should do once they come back: Shirt or no shirt?
-He’s very impressed with their strengt and willpower to get that physique
-Very mischievously looks down at Y/N while they complete their audition
-Rook I love you but what are you planning-
-He goes bright red, and starts yelling at Y/N to put a shirt on
-”I-it’s inappropriate for you to be walking around like this! Do you humans not have any shame?!”
-”D-don’t come closer! I don’t want a hug from you!”
-W-what? How could he miss that this mere human held this much power?
-He was incredibly observant (or so he claimed)
-Sebek didn’t know weak, puny humans could possess that type of strength
-If Y/N as a non-magic user were able to obtain this level of power, you were a threat
-Definitely not intimidated by them (he lowkey is intimidated by them)
-While he’s still incredibly opposed to Y/N’s lazy behaviors, he has a newfound respect for them
-Later on he thinks about it more and is marching to their dorm inorder to force them into doing more powerful stuff
-” Naw man, but since you’re up can you get the tv remote? It’s pretty far.”
-Of course this happens the one time he goes outside in person!
-Erupts into flames and has a bright ass blush
-Has Ortho calm down his flames with his built in fans
-Idia literally hides inside his hoodie so that no one could notice him
-But I mean it’s kinda hard since at this point he’s looks like a campfire but go off-
-He literally can’t look Y/N in the eyes omg
-Idia tries to talk to them but he just ends up spluttering
-He thought that Y/N had put their shirt back on so he takes his head out of his hoodie and NOPE they still have it off and the cycle of embarrassment repeats
-Idia manages to compliment Y/N, comparing them to a powerful anime character from a show he watched
-The man cannot look at Y/N the same anymore now that he knows what’s under all that baggy clothing
-Jack definitely did not see this coming
-Can admit that he is a little flustered (Alot of people teased him since his tail started to wag at the sight of Y/N’s body
-He couldn’t imagine the Y/N he knows doing all of this activity, let alone dodging such powerful magic attacks with this much skill
-They’re a perfect candidate for the team and Jack grows really passionate about you wanting to pursue sports
-Has alot more respect for you
-He will drag Y/N to do a bunch of brutally, active shit with him since the whole “I’m too weak” jig is up
-”Jack pls no”
-”But when you were soaring through the air during Dodging tryouts I heard no complaints. Get your ass up, Y/N”
-While their P.E grade is saved, at what cost?
-Azul thought that it was going to be a fun little attempt on Y/N’s part
-Were they joking? I mean he’s never seen them move a muscle for extracurricular activities like sports. Honestly-
-And oh dear oh it’s them shirtless
-Azul is so caught off guard
-He turns away so that Floyd and Jade don’t see his face, but those sneak boys know what’s going on
-”Boss you’re so red!”
-”Ooooh, are you flustered by shrimpy taking off their shirt~”!
-So that’s what you’ve been hiding under your clothing!
-He’s very impressed by your strength, Azul is wondering why you decided to hide it?
-Are you involved in shady business too? Hence why you’re laying low? (Sounds like projection but okay Azul-)
-He’s also thinking about getting you to sign some form of deal so that they can take advantage of your strength (Sorry Y/N)
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twisted-lusty · a month ago
Could i request nsfw hcs of sub! m!s/o whos sensitive to neck kisses/touches? Like its a way to turn him on? (Characters are: trey, leona, rook, jamil, and ace?)
My, my! A male s/o... is kinda rare I recive those types of asks.~ Well dear, I might say that this request made my heart melt... I enjoy pretty much those soft requests! Anyways... here it is; Have fun~
Tumblr media
When Ace discovers your weak point, immediately a cruel smirk blooms on his lips… he liked to know this information and thinks it would be pretty useful to tease you in public with it. Normally he surprises you at the hallways with a sudden kiss placed on your neck or a hand softly passing around it, just to tease you in public.
When you two are alone, he is more hungry for your lips then anything else, however, he will be sure to give some attention on this area, kissing, licking and placing hickeys on your neck while stroke you with his dick/sit on yours.
Tumblr media
In his vision you are just so precious… somehow, is quite adorable know this little detail about you… but if you think he will not tease you… haha, how naive you are sweetie.~ As much as he isn't as cruel as Ace to tease you frequently, sometimes at the middle of the cafeteria or at the hallways he will start to stroke your neck with his fingers, pretty gently.
In the room, he will pay extra attention to this little part of your body, biting, giving kisses, hickeys, licking, etc, while fucks you with his huge cock. Later, he will definitely treat your neck, don’t worry… he slowly passes some pomade on the hurted zones and applies some bandages on it.
Tumblr media
At first, acts like doesn’t care about this information, saying that he doesn’t really care about your weak spots, since he would make you feel good anyways… but he actually pays attention when you say this. Maybe he actually does a little fun of you because of it, saying that you herbivores are just so weak and get excited over the smallest things.
As much in public he doesn’t do anything, in the bedroom he prefers to apply hard and strong bites at your neck while fucks you without a break, hearing your soft moans flood the room with desire and lust.
Tumblr media
Is good to know this about you… really good.~ Like leona, he doesn’t tease you in public, but unlike the lion beast man, he neither does fun about the topic… However, in his mind he wishes he could just press you against the wall and devour your neck with kisses and bites filled with desire… but since he normally is the one that needs to take care of the dorm, he tries to contain those thoughts.
In the bedroom, he finally can do what he wishes with you… the first thing he does is press you against the bed, jumping on your neck and filling it with lustful kisses and bites, just as he wished. Maybe, if you allow him, he will try to strangle you while you are fucking… but don’t worry, if you are against it, he will not do that…
Tumblr media
Rook already knew about your soft spot even before you had told him, even tho, he fakes a surprised reaction. Of all of them, he is the one who teases you most, giving kisses and hickeys in public, sometimes even in front of people. He just doesn’t care for who is watching, he just wants to show you his eternal love for you.~
He is the one that most pays attention to this area in the bedroom, since after all, he wants to please you above it all. He will place romantic kisses and soft touches there... maybe he would even wrap your neck around a beautiful dog collar with a lash to pull you…!
Tumblr media
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privatejoker · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
the emperor reversed
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bronko-plz-no · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Just an ordinary Rook standing there watching
shit fuck
it cannot be
Tumblr media
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squid-god-supreme · 2 months ago
Rateing rooks card art/fits
This is mainly for @wildnya because they're a rook simp, but be warned I won't hold back, also who should I do next?
Tumblr media
Alright I love rooks school uniform look!! I love his hat and his pose!! I also like his gloves a lot, overall the fit is boring because it's standard school uniform but his pose and hat are fantastic
Tumblr media
Honestly one of my favorite rook looks aksksnwn I personally think he's so attractive with his hair pulled back and I love the camo cap also I love how brod his shoulders look in this pose
Tumblr media
Alright I love his expression in the first one! He looks sweet but focused! I like the second one too honestly rook has such nice expressions, my big critique is that there could be more going on do it's a little bland
Tumblr media
Ugh he looks so good here!! I love the sas and expression of the first one and the second is just so fun! It's really full of life and personality
Tumblr media
Look at this dramatic french- honestly another card with tons of personality and his hands look so pretty I like it
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I love the first one!! The smirk, the half covered face shadow, the way he crouches and looks so confident! Ugh I love this card he really looks fabulous! I hate the second one. The second one feels very stiff and underwhelming compared to the first it really looks kinda goofy
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Once again I'm here to push ponytail rook propaganda the first one is literally so good! The pose really highlights his physique and he looks to be enjoying himself. The second one is my favorite rook card!! He looks confident hot and in his element, hunt me for sport sir- he looks amazing and so teasing with how he just casually sits there like he's won
Tumblr media
Berries and cream berries and cream- I don't like his ghost marriage outfit I'm sorry- I think it's the hair I feel like they could have styled it different like they did ace ya know? But the more I look at it the more I like the suit it's self. On a positive note I love the high pants I feel like they show off his long legs
This had been I rook review, I look forward to the next review
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seraphinitegames · a month ago
If rook was alive, how drastically would that affect the story?
It would be a completely different story! Some of the things that will happen wouldn't happen, as well as Rebecca likely be wholly different and not even meeting UB in the first place!
If it's a parallel universe, it would be an unrecognisable one to the story we're all in now, hehe! :D
Thank you so much for the ask! :)
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twincovesgame · 16 days ago
I know he’s demisexual and demiromantic, but has Rook ever had romantic feelings and/or sexual attraction for anyone before MC?
He hasn’t. He didn't realize how he felt wasn’t how everyone felt at first… he thought his peers were just sleeping together because that’s what was done… so he did it too. He didn't figure out they actually were truly enjoying themselves until later. Then he stopped, and he started keeping to himself.
Most faeries are only interested in superficial relationships, though. Really getting to know someone, having an emotion connection… it’s just not done in Rook’s world. So there isn’t a lot of opportunity for Rook to find someone he can grow close to and develop romantic and sexual attraction to.
But he doesn’t feel he needs a partner… mostly because the faeries of the courts don’t really do committed romantic partnerships. And he’s not interested in having a string of casual lovers.
This is also why Rook’s route is such a slow burn... he does get to know MC. They become friends (partly against his will)… then he starts having more-than-friends feelings for them… and he has no idea what the fuck that’s about… so he pushes them away in his confusion.
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kavohh707 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Shiny spooky bird - Rook in autumn sun.
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