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#rook hunt x reader
Hello! Could I request Ruggie, Idia, & Rook reacting to their s/o trying to scare them with a spooky costume? Like the grim reaper with special effects, or just jumping out of a closet or something 😅
Also thank you and Happy Halloween!! 🎃🍬
Curiouser and Curiouser...
Tumblr media
The best reaction you can get out of Ruggie is a slight jump and the widening of his eyes. He reflexes are quick, so he reacts and recovers from surprise just as fast as he first perceived it and tensed up, preparing for a fight.
"What, it’s just you? Yeesh, don't startle me like that! I almost dropped Leona-san's lunch. He'd really chew me out if I messed up his meal..." Ruggie catches your expression and snickers to himself. “Aw, don’t be like that~ You have plenty of other unsuspecting prey to jump.”
You may not have gotten Ruggie spooked, but he offers you his “services” to help spook others. The plan is this: you’ll pose as a ghost, and Ruggie will use his magic to move around a target’s limbs at your command. You’re his partner in crime, and Ruggie’s yours--and together, you tear up the town with ghoulish shrieks.
At the end of the night, your blood’s pumping, and you’re lightheaded from an adrenaline rush. Ruggie lends you his shoulder to lean on as he walks you home, letting the cool night breeze lift your tired soul.
Right as he’s about to turn tail and head home himself, he slips something into your hand: a single piece of candy, seemingly conjured from thin air, and a quick kiss to your temple. “Nishishishi. Don’t look so shocked! Those’re your treats for your tricks. It’s a two-for-one deal today.”
Tumblr media
Idia's almost always jumpy by default, so the moment you pop out with a monstrous shriek, Idia screams just as loud as you. He stumbles over his own feet in an effort to get away, and ends up falling flat on his back, paralyzed with fear.
Idia's so terrorized that he immediately launches into a surrender speech. "I-If you're a God of Death come to c-claim my soul, y-you can have it!! I-I won't fight back! A hopelessly weak otaku shut-in like me isn't strong enough to fend off death, I'm only strong enough for opening snacks and pressing controller buttons...!! Do whatever you want to me, j-just don't lay a finger on Ortho...!!"
When Idia manages to get a closer look at you, he regains a bit of his composure. but still clings to you for support as he catches his breath. Once fully recovered, he chastises you for “cheating” and going for “the cheapest trick in the book”, jump scares. He knows you can do way better.
Idia rambles (in that very “Idia” way of his) about various reference materials and how you can “level up” your surprise attacks. Movies, video games, anime... until he ultimately decides that explaining would take too long, you’ve just got to experience these things for yourself to see why they’re so great!
He offers to escort you to a good viewing space in Ignihyde, shyly offering a milky hand to you. You happily accept—and the moment your fingers meet, it’s like sparks have rushed up his arm, setting a brand new fire on Idia’s face.
Tumblr media
You can't get the upper hand on Rook, no matter how hard you try. This sharp hunter can sense you coming from miles away, and he's always prepared to counterattack.
Just as you leap out to scare him, he’ll expertly dodge, sweeping you up in his arms to catch your fall. Before you know what’s happening, Rook is dipping you, letting your back form a graceful arch as he gazes lovingly into your eyes. “Quelle chance, for our paths to cross again like this. Truly, we are a destined couple, non?”
You laugh it off well enough, but Rook can tell that there’s a part of you that’s disappointed you weren’t able to one-up him. And so, the next time you attempt to scare him, he puts on a grand act.
With staggering steps backward, he throws a hand on his forehead and the other over his heart, collapsing in a dramatic heap on the floor. Rook starts a soliloquy, explaining how scared he is in painstaking detail, sprinkling in the occasional theatrical shudder or sob.
He finishes his act by declaring that his heart has stopped from fright and that he can only be awoken by true love’s kiss--then he reclines on the floor and closes his eyes, pretending to be out cold. After a few moments of awkwardness, Rook cracks an eye open and passes you a sly grin, then closes his eyes again... awaiting your fated kiss of revival.
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harfanfare · a day ago
Idk if you open your reqs, if you felt comfortable then could you write "How to win a hear of" for Rook please? You could ignore it if you felt uncomfortable though.
How to win a heart of Rook Hunt?
Tumblr media
1. Be.
Blink, blink. Inhale. Exhale.
You can't really prove anything, but you are sure that the clock that hangs above Train's desk is broken. Its hands are still staying in the same place, but when you doze off and check the time again, they seem to stay in the same place, if not going backwards.
You can't recognize any words from Train's monotone speech. Whenever he raises his tone, socking some poor student who sits at the front desk, is the only time you look up from your doodles scribbled on the cover of your notebook. They were getting more swirled with each minute; since this class, among the quick sketches Lucius, there appeared a weird-looking elephant in question and some fancy cake. Though, there is still a space for another decoration on the icing.
Luckily, Trein doesn't overlook class notes.
You muffle your yawn discreetly by covering your mouth.
After that, the sleepy and dull atmosphere should have just continued.
But no. There is some tension on your arms as if your body reacted by instinct, the one that turns on when you feel like you're in an unknown zone, carefully trying to make your way out of that internal Tierra Incognita.
And there it is. That irresistible impression of being observed, which brings an overwhelming feeling; almost suffocating and sticking to every part of your body, but warm, as if filled with adoration and joy.
...You will have to judge yourself if having such an admirer is a good thing. Especially if the admirer is Rook Hunt himself.
2. Lie.
"Could you stop that?" you ask aloud. "Rook Hunt."
To be completely honest with yourself, you aren't sure if he's around. In those few days, you almost got used to the gaze that follows you like an animal who is curious about a new human being, you. But also, you could never forget how each wild animal would effortlessly take you down.
From behind you, bushes don't rustle, when Rook Hunt steps in. You turn around to see him with a bright smile on his face. He seems very proud of something, and for the first time, you are sure that he was the one who followed you for days.
He stands in front of you as his gaze caresses every part of your body. He doesn't seem uncomfortable with open starring, but your arms stiffen a little.
"My, what a surprise!" He says after his eyes land on your face. You already know that he is the type of guy who never averts his gaze when talking to someone, but at first, that gesture is slightly intimidating. "Never have I supposed that you could actually spot me, Trickster-san!"
"So it was you?" The question arises before you can think of a better answer. Rook gives you a smile anyway. "Oh, well... Now that you're here, I can complain to you personally."You take a big breath. "Stop following me. I feel uncomfortable when I know that I can't relax anywhere."
"Oh, ma faute! I severely underestimated your observation skills...! However, I never noticed you feeling any negative emotion other than awkwardness when you spotted me. I think you smiled more." At this thought, or to visualize you the situation, his corners of mouth quirk up. "I am dazzled by you and I feel like I wouldn't be wrong if I guessed that you were happy with that attention. Didn't you like it?"
And there comes that lie, that contradicts the whole truth you have acknowledged by last week.
3. Show that you're willing to talk to him.
Your gaze lands on his silhouette, as he with the charm of every Pomefiore student, takes notes. He always seems upbeat, wanting to agree and conclude with the teacher's every word, but listens in silence.
There is no power in you to tear away your gaze. Again, for the third time in this lesson.
"I went crazy!" You think to yourself as the ring of long-desired bell fills the hallway and students leave their classes. "Did I guilt-trip myself or something, to think about him that much AFTER I missed a chance to befriend him?"
As you glance from your desk, you notice how Rook already left the class. Although you knew it will be really hard to find him now, after classes ended and bumping into each other is almost impossible, you quickly threw your books into the bag and run out the door.
Never have you known that Rook could that skillfully blend into the background.
Of course, you heard rumours. His posture, the way he entered classes and actively participated on each topic always gleamed with agility and grace. And mysteriously, he always knew you were looking at him. Back then, the smile never left his face.
Gravel rattled under your feet and you knocked a few pebbles away with your foot. After twenty minutes of searching, you weren't convinced that your childhood hide-and-seek talent was really as impeccable as you thought it would be. Rook Hunt wasn't hiding behind any of the bushes you passed.
He was above you.
Perched on a tall but sturdy branch, he can't help but stare at your distant figure littering the outside of the NRC. His eyes sparkle when you accidentally—or maybe not? Maybe these were those childhood skills—you lift your head up, and your gaze immediately lands on Rook's purple uniform.
"Looking for me?" He speaks in his melodic voice, smooth and clear as honey. "Moi, I am truly honoured!" His smile changes. It's hard to tell from the distance, but instead of his usual smile, there is now something resembling a smirk. "Perhaps I caught your attention~?"
4. Become a hunter
And by “hunter” there is no meaning of graduating NRC and travelling around the world to chase after animals of exotic species. No, the type of hunter that Rook needs and desires is a person who would challenge him and play with him a little.
The rule of the game is simple; find others' weaknesses first.
It isn't a friendly competition but isn't the enemy one either. It's a competition between rivals who don't want the duel in the end.
The rook may be awfully good at this game, but you will be a better target. Uncatchable. You hope so.
"I'd like to stop our little game," a familiar voice greets you as you open the door to the corridor from your room. Making way for you, he takes a step back with the grace of a dancer rather than a student or hunter.
You look at him in surprise. It takes you a moment to process his words and come up with an answer. "Huh. Are you changing your... 'target'?"
You can't hide the disappointment in your voice, and it echoes so loudly that you surprise yourself. The unexpected mix of feelings on your face makes Rook chuckle elegantly.
"Oh, no, no! After making a reconnaissance among most of your community circles, would you like to know what I found? Saying it works rather against me, but apart from a few unfair opinions, I found only your qualities..." He sigs with resignation he did not feel. A smile is painted on his lips, sincere though not wide enough to show his teeth. "I find it difficult to keep up this game when I can examine you personally."
Rook grasps your hand. More than gentlemanly culture would allow, he takes your arm and pulls you away into a side corridor. "Would you like to go on a walk? I'd love to talk to the person I've been hearing from a lot lately." Another smile. What is with these smiles? Neither seems identical to the previous ones, just like snowflakes are never the same. Each one makes your chest burst with different emotions. "Not that I regret it."
5. Be, but be yourself.
You really don't want Rook Hunt in your room. There are so many things you hope you have already thrown away, but knowing your rotten luck, Rook Hunt will find something that will you have forgotten. You'll probably end up embarrassing yourself when trying to explain anything.
After all, your room is the place that almost defines you. Once you knew you will be staying in your dorm for a while, you started buying the decorations, placing most of them after only second thought and two more items in your shopping cart.
Now you realise how many items you bought impulsively.
"Please, don't," your muffled voice behind the closed door makes Rook smile. You glance around the room trying to find some reasoning. But will you be convincing? That's another thing. "My room is a mess."
"No need to worry, I already know how organized you are," he says smoothly, leaning on the door's handle and making you use more strength to keep the door closed. "Perhaps you are hiding something?"
"From you? Never!"
"Fufu~ Well, I believe that. I already checked your room—" these words make you hold your breath and crack the door open a bit, just to see how amusement glints in his eyes, "—and I don't believe you could create any big mess in just three hours."
"Never know," you glare at him, before examining the locks on your door. "I may surpass your expectations someday."
"You already do," he corrects you.
You can't hold back the sigh.
6. Spend some time together.
Can you and Rook call yourselves friends? "Yes," he would answer if someone asked him. And you, though you didn't think about it any longer, would nod in the reply given the amount of time you two had spent together.
Even if your rivalry is now gone—the idea of spending time with each other to discover each other has faded after only a few months of knowing each other. Rook probably still remembers the rules, the date and time of the game were re-write, but he also seemed to enjoy the change.
Now he has no qualms about dropping into your room at midnight to show you some nocturnal insect that you were talking about during the break.
Eventually, a certain, constantly developing routine had formed between you;
In the morning you are greeted by a new flower on your desk. You put it in a vase, your other hand flicking through an encyclopaedia of plants. You bought it when some student from the alchemy circle made you realise that this could be the language of flowers. He was not wrong.
You have at least one class a day together, you eat meals together incredibly often—never in the cafeteria. Always at the Botanical Garden or on an outdoor bench, you enjoy eating from the outdoor cafeteria.
Somehow, Rook can sense when you're in trouble. Mostly with some classes or tests. He's always eager to help, and more often than not will tell you the whole topic in an accessible way and add his own opinion or juicy facts off-topic.
"Good night," was never said 'just by'. Rook has made sure of that. He forces you to look him straight in the eyes, where tiny stars shine. "I'll see you tomorrow."
7. Have insecurity.
If you thought you could never surprise Rook Hunt, you were wrong.
He is shocked. And you aren't really sure why.
"That's unbelievable!"
You can't find a trace of dishonesty or sarcasm on his face when he starts asking questions. His brows furrow from worry and he isn't going to keep quiet about anything that just crossed his head. He opens his mouth to say something, but when he notices how you evade his gaze, he holds his breath, before bringing your hand to his lips.
Your heart flutters when he plants a kiss on the back of your hand. The place he kissed you is already burning with pleasant warmth—an invisible stamp of his lips that leave you with a vivid memorial of his touch.
Knowing he has your attention, he smiles lightheartedly. "If you could only see yourself just as I see you..."
8. Daydream.
The pages of your notebook that is supposed to be full of notes, is blank. You stare at the wall vapidly, while your mind is focused on anything but a lecture.
The chime of ring ending a class isn't enough to drive through thought haze.
"What are you thinking about, hm~?" Rook spoke up. There was amusement in his voice and his eyes brightened, though his hitherto hidden presence would have startled most other people. Not you, after so many situations where Rook had perpetuated your belief that he was some incredibly handsome type of phantom that could appear anywhere.
Living in fear that Rook Hunt would scare you while you were pouring hot tea into your mug and lead to tragedy, has strengthened your psyche.
This time he is on a thick branch of a tree growing close to the school building. You aren't sure if he had climbed it on the trunk itself or if he had jumped down from the window of one classroom to get there.
You turn your head up to look at him. Or rather, at his darkened silhouette, as the autumn sun, which pierces through the branches and tinted the leaves with warm colours, illuminates him from behind. "Would you like to try and guess?"
A sincere smile appears on Rook's face.
"Oh, so we are playing that way?" He runs his hand over feathers attached to his hat, not taking his eyes off you. "Fufu, what kind of secrets may conceal such a lovely heart of yours?"
9. Have that cliché romance in your head.
Tap... tap, tap...
Rain is gently falling down on the window glass.
You can't believe that it started now when you were spending your break outside, ten minutes of walk to the campus. Twenty, whenever you'd like to walk while using your bag to cover your head (you knew that it would not prevent you from getting all wet, and probably some of your books might get destroyed) or you could run for your life, trip on the now slippery path and come to your dorm being anything but fine or clean.
"And here was I wondering where my favourite was," you don't need to look up to know whose hand is placed on your shoulder. You haven't realised how your body got colder by the evening breeze until the warmth of his touch comforted you.
When your eyes finally lay on him, you notice how his hair ends are wet, uniform saturated, shoes and a hat—rain-soaked. He tightly holds an umbrella that is still not extended, even if the rain started a while ago.
"Did you run here...?" You ask, now quite concerned he might get sick. Emphasis on might, because you still don't know if his immune system isn't actually immortal, based on how he gets out of most of the collage-dangerous situations unscathed. But still concerned.
"Thought perhaps you could use some helping hand," he says with noticeable softness in his voice; it makes your heart melt, even when it's that cold, windy evening. "Or an umbrella."
"...Thank you."
He doesn't hand you an umbrella; he opens it, makes you hold his arm, as he covers you two from the rain with an umbrella.
The air is brisk, and it's getting pretty dark. Rook navigates you through the school grounds paths and warns you about every obstacle. You may not recognize each way when there's only a little light, but you're sure this way certainly doesn't lead to school.
"I am taking the longer route," he says, when you ask him. "A walk in the rain...! How romantic! I've been waiting so long for this moment."
"Of course!" Rook smiles at you. "I even stole all your umbrellas to make this moment happen."
10. You can't run away. Not anymore.
He is everything.
How did Rook manage to be everything you could ever want and need? How could he got to your heart, not break it and keep it as his treasure?
("Oh, did you see that? That was my Trickster! They are full of surprises, aren't they?")
He is always there to help you,
("Calm down, calm down, I am here... I will treat that wound right away, so don't move around much, mon chéri.")
fight for you,
("Don't worry. I will just check how guys that hit you are doing," you still remember the cold smile on Rook's lips when he was reassuring you.)
appreciate you,
("My, what a great day! To see such a beautiful individual right in the morning? Such a blessing it is!")
care for you,
("What am I doing at midnight at your window, you ask? Fufu, I might tell you if you're so interested! I wanted to see how the most interesting person in our college is doing because you smiled three times less than yesterday. So? Who shattered your heart today, mon chéri?")
and love you unconditionally.
"I love you," he says as each part of his body screams it. His eyes are filled with hope, sunshine and moonlight, arms move unconsciously your way as if he wanted to reach for your warmth. "And since you know that..." He moves his hands back and places the right one on his chest. "This is the heart I offer you. Will you take care of it for me, mon chéri?"
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not-idia-shroud · 2 days ago
Ace: Please bring home PURIFIED water with NO minerals added for taste
Rook: We got spring water
Mc: NO.
Ace: with EXTRA minerals
Rook: it's like licking a stalagmite
Ace: Mmmmm cave water
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thehollowwriter · 2 days ago
Bathtime With the Twst Boys Part Five: Pomefiore
Tumblr media
Meticulously washing Vil's hair and deep conditioning it whilst he relaxes with a face mask and flower petal bath bombs
"Don't forget to use my conditioner, not yours, darling." Vil murmured, letting out a content sigh as he relaxed in the bath. You smiled as you scrubbed at his hair. "Don't worry, I won't make that mistake again." The last time that happened, Vil had been an utter mess. He forgave you, though as payment you had to partake in his health/training regime for a a week.
"If I have to lift dumbells again I will vanish from the earth." Vil chuckled. "Don't be so dramatic, darling, you survived. Besides, don't you get plenty of training from all those overblots?" You pursed your lips. "True. It was all the dorm leaders though. Weird." Vil smiled. "Ah, we all know I'd never let that happen." "Of course you wouldn't." You responded. Then tugged on his hair. "If you do, I'll be coming after you in your sleep."
Rook is doing the absolute most by singing praises but also dramatically flailing his arms. ...Sir, the floor is getting soaked-
D"Ah! Such silky smooth hair! Glossy and luxurious! Absolutely magnifique!" Rook continued to prattle in French, praising you while... observing your hair. He was making a multitude of dramatic gestures, sending the water flying out of the tub and all over the tub.
You laughed, slightly nervous at his excitement over something as simply as your hair, and grabbed his hands. "Rook, honey, you're going to splash all of the water out." Room just smiled at you. "If it means that I'll get to see more of your beautiful self, then so be it!" You shook your head. "What am I going to do with you..."
Epel's hair looks soft and fluffy. He'd probably lean back into your touch when you start running your fingers through it.
Soft. That was the first thought that entered your mind when Epel- after a lot of grumbling- let you touch his hair. Soft. Silly. Supple. A lot of words beginning with S flew through your mind. His hair amazing!
"Are you done yet?" Epel asked, Red in the face. He really didn't want to admit his nice it felt to have your fingers run through his hair. He would be teased endlessly. You smiled at him. "No. Never." Epel groaned. He was sure he was never gonna leave this bathtub at this rate..
A/N: Apologies for the wait. Here's Pomefiore in all their fluffy glory! I'll most likely be updating every 2-3 days from now on, due to schoolwork and exams.
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luvrbug · a month ago
Twst boy's Favorite places to kiss
(edit: i may be shadowbanned so pls comment if u see this in the tags thank u)
(a/n: sfw ofc ! i wanted to get some sort of content out, lest my blog completely whither and die)
Malleus likes to kiss your hands. He gets teased by Lilia for being so "old-fashioned".
Lilia prefers to kiss your nose. It makes you giggle, the cutest flush covering your cheeks.
Sebek is normally the one being kissed, but he's a cheek-kisser at heart. the type to text "can i kiss your cheek after school" and delete it 30 seconds later
Silver likes your shoulders, or anywhere near the shoulder-neck area. He'll wake up from napping against your shoulder, and press a sleepy kiss on your neck.
Leona's favorite pillow is your stomach, so obviously its his favorite place to kiss. If you're ticklish, i pray for you.
Ruggie likes to kiss directly between your eyebrows. It's a habit, to place a smooch there whenever he's passing by.
Jack is also a cheek kisser. He DOESN'T delete his text though. (even if his tail is between his legs while he waits for your awnser)
Azul is a temple kisser. Even when he's got a desk entirely full of paperwork, he still finds the time to give you a smooch.
Jade like to kiss your forehead. He's not really a fan of lip kisses, but his forehead kisses carry all of the words he'd ever need to say.
Floyd is an all over kisser. He doesn't have a favorite place on his beloved shrimpy; all of their body is equally kissable!
Idia is normally too embarrassed to kiss you, but he'll place a smooch on your eyelid while you sleep. (don't wake up, he'll die of embarrassment)
Vil doesn't care about smudging his lipstick when it comes to you. (he wears smudge proof anyway). He finds kissing your forehead to be soothing. A reminder that you'll always be there for him.
Rook claims to love all of your parts equally, but he pays special attention to kissing the inside of your wrists. The thrum of your pulse is soothing.
Epel is the type to ask for a hug after school. He does like to kiss your cheek, even if he does turn the colour of an apple.
Riddle isn't one for kisses in general, but he favours your lips.
Trey is also a forehead kisser, it plays into how parental he is. He'd absolutely melt if you did it back.
Cater likes your neck. It usually makes you giggle, and it just feels intimate to him. Cheek kisses are for posts, but his neck kisses show how much he cares.
Deuce would have a heart attack the moment he pressed his lips to you, but he really likes the space where your eye and nose connect.
Ace likes to kiss your stomach or any pulse point. He always wakes you up with stomach kisses.
Kalim likes to kiss everywhere! Can and Will pounce on you to smother you in kisses.
Jamil is reserved with PDA, but he loves to kiss your temple in public, and shoulders when its just you two
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honey-milk-depresso · a month ago
which twst character(s) do you think hate it when you squish/pull their cheeks? (i need this for research purposes...)
Me when I see "research purposes" : 0-0
LMAO- I- OK BESTIE- kinda sus but meh-
Leona is definitely one of them, 100%.
He'll lightly swat your hand away in annoyance, then he pinches your cheeks firmly and ask how YOU feel.
Then he'll sleep cuddle you cuz why not?
Vil also wouldn't want you pinching his cheeks as well, he doesn't want red marks on his face, but would allow you to squish them gently in private.
Jade wouldn't want you doing it in public, though he'll most likely pinch yours gently in private, and I don't think Floyd wants you to pinch his cheeks. He wants to pinch and squish yours!
Azul, Sebek, Riddle and Ace is also one who doesn't want you to pinch his cheeks in public, and would be flustered about it.
Deuce, Jack and Silver would be flustered about it, and confused.
Trey and Malleus are just confused, while Rook and Lilia teases you back with the cheek squishing and pinching.
I'm not sure about everyone else, but that's my opinion in general.
Hope it helps your research! ^^
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wolken-himmel · 2 months ago
In which (Y/n) has to play zookeeper once again, and this time look after Vil, Rook, and Epel — who turned into a peacock, falcon, and sparrow respectively.
Request by @ilovefanficstoomuch.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Aw~ what do we have here~? A cute little sparrow?"
A little giggle escaped your lips whenever the small bird with feathers coloured in a soft lavender hue would land on the table you currently sat on and look you in the eyes, almost as if he was gazing into your soul. He possessed large blue eyes that simply radiated untainted innocence and kindness — yet, something fiery and untamed hid behind that glassy facade of his.
Loud squeaks escaped his beak while he jumped up and down to catch your attention — which he managed to do with ease. Bewitched by the small creature, you bent forward and extended a hand to scratch him underneath his yellow beak. At first, the little bird happily crawed under your touch, eagerly leaning in to receive more affection which you were also eager to dish out. A large smile occupied your face, and the anger you felt towards the Pomefiore trio for arriving late to your meeting simply evaporated.
"Aren't you just adorable? So small, fragile, and—" A shrill scream escaped your throat when the sparrow opened his beak and clamped it down shut around your finger. You immediately jerked away and cradled your injured finger close to you, all the while giving the innocent bird a harsh glare. "Ouch! You evil, evil thing!"
You attempted to swat the unwanted visitor away, but the bird simply kept dodging your hand easily, almost mocking you whenever you missed a hit. A huff of frustration escaped your lip, and you were about to rise to your feet and stomp back home when suddenly, a falcon landed beside the sparrow.
Your eyes grew in size, and you almost toppled over when the predator let out a blood-curdling caw. His green eyes pinned you down in your place, thus causing you to raise your hands in fear that he would attack you if you moved just a centimetre. "Hey— where did you come from?" you asked nervously. The falcon continued to eye you, frozen in his position — that was until he jolted forward and wrapped his beak around your collar. "Wait... where are you taking me? I'm supposed to meet Vil, Rook, and Epel here! I can't just leave—!"
Yet, the falcon persisted with his large wings flattering around that obstructed your vision. The sparrow landed on your shoulder, his small claws digging into the material of your shirt. Both of them seemed to drag you into the direction of the Pomefiore dorm.
"Fine... Fine..." A sigh escaped your lips once you realised that resistance was futile. "Just don't tear up my clothes with your claws, guys."
"Huh? What happened here?" You furrowed your eyebrows once you stepped into the Pomefiore dorm which was a mess, much unlike its usual orderly and neat appearance. The fabric of the purple couches seemed to have scratches, some of the white filling visible to you. "Feathers everywhere... wait, are those peacock feathers—"
The falcon tugged and tugged until you willingly sat down with your legs crossed, after which he finally let go of you and took off elsewhere, as did the sparrow. Finally, you straightened the folds on your shirt and checked it for any tears or scratches that the two birds could have left behind. Luckily, nothing seemed too damaged, drawing a relieved sigh from you.
A strange squawking coming from in front of you made you freeze in surprise. Slowly, you raised your gaze — until you found a peacock standing just a few metres away from you, his tail feathers sprawled out wide like a fan for you to fawn over.
Immediately, your jaw fell down and your eyes lit up with wonder. "Woah— Woah! You're so pretty, little guy!" you exclaimed while clasping your hands together and scrambling over to him like a mindless zombie. The dots on his feathers mesmerised you as he intentionally swayed them back and forth, as if hypnotising you.
You spent a few minutes just watching the peacock, but the messy environment still worried you dearly — especially knowing how much it would upset Vil. So, frowning, you turned your attention away and nudged some of the broken pieces of a porcelain vase away with your foot. "But... why is the Pomefiore dorm overrun with birds?"
The peacock huffed in graceful exasperation when you turned away, only again fluffing up his feathers to capture your attention again. He succeeded, but the absent-minded frown on your face never disappeared as you eyed him with suspicious eyes. "And you three really remind me of Vil, Rook, and Epel, too!" you murmured under your breath with your intense gaze focused on the peacock, as well as the falcon and sparrow loyally standing by his side.
Your eyes flashed once it dawned on you— "Could it be—?" You tapped your lips unsurely, very much doubting your hypothesis of these three animals being your three friends.
Nonetheless, you grew restless and worried. "Maybe I should tell the headmaster—" Yet, before you could take a step towards the mirror that had brought you here, the peacock once again began swaying his feathers back and forth, successfully capturing your attention. Swoons escaped your lips as you mindlessly gawked at the display of green and blue he offered to you. "Oh—! Pretty peacock feathers!"
A silly smile grew on your lips, much to the satisfaction of the arrogant peacock. He slowly pranced towards you without you even noticing. Only when he stood right in front of you and gently nudged your idle hand with his beak did you snap out of your trance. A little giggle escaped your lips, knowing that he wanted you to pet him, as you extended a hand and obliged to his wordless request.
The peacock closed his eyes and almost shuddered under your touch, twisting his long neck in utter delight and pleasure. Yet, whenever you tried to touch his tail feathers, he would growl and glare at you until you forgot that idea of yours completely. You couldn't help but laugh at his demeanour. "You're just like the real Vil, aren't you?" you cooed as you raked your fingertips through his plumage, mimicking the process of brushing it. He soon calmed down again, showing his delight by ruffling his tail feathers.
Your attention soon shifted when you felt something hard nudge the side of your arm. There, you found the falcon with the mischievous green eyes staring up at you, and somehow, you could imagine his beak to be contorted into a large grin. It was only then that you noticed the struggling mouse stuck in his beak.
A gasp escaped your lips as you narrowed your eyes at him. "Oh! Falcon-Rook, spit that poor mouse at once!" you cried out with horrified eyes. After having received a hilarious reaction from you, he opened his beak and let the mouse scurry right over to you for safety. Although he looked a little bit disappointed at you rejecting his little gift, he still inched closer and rubbed his head against your arm in what seemed like an apology.
"Oh my, are you alright?" you cooed to the mouse as you held it cupped within your arms. The falcon pouted at the way you wouldn't pay him attention even though he had snaked his way into your lap. He even began clawing at your shirt, only for you to push him away in favour of consoling the little mouse. Your eyes were soft in worry as you ran your hand over its head. "Did the bad predator hurt you?"
The mouse nodded eagerly and whined, causing you to turn to the culprit and glare at him. "Bad Falcon-Rook!" you chided, to which he cried out dramatically. Whenever you tried to push him away, he would simply cling to you with his sharp claws until you gave up again. Eventually, you had enough of him and simply set the mouse to the floor. "Now, go run free, little mouse..."
Once the mouse had escaped into its hole in the wall again, you mindlessly wrapped your arms around the falcon and hugged him close to you. His feathers were soft, reminiscent of a pillow. "Ah... that mouse really was adorable," you murmured as you buried one half of your face in the falcon's feathers, causing him to squeak in delight.
A little giggle escaped your lips as you turned your gaze towards the little sparrow quarrelling with the much larger peacock not too far away from you. It seemed like the peacock wanted to groom the little bird, much to the latter's dismay. Noticing that your attention lay on him, the sparrow soon sprinted over to you and forced himself into your arms, right next to the falcon.
"The mouse was almost as adorable as Sparrow-Epel—" you cooed lovingly and held the sparrow close to you — until painful memories of the bite he had given you earlier caused you to narrow your eyes in bitterness. "Well, at least the mouse didn't bite me... unlike a naughty little sparrow." Although your glare intensified, the culprit merely squeaked innocently.
Sighing, you shifted your attention to the peacock that, without asking or anything, just plopped himself down into your lap. The sparrow and falcon immediately made place for the peacock that was very much suffocating you with his feathers.
You couldn't help but laugh as you finally had the chance to touch his tail feathers with how up-close he was. "Oh? Peacock-Vil, your feathers seem slightly messy..." you murmured as you touched them ever so gently. "Do you want me to brush them?"
The peacock nodded eagerly while continuing to tease you by smacking his feathers into your face or rubbing them under your nose to the point where you could be victim to violent sneezing attacks. Yet, despite the pain and frustration that these three animals had caused you, you still pulled them closer to you and let out a delighted sigh. They, too, seemed to vye for your attention, especially the falcon and sparrow when you spent your time brushing the peacocks feathers.
You couldn't help but grin like an idiot. "Ah, I'm in heaven..."
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bubbledumbbinch · 2 months ago
Can you do the "hug boobs" hc that anon requested with the other dorm leaders + Lilia please 🥺
Tumblr media
Thank you so much Mariposa!! Your words are so kind and I’m soo happy to hear my writings make you happy!! 🥺 same to you darlin, keep hydrated and stay safe! Gonna just answer both like this , and jumping to these because a lot are asking for it!!
This piece is a bit suggestive!!
Leona Kingscholar
His breath hitches in his throat when he hears your voice saying “Leona-saaaan~!” He knows what is coming
Sighs and pretends to be annoyed when you come around
“Alright herbivore, I’ll indulge your desires, but shortly.”
He loves how… pillowy your breasts are…. He starts yawning and pulls you in closer
Leona also… sneaks a sniff of your hair while he embraces you,,,
Vil Schoenheit
He has to make sure he’s ready for your hugs, he doesn’t really wanna wrinkle his clothes…
Vil finally lets you hug him after adjusting himself.
He isn’t caught off guard by your chest - he’s been around so many actresses who are also big chested!!
But deep in his heart he knows it feels different because it’s you who’s hugging him
He only blushes lightly when you let go, you can barely notice it
Rook Hunt
HUGE smile, he loves you and always sings your praises when you come around!!!
He loves your hugs more than anything, he memorizes everything you have to offer. Your scent, the feel of your arms, the pressure your boobs puts on his chest - this man is a menace lmao
He whispers in your ear about how much he cares about you or just little sweet things~
If you haven’t picked up on his crush on you yet then…. Idk if u ever will unless he has to spell it out for you
Kalim Al-Asim
Absolute ball of sunshine, he is beaming smiles as soon as he sees you, practically runs to hug you too!!
Giggles and laughter all the time, he isn’t super flustered by your chest.
He’s more excited about the fact that you LOVE hugs and therefore love to hug him!
Kalim is accepting of any form of affection from you! The hug is just a super bonus!
Hugs you when you greet him, hugs you in the middle of the hangout, hugs when you have to leave too
Malleus Draconia
Malleus in general I believe is very touch starved. So when you asked if you could hug him the first time he was so surprised, but in a good way!
Malleus loves your hugs but always do it when Sebek is not around - he may rip you off of Malleus LOL literally.
Malleus holds onto you a liiittle too long but you don’t oppose!!
He is so large that he has to bend down in order to hug you, or he has to sit down. Which means your boobs like are nearer to his face.
He doesn’t blush so easily but he just has a shocked expression which turns into content.
Lilia Vanrouge
This little demon I headcanon Lilia to be a bit of a pervert - he definitely uses his cute appearance to be like a front.
He will hang upside down to hug you. Take that in anyway you want. boobs in his face
Lilia does genuinely enjoy being hugged by you though, I feel like he is also lacking in the touch department. He was probably really sweet to Silver, Sebek, and Malleus when he raised them but like. He needs some loving too!
Definitely a boob guy. When he likes you, he likes you for you!! But the boobs are an extra bonus!!!
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treysbimbo · 4 months ago
trying to seduce darling after seeing her nude. no1
pairings: vil, leona, rook and malleus / reader.
requested by anon.
( yandere, suggestive, mentions of being naked, implied noncon(?), mentioned marriage & children. )
Tumblr media
vil isn’t one to not knock when he enters a room, so when he happens to stumble into your bedroom while you’ve just started changing, well, it’s a bit embarrassing. not only for you but for him as well, this could cause some kinds of damage to his image, you know!
he’ll excuse himself for now, maybe telling rook to sneak by your window and get some pictures for him. it’s only to admire your beauty, he assures him, though rook would never question vil. he doesn’t want to seem a creep, so he decides to not make up a reason to go back, but he’ll definitely have some kinds of pictures from the event.
he has to really be obsessed with you — which he is — to plan out an entirely staged ‘oh no, you walked in after i’ve just gotten out of the shower!’ thing. he takes his time in making sure that all goes well, having rook help him out with his ‘evil’ plan (as rook says). he’ll carefully study your routine and find the exact right time to make sure that everything goes smoothly.
when you do end up walking into his room after his shower, it’s a bit difficult for him to keep his smirk hidden, his tone becoming strict as he asks you what business you have at this time — though, on the inside he feels an overbearing sense of lust, it’s the perfect scenario — and watching you stutter with averted eyes makes him chuckle, telling you that you’re welcome to appreciate the wonderful sight, it’s not every day you get to see the vil schoenheit after a shower, you know?
leona had probably come to sleep in your bed, his usual demands that you stay with him in it. but instead, he got you, fresh out of the shower, towel leaving little to his imagination as some water that hadn’t been soaked up ran down your legs and arms. it was a sight, that’s for sure, his usual smirk plastered on his face as he made his way over to you, his little herbivore wants to tease him, hm? well, it’ll take more than that to get leona wanting to pounce. (not really.)
when you eventually persuade him to at least step outside of your room so you can change, he’s not gonna get anybody close your room, growling and snarling at any beastman that could step foot near the area. to you, he’s impatiently waiting outside for you to finish changing, but to him, he’s staring at you through the slight crack in the door that he’d left open with his tail as he licks his lips. he’s just hunting prey, no? it’s natural for a lion such as him.
he’ll probably grow tired and bored from waiting and wander off, commanding ruggie to grab the towel you’ve used and bring it to him afterwards. lots of thoughts run through his head as he lays down in bed, your cute embarrassed and tinted face as you tried your hardest to get him to leave, not even noticing the tent in his pants as he looked down at you. like a rabbit getting hunted, that’s how you looked to him. and of course, ruggie swings by and gives him a thought of being able to catch you walking in on him naked as well.. and he takes it.
it’s not hard to make you come to his room at a specific time, you wouldn’t dare to refuse his orders. and when you walk in on him ‘changing’ he’ll just say how he’d forgotten all about your little plan to meet him here, and how you might as well stay, he won’t be long! just lay down and he’ll join you, that’s what you’re here for, ya know? letting his snuggle up with your helpless self. it’s not until he climbs into bed and the doors locked, you realize he hasn’t actually clothed himself.
rook has gotten a good catch today, hasn’t he? when he ends up walking in, he’s immediately apologizing — not because he’s sorry, but because he just shouldn’t be able to be in the presence of such beauty! — and backing out, but making sure to take eye fulls of your figure, even through the towel he can make everything out perfectly (and also since, well, this isn’t the first nor last time he’ll see you in such a form) and catch onto every curve and part.
he’d planned it all out, of course, it’s not like rook to go unprepared nor be caught in a surprise, so it’s only natural he had known ahead of time. whether it was when he’s watching you from the trees that sit beside the room you just happened to be assigned to (by him) or when he’s listening to your conversations or when you spend a few words while you’re by yourself. rook always knew, but it’s easy to not see that, his covers and acts always amazing as he acts shocked he’s stumbled across such beauty and inappropriateness.
rook finds beauty in having you walk in on his in such a lewd scenario as well, knowing the embarrassed look that would cover your face as you try to exit the room. even when thinking of it he grows hard and lets out a happy sigh, he, like vil, plans everything to a t, making sure it’ll all go as planned and it’ll work out in his favor. he can’t help but be excited the day of it, hurriedly telling you to make your way over in a few, and quickly finding his way back to shed his clothing.
he acts shocked as he tells you that he hadn’t expected you so soon! he’d said in a few but thought you’d be later! forgive him for being so silly. though, you wouldn’t mind helping him pick out an outfit, would you? he wouldn’t want vil anything but impressed with his choice of style, and he thinks you’d be perfect. so, don’t be shy, he won’t bite.. if you don’t want him to. (though he still might bite even if you don’t want him to)
it’s a very rare scenario for malleus to accidentally stumble upon you nude, usually minding his own business as he thinks of ways to force you to become his future queen. it’s only when he hears you stumble on something, he rushes over. now, normal human hearing wouldn’t catch it, but malleus can’t have you hurt, that could be bad for future children with the two of you! and then when he walks in and you’re naked, he gets the wrong idea at first, are you already ready to bear his child? but then when you stumble over words and ask him to please exit, he understands that he’s walked in at a rather awkward moment.
that all doesn’t go without saying that he isn’t going to have somebody creep in you. most likely lilia — as sebek isn’t sneaky one bit and silver will most likely fall asleep — as he asks him to go and stalk watch over you, making sure no trouble may be brewing as you sit content in your room, unaware of a set of red eyes peering in on your more private life.
he has time to himself as he thinks of ways he can make you look like that again, your cute face showing you to be all embarrassed and worried, telling him that you’re alright. it’s not until lilia returns and tells him that a good way to ‘get back’ at you would for him to also appear naked in front of you. he only nods as lilia talks him through all of the plans, that he can distract silver and sebek just long enough for you to be able to catch his nude form. malleus isn’t exactly sure if it, but he trusts lilia and goes with the plan.
and he’s glad he did when you do walk in, loudly knocking as you let your presence be known, carefully and slowly opening up the door to revealing his naked form. he plays the impression that he hadn’t heard you and been preoccupied in his thoughts, telling you that it’s alright you’ve seen him in such a way. his smile is hard to contain as he watches you try and explain yourself, knowing that if sebek was to hear about such a matter he’d freak. malleus only pulls you close to him as he tells you that he has a way you can make it up to him, and you must listen, he’s the future king after all.
Tumblr media
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rainy-day-coffee · 3 months ago
may i request hcs for the vice dorm leaders (minus ortho-) with a crush who just constantly drowns them with compliments and praise and is just overall super supportive! also small lil note: your writing is so sweet! i always get excited when you post! :D
Thank you so much!! That is very nice of you to say! I hope I can continue to make more things you enjoy!
Also, I apologize for the long wait!
Vice dorm leaders with a supportive crush
Tumblr media
Trey’s usually on the giving end of the support stick, not the receiving end. Your kind nature flusters him greatly, though he tries his best to now let it show. The most you’ll get to see are rosy cheeks as he rubs his neck in slight embarrassment. He’ll try shifting the conversation onto something else before he blushes any harder.
He’s very thankful for what you do! You remind him to take breaks from his duties often, and even when he refuses, you try to make his life a little easier. A nice change of pace from what he’s used to! 
He most likely will never get used to the endless amounts of praise you give him but he gets better with it over time. He even manages to slip in more compliments directed towards you after a while!
He often gives you sweets he baked just for you as a way of saying thanks. If those aren’t your thing, there are plenty of savory treats he can make too! He just wants to let you know that he appreciates you greatly, and food is a good way of showing it.
Tumblr media
He’s taken aback at first. Someone who gives him genuine compliments and adoration with no strings attached? Someone who’s willing to help him with his tasks and doesn’t mind doing so? Oh, he falls very hard for you. 
He doesn’t know how to react to your constant praises apart from chuckling and shifting around in embarrassment, all while his cheeks heat up. He absolutely loves it! It’s a pleasant feeling! Needless to say, he soaks up all your compliments like a sponge.
While he appreciates your help with his schoolwork or his never-ending pile of chores, he also appreciates that you push him to take rest days too. Ruggie is the kind to always push himself to work in one way or another, not wanting to let his free time go to waste. He’s always looking forward to your visits and is always more than happy to spend time with you whenever he can!
Tumblr media
Initially, Jade thought you were simply trying to butter him up, use him to gain something, or perhaps even make him fall in love (a task you succeeded in.) He thinks a lot about someone’s actions, always wanting to predict what they’re doing, you are no exception. Your supportive and overall loving nature definitely attract him. He wants to test out just how far that kindness is willing to go, but he’ll control himself.
While your compliments flatter him, he usually doesn’t get flustered by them! You’d have to really catch him off guard to see a blush of some sort. That being said, he thanks you for all your praises.
He appreciates the support you give him when it comes to his interests! He could happily be explaining something about a common mushroom and you’d be waving your imaginary glow sticks while listening intently. You’re always more than welcome to stop by his club room or go hiking with him. Talking with someone who hypes him up feels a lot better compared to someone who just listens because they have no choice!
Tumblr media
He’ll be uncomfortable at first. Not because he doesn’t want it, but because he’s not used to so much genuine kindness directed at him. You push yourself to understand his feelings, and even when you can’t, you still remain supportive.
He keeps his cool exterior, brushing your words off and trying to let his smug self shine through. On the inside however, he’s burning with a mixture of embarrassment and giddiness. Sure, other students praise him for his various talents, but it’s different when you do it! When you do it, his stomach fills with butterflies, his face warms up a bit, and his heart beats loudly in his chest. A foreign frightening feeling, yet welcome all the same.
He finds himself showing off more when around you, especially since you push him to do so. He loves being able to show you his true potential! 
Jamil repays your kindness, even though you’ve told him countless times he doesn’t have to. It’s exactly because he doesn’t have to that he wants to. 
He makes sure to give you extra helpings of food when you visit Scarabia for meals. You’ll be visiting a lot. After all, any friend of Jamil is a friend of Kalim’s! 
He’s also willing to help you with your studies, and always willing to listen to you talk. He’s not one to give out too many compliments, but he makes sure to praise you about things you’re proud of!
Tumblr media
You two are practically two peas in a pod! Your energy and his energy blend very well together. 
He’s not one to get flustered over honey-coated words but they touch him and make him feel warm.
Anything you do for him, he’ll be throwing right back at you, tenfold. It’s a war of words, each thrown with pure adoration and support, enough to fluster any normal person. Anytime you compliment him, he’ll be sending something right back at you. He leaves many poems and notes for you to find around your dorm!
He’s always delighted to talk to you about his different interests! Among a bunch of other things, he tells you about these new science experiments he’s conducted in his club and things he’s noticed about other students. There’s always a lot to unpack.
Many students are genuinely surprised you two aren’t a couple yet. They are shocked when told you two are still in the crush stage.
Tumblr media
Lilia finds you very charming! He very much adores the supportive and loving energy you display.
He loves basking in your praise and is quite shameless about it. He flirts with and teases you playfully. He also returns said praise with lots of compliments directed towards yourself, of course! You two become each other’s best hype man essentially.
Since you’re willing to listen, he absolutely loves telling you stories about his past! It makes him feel good when someone listens so intensely to his tales. It’s even better when that person actually believes them! He won’t hesitate to talk your ear off.
While he appreciates your willingness to help him with his tasks, he constantly tells you to not worry about him. If anything, he should be the one pestering you to take more breaks and enjoy life. With that in mind, he loves dragging you to different places to just relax. That way, you both are taking a break from your daily schedules.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
I write this for Rook and Vil.
Malleus and Lilia is here.
Yandere Rook Hunt
Tumblr media
Rook wouldn’t be angry but really excited.
(You have just unleashed his hunter instincts. I wish you luck because you need it. )
He enjoys every stage of this "hunt."
Finding you is really not hard for him.
But he will monitor you and your child for the next three years to lower your protection and he can strike when you least expect it.
He will learn your routine and lifestyle.
But the thing that makes Rook rush is your new partner.
He doesn’t want to lose her loved one to another man.
So it's finally time to grab the catch.
But Rook can’t resist your intimidation and let you see glimpses of him.
He'll probably grab you when you try to escape.
Rook would like to spend a lot of time with his child.
He wants to show that the "new" father is much cooler and better than the "old".
You can be sure this is not your last child.
Rook wants a big family that will make sure you never run away again.
Yandere Vil Schoenheit
Tumblr media
Mirror mirror on the wall who is the most angry of them all.
(If you could not answer the question then the answer is Vil )
Vil would indeed have a rage when he found out you left him.
He throws things and shouts out of pure anger.
The Queen's rage is not beautiful to look at.
The pain of losing a happy ending is great
He finds it outrageous.
After all he has done approved you will just leave him.
He made you a “perfect” version of yourself, gave you everything you need and a lovely child and still leave him.
Vil secretly blames himself.
He should have understood that your surprising interest in a magic potion would not promise good.
Vil promise to find you and his children by any means
It will take three years before he finds you.
For three years now, Vil has been trying to find your home with mirrors.
He has also made you a "special" love potion.
"I really wouldn’t want to do this to you Y / N but since you’ve decided to be an ungrateful and disobedient potato you won’t leave me any other option. I will make sure we get a happy ending."
When Vil sees you and his child through the mirror he could cry for happiness.
However, happiness quickly disappears when he sees your new partner.
( Vil has come up with many nicknames for your new partner. However, the most common are "thief", "Neige junior" or "rotten potato" )
He accuses this person of stealing his happy ending.
Vil can't wait for the moment he gets to hold the child in his arms.
Finally comes the day when Vil "fetches you and his child home"
He will do it in the evening when you are with your two children.
Your escape is impossible.
Don’t throw him at anything or raise your voice as it will make Vil even more angry.
Vil quickly grabs your hand and takes his child in his arms.
Before that, he leaves a “gift” for your new partner.
So it is an apple that, after eating, your partner falls asleep from which only your kiss can wake them up.
But you are no longer there to awaken them.
Vil would definitely force you to drink a love potion.
Now you can finally have a "happy" family.
"Hey don't be afraid. Dad just forced Mom to drink apple juice which makes Mom happy and it allows us to live happily ever after as in all storybooks. Not dear you can not drink the same apple juice as mom."
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I was wondering if i could maybe request the gn! S/o sitting in the rain to destress concept but with trey, rook, jack, jamil, and jade?
You can read headcanons for the same prompt (but with Riddle, Vil, Leona, Idia, and Malleus instead) here!
Curiouser and Curiouser...
Tumblr media
Imagine Trey’s surprise when, on his way home from a run to the Mystery Shop, he finds you sitting in the rain. He warns, “Hey now, you’re going to catch your death of cold out here,” then invites you to Heartslabyul. Trey promises to help find an alternative to destress--and so, you follow, shoulder to shoulder under his umbrella.
He lends you his room to dry off and change into a spare set of clothes. Trey’s T-shirt is too big for you, so it hangs off you like a dress... but at least the elastic band on his sweatpants makes it a comfy fit! You shuffle into the kitchen to let him know you’re done changing, only to be tossed an apron and told to come lend him a hand.
You work together to make a batch of sugar cookies! Trey gives you instructions for each step, and you carry them out diligently--save for kneading, which you quickly tire of. Trey comes up from behind you, and (with you stuck between him and the table), using his powerful forearms, demonstrates the proper technique.
While the dough is chilling in the fridge (and later baking in the oven), he wipes stray dustings of flour and sugar of you. With the clean up done, he brews you a cup of your favorite hot drink and settles with you in the lounge. A window is slightly cracked open, gracing you with the refreshing scent of rainfall and roses as you sip at your drink and share a warm conversation with Trey.
When the cookies are done, you mix up batches of colorful frosting, grab bags of candies and cannisters of sprinkles, and start decorating. You’re putting the finishing touches on a particularly elaborate “thank you” cookie for Trey when he suddenly hands you a cookie iced to resemble a rose covered in dew drops. A special surprise, just for you--a beam of light peaking out through the rain clouds.
Tumblr media
“Mon dieu! What have we here? You’re soaked to the bone, mon amour.” Rook cries out when he spots you in the rain, but it is not long before you notice his eyes adopt a glimmer of interest in what you’re up to. To your surprise, he closes his umbrella and strips off his rain coat, exposing himself to the elements.
Rook tugs you up from your seat, asking you to join him in enjoying the rain--he wants to be able to share this experience with you! You’ll chase one another through puddles, make grand splashes, and take turns spinning the umbrella around, watching in awe as droplets bounce off of it.
Ever the dreamer, Rook at some point bursts out into song. You don’t really understand the lyrics (they’re about as long and convoluted as his usual speeches are, with the occasional French), but you think it sounds beautiful anyway and attempt to come up with your own song, too. Why not? It’s fun~
By the time the rain clears up and the sun comes out, you’re both totally drenched. You can barely recognize Rook--he’s so soaked that the brim of his hat covers his face, and his golden hair forms a wet curtain that further obscures his features. Yet he laughs all the same, delighted to have spent this quality time with you.
Luckily for Rook, he has quite the resilient body, so the frolic in the rain doesn’t affect him later. You, on the other hand, catch a cold as a result. The huntsman catches wind of your predicament and like the man man that he is comes a-knocking at your bedroom window with a basket of treats and fresh wildflowers. What’s more, Rook insists that he’s not leaving your side until you’re healthy again!
Tumblr media
When Jack notices that you’ve gone missing, he immediately embarks on a quest to track you down without donning any rain gear of his own! The only problem is that the rainfall interferes with his keen sense of smell, so he ends up wandering for quite some time before finally stumbling across you. “So this is where you were. I was worried about you... but I guess you’re doing just fine.”
Jack’s relieved to have found you--but now that he has, his protective instincts are on overdrive! He tells you you’re coming with him indoors (no ifs, ands, or buts!), and he’ll personally haul you home on his back if he has to! What sort of a boyfriend would he be if he just left you alone and at the mercy of Mother Nature?
Not only does he help you home, but he also helps dry you off! Jack means well, but he’s a little gruff when he handles your grooming. Whenever he towels himself off, he does it vigorously to speed up the process of air-drying, resulting in a very fluffy head of hair and fur! Since he uses the same technique on you, your hair ends up all poofy and sticking up!
You’re still shivering from sitting in the rain, so Jack fetches you a blanket. Since you insist on sharing, you end up huddling under it together, your shared body heat trapped in the thick fabric. You snuggling up against Jack’s soft tail and ears, and the hard musculature of his body.
Likewise, Jack also gets to cuddle with you. While you may not have fur, there’s comfort to be found in your shape, your scent--which the rain had once washed away. His eyes begin to flutter, worn from worrying and hunting you down. Together, lulled by the sound of rainfall and heads leaning against one another, you and Jack drift off the dreamland.
Tumblr media
Jamil is not amused to find you without rain gear. Even after receiving your explanation, he seems exasperated and disapproving of how you relax. “Honestly... Of all the possible methods to relieve yourself of stress, you had to choose one of the most nonsensical ones... What will I do with you?”
He takes you by the wrist and drags you to Scarabia, where he runs a bath and commands you to hop in (while his eyes are averted, of course). Once you’re hidden among copious clouds of sweet-smelling bubbles and warm water, Jamil sets to work tending to your scalp and hair with various products that he personally uses. You barely recognize your own hair by the time he’s done with you--it’s so shiny and vibrant!
After the bath, you’re dressed in a fluffy bathrobe and seated on plush cushions while Jamil dices some fruit for you. While you munch away, he delicately dries your hair with a silk towel (meant to minimize split ends and hair breakage). 
Next up, body oil and body butter to moisturize and leave you smelling nice! Jamil applies them to your limbs and helps to massage the products in, even down to your cuticles. When that’s complete, he departs for the kitchen and returns a short while later with a cup of chai and a platter of food.
As he sets the meal before you, he confesses that it’s just something he quickly threw together, but that he’d rather have you not operating on an empty stomach, as that can lead to disastrous decision making (”like sitting in the rain for Great Seven knows how long,” he grumbles under his breath). You dig into your meal--and Jamil makes you promise that, the next time you feel stressed, you don’t go putting your health at risk again and just come to him instead!
Tumblr media
Jade appears before all decked out in camping gear. “Oya, do my eyes deceive me? What a coincidence it is, running to you here. I take it that you are partaking in your usual cleansing ritual.” He explains that the optimal time to hunt for mushrooms is after rainfall, so he has planned a mountain expedition. Jade then invites you to join him on his adventure (”A far superior and more productive use of your time, rather than sitting in the rain and catching something dreadful afterwards,” he insists.) And so, you take his hand.
The trek to the mountains is magical. The entire world looks mystical under a veil of rain, fat droplets rolling off of the leaves overhead and falling like fat crystals. While you’re busy drinking in all the sights, Jade locates a suitable camp site and sets up the tent. When it’s pitched, he allows you to go in first and use it as a station to dry off and change into a spare pair of (way too big for you) clothes.
Jade crawls in when you’re done and prepares a simple but tasty meal using a can opener, rations, and his magical pen. He even brews you some tea in a thermos using bottled water, dried leaves, and fire magic! Sitting cross legged, you share a cramped, cozy dinner together.
After dinner, you tuck away into a sleeping bag. Unfortunately, Jade only brought one with him, meaning you have to really squish up against one another to be reasonably warm. He chuckles as you struggle to find a comfortable sleeping position (and do your best to ignore his teasing). Eventually, you fall asleep to the steady rhythm of his heart and his hand supporting the small of your back.
The next morning, you rise bright and early for mushroom gathering! The world is coated in the aftermath of the rain, shiny the glow of sunshine. Reenergized, you roll your sleeves up and launch into a productive day of mushroom gathering--and when you turn in with your impressive haul, Jade has a thank you gift for your efforts: a pretty little flower, tucked behind your ear with a tender smile.
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torikaku · 6 months ago
Hello! I love the scenario where the Dorm Leaders wake up and see their S/O in their shirt. Could you possibly do that same scenario with the Vice Dorm Leaders?
Hi! Thank you for enjoying that post, here it is.
As for your request, absolutely! I love this cliché, hehe
Tumblr media
When Trey wakes up, he feels you hugging him. You always do. You always tell him that he smells nice and sweet, and you can't help but cling to him. But Trey just smiles at your words, allowing you to hug him in your sleep.
He tries to slip away from your embrace carefully and not wake you up. Putting on his glasses, he looks back at you and notices you wearing one of his shirts.
He quietly chuckles at you. The shirt is a bit big for you, but you look adorable in his eyes. Trey leans down and pecks your forehead. After getting dressed, he leaves the room, not disturbing your sleep.
A bit later he enters the room with some breakfast and tea for you, he finds you already awake. Playfully and smirking, Trey asks you why you put on his shirt.
You suddenly feel flustered under his mischievous gaze. Awkwardly, you scratch your nape and tell him that his shirt smells like pastries he always bakes, and you really enjoy the smell. Trey gently smiles, feeling his heart flutter in his chest, and tells you that you should eat your breakfast and not forget to brush your teeth.
Tumblr media
Ruggie enjoys your night cuddles so much, he feels so loved and doesn't want to leave the bed. But sadly, he has a lot of stuff to do even in the morning.
He frees himself from your arms carefully and tries not to wake you up accidentally. He checks you and notices that you're wearing his shirt. Not that he minds, but he was planning to put this shirt on.
The more he looks at you, the more he feels his face getting warmer. His tail begins wagging unintentionally. Ruggie hides his flushed face in the hands and sighs. He never thought that you would look adorable in his clothes.
The fact that you wear his clothes is very important for him. It means you see him as your partner and beloved one. Later, when you left, the clothes still have your scent on it, which Ruggie sniffs when he misses you.
Since you took his shirt, now Ruggie has the right to take yours as well, doesn't he? Don't be surprised later spotting him wearing something yours.
Tumblr media
Jade wakes up and finds himself lying on his side and you facing him and clinging to his chest. Aren't you sweet? He gently pets your head.
In the process of sliding away from your embrace, he notices that you're wearing a shirt that is quite big for you. Obviously, he recognizes this shirt as his own due to its size.
You're almost drowning in the shirt, but nevertheless, decided to use it as your pajama? Well, you look cute, Jade must admit. He grins at you with his usual mischievous smile.
Your obvious size difference always amused Jade, but seeing you wearing his pieces of clothes really makes his heart flutter in his chest and him feel butterflies in the stomach. If you weren't sleeping right now, he'd definitely turn the tables and make you flustered by teasing you and giving you compliments.
Well, since you enjoy wearing Jade's clothes so much, he can allow you to do so. But be ready that his gaze won't leave your figure, because he enjoys seeing you in his clothes as well.
Tumblr media
Jamil is usually not a heavy sleeper, but tonight he sleeps like a log. He's not much a cuddler, but allows you to cling to him. You lie behind him, coiling his waist with your arms and hugging him.
He is busy even in the morning. But he hasn't had enough sleep tonight, so getting up now is a bit tough for him. Sighing, with all his will, Jamil tries to leave the bed, but your arms prevent him from doing so.
Gently removing your arms, Jamil looks back at you and notices that you're wearing something he recognizes as one of his hoodies.
Jamil feels his face getting warmer as he puts the hand on the cheek. Oh, well, you look actually cute, he must admit. How are you always able to make his heart flutter? He sighs and smiles, leaving you lying in the bed and not bothering your sleep.
He doesn't like it when his stuff is taken, but since it's you, he can allow you to take and wear his clothes if you want; they suit you really well.
Tumblr media
Rook enjoys sharing his bed with you and feeling you in his embrace. He lies behind you with his arms around your waist and hugging you, his forehead is on your nape.
Waking up, he carefully squeezes you in his hug. He pulls away to study you and, watching closely, he notices you wearing a shirt that big for you. He quickly recognizes it's his.
Rook gasps in surprise. You look so belle/beau! He would sing you praises and compliments if you weren't asleep right now. It's just a morning now, and you already look so séduisant(e) and only wearing his shirt!
He cups his cheeks and smiles, spending some more minutes watching your beauty before leaving you to get himself ready for the day with his usual morning routine.
A bit later, Rook will mention how magnifique you look in his shirt. Oh, there's no need to be so flustered! He will gladly share some of his clothes with you for you to look more lovely!
Tumblr media
Actually, Lilia doesn't require much sleep as you do, but sometimes he keeps you company (honestly, he just wants to cuddle with you), just like now. He sleeps beside you, clinging to you.
In the morning, when he finally opens his eyes to see your adorable sleeping face, he notices that you are wearing one of his favourite oversized shirts, which is a bit big for you as well.
Lilia is hard to fluster, but now, you somehow have succeeded in making this old man's heart go doki doki because of your cuteness. Oh, is this something you feel when he steals and wears your clothes?
He quietly giggles to himself. He decides to stay with you on the bed until you wake up. Lying on his stomach and holding his face in his hands, Lilia playfully swings his legs back and forth. Now, he has so many reasons to tease you! Ah, you will look so cute with a flushed face.
You can be sure that Lilia won't leave you alone after this situation. Standing behind you and draping himself onto you, he will pleadingly offer you some of his clothes for you to wear. They will definitely look good on you, why don't you try to put them on? (Cue Lilia showing you a puss in boots face)
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smalltasteofhoney · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“You are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen”
rook hunt x f!reader
cw: 18+!! mdni!! extreme dubcon, yandere, nonconsensual photos, unprotected sex, creampie, fingering, cum eating, guilt tripping, manipulation, implied stalking
wc: 3.6k
note: the ask for this prompt got deleted since i'm reuploading </3 i really went all out with this one so i hope you enjoy! rook is my absolute fave!
Tumblr media
You’d always thought that when faced with danger, your automatic response would be to fight. But the moment when presented with it, you’d come to realize that your natural response wasn’t fight or flight. It was to freeze.
The noise in the hallway was just because the dorm is old and still somewhat run down. It was nothing. But you heard the thumping of footsteps, you could almost swear you felt the vibrations from all the way in your bed. Someone was walking around.
It’s just my imagination. It’s all in my head. There is nothing there.
But as much as you willed it away, the soft creaking of your door opening made the situation undeniable. You hoped it was Grim, deciding he no longer wanted to sleep over in Heartslabyul with Ace and Deuce, but you knew that he would’ve made his presence known the moment he stepped back into Ramshackle.
It wasn’t him, so who was it?
You hadn't even noticed the silence that overtook the room after the door opened, no further footsteps taken. You lay on your bed as still as possible, trying to control your breathing in order to continue pretending to be asleep, wishing away whoever had intruded.
Could they hear your heartbeat and how loud it was? It was beating unbelievably hard and as much as you tried to steady your breath, you were struggling to keep it under control. Having someone come into the place that was supposed to be your place to relax and feel safe, while you were supposed to be sleeping, was causing you to panic. You kept your eyes shut, though even if you opened them, you wouldn’t be able to see them unless you turned around to look at your door. The curiosity of who it could be was eating away at your mind the longer silence went on.
The assumption that came to mind for anyone to break in was that they wished to steal belongings of yours, but did they really expect you, a person who came to this world with nothing, to have anything of value in this rundown dorm? The most expensive thing in the house was probably the phone that Cater bought you, or maybe the dress that Vil gifted to you, although you didn’t think either of those items would interest the intruder.
Footsteps slowly continued toward you, and you nearly held your breath in fear, before continuing your attempt to steady it in hopes of passing for being asleep. Each footstep drove fear into your heart. They were heavy, slow, and you wondered for a moment if they wanted you to know that they were there. Even if you turned around and lunged at however was bold enough to walk into your room like this, you weren’t sure you had the strength to overpower anyone. You swore to yourself that if you got out of this situation, you would ask Idia to install some sort of security system around the dorm.
Despite your attempts of remaining calm, the distinctive sound of a camera click along with a flash of light was enough to send your mind into an even deeper frenzy than before.
Not a thief, but a creep had intruded. That hadn’t even crossed your mind to be a possibility, but several more clicks and flashes of light solidified your conclusion that this person had come to peep on you during your most vulnerable time. If you weren’t so scared, you’d be incredulous at how bold this person was, leaving the flash on along with the camera sound. If you had been asleep, did they not think that would have been enough to wake you up?
You heard a slight shuffle before feeling a hand gently touch your cheek, slowly caressing it. If they didn’t know you were awake before, surely they had to now with the way you tensed up at their touch.
“You are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen,” a voice finally allowed you to put a face to the mystery person. Your heart dropped at the realization that it was Rook. Sure, he was weird, but it had never been something you minded, and you had thought the two of you were on the way to becoming good friends. But this? You knew that some students complained of him stalking them around campus, but you took it as just Rook being Rook, not that he would actually go as far as to break into anyone’s place of living, let alone your own.
“I am grateful that you’ve allowed me to capture such wonderful photographs, ma chérie. I shall cherish them always,” the hand on your cheek moved down to your arm, fingers curling around the blanket that covered you. Slowly, you felt the blanket being pulled down your body, the cold air hitting your now exposed arms. “Please, allow me to take in more of your beauty.” Just as you felt the blanket reach your waist, you sat up, grabbing Rook’s wrist to keep him from going any further.
Your breathing was heavy, and you finally turned to look up at the man looming at your bedside. The smile he wore didn’t fade as your eyes met; you were sure that Rook must’ve known that you were awake the whole time. He was too perceptive, scarily so.
“You need to leave. And delete those photos you took!” You tried to keep your voice stern, but even you could hear the fear seeping out. During the day, Rook looks harmless but now, with him standing over you shrouded in darkness save for bits of him lit up by the moon, he looked like the predator he truly was.
He made no move to leave, instead, leaning down to bring his face near the side of your head. He made no attempt to hide the sharp inhale, clearly taking in your scent. You leaned away from him, looking at him in disgust.
“Ah, mon amour! Your scent is as divine as usual!” The as usual got your attention, but he went on before you could think too much on it, “As undeserving as I may be, I do ask that you indulge me a bit more.” The hand gripping the blanket continued it’s move down your legs, your hold on his wrist doing nothing to stop him.
Your thighs, now exposed, clenched together due to either embarrassment or chills. Rook took it upon himself to get onto your bed, putting his face to yours as if nuzzling it in affection. His scent was overwhelming and you weren’t sure where to focus. He was just so close, a hand slowly rubbing circles against your thigh, his cheek brushing against your own.
“I need you to leave,,” you moved your head away again, but he simply followed. He looked so content, having you there to himself, knowing that you were no match against him. You tried to block out the feeling, but the hand on your thigh moved up ever so slowly, and you felt your own body begin to betray you, the sensation of his hand feeling too nice to ignore. He pressed a gentle kiss to your cheek, moving towards your neck to kiss you there as well, and without thinking, you leaned your head back allowing him easier access.
“R-rook…” you wanted to scold him, tell him to get his hands off of you and leave, but your mind was beginning to cloud over, too focused on how good Rook’s touch made you feel. A part of you hated that you were feeling such a way towards him, especially after what you just caught him doing, but you couldn’t help it.
You slightly parted your legs, and the fingers that had been on your thigh immediately moved to your clothed mound, rubbing against it. The sensation was too much and too little at the same time. Your breath was uneven, and you moved your hands to your bed, lightly grabbing the sheets.
“More please,” you asked quickly, ashamed of yourself for wanting him at that moment.
“Of course, whatever you want,” his voice enthusiastic and almost too loud. He moved his hand up your loose shorts, slipping them under your panties. You sharply inhaled at the touch of his gloved fingers, rubbing up and down your slit, gathering your own arousal. He gave no warning when he pushed a finger in, moving it in and out slowly before adding in another finger.
Rook watched your face as he pumped his fingers in you, taking in your expression. He was in awe; was it really possible for you to become even more beautiful than usual? The fact that it was his fingers that you were coming undone for… he was in a state of bliss.
The only sounds in the room were coming from you; the proof of your arousal was horribly loud thanks to Rook, and as much as you tried to hold back your own moans, they continued to slip out. You pressed your palm against your mouth, trying to muffle any sounds, but Rook was quick to move your hand away.
“No, I want to hear you.”
He continued his movements, hitting a spot inside of you that made you feel too good. Your moans got louder than you would like, but you were too into it to care, closing your eyes for a moment before opening them back up to stare right at Rook who continued to watch your face as you came undone on his fingers. He pulled them out, gathering as much of your cum onto his fingers as he could. The little sliver of moonlight that shined through your window allowed you to see the glistening on his fingers.
Rook locked eyes with you as he brought his fingers to his mouth, making sure to let out a moan of pleasure so you knew just how much he loved the taste of you. You felt your face heating up at the lewd display before you. The shame of what you just did with him began to set in.
“You taste marvelous! Better than I ever dreamed of,” Rook went on to praise you, but you drowned out his words, feeling a knot in your stomach as if you had just done something horrible. Your eyes drifted away from his face as the reality of the situation was sinking in once more. It wasn’t until Rook positioned himself over you, hands finding their way to the hem of your shorts to pull them down that you fully snapped back to the present.
“W-wait, what are you doing?”
Rook paused for a moment to look at you, giving a smile that you knew was anything but innocent. “Oh, mon amour… a lady as kind as yourself wouldn’t leave me filled with such desire, right? You’re simply too kind!” You said nothing as he continued to pull down your shorts. He did just get you off… it would feel almost wrong to allow him to give you such pleasure and then you send him off, even if he was the one who broke into your room in the first place.
A part of you wondered if you even wanted to send him away now, desire pooling into you again as you watched Rook slightly pull down his pants, exposing himself to you. The thought of taking him into your mouth crossed your mind, but you quickly pushed such a thought away, feeling disgusted at yourself. You’d allow him to satisfy himself, but then you would kick him out, assuming this was what he came here for.
“Rook…” he looked up from where he had settled between your legs, giving your words his full attention. You hesitated to continue, your eyes catching on to his fist slowly pumping his cock while he waited on you to speak. Quickly, you forced your eyes to stay on his face as you spoke, “If we do this… will you delete those photos of me?”
“If that’s what you desire then it shall be done! Photos cannot compare to the beauty I have here before me!” His words were too enthusiastic, but nothing unlike usual. Knowing that the photos of you in such a vulnerable state were to be deleted brought you a little comfort, and you squashed the dread that was taking hold of your heart.
Your shorts and underwear had been slid off, leaving you bare before him.You’d have wondered in the past what your first time would be like, imagining it to be romantic and heartfelt as you became one with the person you loved. It felt strange to think that it would be with Rook of all people. He might’ve checked off the romantic aspect of your fantasy, but he certainly was not someone you loved. You wished the circumstances were different.
As strange as he was, you had found him attractive since the moment you met him, but your feelings never developed beyond that. As he looked down at you as if you just gave him the entire world, you realized that clearly he grew to feel differently about you.
Rook brought his face to yours, one thumb caressing your cheek and his other hand held his dick that was lining up with your entrance. Your eyes shifted away from him, too embarrassed at the entire situation to look at him.
He gently held your chin, tilting it up towards him. “No need to be shy. Let me see your lovely eyes.” Reluctantly, you looked back at him, a smile on his face as usual. His gaze was so intense, you would’ve felt judged if it was anyone above you but Rook, who you knew would see the beauty in anyone and anything.
“Let’s enjoy this together,” at those words, he slowly pushed into you, leaving you gasping in surprise and a hint of pain. Rook’s grin widened as he watched your face as you struggled to get used to the feeling of being so filled. To him, you looked as beautiful as always. He stopped once he was completely sheathed in you, which you were grateful for. The sensation of having someone, having him, inside was so new, but not entirely unwelcome.
You clenched your eyes, as the pain slowly subsided. You opened them back up to look at Rook who held himself above you by his arms.
“Tell me what you want,” his voice was quiet and you hated that he wanted you to speak up in the moment.
“Please... please move,” you wanted to roll your eyes back into your head in annoyance for having him make you say such a thing, but the rocking in his hips caused your eyes to widen instead as you kept your gaze on him. Your lips slightly parted as you let out a small moan. Rook’s thrusts were slow, too slow, as your walls began to accommodate his length inside of you. Any pain you had felt initially was completely replaced by pleasure, the only agony that you felt coming from the drawn out movement of each thrust.
Your hands found their way to his shoulders as you whined out when he pushed back into you. “Faster, Rook, please.”
At those words, he quickened his pace. His own moans started to fill the room as he lowered his body to be closer to you. His mouth was right by your ear, ensuring that the sound of his own pleasure was heard by you. You were making him feel so good and Rook wanted to make sure that you knew that.
He hit a particularly nice spot inside of you that had you cry out in pleasure louder than you would’ve liked. You moved a hand back over your mouth, which was once again moved by Rook. Taking your hand in his, he moved it to the side of your head and interlocked his fingers with yours.
“Please, allow me to hear your beautiful voice. Don’t hold back,” Rook wanted you to be loud, aiming to draw out any noise from you that he could. Your voice was as sweet as music, and your moans even sweeter.
Rook and you looked at one another as he drove his cock in and out of you, eliciting noises that would bring you great shame if anyone else were to hear. You couldn’t tear your eyes from his own green ones and for a moment you thought he was the most beautiful man. Deep down you knew it was only the lust taking over, but you paid no mind to any rational thought, too focused on how good his dick was making you feel. You felt the heat coiling up inside you once more, and you wrapped your legs around Rook, pulling his hips as close to yours as you could.
Rook leaned into you to capture your lips, the deep kiss momentarily catching you by surprise until you melted into it. He pulled away from it to look down at you with a serene smile. “Ahh, ma chérie, how I love you,” Rook’s declaration was loud, forced out between his own moans. You made no effort to respond, crying out in pleasure as he slammed into you. He dropped down to kiss you again, moaning into your mouth.
His thrusts were relentless and your mind went blank as you allowed yourself to focus only on chasing another orgasm, losing your other senses for a second. The tight coil inside of you burst and your nails sunk into Rook, so overwhelmed with the blinding pleasure. As you came down from it, Rook quickly chased his own, hips snapping into you quicker than before.
He kissed you again, just as he felt himself painting your walls white with his cum, letting out one last grunt before pulling away and leaving a thin trail of saliva between your mouths.
The two of you were breathing heavily, and you waited for Rook to pull out. Instead, he put his face in your neck, breathing in your scent again. You wondered how you smelled to him in that moment, no doubt covered in a thin layer of sweat and sex that you’ll need to scrub off of you, along with any traces of him.
The feeling he brought you was… amazing, but you couldn’t forget that Rook had violated your space of comfort. Friends or not, the two of you weren’t close enough for him to have come into your room uninvited and taken photos of you. Thinking about the events prior to having sex made you feel icky once more.
Rook pressed a kiss to your neck, then finally pulled out of you. He moved to look down at the mess he made of you. You yelped in surprise as he quickly scooped a bit of his come that was leaking and pushed it back into you. His fingers came out, slightly covered still and he brought them up to your mouth. You knew what he wanted of you and you grimaced, wanted to shake your head no. But the thought of the photos he had that you wished would be deleted came to mind, and you opened up, swirling your tongue around his fingers to clean them.
A lovesick feeling took over Rook as he looked at you with your fingers in his mouth, “Such a beautiful thing between lovers isn’t it?” He smiled at you foundly, before taking them out with a quiet pop. You were about to deny his words; the two of you were definitely not lovers, but he continued to speak before you even got the chance to get a word out. “I would love to stay with you, but unfortunately I must leave you and go back to tend to Roi du Poison.”
He brought your hand to his lips, setting a kiss on top, before standing up to fix himself up. You watched as he walked over to the door before yelling out to him, “Wait!” He turned back to look at you. “The photos… You said you would delete them. I want to see that you keep your word.”
“Oh, of course!” He made his way back to your side, opening up his phone so you would watch him delete the photos of you from his library and even the recently deleted. You nodded in approval, unsure of what could really be said. Thanks for deleting the photos of me you took without my permission?
Again, he walked to the door of your room, turning back to give you one last look. “Until we meet again, my princess!”
You listened to the sound of his footsteps retreat to the front door, not getting up until you knew that he was gone. You gathered up a change of clothes and headed to the bathroom, planning on taking a nice long bath in hopes to clean off the filth of the night. Meanwhile, Rook happily headed back to Pomefiore.
He didn’t mind the loss of a few photos of you. Sure, you’d looked so cute tensed up in fear while you pretended to be asleep. But sparing those photos was no loss for him when he was just able to have you in his grasp and fill you up nicely.
Besides, those few photos were nothing compared to the collection dedicated to you that he had waiting for him back in his room.
Tumblr media
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readdressmeasduchess · 6 months ago
I heard you’re a Vil simp too! Hello! I love how you write Vil 🥺🥺
Can I request Vil, Riddle, Rook, Lilia, Leona and their FeS/O meeting their future selves? Maybe some timey wimey magic or something? And somehow they meet?? I think it would be cute.
Sorry this took so long, but I do hope you enjoy and thank you for requesting!
Tumblr media
Prompt: Riddle, Leona, Vil, Rook, Lilia and their F! S/O meeting their future selves
Word count:  1 459 
Genre: Romance, Fluff, Comedy
Ship(s): Riddle, Leona, Vil, Rook, Lilia X f! Ramshackle Perfect
Tumblr media
Riddle was thoroughly not amused by the mirror’s decision to unceremoniously drop them in the wormhole of space and time. Magic was truly an incredible thing, the key being when it worked.
Which is not what he could say for this situation, he checked himself over for any injuries and once deeming himself safe he turned to check over you, only to be met with a curious pair of grey eyes suspiciously similar to his own. 
His shock was immeasurable and he immediately bounced back in a defensive position, the strangely familiar stranger sending alarm bells going off in his mind.
The two redheads blinked at each other, both equally confused, if they weren’t dressed differently perhaps you would have mistaken them, their only real difference was the fact that the other male was just slightly taller than Riddle.
Suspiciously-similar-to-Riddle man sighed and started explaining time skips, almost as if he were anticipating, expecting this to happen.
Ah, that was older Riddle.
The two Riddle’s eyed each other up and down, until they were both satisfied? Or at least younger Riddle seemed to nod in approval at his older self.
The situation was calm as the older Riddle counterpart walked you two through the process of getting back to your original timeline, at which point you asked about the ring he was wearing.
Younger Riddle blushed furiously at the fact it was a wedding band, he was rendered speechless and confused till an older version of yourself popped her head through the door to check out what was going on.
He was married to you.
His heart melted, knees weak and brain fried. He wasn’t prepared for this new piece of information, he needed a warning!
Tumblr media
Landing through a mirror timeline on his arse, not the most graceful thing he’s ever done, but he’s dealt with worse.
A growl sent him on high alert as he looked around for its source, he needed to find where you had landed and get you away fast from whosoever territory they had unfortunately intruded on.
It wasn’t until he looked up and met with a familiar mane and scar that he was left frozen in place. That scent was..his? Cue confused and agitated growling from both lions.
It wasn’t until you cut the tension and asked where you were that the older Leona introduced himself and without even batting an eyelash started explaining your way back home.
After the quick instructions the two male lions eyed each other, as if in some silent competition, eventually they nodded at each other in a show of some kind of begrudging respect? It was tense and awkward for a moment before a small childish yell cut into the room.
Two small lion cubs ran into the room, their energy chaotic, at incredible speed they attached themselves to older Leona’s legs, the beastman didn’t even look surprised, the swish of his tail as lazy as ever.
Meanwhile the younger Leona’s eyes bulged out of his sockets, staring at the kids as if they were some strange alien creatures.
When he heard the older you’s voice yell from the other room something about dinner that’s when he decided he needed to get you back to your own timeline before you learn too much information and risk ruining this future.
He’ll deny the way his was flustered by the future you two had experienced, you were married, with kids no less.
Tumblr media
Vil was the type of person to double, triple check something before he finalized to make sure there were no mistakes, that however did not mean he was not a person, and a person was always prone to mistakes.
So as he landed somewhere foregin, he cursed at himself for potentially putting the both of you in danger before he set about trying to get you two back home.
His head snapped up quickly when he heard someone clear their throat behind him, mentally preparing himself for whatever was to come he really didn’t expect his spitting image to stare back at him.
Well, almost spitting image, the other person’s hair was longer, purple locks barely reaching past the middle of his biceps, the extravagant purple embroidered suit looking expensive and his makeup impeccable.
A part of him was a little jealous.
Vil pushed you behind him, keeping his body firmly between you and whoever this was. The stranger smirked and it irked him for some reason, until he started explaining himself and their current predicament. 
After the initial shock wore off and you were both about to head home to your own time Vil caught a glimpse of a certain ring on his older counterpart’s finger, when questioned he simply smiled, stated he was engaged and pointed to a picture hanging on the wall of the apartment.
An elegantly framed photograph of older Vil and you in a meadow of lavender with matching rings adorned with precious gems. Older Vil quickly shooed you off though, he hardly had the time to entertain the two of you, he had a wedding to plan, you’ll understand in a few years so be patient.
Tumblr media
Perhaps adding that element to the potion was a bad idea, but who could fault him when he simply wanted to create something beautiful? Though he did regret dragging you into the whole ordeal now that it had proven less than ideal.
As he helped you up from where you had landed on the ground, he looked around to find himself in a garden of sorts near a quaint cottage. His curiosity got the better of him as he looked around, it wasn’t until he felt the air split near his ear, an arrow flying its course uncomfortably close to his ear, that he sharply turned around.
The all too similar silhouette of a hunter with his trusty hat and bow made itself clear at the entrance of the forest.
The older blonde smiled warmly, proclaiming loudly that he had been expecting them. As flamboyantly and charmingly as regular Rook he introduced himself as his older counterpart, proudly showing off his older physique.
The man made quick haste of explaining their situation with all the theatrics you’ve come to expect of Rook. Until a little child with a bow and hat way too big for them made their appearance, yelling happily.
Older Rook’s attention immediately went to them as he caught the running child, spinning them around before complimenting their hat in his usual French.
While you were stunned, Rook seemed to quickly shake off any hesitation and talked to the child without any worries. When he saw older-you though, walking out of the cottage slowly, that’s when he was left speechless.
The older you was obviously pregnant. 
You were the one who had to drag him back to your own timeline while he gushed about your future, grinning happily the whole way, spouting ridiculous poetry.
Tumblr media
Lilia was no stranger to the unfortunate mistakes that could happen when it came to magic, he had been on receiving end a number of times, however he hadn’t yet experienced a time magic flux, though he handled it with relative calm, he was only concerned for your well being, considering you were with him now.
As he looked around he recognized they were at his estate at the Valley of Thorns, or at least the future version of it? There were obvious trinkets and travel mementos that he hadn’t yet acquired, so obviously future.
He grabbed you by the hand, dragging you to where he knew the lounge room was and when he knocked on the door he didn’t expect to be greeted with a familiar lullaby. He slowly entered, quietly ushering you inside.
His older counterpart barely acknowledged them, already anticipating their arrival, he simply continued singing to the small bundle in his arms, which Lilia gleefully recognized as a small baby.
He could jump from joy, the child’s aura was of a half-human fae, the baby’s small pudgy hands sleepily clutching a small dragon plush close to his chest. That was the toy he had originally sewn Malleus, but it ended up being passed along to Silver, and now this child.
He could feel his smile widening so far his cheeks hurt.
When the door clicked open again, and older you walked in with a tray and some tea cups, after the baby was put to sleep, the four of you had a nice discussion about the future before heading home to your original timeline.
Lilia couldn’t help, but silently cheer, not only had he secured a happy future with you, but  Silver will be so happy to find out he has an adorable little sibling! 
Tumblr media
Another one down, some more to go and then requests will be open again soon~
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tsunonotarou · 4 months ago
Can i please request Honeymoon with Leona, Rook, Malleus and Vil?
honeymoon with them
Tumblr media
notes: I failed Vil and Malleus in this one I’m sorry
: gender-neutral reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Honeymoon with him wouldn’t be anything over the top, don’t expect to travel around lots of places and do lots of things. Well, unless you want to, of course, but shouldn’t honeymoon be enjoyable for both?
If you’re down to having a leisure honeymoon, that’s perfect. You two will chill on a luxurious private beach house. Stroll around the shore and maybe some splashes of salty water involved. He just wants to relax with you, really. What if Jade and Floyd suddenly pops out of the water
Being in all those parties and events and celebrations of your marriage is tiring enough, he has to meet so many people that he didn’t wish to and everything was just deafening, so some quiet moments with you and you alone is what he desires!
But if you really want to explore and do more stuff, go to somewhere in Twisted Wonderland identical to Earth’s Paris or anything, he’ll bring you. After all, seeing your happy smile puts one on him as well, and maybe he feels a little warm on the inside when you beamed so brightly at him and chirped a thank you, Leona! or I love you, Leona!
Just promise you’ll stay in his arms all night and give him the cuddles that he deserves, or do you wish to do something else? *smirk smirk*
Tumblr media
Since he’s always been busy, he wanted to make up for lost time in this honeymoon and give the attention and affection you deserve ヽ(´▽`)/
He will make sure you guys look like the couple and make everyone in the area jealous of you two.
Everything has to be in the best quality. Your food, clothing, hotel and whatnot. All the best. You only deserve the best.
If there are any paparazzi, he will glare, hard.
It’s inevitable that he’ll meet some fans along the way, he’ll sign for them but he’ll cut things short politely because this is time supposed to be spent with you, he doesn’t want to pay too much attention to anybody else.
Just because it’s your honeymoon doesn’t mean you get to skip your daily skincare routine with him! Also, can’t stay up too late as well but, maybe he’ll close an eye sometimes if he sees you getting too excited by the sightings or activities, he doesn’t have the heart to just butt in and say “we’re going back”.
Tumblr media
Honeymoon with this man is DEFINITELY going to be over the top and romantic as heck. Please you’re probably going to cry every day as he brings you to places you mentioned a long time ago, expressing desires to head there.
If you two have talked and fantasized about honeymoons before you two got married, he’s going to make it a reality! All the places you mentioned, had an interest in, curious about, things you want to do, he’s got it all down in a mental note. You’ll be surprised at how attentive he is.
Pictures, pictures, pictures! He’s capturing every moment with good cameras (yes, cameraS) and with his phone, rip storage.
Will snatch every opportunity present and says such sweet and 😩🤌 words at the right time, successfully making you blush and a mess.
Tumblr media
He finally has the time to be with you alone without any retainers or needing to attend to royal activities, I think he’d like to go somewhere quiet and deserted. Some place just for the two of you, spending time with each other peacefully.
Cottagecore whores this is your time.
Just imagine the two of you having a simple honeymoon, relaxing and enjoying your time in nature. Sitting outside on the field as gentle breeze passes by.
It would be the sweetest thing ever, his smile as he watches you dance with the wind was the most gentle. He has so much love in his eyes for you.
Oh, also, flower crowns for each other <3
Tumblr media
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natewriteslol · 4 months ago
May I request a reaction(?)/headcanon?
(twst boiz }:‑))
Rook, Sebek, Idia, Jack and Azul reacting to a secretly ripped reader.
Explanation!: Reader wears a lot if oversized stuff, lazy af, tends to skip PE classes and etc. You know acting like they're weak and stuff while in reality they're just lazy. For some reason Vargas saw the potential and the true power in reader, so he decided to add them to the team of [insert a really brutal sport or smt]. Everyone r like: "Y?? They weak!" When it's Readers time to enter the game, they take their hoodie off and omG those muscles. I swear someone fainted right on spot. And someone went 🧎🤰 After Absolutely destroying opponents team, they're just like "ok, I did the thing! Now I want my super duper rare chips".
A/N: This is such a creative premise, thank you for sending it!!
MC goes by they/them pronouns :)
Warnings: none except that MC takes off their shirt
Honestly Y/N was known to be one of the most laziest people on campus, so lazy that it even rivaled Leona! Which there has to be some form of intervention for them because it’s just getting out of hand. And while it benefitted in certain situations, such as annoying Grim to actually start moving his lazy ass around the house, or bullies leaving them alone since Y/N couldn’t bother to muster a reaction.
However they continued to skip P.E classes, and just all around not doing anything. So it came to a surprise that when they were called to Vargas’ office.
“Wait. Y/N where are you going?” Ace questioned, as their friend went with their backpack toward the door.
“I got an interview with Vargas for something. Watch Grim for me please, later” they replied relaxed. And while both Deuce and Ace questioned what their friend was going to be interviewed for, the pair just looked at each other, shrugged and went back to their schoolwork.
Once Y/N got to Vargas’ office, they sat on the chair on the other side of his desk. The student gazed at the sports paraphernalia on the walls, before Vargas started talking.
“Well Y/N, I bet you’re wondering why I called to talk to you?” He asked.
“Yup” the student said, keeping their answers short and concise.
“You tend to skip my classes a great amount, and while both you and Grim are enrolled as one student your lack of participation is dropping your grade,” Vargas said while standing up.
Y/N started to feel bad, sure they didn’t really care to participate but they didn’t want to inconvenience Grim.
“But, I will promise you one thing, I can feel the potential in you Y/N!” the man said excitedly, slightly spooking you. “As a man who is incredible person overflowing with talent,” Vargas started,
‘Wowee, pretty narcissistic’ you thought, but then you started to pay attention again.
“I can see greatness within others, it’s almost like my 6th sense. And I can feel it within you. Now all I ask of you Y/N, is that you participate in the Great Dodging Tournament try outs. And I will raise your grade” The older man offered, Vargas really believed in you.
And that really put a smile on your face, “You know what, I’ll do it.”
“Thanks kiddo!” the man boomed with a great smile on his face while ruffling your head.
I mean, if he’s this excited you can try for him.
It was tryouts, Deuce and Ace were a little apprehensive for Y/N to be participating. I mean the Great Dodging Tournament involves one person dodging great magical attacks from the opposite team, in order to get at least one of the balls from the other team. And while you didn’t technically need magical powers to compete, it certainly did help.
“Y/N L/N, you’re up!” It was their turn. Whispers broke out, everyone didn’t understand why they were even allowed to participate.
“Have you even seen them run?” Someone whispered.
The heat was rising despite it being the afternoon, “Damn, I’m getting hot” Y/N says and they start to strip, taking off their oversized shirt.
What came to a great surprise was their physique, incredibly ripped abs. Strong shoulders, back and arms now exposed to everyone.
They did absolutely fantastic for their tryouts, moving across the field with great speed, dodging every single attack and they were able to take 2 out of the 7 balls from the other team. Y/N was excellent, and absolute essential to the Great Dodging Tournament team. Every person was in great shock, they didn’t even break a sweat.
“Alrightie! Now where’s my snacks?” They said, sitting down on the bench.
-Oh mon cherie, what have you been hiding from him? ~
-Rook had alot of information on almost everyone at the school, so this definitely came to a shock to him
-A strong advocate for keeping them shirtless all the time
-I mean Y/N lays around all the time, they might as well look good while doing it
-It's just him and Sebek arguing (well it's Sebek who is actually arguing) about what Y/N should do once they come back: Shirt or no shirt?
-He’s very impressed with their strengt and willpower to get that physique
-Very mischievously looks down at Y/N while they complete their audition
-Rook I love you but what are you planning-
-He goes bright red, and starts yelling at Y/N to put a shirt on
-”I-it’s inappropriate for you to be walking around like this! Do you humans not have any shame?!”
-”D-don’t come closer! I don’t want a hug from you!”
-W-what? How could he miss that this mere human held this much power?
-He was incredibly observant (or so he claimed)
-Sebek didn’t know weak, puny humans could possess that type of strength
-If Y/N as a non-magic user were able to obtain this level of power, you were a threat
-Definitely not intimidated by them (he lowkey is intimidated by them)
-While he’s still incredibly opposed to Y/N’s lazy behaviors, he has a newfound respect for them
-Later on he thinks about it more and is marching to their dorm inorder to force them into doing more powerful stuff
-” Naw man, but since you’re up can you get the tv remote? It’s pretty far.”
-Of course this happens the one time he goes outside in person!
-Erupts into flames and has a bright ass blush
-Has Ortho calm down his flames with his built in fans
-Idia literally hides inside his hoodie so that no one could notice him
-But I mean it’s kinda hard since at this point he’s looks like a campfire but go off-
-He literally can’t look Y/N in the eyes omg
-Idia tries to talk to them but he just ends up spluttering
-He thought that Y/N had put their shirt back on so he takes his head out of his hoodie and NOPE they still have it off and the cycle of embarrassment repeats
-Idia manages to compliment Y/N, comparing them to a powerful anime character from a show he watched
-The man cannot look at Y/N the same anymore now that he knows what’s under all that baggy clothing
-Jack definitely did not see this coming
-Can admit that he is a little flustered (Alot of people teased him since his tail started to wag at the sight of Y/N’s body
-He couldn’t imagine the Y/N he knows doing all of this activity, let alone dodging such powerful magic attacks with this much skill
-They’re a perfect candidate for the team and Jack grows really passionate about you wanting to pursue sports
-Has alot more respect for you
-He will drag Y/N to do a bunch of brutally, active shit with him since the whole “I’m too weak” jig is up
-”Jack pls no”
-”But when you were soaring through the air during Dodging tryouts I heard no complaints. Get your ass up, Y/N”
-While their P.E grade is saved, at what cost?
-Azul thought that it was going to be a fun little attempt on Y/N’s part
-Were they joking? I mean he’s never seen them move a muscle for extracurricular activities like sports. Honestly-
-And oh dear oh it’s them shirtless
-Azul is so caught off guard
-He turns away so that Floyd and Jade don’t see his face, but those sneak boys know what’s going on
-”Boss you’re so red!”
-”Ooooh, are you flustered by shrimpy taking off their shirt~”!
-So that’s what you’ve been hiding under your clothing!
-He’s very impressed by your strength, Azul is wondering why you decided to hide it?
-Are you involved in shady business too? Hence why you’re laying low? (Sounds like projection but okay Azul-)
-He’s also thinking about getting you to sign some form of deal so that they can take advantage of your strength (Sorry Y/N)
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wolken-himmel · 2 months ago
In which (Y/n) reluctantly takes care of a sick Rook, who the next day only vaguely remembers someone nursing him back to health.
Now, he's on a hunt to find out who that was.
Request by anon.
Tumblr media
"Oh Rook, so this is why you haven't been bothering me all day long?"
The sudden voice reaching Rook's ears made him toss and turn in his bed, now alarmed and unnerved with how defenseless and vulnerable he was in such a state like this — sick and weak. He attempted to open his eyes and finally find out who this mysterious person by his bedside was, but even the smallest ray of light from the windows made him wince in pain.
While keeping his eyes closed in defeat, he exhaled and quietly called out, "Who—"
His attempts of sitting up were disturbed by hands gently latching onto his shoulders and pressing him down into his mattress again. His sick body saw no other option but to relent. "Sh, lay back down again. You need some rest before you can walk straight again," you cooed like a worried mother bird — much unlike your usual self whenever you talked to Rook. "My silly hunter... overexerting yourself like this... you're such a nuisance."
Humming a soft tune that made the blond's anxiety soon wash away, you tugged at the end of the purple blanket tossed over to the side carelessly. For some strange reason, seeing your annoying admirer so sick and vulnerable made you feel all strange and fuzzy — and for once, you didn't deny your overflowing feelings for him. Your eyes soft and loving, you ran your hand over his matt blond hair.
Rook still seemed a little bit disoriented, his usually so sharp senses blurry and not of much help. "Where am I..." he croaked out while yawning.
You quirked an eyebrow in amusement and merely shook your head, quietly giggling to yourself at how adorable he seemed. "You're in your bed," you stated in a matter-of-fact way while continuing to watch him. The way his hands snuck out from below the blanket to envelop your lower arm made you chuckle, and you merely tugged the blanket over him again. "Here, warm up. And I'll go get you something to eat— like soup! Yeah, Vil must have some vegetable soup around..."
It seemed like Rook didn't want you to go with the way he whined and thrashed around. Yet, he seemed to calm down when he felt a pair of soft lips against his hot forehead. A delighted sigh escaped his throat, and the fuzzy feeling of being cared for made his heart race even quicker than it already was beating.
"Are you an angel?" Rook asked under his breath.
A small chortle escaped your lips as you merely shook your head at his adorable inquiry. "An angel? Oh, I'm not an angel," you retorted, amused since you usually were anything but an angel towards him. Nevertheless, you ignored his weak protests and rose to your feet to venture away to get him some food. "Now rest, and I'll be back."
Rook soon fell asleep afterwards, but swore himself to find out whoever this angel was to thank them for their kindness.
Rook wasn't one to be sick for days; his immune system had always been something he was envied for. So, it came that he was healthy and in high spirits again when the next day rolled around. He intended to not take any further rest — despite Vil's complaints and scolding — and instead began his search for that guardian angel that had nursed him back to health yesterday.
Prancing through empty courtyards and dark corridors, Rook kept thinking about all the possible leads and clues he had for identifying his little angel. Sadly, he didn't remember much with how bad his sickness had been — all he remembered were a few snippets of what they had said, as well as the forehead kiss he had been gifted with before his angel went out to get him soup.
A giant smile, one that caused students that crossed his path to shy away and run for their dear lives instead, graced his lips as he straightened his back and began skipping around in an energetic and playful way.
"Where oh where could you be, my angel..." Rook whispered to himself while an exasperated sigh escaped his lips. Clutching his heart in despair, he continued venturing into the library without really caring. "My angel who took care of me when I was sick! My angel who tugged me into bed— my angel who fed me delicious soup!"
Yet, his wild rambling was soon interrupted by a hissing voice coming from somewhere behind the large and towering book shelves. "Rook, can you please be quiet?" you grumbled under your breath and shot him an angry glare that caused the hunter to become aware of your inconspicuous presence. His eyes darted over to your position at one of the empty tables. "I'm trying to study over here..."
Rook immediately grew excited at the sight of his object of affection, the unwilling student he had been chasing for months already — you. Happy like a little child, he ventured over to you and plopped down on the chair beside you, which evoked an exasperated gasp from you. "Oho, mon amour! I've started to miss you, Mademoiselle (Y/n)." His words caused you to grit your teeth and roll your eyes, but Rook didn't let himself be discouraged. "You see, I was in no shape to enjoy your company yesterday."
You rolled your eyes and buried your face behind your book again in an attempt to hide your red cheeks from his prying eyes. Judging by that annoying grin on his face, you feared that he could hear the way your heart was beating at the speed of light at his sudden appearance. "Yeah, I know," you mumbled, trying to stay calm and unbothered. "I was wondering already why you weren't bothering me— running after me and yelling compliments of all kind."
Rook merely chuckled and waved you off. "Does that mean you missed me?"
Gasping, you shot up from your chair with bright red cheeks — and you couldn't tell yourself if the reason for it was because of embarrassment or anger. "Hell no, idiot!" you hissed nervously when you noticed his grin grow larger and larger. The blond merely stayed silent and watched you crumble under his intense gaze. Eventually, you sighed in defeat and crossed your arms. "You're insufferable, do you know that?"
"You wound me, my dear," Rook merely retorted in a teasing way. Then, he placed his hands over his heart and closed his eyes in an innocent way — oh, he was anything but innocent. "Truly, I am baffled at how nice to me you were yesterday."
Your eyes grew wide at the implications of his words, and before you could help yourself, a startled gasp escaped your lips. Rook's eyes flashed in a triumphant way upon realising that your reaction spoke more than a thousand words — so that was enough evidence for you being that guardian angel of his.
Yet, you continued trying to weasel your way out of his accusations. "I don't know what you're talking about."
Much to your embarrassment, Rook was already caught in his rambling that he didn't listen to your meek protests. "You even called me 'my silly hunter'!" he cried out while clutching his chest with both his hands, tears of happiness pricking in the corners of his eyes. Finally, his hard work of wooing you was paying off, and your walls were cracking. "Oh my, my heart... I cannot believe my success..."
Your cheeks were bright and hot by then. "I-I never did such a thing!"
"So it is true that you were the angel that nursed me back to health yesterday!"
When he wrapped his arms around you and smothered your face in his chest, you merely sighed and closed your eyes in defeat. Maybe... maybe things weren't so bad after all — but you would never tell Rook that out loud. So, grumbling curses under your breath, you did your best to appear annoyed. "I try to be nice for once and this is what I get...."
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bubbledumbbinch · 3 months ago
Are you currently taking any requests?
If yes, then, can I please request a headcanon/reaction of twst boiz (to be moe specific Azul, Idia, Leona and Rook) with reader that gives "warm- home hugs". Their hugs are always worm and welcoming, calming...Like home.+reader is really just a a cuddle bear. In general reader's vibe is a whole 'relax and talk to me' kind of thing. Idk how else to explain, sowwy!
Thank yous ahead!🖤
Eek anon this is so cute!!! Reading this my heart went 🥺🥺💖 I hope it’s to your liking! 🥰
Warnings: some slight spoilers for Idia’s Ghost Marriage groovy card
Azul Ashengrotto
Azul would be in his office, hunched in his seat sorting through various types of paperwork, including contracts, business propositions,etc.
You would come to visit him since his texts were becoming sparser by the hour, which could only mean he was becoming stressed out.
When you find him with tired eyes the first thing you’d do is run over to him and hold his face up with your hands, asking what’s wrong.
When he tells you he’s just becoming overwhelmed with work and his own insecurities in school, you offer to cuddle with him on the couch, to which he blushes and nods.
Once you bring Azul out of his chair you wrap your arms around his torso, bringing him into a warm hug. It reminded him of when his mother comforted him when he came home crying because of bullies. It reminded him of a warm comforting meal.
Azul has hugged you before but this time was different - he could feel himself sinking deeper into your arms as his worries started melting away.
“A- Azul?! Are you okay? What’s wrong? Here, let’s get you to the couch and talk to me.” When you almost pulled away, the lavender haired boy never let you escape his grasp. “Uh I… is it okay if we stay here a little bit longer, angelfish?” You glanced up to see Azul’s face tinged with a light pink blush. Of course you would indulge a little bit for your cute octopus.
Idia Shroud
I don’t headcanon Idia to be a very touchy person on his own volition. But I DO headcanon him to be an ANXIOUS person.
He was scheduled to have an in person presentation for a class and for some reason his anxiety was at an all time high.
His hair was starting to grow a pinkish red mixed with blue spots as he paced around the room. Idia was mumbling about how the classmates would think he was weird, talking about how they would make fun of him, take pictures, etc.
Ortho unfortunately wasn’t in the room to help calm Idia down, leaving you alone with him.
You walked over to Idia calmly and as he stepped towards you, you softly envelop him in your arms.
Once Idia could feel you hug him he was a bit nervous, but the scent of your shampoo and warm arms brought him back to reality.
You could hear his shaky breath starting to calm down and feel his chest rising and falling more steadily.
“Shh, Idia, breathe, in… and out… It’s going to be okay, I’m here for you.” You cooed, rubbing your hand up and down his back gently. Idia’s eyes closed as he followed your instructions - breathing in and out slowly. He focused on the way you held him tightly, the familiar scent of you, and how you talked to him like there was nobody else in the world. He whimpered, pulling you in closer like he was afraid to lose you.
Leona Kingscholar
You and Leona would be cuddling in his favorite spot in the botanical gardens, only to have Ruggie try to wake him up suddenly to turn in an assignment. It makes Leona stir and growl, but he does get up to leave.
Leona returns after a few minutes and plops down next to you again, noticeably more upset. 
You place an arm over his shoulder and a hand in his hair, stroking the spot between his ears. Leona starts to grumble yet nuzzles his head into your touch. 
You would maneuver behind him and hug him from behind, your legs wrapping around him. Leona would lean back, embracing the warmth your body had to offer. 
When Leona is in your arms it feels like he isn’t second best. He can feel how much you care about him in a physical way but also in the energy you emit.
When Leona feels how much you love him when you’re cuddling, he doesn’t need to prove himself to anybody or feel like he has to put on a tough front. He can be himself and fall asleep feeling safe in your hold.
“Keep doing that, herbivore…” Leona almost purred out. One of your arms was over his torso while the other was petting his head. You felt so safe in the beastman’s arms and he in yours. “Leona, you’re so nice and warm. I don’t wanna leave you…” your voice trailed off as you held onto him tighter.
“Hm, easy solution… you don’t have to.” His gentle snores could be heard with the rise and fall of his chest.
Rook Hunt
Rook would simply be returning from a trip around the school to gather “intel”, as he calls it. You decide to surprise him in his room and manage to get him when he doesn’t expect you! At least, that’s what he wants you to think. Rook could smell your scent when he entered the dorm.
Rook would just open his arms expectantly, he knows what is coming and is conditioned to embrace you when you see each other.
You practically jump onto him, nuzzling into his toned chest as you finally close your arms behind his back. Rook leans down and quietly ingests your scent on your hair, melting into the hug.
Comfort was the first word in his mind. He could always smell your scent when he was trying to calm himself down at times.
As he is in this embrace for a while, Rook can only stop to think of the beauty of physical touch amongst humans and the way it can elicit so many strong emotions from them.
“Mon amour, you really do know how to make me feel so special.” Rook trailed his hand up your back all the way up to your cheek. “Mm, what do you mean, Rook?” You gazed questioningly. “Non non, don’t worry about it. Just know I will be wanting these kinds of embraces forever now, oui?” Rook smiled down at you, perfect hair never falling out of place.
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treysbimbo · 3 months ago
darling who doesn’t mind being locked away.
pairings: rook, idia, malleus, azul, leona, ruggie / reader.
requested by anon.
( yandere content, kidnapping, pregnancy mentions, marriage mentions, unhealthy relationships, blood mentions, violence mentions. )
Tumblr media
rook finds it a bit boring at first… he enjoys the hunt, chasing down his prey and earning it once he captures you, but he does still manage to find the beauty in it. you’re sweet and docile, you let him hold you and show his ‘love’. he’s a lot less violent than he thought he’d have to be.
he’ll spoil you so much, you won’t get any breathing room and if he ever comes to trust you enough and lets you out, he’ll be watching from afar, ready to take you back any moment he sees you being a little too friendly. you’re the cutest thing in the world to him, reminding him of different kinds of small animals he’s hunted. he doesn’t mind showing you love and is incredibly happy when you listen to some troubles he’s had. he wouldn’t mind a bit of a change every once in a while, though.
he falls even more in obsession once you return his affections, letting him cling and hold onto you whenever he pleases (which is always), not caring for the things he could do or has done. your uncaring nature about this is also great for ortho, to anybody else it seems like a normal relationship and that’s a perfect thing for the young robot boy to see.
he’ll never let you go now. knowing that you’re content in this life with him makes his obsession grow more & more, becoming more paranoid whenever you even mention somebody else — even ortho. he’s never had anybody see him in such a way like you do, crazy but loveable, and he can’t let you go… he wouldn’t ever find a love like this again.
unexpected but absolutely fantastic, everything will move smoothly and according to plan since you’re so willing to let him do whatever he needs. the wedding will be planned within the week and thoughts of children will be spoken upon, how many he’d like and how terrific you’d be as a mother, all while his hand rubs over your stomach, a dark look visible in his eyes.
he’ll have lilia convince you to have children as soon as possible, as well as a wedding. he doesn’t want any chances of you leaving him, sebek and silver are your guards as well now, following and watching your every move, making sure you don’t ever get too far away from the young master. soon enough even if you have thoughts of running, you won’t be able to. whether it’s the ring that sits on your finger or the child that’s growing in your stomach.
oh azul is so, so very happy! he’ll make sure to smother your with his love, kisses every chance he gets and hugs that feel as if they’re going to crack your ribs! even with your feelings of contentment, he’ll still have you locked away, hidden from anybody else (besides the eel twins, of course) only for his eyes to see. a chain sitting on your ankle as water surrounds you, giving nowhere to run even if you were to consider it. you won’t have an uncomfortable life, but it won’t necessarily be a happy one.
he insists on skin-to-skin contact every moment you two spend together. he doesn’t even dare to speak, knowing it only takes away from the precious cuddling and kissing times shared between the two of you. azul would’ve been clingy even if you weren’t so easy, but it’s 10x worse now that he knows what he can get away with, that you’re happy to listen to his problems and let him run rampant with the things he does.
like rook, leona’s a bit bored. he expected a prey he’d have to hunt down, one he’d have to threaten and fight with. but, this isn’t all that bad, either, he’s quite the lazy lion and you’re happy enough to let him use you as if you were a pillow that lays on his bed, to let him express his anger about his family and position as the second-prince.
that’s not saying he’s any bit gentle, leona’s volatile, and incredibly easy to get jealous, even one peep from your mouth of another guy at this school is enough to earn you a lifelong scar. he isn’t afraid to watch the blood pour from wounds he gives you, happily dragging you to lay down while you cry in pain. his obsession may seem alright if you allow him to throw you around, bruising and marking you as his own, but beneath all of that lies a predator, and one that’s very dangerous.
ruggie is so grateful! his darling is happy to be kidnapped by him? hell yeah! your days spent with him will not be anything but love and happiness! he’s thinking of ways to get you stuck with him forever, a bit worried about jumping straight to marriage — money, mostly — but it’s definitely very much stuck in his mind. he wants you to meet all the kids from the slums just like him! you’d love ‘em, you love him! so they’ll be no different. and once you meet them, there’s no going back.
he’s having your future planned out with him, first you two will graduate, and by then he’ll have a decent amount of money from all his part-time jobs, score a better job through his fourth-year applications and searching, and then once you two are done with everything, you’ll have a nice house where everyone can come and visit! them always asking about babies and marriage, how they wanna throw flowers or bring the ring, to witness ruggie’s wedding with his perfect bride (because he only deserves the best!) and then see little hyena babies! they’re all so impatient and excited that you don’t even know if you can make it out of nrc!
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