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#rook hunt
ikathousandflowers · 2 days ago
So I tried editing and translating some LINE stickers of twst! I'm not good at editing so I'm sorry if it's trash LMAO
(I created this only for fun, I also want my friends and I to use it. I might make some more)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
added deuce and trey lol
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Hello! Could I request Ruggie, Idia, & Rook reacting to their s/o trying to scare them with a spooky costume? Like the grim reaper with special effects, or just jumping out of a closet or something 😅
Also thank you and Happy Halloween!! 🎃🍬
Curiouser and Curiouser...
Tumblr media
The best reaction you can get out of Ruggie is a slight jump and the widening of his eyes. He reflexes are quick, so he reacts and recovers from surprise just as fast as he first perceived it and tensed up, preparing for a fight.
"What, it’s just you? Yeesh, don't startle me like that! I almost dropped Leona-san's lunch. He'd really chew me out if I messed up his meal..." Ruggie catches your expression and snickers to himself. “Aw, don’t be like that~ You have plenty of other unsuspecting prey to jump.”
You may not have gotten Ruggie spooked, but he offers you his “services” to help spook others. The plan is this: you’ll pose as a ghost, and Ruggie will use his magic to move around a target’s limbs at your command. You’re his partner in crime, and Ruggie’s yours--and together, you tear up the town with ghoulish shrieks.
At the end of the night, your blood’s pumping, and you’re lightheaded from an adrenaline rush. Ruggie lends you his shoulder to lean on as he walks you home, letting the cool night breeze lift your tired soul.
Right as he’s about to turn tail and head home himself, he slips something into your hand: a single piece of candy, seemingly conjured from thin air, and a quick kiss to your temple. “Nishishishi. Don’t look so shocked! Those’re your treats for your tricks. It’s a two-for-one deal today.”
Tumblr media
Idia's almost always jumpy by default, so the moment you pop out with a monstrous shriek, Idia screams just as loud as you. He stumbles over his own feet in an effort to get away, and ends up falling flat on his back, paralyzed with fear.
Idia's so terrorized that he immediately launches into a surrender speech. "I-If you're a God of Death come to c-claim my soul, y-you can have it!! I-I won't fight back! A hopelessly weak otaku shut-in like me isn't strong enough to fend off death, I'm only strong enough for opening snacks and pressing controller buttons...!! Do whatever you want to me, j-just don't lay a finger on Ortho...!!"
When Idia manages to get a closer look at you, he regains a bit of his composure. but still clings to you for support as he catches his breath. Once fully recovered, he chastises you for “cheating” and going for “the cheapest trick in the book”, jump scares. He knows you can do way better.
Idia rambles (in that very “Idia” way of his) about various reference materials and how you can “level up” your surprise attacks. Movies, video games, anime... until he ultimately decides that explaining would take too long, you’ve just got to experience these things for yourself to see why they’re so great!
He offers to escort you to a good viewing space in Ignihyde, shyly offering a milky hand to you. You happily accept—and the moment your fingers meet, it’s like sparks have rushed up his arm, setting a brand new fire on Idia’s face.
Tumblr media
You can't get the upper hand on Rook, no matter how hard you try. This sharp hunter can sense you coming from miles away, and he's always prepared to counterattack.
Just as you leap out to scare him, he’ll expertly dodge, sweeping you up in his arms to catch your fall. Before you know what’s happening, Rook is dipping you, letting your back form a graceful arch as he gazes lovingly into your eyes. “Quelle chance, for our paths to cross again like this. Truly, we are a destined couple, non?”
You laugh it off well enough, but Rook can tell that there’s a part of you that’s disappointed you weren’t able to one-up him. And so, the next time you attempt to scare him, he puts on a grand act.
With staggering steps backward, he throws a hand on his forehead and the other over his heart, collapsing in a dramatic heap on the floor. Rook starts a soliloquy, explaining how scared he is in painstaking detail, sprinkling in the occasional theatrical shudder or sob.
He finishes his act by declaring that his heart has stopped from fright and that he can only be awoken by true love’s kiss--then he reclines on the floor and closes his eyes, pretending to be out cold. After a few moments of awkwardness, Rook cracks an eye open and passes you a sly grin, then closes his eyes again... awaiting your fated kiss of revival.
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urstruly-ghst · a day ago
Ghosty~ May I request for idia, rook, sebek, and epel with a s/o who loves to declare things, and then one day she suddenly says "I love you, so I will marry you and we'll live together with our pet cow" 🙈 Love you and always stay safe 💖
note : uou to have someone boldly say that is a dream, even more so for these lovely gents! ilyt anon, u are a ✨!
Tumblr media
rook hunt
To declare such things to the Rook Hunt, one must know that he is dead serious. Rook has always knew the virtue of chivalry, one must be able to stick to the word you declared. From miniscule things such as promising to eat 3 times a day, to grand ones as loving him to the ends of the Earth, he would mark them in stone!
But, even if he knew that your declarations of love was your flamboyant theatrics that you either got from him or it came to you naturally, he doesn't doubt the love you cradle; he just finds it quite bizarre you make these heavy promises with not much thought!
Fret not, however, he is accepting of your love and words, and dreams for your lovely future together. He also has this slight flush on his cheeks when you two are sharing these declarations! He might make it a competition, if you so desire.
However, one cannot prepare him for the time you boldly declared in front of his dorm how you "want to get married with a pet cow"! Oh, how you play with his heart like a fiddle, he swore he never felt such rush and high. Such declaration so casually said, it just feels so surreal and intimate!
Rook, however, wants this moment to be short in public, and quite the prolonged one in private. He doesn't know or quite understand on what to do with situations such as this, a proposal? Why, he didn't expect one at such moment, but he would always have one answer: "yes, I do want that"
Tumblr media
epel felmier
For Epel, your declarations were not much, he just assumed it was your odd love language. however, that doesn't mean he isn't flustered by your declarations that are so forefront. Epel finds it quite the show, really.
It did take him quite a while to get used to your theatrics and flowery words, it just felt new ,overwhelmingly new, to him, getting a partner and now having said partner declare these things? Was this even normal? Was this what romance truly is?
Epel, while being somewhat nonchalant to your words, is actually very responsive. He can be the cocky man you rarely see in him, or you can find his very sweet and loving side that seems so soft to you. It depends on which type of Epel you find to encounter, but it is usually the latter part you get.
Even if he was responsive most of the time, he does get stunned every once in a while, like for now. One day, when you declared so loudly how you want to settle down into his farm life and get married with a pet cow? Epel needed a breather on that.
He was red all over, imagining so many things at once when you said that, but he gave a glossy eyed smile and nodded happily to that request? Declaration? He wasn't sure, nor does he care, Epel's moralle boosted, its such a huge thing for him! You think he's manly enough to consider as your husband? And you want to live the life he loves so?! Epel is sure that you won't regret that declaration, he would also make sure it'll come true!
Tumblr media
idia shroud
Well, Idia always blushes at whatever affectionate word you spew out to him, be it a simple "I love you" to the outlandish proposals declarations you give! Idia is always smiling and blushing at that.
He is still trying to grip on the fact you two are together amidst your trials of understanding Idia to knowing about who he truly is, it was honestly draining for the both of you, but he always feels at peace when you give him your proclamations of love and affirmation on his way filled with insecurity.
That being said, he still hasn't gotten used to your declarations, he does respond now unlike before where he just be frozen and smiling while heating up! However, he goes back to square one of that stage of accepting when you suddenly declared you want marriage with him, alongside a nice family cow.
Idia was silent while you were trying to understand his reaction, you felt yourself feel more in love when Idia was heating up and scrambling to get on his knees, yes, his knees. While kneeling he held both of your hands in his and looked down, trying to be romantic as possible while heating up quickly.
In his mind, this was a proposal, so Idia, out of impulse, kneeled down and tried to do a proposal too. Yes, it seems so out of character for him, but he knows how much you do to understand him, he thinks the least he can do is do a good proposal, right?
Tumblr media
sebek zigvolt
How bold of you to promise such things to Sebek, the one person who can't literally take anything as a joke, everything is serious for him. Sebek would, like Rook, imbed the promises you have deep into his memory and soul.
Sebek is also quite shocked by your sweet words whenever or how many times you said, its probably because he never knew that your love for him reaches such lengths. And since he takes things very nicely, he tends to promise to you too, its an exchange, however, he was still tame compared to you.
He promises something along the lines you promised, you promised to eat on time? He promises to eat a healthy amount, and he makes sure to do it, if he breaks at least one by accident, he would grovel at your knees.
Although, with that scenario in mind, imagine his mind when he heard you declare you want to get married and with a cow. He knew this could be another one of your flamboyant words, he still is at a shock on what to do. Should he do something about it?
Sebek blushes and coughs into his hand, before shyly looking down at his feet, he gently took your hands and whispered soothing promises and words. He says he's not ready for marriage quite yet, he still has his youth needing to figure out, HOWEVER, he would love a life like that with you. Only you. Just wait, and keep his words in mind, he'd make sure your declaration would come to fruition!
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harfanfare · a day ago
Idk if you open your reqs, if you felt comfortable then could you write "How to win a hear of" for Rook please? You could ignore it if you felt uncomfortable though.
How to win a heart of Rook Hunt?
Tumblr media
1. Be.
Blink, blink. Inhale. Exhale.
You can't really prove anything, but you are sure that the clock that hangs above Train's desk is broken. Its hands are still staying in the same place, but when you doze off and check the time again, they seem to stay in the same place, if not going backwards.
You can't recognize any words from Train's monotone speech. Whenever he raises his tone, socking some poor student who sits at the front desk, is the only time you look up from your doodles scribbled on the cover of your notebook. They were getting more swirled with each minute; since this class, among the quick sketches Lucius, there appeared a weird-looking elephant in question and some fancy cake. Though, there is still a space for another decoration on the icing.
Luckily, Trein doesn't overlook class notes.
You muffle your yawn discreetly by covering your mouth.
After that, the sleepy and dull atmosphere should have just continued.
But no. There is some tension on your arms as if your body reacted by instinct, the one that turns on when you feel like you're in an unknown zone, carefully trying to make your way out of that internal Tierra Incognita.
And there it is. That irresistible impression of being observed, which brings an overwhelming feeling; almost suffocating and sticking to every part of your body, but warm, as if filled with adoration and joy.
...You will have to judge yourself if having such an admirer is a good thing. Especially if the admirer is Rook Hunt himself.
2. Lie.
"Could you stop that?" you ask aloud. "Rook Hunt."
To be completely honest with yourself, you aren't sure if he's around. In those few days, you almost got used to the gaze that follows you like an animal who is curious about a new human being, you. But also, you could never forget how each wild animal would effortlessly take you down.
From behind you, bushes don't rustle, when Rook Hunt steps in. You turn around to see him with a bright smile on his face. He seems very proud of something, and for the first time, you are sure that he was the one who followed you for days.
He stands in front of you as his gaze caresses every part of your body. He doesn't seem uncomfortable with open starring, but your arms stiffen a little.
"My, what a surprise!" He says after his eyes land on your face. You already know that he is the type of guy who never averts his gaze when talking to someone, but at first, that gesture is slightly intimidating. "Never have I supposed that you could actually spot me, Trickster-san!"
"So it was you?" The question arises before you can think of a better answer. Rook gives you a smile anyway. "Oh, well... Now that you're here, I can complain to you personally."You take a big breath. "Stop following me. I feel uncomfortable when I know that I can't relax anywhere."
"Oh, ma faute! I severely underestimated your observation skills...! However, I never noticed you feeling any negative emotion other than awkwardness when you spotted me. I think you smiled more." At this thought, or to visualize you the situation, his corners of mouth quirk up. "I am dazzled by you and I feel like I wouldn't be wrong if I guessed that you were happy with that attention. Didn't you like it?"
And there comes that lie, that contradicts the whole truth you have acknowledged by last week.
3. Show that you're willing to talk to him.
Your gaze lands on his silhouette, as he with the charm of every Pomefiore student, takes notes. He always seems upbeat, wanting to agree and conclude with the teacher's every word, but listens in silence.
There is no power in you to tear away your gaze. Again, for the third time in this lesson.
"I went crazy!" You think to yourself as the ring of long-desired bell fills the hallway and students leave their classes. "Did I guilt-trip myself or something, to think about him that much AFTER I missed a chance to befriend him?"
As you glance from your desk, you notice how Rook already left the class. Although you knew it will be really hard to find him now, after classes ended and bumping into each other is almost impossible, you quickly threw your books into the bag and run out the door.
Never have you known that Rook could that skillfully blend into the background.
Of course, you heard rumours. His posture, the way he entered classes and actively participated on each topic always gleamed with agility and grace. And mysteriously, he always knew you were looking at him. Back then, the smile never left his face.
Gravel rattled under your feet and you knocked a few pebbles away with your foot. After twenty minutes of searching, you weren't convinced that your childhood hide-and-seek talent was really as impeccable as you thought it would be. Rook Hunt wasn't hiding behind any of the bushes you passed.
He was above you.
Perched on a tall but sturdy branch, he can't help but stare at your distant figure littering the outside of the NRC. His eyes sparkle when you accidentally—or maybe not? Maybe these were those childhood skills—you lift your head up, and your gaze immediately lands on Rook's purple uniform.
"Looking for me?" He speaks in his melodic voice, smooth and clear as honey. "Moi, I am truly honoured!" His smile changes. It's hard to tell from the distance, but instead of his usual smile, there is now something resembling a smirk. "Perhaps I caught your attention~?"
4. Become a hunter
And by “hunter” there is no meaning of graduating NRC and travelling around the world to chase after animals of exotic species. No, the type of hunter that Rook needs and desires is a person who would challenge him and play with him a little.
The rule of the game is simple; find others' weaknesses first.
It isn't a friendly competition but isn't the enemy one either. It's a competition between rivals who don't want the duel in the end.
The rook may be awfully good at this game, but you will be a better target. Uncatchable. You hope so.
"I'd like to stop our little game," a familiar voice greets you as you open the door to the corridor from your room. Making way for you, he takes a step back with the grace of a dancer rather than a student or hunter.
You look at him in surprise. It takes you a moment to process his words and come up with an answer. "Huh. Are you changing your... 'target'?"
You can't hide the disappointment in your voice, and it echoes so loudly that you surprise yourself. The unexpected mix of feelings on your face makes Rook chuckle elegantly.
"Oh, no, no! After making a reconnaissance among most of your community circles, would you like to know what I found? Saying it works rather against me, but apart from a few unfair opinions, I found only your qualities..." He sigs with resignation he did not feel. A smile is painted on his lips, sincere though not wide enough to show his teeth. "I find it difficult to keep up this game when I can examine you personally."
Rook grasps your hand. More than gentlemanly culture would allow, he takes your arm and pulls you away into a side corridor. "Would you like to go on a walk? I'd love to talk to the person I've been hearing from a lot lately." Another smile. What is with these smiles? Neither seems identical to the previous ones, just like snowflakes are never the same. Each one makes your chest burst with different emotions. "Not that I regret it."
5. Be, but be yourself.
You really don't want Rook Hunt in your room. There are so many things you hope you have already thrown away, but knowing your rotten luck, Rook Hunt will find something that will you have forgotten. You'll probably end up embarrassing yourself when trying to explain anything.
After all, your room is the place that almost defines you. Once you knew you will be staying in your dorm for a while, you started buying the decorations, placing most of them after only second thought and two more items in your shopping cart.
Now you realise how many items you bought impulsively.
"Please, don't," your muffled voice behind the closed door makes Rook smile. You glance around the room trying to find some reasoning. But will you be convincing? That's another thing. "My room is a mess."
"No need to worry, I already know how organized you are," he says smoothly, leaning on the door's handle and making you use more strength to keep the door closed. "Perhaps you are hiding something?"
"From you? Never!"
"Fufu~ Well, I believe that. I already checked your room—" these words make you hold your breath and crack the door open a bit, just to see how amusement glints in his eyes, "—and I don't believe you could create any big mess in just three hours."
"Never know," you glare at him, before examining the locks on your door. "I may surpass your expectations someday."
"You already do," he corrects you.
You can't hold back the sigh.
6. Spend some time together.
Can you and Rook call yourselves friends? "Yes," he would answer if someone asked him. And you, though you didn't think about it any longer, would nod in the reply given the amount of time you two had spent together.
Even if your rivalry is now gone—the idea of spending time with each other to discover each other has faded after only a few months of knowing each other. Rook probably still remembers the rules, the date and time of the game were re-write, but he also seemed to enjoy the change.
Now he has no qualms about dropping into your room at midnight to show you some nocturnal insect that you were talking about during the break.
Eventually, a certain, constantly developing routine had formed between you;
In the morning you are greeted by a new flower on your desk. You put it in a vase, your other hand flicking through an encyclopaedia of plants. You bought it when some student from the alchemy circle made you realise that this could be the language of flowers. He was not wrong.
You have at least one class a day together, you eat meals together incredibly often—never in the cafeteria. Always at the Botanical Garden or on an outdoor bench, you enjoy eating from the outdoor cafeteria.
Somehow, Rook can sense when you're in trouble. Mostly with some classes or tests. He's always eager to help, and more often than not will tell you the whole topic in an accessible way and add his own opinion or juicy facts off-topic.
"Good night," was never said 'just by'. Rook has made sure of that. He forces you to look him straight in the eyes, where tiny stars shine. "I'll see you tomorrow."
7. Have insecurity.
If you thought you could never surprise Rook Hunt, you were wrong.
He is shocked. And you aren't really sure why.
"That's unbelievable!"
You can't find a trace of dishonesty or sarcasm on his face when he starts asking questions. His brows furrow from worry and he isn't going to keep quiet about anything that just crossed his head. He opens his mouth to say something, but when he notices how you evade his gaze, he holds his breath, before bringing your hand to his lips.
Your heart flutters when he plants a kiss on the back of your hand. The place he kissed you is already burning with pleasant warmth—an invisible stamp of his lips that leave you with a vivid memorial of his touch.
Knowing he has your attention, he smiles lightheartedly. "If you could only see yourself just as I see you..."
8. Daydream.
The pages of your notebook that is supposed to be full of notes, is blank. You stare at the wall vapidly, while your mind is focused on anything but a lecture.
The chime of ring ending a class isn't enough to drive through thought haze.
"What are you thinking about, hm~?" Rook spoke up. There was amusement in his voice and his eyes brightened, though his hitherto hidden presence would have startled most other people. Not you, after so many situations where Rook had perpetuated your belief that he was some incredibly handsome type of phantom that could appear anywhere.
Living in fear that Rook Hunt would scare you while you were pouring hot tea into your mug and lead to tragedy, has strengthened your psyche.
This time he is on a thick branch of a tree growing close to the school building. You aren't sure if he had climbed it on the trunk itself or if he had jumped down from the window of one classroom to get there.
You turn your head up to look at him. Or rather, at his darkened silhouette, as the autumn sun, which pierces through the branches and tinted the leaves with warm colours, illuminates him from behind. "Would you like to try and guess?"
A sincere smile appears on Rook's face.
"Oh, so we are playing that way?" He runs his hand over feathers attached to his hat, not taking his eyes off you. "Fufu, what kind of secrets may conceal such a lovely heart of yours?"
9. Have that cliché romance in your head.
Tap... tap, tap...
Rain is gently falling down on the window glass.
You can't believe that it started now when you were spending your break outside, ten minutes of walk to the campus. Twenty, whenever you'd like to walk while using your bag to cover your head (you knew that it would not prevent you from getting all wet, and probably some of your books might get destroyed) or you could run for your life, trip on the now slippery path and come to your dorm being anything but fine or clean.
"And here was I wondering where my favourite was," you don't need to look up to know whose hand is placed on your shoulder. You haven't realised how your body got colder by the evening breeze until the warmth of his touch comforted you.
When your eyes finally lay on him, you notice how his hair ends are wet, uniform saturated, shoes and a hat—rain-soaked. He tightly holds an umbrella that is still not extended, even if the rain started a while ago.
"Did you run here...?" You ask, now quite concerned he might get sick. Emphasis on might, because you still don't know if his immune system isn't actually immortal, based on how he gets out of most of the collage-dangerous situations unscathed. But still concerned.
"Thought perhaps you could use some helping hand," he says with noticeable softness in his voice; it makes your heart melt, even when it's that cold, windy evening. "Or an umbrella."
"...Thank you."
He doesn't hand you an umbrella; he opens it, makes you hold his arm, as he covers you two from the rain with an umbrella.
The air is brisk, and it's getting pretty dark. Rook navigates you through the school grounds paths and warns you about every obstacle. You may not recognize each way when there's only a little light, but you're sure this way certainly doesn't lead to school.
"I am taking the longer route," he says, when you ask him. "A walk in the rain...! How romantic! I've been waiting so long for this moment."
"Of course!" Rook smiles at you. "I even stole all your umbrellas to make this moment happen."
10. You can't run away. Not anymore.
He is everything.
How did Rook manage to be everything you could ever want and need? How could he got to your heart, not break it and keep it as his treasure?
("Oh, did you see that? That was my Trickster! They are full of surprises, aren't they?")
He is always there to help you,
("Calm down, calm down, I am here... I will treat that wound right away, so don't move around much, mon chéri.")
fight for you,
("Don't worry. I will just check how guys that hit you are doing," you still remember the cold smile on Rook's lips when he was reassuring you.)
appreciate you,
("My, what a great day! To see such a beautiful individual right in the morning? Such a blessing it is!")
care for you,
("What am I doing at midnight at your window, you ask? Fufu, I might tell you if you're so interested! I wanted to see how the most interesting person in our college is doing because you smiled three times less than yesterday. So? Who shattered your heart today, mon chéri?")
and love you unconditionally.
"I love you," he says as each part of his body screams it. His eyes are filled with hope, sunshine and moonlight, arms move unconsciously your way as if he wanted to reach for your warmth. "And since you know that..." He moves his hands back and places the right one on his chest. "This is the heart I offer you. Will you take care of it for me, mon chéri?"
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sylois · 2 days ago
FINALLY Twst Line sticker!
This is what I want for a long time! You can purchase the sticker on Line sticker shop.
[Twisted Wonderland]
The sticker only in Japan region.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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not-idia-shroud · 2 days ago
Ace: Please bring home PURIFIED water with NO minerals added for taste
Rook: We got spring water
Mc: NO.
Ace: with EXTRA minerals
Rook: it's like licking a stalagmite
Ace: Mmmmm cave water
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alynabeatley · 2 days ago
Twisted Wonderland LINE stickers (for region Japan only)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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deceitful-darlings · 13 hours ago
To Be Her Shield
A commission for @tri3tri
[Evil AU] Yandere!Rook Hunt x Fem!MC
Trying to survive in NRC isn’t easy, this time you were lucky Rook was there, weren’t you?
Length: 1.8k
Tumblr media
He was used to watching, it was something had done his whole life. Was it really a surprise that he had taken to watching the new innocent student that had stumbled into NRC? Observing her had become one of his favourite pastimes, seeing her plan and manipulate situations so that she could survive was always interesting, he wanted to see how long she could survive, so that’s how he found himself here, watching her being cornered in a silent corridor by a Savanaclaw student who currently had a hand wrapped around her arm with a smile that was enough to send a visible shiver down her spine. She probably thought she was being smart, she’d gotten to know the layout of the school early on, she learned the backways to get to places, the unused passages and which places were good to use at specific times of day for being deserted, she was smart.
But she’d been complacent, she’d likely gotten too used to things going her way from her many escapes from sticky situations. She’d made the mistake of not checking if she was being followed, and the result of that complacency was her current predicament. Her expression was nervous as she glanced from side to side, trying to see if there was any way to slip past the hulking form of the beastman in front of her, but her attempts to create an escape plan were cut short by a fist slamming into the stone of the wall right next to her face. She yelped, flinching away on instinct as her free hand came up to shield her face.
“Thinking you can get away you stupid bitch?”
He couldn’t see the expression on his face from his vantage point further down the corridor in the shadows, but the fear in her eyes was enough for him to imagine the deranged smile he was directing at her. He was Savanaclaw, brutishly strong and faster than her. She was in trouble, being isolated in this place was normally a good thing, but now she was probably cursing her decision, while having other around her would be useful, besides himself of course, there was no guarantee that any other student would help her and they certainly didn’t feel shame in harming someone in front of other people, but at the least they would likely pick a fight with the student pinning her, giving her a chance to slip away.
But she didn’t still didn’t give up, grabbing the hand wrapped around her upper arm, trying to pry it off. His fingers didn’t budge at her tugging, instead tightening to the point he could see the skin whiten and cave under his hand, lifting her off the ground by the limb, leaving her dangling in his grasp for a moment before levering his hand upwards and bringing it down harshly, throwing her upwards before she was suddenly thrown forward with immense strength. Her body went crashing forward, unable to correct herself, her body slamming into the stone of the floor. He could come to her aid no doubt, but he simply didn’t want to, her expressions of pain and desperation too beautiful for him to cut short, no, he would let this play out.
He continued to watch as she lifted her head from the floor with unclear eyes. Dazed, she shook her head, but before she could try and catch the breath that had been forced out of her, but unknown the her, the student behind her lifted his foot into the air before violently smashing it down into her back just below her ribs, knocking the little air she had out of her lung in a pain filled wheeze.
“You’ve been a pain in the ass sneaking around like a rat. Think you’re smarter than us? A smug bitch like you needs to be put in your place, you’re nothing!” His foot hooked under her waist, rolling her over with it before smashing his foot down on her again, and then she was struggling to breathe. Panic started to set into her features, her legs kicking out as her hands came up to grasp at his shin, her nails digging into and raking across his jeans, trying to press them into the solid muscle of his leg to get him to get off, but he didn’t budge, just looking down at her with a sadistic smirk as she thrashed under his foot.
“Eh, does the little rat want to get away? Too bad, you’ve pissed me off with all your running around, I’m sick of seeing your pathetic tries to hide. Maybe caving your face in’ll be enough to calm me down.” He grinned, balling his hand into a fist and bringing it up next to his head. “We’ll just have to see, won’t we?”
She sucked in all the breath she could before clamping her eyes shut, and at that point he’d seen enough. He was an observer normally, he enjoyed watching her struggle and thrash and struggle to survive, there was beauty in her desperation to survive, but there was something in the idea of her dying to the brutality of a no name Savanaclaw student that simply didn’t appeal to him. Was it that her body would be mutilated and torn to shreds, that she wouldn’t remain beautiful in such a death? But his reasoning didn’t matter, nocking an arrow, he pulled back the bowstring, feeling the familiar tension before releasing. With her eyes still closed, she wouldn’t see as the arrow flew forwards, cutting through the air with terrifying precision before it sliced through its target, lodging itself through the first of her perpetrator, the unexpected pain blew his eyes wide as a scream left him. The pain heightening his senses, adrenaline pumping through his veins sending tremors through his muscles as he jumped to the side, scanning the hallway with the fierce eyes an injured animal that made his blood run warm, his hand grasped around his injured wrist where the arrow locked his palm and some of his fingers together in a fist.
“Who the fuck did that?!” He had to hold in his laugh and the ferocity of his tone, enjoying the moment of watching a scared, cornered animal try to figure out how a situation they had believed to be under their control went so wrong.
“Ah, my apologies monsieur! That would be me.” His footsteps from his side of the hallway rung clear, but his accent would give him away before he stepped into the light.
“Rook Hunt.” The student snarled, his hand circled around the wrist of his damaged hand as he glared at him. But when he began to twitch his hand, he could only laugh.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you monsieur, if you try to tear that arrow out, you’ll rip off at least one of your fingers and damage at least one more beyond repair.” His eyes narrowed. “I would suggest getting yourself to the infirmary, an injured predator becomes prey quickly, non?”
The student snarled again, but after a moment he slunk past the two of them with a harsh glare before walking down the hall.
“Thank you.” He looked towards her, taking in her rare disheveled appearance, her shirt untucked, rumpled, and stained with the debris from the bottom of the student’s boot, hair ruffled and unkempt, skin paler than normal, shaking even as she tried to sit up and support herself, how lovely she looked, even like this.
“There’s no need to thank me, mon chéri, is it not the duty of a gentleman to protect a lady? Speaking of which-“ she looked at him in confused wonder as he nocked another arrow, turning to face the way the student had begun to walk. By the time he had released the arrow and he turned back to face her, her look of wonder turned to one of shock, morphing into fear as a heavy thump sounded from further down the corridor. “Are you alright?”
“Did...Did you kill him?” Her voice was small and weak, her overall appearance more akin to a delicate baby bird than a human, he could only smile as she winced back from the hand he offered her, so he drew it back to his chin.
“Ah, mon chéri, you are still so innocent! Do you think he would’ve let you go? Such a beast would never let his prey escape him, he would’ve hunted you once more as soon as he could. There’s only one way to stop such a brute.”
“I could hide, there must be some other way!” He shook his head with a dramatic sigh.
“Could you truly do so forever my dear? You have experienced it yourself, you know the ugly reality of this place, do you not? Such a delicate maiden is easy prey here, for you it is the most dangerous.”
“You do not wish to kill?” He smiled. “You don’t need to fear! I too would prefer for your hands to not be stained with red! If that is the case, why do we not work together?”
“What do you mean?”
“Come to me. I can be your shield, I can protect you so you never feel such fear and brutality again, your hands can remain clean at my side.”
“But what do I give you?” He knelt to her level, taking her hand in his and laying a kiss to the back of it.
“The pleasure of your company is enough of a gift, mon chéri, for you are the only one in this place that is still untainted, simply staying with me is payment enough. I ask for nothing more, I swear on my honour.”
The two remained in silence for a moment, it seemed that she was thinking over the offer, her frazzled mind likely trying to compare the pros and cons of the deal offered to her. But the two of them knew as well as the other did that she wasn’t strong enough to survive in NRC alone, so looking up at him, she reluctantly nodded.
“ Ah, magnifique! The two of us shall have a most splendid time, I promise you! But first I believe we should take you to the infirmary, you look quite shaken mon chéri.”
“Oh, no. There’s no need-“
“Nonsense! I promised to protect you, no?” He lifted her into his arms, holding her so that her focus was towards her own embarrassment rather than the body the two would walk past, and as she flushed against his shoulder, he could no longer hold in the satisfied smile where she clung to him. He certainly made the right choice in allowing her to see the truth of NRC, the body they walked past wouldn’t be the last to add to the pile of kills in her name, but he could at least thank his sacrifice for driving her into his arms.
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thehollowwriter · 2 days ago
Bathtime With the Twst Boys Part Five: Pomefiore
Tumblr media
Meticulously washing Vil's hair and deep conditioning it whilst he relaxes with a face mask and flower petal bath bombs
"Don't forget to use my conditioner, not yours, darling." Vil murmured, letting out a content sigh as he relaxed in the bath. You smiled as you scrubbed at his hair. "Don't worry, I won't make that mistake again." The last time that happened, Vil had been an utter mess. He forgave you, though as payment you had to partake in his health/training regime for a a week.
"If I have to lift dumbells again I will vanish from the earth." Vil chuckled. "Don't be so dramatic, darling, you survived. Besides, don't you get plenty of training from all those overblots?" You pursed your lips. "True. It was all the dorm leaders though. Weird." Vil smiled. "Ah, we all know I'd never let that happen." "Of course you wouldn't." You responded. Then tugged on his hair. "If you do, I'll be coming after you in your sleep."
Rook is doing the absolute most by singing praises but also dramatically flailing his arms. ...Sir, the floor is getting soaked-
D"Ah! Such silky smooth hair! Glossy and luxurious! Absolutely magnifique!" Rook continued to prattle in French, praising you while... observing your hair. He was making a multitude of dramatic gestures, sending the water flying out of the tub and all over the tub.
You laughed, slightly nervous at his excitement over something as simply as your hair, and grabbed his hands. "Rook, honey, you're going to splash all of the water out." Room just smiled at you. "If it means that I'll get to see more of your beautiful self, then so be it!" You shook your head. "What am I going to do with you..."
Epel's hair looks soft and fluffy. He'd probably lean back into your touch when you start running your fingers through it.
Soft. That was the first thought that entered your mind when Epel- after a lot of grumbling- let you touch his hair. Soft. Silly. Supple. A lot of words beginning with S flew through your mind. His hair amazing!
"Are you done yet?" Epel asked, Red in the face. He really didn't want to admit his nice it felt to have your fingers run through his hair. He would be teased endlessly. You smiled at him. "No. Never." Epel groaned. He was sure he was never gonna leave this bathtub at this rate..
A/N: Apologies for the wait. Here's Pomefiore in all their fluffy glory! I'll most likely be updating every 2-3 days from now on, due to schoolwork and exams.
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kiss marry kill with the pomefiore boys?
Kiss Vil. But not like... on the lips. Maybe on the cheek or something. Vil’s pretty, but that kind of beauty is too devastating for me. It’s like... you see someone so pretty, you know they’re unattainable for you. I also don’t think I’d mesh well with Vil, given how critical he is. Constructive criticism and feedback I can take, but Vil’s standards are so high that I feel like I’d never be able to meet them and I’d just end up disappointing him.
Marry Rook. Bias aside, I think Rook would be a loyal and supportive husband. Yeah, he’s got his quirks and he can be overly doting, but I think his optimism and ability to find joy in everything could keep me uplifted even in the worst of times. He’s also very perceptive, so I feel like he’d know just what to do or to say to his spouse to get them to smile or to open up to him.
Kill Epel. He’s easily my least favorite in Pomefiore. Not a fan of his looks or his personality. He’s determined, but that’s not enough to be husband material. I don’t think there’s much more for me to comment on.
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dexpairs-blog · 2 days ago
Hey lol
*shows you my Pomefiore headcanons*
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Feel free to use as icons!
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victorrayadraw · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thanks to she give me the idea and the images !!!
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