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the friend that’s been thru all this shit with me but has no option to skip town got kicked out at 3am (during CURFEW in gboro) by her roommate and our old “friend” who practically screwed us over. she has nowhere to go and they’re threatening to call the police on her if she comes back to get her things and her cat. if that happens (because of her past) they can easily lock her up for 3-5 years because of a gun being in the same house.she’s staying in a hotel at the moment trying to figure out what to do. this comes a week after mentioned roommate stole her wallet and speaker which were left in their living room.

if anyone in the greensboro nc area is looking for a roommate, please message me so i can let her know. she’s been trying to move for a while but no one has responded to her applications.

she IS a felon (if that matters to your landlord) but has come a long way in the last year and has a job now.

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sitting across from each other in his living room feet thrown over each other’s bodies playing imessage games and sending each other stupid force touch drawings

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Her: So people call their spouses honey, and sugar.

Me: Yes, whats your point?

Her: Why is it that if I call my boyfriend “milk” then it’s not acceptable??

Me: I mean… you can call him “milk” if you want. Why would you want to call him “milk”??

Her: Because I love milk, and I love him. so I think it’s dumb that it’s normal to call someone sugar but I can’t call my boyfriend “milk”.

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humbling moment: to dig through your boyfriend’s dresser searching for comfy sweatpants and then realizing that every single pair of your boyfriend’s comfy sweatpants are, in fact, in YOUR apartment

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FilterCopy | Signs You Have The Best Roommate | Ft. Ahsaas Channa and Ap…

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braided his hair last night and he leans over to cover my eyes so i don’t have to see the dead raccoons when he drives through cornfields

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I did some snooping and my new roommate might be a queer band geek who most likely has a tumblr and was and or currently is a Supernatural fan.

It’s uncanny

I’m going to meet my match

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new goal: move out by june 2021

I’m giving myself just about 1 year to get my shit together and get out of this place, hopefully I can keep myself accountable and make/save up enough money for an actual apartment, find a good roommate, and figure out finance stuff

secondary goal that depends on moving out: go to pride + come out publicly (maybe legally change my name??)

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i’m so in love i was talking about next year and applications and my goa and moving for grad school and he just….talked abt how he was adaptable and willing to live wherever. “my flower will blossom wherever, i just want to be there to see it.” i know better than to “plan” for a future or whatever but knowing he wants to be there in mine, at least right now, makes me feel very secure and very safe and very loved and very blessed

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i have been looking for a roommate for a while
now, i generally don’t really have any age/gender preference, provided that the individual is relatively clean and respectful
but somebody contacted me and wants to see it this afternoon…a middle-aged divorced dad of kids in their 20s. i don’t want to be discriminatory or judgmental, but would that be weird/creepy [to live w/ a middle-aged divorcee]?

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