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metalbuckaroo · 12 hours ago
So I’ve got a request for you. Along the lines of sometimes a person bc is just teasing you the right kinda way.
“You’re so mean”
“You like it”
Summary// Bucky takes every chance Sam isn't watching during movie night to mess with you (back at it again with the shitty summaries)
Warnings// implied smut, kinda fluff?, teasing, cursing, I think that's it
AU// roommate!bucky x f!reader
Tumblr media
You watched as Sam walked to the kitchen, waiting until he couldn't hear you to look back to Bucky. An innocent smile on his face as his pinky brushed over your clothed heat.
"I'm going to hurt you." You whispered, narrowing your eyes at him. "I don't think you will, dollface." He laughed lightly, pecking a kiss to your cheek. "Okay, play the movie." Sam said, sitting the bowl of chips on the coffee table as he sat down.
Throughout the movie Bucky continued his teasing. Draping an arm over your shoulders so he could graze the pads of his fingers across your nipple, slipping his hand higher up the inside of your thigh to ghost his fingers over your core. Smirking to himself at the arousal that had soaked through the thin briefs you wore that belonged to him.
By the time the second movie started, you decided to return some of the teasing. Bucky sucking in a sharp breath that he covered by clearing his throat when you gripped his erection through his athletic shorts. Leaning further into his side as you adjusted the blanket the covered that two of you, you glanced over at Sam who was engulfed in the movie playing on the TV- oblivious to everything else around him.
"You're so mean." Bucky said quietly in your ear when your hand slipped up the leg of his shorts. "You like it." You grinned, keeping your voice as quiet as possible. "I'm going to ruin you once Sam leaves." He murmured, almost pouting as he focused back on the TV.
"Better keep that promise, loverboy."
☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕
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bucksfucks · 5 months ago
  𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙛𝙚𝙚𝙡𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 𝙢𝙪𝙩𝙪𝙖𝙡 ; 𝗯𝘂𝗰𝗸𝘆 𝗯𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗲𝘀
summary┃the amount of times you and bucky have seen each other masturbating is alarmingly high. might as well do it together.
pairing┃roommate!bucky x f!reader
word count┃2,920 words
warnings┃masturbation, mutual masturbation, use of toys [vibrator], lots of lube, dirty talk, general nakedness, bucky edging you, praise kink, slight authority kink, multiple orgasms, orgasm denial, lots of teasing, slight mocking — 18+ ONLY//MINORS DNI
notes┃not to be vulgar but i want him to destroy my pussy 😃✌🏻
Tumblr media
     The first time it happened, you were mortified. Hiding your face in your hands as Bucky laughed from the other side of the kitchen counter. You wanted the Earth to open up and swallow you. 
    “The walls are paper thin and your vibrator isn’t exactly,” he smirked, “quiet.” 
     You felt your entire body flush, skin on fire from utter embarrassment as Bucky called you out on hearing you masturbate. 
     It’s not like he did much to hide it either though. 
    “At least I don’t moan every five seconds like you,” you hissed back playfully as Bucky’s face dropped. 
     “I always assumed you were asleep,” he mumbles, a slight blush creeping up his neck as you feel your confidence slowly growing back.
     “And what do you think wakes me up?” You chide back as Bucky folds his arms over his chest.
     His naked chest.
     “Well we clearly have to come up with a system.” Bucky jokes before the conversation slowly drifts to topics other than masturbation.
     The first time you had actually caught him, you felt your heart nearly drop out of your ass as you walked into Bucky’s room with your phone in your hand.
     You were hoping to get his opinion on something.
     Instead you were met with his hand wrapped around his cock.
     “Bucky can you—oh my God!” You dropped your head, covering your eyes as your mouth fell agape.
     “Hey babes, what’s up?” He was so nonchalant, as if his cock wasn’t out for you to see and the porn video still faintly playing on his phone screen.
     “Buck—I-I,” you stuttered, walking backwards and slamming the door behind you.
     “Where’ya goin’!” You finally let your hands drop from your eyes as you stare at the door in disbelief.
     “Bucky your entire dick was out! What do you mean, where am I going?” You were shocked, your friendship effectively ruined as you hear shuffling before the door swings open.
     At least he has boxers on.
     “Tit for tat?” Bucky smirks, leaning against the doorframe as your face still shows your shock.
     “Oh c’mon Sweets,” he flicks your nose gently, “now there’s nothing left to your imagination.” He winks, brushing past you and into the washroom where the shower was started and he would undoubtedly resume his activity.
     You had to admit, while it was a massive shock, the image of Bucky’s cock was burned into your memory.
     It didn’t help that Bucky was hot. It also didn’t help that you could hear him and could hear all the filthy things he would say during the occasional hook up he had.
     Seeing his cock didn’t help the throbbing between your thighs either.
     It was a hot summer night in an apartment that didn’t have air conditioning—your window open as the soft breeze cooled you for a second.
     Horny and hot. Hot and horny and yet you were out of luck as vibrator died and you had forgotten to pick up batteries from the convenience store.
     Your hands travelled down your panty clad body and you sighed when you finally applied pressure to your clit.
     It was too hot for anything else, nipples hard as your duvet lay bunched at the end of the bed—legs spread open as you relaxed against your pillows.
     He consumed your thoughts as you slipped your fingers under your panties and through your folds—there would be no teasing tonight.
     A year and a half of living with him, a year and a half of watching him do push-ups on the living room floor, emerge from the shower in nothing but a towel, hear him grunt as he buried his cock inside of the girl he brought home from the bar.
     A shiver went down your spine as you slipped your fingers inside of you, trying hard to reach that sweet spot.
     Your mouth fell open and suddenly, you couldn’t stop Bucky’s name from leaving your lips as you squirmed under your own touch.
     “Sweets, what is it?” A groggy, sleepy Bucky stood in your doorway as you gasped, shooting up into a sitting position as you tried to cover yourself.
     “What the fuck?” You whisper yelled in shock, Bucky’s tired eyes going wide as he trained them to the floor as you grabbed your blanket.
     “Well you were calling my name, but I can see why now,” he smirked, shamelessly adjusting his dick in his shorts.
     You fell back against the bed with a frustrated groan, “I was so close.”
     This wasn’t going to help your mood, frustrations growing from your failed and rejected orgasm.
     “By all means, don’t let me stop you.” He smirks, spinning on his heels and walking back to his bedroom where you can hear the squeaks of his bed springs as he no doubt throws himself on the mattress.
     You stare at your ceiling, heart still beating away in your chest, watching the fan blades spinning rapidly before you hear the distinct sound of Bucky’s low groan.
     That asshole.
     If he didn’t let you finish, you sure as hell weren’t about to let him.
     You jumped out of bed, not bothering to put a shirt on because, well, not like he hasn’t already seen everything.
     “Hey asshole!” You yelled, knocking your fist on his door, “if I don’t come, then you don’t either.”
     Suddenly, he went quiet. Shuffling on the other side before the door opened to a naked Bucky.
     You had to remind yourself to keep your eyes on his.
     “What if we both come?” His question confuses you, eyebrows furrowed as you cock your head to the side.
     “If we both come, then it’s a win-win, right?” He asks and you have no choice but to nod your head.
     “Yeah, but—“ you don’t finish your sentence before Bucky’s tugging you into his room by your wrist, a small squeak leaving you before you’re both bouncing onto his bed.
     “Just hear me out, Sweets.” He smiles, letting you get comfortable before you’re both on your backs looking at his rickety ceiling fan.
     “What if we just both,” he clears his throat, “masturbate together?”
     He doesn’t seem to confident, but the proposition leaves your breath hitching as you can see the way his cock twitches.
     “That seems...fair,” you don’t sound so confident either, afraid of ruining the friendship.
     But that seems to have gone to shit pretty quick.
     You lick your lips, turning your head to face Bucky as he’s already looking at you.
     “Yeah,” you nod your head, “okay.”
     He smiles, reaching into his beside table, coming back with a bottle of lube and offering you some.
     “If we’re doing this, we’re doing it right,” he scoffs, squeezing some into your palm before doing the same for him.
     You take a moment to admire him, his flesh hand going to wrap around his cock as his metal prosthetic is barely touching your thigh.
     The lube is cold, a soft gasp passing through your lips as you spread it over yourself.
     It doesn’t take much to get your breathing ragged as Bucky rubs the head of his cock and moans almost directly in your ear.
     “Bucky,” you whisper as he turns his head to you, “can you put your arm over me? It’s really hot.”
     He smiles again, complying as he drapes the thick and heavy arm against your tummy. You moan at the coolness against your hot skin as your legs drop against his.
     “Better?” He rasps, “much.” You reply.
     Your breathing catches in your throat, moan replacing it when your fingers find your clit. You can hear Bucky’s ragged breaths as he lets out a curse.
     “Fuck, Sweets why didn’t we start doin’ this sooner?” He groans, hearing the way he’s stroking his cock.
     You hope it’s a rhetorical question because you’re far too focused on the bubbling feeling of your orgasm as you glance at the way his cock stands tall in his grasp.
     “God, Bucky,” his name comes as a long, drawn out whimper.
     “‘M gonna come,” you sigh, on the brink of your peak as Bucky’s mouth falls open.
     “Go on Sweets, you deserve it,” his voice is low and hoarse as the heavy weight of his metal arm adds that bit of pressure to your lower tummy before the feeling finally snaps.
     Your legs tighten around your own hand as you sink deeper into the bed, enjoying the strength of your orgasm before Bucky’s pants and grunts take your attention and you’re watching him paint his toned chest.
     There’s nothing you can really say as you catch your breath, realizing just what’s happened.
     But you’ve never been left more satisfied, turning to face Bucky who looks starstruck and in awe.
     “This might be my best idea yet, Sweets,” he smirks, voice still hoarse from the late hour in the night as you roll your eyes playfully.
     “I hate agree with you, Barnes, but yeah,” you’re still out of breath. “This was a damn good idea.”
     You don’t spent the night, you don’t see any reason to. Slowly, crawling out of his bed and into the bathroom silently anxiously awaiting what he say in the morning.
     Most importantly, if he would regret it.
     That morning came, a mug of your favourite beverage in hand as Bucky stumbled out of the shower in nothing but his fucking towel.
     “So last night was fun,” he smirked and leave it to Bucky Barnes and his God complex to fuel his ego.
     “I think we should turn it into a regular thing,” he then adds, venturing into his bedroom but keeping the door open as he dropped his towel exposing his bare ass.
     Not like you’ve never seen it.
     “What, you wanna have a masturbation schedule?” You’re half joking as he pulls on a pair of boxers and turns around rolling his eyes at your comment playfully.
     “No, not a schedule. But whenever we’re in the mood, we just...masturbate together,” he offers, coming into the kitchen to grab orange juice out of the fridge.
     You have to think on his words, quickly trying to weigh out the pro’s and con’s but the only thing that comes to mind is how hard you came last night.
     “Deal.” You finally say, outstretching your hand for him to shake.
     “It’s a deal then, Sweets.”
     Part of you thought that it would never happen again, that this was just another one of Bucky’s outrageous ideas, but it did.
     It happened again, and again, and again until became such a normal part of your routine that neither of you batted an eye at it.
     There were weeks where you were particularly insatiable, but Bucky never complained. There were also weeks were Bucky needed a little bit more attention and you were happy to help.
     It turned into something so natural, something that fulfilled you that you stopped trying to find lame hookups and awkward dates.
     You didn’t realize the time when your phone vibrated, a text from Bucky displayed on the screen.
     wanna masturbate?
     The text would’ve caught you off guard months ago, but no you just fished for your vibrator before skipping into Bucky’s room and throwing yourself onto his bed.
     “That was fast,” he chuckled as you shrugged your shoulders, “could say the same about you.” You winked playfully as he scoffed.
     You shimmied your pants and underwear down, tossing your shirt over your head as Bucky just removed his covers to his already hardening cock.
     That was something you’d never get used to. The only thing that was going through your head was his cock and the way it would feel inside of you.
     “Hey, um, I was thinkin’ we could maybe try something new tonight?” Bucky squeaked, a departure from his usual cocky and confident nature.
     You propped yourself up on your elbows to look at him, giving him a look that said go on.
     “I was thinkin’ that maybe tonight,” he seemed nervous as he bit his lip. “That we could help each other out more.”
     You were surprised at his words, your stomach flipping when you connected the dots to what it was that he wanted to try.
     And you’d be lying if you said you weren’t excited.
     “Yeah,” you nodded your head, “okay.”
     He smiled, letting you lie back down against his pillow.
     “Just relax for me, Sweets, I’ll take care of you tonight.” He whispered, words gentle and soft as you felt him spreading your legs.
     “Do you think you can do what I tell you, Sweets?” There’s a sudden shift in his tone, voice low as his words rumble.
     You nod your head, eyes closed in anticipation as you can feel yourself growing wetter.
     “Okay, I want you to start slow, yeah? Use your fingers baby, get yourself nice and warmed up.” He cooes, watching as you let your fingers fall between your legs.
     You run them through your folds, collecting your slick as you tease your clit with light touches while you feel Bucky’s hands massaging your thighs.
     “Good girl, Sweets. Just like that, nice and slow—want you to hear just how wet you get.” You’d never heard this Bucky before, but it made your stomach flip in excitement as you played with yourself.
     “Bet that feels good, doesn’t it?” He teases, his hands travelling up your tummy until they’re on your breast making you mewl under him.
     “Uh uh, I didn’t say you could have your fingers yet, did I Sweets?” He stops your hand by your wrist, tugging it back up to your clit as you shudder at the sudden authority in his voice.
     “I know you want them, but I think you’ll enjoy mine stuffing you just a little more,” he purrs, kissing your shoulder as his metal hand travels back down to where you’re circling your clit.
     “Look at that, soaked already?” He taunts, coating his fingers with you before he’s teasing your entrance.
     It’s getting harder to focus on your clit, wanting you fall back and enjoy the way Bucky’s cold, thick, and heavy fingers feel against you.
     “Oh Sweets, I didn’t give you permission to stop playing with yourself.” He almost mocks, your chest falling and rising quickly as you let out a whine.
     “Good girl, just like that. Nice and slow while I stretch you out.” His words hit you hard, fingers sinking into you as you let out an obscene moan.
     He feels so much better than your own fingers—longer and thicker as they can reach that one spot you never could on your own.
     “I can feel you squeezin’ me, but you can’t come just yet.” He whispers, slowly pumping them in and out of you—curling against you g-spot.
     You’re biting your lip so hard you think you’ll have permanent indents from your teeth by the time the night is done.
     “How do my fingers feel, Sweets?” He teases, “do you feel full? Absolutely stuffed?”
     His words, the way his fingers are fucking you, and your own fingers are too much as you feel yourself getting closer and closer.
     “Bucky, please. I-I wanna come,” you whimper, head lolling to the side as your toes curl into his mattress.
     You open your eyes, mouth open as you see the way he’s got his one hand wrapped around his own cock—pumping himself while the other is knuckle deep inside of you.
     It only makes your walls flutter around him, a silent plea to let you come.
     “I know Sweets I know,” his fingers still inside of you, “but it’s gonna feel so much better this way.” You shiver when you realize what he’s doing.
     He’s edging you—building it up just to let it dissipate until he does it all over again.
     “Bucky,” you’re not past begging if it’ll get his fingers moving again.
     He smirks, looking down at you before he’s moving his fingers again. It doesn’t take long for the feeling to build back up again until...
     “Not just yet, Sweets.” You groan, whining as he stops your own hand against your clit so you’re left lying there with an aching core.
     You try to move your hips upwards, but Bucky’s much stronger and keeps them planted against the bed.
     “One more Sweets, just one more,” he promises, starting to move his fingers inside of you again.
     “Go on, use your fingers, I’ll tell you when to stop.” You do what he says, rubbing your clit until you feel his hand around your wrist again.
     “You’re doin’ so good,” he purrs, his own cock leaking pre-cum as he removes his flesh hand from your wrist to wrap it around himself.
     Your skin feels like it’s on fire, right on the brink of your orgasm as he slowly starts to tease you with his fingers again.
     “I know, Sweets, I can feel how badly you need to come,” he rasps, stroking his cock as he plunges his fingers deeper and deeper while your fingers are on your clit.
     “Oh that’s it, come for me. Need you to come for me,” he groans as you let yourself go, feeling the scorching hot pleasure run through your body as Bucky moans—painting his chest with his cum.
     Your body is still shuddering with aftershocks, limbs light as you find the strength to open your eyes and look at Bucky and his pink parted lips.
     “That was fun,” you whisper, Bucky turning his head to face you with a sly smile.
     “Maybe tomorrow we can try something else, I have a feeling my cock might feel better than my fingers.”
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agentofbarnes · 3 months ago
For the sleepover:
roommate!bucky and you are just starting to...have some ✨times to yourself✨ and you start off as moot masting (censoring so Tumblr doesn’t eat my ask) and then he leans over to you and you whisper for him to choke you and then u take it from here bestie...ONLY IF UR COMFY WRITING THAT I TOTALLY GET IT IF NOT!!
Also HUGE congrats on 4k I love your writing and I am so so proud of you! <3
blurred lines — bucky
happy 4k sleepover! join the party here!
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes was a flirt when it came to you, and you don’t know exactly how you ended up in Bucky’s bed every Thursday night like clock work. It had started a few weeks before this night, the night everything had changed.
You had been caught in the act, thinking Bucky would be out with his girlfriend, the girl he was on and off again with. He really on went with her to fuck, but she wanted more than he could offer when he was clearly more concerned with you. He was supposed to be out, Bucky was supposed to be making up for forgetting her birthday (which may or not have been your fault). Except it turned out that Dot had broken up with him because of you.
He had come into your room to find you all splayed out on bed, thick blue vibrator buried into your weeping pussy as you rubbed at your clit.
Bucky had climbed into bed with you that night, stroking himself as he watched you please yourself. You had moaned out his name so prettily and he had become addicted.
“That’s it, sugar, fuck yourself,”Bucky whispered hotly into your ear, palming himself through his boxers. That fateful night had been weeks ago and Bucky had completely forgeant other woman existed besides you. He admired how your fingers disappeared into your cunt, wishing it was his metal fingers curling against that sweet spot that made you mewl.
You eagerly shoved your fingers into dripping pussy while Bucky leaned over you to whisper how fucking hot you were.
“Bucky...fuck....”You whined out, head falling against the headboard. His eyes are hooded, admiring how exposed your neck looked. Oh the things he’d do to that neck, the marks he could leave if you were truly his.
His body moved fast than his brain, his flesh hand wrapped around your throat with a light squeeze,”Fucking hell, doll face, you are too pretty not to touch,”Bucky groaned, making you moan at his touch.
“Touch me, rub your cock against me, I can get you nice and slick, Buck,”You gasped out, licking your lips,”Wanna feel your cock against me...”
Bucky was on you in seconds, his cock freed from its restraints. His cock was by far the prettiest, biggest cock you had ever seen. Bucky rubbed against you, pre-cum making at mess on your tummy before he carefully lined his cock up against your pussy. He slowly rocked his hips, length coated into your slick as he glided against the lips of your cunt.
You whimpered when the head rubbed over your clit, making your hips jolt up. Bucky’s hand grabbed your throat tightly,licking up the base of your neck.”So fuckinh wet, ‘m cum on your tummy, sugar, that what you want? You wanna be covered in my cum?”
“Yes, yes, yes,”You panted, hands running over his chest with your bottom lip between your lips. Bucky didn’t stop, fucking himself against your pussy without ever actually burying himself in you.
“Bet you haven’t been fucked in ages, bet you’re hoping I sink my cock into your sweet little pussy, I’ve been dying to fuck you,”Bucky rasped, kissing at your jaw.”Fuuuck, we’ll save that for next time, sugar, ‘m gonna fuckin’ cum, do it with me...”
It wasn’t long under Bucky’s fun spattered against your tummy while you trembled slightly as your orgasm washed over you.” Bucky—“
“Look at that mess, baby, swear I could lick it all up, but you look so good covered in me...shit, I’ve pictured this so many times.”
“You have?”You asked breathlessly, surprised at this new information.
“Yeah, you’re my girl,”Bucky said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world,”I did get broken up with for moaning your name in bed with Dot.”
“Couldn’t help it, I think about this perfect tits every time since you moved in,”Bucky admitted, face hovering over yours with a smile.
You can’t help but pull him down by his dogs tags to mold your lips over his, which he eagerly returned. Bucky can’t help but smile into your mouth, thinking, just maybe, you could finally be his.
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cherry-flav0ured · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Basically a list of all my favorite fics.
Bucky x reader:
☽ 𝙇𝙚𝙨𝙨𝙤𝙣𝙨 𝙞𝙣 𝙀𝙭𝙚𝙧𝙘𝙞𝙨𝙚 by @angrythingstarlight Beefy!Bucky x Reader
"Bucky decides to show you how good an intense work out can be, starting with the pull up bar."
☽ 𝙄 𝘿𝙞𝙙 𝙎𝙤𝙢𝙚𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝘽𝙖𝙙 by @sinner-as-saint Bodyguard!Stucky x Reader
"You’re a rich spoilt brat, and your two bodyguards are the ones who have to put up with you and your attitude all day every day. Until one day, they’ve had about enough. And they decide to tame the brat in you…"
☽ 𝙎𝙥𝙚𝙘𝙠𝙡𝙚𝙙 by @bucksfucks Dad’sbestfriend!bucky x Reader
"when your boyfriend dumps you over text you end up at bucky’s door."
☽ 𝘾𝙡𝙖𝙣𝙙𝙚𝙨𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙚 by @bucksfucks Neighbour!bucky x Reader
"you have it all— the nice car, the huge house, and the cheating husband. now all you need is a way out."
☽ 𝙁𝙖𝙠𝙚 𝘽𝙤𝙮𝙛𝙧𝙞𝙚𝙣𝙙 𝙍𝙚𝙖𝙡 𝙊𝙧𝙜𝙖𝙨𝙢𝙨 (series) by @bucksfucks Roommate!bucky x Reader
"when your roommate, bucky, begs you to be his fake girlfriend to his best friends wedding, you eventually say yes with some rules. but rules are set only to be broken."
☽ 𝟱 𝙖𝙢 by @bucksfucks Fuckboy!bucky x Reader
"just when you think you’re free from bucky’s grip, he holds tighter. but truthfully, he just doesn’t ever want to lose you, he just can’t tell you until it all comes out."
☽ 𝙉𝙚𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙧𝙬𝙤𝙧𝙡𝙙 by @bucksfucks Hades!bucky x Reader
"they say that evil lurks in the forest, but you’d never expected to be faced with him."
☽ 𝘾𝙤𝙢𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙃𝙤𝙢𝙚 𝙏𝙤 𝙔𝙤𝙪 by @angrythingstarlight Beefy!Bucky x Reader
"Bucky has to leave for one final tour and then he's coming home to you, he promises. And he's never broken a promise."
☽ 𝙏𝙝𝙧𝙚𝙚 𝙒𝙝𝙤𝙡𝙚 𝘿𝙖𝙮𝙨 by @angrythingstarlight Beefy!Bucky x Reader
"You should have known better than to leave  Bucky alone. He’s had three whole days to think of what he’s going to do when you get back."
☽ 𝙎𝙬𝙚𝙚𝙩𝙚𝙧 𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙣 𝙎𝙪𝙜𝙖𝙧 by @angrythingstarlight Chubby Baker!Bucky x Reader
"She broke his heart but you're not going to let her win. Bucky deserves the best and you're going to give it to him."
☽ 𝙀𝙧𝙖𝙨𝙚 𝙀𝙫𝙚𝙧𝙮 𝙏𝙧𝙖𝙘𝙚 by @angrythingstarlight TFAWS Bucky x Reader
"Bucky had to sit back and watch another man touch you, but now that the ruse is over, he’s going to erase every trace of him off your skin."
☽ 𝙁𝙞𝙡𝙡 𝙈𝙚 𝙐𝙥 by @angrythingstarlight Jealous Bucky x Reader
"Bucky finds out about your little game and he is not pleased. Based on a plot twist for Stretch you out."
☽ 𝘿𝙤𝙜 𝙏𝙖𝙜𝙨 by @baroquebucky TFAWS Bucky x Reader
"bucky is always wearing his dog tags, you like to keep your hands busy"
☽ 𝙁𝙞𝙣𝙙 𝙖 𝙒𝙖𝙮 by @creme-bruhlee Alpha!grunge!bucky barnes x innocent!omega!Reader
"bucky thinks you’re paying too much attention to steve, so he shows you exactly who you belong to."
☽𝙋𝙚𝙧𝙛𝙚𝙘𝙩 by @bucksbestgirl Bucky Barnes x Reader
"Bucky wants a little something to get him through a long mission."
☽ 𝙎𝙪𝙘𝙠𝙚𝙧 𝙋𝙪𝙣𝙘𝙝 by @buckyblues Boxer!bucky x Reader
"Bucky thought he knew what was his, until he accidentally let it roam free."
☽ 𝙇𝙤𝙫𝙚 𝙈𝙚 𝙃𝙖𝙧𝙙𝙚𝙧 by @celestialbarnes Bucky Barnes x Reader
"you and bucky have been flirting and screwing around for months now, after seeing him getting frisky with someone else, you decide to do the same and bucky’s just about had enough."
☽ 𝘾𝙖𝙪𝙜𝙝𝙩 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝘾𝙖𝙥𝙩𝙪𝙧𝙚𝙙 by @marvelouscaptainrogers Stucky x Reader
"After Steve struggles with a confession he had been holding on to for a while, Y/N walks in on a rather heated moment between Steve and Bucky, who are ecstatic to bring her along for the fun."
☽ 𝘼𝙡𝙡 𝘽𝙞𝙠𝙚𝙧𝙨 𝙖𝙧𝙚 𝙃𝙚𝙡𝙡𝙨 𝘼𝙣𝙜𝙚𝙡𝙨 (series) by @sweet-barnes Biker!bucky x Reader
"When Y/N’s older brother Steve gets into a near fatal accident, she’s the emergency contact. The notorious biker gang she finds littering the hospital is unexpected and so is the news that Steve is the leader’s best friend and right hand man, the infamous James Buchanan Barnes."
☽ 𝘼𝙨𝙩𝙧𝙤𝙥𝙝𝙞𝙡𝙚 (series) by @all1e23 Firefighter!Bucky x Reader
"Orion Rebecca Barnes's favorite thing in the whole world (besides her daddy of course) is spending hours after school in the bookstore by her house and the owner GIVES her any book she wants; she’s the coolest girl Orion has ever met. It doesn't take long for Bucky to notice his daughter’s sudden interest in constellations and the large stack of astrology related books piling up in her room. He’s spent her entire life trying to teach her about the stars and where her name came from with little interest from his little comet and all of sudden she’s in love. All thanks to the girl who owns the bookstore?"
☽ 𝙋𝙚𝙖𝙘𝙝𝙚𝙨 (series) by @buckycuddlebuddy Dadsbestfriend!buckybarnes x Reader
"what they were doing was wrong, both of them knew that. it had to be kept as a secret. not everyone would understand what they have, she knew that much. they’d look at them and see an older man misleading a girl so much younger than him. it wasn’t the thing, though. that had never been the thing. it wasn’t misleading, taking advantage ─whatever they called their situation. it was love. forbidden, not-society-friendly, but love."
☽ 𝘽𝙖𝙗𝙮, 𝙗𝙪𝙩 𝙔𝙤𝙪 by @nsfwsebbie Bucky Barnes x Reader
"He hopes you can feel it, because nobody else can heal it but you. Baby, but you."
☽ 𝙈𝙖𝙠𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙂𝙧𝙖𝙙𝙚 by @darkficsyouneveraskedfor (dark) Professor!Bucky x Reader
☽ 𝙁𝙚𝙚𝙡𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 𝘼𝙧𝙚 𝙁𝙖𝙩𝙖𝙡 by @sunmoonandbucky Bucky barnes x Reader, past Steve rogers x Reader
"After the events of Endgame, you struggle to come to terms with what you’ve lost, though you’re learning that you still have something to gain."
☽ 𝙎𝙤𝙪𝙩𝙝𝙥𝙖𝙬 (series) by @gogolucky13 Boxer!Bucky Barnes x Reader
"Tied up in the criminal world your godfather has built, you have no reason to leave, until you find one in the man they call Southpaw."
☽ 𝙒𝙞𝙩𝙝 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙎𝙣𝙖𝙥 𝙤𝙛 𝙖 𝙁𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙚𝙧 by @babycap TFAWS Bucky x Reader
"Bucky Barnes is a selfish, reclusive asshole who never answers the phone. When John Walker takes up the shield, he emerges from his Brooklyn apartment in a fit of rage that drives the only two people left to care about him in this post-Snap world over the edge. It all comes to a head on trip to Germany. Includes spoilers for TFATWS, episode two."
☽ 𝙎𝙚𝙘𝙪𝙧𝙞𝙩𝙮 𝘿𝙚𝙥𝙤𝙨𝙞𝙩 by @babycap Bucky Barnes x Reader
"Bucky Barnes was a romantic, sure—but a hopeless romantic? He’d never believed in the whole ‘love-at-first-sight’ thing, not before the war and certainly not now. So when he stumbles into his building, fresh out of yet another demoralizing therapy session, to find his new neighbor blocking the stairs with her mattress, he should be his usual scoffing, unamused self—right? Everything changes with her (and that mattress)."
☽ 𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝙈𝙖𝙩𝙘𝙝 (series) by @babyboibucky CEO!Bucky Barnes x Reader
"You come across your boss’ Tinder profile."
☽ 𝘼 𝙋𝙞𝙚𝙘𝙚 𝙤𝙛 𝘾𝙖𝙠𝙚 by @buckybarnesdiaries Bucky Barnes x Reader
"Something happens at Shuri's birthday party that leads to a heated fight."
☽ 𝘽𝙪𝙨𝙞𝙣𝙚𝙨𝙨 & 𝙋𝙡𝙚𝙖𝙨𝙪𝙧𝙚 by @witchysoldier Boss!Bucky Barnes x Assistant!Reader
"You’ve always lusted after your boss, but little did you know, he lusted after you too."
☽ 𝘼𝙧𝙤𝙪𝙣𝙙 𝙔𝙤𝙪𝙧 𝙉𝙚𝙘𝙠 by @beyondspaceandstars TFAWS Bucky x Reader
"Something sparks in you when you watch Bucky wrap his hand -- the metal hand -- around Zemo’s throat."
☽ 𝙏𝙧𝙞𝙡𝙤𝙜𝙮 (series) by @buckycuddlebuddy Fuckboy!bucky barnes x Reader
"Most of the time you were with him, you were used for pleasure only, you knew that, and he wasn’t hiding it. maybe it was how good he made you feel that made you fell in love with him, or maybe it was the fact that he somehow made you feel like you were someone ─ but you fell in love with him. although you knew in the beginning that you shouldn’t have, it was way too late for that, now. you were in too deep."
☽ 𝘿𝙚𝙫𝙞𝙡’𝙨 𝙈𝙖𝙧𝙠 (series) by @babyboibucky CleanRockstar!Bucky x Fem!Reader
"You accept a temp job as a runner for a rockstar’s concert."
☽ 𝙉𝙤 𝙇𝙞𝙛𝙚𝙜𝙪𝙖𝙧𝙙 𝙤𝙣 𝘿𝙪𝙩𝙮 by @buckys-blue-eyes Lifeguard!Bucky x Reader
"A shitty motel pool isn’t the place you expected to meet the man of your dreams."
☽ 𝙇𝙖𝙢𝙗 by @buckycuddlebuddy Tws!bucky barnes x Reader
“he didn’t even take you home, did he?” he smirked. he placed his flesh hand over your stomach, fingers expertly undoing the buttons of your shirt.
☽ 𝙎𝙣𝙖𝙠𝙚𝙨 & 𝙇𝙖𝙙𝙙𝙚𝙧𝙨 (series) by @imaginativeavengers Bucky x Reader x Steve
"You're on holiday with your Mafia boyfriends Bucky and Steve, but the weather leads to you all having a miserable time. Bucky and Steve come up with a great idea to pass the time whilst they wait for the sun to come out."
☽ 𝘽𝙖𝙘𝙠 𝙩𝙤 𝙔𝙤𝙪 (series) by @celestialbarnes Ex!bucky barnes x Reader
"Desperate to find a place to stay after your boyfriend cheated on you, you end up crashing at bucky’s apartment, the problem is he’s the ex that you never really got over and he’s got a new girl who doesn’t like you very much."
☽ 𝙉𝙤 𝙂𝙤𝙤𝙙𝙗𝙮𝙚 (series) by @badassbuchanan Bucky Barnes x Reader
"Bucky’s left to pick up the pieces of a broken heart"
☽ 𝙞 𝙬𝙖𝙣𝙣𝙖 𝙢𝙖𝙠𝙚 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙝𝙪𝙣𝙜𝙧𝙮 (𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙣 𝙞 𝙬𝙖𝙣𝙣𝙖 𝙛𝙚𝙚𝙙 𝙮𝙖) by @belowva Rockstar!bucky barnes x Reader
"there's nothing in the world that bucky loves more than spoiling his girl - but sometimes he ends up treating himself too."
☽ 𝙊𝙫𝙚𝙧 & 𝙊𝙫𝙚𝙧 by @mrwinterr Pornstar!Bucky Barnes AU x Pornstar!Female Reader
"You’re an up-and-coming adult film star secretly eager to work with the popular Bucky Barnes, and with just the right connections, your paths cross much sooner than later."
☽ 𝙄𝙩'𝙨 𝙖 𝘿𝙚𝙖𝙡 (series) by @justreadingfics Bucky Barnes x Reader
" You’re out of a relationship of 10 years and you’re just in desperate need to get laid, no strings attached, no romance, no complications. You dear friend Natasha feels like she’s going to regret this later, but she might have the perfect guy to fulfill your needs."
☽ 𝙎𝙪𝙣𝙧𝙞𝙨𝙚 (series) by @wkemeup Veteran!bucky x librarian!reader
"After an explosion takes his arm and his only sense of belonging, Bucky is discharged from active duty and sent back to civilian life. Left with a storm of unchecked guilt, Bucky is content to live out the rest of his days in the hollow comfort of the dark. This is, until Sam drags him down to the local VA and he meets you."
☽ 𝙎𝙖𝙛𝙚 𝙋𝙡𝙖𝙘𝙚 𝙩𝙤 𝙇𝙖𝙣𝙙 by @sunlightdances Modern!Bucky Barnes x Female Reader
"You and Bucky are both standing up for Steve and Peggy’s wedding. Checking in at the hotel for the weekend, you’re horrified to realize there’s been a problem. A big problem."
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lovelybucky1 · 2 months ago
wearing your roommate’s boxers
Tumblr media
warnings: f receiving oral sex, mentions of male masturbation, mentions of accidental voyeurism, vaginal fingering, finger sucking, hair pulling, light nipple play, 18+ minors dni
whenever it came time for laundry day, you always made sure to have the proper amount of clothes to wear for the day while your others were being washed. unfortunately it seems that this week, you underestimated how many pairs of underwear you needed to wear
you were in the shower while bucky was doing laundry in the basement, so you didn’t realize your predicament until it was too late
you dug through every drawer, bag, and even checked behind your hamper, searching for something to wear. you didn’t even care if it was dirty. unfortunately, you came up empty
desperate times called for desperate measures, you supposed, so you crept into bucky’s room and look a pair of his boxers out. you pull them on and look back at your ass in them.
you go back to your room and lay on your bed, scrolling through your phone as you lose track of time. before you know it, you hear the front door open and the familiar “honey, i’m home” that bucky always jokingly announces when he arrives
“you know, i’ve never understood the point of washing towels. i get out of the shower, i’m clean as a damn baby. if anything, the towel washes me, i mean-” bucky’s nonsensical rambling is cut off when he walks through your doorway, carrying your basket of clothes, and sees you on your bed. “are those my boxers?”
“yeah, sorry, i didn’t have anything else to wear. all my stuff was dirty,” you explain, but bucky stares back at you blankly. “are you okay, buck?”
“i’m gonna be totally honest right now, you look really hot in those,” he admits, which you can’t deny made butterflies bloom in your stomach a bit
“you should see how i look without them,” you joke in a seductive voice. bucky didn’t seem to take it as a joke, however, because he drops the laundry basket by your closet and practically throws himself onto your bed
“are you joking right now,” bucky asks, looking up at you with wide blown eyes.
“i was, but now i’m not so sure.”
“can i at least see what’s under them?” bucky asks, giving you his sweetest pout
you nod and lift your hips to help bucky slowly drag the elastic waistband of the boxers over your hips. his eyelids flutter when the edge of your pubes are exposed and he looks up to you for permission to continue.
“please, bucky,” you whimper, and that was seemingly enough permission for him, because he quickly yanks the underwear the rest of the way down and tosses them to the floor.
his eyes widen when they land on your newly exposed pussy. his tongue darts out to wet his lips and without thinking, he leans in and inhales the scent of your arousal.
“god, doll, you’ve got no idea how many times i’ve thought about this.”
“you-you think about me?”
“how could i not? you’re fuckin’ beautiful... i never thought you’d want me back.”
“that time i walked in on you... were you thinking about me then?” you ask curiously
“uh-huh,” bucky says as he carefully spreads your lips with his fingers to look at your dripping hole. “after you walked out, i came the hardest i think i’ve ever had.”
you dig your teeth into your lower lip to suppress the moan that came from your throat as you recall the image of bucky stroking his cock underneath his sheets.
“can i please taste you, y/n?” he asks with a slight whine in his voice. you nod and immediately he latches onto your clit, sucking firmly but being careful not to give you too much too quickly.
you throw your head back and moan, knocking the back of your head on the wall behind your bed. bucky looks up at you and chuckles around your clit and you give him a soft giggle in return
you twirl your fingers in bucky’s short locks and grip him tightly as he continues. his tongue swirls around your bud and you can feel his fingers creeping up your inner thigh, inching towards your entrance
“oh, bucky, fuck!” you cry. he looks up at you with raised eyebrows and you can picture the amused smirk that’s hidden behind the apex of your thighs
bucky teases your entrance with the tip of his finger, dipping it in, then taking it back out repeatedly until you can’t stand it anymore. he wants you reacting to his every touch, and it doesn’t take long to get you to that state.
he pushes his finger inside of you in one smooth stroke. he curls it up and rubs your inner wall, the feeling making goosebumps break out over your skin.
he releases your clit from his mouth briefly and picks his head up. “take your shirt off for me, doll. i wanna see those pretty tits.”
you missed his instructions as you were too busy staring at the wetness that glistened in his scuff. he must have noticed where your eyes were, because he rubs his hand over his chin and pulls it back to look at the mix of spit and slick that coats the lower half of his face.
“where’s your head at, pretty girl? seems like you’re up in space while i’m eatin’ your pretty little pussy down here,” bucky smirks. “i said take off your shirt”
you do as he says and quickly toss your shirt near the boxers he discarded earlier. he doesn’t even wait for you to take your sports bra off, instead he pulls it up so your tits are exposed.
he leans in closely and takes your nipple into his mouth. he lightly scrapes his teeth over it as he sucks, all while continuing to fuck you with his fingers.
you roll your hips up to meet each one one his trusts. the pleasure makes you dizzy and you hate that you’re close to cumming because that means it will be over.
“bucky, stop!”
“what’s the matter, honey?” he asks, immediately releasing your nipple and stopping his movements.
“i don’t want to cum yet.”
“what are you talkin’ about?”
“i don’t want you to leave.”
“oh, sweetie, we’re too far gone now. you’re mine, i’m yours, and there’s nothin’ you can do about it,” bucky smiles brightly.
“you mean it?”
“cross my heart.”
“good, because you need to keep going before I make myself cum.”
bucky rolls his eyes playfully and starts fucking you with his fingers again, this time rubbing your clit with his thumb for added sensation.
he holds your hips down with his free hand, making you basically helpless under his touch and you can’t get enough
“oh, bucky, i’m-” a ragged moan rips from your chest before you could finish your statement, but bucky didn’t need any more warning. he could feel the way you were clenching around him.
you’re not sure how long your orgasm lasts, but you do know it was long enough for bucky to clean the cum from your folds and lay on the bed next to you
“you back with me, honey?” he asks softly, gently dragging his fingers over your bare stomach and dipping into your bellybutton.
“yeah, buck, i am,” you smile as you curl into his side. “that was really good.”
“i’m glad. it didn’t go exactly how i planned, but it works.”
“oh? what did you have planned?”
“well,” bucky blushes, “once i worked up the nerve, i was gonna take you on a date, you know, treat you right.”
you smile and lean in to press a soft kiss to his cheek, making him blush more.
“you’re sweet, buck. it almost makes me feel bad for stealing your underwear,” you giggle
“don’t feel bad, sugar. if you didn’t, this wouldn’t have happened.” bucky pauses and chews on his lip. “and if i’m being honest, i’ve taken a pair of your panties before.”
“bucky!” you sit up and smack him on the arm.
“okay, maybe it was three pairs.”
“is that why i ran out so fast this week?” you gape at the man in front of you who just smiles sheepishly.
“i’m sorry?”
“you’re gonna be, james barnes,” you laugh as you roll on top of him
cutely tags @comfortbucky
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belouva · a month ago
— 𝐦𝐲 𝐠𝐨𝐨𝐝 𝐠𝐢𝐫𝐥 𝐢𝐧 𝐧𝐨 𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐞
Tumblr media
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: roommate!bucky x fem!reader
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭: 424
𝐝𝐞𝐬𝐜𝐫𝐢𝐩𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧: shutting him up by putting his face between your thighs.
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠: 18+ only // minors dni // nsfw content; oral sex(fem. receiving), face riding, petname [good girl].
𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫’𝐬 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞: monday thoughts ‘cause why not. it's also 11 in the morning so if none of this makes sense, my sincerest apologies.
how did a heated argument with your roommate lead to his head between the pillows of your thighs?
started with “i’ll make it up to you.” and ended with “yes you fuckin’ will.” went from going back and forth at each other’s throats to his hands kneading at your ass, rocking your hips faster against his face. the sound of your moans filled the air, the quiet creaks of his broken bed echoing in the background.
his dick stirred under the thin fabric of his grey sweats, the soft calls of his name falling from your lips making him go hard.
“buck, shit!” his name flew from your mouth like a prayer, a true symphony of angels escaping your lips. more more more.
your eyes clenched shut, the knot in your stomach tightening up as you felt his arms tangle around your hips, sinking his tongue deeper into your sex.
he continued to lap at your cunt, making sure to slide his tongue between every crevice of you, taking in the sweet taste of your pussy.
bucky had always been one to dream, fantasize. thought about fucking you against the window of your apartment, making you squirt in front of the giant mirror in his room, and of course, eating the fuck out of your pussy.
he never thought it would become a reality. you were a stubborn little shit who never really paid him any respect; picking a fight with him every chance you get, nailing at him for the littlest things. you were one to talk back, but you’d be lying if you said you never paid attention.
you watched the way his eyes would darken every time you bit back at him. the way his knuckles would go white, gripping at his leather steering wheel as he dropped you off at your date.
being jealous was an understatement. god, he was possessive. he wanted you all for himself. he was greedy.
not only for your body, but for the love you lack. he will teach you better, he’ll make you his good girl in no time. you just had to listen.
you let out a final whine, the best one yet, before your body shut down completely. falling over the edge of ecstasy, a sudden wave of euphoria hitting right at you.
pleasure had your body spasming, your thighs trembling and attempting to close shut. his tongue rode you through your high, his cock twitching in his pants as you came all over his face.
my good girl in no time.
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lostalioth · 2 months ago
𝘯𝘰𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘮𝘰𝘳𝘦 ; 𝘣𝘶𝘤𝘬𝘺
Tumblr media
summary: “are you sure bucky?” you questioned as you sat perched on his thigh. “yes toots it’s okay just get yourself off on my thigh” he grinned as he stretched back against the couch. “nothing more princess just to fix that problem of yours” you slowly nodded.
warnings: smut, fuckboy!bucky x fem!reader, i some how made him soft roommate!bucky, thigh riding, reader drinks (but not much and does give consent!), fwb relationship, the ending has some angst.
If someone asked you, you would have no idea what to say as to how you were currently having a conversation about kinks with your roommate bucky. You think it began when he wanted to have a conversation, about the lastest girl he hooked up with or something. Her having some weird kink, you don’t remember.
“You know I’m gonna need a drink, if we are gonna continue this conversation” you groaned softly while getting off the plush brown couch. “Get me one too we’ll be here a while, with the amount of stories I have about moments like this” bucky's face held a small shit eating grin. You quickly fake gag at your roommate, before grabbing two small glasses to pour whiskey in.
You were quick to down your cup. It burned on the way to your stomach causing you to cough softly. “Slow down there why don’t you toots” he chuckled. You roll your eyes before filling your glass again.
You plop down on the couch and snuggle into yourself after handing Bucky his drink. You shiver slightly, you only wore a small shorts and shirt pajama set. It distracted Buck a bit as it left little to his imagination. He had continued to blab on about different stories, of different girls he’s been with. You take note about how he seems to sleep with a lot of girls with weird kinks. His voice became background noise as the small bit of whiskey starts to hit you. You were kind of a light weight admittedly. You let the tipsy feeling consume your body but slow your drinking.
“Why does it seem like you are attracted to girls who like things you don’t like?” you blurt out, cutting Bucky off from his third story.
“That’s a mystery to me as well” Bucky let out a small chuckle and continued.
“Come on, what? Have you not attracted guys with weird kinks? Or have a kink a guy found odd?” His brows furrowed as he took a sip.
“I don’t sleep with as many people as you have there, buddy”
“But no, the few guys I have been with were painfully vanilla and for that I’ve never even mentioned this one kink I have” you shrug softly as finished.
This happened to peak your roommates attention, he needed to know what it was. “And what would the one kink you have be?” He pushed on slightly hoping you’d answer.
You chuckled and scoffed lightly, you found it rather funny that he was so interested. “Why would I tell you?, you'd probably find it odd like all the kinks those girls had” you take a quick sip of the burning whiskey, it was hitting your system faster it seemed the more you drank. “Come on toots just tell me, you’re so innocent I doubt it’s bad” his flesh hand rested on your bare knee. You steal a small glance at it in confusion.
What the hell, why not.
“I’ve wanted to ride a guys thigh, I always chicken out when asking any guy I’m sleeping with” the whiskey in your system was aiding you in the confession. “In fear of him pretty much reacting how you did to all those girls” you scoff and watch his face waiting on a reaction.
His face never changed. He seemed to have no reaction, you didn’t know if that was good or not.
“Well wait if you’ve never actually done that then how do you know you like it” Buck questioned as his hand started sliding further up. He also began moving closer to you. You could stop him, you knew that but you liked his soft hands touching you. “Okay so I guess a more accurate statement is, it’s a kink I really want to try” you correct yourself with a tiny smile.
“Why not test it on me toots” Bucky offered, causing you to burst out in a tiny fit of laughter. “You can’t be serious, Bucky.” you manage to squeak out in between laughs. This caused him to roll his eyes at your childish reaction. “I’m being serious, I don’t find it weird and it’s a test to see if you’d really like it or not” he began explaining once you calmed down.
You could hear in his voice he was being sincere and genuine. The minute the realization hits you, heat spreads through your entire body. Wetness began pooling at your core at the idea of it running through your head. You hated to admit to yourself but you did find Bucky attractive. You knew you shouldn’t be as attracted to a man like him as you were.
You look up to him with your eyes glazed over, while squeezing your thighs together. Now you desperately craved that friction against your clit. A cocky smirk forms on his face as he takes in the affect the offer had on you. “Wanna ride my thigh baby” he offers again softly, as his metal hand holds your chin pulling your body closer to him. You nod slowly but that wasn’t enough.
“I need words toots, I want your verbal contest please baby” he may be a dickhead, but he knew you were tipsy. He just wanted to make sure this was what you wanted. “Please buck, I want to ride your thigh” you whine softly as the throbbing in your core was beginning to annoy you.
Once he gets what he wanted he pulls you into his lap, resting his hands on your hips. “We’re gonna start slow princess” he grins as you whine and squirm against him. He knew he was winding you up and teasing you. It filled him with satisfaction.
“May I kiss you baby?” He questioned and you mumbled out a little yes before pressing your chest against his. He pulls your hips against his once again as he smashed his lips into yours.
His breath tastes like whiskey and you didn’t mind. You whine and wrap your arms around his neck attempting to deepen the kiss. You could feel Bucky already growing hard beneath you. Your body fills with pride at how fast you were turning him on.
Bucky shifts your body over to his thigh and that’s when worry starts to hit you. This was actually happening, yes you wanted this very badly. Expect you didn’t take into account how it would affect your relationship with him. He was your roommate and even your friend.
You whine and pull away from the kiss to begin voicing your concerns.
“Are you sure Bucky?” you questioned as you sat perched on his thigh. “Yes toots it’s okay, just get yourself off on my thigh” He grinned as he stretched back against the couch.
“nothing more princess just to fix that problem of yours” you slowly nodded. “You may wanna take off these flimsy little shorts baby” he instructed as he snapped the waistband of said shorts, against your hip bone. “Then if you feel comfortable, your panties as well it will make it feel much better princess” he finished as you whined softly. You just wanted to get to pleasuring yourself on your roommate's thick thigh.
Nothing more.
You began repeating that in your head to reassure yourself as you slipped off your sleep shorts. You discard them somewhere onto the floor near you. You left on your soaked pair of panties, they were already ruined as it was. You look back at Bucky with a small embarrassed smile. “I don’t exactly know how to start Buck” you whine.
He nods and grinned softly as he grips your hips once again. “I’ll guide your hips to start toots” you nodded even though he couldn’t see you. His gaze was fixated on your hips engulfed in his big hands.
He begins to rock your hips against his thigh slowly. You gasp softly and watch as he makes your hips rock against his thigh. He clenches his thigh and begins rocking your hips slightly faster. You moaned as the small amount of attention your clit was being given filled you with relief.
“Good girl” bucky growls, as a wet spot of your slick begins forming on his Jean clad thigh. The air in the room was starting to feel hotter and thicker than before. “Just keep rutting your cunt against my thigh like this baby” he aids you as he slips his hands off. You nod and moan louder as you pick up pace a bit more.
Bucky tears his eyes away from you for a split second to peel off this shirt. He throws it over by the laundry room door. He could care less as to where your clothes land in the apartment. He just knew there needed to be less clothes involved. He glued his eyes back to you desperately trying to get off on his thigh.
He began clenching his thigh once again aiding you to your release. “You gonna cum for me toots?” He teased. “Wanna cum from my thigh princess?”
You couldn’t seem to form words, the pleasure consumed your body. You whine quite loudly as you nod and rut your hips faster. You begin rustling your hands around bucky’s body below you and grab for his metal hand.
“Whatcha doing there baby?”
Without answering Buck you grip his wrist and drag his hand up to your throat. You hoped he would understand what you wanted. “Fuck, such a good girl” he growls and squeezed your throat in his vibraum hand. You whine and grip his wrist harder as your other hand claws at his chest.
He knew your nails would leave scratch marks, he could care less he only cared about making you cum.
You suddenly stopped rutting your pussy against his hip as your high washed over you. You moan and whimper as his hand choking you made your orgasm more intense.
Once you come down from your high, bucky let’s go of your neck. You collapse into his large chest and whine. He chuckled softly and began to play with your hair. “So I think it’s safe to say you liked riding my thigh toots”
“Yeah no shit dumbass” you groan with sarcasm thick in your voice. You wanted to smack him but felt too sleepy to take your hands off his sides.
Nothing more.
You repeated it in your head once more. It didn’t seem to matter though as you slowly fell asleep against the super soldier's chest.
You knew though, it meant nothing more than what it was to Bucky. This was just an experiment.
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sunshinebuckybarnes · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: roommate!Bucky x fem!reader
Summary: You have another terrible date but luckily your roommate is around to help. 
Warnings: pet names (sugar), smut; spanking, unprotected sex, choking. Bucky calls her a slut (lovingly) and has a filthy mouth. DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE UNDER 18. This blog is 18+ only
Author's Note: I don’t know where this came from but I’m glad it happened. Maybe roommate!bucky should be a warning in itself. I’m actually so pleased with this so I hope you enjoy it! (word count: 2k)
Slamming the door closed you threw your keys on the table with a huff as you stormed into the kitchen. Not even sparing a look at Bucky on the couch as he watched you with an amused grin.
“Bad date then, huh sugar?”
You didn’t need to see his face to know he was sporting a smug grin. Grabbing the bottle of tequila from the cupboard you made sure to slam the door for good measure before stomping over to the couch and plopping yourself down next to Bucky. Taking the cap of the bottle you drank some, your face screwing up at the bitter taste, coughing slightly after you swallowed.
“That bad?” Bucky chuckled, “I told you to get rid of that app, it’s full of creeps.”
You took another swig before leveling him with a murderous stare, much to his amusement. “At this rate I’m starting to believe all men are creeps.”
Bucky scoffed in mock outrage, “I’m hurt you’d even think that of me, sugar.”
Rolling your eyes you took another sip before Bucky was taking the bottle from you, “oh give it a rest Barnes, you’re the creepiest of them all.”
He laughed around the rim of the bottle before taking a drink, “come on then, what happened?”
Leaning your head back on the sofa, right where Bucky’s hand was, you sighed as he started playing with your hair.
“Well for starters, he looked nothing like his photo! He was actually about 10 years older than he said as well, and then he was super rude to the poor waitress. I didn’t even tell him I was leaving, I said I needed to use the restroom and just bolted,” you chuckled, causing Bucky to let out a loud laugh.
“Oh, I told you it was going to be that bad! You just didn’t listen to me,” he gloated, tugging on your hair slightly which had you biting back a moan.
It had been months since you’d seen some action. You’d downloaded Tinder in the hopes of finding someone fun to fill the time. Unfortunately all you’d managed to find were very questionable men. Even having to call Bucky to come save you once when one guy just wouldn’t take no for an answer. You were wound up so tight and living with Bucky did not help. Seeing him everyday walking around without a shirt one, sweatpants low on his hips, you couldn’t even get yourself off properly with how thin the walls were. 
“What’s going on in that head of yours?” Bucky laughs, waving his hand in front of your face.
You could feel your cheeks heating up as you shook all thoughts of your roommate out of your head. Grabbing the bottle of tequila out of his hand and taking another huge gulp.
“Damn, sugar. That making you feel better?”
“Shut up, Barnes,” you huffed.
“Grab that blanket and I’ll put a movie on, take your mind off things.”
“Can it be a horror film?” you asked.
“God no, I’m tired of you always picking horror films. We’ll watch that new movie you said you wanted to watch.”
Grabbing the blanket you pulled it over your bare legs, laying it over Bucky’s as well. “Aw Buck, you scared?” you teased.
“Watch it, sugar.” he warned, “I don’t get scared by them, but you do and I can’t handle you screaming directly in my ear.”
You giggled as you took another sip, you could already feel the warmth of the alcohol working through your body. Your limbs felt looser as you stretched out, hand landing on Bucky’s thigh. 
He just shot you a wink as he took the bottle from you, taking a sip of his own. You could tell he was feeling the effects too, his cheeks starting to get rosy. 
As Bucky was focused on the screen, you were focused on Bucky. The sharp cut of his jawline, covered in dark stubble that you just wanted to feel under your palms, and between your legs. You breath quickened at the thought as you unconsciously squeezed his thigh. 
You almost missed the way his breath hitched as he turned his gaze towards you, his deep blue eyes darkening slightly. 
“I know you haven’t gotten any in a while sugar, but we're not doing this tonight, gotta say you’re just not my type.”
If it wasn’t for the smirk on his face and the fact that you basically knew him inside and out, you would have taken offence.
“Oh is that so?”
“I mean, don’t get me wrong, you’re my best friend and you’ve got a great ass but I just don’t see it sugar.”
Feeling more confident from the alcohol, you squeezed his thigh again, “we’ll see, Barnes.”
Turning your attention back to the TV you left your hand where it was on Bucky’s thigh. After a couple of minutes you decided to have some fun. You started to rub your fingers gently against his inner thigh, edging higher and higher each time. Your confidence only growing as Bucky’s breathing got heavier, a whispered fuck falling from his lips.
“What are you doing?” he almost groaned. You could feel his control starting to slip as your hand moved a little higher again. “You’re getting a bit curious with your hand, sugar. I’m not sure you’ve thought this through.”
“I’m just looking for the remote, Buck,” you said, looking at him with your most innocent look, feeling yourself getting wetter as his eyes darkened and his jaw ticked.
“Oh really?” he chuckled, “whatever you say, sugar. You won’t be able to get me hard anyway.”
You stopped your hand then, “we’ll see about that,” you smirked before moving your hand higher again, so close to feeling the bulge in his pants. 
Bucky sucked in a breath before growling at you, “if you keep going I swear I’m gonna beat your ass, sugar.” You looked up at him with wide eyes, bottom lip snug between your teeth.
“But I think you’d like that a bit too much, wouldn’t you, sugar?”
The whimper was on the tip of your tongue but you were determined to make him break first. You’d both been dancing around each other for months, the sexual tension reaching critical levels. 
“I’ve seen what’s in that box under your bed,” he teased as your eyes widened.
“Wh-what do you mean?” you stuttered.
“Oh don’t play dumb sugar. You’re a naughty girl deep down aren’t you?” you hadn’t realised he’d leaned closer to you, his lips brushing your cheek as he whispered the next words in your ear, “watch the damn movie, sugar.” 
He leant back with the smuggest grin on his face as you sat there stunned. Shaking your head you decided to double down your efforts, you weren’t going to let him get the upper hand here. Taking the leap, you moved your hand to cup his hard cock through his sweatpants, grinning when he let out a choked gasp. 
“That’s it,” he growled, ripping the blanket off the both of you and pushing you onto your knees with your chest leaning against the arm  of the couch and your dress bunched around your waist. “I told you,” smack, “I was going to,” smack, “beat your ass,” smack, “if you didn’t stop.”
You couldn’t help the moans that came out with each crack of his hand against your bare ass. 
“This fucking ass, fuck,” he growled, hands spreading your cheeks. You moaned as the cool air hit your soaked pussy. You’d never been this turned on. “And no panties? You really are a naughty girl. Was you hoping for a quick fuck from your shit date, sugar?”
You whimpered when he slapped your ass again, “took them off before I came in the door,” you admitted. As soon as you realised your date wasn’t who you thought, you were determined to do something about the sexual tension between you and Bucky. You just didn’t realise how easy that would be. 
“Oh sugar, you’re something else aren’t you? Fuck,” he groaned.
You jolted when you felt his fingers ghost across your slit, collecting your wetness and rubbing circles on your clit, causing you to let out a loud moan.
“So fucking wet sugar, is that all for me?”
“Y-yes, all for you, fuck Buck! More, please,” you begged, pushing your hips back into his hand causing him to pull away and spank you again. 
“You want more? Tell me, fucking tell me what you need,” he growled, bending over your back and leaving a bite on your shoulder.
“Need you to, fuck, need you to fuck me, please!”
“Such a good girl, sugar. Take your dress off,” he demanded, lifting your dress so you could slip it over your head. 
Grasping his cock he stroked it a few times, taking in the sight of you on your hands and knees, ass in the air just waiting to take whatever he was going to give you. God, he’d never been this hard in his fucking life. 
“Fuck, I want you, sugar. Want you so fucking much.”
You could hear how ragged his breathing was and it sent a wave of pride rushing through you. “Please, Bucky, pl-please fuck me,” you pleaded.
He smacked your ass again before driving into you fully, stopping when he was fully seated inside of you to give you time to adjust. Bucky was by far the biggest you’d ever had but you were so damn turned on that he slid in without much resistance, the slight stretch felt so good it had you moaning loudly. Once you’d adjusted Bucky started to move. His pace was brutal. His hips slapping against your sore ass. His grip on your hips bruising, leaving you a whimpering mess underneath him. 
“Oh fuck. Fuck yes,” he growled, rolling his hips at just the right angle to have your toes curling. 
“Shit, buck, right there. Fuck, don’t stop,” you whined, moving your hips back to match his thrusts. 
“Give me that throat, sugar. Give me your fucking throat,” he demanded, pulling your head back by your hair to wrap is metal hand around your throat, squeezing when you clenched around him.
“That’s it sugar, fuck yes, you’re my good girl, gonna, fuck, gonna fuck you in every room. Take you whenever I fucking feel like it.”
You cried out, hands gripping onto the side of the couch tightly as your thighs started to tremble.
“You like the sound of that don’t ya, sugar? Want to be my little fucking slut don’t ya. You’re not going to fucking wear panties in this apartment again are ya?” he taunted, gripping your throat tighter when you didn’t respond.
“Shit, no I won’t, I wo-won’t wear any!” you sobbed. You could feel the coil tightening inside you, edging closer and closer to the high you’d been craving. 
“Good girl. My good fucking slut. You close, sugar? Want you to come with me, gonna fill this gorgeous pussy.”
His flesh hand came around to rub tight circles on your clit which had you exploding around him instantly. Coating him in your slick as he rode you through your high, his hips stuttering as he reached his end. You moaned as you felt his warm release inside you. 
Your arms gave out as he let go of your throat, falling flat onto the sofa when Bucky slowly pulled out of you. Turning your head when you hear him groan you feel your cheeks heat up as you see his eyes locked on your pussy, leaking with both of your releases. 
“Don’t go getting shy on me now, sugar,” Bucky chuckled. 
You couldn’t help the grin that spread across your face as he turned you on your back, kissing a delicate trail up your torso and chest until he reached your lips.
“Hi,” he whispered, a cheeky grin slipping onto his face.
“Hi,” you breathed, “told you I’d get you hard.” Smiling as he laughed, he dropped his lips to yours in a slow, gentle kiss.
“I hope you realise you’re really not going to be wearing panties from now on,” he winked as you burst into giggles before his lips were devouring yours. 
For a night that weighed heavy in disappointment to start with, you couldn’t feel more weightless than you did now in Bucky’s arms.
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theyoutubedork · 2 months ago
Did You Miss Me?
roommate!pornvoiceactor!bucky barnes x reader
Part 2
Word Count: 1.6k+
Summary: You have a favorite audio porn voice actor, and he sounds an awful lot like your roommate Bucky.
Masterlist | Bucky Barnes Masterlist | Requests are open! | My Ko-Fi
Warning: 18+ Smut! , swearing, longing, masturbation
Tumblr media
You finally make your way to the door of your apartment, your legs barely keeping you up after another long shift. You had once again agreed to come in on your day off, covering for one of your coworkers that had to take medical leave. You knew the restaurant was incredibly busy, given it was a Saturday, yet still like a fool, you agreed to come in. You knew for how understaffed the restaurant was, one person calling out would throw the rest of the day into a tailspin. You remember the sigh of relief you heard in your managers voice when you agreed to come in that day. It definitely did not rival the sigh you let out when you unlocked the door, swung it open, and kicked off your shoes immediately. You let your feet uncurl, pressing against the cool floor of your apartment. You hear an amused chuckle, and you open your half-lidded eyes to look at your roommate, Bucky.
“Let me guess, they made you stay way longer than you agreed to,” He hummed and you nodded wearily. He sighed, moving to the kitchen counter to grab his wallet and keys with his gloved hand. You cocked an eyebrow, placing your purse right next to where he kept his wallet. You both used it as the place to dump your belongings whenever coming into your shared apartment.
“Going out?” You ask him. He nods,
“Yeah, going to see a couple friends down at Lucky’s, grab a couple drinks,” Both of your eyebrows raised at this, but you quickly masked it. It was rare to see your secluded roommate going out, willingly, and not to run errands.
“That’s good, did you finally agree to one of Sam’s invites?” You prodded, and Bucky’s slightly flushed at your assumption. Bucky wasn’t much of a talker, but he did always complain about his friend Sam inviting him out, yet he always gave random excuses.
“No! And for your information, it was my idea.” He quickly defended, and you gave him a wide grin.
“Wow! Proud of you,” you say absentmindedly, shrugging off your winter coat to hang over the barstool. You weren’t used to seeing Bucky’s leather jacket on him, usually draped on the barstool next to yours. Usually whenever you walked into the apartment, and you didn’t see Bucky, your eyes immediately went to the barstool, searching for the jacket. The man never left the apartment without it.
“Don’t sound so patronizing,” he groaned, and you immediately snap your head up to look at him, slight fear crossing your features when you catch an offended look on his face.
“I’m not! I’m not! I know you’re shy, so it’s good to see you going out.” You say genuinely, and you see Bucky look away bashfully.
“I go out..” he mumbled under his breath, and you let out a slight scoff,
“To grab groceries maybe, I know you work from home but god, you need to get out more,”
“Isn’t that what I’m doing?” He pouted, and you let out a small laugh when he gestures his gloved arms to the door.
“Yes, yes, I won’t keep you. Say hi to Sam for me!” You insisted and Bucky rolled his eyes.
“I will, dinner’s in the fridge,” your face lights up at his words and he lets out a small laugh.
“Oh my gosh, you’re the best roommate!” You thank him, running over to the fridge.
“Why do you only say that when I make you food?” He wondered aloud, opening the door.
“Shut up, go have fun!” You waved your hand after him, nose buried in the fridge. You hear the door close, and you take a quick glance to make sure the door is properly closed and locked before looking back into the fridge. You saw that he made a simple pasta dish with Alfredo sauce, but just the small gesture made your heart swell.
After finishing your dinner, taking a quick shower, and scrolling through your phone while lounging on the couch for a couple hours, a lightbulb went off in your head. You quickly discarded your dishes from before, and practically sprinted to your room.
Since you were guaranteed a night to yourself, you excitedly pulled out your vibrator, your phone having let you know earlier that one of your favorite porn creators posted. You were more into audio based porn, preferring someone speaking the dirtiest of things in you ear as you get yourself off. You were so excited to finally listen to the new post from james17, (obviously wasn’t 17, just a random username choice), your core already dripping in anticipation to hear his deep voice, giving you the sweetest affirmations as he coaxes you to mind-numbing orgasms. Another reason why you liked him so much, was because of the familiarity of his voice. You swore to yourself sometimes, while accidentally letting out a louder moan than intended in the middle of a ‘self care session’, that he sounded eerily similar to Bucky, almost exactly. However, there was no fucking way Bucky would ever do something like that, he was possibly the quietest man you have ever met, there was no way such filthy things could come out of his perfectly pink lips. You hate to admit it, but the reason you like james17 so much was that he was able to fulfill your fantasies you had of your incredibly handsome roommate.
You quickly changed into one of your night shirts, deciding to fully omit from putting on underwear. You grabbed your headphones off your nightstand. You still for one last time, listening for any movement that could indicate Bucky was home, before jumping to your bed, putting on your headphones, and letting james17 take care of all the rest.
You hear his low, yet sweet timbre meet your ears,
“Hi babygirl, did you miss me? I’ve been thinking about you all day…”
You take his words as a signal to switch on your vibrator, and let his filthy mouth bring you to new heights.
Bucky grumpily walked back into the apartment, glancing at the stove clock, which read 11:45. He was glad he didn’t stay out that late, social interaction drained him greatly, and he didn’t want to ruin his voice from having to constantly shout to be heard in the loud bar. He had to do a recording the next morning. Before he could check his phone, he heard something very out of the ordinary. You were calling his name. He swore that he was completely silent when walking in, and he figured you would’ve been asleep after working all day. He hated how much of a pushover you were when it came to work. He always told you that your days off shouldn’t be spent covering for your coworkers, yet you always brushed him off, saying that “They’d be screwed if I didn’t come in,” He never was able to make you stay home, even if he offered to make you dinner and let you pick what’s on TV, but you always responded with a coy smile and a “Tempting…but I’ll have to pass,” following suit. If only you knew how tempting he found you…
He shook his head out of wandering thoughts, approaching the door to your bedroom quietly, he raised his gloved fist to knock on the door before a wanton moan stopped it, dead in its tracks. Bucky’s face immediately flushed, there was no way he did not hear what he just heard. He lightly pressed his ear to the door, and he hears a quiet buzzing, along with a few of your laced moans.
“Oh fuck…Bucky!” You cry out loudly, and Bucky lets a hand slap over his mouth. He could not believe what he was hearing. You were getting off…and you were moaning his name? Of all the names you could moan, his name was the one that fell out of your pretty pinkish lips. It took ever fiber in his soul not to bust down the door and see you in your compromising position, and take you right there, but he decides not to. He felt his cock twitch in his pants when his name falls from your lips once again, and when your moans became more frequent and higher pitched, Bucky screwed his eyes shut. He hears you cry out, hearing a sinful whine, before the buzzing stops. It takes a moment for Bucky to realize you just came, and he starts to panic. He quickly rushes to their front door, opening it and closing it loud enough for you to hear, and he walks into the kitchen getting a glass of water to calm his nerves. He stands behind the kitchen counter, trying his best to hide his incredibly visible bulge, when he hears you come out. He looks to see you with slightly flushed cheeks, and a sheen of sweat of your forehead, clear evidence to what you were just doing. Bucky knows his hard on wont go away any time soon with you looking like that. You give him a lazy smile,
“Hey! You’re back earlier than I thought,”
“Yeah uh, thought I’d call it an early night, have to get up a bit earlier tomorrow for work.” He lies between his teeth, he actually wanted to spend more time with you, and now his mind is giving him sinful ideas of how you two would spend it.
“Oh makes sense,” You yawn, stretching your arms above your head. Bucky then realizes you are wearing nothing but an oversized shirt and underwear, and he cant help but bite his lip when he sees the hem of your panties when your shirt rises up above your hips. He can’t be around you anymore, he won’t be able to control himself.
“Well I’m gonna go take a shower, have a goodnight Y/n,” he sniffs, placing the glass of water in the sink, rushing out of the room.
“Oh, goodnight Bucky,” You raise an eyebrow at his sudden departure.
What the hell was that?
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comfortbucky · 3 months ago
𝗳𝗮𝗹𝗹𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗳𝗼𝗿 𝘆𝗼𝘂 ⋆。˚ ☁︎ ˚。⋆。˚☽˚。⋆ 。˚ ☁︎ ˚。⋆
Tumblr media
gif credit: @buckysbarnes
pairing: roommate!bucky x fem!reader
tags: fluffy!/shy!bucky🥺
A/N: so yes i AM obsessed with roommate!bucky and i cannot stop thinking about him … it’s an epidemic innit
sorry if this feels kind of sloppy or rushed but i had this idea come to me today and just had to write it IMMEDIATELY!!!
s/o to my bestie @swtbbybarnes for letting me rant about roommate!bucky daily🤣 <3 i came up with this idea while we were talking hehe (make sure to check out her work! she is so talented!)
word count: 1.2k
my masterlist!
She knew she shouldn't have had that second cup of coffee, but the afternoon slump hit her hard at work and she didn't think she could get through the rest of the day without it. But now, Y/N was lying in bed awake, unable to fall asleep. She tossed and turned in bed, unable to get into a comfortable position. Y/N let out a sigh of defeat as she threw the blankets off of her. There was no shot of her going to bed at a reasonable hour at this point, and she accepted her loss. Y/N climbed out of bed and quietly walked out of her room to grab a glass of water. She carefully shut her bedroom door in an attempt to not disturb her roommate, Bucky.
Y/N couldn’t quite place her finger on it, but something about Bucky drew her to him, though she would never admit it. It might have been his stormy blue eyes, which were a stark contrast to his all-black wardrobe, or the fact that he never revealed anything about himself, other than telling her that he was an army vet, always leaving her wanting to know more. But she was too shy to ask, never wanting to cross any boundaries.
She tiptoed through the living room, silently cursing to herself, as she realized she had left her phone plugged in on her nightstand, forcing her to make her trek to the kitchen without a flashlight. But Y/N had lived in her apartment long enough to map out a path to the kitchen in her head, avoiding any obstacles along the way.
Y/N had made it to the other side of her living room when her foot, unexpectedly, made contact with something hard and metal, causing her to fall over and land on her stomach.
"Shit!" She whispered, quickly moving her legs off of whatever she had tripped over, remaining on the ground. Y/N turned her head to see none other than Bucky, his eyes wide as he stared at Y/N, lying perpendicular to her.
"Shit, are you okay?" He mumbled, his voice scratchy from just waking up. Y/N nodded in response and groaned in pain as she slowly started to stand. Bucky quickly scrambled to his feet to help her up. Y/N ignored the warm feeling that rushed to her cheeks when she felt the coldness of his metal hand in hers and the warmth of his flesh hand resting on the small of her back. A soft thank you escaped her lips as Bucky quickly pulled away, moving one of his hands to nervously scratch the back of his head.
"Sorry about that," he said sheepishly, avoiding her gaze, his eyes glued to the floor. Y/N let out a soft laugh.
"It's fine," she started, looking down at Bucky's makeshift bed on the floor, a couple of blankets, and a single pillow for his head. She frowned at the sight. Y/N knew that it was common for vets to sleep on the ground, any mattress being too soft and uncomfortable for them, but couldn't help but feel a twinge of pain seeing Bucky's sleeping arrangement. It seemed that he could never catch a break from the horrors of war, even during something as precious as sleep.
"What are you doing out here anyway?" She finished, looking back up to see Bucky's eyes, a tinge of shame hidden in them. He felt embarrassed when he saw her look at his bed, thinking to himself that she probably thought that he was a freak for sleeping on the ground.
"Bed's too soft for my back," he replied quietly, looking down again, wanting to avoid her gaze.
"I know," Bucky quickly lifted his head to look at her as she spoke tenderly. He saw a soft smile on her face and found himself get caught up in her kind eyes, pulling him in. "I read about that when I was looking up online what it's like for veterans when they return to civilian life."
Bucky froze, trying to process the fact that Y/N had taken the time to learn about post-war life for veterans, for him.
"I meant what are you doing out here?” she gestured to the living room with a slight head nod, her hands fiddling with a loose thread on the end of her t-shirt.
"Couldn't sleep," he replied, after clearing his throat. "Helps to be near the door." Y/N felt a pain in her chest, realizing he must have had a nightmare and needed to be near an exit to relax enough to fall asleep.
"What about you?" His question pulled her from her thoughts.
"Just grabbing a glass of water," she said, walking towards the fridge. She turned her head around. "You want one too?" He nodded in response, slowly following her into the kitchen.
Y/N handed Bucky his cup of water before propping herself up to sit on a countertop, facing him. He leaned back and rested on the island table behind him. They sat in comfortable silence, taking long sips from their glasses, occasionally glancing up at each other and quickly looking away when they saw the other person notice their gaze.
"You know," she spoke slowly, breaking the silence. Bucky looked up to meet her eyes. "If you ever need to talk to someone, I'm always here to listen." She offered a warm smile to Bucky and his knees nearly buckled under him. He returned her smile and nodded in response, unable to find the words to show his thanks. Bucky always knew his roommate was nice, always offering to help him clean up his dishes or making an extra cup of coffee for him in the morning, but it wasn't until tonight when he realized how kindhearted she really was.
When they finished their drinks, Bucky pushed himself off the table, grabbing his cup, and took a step towards Y/N to grab hers to put in the sink. As he leaned towards her to reach for her empty glass, his fingers lightly brushed against hers for a moment, causing him to look up at her, sucking a quick breath in. His eyes met hers, and she let out a shaky breath, seeing that their faces were inches away from each other. Y/N couldn't control her next movements.
She lifted both of her hands to place delicately on Bucky's cheeks, holding his face gently. Y/N searched his eyes for permission and he nodded his head so slightly, allowing her to pull his lips to hers in a slow, soft kiss. He pulled away after a moment, instantly causing Y/N to panic, thinking she did something wrong. Bucky gave her a reassuring kiss on the cheek, grabbing their glasses before moving to put them away in the sink. He returned back to his spot in front of her, gently tucking her hair behind her ear.
"Wanted to give you a proper kiss, darling," he whispered, tilting her chin up with his finger, moving his hands to cup her face and pull her in for another kiss, this one fueled with more passion than the last. She smiled against his lips, wrapping her arms around his neck, bringing him closer to her.
For the first time in years, Bucky finally felt at ease. He didn't need to be near the exit to feel safe anymore, he just needed her, in his arms.
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buckyswatch · 2 months ago
no filter || roommate!bucky
Tumblr media
summary: bucky is a grump who gets flustered easily. reader has a habit of drunk calling and not having a filter
wordcount: 1.6k
warnings: i wrote this sleep deprived and on mobile so it may be bad, mentions of alcohol, mentions of sex, reader is horn-knee, reader is a messy drunk, reader has a thigh kink, and a metal arm kink
sidenote: lol so inspired by me loving roommate!bucky and my own personal messiness this previous weekend, tried to write canon bucky but i also s*ck so
Tumblr media
It was so easy for him to become nervous.
Not because you were reckless or because you were a lightweight or anything like that, but Bucky didn’t like the idea of you getting plastered with your friends when he couldn’t take care of you.
You just happened to be a work-hard-play-hard type of person and you worked hard. So when you went out and there was alcohol involved you could hold your own, but no one should let you near your phone. A notorious lovey and loose-lipped drunk, you constantly left friends voice memos that sound like “iloveyousomuchandi’msoproudofyouandgodyourfriendshipmeanstheworldtome” or on a particular day when you were feeling ballsy and a bit horny “godiwouldactupforyousobadit’ssoinappropruatebuti’mdrunkandthat’sabadidea”.
Bucky’s been on the receiving end of your more platonic affection once or twice. Barely readable drunk texts in the Uber home from the bar followed by a facetime call where you blabber about how proud you are of him and how much he means to you followed by a panicked realization that he’s with Sam and probably busy and “ohmygodi’msosorryforbotheringyou” before hanging up. And when you wake up the next morning to a text that says, “You’re not bothering me, doll” you remember exactly what you said and did but choose to pretend like it didn’t happen. Bucky has always assumed you never brought it up because you never remembered what happened (or deny yourself the tangible evidence left on your phone), so he just does what he thinks the gentlemanly thing is to do and never talks about it.
But tonight. Tonight he’s home, on the couch, sitting by the phone praying you’ll ask him to pick you up from your friend’s birthday party even though you told him that the group of you have hotel rooms, “It’s like… A sleepover, but we’re grown so there’s alcohol and silly photoshoots,” you had told him earlier.
The drunk texts began about an hour ago. A blurry selfie in the hotel bathroom, a couple texts about your friends, some more about how you think people can tell you’re drunk. The more drinks in you, the more of a guessing game Bucky was playing with his texts. And suddenly, a voice memo comes through, “Okay I…….Know I have bothered you for a lot of tonight……But can I call you for like two minutes? Justliketwominutes,” you trail off in the end. Not even a minute after texting you 'of course', there’s an incoming facetime call.
He clears his throat as he answers, the first thing he sees is you sitting on the bathroom floor.
“Hey bestie,” you greet in a singsong voice.
“What are you doing on the floor? Did you throw up?” Bucky asks with a creased brow. Usually when you call drunk, he’s too far or too busy to do anything, but he’s declined calls from Sam all night in case you wanted to come home. He wanted you to come home.
You brush him off with a roll of your eyes and a head shake, “No,” you draw out, “I just like it here.” He’s trying to figure out what’s off when he realizes you’re not wearing the clothes you were in the photo you sent him.
“Where are your clothes?”
A lazy shrug as you prop the phone up against the side of the tub, “Dunno’ it got hot and gross so I’m in my underwear. Dunno’ how.”
His jaw clenches and he has half a mind to demand where you are, but he knows you can take care of yourself. And before he can even continue down the line of his average taking-care-of-you-through-the-phone questioning, there’s a loud knock on the bathroom door and your friends drawing out your name lazily. “Who’re you talking to?”
“Bucky!” You yell back as you grin at the unamused man on the screen.
“Who are they talking to?” Someone else asks faintly.
“Their hot roommate,” the first voice replies, both of them loud enough for Bucky to hear.
“Oh the one they wanna’ fu—“
“Shut the fuck up, I can hear you!” You reply as you spring to life and bang the door. And as their giggling fades away, you slink back to the floor. The burst of energy escaping you.
Bucky’s face has already turned beet red at being called your “hot roommate” and he’s fairly certain he knows where that next question was going. He shouldn’t press because he knows you’re drunk enough to answer, but curiously just gets the better of him.
“What were they about to say?”
You blink once, twice, three times. To him it seems like you’re just a little too off the handle, but really you just were hoping he wasn’t asking what you thought he was asking. You know there’s barely any self-control in you and if he presses this line of questioning, you’ll lose it.
“Hm?” You ask with a lazy smile on your face.
“Your friend at the door, what were they about to say? 'The one you want to'…”
You bite your lip and shake your head, “I….Don’t think I should tell you. It’s inappropriate.”
He laughs, surprised you still have some ability to bite your tongue. “No, tell me,” he presses gently.
“All my friends think you’re hot,” you blurt out. Hoping it derails the topic somewhat.
“All my friends think you’re hot. Like, they’d fuck you type-hot,” you grin.
“They’ve never met me,” as close as you and Bucky were, your life as roommates was kept very separate from your friends made in your college days. Not for any malicious reason, they’ve just seen you at your messiest and sluttiest and you were avoiding this situation or some version of it.
“They’ve seen pictures,” you reply as your body feels another surge of energy. You’re always giddy when you can make the supersoldier flustered and you’re exponentially expressive with the alcohol in your system.
“I show them! And we talk,” you suggest.
“About what?” He asks, half-dumbly and half-embarassed.
“You! You’re a supersoldier for Christ’s sake. And we all know what the serum did to Steve’s body so…” You trail off with a cheeky grin.
“You talk about my body?” He’s hyperaware of his heartbeat as he thinks about what you could possibly say about his body, knowing you’ve seen it first hand in accidental run-ins to the bathroom and kitchen bump-ins post-workout.
“Your body, your thighs, and—Mm!” You bite back a moan that’s near pornographic. “Your metal arm,” you reveal as your eyes roll back into your head like the dramatic you are.
His thoughts pingpong in his head. His thighs? His metal arm? Is that moan what you sound like in bed? Have you thought about him in bed?
“You like my metal arm?” He asks stunned.
And it’s like a switch. There’s this newfound confidence, and you’ve gone from gushing-affectionate-drunk to bold-and-flirty-drunk.
“I like everything about you,” you purr.
“When they get started on you, I talk my shit,” you admit boldly. He can’t even get a question in because you go, “Like—I’d be such a whore for you.”
Poor Bucky has been flustered this whole time, but when you say that, he forgets how to breathe for a moment.
“Okay, is this TMI? Yes, but I don’t care. I’m naturally such a horny person, but living with you? God, it’s fucking difficult. You do the smallest things and I go fucking wild,” you drunk ramble, not caring about the volume you’re speaking at.
“…Like what?” He shyly asks, unable to think of what he could do that is such a turn-on.
“Uh, everything. Have you seen you? When you put your hands on me. Like on my lower back or on my thigh, I think I’m gonna’ fold right there and then.—And when you get all passionate about things? It doesn’t happen too often—But when it does, I swear I think I’m gonna’ jump your bones. I didn’t think I’d find your Hobbit tangent sexy, but here we are,” you sigh.
It’s a shocked silence that fills the call before he lets out, “…You actually like me like that?”
“For the last time, yes. If I got home tomorrow and you told me to get on my knees, I’d do it immediately. I’m telling you Bucky, I would be such a whore for you. I’d do anything you want me to,” you say matter-of-factly.
“I mean…. If we’re honest, I’ve thought abou—“ before Bucky finishes, the call abruptly ends for him.
And back on the bathroom floor of your hotel with the dead phone in your hand, there’s a sobering moment where you realize that if that phone call went any longer, you would’ve ended up trying to have phone sex with your roommate. Needless to say, the phone stayed dead and you pushed the thought back and you dove back into the party.
You thought you could go about your routine when you returned home the next morning. And for a moment there, it almost seemed like you could. Overnight bag on the floor, you sat on the kitchen counter with Bucky standing across from you. You sipped coffee silently before you hopped off and placed your mug into the sink. As you make your way to your room, bag in hand, he asks, “Do you….Remember what you said when you called me last night?”
You stop cold. You could deny it, pretend like it didn’t happen and live life knowing he knows what you think of him. Or you could say yes. And maybe it’s the caffeine or the sheer curiosity of how this’ll play out. You put down your bag and turn to him with a smile, “I remember every word.”
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metalbuckaroo · a month ago
Come As You Are
SUMMARY// Living with Bucky isn't always about bickering
WARNINGS// smut, brief mention of m masturbation, unprotected sex (wow shocker- wrap that shit), cursing (fuck is used a good bit, oops), a sleazy comment or two, jealous bucky, bucky calls reader an idiot once (lovingly), Bucky being hard on himself, lil angst, lil fluff, oral (f receiving), a small mention of Bucky being insecure ab his arm
AU// Roommate!Biker!Bucky x F!Reader
NOTE// This is lengthy and there's a good bit of filth in it. Thanks @eireduchess for the title 😚 As always 18+ ONLY MINORS DNI
Tumblr media
Living with Bucky wasn't easy, not just from the fact that he would leave his boots in the middle of the floor or not hang up his leather kutte on the hook that was right beside the door. But because of how rowdy he'd be late at night when he'd have other club members over.
Though, there were certain aspects that made living in the same apartment as him enjoyable.
Even if he did do things on purpose to annoy you, he'd make up for it in the best way possible. To him, seeing you riled up gave him a reason to bend you over the nearest surface and bury himself in you.
His excuse always being; "You're hot when you're mad at me."
Not that you didn't find Bucky obnoxiously attractive and his stamina the highest you'd encountered- He was over six feet of smooth skin and muscle mashed with metal, with sharp features and the most piercing slate blue eyes you'd seen. Who wouldn't be attracted to him?
But, he was someone who found sex as a way to release feelings he didn't know how to deal with.
Some nights he'd come back from a late night club meeting or his bar, stress settled in his tense muscles after some kind of bad news as he made his way to your bed to wake you up with soft touches and mutters.
Telling you how he'd do all of the work, he just needed you. Not some girl from his bar, or an ex-hook up. Just you.
It made you feel special in a way, but then you'd remember that the two of you could hardly get along, unless it was during sex or eating together quietly.
There were rare times when you would tell him no so, he'd shuffle off into a cold shower to deal with it himself. But, on the other nights where you'd agree, he'd move your underwear to the side and bend your leg so he had a better angle before easing into you.
Keeping the pace slow and deep, grinding into you as he made sure the marks he left on your shoulder were light and elicited breathy sounds from you.
Mumbling how well you're doing, and how good you made him feel, amongst other things against your ear between groans and pants. Each slide against your velvety walls slowly bringing you to a breathless orgasm before he'd find his own, slipping out of your bed and going back to his.
None of it had been planned, not even him moving in with you months before. He'd overheard you talking to Wanda about needing to find a roommate after a bad breakup, and told you he was looking to move out of the motel room he had been living in.
Two months in, there was something that snapped in both of you during an argument about how loud he was being a morning after he had some of his friends over, that had clothes coming off and hands wandering bodies. Until you were lifted onto the kitchen counter, Bucky's hips snapping into yours at a relentless pace like he'd never get enough.
After that, every time an argument would start, even just a bicker, it'd end in lust filled apologies for you over reacting or for him doing something he knew would piss you off.
Which is why Bucky knew what was going to happen as he leaned his shoulder against the door frame to your room.
"Got some people coming over. You gonna drink with us?" He asked, watching as you put folded clothes into a drawer. "Nope." You said, shaking your head. "C'mon, thought we had fun last time."
Rolling your eyes, you shut the drawer after the last pair of pants were inside. "I still think you and your friends are irritating." You stated, moving the now empty basket back to its spot beside the door.
Bucky let out a heavy sigh and popped the button of his jeans open. "Pants off." He smirked, stepping further into the room. "What?" You laughed, watching as his metal fingers pulled the zipper down, igniting the fire in your veins with each step closer. "You heard me, pretty girl."
Clothes were discarded in a haste before you were scooting your way up towards the head of your bed, Bucky clicking his tongue. "Oh, no, no. Come down here."
His metal fingers wrapped around your ankle, a soft yelp erupting from your lips when he tugged you back down the bed. "Wanna taste you."
The sinful look in his eyes as he kneeled between your legs is what got you every time, a whimper falling from your lips as his tongue went flat against your slit.
Starting with gentle, languid licks, Bucky worked up to sucking and nibbling on the sensitive bud. Two long, thick fingers stroking the sweet spot just inside your cunt as he pulled you apart again and again, fisting over himself with his metal hand.
He could stay like that for hours, your legs hiked over his shoulders and trembling thighs closing in on his head as you scratched at his scalp. Nearly sobbing for him not to stop as your hips rocked against his mouth, the most vulgar sounds leaving your pretty lips.
"Taste so fucking good, sweet girl." Bucky groaned when he leaned away, focusing the pump of his hand on his swollen tip as he curled his fingers against your spasming walls. Bringing you to another high that had you chanting his name mixed with some curses like it was the only thing you knew.
Removing his fingers once you've rode the afterglow, he pressed your legs further apart, lapping up your release with a pleased moan before his eyes met the bright orange numbers on your alarm clock.
"Fuck, they're gonna be here any minute. Gotta make this quick." He mumbled, smirking when you huffed a breath. "Oh, don't be greedy." He chuckled, looking over his handy work as he bent his body over yours.
Bucky placed a sloppy kiss to your mouth before moving away. "Turn over." His husky voice made you shiver, listening to what he said.
You squeaked slightly when he pulled your hips up, snapping his hips into yours to fully sheath himself in one movement. A cry of his name falling from your lips as you gripped the sheet under you.
"That's it, babydoll. Feel you startin' to milk me already." He grunted, metal hand grabbing your wrist gently and pinning your arm behind your back.
The feverish pace made your mind go fuzzy, unable to do anything other than let wanton moans spill from your mouth over the salacious sound of skin slapping together and Bucky's guttural sounds that added to the fire burning in your belly.
You could picture the way he looked behind you, chest shiny with the thin layer of sweat and tinted red, jaw slack with his gaze casted down to watch the way you stretched around him as he filled you to the brim.
Ruining the thought of anyone else ever making you feel as full as he did.
"Fuck- fuck- shit-" you gasped out, white hot pleasure searing through your veins and whiting out your vision as you squeezed your eyes shut.
"Don't pass out, baby. You can take it, I know you can- Fuck-" Bucky huffed before his hips stilled against yours and his grip on you tightened. A long, low moan pulling from his chest as his cock throbbed against your spasming walls, ropes of thick release spilling into you.
His hold loosened again and he slipped out of you with a pleased sigh, letting your sore hips relax into the mattress. Every nerve ending tingling with the afterglow as he pressed a tender kiss to your shoulder and gave a light slap to your backside.
"Fuckin' perfect, sweetheart."
⛓ ⛓ ⛓ ⛓ ⛓ ⛓
Bucky craned his neck to look down the hallway when he heard the bathroom door open over the movie that was playing. Seeing you walk across the hall with one of the plush grey towels wrapped around your body.
"You've got a hot roommate." A club member, Jack, chuckled- earning a harsh nudge to his upper arm. "Don't talk about her like that." Bucky said, keeping his tone level. "Thought there wasn't anything there." Jack mused, raising his eyebrows. "There's not, but that doesn't mean you can eye-fuck my roommate."
Bucky lifted the glass bottle to his lips, eyes flicking to where you were getting in the fridge in a pair of his briefs and one of his t-shirts. Seeing that you'd gotten a beer and were headed back towards the hallway.
"Huh-uh, if you're gonna drink my beer and wear my clothes, you're gonna watch this movie with us. C'mon, sugar." He said, shifting in his seat with a slim smile. "James," you groaned, turning on your heels to look at him. All protests dying on your lips when you saw the gleaming, metal hand reached out towards you over the back of the couch. "Fine."
You went to sit beside him, his arm poking out to stop you and tug you onto his lap. "Y'know, if you're not with Barnes. I'd like a taste." Jack grinned, making you glare at him.
"Hey, that's uncalled for-" Steve started, Bucky's arm tightening around your waist to pull you closer to his chest. "Oh, shut it, Rogers."
"He's right, you see what's going on here. Shut up." Bucky snapped, jaw clenched as he stared at the man next to him. "You're the one who says there isn't anything with you two."
Your heart twisted in your chest at the words that felt like a punch to the gut. You knew that it wasn't like that for Bucky, but you could still hold onto the sliver of hope there would be one day.
Leaning forward to sit your beer on the coffee table, you huffed out a breath and pried Bucky's arm from around you. "Enjoy your circle jerk, I'm going to bed."
"Sweets, wait-" his hand grabbed for your wrist and you moved it away from his reach. Bucky huffing a breath and shooting a look at Jack. "See? You pissed her off. No wonder you don't have a girl." He grumbled, pushing up from his seat. "You're single, too, Barnes."
"Shut it. You might wanna turn the volume up." Bucky said with a sigh, not knowing if it'd be because of an argument or something else. "Make it snappy." Sam teased with a chuckle. "Give her a kiss for me!"
He chose to ignore the comment from Jack as he walked down the hall to your door, you standing beside your bed on your phone.
"Come back out there with me." He said softly, pushing the door shut behind him. Your hands fell to your sides as you turned to look at him. "No, James. I'm sick of your stupid fucking friends and sick of you always being so fucking-"
You were cut off by his lips slotting over yours, melting into the rough, messy kiss as his warm and cold hands held your cheeks before slapping his chest lightly and pulling away.
"Hey!" You said, trying to still sound mad as you glared up at him. His nimble fingers making quick work to his belt. "Gonna take care of that attitude, dollface."
Within seconds his pants were kicked off with your help to jerk them down his legs and your back met the mattress for the second time that day- the briefs you were wearing being tugged down your legs in a haste. Bucky's lips crashing back to yours as his hand fumbled to line himself up to your already slick folds, the need to have you stretching around him so overwhelming he could barely think.
Your bottom lip knock the tip of Bucky's nose when your head tipped back in a moan from the sudden intrusion. "There ya go, like that sound much better." He panted rutting his hips into yours at a quick, rough pace, shoving the shirt you were wearing up to bare your chest to him.
His shirt was clasped tightly in your fists, biting back any loud sounds to avoid disturbing the people down the hall in the living room.
Bucky had other plans though, the comments to you made his blood boil and he had a point to prove. It was his name that passed your lips, his skin that you'd mark with your nails and teeth as he pounded into you. "You can be louder than that."
"Your friends-" A sharp gasp stopped you when his hand slipped between your bodies, fingers flicking and pinching your sensitive bud with the punishing thrusts. "Fuck 'em."
The heels of your feet dug into his tailbone, hips bucking with his pace as the coil in your core tightened, threatening to snap with each vulgar sound Bucky made and elicited from you.
You tried to tilt your head back into the mattress in attempt to strain the cry of his name when your orgasm crashed into you, his lips latching to the column of your neck to suck a mark into the skin.
Bucky wasn't far behind you, grinding his hips against you to push as deep as he could to, filling you with spurts of his spend. "Fucking hell, I'll never get tired of the sounds you make for me." He panted, nipping at your nipple as he moved off of you.
"You gonna come back out, now?" He said, grabbing his jeans from the floor to pull them back on. "Mhm," you hummed in response, sitting up to take the briefs Bucky held in his hand.
⛓ ⛓ ⛓ ⛓ ⛓ ⛓
The next morning you decided on something you had been contemplating for days.
Going to the kitchen to stand on the other side of the counter, across from where Bucky was standing as he drank his coffee.
Inhaling a deep breath, you leaned your hands on the cheap laminated surface, Bucky wetting his lips as he looked at you. "I'm moving out. Wanda called me a few days ago and said her old roommate moved out if I wanted to live with her."
It hurt to do, but it hurt even more to stay. Knowing that the things that happened between you and him, meant more to you.
Bucky sat his mug on the counter, brows knitted together as he shook his head. "No- no, you're not." He said calmly, expression blank. "Yes, I am." You nodded, pressing your lips together.
"No!" He said in a more stern tone, leaning his hands on the edge of the counter. "Why not?" You said, tilting your head to the side. Bucky taken back by the question he had the answer to, but didn't want to say. "Huh?"
"Why don't you want me to move out? Why do you want to keep me here so fucking bad, if all I am to you is an outlet!" You were almost screaming at him, hands gesturing wildly. "Because, I wanna be with you, you fucking idiot!" He boomed.
"Yeah, right." You scoffed, shaking your head at him. He let out a long exhale, running the cool metal of his hand down his face. "You think I fuck you just to do it, don't you? You tell yourself this is all some game, but you know you wanna be with me just as bad!"
Sighing, you pushed away from the counter. "I don't even know what to say to you half of the time, because I never know if you're serious." You stated with a dry laugh.
"Do I look like I'm joking? Think about it for a second- when's the last time I brought another girl here or left with one?"
"We agreed that if one of us slept with someone else, we wouldn't have sex anymore." You shrugged, furrowing your eyebrows. "Fucking exactly! I don't do that shit! I don't make deals, I sleep with someone and decide later if I wanna do it again."
Bucky was getting nervous, his heart thumping against his chest at the thought that you were actually leaving. You were one of the few permanent things he felt he had, one of the safe feeling things he had.
Pressing the heels of his hands against his eyes, he took a deep, calming breath before looking at you again. "You don't look at me like I'm some freak when you see me naked. You- it's like you see me with two arms that are... me."
The lines in your forehead softened, your heart clenching in your chest. "Because they are you, Buck." You said softly. He rolled his eyes and breathed a dry laugh. "Yeah, okay."
Huffing out a breath, you tipped your head back to look at the ceiling. "What are you trying to say?" You looked back to him, you had to hear it again before you'd believe it. "I already said it. I want to be with you, I want to try to have something more than just sex."
You narrowed your eyes at his even expression, thinking it over for a second. "Okay."
Bucky's shoulders relax a little, features softening. "What?" He breathed. He was ready to have to bicker about it with you, not for it to be so easy.
"You wanna try, we'll try."
⛓ ⛓ ⛓ ⛓ ⛓ ⛓
Something in Bucky changed after the agreement to try a relationship. Your stuff moved into his room, he stopped leaving boots and clothes laying in the floor, and would keep a level noise when his friends would come over. Always making sure to have you in his lap the entire night.
Over the couple of months since that morning, the kisses became more frequent, sex became slower, and it was your turn to jump on him every chance you saw fit.
As you made your way to the kitchen from the shared bedroom, the sight of Bucky in only his briefs making coffee made a smile spread on your face. Padding over to him and wrapping your arms around his thick waist, your cheek pressed to his firm back.
"'Bout time you get up." He teased with a light chuckle, a gentle kiss place on the spot where metal met flesh sending goosebumps across his skin. "What are you doing, sugar?" He hummed, muscles on his abdomen tensing as your fingertips grazed along the elastic band of his underwear.
"Nothing, what are you doing?" You said, Bucky sucking in a sharp breath when your hand dipped into the front of the fabric. Clearing his throat as you palmed him. "Jus' making some coffee."
He turned to face you and leaned down to catch your lips in his, groaning softly into your mouth as he lifted your shirt up. Breaking away long enough to pull the fabric off over your head.
"The counter is right there." He chuckled against your lips as you pulled him with you to the cheap tile floor. "Oh, well."
Shifting around until clothes were discarded and you straddled Bucky's hips, his hands guided you down on him. Soft moans and pants filling the air as you swiveled your hips, metal and flesh hands groping at your breasts.
Your fingers curled into the taut muscles of his chest when he rolled his hips up, his head tipping back in a groan when your walls fluttered around him. "Doing so good for me, sweet girl."
Buck sat up and had you lean back enough for him to nuzzle his face in the spot between your breasts, facial hair scratching your skin as he bit a light mark to the spot.
Trailing wet kisses up your chest and neck, reveling in the warmth of your walls and feeling of you clenching around him with your impeding orgasm.
The cold tile doing nothing to help the thin layer of sweat that coated his hot skin as he locked his lips back to yours. Arm wrapping around your back to hold you close as he thrusted into you best he could from the position, your hips rocking against him at a steady pace.
Everything was perfect for him, he didn't have worries of what his future would hold anymore. As long as you were there, he didn't give a damn about anything else.
His hand moved to hold the back of your head, peppering kisses to your parted lips as you rode through the afterglow, the muscles of his stomach and thighs tensing and face scrunching in pleasure as his own crashed into him.
"Love you, babygirl. Love you, so fucking much." He panted, the words taking even him by surprise as they tumbled out, mind fogging over for a second as streams of release painted your walls.
Peaking your eyes open to see his hooded blues, you lifted your hands to craddle his jaw. Hot breaths mixing together and noses brushing.
"I love you, Buck."
⛓ ⛓ ⛓ ⛓ ⛓ ⛓
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bucksfucks · 4 months ago
𝙁𝘽𝙍𝙊 ; 𝗯𝘂𝗰𝗸𝘆 𝗯𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗲𝘀 [𝟭/𝟭𝟭]
summary┃when your roommate, bucky, begs you to be his fake girlfriend to his best friends wedding, you eventually say yes with some rules. but rules are set only to be broken.
pairing┃roommate!bucky x f!reader
word count┃3,254 words
warnings┃fake dating, fwb’s dynamic, talk of hook-ups, bi!bucky, unrequited feelings, beer is drunk, pet-name [sweets], praise kink, heavy make-out session, protected sex, slight degradation & mocking, reference to masturbation, oral, denied orgasm, edging, light dom!bucky, authority kink, lots of dirty talk, size kink [bucky is too big, but it works + he feels himself in reader’s lower tummy], squirting, lots of teasing, light breeding kink, cliffhanger [but only because part of series], confused feelings — 18+ ONLY//MINORS DNI
notes┃yeehaw here we go again besties <<3
Tumblr media
  “Oh c’mon, you owe me this, Sweets!” Bucky was pleading, absolutely begging you as you continued to shovel cereal in your mouth. You had woken up just under an hour ago and Bucky was already picking your brains with this outrageous request. 
    “Owe you? Barnes, if anything you owe me for all the times I’ve pretended to be your girlfriend so that your terrible decision would leave our apartment in the morning.” You remind him, pointing your milky spoon at him as he rolls his eyes playfully. 
    “See, you’ve done it before so it won’t even be a problem!” He cheers and you can’t help but chuckle at the way he was very desperately trying to get you to agree to this plan. 
    “Why can’t you just ask one of the many girls in that little black book of yours?” There was a twinge of jealously in your voice, but you masked it well enough for Bucky to think you were just teasing him. 
    “I don’t have a little black book,” he grumbles, slumping over on the chair beside you as you move your bowl away from you to lean on your elbows. 
    “I’m askin’ you ‘cause I know we’ll have a good time no matter what,” he says, eyes meeting yours as you sigh. 
    “I don’t know, Buck, isn’t it...” you’re searching for the right word, “weird?” 
     He laughs, shaking his head, “we just have to pretend we’re datin’,” he clarifies and it feels like a kick to your gut because yeah, it would all just be pretend. 
     You shake your head, pushing away from the counter to drop your used bowl into the sink, “I don’t know, you’ll have to give me some time to think about it, okay?” 
     He sighs, nodding and standing up before he’s leaning down to give you a kiss on the cheek, “I understand, Sweets. Jus’ let me know, yeah?” 
     Bucky slips out of the apartment shortly after for work and you’re left mulling over the decision that he’s presented to you. 
     His best friend was getting married next and he and Bucky seemed to have made a long-running bet; Sam had bet that Bucky would still be single by the time he got married and well, Sam wasn’t wrong. 
     But this was a whole new territory, there’d have to be ground rules, a backstory that was air-tight, signals in-case something went wrong, and oh your anxiety was the one talking now. 
     You groaned when you fell back into bed, running your hands down your face as you pulled your bottom lip between your teeth as you realized that you were about to be late for work now too. 
    “I think you should totally do it!” Sage cheered in her true hopeless romantic fashion. You just laughed and playfully rolled your eyes as you finished wiping down the last table of the night.
    “He’s my roommate, that’s...weird? Plus, it’s next week and I don’t have anyone to cover for me.” You shrugged as Sage shook her head, “now you do.”
    Your heart flipped at her words. Sage was the personification of a bright summer day—warm, sweet, and always left you with a smile on your face.
    “You really don’t have to, I’m sure there’s like a billion other girls he can ask.” You said as she hopped off the bar to grab you by your shoulders.
    “And yet he asked you.” She said with raised eyebrows as you tugged your bottom lip between your teeth as you felt butterflies erupting wildly in your chest.
    “I’ve seen Bucky. He’s hot to put it bluntly.” You both laughed, “and I see how you get around him, all giggly and happy.”
    Her words hit you harder than you expected. You’d always known that Bucky was hot, literally anyone could admit that. But living with him let you into another part of him.
    You saw him on his good days, when he got sick with a cold and acted like he was on his deathbed, drunk and then hungover, and the occasional sobbing mess as you both sang show tunes until you felt better.
    “This won’t exactly help my crush, you know that? If anything it’ll make me fall deeper.” You say and Sage groans.
    “He likes you!” She blurts, having to spell it out for your as you furrow your eyebrows and just shake your head, “there’s no way.”
    The downside of living with Bucky meant that you also had to see the string of unbelievably and wildly attractive men and women he would bring home.
    You were jealous, slightly, but also envious.
    How he managed to have one night stands and then forget their names the next day was something so exceptionally Bucky that it always racked your brain.
    “Listen,” she’s got you by the shoulders again, “just think about it, yeah? I’m not a matchmaker, but I’ve seen how you both look at each other and it’d be a shame if you didn’t end up at least fucking.”
    You choked on your own breath at her words while she laughed.
    The short walk back to your apartment was filled with nerves and questions of what if.
    When you stuck your key into your rusted lock, turning it and shoving the door open, you found it empty.
    Until you walked further in and heard the sound of the shower running. At least you didn’t have to talk to Bucky the second you stepped through the door.
    You were jealous that he got the shower before you, though, so you opted to get changed into the baggiest pair of sweatpants and sweater you owned.
    Both of which, ironically, belonged to Bucky.
    They didn’t smell like him anymore, at least you didn’t think so. Maybe you were so nose-blind that you were just used to what Bucky smelled like.
    You shook your thoughts of Bucky soon after, stepping into the kitchen to grab a beer out of the fridge.
    “Moochin’ off of my beers now, huh?” You weren’t prepared to be met with a nearly naked Buck as you turned around and popped the tab.
    You took a sip, eyes locked on his as you willed them not to wander down his naked torso. The naked torso that was still slightly wet from his shower, his metal prosthetic fusing to his broad shoulder as he swung to recalibrate it. 
    “It’s not mooching, it’s sharing,” you quip and he chuckles, disappearing into his room only to emerge in nothing but a pair of sweatpants that sit low on his hips. 
    It’s criminal, it really is, how much of an effect he has on you. 
    “So,” Bucky clears his throat, “did you, uhm, think ‘bout the uh, weddin’?” 
    You take a deep breath, letting your head fall before you’re looking back at him and even you don’t believe the words that fall from your lips. 
    “Let’s do it.” 
    Bucky’s eyes go wide, shining brightly as he claps his hands together and jumps to wrap you in a bone crushing hug where your cheek is smushed against his right pec. 
    He smells clean, like bergamot, very similar to the Earl Grey tea’s you drink in the mornings mixed with something a little more oaky. You could never distinguish exactly what it was, but it always left you feeling warm. 
    “Are you serious?” He asks, still in disbelief as he finally loosens his arms until his hands are resting on your hips. 
    It never did help that Bucky was very...affectionate. Kisses to your cheeks, forehead, nose, sometimes the side of your mouth when you were both stumbling into bed. 
    The feeling of him against your or around you was both comforting and terrifying. 
    “I’m serious, but don’t make me change my mind,” you poked his chest gently as you slipped under his arm and around the counter to grab your beer and sit yourself on the couch. 
    Bucky mimicked your actions; grabbing a beer, popping the tab, and joining you beside the couch as it dipped beneath it’s weight. 
    “We need ground rules though.” You said, pulling out your phone and heading to the notes section of your applications. 
    Bucky nodded his head, “good idea, Sweets.” 
    The pet-name caused another flurry of goosebumps and butterflies that you willed down with another sip of beer—drowning the unwanted emotions. 
    Half an hour later and you had three short, but very important ground rules. 
    1. Make it believable. 
    2. PDA is necessary, but don’t go overboard 
    3. It’s not real, so don’t you dare fall in love with me. 
    “Seems pretty fair,” Bucky smirks, finishing the last drop of his beer, “you think you’ll be able to resist falling in love with me though, Sweets?” 
    You snort, slightly out of nerves and slightly from the beer that’s gotten you loosened up. 
    “Do you think you’ll be able to stop yourself from falling in love with me?” You tease, joking around as Bucky’s tongue runs across his bottom lip as he lets out a hum. 
   “I’ll do my best, but,” he smirks, “no promises, Sweets.”     
    You groan, rolling your eyes, “you’re such a jerk.” 
    He shrugs his shoulders, chuckling before silence sets over the two of you again. It’s not uncomfortable, but you’re fiddling with the end of the sweater you’re wearing. 
   “So about rule number two,” you finally manage to break the silence, Bucky already looking at you. 
   “I just don’t want anything to be awkward,” you clear your throat. You aren’t really sure how to approach the topic. 
   “Why would it be awkward?” Bucky asks and you know he’s just egging you on. You sigh dramatically, dropping your hands into your lap. 
   “You know why,” you mumble, “our first kiss in front of everyone is gonna be our first kiss.” 
    Bucky slides closer to you, putting a warm hand on your bent knee as he cocks his head to the side, “it doesn’t have to be our first kiss.” 
    You’re shocked, breath hitching in your throat as you’re looking into Bucky’s eyes now. They’re warm, cool, and confident. 
    “We have a week of practice time, Sweets.” He purrs and you feel your heart kick against your ribs. 
   “You jus’ gotta lemme know what you wanna practice.” There’s a devilish smirk on his face before you’re swallowing thickly, “practice is good.” 
    Your voice is hoarse as Bucky chuckles, “practice is good. So wha’daya say? Should we practice?”
    You don’t believe this is happening, that Bucky’s hands are now cradling your face as he’s pulling you into his lap and against his naked chest until... 
    His lips are slotting over yours, warm and soft and faintly tasting of beer as you relax into his touch. 
    First kisses are never supposed to be this good. They’re supposed to be awkward and messy; teeth and tongue clanging and clashing together. 
    They aren’t supposed to feel this natural, like you’ve kissed Bucky a million times before, but it does.
    You can feel your body moulding against his, his hands now tightly gripping your hips and suddenly a moan slips from his mouth. 
    It causes a chain reaction, a domino effect where you’re tangling your fingers in his hair and tugging as he rocks your hips against his. You can feel him growing under you, the sweatpants doing little to conceal him and... 
   “This is so wrong,” you mumble against him, “then why does it feel so good?” Bucky retorts back breathily before you’re kissing him against with haste and need. 
    “This is good practice,” he mumbles, hands sliding up and down your body until they’re toying with the hem of your sweater, “and we do need all the practice we can get.” You reply and you can feel him smirk. 
    “Atta girl, Sweets,” he purrs, sliding his hands under your sweater finally and you’re shocked at how cold his left hand is. 
    “Practice does make perfect, remember?” He teases, leaning you backwards until he’s standing up with you wrapped around his body like a koala. 
     At this point, you don’t care about the friendship and if it’s ruined; you care about the way your panties are slick with your arousal and how Bucky seemed to tap into your praise kink incredibly quickly. 
     You fell onto his bed, door shutting as you were quickly engulfed in his scent. Bucky looked down on you like you were his prey, licking his lips before his eyes met yours. 
    “‘S’not easy watchin’ you walk ‘round in my clothes, y’know that?” He hums, taking a few steps closer as you can see the evident outline of his cock in the grey sweatpants. 
     You had to squeeze your legs together, but it only spurs Bucky on as he chuckles. 
    ““S’bad enough I gotta use my hand on my cock when ‘m jerkin’ off, but hearin’ your moans as you’re usin’ that vibrator of yours.” 
     You moan, you actually moan at his words as he drops to his knees at the end of the bed, grabbing an ankle and tugging you down to his level. 
    “Knowin’ damn well I could make you cum harder and faster than it,” you let your head fall back as he rips your sweats and panties off of you, hiking your sweater up until you’re helping him rip if off your body. 
     He takes a moment, his cock twitching as he takes in your body, “a fuckin’ masterpiece, Sweets.” 
     You shudder, watching as he hikes your legs over his shoulders until his cool breath is fanning over your core. He’s barely touched you and you’re dripping, fucking soaked. 
    “What a pretty pussy,” he purrs, using metal fingers to spread your folds and tease you as you arch your back at the light touches. You’d always been more sensitive, a big reason as to why no one but your vibrator has ever been able to make you cum. 
     Something tells you that Bucky might. 
    “M’gonna take my sweet time devouring you, have you screamin’ all for me in my bed tonight,” he growls, nose brushing the hair that’s decorating your mound. 
     He says nothing further, tongue flat against you as you moan as let him eat you out like no one ever has. 
     His tongue lap around you, prodding at your entrance before focusing on your clit as he lets his fingers do most of the work. He starts with one, slowly teasing you until you’re begging. 
    “C’mon, Buck,” you whine, “add another.” 
     He chuckles against you, vibrations sending shocks of pleasure through you before he’s adding a second and curling them deep inside of you. 
    “That what my greedy girl wanted? To be stuffed full?” He taunts, a high-pitched whine running through you before you feel yourself teetering on the edge of your orgasm. 
    “Don’ worry, Sweets. I’ll make sure to stuff you full tonight,” he growls, but stops his fingers altogether. 
     You whine, thrash a little like a brat before he’s pinning your legs down. 
    “Don’t try to pull that with me, Sweets. You know ‘m stronger and not against punishin’ you.” You know it’s a warning, but you wish it was a promise instead. 
    “You’re cummin’ on my dick, waited too damn long and now I got you all to myself.” He stands up and drops his pants and you’re in awe. You always figure he was big, but he was big. 
    “Are you sure you’re gonna fit?” You squeak out, watching as he wraps his hand around himself to stroke him. 
     He reaches into his nightstand, grabbing a condom and some lube, “oh, we’ll make it fit, Sweets.” 
    “Now be a good girl and get on your hands and knees, yeah?” You’d never seen this side of Bucky, a dominant, rougher side as you moved into the position with no hesitations. 
     The condom wrapper falls to the floor, the pop of the lube makes you squirm in anticipation before the mattress is dipping under Bucky’s weight as you feel him behind you. 
    “Are you ready, Sweets?” He whispers in your ear, gently as he gently massages your shoulder. 
     You nod your head, “fuck me already, Barnes.” You egg, smirking before you’re letting out a soft gasp when you feel the head of his cock sliding thorugh your folds. 
    “Forgot you had a smart mouth,” he grunts, squeezing lube onto his cock, “we’ll see how well you can use it when you’re so full of me you can barely think.” 
     Bucky takes his time stretching you, but when he’s finally fully seated, you can safely say that you’ve never felt as full as you do with him. 
    “God, you’re so fuckin’ tight,” Bucky groans, “takin’ me so goddamn well too, Sweets. Look at’cha, so full with me.” 
     He snakes a hand around your belly, pressing on your lower abdomen, “absolutely full of me.” 
     You wiggle your ass, whining, “need it, Bucky.” 
     He chuckles deeply, “my cock feel that good already?” 
     His hips snap harshly before you can reply, his skin slapping against yours as he picks up his speed. 
     You can feel a hand wiggle between your shoulder blades, applying pressure until your face hits the soft sheets, “wan’ you to be smellin’ only me, Sweets. Gonna have you thinkin’ of all of me when I make you cum.” 
     His words send a shiver down your spine and your toes begin to curl at the way this angle makes it so he’s able to brush the spot deep inside of you that you can never seem to find yourself. 
    “That’s it, Sweets, be a good girl and cum for me,” he bends his body over yours, “‘n don’t be afraid to make a mess.” 
     It hits you harder than you thought, sucking the air from your lungs as you feel your legs shaking and a familiar wetness running down your thighs when you realize what’s happening. 
    “Holy fuck,” you hear Bucky groan, “didn’t know you could squirt, baby.” 
     His hips stuttering as you continue to grip him, aftershocks of your orgasm washing over you, “gonna make me cum, Sweets. God, yeah, gonna get you nice ‘n full.” 
     Bucky’s voice is an octave lower as his moan rumbles through his chest as he squeezes the flesh of your hips as he spills into the condom buried deep inside of you. 
     You’re both exhausted and fucked out entirely as Bucky falls beside you in bed, condom discarded soon after until you’re both trying to catch your breaths and recover from the best sex you’ve ever had. 
    “I know they say practice makes perfect,” Bucky breathes, turning his head to you, “but that was pretty damn near perfect already.” 
     You laugh, closing your eyes as you wipe under your eyes, mascara smudged but you don’t care. 
    “At least it won’t be awkward at the wedding now,” you say, chuckling nervously as Bucky smirks.
    “Oh, that reminds me. There’s only one bed in the hotel room,” he winks and you playfully roll your eyes because of course there’s only one bed. 
     You just took a deep breath and hoped you’d be able to make it through the wedding without thinking of the many other ways Bucky could ruin you. 
    “For a fake boyfriend you sure gave me some real orgasms,” you quickly changed the topic as he shrugged, “I’ve lived with you for two years, I know what you like.” 
    “Plus, think of it as my way of sayin’ thanks for being my fake girlfriend so I don’t have to lose this bet.” 
     You could get on board with a fake relationship with real orgasms. 
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rebeccccccaaa · 3 months ago
ᴄᴀᴛ’s ɢᴏᴛ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴛᴏɴɢᴜᴇ?
ᴄᴀᴍ ʙᴏʏ/ʀᴏᴏᴍᴍᴀᴛᴇ! ʙᴜᴄᴋʏ ʙᴀʀɴᴇs x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀᴀᴜ
sᴜᴍᴍᴀʀʏ: You have always been more modest not really ever having time to explore what could have been some sort of sensual alter ego and when Bucky finds out hes determined to bring the sex goddess in you out.
ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢs: slight fluff if you count flirty bucky, smut ofc (minors dni) [cam boy bucky (slight tipsy bucky and reader in the beginning); brief male masterbation (bucky has his door open during a session); fem!rec oral; hair pulling; spanking; real dirty talking; strong language, degradation; loss of virginity/ virgin reader but not innocent, touch starved reader, and overstim, overall pretty rough but aftercareeee]
ᴀᴜᴛʜᴏʀ’s ɴᴏᴛᴇs: sorry in advanced if you don’t like iced coffee lol
Tumblr media
“There’s no way; you’re such a fucking liar,” Bucky threw his head back with laughter.
“I knew I shouldn’t have fucking said anything,” you scoff, rolling your eyes before standing up with annoyance.
“No! Don’t go, come on. I didn’t mean it like that,” he chuckled.
“Yeah right,” you scoffed.
“Can I ask why?”
“I mean, honestly. I just never really had time. Although, I did avoid sweaty football players all of high school, but being in uni I just want to grind and grind, you know? Finish school and get my degree. I don’t really have much time going out and getting laid,” you explained.
“Shit, does my… ‘side job’ make you uncomfortable? I didn’t realize how you would feel about it being a vir-”
“Buck, I’m a virgin, not innocent,” you chuckled.
“Damn straight,” Bucky laughed.
“Let me help you,” he said, making you laugh out loud.
"With what?" you asked in disbelief.
"Let me take your virginity. 'S better than fucking some random drunkard in a one night stand, and let's face it, you're not getting a boyfriend anytime soon."
You couldn't help but keep laughing at what he was saying.
“What?” he asked, confused.
“You’re so full of shit, Barnes,” you snorted, too drunk to notice that Bucky wasn’t laughing.
“Offer stands whenever, pretty girl.”
That was four weeks ago.
Since then, you feel like the tension between you and your roommate was especially thick since your tipsy confession. You couldn’t tell whether the things Bucky would say now were intentionally inappropriate or you just had a dirty mind. He seemed to always be shirtless; always.
“Did all your shirts catch fire? No, they got stolen, huh?” you joked.
“Har, har. Don’t be such a prude, pretty girl.”
“I’m not a prude,” you mumbled; at least he had the muscles to flaunt.
One quiet Friday evening, you sat in your room working away at your desk. You had been at it for a couple hours and as much as you wanted to throw in the towel you were so close to finishing everything you needed to finish this weekend. You went to the kitchen to grab a snack, maybe make a coffee, before drilling for the last hour to get everything done.
“Hey, pretty girl,” Bucky said, standing with a glass of whiskey in hand. He always drinks before filming.
“Gettin’ ready for your… stuff?” you asked.
“What stuff?” he asked cheekily, making you roll your eyes.
“Yeah, I haven’t posted anything in a couple weeks and my subscribers are thirsty,” he told you.
“I can only imagine,” you joked.
“Well, baby, I’m in the next room if you wanna stop imagining,” he said flirtatiously
“Fuck off. I’m just here to get coffee,” you smirked, grabbing the things you’ll need from the fridge.
“Well, then I’ll leave you to it,” Bucky said, smacking your ass hard before leaving for his room; you scoffed rolling your eyes at his antics.
You turned around making the coffee itself mindlessly before you grew slight concern when you had yet to hear the door of Bucky’s bedroom to shut. He always kept his door shut whilst you wore headphones blasting music so you wouldn’t have to listen to his unnecessary moaning and cursing. You silently begged the machine to hurry it’s brewing as Bucky began talking and moaning to his audience.
You gritted your teeth hearing him so clearly. Your breathing quickened and you felt your cheeks heat up. You hated how you wondered if he really was as vocal in bed as he portrayed online. You hated the way your stomach flipped and the tingle between your thighs. You’ve never felt so aroused before, you didn’t know what to do.
“Fucking hell,” he groaned, and you swallowed the dry lum in your throat.
You don’t even know how long you stood in the kitchen listening to Bucky. You were incredibly aroused, wetness pooling between your thighs. Your hands gripped at the counter desperate to not let your knees buckle as he got closer to his release.
“God, fuck you James,” you mumbled to yourself.
You couldn’t take it the groans he practically was screaming from his room. You stomped your way to his room to yell at him to close the door. You were enraged but you don’t really know why. Bucky’s side job never bothered so much until now and truthfully he wasn’t really to blame for how turned on you felt hearing him.
“Can you close the goddamn door?” you yelled approaching his bedroom.
“I hate to interrupt but I can fucking hear you- in the… kitchen,” you trailed off.
Bucky sat on his bed completely nude. His cheeks were red and his forehead had a layer of sweat as did his very smooth and very toned chest. Your body completely froze. It’s not that you hadn’t seen a man naked before. You’ve watched porn during the more stressful and lonelier nights, but Bucky was beautiful.
“Care to join?” Bucky breathed with a stupid smile.
“Jesus,” you gasped.
“I ain’t forget about that offer, pretty girl,” Bucky stood, chuckling when you visibly trembled.
“Whatcha say? You ready to finally deflower?” Bucky walked closer to you with a devilish smirk plastered on his handsome face.
“I’m sorry-” you stumbled over your words.
Your stomach fluttered from nervousness and arousal, your skin bursted into chills despite how hot and sweaty you were beginning to feel. You kept your eyes trained to anywhere but Bucky’s assets.
"What's wrong, pretty girl? Cat's got your tongue?" he teased.
"James," you said sternly.
"Baby, I can make you feel so good. All you have to do is say the word," he whispered in your ear, making you shudder.
You know deep inside you that this wasn't a good idea in the long run. It sounds so tempting now but what would happen afterwards? What would happen to your friendship?
"Stop thinking so hard. Just let me make you feel good, please," he begged.
His hands caressed your sides and you couldn't resist squirming; he hasn't even touched you.
"I can tell you're starving. Itching to be touched by someone. Those lonely nights with a laptop and your fingers isn't enough. I can help you, pretty girl. Give you so much and more; give you nirvana. Just say the word," he spoke slowly, sensually; you were damn near shaking just from his words.
"Please," you whimpered.
"Please what?" he teased; Bucky was drunk off the power he had over you.
"Fuck me. Use me. Ruin me," you begged.
"As you wish."
Bucky grabbed the back of your neck smashing his lips to yours. He grinded his hips into you and you feel his hard on digging into you. Your fingers dug into the soft skin of his chest leaving small red marks and scratches littered.
Bucky moved his hand up behind your head, curling his fingers in your hair pulling harshly. his lips instantly attached to your neck biting and sucking to mark you, so you remember he was the one who made you feel euphoric in the coming days. He wants you to remember this night.
"Shit, that feels so good," you sighed.
"That's just the beginning, pretty girl. Get on the bed," he demanded.
You scurried to bed tearing your shirt and shorts off leaving you in your dark lacey undergarments.
"It's like you were ready for me to fuck you," he chuckled darkly.
He crawled up the bed to you like an animal hunting and taunting its prey. You couldn't help but nibble on your bottom lip, anxious for what was to come from Bucky.
His hands gripped your waist firmly pulling impossibly close to his body. He kissed you again and you swore you could stay like that forever. His lips felt so soft again yours, you melted against his body from pleasure.
His hands circled your back and pulled at the bra clasp before swiftly undoing it and letting free. You shrugged your shoulders to your ears allowing the straps of the bra fall gracefully down your upper arm before Bucky curled his finger over the front and tossed it aside to admire your chest.
Your shoulders subconsciously caved in, embarrassed to be so unclothed in front of someone for the first time. Again, you weren't innocent but anyone would still be nervous for their first time. Bucky smiled softly at your timidness; his hands rubbing your sides slowly and comforting to help ease your nerves a bit.
"You are so gorgeous, baby."
"Don't get sappy, Barnes," you joked; but in reality you don't need another reason to fall deeper for him. Not that you're falling to begin with.
"Yes ma'am," he grinned.
He flipped the both of you over so you laid on your back. His hands gently kneaded your breasts pulling moans from you with every squeeze. He leaned down, taking a nipple in his mouth, sucking and biting your perked buds, circling his tongue around. Your back arched into him and you think you can handle the pleasure but you find yourself involuntarily getting higher and higher. Moaning and gasping louder every time Bucky would bite down hard on your nipple. The last straw was when Bucky brought his fingers between your thighs and barely pressed against your aching clit that you fell suddenly over the edge crying Bucky's name.
"Did you just-"
"Fuck, I'm sorry! I don't know what happened. I- Everything just-"
Bucky cut you off with a deep kiss.
"Don't be sorry," he chuckled.
"It's really hot that I was able to make you cum by just playing with these beauties," he flicked your nipples and squeezed your breats making you tremble.
“Shit, too much,” you whined.
Bucky ignored you once again, dipping his head back down, flicking his tongue over your overly sensitive buds. The squeal you made made Bucky chuckle darkly but he didn’t want to torture you so his lips trailed slowly down the valley of your breasts to you belly and hip bones. His fingers curled over your panties dragging them slowly down your legs.
“Fucking hell, pretty girl. You’re dripping. You’ve just been aching for me to get my hands on you for a while, huh?” Bucky taunted.
“Please,” you whimpered.
“Absolutely gorgeous.”
Bucky’s hands rested against your knees pushing them as far as they could go before diving in you like a starved man. Truthfully, Bucky had dreamed of this moment since he met you for the first time moving in. As the days, weeks, and years went by, the urge to resist kissing and fucking you stupid was getting all to much. But now he finally has you under him, at his mercy and he was determined to pleasure as much as he could before getting his cock anywhere near you.
Bucky brought his fingers to circle your entrance, waiting until your legs were nearly shaking from the teasing. As he pushed his fingers past your folds, he brought his mouth down again kissing right above your clit. You gasped and sighed in pleasure as he pumped his fingers in and out of you heavenly.
“Shit, feels so good. So, so good,” you moaned.
Bucky’s tongue brushed over your clit and you couldn’t resist bucking your hips, pushing his fingers deeper inside you. Your back arched off the bed and your hands shot to his head tugging on his dark locks harshly. Bucky’s moans from your tugs vibrated against you and you knew you weren’t going to last any longer.
“Fuck, I’m gonna cum Bucky! Shit!” you shrieked.
“Come on, pretty girl. Be a good girl and come all over my fingers,” he said.
Seconds later, you reached your high, crying Bucky’s names again as if it was the only word you knew how to say. Your head practically dangled off the bed, scooting closer and closer to edge desperate to pull away from Bucky’s talented mouth.
“God, you’re beautiful when you fall apart like that,” Bucky mumbled against your heated skin.
Sweat lined your forehead and your chest, your hair was scattered across the sheets like a maniac, and your skin along your neck down to your inner thighs was littered with little bruises and bite marks from Bucky. You looked ethereal.
“One more. Can you give me one more?” Bucky asked softly.
“Fuck,” you whimpered.
“Such a good girl. I know you can, come on.”
Bucky gently flipped your body over, laying you on your stomach. He kissed down your spine, whispering sweet and kind things to you. You can’t even register what he’s saying because his godly erection is poking your ass and you're practically aching again to be railed by him.
“So eager for my cock, aren’t ya? Already being such a greedy little whore.”
“Please, Bucky,” you begged, wiggling your ass against his crotch.
“Don’t worry, baby. I’m gonna fuck you so good; gonna ruin you for anyone else,” he whispered in your ear before biting on your earlobe.
He stood tall on his knees behind you gripping your hips, roughly pulling them flush against his pelvis; you pushed yourself up on your hands. He grabbed his aching cock, the tip red and leaking with precum. Bucky doesn’t even know how he was able to last so long without cumming but he did and now all he wants to do is cum deep inside you.
“Ready, pretty girl?” he teased, rubbing your cheeks softly with his hands.
“Fuck me good, James,” you moaned.
Bucky lined his dick with your entrance slowly pushing the tip past your folds. The burning sensation caused you to hiss and tense around Bucky, who instantly stopped his movements.
“No, it’s ok; you’re just bigger than I was anticipating,” you fussed.
“It’s ok. If it’s too much you tell me to stop,” Bucky told you.
“No, don’t stop, please!” you whined.
“Don’t get greedy,” Bucky warned.
“Think you can handle all of me?”
“Fuck,” you muttered.
He pushed his hips further in you slowly, careful to not hurt you. His hands ran slowly up your body before curling his fingers through your hair and pulling your head up. Once he bottomed out, he rested for a minute until you were ready for him to move.
“Holy fucking hell, baby. Feel so good wrapped around my cock, shit,” Bucky groaned above you.
“I feel so- full.”
“‘S like you were made for me, pretty girl.”
Bucky’s hips began to move faster and faster pulling moans from you that was music to his ears. Bucky relished in your sex. He used every ounce of willpower in him to keep control but you felt so heavenly, so sublime. He couldn’t hold back any longer. You could tell that Bucky was holding back and you didn’t want him to. He pleasured you twice already, it was his turn to feel good and if letting go would do that for him you would let him.
“Come on, Bucky. Fuckin’ ruin me!”
“Don’t say shit like that,” he grunted, still thrusting his hips.
“I can take it, baby. Use me,” you told him.
Bucky’s hips stilled only for a second before you felt a sharp stinging on your right ass cheek.
“You want me to fuck you like a whore? Fine, I will,” Bucky growled before pulling out and flipping you over.
Bucky rammed his hips into you fast and rough. His hand went to wrap around your throat squeezing the sides and your eyes rolled back. Tears brimmed your eyes and you cried out over and over again. You felt used, corrupted, violated. You love it.
“Fuck, yes!”
“Shit, I’m gonna fucking come,” Bucky groaned.
Bucky released your throat before dipping his head in the crook of your neck. His groans and moans were muffled by your skin. Your hands wrapped around his neck and your legs too wrapped around his torso pulling his body flushed against yours. Your nails ran down Bucky’s back; he breathed in sharply through gritted teeth before moaning loudly in your ear from the pleasurable sting.
Chasing his release along with yours, Bucky’s thrusts became relentless. Animalistic. Feral, even. Everything felt overwhelming. It didn’t take much longer until you felt Bucky’s stuttering thrusts and the spurts of warm cum coating your velvety walls. Bucky completely relaxed on top of you, his breath heavily hitting your sweaty skin. You scratched his back softly coming down from your own high breathing equally as heavily.
“You feeling ok, pretty girl?” Bucky asked quietly.
“Yeah,” you whispered with a stupid grin on your face.
“You did amazing, you know?” Bucky kissed you softly; your stomach fluttering at the action.
“What now?” you couldn’t help but ask.
“Now, I’m going to take care of you,” Bucky said, hopping off you and the bed.
You laid there breathing slowly now. You didn’t have the energy to move at this point. Your inner thighs burned deliciously and the soreness began to be more apparent all over your body. Bucky came back with a warm towel and bottle of water from the kitchen. He cleaned you up with the towel and you could help the soft moans and whimpers that escaped from you. Once you were cleaned, Bucky helped you sit up and held the now open water bottle for you to hydrate yourself. You couldn’t shake the butterflies and chills you got from Bucky’s stare. He couldn’t take his eyes off you anymore; like you hung the moon and stars for him.
“What?” you asked shyly.
“Nothing,” he grinned.
“Come on. You’ve gotta go pee,” he said carrying you in his arms towards his bathroom.
“No, I just want to go to sleep already,” you whined, voice muffled in the crook of his neck.
Bucky sat on you on the toilet and waited for you to… do your business. You just sat there squirming, and shaking from the cold that hit your body.
“Come on. You have to,” Bucky explained.
“I know, but I can’t pee in front of you. I’m shy,” you mumbled.
“Seriously, I just fucked-”
“Bucky, please,” you cut him off.
“Oh alright. Come back to bed when you’re finished, pretty girl,” Bucky said before leaving you.
You couldn’t shake the smile off your face. He was being so caring and nice to you, it warmed your heart. You felt a bit of heartbreak however wondering if this was just a one time thing. You cleaned yourself again and washed your hands before snatching one of Bucky's t-shirts that laid on the floor. When you came out Bucky was fiddling with his camera that was still set-up and your heart dropped.
Had he recorded the whole thing?
“I was gonna delete all the footage, but in all honesty you look so fucking sexy. Might keep it for myself,” he said winking.
“You recorded the whole thing without telling me?” you asked, tearing up.
“I didn’t mean to. I’m not gonna post it anywhere. You sorta screamed my name a few times so footage ain’t good anyway,” he said, making you scoff and roll your eyes.
“Hey, hey. I’m kidding. I’ll delete all of it, I promise,” he cupped your face.
“Come here; I gotta do one more thing for you,” he said, laying you down on the bed once again.
“What are you doing?” Bucky grabbed another towel and some scented lotion placing it on his bedside table.
“I’m gonna give you a massage. You’ll be less sore tomorrow morning. I’ll admit I was a bit rough,” he said, kissing your belly as he lifted his shirt off your body.
“You do this to all the girls you sleep with?” you teased, not really wanting an answer but you’ll play a part if it keeps from being humiliated because of feelings.
“Only the pretty girls,” he says, fully referencing his nickname he gave you a while ago.
“And how many pretty girls might you have?”
“There’s only one,” he whispered; his hands massaging along your back slowly, sensually.
“She must be really lucky,” you whispered too, afraid of speaking too loud.
“If anything, I’d say I’m the lucky one.”
“You think?”
“Yeah, she’s… she’s perfect. Beautiful. Smart. I could go on about her.”
“She sounds like a prude,” you joked.
“She was,” he chuckled.
“But trust me, now she’s a real feisty and sexy woman,” Bucky said before biting down hard on one of your ass cheeks.
“Ow! Bucky!” you squealed, making Bucky laugh.
Bucky tossed the towel away and placed the lotion back on the bedside table before grabbing the blankets and crawling under them with you. He held you close, entangling his legs with yours, wrapping his arms around you tightly.
“You mean all that?” you asked barely audibly.
“Yeah. I do, pretty girl.”
“You don’t have to delete the video,” you smirked, making Bucky laugh out loud.
He kissed your forehead snuggling closer to you, letting peaceful sleep envelop you both.
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Bucky Barnes Taglist:
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cherry-flav0ured · 2 months ago
Basically a list of all my favorite fics pt2.
𝐿𝑎𝑠𝑡 𝑈𝑝𝑑𝑎𝑡𝑒𝑑 𝟷𝟾/𝟶𝟽/𝟸𝟷
Tumblr media
Bucky x Reader:
☽ 𝘽𝙖𝙙 𝙈𝙖𝙩𝙘𝙝 (series) by @justreadingfics Bucky x Reader
"Bucky and the Reader are set up on a date, but things don’t go as well as expected."
☽ 𝘾𝙧𝙖𝙬𝙡 𝙃𝙤𝙢𝙚 𝙩𝙤 𝙃𝙚𝙧 by @wkemeup Bucky x Reader
"Stranded without coms, alone, and bleeding out in the middle of a Russian snow storm, Bucky is content to let nature take its course. Only you won’t seem to let him go."
☽ 𝙄'𝙢 𝙒𝙞𝙩𝙝 𝙔𝙤𝙪 (mini series) by @wkemeup Bucky x Reader, modern!au
"When two strangers meet on a layover in the Charlotte Airport, they are sent on a whirlwind weekend filled with cancelled flights, painful questions over giant checkers, an ex-boyfriend’s wedding, and a confrontational graduation. They find that a lifetime can sit in the span of three days and it doesn’t take very long at all to fall in love. "
☽ 𝙎𝙩𝙖𝙧𝙠 𝙃𝙪𝙗 (series) by @world-of-aus Pornstar!Bucky x Pornstar!Reader
"A collection of one-shots set in an AU world where the boys are porn stars working for stark entertainment"
☽ 𝙏𝙖𝙡𝙚𝙨 𝙤𝙛 𝙎𝙪𝙗𝙢𝙞𝙨𝙨𝙞𝙤𝙣 (series) by @world-of-aus Roommate!Bucky x Roommate Reader
"Meeting Bucky Barnes was your last chance at trying to make it on your own. With days left before you were being evicted from your rundown apartment, you and your pair of friends knew he was your only hope before you had to tuck tail and return home. Meeting Bucky Barnes would not only be your chance at a new start, but would also introduce you into a world you had only heard of through tongue, a world you had only seen in films."
☽ 𝙉𝙤𝙗𝙤𝙙𝙮 𝘿𝙤𝙚𝙨 𝙄𝙩 𝙇𝙞𝙠𝙚 𝙔𝙤𝙪 𝘿𝙤 by @ritesofreverie Divorced dilf!bucky x fem!reader
"the hot dad next door finds your onlyfans.. oops?"
☽ 𝙏𝙖𝙞𝙣𝙩𝙚𝙙 𝙇𝙤𝙫𝙚 by @gogolucky13 70spornstar!Bucky Barnes x 70spornstar!Reader
"As a rising star in the adult film industry, you catch the eye of a one Bucky Barnes, who is set on ensuring you only work with him."
☽ 𝙃𝙚𝙖𝙫𝙮 𝙈𝙚𝙩𝙖𝙡 𝙇𝙤𝙫𝙚𝙧 (series) by @mypoisonedvine sub!bucky barnes x dominatrix!reader
"working as a dominatrix is never exactly easy, but a new client brings challenges you never expected."
☽ 𝙏𝙚𝙡𝙡 𝙈𝙚 𝙔𝙤𝙪 𝙊𝙬𝙣 𝙈𝙚 by @buckysboobs mafia!bucky x reader
"daddy teaches his little starlet a lesson when she acts like a brat and accuses him of cheating."
☽ 𝘼𝙘𝙦𝙪𝙖𝙞𝙣𝙩𝙚𝙙 by @celestialbarnes TFAWS Bucky x Reader
"in which you and bucky don’t like each other very much, not until one afternoon when you two finally decided to get acquainted. (enemies to lovers)"
☽ 𝙎𝙞𝙣𝙣𝙚𝙧𝙨 by @kinanabinks Bucky Barnes x Reader
"Anna is your best friend. Anna recently broke up her with shitty boyfriend, Bucky. Anna wants you to go pick up her stuff from their shared apartment. Bucky hates you. You hate Bucky. But you soon realize that there’s a thin line between hate and horny."
☽ 𝘿𝙚𝙜𝙧𝙖𝙙𝙚 by @nsfwsebbie Dark!bucky barnes x innocent!reader
"you become buckys little slut."
☽ 𝙏𝙚𝙖𝙘𝙝𝙚𝙧'𝙨 𝙋𝙚𝙩 by @nsfwsebbie Dark!professor!bucky x innocent!female reader
"your professor decides to corrupt you into his little slut."
☽ 𝗶’𝗺 𝗯𝗲𝗴𝗴𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗳𝗼𝗿 𝘆𝗼𝘂 (𝘁𝗮𝗸𝗲 𝗺𝘆 𝗵𝗮𝗻𝗱) by @cupidsbarnes Bucky barnes x female!reader
"bucky doesn’t do love, you love bucky. being friends with benefits makes sense, right?"
☽ 𝘾𝙞𝙩𝙧𝙪𝙨, 𝙈𝙞𝙣𝙞𝙖𝙩𝙪𝙧𝙚 𝙎𝙪𝙣 by @babycap Bucky barnes x fem!reader
"Steve's getting married, and as much as it thrills you that one-third of your 'to the end of the line' trio is getting hitched, it also fills you with dread at the prospect of your ex-fiance also being on the guest list. Luckily for you, the other third of your trio (who you are most certainly, absolutely not in love with) has a plan. A childhood friends-to-lovers, fake dating AU fic."
☽ 𝘽𝙪𝙧𝙣𝙩 (series) by @boxofbonesfic Chef!Bucky x Aspiring Chef!Reader
"Kitchens are loud and hot, but you’ve never minded that. Never minded the burnt fingers, and cut hands. What you do mind is Chef Barnes, the cocky talent that put Black Adder Brewery on the map. You’re even less used to hating someone quite this much, but you’re sure, somehow, you’ll manage—if you don’t stab him first."
☽ 𝙈𝙪𝙧𝙙𝙚𝙧 𝙖𝙩 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙒𝙝𝙤𝙧𝙚𝙝𝙤𝙪𝙨𝙚 by @gotnofucks Pornstar!Steve x Reader, Steve x Reader x Bucky
"When Sergeant Barnes assigns you a murder case at the brothel, you didn’t know you’d cross paths with Steve Rogers who was a bigger mystery than the case itself."
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buckybarnesthehotshot · 3 months ago
Baby’s Firsts: Baby’s First Masterlist (Single Dad!Bucky Barnes x Roommate!Reader)
Tumblr media
series summary: y/n and bucky adjust to life with their new roommate
word count: tba
warnings:  this isn't proofread, angst, mentions of abandoning a child, hospitals, sleep deprivation, breakups
taglist is open
I: Baby’s First Day Home II: Baby’s First Crib III: Baby’s First Lullaby IV: Baby’s First Shopping Spree V: Baby’s First Whole Day Without Dad VI: Baby’s First Word
365 notes · View notes
buckycuddlebuddy · 11 months ago
summary ─ “jamie,” you whispered, and bucky─ he sobbed quietly at first. His chin was trembling slightly, eyes were now red and his nose was tingling. “oh, jamie,” you murmured as you ran your hair on his face gently, so gently.
pairing ─ roommate!bucky barnes x reader
warnings ─ smut, +18, angst, mentions of nightmares and scars, mirror sex, body worship, sarge kink, oral sex, bucky fucks like an animal, also my fav position like holy shit skdfjskjfs
a/n ─ this... IS LONG and shouldn’t have had angst in it but well *shrugs* hope you like it!! seven days late, but better late than never right? please leave a comment if you like it! thank you <333
Tumblr media
KINKTOBER DAY ELEVEN: roommate!bucky + body worship + mirror sex + daddy sarge kink
Tumblr media
When you came home after a very tiring school day, you found Bucky lounging on the couch and flipping through the channels.
He looked sick, pale; his mid-length hair sticking to his face, t-shirt was sweat soaked, his sweatpants had stains on them and his face. God, his face looked haunted. The purple-ish dark circles under his eyes were deeper and more prominent now; they had a haunted, wounded look in them. His lips looked bitten harshly; they were very red and swollen, and bleeding just a little. His cheekbones were more visible than a week ago. It looked like he lost a lot of weight in the span of two days.
Feeling your heart broke, you hung your coat and toed your boots off. You were making noise intentionally; scaring him was the last thing you could ask for him right now. So, you moved onto the small kitchen you shared, dropping your bag on the tiny table, you made a move towards the coffee machine that was chirping happily.
“Hey,” you called out softly only to get a grunt in return. It was not his day, you realized. You sighed. It never stopped you before and you weren’t about to start shying away. “You want some coffee?” You asked, “Or I could make you your tea? Lavender?” Bucky didn’t say anything. Sighing again, you put your cup on the counter, making your way to Bucky.
“Bucky?” His eyes flicked to yours for a second, but he averted them quickly. He knew that you could tell that he was not okay, knew that that was why you were acting like he was something fragile.
He hated it.
He hated being so fragile, weak, and broken. He wanted everything to be okay, but things he saw and did… They didn’t let him be. They were haunting him every day of his miserable life, and you were witnessing it.
“Hey,” he heard you call out to him again, so soft and loving. Bucky felt like he could cry like a baby, so he just pushed the tears back and clenched his jaw. “Jamie,” you whispered, and Bucky─ He sobbed quietly at first. His chin was trembling slightly, eyes were now red and his nose was tingling. “Oh, Jamie,” you murmured as you ran your hair on his face gently, so gently.
Bucky didn’t deserve your gentleness, or your kindness, really. Not after what he done overseas. Not after what he saw.
“Sssh,” you hushed him as you cradled his jaw in your warm palm. His stubble was tickling your hand a little, but you didn’t mind. He needed all the affection you could ever give to him. “C’mon,” you murmured, “Let’s get you out of these clothes and maybe give you a shower, shall we?”
“I’m not a baby or a cripple,” he whisper-snarled.
“I know,” you agreed. “You’re not a baby or a cripple. You’re Jamie; you can do whatever you want on your own if that’s what you wish.” You stroked his cheekbone. It felt too sharp under your finger. “You’re also my friend,” you whispered, “No, you’re more than a friend; you’re my only family, Jamie. Families take care of each other when it’s needed.” Bucky sniffed. “Let me take care of you?”
He couldn’t say no. It’d be a dishonor to say no, especially when you were being so patient and kind with him. You were also right; you were a family.
“Okay,” he whispered and let you help him off the couch. Both of you walked towards the bathroom with quiet steps. Bucky was slightly shaking in your arms; the effect of his nightmare was still present in his mind. When you reached the bathroom, you helped him sit on the toilet after you closed the lid.
“I’m gonna bring you some clothes, okay?” You asked him while you turned the water on. Bucky nodded slowly. “I’ll be right back,” you whispered and squeezed his hand. You quickly made your way to his room; opening his closet, you pulled out his softest sweatpants and t-shirt, also grabbed one of his clean boxer briefs.
Bucky looked up as he heard you come back. You were holding clean clothes and his towels in your hands. You placed them onto the washing machine and turned to him. He knew this part. He needed to get out of his clothes. He didn’t want to, but he had to.
“Jamie…” You whispered.
“I know,” he murmured. He closed his eyes and sighed. It wasn’t that you hadn’t seen him without a shirt before, you had. This shower thing wasn’t your first rodeo. Sighing again, Bucky gripped the hem of t-shirt and pulled it over his head. His scarred arm was hurting badly; he had dug his nails very deep while trapped in the nightmare, there were some bad nail marks on his forearm. Bucky discarded the t-shirt somewhere in the bathroom and stood up to shed his sweatpants. Now he was realizing that his clothes were really filth; his habit of ignoring to face with himself after a nightmare made him also ignore the filth that the nightmare usually brought with itself. “Yuck,” he whispered to himself, but you heard it. Chuckling softly, you moved towards the tub to check the water. It was the right amount of lukewarm; leaning towards hot more than cold, Bucky hated cold things.
“Water is ready,” you announced, stepping aside so that Bucky could get in the tub. He did, partially hiding his arm and his private areas ─ not that you hadn’t seen it before. Bucky groaned softly as he lowered himself into the water. All the tension in his muscles was slowly going away with the warm hug of hot water and he thanked you softly. “Anytime, Jamie,” you answered him cheekily. “Now, wet your hair a little so that I can wash it for you.”
The bath went on without a hitch; Bucky had let you wash his hair, even let you use the conditioner, and he helped you while you were washing his body.
You remembered your first times with him.
You were desperate for a cheap-priced room because the girls which you shared your dorm room with were bitches and hated you with their guts. When you saw his ad on the newspaper, you almost screamed because the offer was exactly what you were looking for: two room and one living room, separate bathrooms, tiny but practical kitchen. All the bills and grocery shopping were to be paid fifty-fifty. The place was close to your campus, too. You were only a little hesitant about the other room being belong to a man, but you had handled with it by installing new locks both on your room’s and the bathroom’s door after you signed the contract.
The man said that he had been away, overseas. He did four tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, had been dumped on the unforgiving cold of Siberia. At the very least, his last tour had almost caused him to lose an arm, though he had very heavy scarring on his left arm and less heavier one on his left thigh. His chest was filled with small scars, too.
He wasn’t a bad guy, though. He was actually a sweetheart made of cold stares and war-built huge muscles. He looked intimidating, you had decided on after a month you had spent with him. He was also a funny and smart guy, a gentleman really.
You’ve been sharing this small apartment with him for three years now.
“Mmm,” You heard him hum happily as you combed his hair. You could see his reflection on the mirror. You moved onto your room because his bed was filthy and you didn’t want to leave him alone even for a minute. You had a body length mirror in front of your bed, and you were sitting on the bed while he was on the floor, between your legs.
“Your hair is always so soft even though you’re shit at taking care of it,” you grumbled silently. Bucky chuckled, shoulders trembling slightly.
“It’s the genes, honey,” he said, feeling a lot more like himself. You smiled.  You ran the comb in his soft and long hair while humming to yourself contently. The genes he was talking about were strong and pretty, you realized. He had this beautiful shade of blue eyes, very kissable lips and a handsome face. You were actually very surprised when you learned that he had been single ever since he had joined the army which happened when he was eighteen and he was thirty-three now.
“You’re beautiful, you know,” you said, watching his reaction through the mirror. Bucky scoffed. “You are, Jamie,” you insisted. “Your hair and eyes and lips… You have a very handsome face that most of the girls I know would fall in love with. Those freckles,” you ran the tip of your fingers on the bridge of his nose and his cheekbones. “They’re absolutely adorable. So is the dimple on your chin. I know you hide it with your beard, but you shouldn’t. It gives you a different kind of look.” You put the comb aside as you locked eyes with him on the mirror. His eyes were wide and surprised; he didn’t expect getting these kinds of compliments from you it seemed.
“You’re very self-conscious when it comes to your body,” you started gently as you peeled the towel off his shoulders. His fingers went lax and he let you put the towel aside. “You have a beautifully toned body, Jamie. These muscles were earned with hard-work, not with steroids. You gained them when you were saving innocent people and killing the ones that maybe deserved to be killed.” You ran your fingers on his biceps, feeling them shudder slightly under your touch. One of your hands moved to his chest while the other stayed on his left arm.
“These scars? They’re telling me that you’ve made sacrifices for the people you have save or tried saving,” you murmured and kissed his cheek. “They tell me that you almost died while saving those people.” Your hand on his left arm tightened just a little, making him understand that you were talking about what happened on his last tour. “All the scars on your body tell me a story, Jamie. They make you a badass and a hero in my eyes. A brave man who risked his live just to save the others.” You heard him took a sharp breath before the soft sob escaped his lips.
Kissing his cheek again, you moved the hand on his chest south. “You think you don’t deserve good things such as love and kindness. Honey,” you whispered. “You’re one of those people who deserve them the most.” You grabbed his chin and turned his face to yours. His eyes were red but dark, pupils dilated. This was both touching and arousing for him, you knew it. “You deserve to feel good.” Your thumb stroked his cheekbone gently. “You deserve to feel loved.” He leaned in just a little. “Jamie…” You whispered just before he kissed you.
The kiss felt like a huge, much needed breathe that you both refused to take for a long time.
Moaning into the kiss brokenly, both of you panted. Lips sliding on each other’s hungrily, Bucky turned his body to you between your legs, rising on to his knees. He cradled your face with his hands. Tilting his head to his side, his tongue licked a small line on your lips, gently asking for permission. With a whimper, you gave it to him. His tongue dove into your mouth, making you moan this time.
“Y/N…” he whimpered when you pulled away for oxygen. “I─ I really want this.” You nodded and kissed him on the lips chastely. “I want this a lot. You. I want you.”
“Me too,” you agreed. “God, Bucky, three years─” Bucky just whimpered brokenly and leaned in for another kiss. This time taking you in his arms, he lifted you and laid you down your bed. His body was on top yours, covering yours in a way that got your head all fuzzy with sweet feelings. You wrapped your arms around his neck as you pulled him down even more.
His right hand was on your jaw, cradling your face in his large palm gently. His other one was roaming all over your body. Stroking every single naked body part it could find, you shuddered under his body. His lips were so soft, so kissable, you moaned at the feeling of them against yours. They were stroking yours so nicely, you felt amazing. Loved.
“Jamie!” You mewled when he sucked on your bottom lip. His stubble covered face was now moving to your neck; you bared it to him by throwing your head back. You fisted his hair. Your fingers were gripping the soft locks harshly, Bucky gasped. His teeth clamped on your widely beating pulse and nibbled softly. “Fuck,” you breathed as his bite turned into a suck. He was marking you, and you were fucking loving it.
“Smell so nice,” he murmured against your skin. “Y/N, honey girl,” Bucky moaned when your hips thrusted up unintentionally. He pressed his own down, stopping you from moving. “It’s been a very,” Bucky chuckled, “very long time since I had sex. I don’t wanna come in, like, two seconds.” You giggled and watched his face for a short while, an idea was forming in your head slowly. You pushed at his shoulders a bit. Bucky frowned.
“Mirror,” you murmured, “Sit in front of the mirror for me?” Still frowning, Bucky did as you said. He got off the bed and sat in front of the mirror. You followed him a second later and helped him get out of the sweatpants. Also taking his boxer briefs off, you slid your hand over his bare chest. You felt his muscles shudder under your fingers and you smirked. “Let me help you to let some steam off, okay?”
Breathlessly, Bucky nodded. You laid on your stomach after you positioned him in a way where he could see what you were going to do to him through the mirror clearly.
“Oh, fuck,” he whimpered when he realized what you were up to. You winked at him and kissed one of the scars on his chest.
“Relax,” you murmured. You smirked again when you heard him chant curse words under his breath. You lowered your head and took a hold of his half-hard cock. Moaning softly at the feeling of him in your hand, you licked your lips before you placed a kiss on the top. His precum smeared all over your lips with one kiss, you hummed.  Bucky panted; his lips were parted and his eyes were glazed. You loved this look on him.
Winking at him again, you closed your lips around his cock head and sucked softly.
“Holy fu─” Bucky choked over his own moan and his hips bucked up to your face just a little. “Ha─! Shit, sorry, fuck, ‘m sorry.” Panting wildly, you stroked his thighs without stopping yourself from sucking his cock. You bobbed your head up and down a little; taking just a little bit more of him with each slide. His taste had your taste buds singing; the right amount of bitterness and something that was unique to him. You loved it. You pulled back and licked the throbbing, thick vein from bottom to top. Bucky whined loudly from the back of his throat, eyes pleading. You looked at him and keeping the eye-contact you closed your lips on his head again and sucked for real.
“Ah!” Bucky cried out loudly, head thrown back onto the bed. “God, fuck, yes…” He murmured softly. “I missed─ Ah!” You hummed around him; vibrations making him feel so good that Bucky knew that he was going to come very soon. He moaned, thrashed a little as you sucked him like a lollipop and whimpered. He forgot how a blowjob made him feel so freaking good. He forgot how it felt to have someone else touching him like this, giving him the pleasure and psychical contact that he had been missing like crazy for the past years.
“Y/N…” He whimpered your name softly. “’m gonna come,” he warned, “Fuck, ‘m so close, honey. Please.” You hollowed your cheeks and sucked even harder; your fingers found his tight balls and started to roll them, squeeze them gently. Bucky shouted and whimpered, hips twitching. “Fuck, fuck, fuuuuck─” He couldn’t even warn you about coming; his orgasm hit him like a freight train and Bucky felt his whole body trembling violently, toes curling, before blacking out for a couple seconds.
You hummed throughout the whole thing softly. Having stopped playing with his balls, you just suckled at him. His cock was throbbing in your mouth while he was whining and moaning under his breath. You pulled off and started to jack him without an aim, just to bring him down. His eyes blinked open a couple seconds later. His skin was covered with a thin sheen of sweat, eyes so dark, you couldn’t even see the blue in them anymore. His cheeks were pink and he looked debauched in the best way possible.
“Hi,” he breathed, smiling tiredly, but wide. You smiled back at him.
“Hey, how are you feeling?” You asked. You knew it had been a long time for him, he just told you and you assumed since he wasn’t hooking up with anyone etc. You were worried just a little because it was his first orgasm in a very long time.
“’m… I feel amazin’,” he grinned. You chuckled, your worry melting away. Bucky grabbed your hand that was still on his cock and tugged you up from it. You went to him. Bucky wrapped his arms around your waist and hoisted you up on his lap, lips finding yours immediately. You breathed out a soft moan as his lips collided into yours. Kissing him felt incredible, having his warm body against yours… You were in heaven and you were going to enjoy it until the very end.
“I wanna be in you,” he whispered against your lips. Moaning, surprised, you nodded. “Can we, honey? Please?”
“Mmm, of course, Sarge,” you hummed, feeling him stiffen. You pulled back just a little, heart beating wildly because of the possibility that you might have fucked everything up by calling him Sarge. Then, he blinked and his face contorted into a dark version of before.
“Hmm,” he hummed at you back, approvingly. “Is that how things gonna be? You gonna call me Sarge to rile me up?” You chuckled; both relieved and surprised.
“Yeah, do you not want me to?”
“Oh, no. You are to keep calling me Sarge and nothing else,” he said, voice commanding. Giggling softly, you nodded.
“Yes, Sarge.” Bucky smirked at you and stroked your cheek. “Before we get into it for real, kiss me again?” His face softened a bit and he immediately complied. The next couple minutes were lost to kissing; heated and soft and chaste, all kinds, and undressing. By the time you stopped kissing, both of you were as naked as the day you were born. You felt your face heating up, you buried your face into the crook of his neck. Bucky trailed his fingers down your spine, making you shiver. Bucky held you tightly against his chest and he laid you in front of the mirror.
“I don’t think I can do slow,” he murmured. “Honey, you understand what I’m saying? I can’t do slow.” You nodded as you cradled his jaw, nails drawing shapes on his bare back.
“Yes, do it. Don’t be slow, Sarge, c’mon,” you urged him. Bucky’s face darkened like it did a short while ago. He leaned in kissed your lips chastely, and then he moved to your jaw. Peppering kisses to your breasts, Bucky took one into his mouth and sucked on it. You moaned sharply, hand slipping in his silky soft hair. One of his hands was kneading your breast while the other moved to your wet pussy. You cried out when his fingers brushed your swollen clit.
Bucky pulled back to moan. “Fuck, darlin’,” he groaned, “You’re fuckin’ drippin’. ‘s it all for me?” You nodded as you bit your lip to stay quiet. “No,” Bucky growled. “Lemme hear you.” His fingers flicked your clit harshly and you cried out with the sudden pain mixed with pleasure. “There ya go…” He murmured and his fingers ran up and down your pussy, getting his fingers wet. He was murmuring to himself, but you weren’t listening to him. His fingers were so close to where you were aching, but he wasn’t touching you.
“Please,” you whined.
“Please, what?”
“Sarge! Please!” He hummed and pulled his fingers back. You heard him fumble and then you felt his cock moving against your pussy. He groaned softly. “Please!” You begged again. Bucky just growled and he slid inside of you.
“Fuck─” He gasped and panted, hands slapping the ground next to your head, he towered over your pleasure-wrung body. “Tight,” he snarled between his clenched teeth. “Tight as fuck, holy shit, baby girl.” You hummed and whimpered, nails scratching his back and leaving red marks on his skin. “Yes,” Bucky said, “Touch me, mark me, baby, do it!”
You cried out as he pulled back and slammed back in harshly. You dug your nails into his meaty back, dragging them down, you held onto him tight. His hips were driving into you at a harsh, punishing pace, but both of you were loving it. His cock was hitting every spot that had you click every time you played with yourself. You cried out with each hit of his hips against yours. The slick sound of your meeting were filling the room, driving you both even crazier. Your head lolled to your side and you caught a glimpse of his sweat-slicked body moving on top of yours like an oiled machine and you gasped, back arching, you came on the spot.
“Wha─” Bucky gasped, too, with the sudden vice-like tightness around his cock. He lifted his head where he had buried into the crook of your neck and looked at you, surprised. You moaned as your legs shook. “Honey─” Your back fell back on the ground and you tried to catch your breath.
“The mirror,” you gasped, your clit was still throbbing wildly. Bucky groaned and closed his eyes for a second and then opened them again, eyes turning towards the mirror. A devilish smirk appeared on his face when he understood what just happened. He sat up on his haunches and he turned you onto your belly with one move.
“Fuck─” you moaned, “Bucky─” He slapped your ass once, the stinging pain reminding you what you did wrong. “Sarge. ‘m sorry, Sarge.” Bucky hummed and he manhandled your body towards the mirror. He pulled you up against his chest and placed his right arm on your stomach while his scarred one wrapped your shoulders. He sat back against the bed, taking the same position that you sucked him on.
“Look at the mirror, honey,” he murmured into your ear. You whimpered and did as he said. You gasped at the sight. You could see where your body ended and his had begun. You could see the throbbing thick vein of his cock disappearing into your abused-looking pussy. One of your nipples was pink from Bucky’s suckling and beard. Your neck was red because Bucky was hiding his face there before you came around his cock. You looked fucked thoroughly while you haven’t actually gotten around to it.
“Sarge,” you moaned. Bucky kissed the sensitive skin just beneath your ear and sucked on your earlobe.
“I know, darlin’,” he murmured. “Hold on tight.” You did, grabbing his arms around your body, you held tight, and he started to move.
His hips were thrusting upwards like a mad man; his balls were hitting against the slicked skin and creating an obscene sound, the muscles on his thighs were jumping with each thrust. Your pussy was making the slickest sounds, though. Your breath hitched as you moaned, and your head fell against his shoulder.
“Eyes on the mirror,” he ordered, and your eyes snapped open. You found his eyes on the mirror and looked into them. They had a wild look in them; something dark and desperate was lurking around. You moaned pitifully. Bucky grunted. The pace he was going at it became faster, and you knew that both of you were so close.
“Sarge─ Bucky!” You whined as his left hand sneaked towards your pussy and started to roll your clit between his fingers. Your eyes rolled back even though you tried to hold them on the mirror like you’ve been ordered to.
“Come,” he sneered, “Come for me, darlin’, c’mon.” His cock was driving and stroking deep, deep inside of you and you knew it wasn’t a hardship to do what he said. You screamed, shouted and cried out as you tightened around him and came for a second time. Bucky grunted behind you when your pussy squeezed him. His balls were hitting you more harshly; his cock was harder than before.
“Sarge!” You moaned, “Come for me, Sarge, please! Come in me, please, please!” You chanted as you dug your nails into his arm. Bucky gasped, a loud and raspy moan left his mouth and he came. His thighs twitching under you, you felt his cock throb. His thick come washing your walls, Bucky panted hotly behind you.
Both of you panted for a while, trying to get your breathings in control. You melted in Bucky’s strong embrace long before. He was lax behind you, and you were happy.
“We are doing this again,” he murmured, “and again, and again… After you let me take you out on a date, maybe?” You chuckled and looked at him over your shoulder. He looked sheepish and a little unsure. You knew it must be a bit hard for him to do so when you considered his past. You kissed his cheek.
“Of course,” you agreed easily. “Though, you don’t have to take me on a date to do this again and again… I won’t mind is what I’m sayin’,” you grumbled. It was Bucky’s turn to chuckle. He started to place kisses all over your shoulder, neck and cheek.
“Okay,” he said, voice quiet. You hummed happily as you buried yourself into his warm body even more. Then, you realized something.
“Sarge, huh?” You joked. Bucky groaned.
“Shut it,” he grumbled. “It’s─ bleh, whatever.”
“Yeah, okay,” you said, but the taste of having him blush because of your joking was too delicious. “But seriously, though. Sarge.”
Bucky growled and he laid you on the ground, over your belly as he covered your body with his large one. “I said shut it.” You looked at him with sparkling eyes.
“Why don’t you make me, Jamie boy?”
The twinkles in his eyes were nothing but promising.
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sj-ficrecs · a month ago
fic rec 12!
just a collection of what I’ve read and enjoyed lately! as usual, no specific order. :)
This is purely a fic rec blog, always reblogging fics I enjoy. usually Bucky x reader, sometimes Steve x reader, Chris Beck x reader, etc. So check out more I’ve reblogged on this page. :) See my past fic recs below:
(Divider by @bwbatta​)
Tumblr media
Bucky x reader:
Operation Freefall by @constantwriter85​ Bucky x reader (set in 40s and present day)
“When Bucky fell from the train in 1945, he didn’t just leave behind his family and friends. He left behind the girl he was going to marry, a girl he never stopped loving. Decades later, Bucky continued to search for her, only to find out that she had disappeared without a trace in 1955. But when Steve hands over the shield to Sam Wilson, he also has something for his childhood friend—a redacted S.H.I.E.L.D. file code-named Operation: Freefall, a file with more questions than answers. With Sam’s help and a handful of Pym Particles, the file sends Bucky on a trip to the past, trying to solve the mystery and save the woman he still loves.”
Stark Hub bts drabbles/hcs: one // two // three by @world-of-aus​​ pornstar!Bucky x pornstar!reader
Blink Twice by @simmerandwrite​​ Bucky x reader
“It was just an undetermined amount of time in a safehouse with a stranger: Bucky “I didn’t come here to make friends” Barnes himself. Would it really be all that different from your lonely life with your cat in the city? Bucky was basically a cat, anyway. He was quiet on his feet, only really made noise when it was dinner time, and you both seemed to just coexist without acknowledging each other. His mandate was to keep you safe. What could go wrong?”
Run to You by @specialk-18​​ bodyguard/army vet!Bucky x actress!reader
“Being a protector…Bucky knew that feeling all too well – serving in the military would do that to a man. But Bucky swore to himself he was out of that life. All until a job fell into his lap that he just couldn’t resist.”
It’s A Deal follow up one shots from the series by @justreadingfics​ Bucky x reader
“You’re out of a relationship of 10 years and you’re just in desperate need to get laid, no strings attached, no romance, no complications. You dear friend Natasha feels like she’s going to regret this later, but she might have the perfect guy to fulfill your needs.”
The Boxer Next Door by @clints-lucky-arrow​ boxer!Bucky x neighbor!reader, 40s Bucky/pre TFA
“You haven’t yet had the chance to introduce yourself to the group of young men who have moved in next door. Especially the handsome one who owns the bedroom window that faces your own. However, on a busy night working in the hospital’s emergency room, that chance unexpectedly presents itself.”
The Things We Carry by @pellucid-constellations​ Bucky x reader, enemies to lovers
“You were injured on a mission and didn’t tell anyone, leaving your already rocky relationship with Bucky crumbling. Was it really hate he harbored for you, or was it something else?”
Untitled single dad fic by @angie-likes-to-art​ single dad!Bucky x teacher!reader
“You made a promise to yourself to not sleep with any parents before starting teaching, little did you know the guy you slept with two days before is the dad of your cutest student.”
Alpine Adjustment (sequel to You’re the Sunflower) by @aries-writingblog​ Bucky x reader
“it’s been five months since they adopted Alpine, so why does she only like Bucky?”
Rehab by @mymoonagedaydream​ Bucky x reader
“You weren’t expecting any meaningful results from court-mandated therapy, so meeting him really threw you for a loop.”
The Mating Program by @multi-stann​ alpha!Bucky x omega!reader
“In desperation, you go to the only place you know of where you’re sure you’ll be able to find an alpha- more like set up with one. Little do you know, the one you get isn’t all too fond of the idea, and he pushes you away.”
Melted Hearts by @bxckybxrnxs​ Bucky x Avenger!reader, friends w/ benefits to lovers
“On a mission to Siberia in Winter, you, Bucky, Steve and Sam are stuck overnight at a dingy hotel. Luckily for you, the hotel has a bar. Unluckily for you, each time you get drunk you find yourself kissing Bucky like there’s no tomorrow, but the ‘friends with benefits’ type arrangement the two of you appear to have, isn’t really working out anymore. And what a surprise: it turns out there’s only one bed!”
Heart-Eyed Surprise by @wienerbarnes​ teacher/biker!Bucky x bartender!reader
Reader meets Bucky at a bar... surprised to learn the tattooed biker’s occupation. 
Play the Game by @buckys-black-dress​ college/fratboy!Bucky x reader
“When you’re suddenly forced into the partying scene at your college campus by your roommate, you meet some of your school’s most notorious fraternity brothers. Unfortunately, one of them seems to have taken a liking towards you. His name? Bucky Barnes. Charming, bright blue eyes and dark brown hair that makes you want to run your fingers through it. And although you might not know it when you first meet him, he has a few secrets hidden up his sleeves. Will you be able to move past these secrets, or will you have to let whatever you had with him go?”
The Devil’s in the Details by @bucky-bucket-barnes​ Bucky x avenger/enhanced!reader, enemies to lovers
“You and Bucky didn’t always give into the other’s twisted little games. You didn’t always hate each other. You didn’t always quip back and forth, the other waiting to see who would break first. Now, there you were, accompanying Bucky on a mission to a ballroom of all places. Despite your tense history, Bucky can’t help but assume a protective role around you, guarding you like a crown jewel as you complete the task at hand. But who’s to say he plans on keeping his hands off of you?”
A Favour by @buckysbabygorl​ Bucky x reader
“The team is close, obviously. They thought they knew everything about each other… until Y/N drunkenly admits to the team that she’s never had sex. And she’s eagerly waiting for that to change. Everyone is happy to step up to the plate, regardless of Bucky’s feelings for Y/N. Can he confess before it’s too late?”
Tag! You’re It by @morsmordre-writes @buckysmischief modern!Bucky x reader, social media AU
“Bucky falls for Wanda’s college roommate, too bad she’s less than interested.”
Along Came You by @world-of-aus​​ Bucky x reader, past Steve x reader
“He remembers the night he got the call, it had been unexpected, he hadn’t seen it coming, though to be fair you hadn’t either. He had listened to you scream that night damning him and Steve to hell.
“Did you know,” you screamed, “did you know about the two of them, were you ever going to tell me, were you just going to continue to lie to my face!”
He hadn’t, he wouldn’t, Bucky truly had no idea of the infidelity of his best pal.Funny. Could he even call him that anymore, could he even call Steve his best pal after what he had done to you?”
Dancing with Death by @strwbrrybucky (can’t tag) death!Bucky x mortal!reader
“you died, but unfortunately you have no recollection on how you passed. death has a proposal for you, helping you find out how you passed, as long as you give him your loyalty for eternity. why not fall in love with death?”
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19ana45 · 3 months ago
Sparklin' Eyes - Oneshot
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (who also has a relationship with a male OC, Josh)
Word Count: 11.3k (oops)
Warnings: angst, fluff, yelling, social anxiety, talk of panic attacks, some light swearing, drinking, manipulation (from Josh), mean things are said to Bucky, idiots to lovers, roommate!au, friends to lovers, the climax at the wedding cliche, 40s slang, Steve is old in this and also married to Peggy
A/N: This is written for the lovely @wkemeup's 9k Writing Challenge. Congrats Kas on such a huge milestone! You deserve it and so much more. I'll link her masterlist here, go check out her work, all of it is amazing. My prompt was:
Character A’s current boyfriend/girlfriend/partner mocks Character B for their crush on their best friend, [A]. [B], feeling humiliated, withdraws from the friendship with [A], who is completely oblivious [B] has feelings for them.
Also, a huge thank you to S. for staying up till like one in the morning stalking me on Google Docs and encouraging me to get this done, love ya tons!
This is my first reader insert fic, and I tried to keep the descriptions as vague as possible, apologies in advance if they weren't. Feedback is always appreciated and hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it!
P.S for a slight spoiler to see if there's a happy ending, click here.
Copyright Notice: I do not own any of the images or dividers used in this post, credit to their original owners. I do not own any of the Marvel characters, they belong to Marvel.
Tumblr media
“What do you mean, ‘no’?”
“I mean, it’s my day off, and I’m not going to be risking my life wearing death trap shoes and falling on concrete today, ok?”
“Bucky, they’re rollerblades…” she trailed off, a dash of amusement in her voice.
“Semantics,” he shrugged, snuggling up further in the blanket fort he’d made himself.
She groaned over the phone, “Please? Bucky?”
“Do you think I like taunting death on a daily basis?”
“But you’ll be doing it with me,” she whined. “Please?”
She was smart, targeting his weaknesses, but Bucky would be tough today. All he wanted to do was finish this new release, in peace, because the day was made for cozying up in his favourite corner, with a cup of tea and getting lost in the pages of the book. Sunny skies and cool breezes meant that half the town would have rushed out into the streets, making their shared apartment a safe haven. “Can’t Josh go with you?
“He was going to, but then he had a last minute meeting. Bucky, please? I’ll buy you that shitty tea blend you love so much?”
He gasped, pure blasphemy was what she had just said.
“Come on, Bucky…” Y/N paused, clearly mulling over her next move. “I took the afternoon off for this, and I don’t want to turn into the office chick without a life.”
“Why can’t you just go by yourself?” he asked, picking nervously at the ends of his thumbs.
“‘Cause I won’t get the discount if I don’t bring someone else with me,” she sighed, Bucky could hear her office chair squeak as she used her heel as a pivot, making half circles. Y/N’s voice took a more serious tone as she continued. “Look, I know you’ve been meaning to finish that book since forever, but...the weather is so nice today, it’d be treason to stay inside.”
Bucky stayed quiet, wincing when he dug his finger a bit too deep into his thumb and started to draw blood. He brought his thumb up to his mouth and started to suck at the little wound. His silence must have stretched on for too long, as Y/N rushed out, “It was stupid of me to ask, Buck, sorry to bother you...I’ll uh-I’ll be home at around-”
“I’ll go,” he cut her off.
“What?” Her smile was practically palpable through her phone. “I mean-great! Oh my God, this is amazing!” She squealed. “Ok, ok, ok, well, I’ll uh- you remember that park close to the pizza place where the pigeon shat on your slice?”
“Uh-huh,” he mumbled, already searching for some band-aids.
“Yeah, so go two streets down, three to the right, and when you see that whale neon sign above the-”
This was a recipe for disaster, Y/N was horrible at giving directions, “Why don’t you just send me the address?”
“Oh, of course, yes, yeah,” she stuttered. “Sounds great, will do. I’ll see you there in like half an hour then, ok?”
She didn’t wait for him to respond before letting out another squeal of joy and hanging up the phone.
After putting on the band-aid on his left thumb, Bucky stared at his reflection as he busied himself with trying to tame the mess of hair on his much for trying to finish that book. But, to be completely honest with himself, he was already hyping himself up to join her at the rink when he picked up her call on the second ring.
Tumblr media
Unbelievable, was the first thought that ran through his head. The other one was an extremely profane thought at the little pebble that was digging into his skin through his jeans, surely causing indents he would still be able to see tomorrow. “So you’ve been rollerblading for how long, and you don’t know how to do up your skates?”
Y/N laughed at his annoyed face, “First time, actually.”
“What?” Bucky snapped up to her face, pulling a little too hard on one of her laces.
“Mm-hm,” she held her head up happily. “Josh was supposed to teach me...and that plan kinda went down the drain.”
“What am I going to do with you, huh?” he huffed exasperatedly, moving on to the other skate.
“Teach me how to rollerblade.”
“No shit, Sherlock,” he stood up and headed back to the stand. “I’m getting you some knee and elbow pads.”
When he came back, his arms full with every protective brace known to mankind, Bucky saw Y/N staring wistfully out at a couple, holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes lovingly.
“Hey, hey,” he sat down beside her. “Look at me, don’t think about him, alright? We’re going to have tons of fun together.”
She scoffed, looking down at her hands. Bucky looked out at the pairs rollerblading in front of them, and though the two-for-one rental deal hadn’t been advertised as a ‘couples’ thing, it was clear who the target audience was. What with the clasped hands, skating conjoined at the hip, and the lovey-dovey gazes the pairs were giving each other. Suddenly, he felt so out of place...a third-wheel.
“Come on,” he nudged her side and handed her her helmet. “I can’t be that bad of a teacher? You haven’t even had a class with me yet.”
“Mmmmm...okay, yeah,” she took a deep breath, pushing out a smile for him and took the helmet from him and started to clip it in place, wincing when she caught some of her skin in the clasp.
“Alright,” he chewed his top lip nervously, he didn’t think she was that much of a beginner. “Honey? Your helmet’s on backwards.”
“Oops,” Y/N giggled, putting it the right way around. “Better?”
“Yeah,” he took two fingers and tucked them underneath her chin strap. “Ya need two fingers space here, right? And your ear straps shouldn’t be twisted-” unbuckling the grasp and correcting them “-and you shouldn’t be able to fit more than two fingers between your eyebrows and the edge of your helmet. Sound good?”
“Yep!” she chirped and started getting ready to get off the bench. “Let’s skate!”
“Woah, woah, woah,” he tugged her back by the loop of her jeans. “Hold ya horses, we’re far from done. Check your nuts for me, see if they’re too tight.”
“Excuse me?”
“Your nu-your wheels,” he corrected. Taking one of his skates off the bench, he flicked one of his wheels. “See how it’s moving freely? You don’t want them to glitch on ya.”
Once both of their nuts were checked and given Bucky’s hard seal of approval, he reached for the protective pads and clasped them down on her elbows and knees, ignoring her protests.
“Look, Y/N, you don’t wanna end up with bruised and bleeding knees at the end of this, ok? Just trust me on this,” he wiggled the hard shell of the knee brace to make sure it stayed in place.
She gestured to the other braces and pads around them on the bench, “Who are these for?”
“For me,” he grumbled, tugging at a finicky clasp on his skate.
“Yeah,” pulling at his laces. “It’s been a while, and I, unlike some people, value my joints and want them to be healthy and well-oiled when I’m old.”
“So, you’re telling me you’re not a 106 year-old man already?” she playfully snarked.
“Hardy har-har,” he gave his nuts another flick test. “You’ll thank me when you’re older,” he stared at her smug expression before chuckling under his breath. “Ok, hold on, lemme get up first and I’ll help you stabilize.”
“Bucky,” she shifted anxiously on the bench. “We’ve been here for ages now.”
“Half an hour, and a crucial one at that,” he held out his hands for her to take. And once she was on her feet, he said, “How’s it feeling?”
“Great, wonderful, can we do some actual skating now?” Bucky’s hold on her wasn’t tight and it was extremely easy for her to break out of his arms taking a few tentative steps forward. “See, piece of pie, now come on before-”
He winced as Y/N fell on her butt, tears already gathering in her eyes from laughter. Expertly, he skated over with an exasperated huff. “I swear, you’re a masochist sometimes.” Leaning over, he grabbed her from underneath her armpits and pulled her up. “Did you learn your lesson? Are you going to listen to me now?”
“No promises, mister,” she grinned back.
For the next two hours, Bucky cautiously taught her the basics of rollerblading, making sure to be as gentle as possible so she wouldn't get any more hurt than she already was. Of course, with Y/N's natural clumsiness it seemed to be an impossible task, as she seemed to find any place on her body that he hadn’t managed to cover in a protective pad and fall straight on top of it.
Finally, finally, after hours of going over the basics, holding the sides of the rink as they made circles and circles, Bucky allowed them to let go and start skating by themselves.
“Ok, Y/N, I’m going to let go now-” His fingers were around her waist in a death grip as he skated behind her and steered her body.
“Oh my God, I’ve only been waiting for the past two hours-”
“And I was going to make you promise me that you wouldn’t complain and then subsequently crash into the wall in front of you, but you beat me to it,” he chuckled under his breath, moving them away from the cement wall. “Ready?”
Her excitement was practically palpable as she shook in his hold.
“Now remember, you have brakes on your toes, so lift your heels whenever you wanna stop, just like we talked about,” it seemed that Bucky was more nervous than she had been this whole afternoon. “Alright, 3… 2...1…” And as she drifted off in front of him, with laughs of delight, he became extremely aware of the loss of her warm presence in his arms. Shaking it off, he skated to catch up with her beaming face.
“Ok, ok,” he started rushing. “Now remember to hold your weight a bit in front, just like we practised, yeah? ‘Cause if you lean too far back you’ll fall just like you did that first time.”
“You’re never going to let me live that down, are you?” she teased with a playful sideways glance at him.
Bucky flushed in embarrassment, “Just don’t want ya to get hurt again.”
“Just teasin’ ya,” she giggled. She nudged him, and caught his eye playfully, “Thanks, Buck, you know, for doing this.”
“Ah,” he waved dismissively. “I did close to nothin’, you’re a great student.”
“Liar,” bashfully smiling to herself, “How about I treat you to some drinks-Josh!”
At the sight of her boyfriend from the corner of her eye, she tried to turn her skate to go towards him. Instead of the smooth glide she was expecting, so that she could show off her newly found skills, she was met with Bucky. Jamming her skate almost perpendicular to his, she lost balance and started kicking her legs up to regain her stability. Bucky, reflexively wrapped his arms around her and threw the two of them backwards on the ground, taking the brunt of the fall.
Evidently, the protective gear they were wearing hadn’t been enough. Bucky’s right forearm was throbbing and he knew he would find a nasty bruise there by morning. His senses seemed to be working overtime as he tried to get both of them standing again, while dodging all the death glares they were getting. But, when he heard her gentle groan, he started to become acutely aware of her soft curves pressing into him, and he froze, staring up into her face.
“Baby!” Josh cried, running over to the two of them. “Are you alright?” He laced an arm around her shoulder, another around her hip, helping her get up.
She huffed exasperatedly, “I can get up by myself, you know, all I did for the first hour was fall.”
“What? See, baby, this is why I told you to wait for me to come and teach you!”
“And I told you that I can learn with Bucky!” she grinned at him. “He taught me everything I need to know, so next time we can go together and not embarrass ourselves in front of everyone.”
“You’re impossible,” he muttered under his breath. By now, Bucky had snapped out of his daze and stood up. “Hey, Buck, how’re you doin’?”
“Uhh,” he almost fell over from nervousness. “G-good.”
“Good,” Josh turned back to her, “Now, how about I take you out to dinner? To make up for cancelling today.”
“Oh,” she said, smiling lightly and looking at Bucky from the corner of her eyes. “I actually was going to get drinks with Bucky. As a thank you for this afternoon…” she trailed off as she saw the way her boyfriend’s face dropped. “But the more the merrier, right?”
Josh glared at Bucky, as she went to sit down and take off her skates, “Yeah, the more the merrier.”
Tumblr media
The music of interweaving voices and shuffling feet on wooden floors was briefly interrupted by the slosh of drinks and the clink of glasses. It was a pleasant soundtrack for Bucky, as he dug his left pointer finger into his band-aid clad thumb, a rapidly-warming sleeve of beer in his right. Y/N was talking animatedly about the animal shelter she volunteered her weekends in, one of her favourite puppies having been rehomed just yesterday, and of course she had to go and say goodbye.
Despite all her eccentricities, and wild, carefree attitude, which was actually what drew him to her when he had been apartment-hunting, Bucky found his heart bursting with adoration as he gazed into her starry eyes and messed-up hair from the wind that afternoon. Her face was practically glowing in the bad lighting of the bar, the ratty t-shirt, which was probably Josh’s, making her beauty radiate from inside her chest.
Josh laughed obnoxiously loud at something she had said, breaking Bucky’s reverie. He sighed, a flame of jealousy flaring up in his chest when he saw how she was looking at her boyfriend. Some people just got so lucky at times.
“Hey, honey?” Josh whispered in her ear. “You don’t mind getting me another drink, will ya?”
“‘Course not,” she smiled sweetly, and stood up. Why couldn’t she look at him like that? “You want anything Buck?”
You. He shook his head, making a dismissive gesture and muttering, “Thanks anyway.”
She frowned, taking in his distraught form, and leaned back to whisper into Josh’s ear, “I think we should get going after your drink. Bucky’s real tired, and crowds aren’t really his thing.”
Her boyfriend nodded neutrally, stealing a sideways glance at Bucky who seemed to only have eyes for his girlfriend that night. A plan forming in his mind, Josh grabbed her hand again and said, “You don’t mind getting a sandwich for takeaway as well? I didn’t have dinner.”
“Oh-I mean, sure, but,” Y/N stuttered out. “We’ve been here for ages, why didn’t you just order before?”
Josh shook his head, and drawled out, “I just remembered I don’t have any leftovers back at my apartment...”
“Well, ok, a BLT with a side of onion rings?”
“It’s like you read my mind,” Josh grinned, awkwardly half-standing to place a kiss on her lips.
When she was at the counter, a safe distance away from the booth where Josh and Bucky were sitting, Josh said, “It was awfully nice of you to take her to the rink this afternoon.”
“I, uhhh, I guess,” he mumbled, not looking in Josh’s eyes as he pulled the edge of the band-aid off and wrapped it around tighter, his thumb starting to turn a dark red.
“Didn’t peg you to be the rollerblading type…” he continued prodding, but when Bucky didn’t respond he tried a different tactic. “What with the books and the...knitting.”
Bucky had faced enough ridicule about his hobby before to barely even flinch at what Josh tried to do. Knitting made him not only relax but also fit in better at his job in a senior’s home as a physical therapist. Plus, Y/N was prone to losing mittens left and right during the winter, and it was starting to cave a hole into her paycheck. It was the least he could do. And as soon as he made her a hand-made pair, they turned into the only mittens she wore during the winter.
“Took lessons when I was a child,” he grumbled, taking a big swig of his drink. The kitchen was taking a damn long time for a sandwich.
“Still,” Josh raised an eyebrow, revelling in the levels of discomfort the man in front of him was exuding. “I personally thought you’d prefer to spend your day-off alone in your apartment to, you know, ‘charge your social batteries’.”
“I’d been meaning to spend some time with Y/N for a while now,” he shifted in his seat so he was sitting up straighter. With a glance behind him, he saw the girl in question chatting amiably on the phone with someone, gesturing wildly with her hands.
Josh scoffed, and with a sideways glance, cocked his head and looked meanly at Bucky, “I’ll be straight with you, Bucko-”
“James,” he interrupted.
“Do you want to fuck my girlfriend?” he snapped back, without missing a beat.
Had Bucky been drinking, he would have sprayed Josh and then shoved the glass up his ass. Even now, when he wasn’t taking a drink, he sputtered out a cough of surprise and disgust, “What?” Oh, how he wished he was in his bed now.
“Come on, d’ya think I’m an idiot?” he scoffed. “I’ve seen the way you look at her, you no-good knitting freak.”
Bucky gave up on rubbing his finger back and forth on the band-aid, something he was trying to do to avoid picking. He ribbed the band-aid off and went in full force, digging through the barely-healed wound from earlier that afternoon. “I’ve-I’ve never thought about that way.” He whispered the last part of his sentence, knowing full well how much of a lie it was. Almost on cue, waves upon waves of red flooded his face.
But he hadn’t just dreamed about having her naked body pressed against his, or feeling her hands roam his back as she moaned into his neck. He dreamed more of waking up to the sun spilling over her shoulders, or the way her face would light up when he bought her a bouquet of roses, or the way he could have her in his arms while reading in bed out loud to the two of them, or taking her to do all the thousand-and-one winter traditions she had around the city.
“And the sky isn’t blue, sure,” Josh chortled. “You idiot, you really thought I wouldn’t pick up on it?”
Bucky nervously looked over his shoulder. “I never acted on it, I swear,” he said, trying to keep the panic out of his voice. “You have nothing to worry about.” He had made peace with the fact that he would never find the courage to confess his feelings to her, and her friendship was more than enough for him. But, now that he had had a taste of it, he could never go back to life as it was before her.
“‘Course I don’t,” he stated matter-of-factly. “Have you looked at yourself in the mirror recently, Tarzan?” Josh was revelling in the scene. “Did you really think you had a chance with-”
“Here ya go,” Y/N came back, her hands full. “Your drink, and sandwich. There seemed to be a lost puppy situation going on at the back of the kitchen, which is why it took so lo-”
“Pickles,” Josh shoved the opened takeaway box into her arms again. “I want pickles.”
“I-uh, alright,” she sighed. Before heading back to the counter to fulfill Josh’s request, she stopped where Bucky was and said gently to him, “You alright? You look a little flushed.”
He nodded back, “Just a lil’ warm is all.”
“Hmmm,” she pressed a cool hand to his forehead, then moved to press the backside to his cheek. “Doesn’t seem to be a fever, just...I’ll make us a cup of tea when we get home, sounds good?”
Bucky made a sound of agreement, before going to sit down on his hands to prevent himself from picking at them anymore.
“I-I just care about her, ok?” he mumbled under his breath.
“Sure ya fucking do, pal,” Josh teased, finding this extremely entertaining. “If you did care about her, you’d leave her alone.”
“Uh-huh,” Josh started talking very slowly, a condescending tone to his voice. “You see, you’re a deadweight, and Y/N is tired of dragging you around.”
Bucky frowned, and his voice was the most assertive it was all evening, “She’s my friend, if she felt that way, she would tell me-”
“You really think that she likes spending all that time holed up in that stuffy apartment with you?” He laughed, “That’s rich. D’ya know how frustrated she gets when she has to blow off plans ‘cause you had another panic attack?”
“She said to call me whenever-”
“She fucking lied, ok?” he snapped at Bucky. “You’re just about as lively as my grandma, and she’s dead. If you cared about Y/N, you’d stop sabotaging her relationships just to have her as your personal therapist.” His voice softened, “I love her, and I know what’s best for her, trust me on this?”
Bucky looked down at his lap and slowly nodded, digesting all the information he’d received. Right on time, Y/N came, letting out a deep sigh as she plopped down beside her boyfriend. “They couldn’t find the damn pickles,” she let out a fatigued laugh, that Bucky mistook to be directed at him. “Turns out they were hiding behind a wall of expired Dr. Pepper. You’d think they’d put it somewhere more visible but…”
Bucky zoned out, lost in his own thoughts as Y/N’s voice drowned out with the rest of the sounds of the bar. So, this was all their friendship was? An exasperated load of patience with his shit from her end, just so that she wouldn’t lose a decent roommate. It was a contract, like the ones they had to sign for the apartment. And here he was, falling deeper and deeper in love with a person who could barely tolerate him. Who used him for rollerblading lessons so she wouldn’t be embarrassed with her boyfriend.
His eyes snapped to the couple in front of him again. Yes, they were made for each other. Eyes filled with adoration gazing into eyes filled with even more adoration, longing touches and lingering kisses. Josh was just as perfect for Y/N as she was for him. Hell, she was better for him. Josh was right, how dare Bucky imagine himself having a shot with her. He had just made a fool of himself and ruined Y/N’s social life…the least he could do was remove himself from her life. He was all kinds of bad for her.
“Bucky?” her voice drew him out of his thoughts, though they still swarmed around his head at full speed. “You doing alright, honey?”
He nodded, clearing his throat, though she didn’t seem to be convinced. “Why don’t we call it an early night, huh?”
“But, baby,” Josh whined, tugging on her arm. “It’s only 9:00pm.”
“Aww, sweetie,” she said in a mock-baby voice. In her regular voice, she continued, “I don’t think Bucky is feeling well, and I’m tuckered out from rollerblading. How about a date night this weekend, huh?”
Bucky isn’t feeling well. Just as if she was his mother, excusing herself early from a party because her son was throwing up and the babysitter didn’t know what to do. Except that she wasn’t his mother, and he wasn’t her son. They weren’t even friends. Just two people who shared an apartment, one of whom was deeply in love with the other.
Tumblr media
The rest of the week flew by in a hurry, with Bucky busying himself at work and drastically trying to avoid his roommate at all costs.
Easier said than done. They had developed a series of rituals for every night of the week, simple as a cup of tea and an hour in silence with a book and each other’s company, or as spontaneous as getting up before the sunrise and having a picnic on the roof. Even then, there were only so many excuses he could give her, while he holed himself up in the library after his shift was over. Bucky didn’t know what to do anymore.
Spending each night muffling his sobs into his pillow and waking up earlier than Y/N just to sneak off to work and sit in his car for an extra hour until his shift started was taking a toll on him.
It didn’t escape his notice how her eyes would stay on him, brimming with worry at the dark circles gathering underneath his own. Or the sheer number of band-aids he had wrapped around his fingers, because he had recently found out that his teeth were much more effective at peeling away his skin. Bucky knew he was a mess, a pity beard growing rapidly on his face, his hair growing longer and messier by the minute, and it was better to keep his mess away from her.
He missed spending time with her more than he cared to admit. His life had taken a drastic turn when he started living with her, and though he didn’t care much for social interaction, but with Y/N it became something he found himself, during that week, craving more and more. Such as the times where Sam and Natasha would come over and they’d all watch a game and annihilate a couple of pizzas.
But at the same time, he was never as outgoing as his friend, who was always the life of the party, laughing and chatting merrily. Josh did have a point, his so-called friendship with her was always curtailed towards his needs and it obviously must take a toll on her. The last thing he wanted was to drag Y/N down.
And as the melody to his thoughts, all through the week, Josh’s words kept ringing through his mind, if you really cared about her, you would leave her alone. Josh has known her for well over a year, in ways that Bucky could only dream about. If he said Bucky cutting off ties with Y/N was best for, the advice had to be taken to heart. Yet why was it that the less time he spent with her, the more time she carved into her schedule for him? He hated that it came to this, he really did.
His next day off, he spent the morning in his bed, staring up at the ceiling as tears gathered and fell from his eyes. Then, he called into work, saying he had to take a few days off because of an emergency, and he set to packing. If Y/N came home and saw all of his things were packed, then she wouldn’t fuss too much about his leaving...or pretend to fuss.
Despite all his confidence and certainty in his decision, Bucky couldn’t help the lick of fear that went up his spine when he heard the door unlock. Sniffling, he rubbed at his puffy eyes, and moved towards his bookshelf, box in hand.
“Buck! I’m home!” she called from the front door. Bucky heard the familiar sounds of her kicking off her heels and plopping her purse by the door. “I was thinking we could have a nice night-in, you know, make some tacos or something...sound good?”
The panic started to rise in his chest, what the hell was he doing? He felt another tear make its way down his face, and he aggressively wiped it away with the back of his hand.
“Oh, and the movie theatre has a special discount tomorrow if you bring a friend…” she trailed off, as her footsteps came closer to his room. Once she was in his door she took a step back in surprise at the disarray of the normally tidy room. “Bucky?”
Bucky made a sound of acknowledgement as he wrestled with trying to fit as many books as he could into the box.
“You’re moving?” her voice squeaked.
He needed to keep his wits about him. Sealing the box shut with some tape, he grunted, still not bothering to look at her.
“Don’t- don’t you- like shouldn’t we talk about this first?”
“I’ll pay my half of the rent till you get another roommate. That’s all that concerns you,” he got up and stacked the box on his dresser. He took a look around him and realized what a mess his room had turned into, half-packed boxes laying around like little boulders all around the floor...he was going to have to do something about that.
He heard her let out a frustrated sigh, even on his best days he wasn’t great at communicating how he felt. “So, you already have a place in mind?”
All that could be heard in the room was Bucky shuffling around placing and replacing boxes on top of each other, trying to find a way to make them all fit in his obnoxiously small room...God, he was going to miss it so much. The annoying lump rose in his throat, and he sniffled at the thought of having to uproot the lovely little routines he’d built with her for the past years.
“Bucky, what’s wrong?” her voice brought his attention back to the situation at hand. “Let me help you.”
For the first time since she arrived, Bucky made hesitant eye contact with her and muttered out, “Needed a change.”
“From what?” She moved into the space a little, trying to see if she could piece together what was happening. His eyes weren’t giving her the best indication that he was making a confident choice, streaked red and puffy, while the tip of his nose was a little pink.
“This,” he gestured vaguely to the room around him. Why was she putting up such a fight? She should be jumping with joy by now.
“Oh... ok, um- maybe I could- I could help you re-decorate. I don't get- you don't need to move!" she huffed, her voice laced with immense confusion.
Help, he shuddered at the word, and hardened himself for what he was about to say. “I don’t need your help,” he spat out, a heap of frustration being added to the mixture of emotions he had been feeling all day.
“Alright, I-I, ok. I’ll call Sam, then, and he can-” starting to feel for her phone in her pocket, and trying to hide how hard they were shaking because of her heart rate.
“I don’t need you to call Sam, alright?”
“Then I’ll help you pack-”
Reaching for a box close to her, Y/N stepped into the room and started putting it together. Noticing what she was trying to do, Bucky stepped forward and ripped the cardboard out of her hands in exasperation, throwing it to the wall with a dull thud. He hardened himself to the shock that painted over her face, he had never been that rough with anyone before, and he always touched her with a gentleness uncanny to his large frame.
“I don’t need anything from you, do you understand?” he said, raising his voice a little, coming closer to her and straightening his shoulders.
Another first for the two of them. Though they had their arguments, neither of them, until now, had yelled at each other. Tears gathered in her eyes, but she blinked them away. Her voice broke as she replied, “Wha-I just want to help, and I feel like you’re rushing into this a little quick.”
“Oh, I have given this a lot of thought-” he nodded, narrowing his eyes at her and crossing his arms at his chest. He wanted nothing more than to take it all back, to hug her and apologize and say that tacos sounded amazing, but it had to be ripping off a band-aid.
“Well, it doesn’t seem like it. You’ve been crying!” her tone matched his, as she noticed his red puffy eyes as prevalent today as they had been this entire week.
“No, I haven’t-” he frowned, trying to mask the tears in his eyes with anger, and failing miserably.
“We should-do you want to sit down, have some tea, and we can talk about this. I just-I don’t want you to be rushing-” she stuttered, her hands starting to shake, before she hid them nervously behind her.
“Stop it,” he snapped, staring her down with a confidence that was, until then, otherwise unknown to him.
“Stop? Bucky, you’re scaring me-” her forehead wrinkled, as she reached up to the side of her neck and rubbed it nervously.
“I mean, stop your pity, and your lies, and whatever screwed-up notion of-” he started moving forward, trying to trap her between the wall, but she only side-stepped and walked backwards towards the door.
She frowned and her mouth fell open in surprise, “Bucky, I have never done anything for you out of pity-”
“Don’t lie to me-” he practically yelled.
“I’m not-”
“Yes, you are! All of this has just been a big fat lie to you, hasn’t it? You don’t even have the common decency to tell me the truth now,” he took a pause, trying to steady his breaths. In a louder voice he continued, “Well, you know what? I’m sick of your bullshit, Y/N!”
“I don’t-I don’t understand-” she said softly, looking down to hide the tears in her eyes. Bucky felt a twinge of guilt for making her cry, but pushed it down again.
“Well, you don’t need to. I’m going to be out of your hair soon enough. You won’t be forced to worry about me anymore.”
“Forced? Bu-I’ll always worry about you, James, you moving isn’t going to change that-” she moved forward, trying to hug him, but he pulled away sharply, his jaw clenched and not a trace of sympathy in his eyes.
“Then don’t worry!” He was yelling at this point, his heart screaming at him to stop, to take back what he had just said, so he could take her in his arms and comfort her. But unlike all the other times, where she had spent the night sobbing on his shoulder, Bucky was the one who hurt her, the jerk who kicked around her heart just to see her cry. “How many times do I have to tell you? I’m not some baby or cripple that needs to be taken care of-”
“Don’t say that about yourself!” she snapped back at him, suddenly.
“Why not? That’s what you think of me, isn’t it? Admit it, Y/N, I shouldn’t have come with you to the rink, nobody wanted me there-”
“I wanted you there. I asked you. Not anybody else. Isn't that enough?”
“Then why did you ask me?” his voice dropped an octave, filled with rage and hate as it broke for the upteenth time that day.
“Because you’re my friend!” she threw up her arms in defeat, searching his eyes for some explanation that he wasn’t telling her.
“Well,” he sighed, deciding to try a different tactic, “I don’t want to be your friend anymore.”
“What?” she drew back suddenly, crossing her arms at her chest.
“You heard me, I want nothing to do with you. With your parties, and rollerblading, oh, and ‘let’s get ice cream at the asscrack of dawn’! Y/N, I’m sick and tired of being around you, and I can’t believe it took me this long to say it.” He paused until she finally met his eyes, streaks of tears on her cheeks. “It’s exhausting spending time with you, and I can’t spend another minute pretending that I like doing it.”
“I didn’t realize I made you feel like that,” her voice broke multiple times.
“Yeah, you don’t realize a lot of things, Y/N,” he averted his eyes to the floor.
“Ok, well, I’ll just-uh, pack a bag and I’ll uh… stay out of your hair until you’re gone.”
The silence was palpable as the two of them stood in front of each other, watching their tears fall on the ground and make small drops.
“I’m sorry, Bucky… sorry that I’m so exhausting,” she said, her voice aching with fatigue. “You won’t have to deal with me anymore”
“Y/N, I-” he moved forward, wanting nothing more than to hug her.
Shaking her head, she almost tripped over herself trying to get away from him. “It’s alright, James, I understand. I’ll go pack and-uh, you won’t have to pretend to like me anymore...text me when you’re done with the apartment.”
Though her door was closed, and Bucky didn’t see her afterwards until the next morning, where she said a brief goodbye to him and left their apartment, he could hear her gut-wrenching sobs coming from the bathroom. He also heard her at his door at midnight, dropping off something at the foot. When he thought she had left, Bucky got up and found the small wooden box, decorated in twisting floral patterns that he’d given to her for her first birthday with him.
In it, was a variety of trinkets and memorabilia from the past few years together. A couple of necklaces and bracelets he’d given her, a shawl, receipts and movie tickets, and on top of it all, a small box of band-aids, with a note on top telling him to take care of himself.
Tumblr media
“What the hell d’ya mean you ain’t comin’?” Steve huffed, bent over with a ten pound weight and doing some rows.
“Back straight, Steve,” Bucky warned, placing a guiding hand on the protruding area. “And remember to breathe.”
“That doesn’t answer my question, young man,” he pressed, after readjusting himself according to Bucky’s instructions. “You’re my best man, you have to be there.”
He sighed, though he loved his job and the people he got to interact with, the small talk portion of his training sessions weren’t his strong suit. “That’s twenty, let’s give it a break and switch to the other.”
“Phew!” Steve grinned, wiping his forehead with the towel draped around his shoulders. “You’re killing me here, Barnes.”
“If you didn’t talk so damn much…” he muttered back, going to grab Steve’s water bottle. “Drink up, we can’t have you sore for the wedding.”
“Might as well cancel it if I’m not gonna have a best man,” he quipped back.
“You’re actually impossible to be around, Rogers, ya know that?” Bucky signalled to the weights again. “Break’s over, grab the weight and give me twenty rows, and remember to-”
Steve groaned and rolled his eyes like a teenager, “Keep my back straight, yeah I got it the first twenty thousand times you said it to me.”
“Oh, so you want to go to Rumlow and blow your back out?” he countered.
“Anything just to escape your ass for a day,” Steve winked at Bucky. “Might even ask him to be my best man while we’re at it.”
It was Bucky’s turn to roll his eyes and scoff something under his breath. “What was that?” Steve puffed out.
“I said, you’re not tightening your core and you’re putting too much pressure on your elbow,” he waited until Steve fixed it. “Good job, now try to do these last five right.” When he finished, Bucky asked, “You feeling alright to get through the rest of this? Or d’ya wanna break?”
“I’m fine, Jesus criminy, you’re such a geezer. I’m guessing you want ten squats now?”
“Yessir,” Bucky said, ignoring Steve’s remark. “Get to it. Knees don’t go past your toes, alright?” The older man was walking to the weights and Bucky realized what he was trying to pull again. “And for gosh sakes, Rogers, leave the forty pounds alone, your max is thirty.”
“You’re a crummy trainer, you know that right?” Steve groaned, coming back with a twenty pound weight.
“And you’re an even crummier client.”
“Maybe, but you take the cake for the world’s crummiest best man,” he groaned, going into his squat.
“Oh for the love of-” Bucky threw up his hands in exasperation. “You ever going to leave that be? And knees don’t go past your toes, Rogers, gotta hold ya core or you’re going to hurt yourself!”
“No, in fact I’m not. I need a best man for my wedding, and you’re gonna be it.”
Bucky scoffed, “So, you’re telling me-knees, Rogers!-that you’re not gonna respect my decision?”
Steve groaned again as he finished his set, and put down the weight. Placing his hands on his waist he looked up stubbornly at his trainer, “That’s all just a load of gobbledygook. ‘Respecting your decision’. How about respecting the promise you made to me to be there on my fiftieth wedding anniversary?”
“Somethin’ came up,” he said, passing Steve his water bottle again, with a look that said drink up.
“That’s a load of bullcrap, if I ever heard some,” Steve laughed. “C’mon, Buck, tell me what happened.”
A muscle in Bucky’s jaw twitched as he remembered the infamous night a few weeks ago. Losing Y/N, that’s what happened. And of course she had been invited by Peggy for the ceremony and reception, and of course she was going. So, as had been the norm for the past few weeks, Bucky was trying to keep himself out of her life as much as possible. This was quite easy, considering the fact that besides Steve, Peggy, Sam, and Natasha, they didn’t have any other mutual friends...and those were the only friends Bucky had was actually getting quite lonely.
“Nothin’,” he mumbled. “Gimme twenty wall push-ups and a 30 second plank, and we’ll cool down.”
“No,” Steve said with a shit-eating grin on his face.
“What do you mean ‘no’?” Bucky frowned. “You feelin’ sore?”
“Rogers, you whiz through these like no one else I know-”
“‘Course I do,” he brushed some imaginary dirt off his shoulder...quite clearly his teenage granddaughter has had an influence on him. “But, I won’t do them ‘till you tell me why you can’t be my best man anymore.”
“Seriously? Blackmail?” Bucky scoffed.
He shrugged, “I got all day.”
“Well, I don’t, I got another client after you, ok? So, can you hurry up?”
“You know what you gotta do…”
“For fuck’s sake,” Bucky puffed and pointed at the wall closest to them. “You’re gonna cool down your muscles and seriously injure yourself. Now, get up while your body is still warm.”
Steve sat in silence, twiddling his thumbs.
Bucky groaned, “I can’t believe it’s come to this...fine, but I’m doubling the push-ups.”
“Fine by me,” he slapped his pecs. “These bad boys got a lot of bounce in them left.”
“Steve, it’s stuff like that, that makes a little part of me die inside every time we have a session,” he sighed, rubbing his forehead and trying to motivate himself that his lunch break was only an hour away.
“Hey! You were at four, what the hell happened? Start back at one, and hold ya elbows properly for the love of God.”
Steve just glared at him.
“Fine,” he threw up his hands in surrender. “I had a fight with my roommate.”
He snorted, correcting his stance and starting the push-ups again, “Don’t shit me, Barnes, I’m not an idiot.”
“What? That’s all that happened.”
Steve paused for a couple of seconds, trying to gauge whether or not Bucky was serious. Having figured out his plan of attack he continued, “Well, it’s just a silly fight, isn’t it?”
“Steve, it’s not-”
“Can’t be more important than my golden wedding? Right?” He didn’t even wait for Bucky to answer before punching him hard on the arm, and getting down to do his plank. “I’ll see you there, Barnes. Now, time me.”
Tumblr media
“You look really pretty, babe,” Josh said, admiring Y/N from her bed as she twirled around in her dress for the wedding.
“Don’t I just?” she remarked cheekily. “And look how flowy it is! Ugh, perfect for a summer wedding!”
“When’s it happening again?”
“Next week,” she smiled absentmindedly, admiring her reflection in the mirror.
“I think,” he started, getting up from the bed so he could circle his arms around her waist, “that you’re going to look prettier than the bride herself.” He pressed a kiss onto her nose
“Oh shut up, you sap,” she giggled. “Have you seen Peggy? I have no chance beside her.”
“Peggy?” He frowned, trying to place them in their list of friends.
“Yeah, Steve’s wife…” she trailed off. “You know, down at the senior home?”
“The one where Bucky works?”
She hummed in agreement, hurt washing over her eyes at the sound of her old friend’s name, “But they’ve rented out a venue and a church.”
“Bucky gonna be there?” he asked in a harsh tone.
“I-” she left his arms to go look at the window. “I don’t know.”
As soon as he left, there had been a Bucky-size hole prevalent in everything she looked at in the apartment. Though her new roommate was nice enough, she found the picture of kittens in baskets filled with flowers that Y/N and Bucky had hung up together above the TV creepy, and she didn’t buy the same creamer as she did, so they couldn’t share. She couldn’t look at anything anymore, without finding some imaginary fault with it...mostly, it was just Bucky’s absence.
She had gone rollerblading a couple times more with Josh, and once by herself, but soon lost her interest. What good was it if she couldn’t see the way Bucky’s eyes lit up when she managed to start marching on the spot, or the gentle caress of his hands on her hips? Even with Natasha and Sam, there was always something missing. A quiet and soft presence, hiding from the light, and laughing lightly along to their drunk tactics.
Josh came up behind her, circling his arms around her waist, pressing his chin into her shoulder. “What’s wrong, baby?” he cooed.
Y/N sighed, “Nothing, I just-uh, nothing.”
“It’s Bucky, isn’t it?” she could see the reflection of his frown.
She turned around in his arms, looking into his eyes, and in her shame, looked back down, to his exposed collar bone. “Oh, honey,” he murmured, pulling her into a hug. “Is he still ghosting you?”
“Mmhm,” she agreed, muffled by his shirt.
“That no-good son of a bitch,” he muttered under his breath quietly, but not quiet enough for her not to catch it.
Her head snapped with a different kind of fire in her eyes, “Don’t you dare call my friend that.”
Josh frowned down at her, his grip around her loosening, “Friend? Are you seriously still defending him after all that shit he said to you?”
Y/N turned away in shame to hide her trembling lip at the memory of that horrible fight. Some small part of her still firmly believed that there was an ulterior motive to Bucky’s decision to move. He had been crying all the nights of the week, barely eating or sleeping, who knows how tired he must have been.
Another twang of guilt took hold of her stomach, she should have acted on it sooner. She knew, first hand, how bad Bucky’s anxiety could get to him, and had helped him through it so many times before. She had seen the warning signs, the withdrawal, the crying, the band-aids...she should have called his therapist.
“Are you even hearing yourself?” he challenged, “The dickhead left you stranded alone in your apartment, and cut off your friendship, for crying out loud!”
“He paid two months worth of rent…” she trailed off, weakly trying to stand her defence.
“I don’t give two shits if he paid two years of rent,” he spat at her, causing her to pull away from him, trying to put distance between the two of them. “He used you and threw you away when he was done with you, you don’t deserve to be treated like that!”
“Bucky he-he never-he was always so kind,” she stuttered out, tears gathering in her eyes. “And I wasn’t able to help him-”
“He doesn’t need your help, Y/N!” Josh roared at her, causing a couple of her tears to fall down her face. “When are you going to get that through your thick skull?” Josh stopped abruptly, panting a little as he took in the sight in front of him. “Oh, baby, I’m so sorry-” he reached forward to hug her again but she pulled back.
The only thing she could hear, over and over again in her mind was Bucky’s voice.
I don’t need your help.
I don’t need you to call Sam.
I don’t need anything from you, do you understand?
I’m not some baby or cripple that needs to be taken care of.
I don’t need your help.
“Y/N, honey?” Josh said, holding his arm out in defense. “You’re scaring me a little. Why don’t you come and-”
“What did you say to Bucky?” she asked in a chilling tone, catching his eye in a daggering stare.
It was his turn to draw back, “Huh?”
“The night we went to the bar,” she frowned, looking at his distraught face. “When I left to get you that sandwich. What did you say to Bucky?”
“We chatted a little,” he pursed his lips, eyes darting around nervously.
“About what?” she snapped, without missing a beat.
“Baseball…” he said, chewing nervously at the top of his lip.
Y/N scoffed, crossing her arms at her chest, “Baseball? Ok, who’s his favourite team then?”
“Don’t remember, it was a while ago and I haven’t seen him since-”
“I’m going to ask you again, Josh,” she cocked her head at his nervous state. “What did you say to Bucky that night?”
“I thanked him for teaching you rollerblading,” he started rushing and started to head out the door. “Why don’t we order some delivery, huh? And watch a-”
“I’m either going to hear it from you or from him,” Y/N stood stock still, her voice piercing through the silence. Josh couldn’t find the courage in himself to say what she wanted to hear from him, and she scoffed. “Unbelievable. Here’s a simpler question for your ‘thick skull’,” she paused. “If you didn’t have to cancel on me that afternoon, would Bucky have moved out a week later?”
His silence was answer enough. In a sudden frenzy of hurried movements, and a voice broken with screams and sobs, she started pushing him towards the front door, throwing the things he’d left behind at him.
A pair of socks, his shoes, his sweater that she was wearing before she changed into her dress, a small plastic frog that had been tied to the first bouquet of flowers he’d given her and that hadn’t moved from her bedside table in over a year. But with them, she threw curses and screams and punches, wanting him to get out, leave her alone, because the only thing that had been repeating in her head since Josh had yelled at her was, Bucky, Bucky, Bucky.
Tumblr media
The day was built for a golden anniversary, a light breeze in the air, the sky dotted with clouds. The birds swooped up and down around the church garden, dodging in and out of the frenzied path of the bees. Inside the same chapel they were married in fifty years ago, was a small group of Steve and Peggy’s closest friends, the son of the same pastor who married them getting ready in his office. It would be a perfect day, a day meant for a couple as perfect as the two of them.
“Steve?” Bucky walked into the lounge area that had doubled into a dressing room. “D’ya need anything?”
“Not getting cold feet on me, are ya?” he teased, deftly doing up his bow tie.
“Unbelievable,” Bucky scoffed. “You’re marrying your damn wife after fifty years and you’re worried about me getting cold feet?”
“The hell is that supposed to mean, Barnes?” Turning to face him with an accusatory raised eyebrow.
He shrugged, sauntering into the room, “If I was marrying you after fifty years, I would give myself a hard lookover in the mirror and make sure I hadn’t had any recent head trauma.”
Steve let the remark slip by, as he headed to look out the window, “Nah, after half a century you get to really know a person. Peggy isn’t the type to go running down the aisle.”
“And what about you?” Bucky asked, coming to stand beside him. “Any last minute jitters you wanna get out?”
“None,” he grinned at his friend, tears gathering in his eyes. “I’m marrying the love of my life today, what do I have to be nervous about?”
Bucky took a onceover of the older man standing in front of him, the lines pressed into his face, the shakiness of his arms, or the slight slope in his shoulders. He pressed a warm hand on Steve’s shoulder and smiled absentmindedly, “Nothin’, forget that I asked.”
“You’re a real sappy knucklehead behind all that muscle, ya know that, right?” he said, wiping his eyes with his handkerchief.
“And the crummiest best man as well?”
Steve laughed and walked away from the window, trying to find his water bottle and muttering a soft ‘unbelievable’ under his breath.
As the groom had expected, Peggy did not seem to be inclined for sudden dramatic getaways when the limelight was on her. However, she did make quite a show of pausing for an abnormal amount of time before pronouncing her ‘I do’, enjoying the sight of her squirming husband in front of her. There wasn’t a dry eye in the audience by the time the two of them raced down the aisle hand-in-hand, Peggy’s veil trailing behind and around them.
But in all the familiar and unfamiliar faces that Bucky saw as he stood up at the front of the church, there was one face that when he saw it, he finally felt himself take a relaxed breath in ages. It also caused him to be acutely aware of the amount of band-aids that were covering his hands. Thankfully, her attention was occupied by the ceremony, and if she did notice his roaming eyes on her, she made no indication.
He remembered that dress, how she had burst in squealing at what a deal she had gotten, that it was just perfect for Steve’s wedding. Then, how she had worn it for him, twirling around and around to songs she only heard and giggling in their living room as the lights of the city at evening shone in. How she had stopped breathless and a light cover of sweat on her forehead, eyes sparkling and wild as she asked him, “So, how do I look?”
Finally, how his heart beat out of his chest as he managed to stutter out a meek “Beautiful.” And coming from him, she was able to believe it, because back then, he never lied to her, and she had run and jumped into his arms in a burst of affection and hugged him so hard his chest hurt.
Yeah, his heart was going crazy as he zeroed in on the dull green of the carpet underneath their feet.
Bucky made it through the ceremony with his eyes on the floor still, occasionally getting a wink from Peggy, and a wiggle of Steve’s eyebrows. But soon their focus came to each other as they shut out the world and started reciting their vows, a tradition they kept at each of their anniversaries, so they were only gazing into each others’ eyes as they recited the words they knew by heart.
Soon enough, the ceremony was over, and through the cheers of the crowd and the ringing of the bells he lost sight of Y/N. Managing to find Sam in the chaos, they escaped away to the back of the church and headed to the reception venue.
He was taken aback at the sheer number of people who had come to celebrate Steve and Peggy, many from the senior home, but many friends of their family as well. Everyone seemingly had a good memory to share of the two of them.
The bride and groom had their first dance, and soon enough, the dance floor was filled. Photos exchanged multiple hands, as the food was brought out, and the clink of silverware and an excited buzz of conversations filled the room. And in the middle of it all was the lovely bride, in her golden dress, grinning at her glowing husband beside her, occasionally stealing a kiss or two, that made him turn beet red.
Soon enough, it was time for Bucky to give his speech, which he managed to do without a lot of stumbles. The aroma of coffee started to fill the room, and the band began to play some slower songs, reminiscent of Steve and Peggy’s younger years.
Bucky was debating whether or not he should be drinking coffee so late in the evening when he saw someone approach his table. His eyes darted up, bracing himself for some criticism on his speech when he was met with her eyes, timidly smiling down at him, shoulders lifted with tension.
“Can I ask you for a dance?” she asked, fiddling with the bracelet on her wrist.
Bucky’s eyes nervously darted around the room for Josh, and though he couldn’t spot the man, he didn’t want to take any risks and ruin his best friend’s big day, “I don’t think that’s a good idea,” he said, slowly.
He could see the sudden hesitation and embarrassment that flared up in her eyes, “Please?” she whispered softly, “Bucky? I know you’re not fond of death-trap shoes and concrete, but I promise I’m the only one who’s going to have to wear them.” She gestured to her heels.
“Alright,” he shuffled around, awkwardly and finally made it to the other side of the obscenely long table.
The band struck up another song, and Bucky took a deep breath, lacing his fingers with hers and curling his arm around her waist, and pulling her close to him. They started to sway slowly to the music, on the edge of the dancefloor, and an awkward silence keeping them apart.
“So, uhh,” Bucky cleared his throat, he never was one to initiate conversation, but he would rather rip off his left arm than continue to dance like this with her, if it could count as dancing. “How’ve you been?”
Crying for the past week holed up in my apartment, waiting for you to come back. So nothing new. “I’ve seen better days,” she shrugged. “You?”
“Fine,” he murmured, trying to memorize the soft curves of her face in the glow of the strung-up lights. “Josh couldn’t make it?”
She shook her head, looking down at the ground beneath their feet, “No, we uh-I, just, but-he wanted to-”
Bucky stopped moving them abruptly, “Sweetheart, are you alright?” His eyes were filled with concern for her, and a part of her felt relieved that he still cared.
Shaking her head, she stepped a little away from him, “I’m such a mess, I’m sorry. Buck, I never should have bothered you.”
“Hey, hey, hey,” he leaned down a little, trying to comfort her more, but the only thing he saw was her trembling lower lips. “Alright, honey,” he held her hand, and guided them out of the venue and into the cool, summer night air. “We’re just going to air our heads a little, sounds good?”
Shrugging off his suit jacket, he led them to a bench beside the building, and draped it over her shoulders. “Here ya go, alright?” he sat beside her, and fished in his pocket for a handkerchief. “Take as long as you need.”
It didn’t take much for her to calm down, though she let out a couple of dry sobs. Bucky thought she seemed to be tuckered out, almost tired of crying. In a surprisingly clear, though wavering voice, she said, “Josh and I broke up.”
A small spark of hope took hold of his chest, but he quickly smothered it, “Oh... how long?”
“A little over a week,” she replied, playing with the bracelet again.
“’ve been holding up alright?” he asked meekly, wanting nothing more than to take her in his arms and forget the rest of the world together.
She scoffed and looked at him with a hardness in her eyes unlike her, “Yeah, I’ve been holding up real good, James. I just broke down at a wedding and had to be personally escorted out.” Noticing how quickly he winced at her verbal assault, she took on a gentler tone, and apologized, “It’s just been a crazy week...and day for me, I didn’t mean to take it out on you.”
He waved dismissively, “I deserved it.”
“No, Bucky,” she said. “It’s been an even longer day for you...and that speech was amazing, by the way and-”
“Listen to me,” he placed his hands hesitatingly on hers. “I should be the one apologizing. I treated you horribly that day and you didn’t deserve it-”
She shook her head, “No, Bucky, I did. Especially after that horrible week you had all because of what happened at the bar and the horrible things Josh told you-”
“Josh?” he frowned at her. “How do you know about what he told me?”
She looked down at her lap in shame, fiddling with his handkerchief, “He yelled at me that I needed to get it through my ‘thick skull’, that you don’t need my were repeating that a lot that day and, honestly, I felt a little like Sherlock there,” she smiled softly, but the sadness was spilling into and tainting her expression.
“Oh,” he said, trying to process it all.
“Yeah, and,” she shrugged. “It didn’t take much for me to dropkick him out the door.”
“You were never one to beat around the bush, were you?” he teased half-heartedly, remembering all the times she had reduced grown men to tears, particularly when they couldn’t take a hint. “Josh doesn’t change anything about this though, I treated you horribly, and you deserve an apology,” he paused, waiting for her to meet his eye. “I’m sorry...I’m so sorry, and I wanted to take it all back the moment it left my mouth.”
She nodded, “It’s alright, Bucky, you were scared and vulnerable-”
“Damn it, why aren’t you listening to me?” he huffed exasperatedly, pinching the bridge of his nose and leaning back. “Nobody should be treated like that by anyone, and I can’t believe I said all that to the woman that I love.”
The sounds of the reception, that, until now, were merely background noise, filled in the space around the two of them, as Bucky slowly removed his hand to prepare himself for the aftermath of what he had just said.
He was met with the most beautiful sight he’d been blessed to see in ages. Her glossy eyes filled with hope and an expression he’d never seen so prominent there before gazed up into his. All the while, his heart seemed to be using his chest walls as a punching bag, erratically throwing itself up and down his throat. He was sure that if he stood up, he would immediately fall down due to the rush of adrenaline in his system making him light-headed.
“Bucky,” she murmured, and suddenly all he could concentrate on was the sight of her sparkling eyes. “Did you mean it?”
For his whole life, Bucky had taken each and every precaution when it came to what he said, or did, or ate. Hell, he was more concerned about the state of his joints than Steve was, considering the way the latter liked to throw weights around like they were hammers. But now, he couldn’t find himself to care anymore. The endless stream of analysis and perception and action just shut off and he said, before he could regret it, “Every word.”
“Alright,” she nodded, still not taking her eyes off of him, as she moved her face closer to his, “Do you want this?”
His breath almost got caught in his throat, and his brain glitched, trying to form the words together, before his heart took over, “I have from the moment I laid eyes on you,” he tried not to blink anymore, scared that even the slightest distraction would wake him up from this moment he’d thought about so often.
But her face kept moving towards his, her eyes became more and more beautiful the more he looked into them, and before he knew it, her lips were pressing against his cheek, moving slowly upwards to his forehead, where she left another feather-light kiss, down towards his other cheek, and finally, finally, down to his lips. But before she pressed them onto his, she whispered “I’ve wanted this too, from the moment I laid eyes on you.”
Bucky had read a lot of books in his life, had imagined for days and nights what it would feel like to be kissing her, to actually hold her in his arms. He had seen in his mind, from the safety of the lumpy blue coach in their apartment, people erupt into flames, fall off cliffs and dive into the ocean, all because of a simple kiss. He couldn’t see their first time being much more different than that.
But kissing her was warm, and gentle, the epitome of what their relationship had been from the beginning. Cozy nights and rollerblades and right now, as he pulled back from the kiss and he kept his eyes closed, savouring the feeling of her forehead on his... the feeling of coming back home.
“Can I move back in again?” he murmured, running his hands up and down her shoulders.
She opened her eyes, a blissful smile on her face, “Actually, I wanted to take this a little slow, if you don’t mind?”
Bucky shook his head, bringing her in to hug her tight to his chest, “We’ll go as slow as you want darling, I have all the time in the world.” Sighing, he pushed his face into her neck and closed his eyes again, trying to memorize every moment.
She giggled at the ticklish sensation of his beard rubbing off on her skin, and threaded her hands through his, “Bucky, about that day-”
Pulling back, he looked her in the eyes and said, “I didn’t mean it, none of it, and I’ll spend the rest of my life proving it to you if that’s what it takes.”
“But what you said about spending time with me, and the activities I make you do,” she sighed and looked down at the bench. “The last thing I want to do is to make you that uncomfortable.”
“You never did, doll,” he lifted her chin so he could see her face again.
“I just-” she paused, taking a moment to think about it. “We’ll figure it out together, right? A healthy balance?”
He couldn’t take it anymore, and leaning forward he pressed his lips onto hers, leaving one hand at the corner where her neck met her shoulder and moving the other to cup her cheek. Pulling back with a happy sigh he grinned, and winked at her. And it was enough for confirmation for the two of them to let Bucky take her hand in his and rush the two of them back into the venue. For the rest of the night, she stayed in his arms, as he twirled her around and around the dance floor.
Though he had promised her that they would be taking this as slow as she wanted to, and he had every intention of keeping that promise, he was already imagining the day where she would be wearing a golden dress, just like Peggy's, and the two of them would be sitting behind the table and looking out at the life they'd built together.
Tumblr media
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The title was inspired by a song by Dean Martin, with the same name:
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theyoutubedork · 2 months ago
Did You Miss Me? -Part 2
roomate!pornvoiceactor!bucky x reader
Read part 1 here
Summary: You have a favorite audio porn voice actor, and it turns out to be your roommate Bucky, and apparently, he wants you as much as you want him.
Word Count: 2.4K+
Masterlist | Bucky Barnes Masterlist | Requests are open! | My Ko-Fi
Warning! : Smut 18+ swearing, squirting, and Bucky saying all sorts of things.
A/N: okay holy shit, y’all really wanted a part 2! I didn’t expected 400 notes, like oh my god. Hopefully this is something you guys will enjoy. Should I consider a part 3? 😉 (has not been proofread too much)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It had been very quiet the next morning, usually you would make a pot of tea for you and Bucky to share, but he hadn’t left his room all morning. This wasn’t completely out of the ordinary, being the incredibly shy man he is, but he would at least have the courtesy to come out, get a cup of tea and say good morning. You couldn’t really afford the time to go to his room, seeing as you were running late to work. You had text your boss that you were going to be late, and she just said a simple ok in response, making you worry greatly. Her giving you a one worded answer was extremely uncommon.
Not even 10 minutes later, you realized another unfortunate reality. You left your work shoes at the apartment. You couldn’t work without them, not being able to legally work without slip resistant shoes. Stupid legally binding shoes. You quickly ran back to your apartment, jingling the keys loudly as you try to find the specific key for your apartment.
Assuming Bucky is working, you quietly tiptoe through your apartment, going down the hallway, where your door sits at the end with Bucky’s right next door. Yet you absolutely freeze in your tracks, just about to grab your shoes when you heard something you never thought you would hear right now.
You’ve heard that moan before. That, specific moan. You press your ear to Bucky’s door, and there it is again. A low grunt into a whine, profanities slipping from who you assume to be Bucky’s mouth. Or, james17’s mouth. They sounded exactly the same. You had never heard Bucky moan, so you were never able to make the connection completely. You always had an inkling, a small feeling that the two men were one and the same. And holy shit, they are.
You are roommates with your favorite porn actor.
“Fuck, babygirl girl, you’re killing me,” you hear him gasp, and your heart makes a complete bungee jump to your core. Just the sound of his voice can make you horny, you wished you could see him right now. But you decide not to, you cant interrupt something so private.
“Ever since I heard you moaning in the other room, I haven’t stopped thinking about you,” He whined. Oh fuck. He was roleplaying.
“It’s hard not to, when you sleep on the other side of the wall,” You almost let out an audible gasp. He was roleplaying, or fantasizing, about you! He had heard you pleasuring yourself, to his voice, last night! No wonder he was acting so weird.
Another text from your boss snaps you out of your trance, and you finally come to your senses. You quickly grab your work shoes, and practically sprint out the door.
The walk to work was certainly an uncomfortable one.
Tumblr media
You knew that you couldn’t completely trust yourself, admitting to the whole reason you started listening to james17 in the first place. Of course your brain was willing to jump to conclusion that your crush Buckywas your favorite porn voice actor. He had made you cum countless times without even touching you, not even knowing you were listening to his voice.
So that’s why when you saw that james17 posted, you had your headphones in, curled up in bed, listening for any form of verification. Luckily, you found it.
“Fuck, babygirl girl, you’re killing me,”
“Ever since I heard you moaning in the other room, I haven’t stopped thinking about you,”
“It’s hard not to, when you sleep on the other side of the wall,”
Boom. Bucky was your favorite porn voice actor. Shit. What now?
Tumblr media
The next day, you actually had a day off, and you decided to stay home for the day. Bucky said he was going to be busy with work all day, but not if you had anything to say about it. You had planned to seduce him, since you now knew that he wanted you too. You decided to wear no pants or bra today, just an extra large shirt that both swallows your body, yet accentuates your hardened nipples just right. It had definitely not gone unnoticed by Bucky, almost choking on his tea you made for him when you turned around to face him for the first time earlier that morning.
It was now around noon and you decided to make lunch for the two of you. You decided to do a simple grilled cheese, since you weren’t really sure what Bucky liked to eat. You placed the sandwiches onto two separate plates, grab both of them and make your way to his bedroom. You barely managed to knock on the door, and you heard Bucky call out to you,
“I made lunch, thought we could eat together.” You offered shyly, and he told you you could enter. You twist the knob just enough with your thumb, opening the door the rest of the way with your bare foot. You stood at the doorway for a second, taking it in. His room was still pretty much bare, just a bed, a desk, a bookshelf, and you just realize this is the first time you’ve been allowed in Bucky’s room since yo moved in four months ago.
“What are you doing?” Bucky questioned, confused by your assumed reluctance to go in.
“Never been in your room before, just lookin’” you smile, finally making you way over to Bucky, handing him his grilled cheese before sitting on his bed, crossed legged, right next to him in his desk chair. He had a headset resting on his neck.
“Sooo..whatcha’ workin’ on?” You prod, taking an eager bite into your grilled cheese. You see his face slightly flush, you had never asked him about his work before.
“Uhhhm, just editing is all,” He murmurs, deciding to eat his lunch to avoid sharing more. You try to urge him to continue with a raised brow, but he resists your attempts. After a moment of silence, you decide to finally just say it, yet in a way that’s not super suspicious.
“Look, we’ve been living together for four months, I know that you do porn or whatever it is you do. You’re not as quiet as you think you are,” you give him a flirtatious wink, and you see his face go beet red. He stutters,
“Don’t worry, I don’t have a problem with it. I think I might’ve listened to your stuff at some point,” you lie partially, not wanting to fully admit how you’ve listened to all of his work multiple times. His eyes almost bulge out of their sockets.
“What? You have?” He says, gobsmacked. You giggle, nodding your head before taking another bite. Bucky had fully abandoned his sandwich by now.
“Well I didn’t know it was you at first, then I kinda had a hunch about it when I heard you recording the other day, and I heard the same exact words you said when I listened to james17’s post later that day.” You admit, and Bucky avoids your gaze, yet nodding along with you in understanding. He bit his lip, as if thinking about what to say next. He finally turns to you, and you notice her his certainly a lot closer to you than a few moments ago.
“Well, what was it that you heard?” He interrogates you with a husky tone.
Now you were the one blushing madly. You had a to take a moment before you could continue, because Bucky was looking at as if he was ready to absolutely ravage you. You feel your core pulsing, and you finally notice you had been exposing yourself involuntarily by the way you were sitting. Bucky had definitely noticed. He notices your drastic change in demeanor, smirking to himself as he places a cool metal hand on your thigh, leaning in closer to you. He was close enough that you could feel his hot breath fan your cheeks, as if adding coals to an already roaring fire.
“Don’t tell me you’re getting shy, babygirl. Answer me.” He demands, and you feel your mouth become as dry as a desert, and your mouth is slightly agape for a moment before you give him any sort of response.
“You said, ‘fuck babygirl, you’re killing me,’”
“Oh come on, I know there’s more that you remember, how else could you tell that is was me, hmm?” He chuckles lightly, his metal finger dancing dangerously close to your panty line, his head dipping down to give you a gentle kiss on the jaw, making you slightly gasp.
“Ever since I heard you moaning in the other room, I haven’t stopped thinking about you,” you recite, yet you feel as if those words are coming from your own mind, not having been able to keep Bucky’s moans out of your head for god knows how long, ““It’s hard not to, when you sleep on the other side of the wall,”
“Wow, you must’ve had to stick around for a bit to hear all that,” he teased and you let out a small whine of frustration at his words, and how close his fingers were to your core. He kisses his way up to your earlobe, pecking it lightly before whispering to you,
“Shh, its alright babygirl, I listened to you the other day, way longer than I should’ve. Got me so hard just moaning out my name like that,” Your eyes flutter closed when he nips at the flesh of your throat.
“..Bucky..” you plead, and you feel him smirk against your skin,
“Yes, just like that. Will you let me touch you angel? Wanna hear you say my name like that again,” He begs you, but you are already so ready for him, you respond quickly.
“Please, yes,” you whine and Bucky lets out a small laugh, raising his head to look at you once more,
“Alright, babygirl,”
He leans in and presses his lips to yours, and you feel yourself melt into in his touch. His kiss is passionate, slightly needy by the way his flesh hand holds onto your cheek. He pushes you further onto the bed, getting out of his chair to hover over you, miraculously not breaking the kiss. You lay underneath him, your neck craning upward to swipe your tongue across him bottom lip. He grants you permission to explore, and you pull him closer by the nape of neck. You hand crawls its way into his hair and he growls into your mouth when you tug at it slightly. He slowly breaks the kiss, looking down at you with a loving gaze,
“God, your lips are perfect, just like the rest of you,” You smile gratefully, pulling him down for a slow, yet sweet kiss, but he pulls away.
“As much as I would love to kiss you all day, I’ve been dying to taste you,” he offers, looking down at your core with his swollen lips pressing together.
“God, be my guest,” you breathe, laying your head back dramatically, making Bucky chuckle. He makes his way down, his fingers already hooking your underwear, sliding them down your legs before throwing them to the side.
“Spread your legs for me angel,” he purred and you comply. He nestles between your thighs like it had been his home all along. He drags a metal finger up your slit, making you gasp as you body shudders.
“You’re already so wet, do my words really affect you that much babygirl?” He asks, looking up at you, and you nod furiously, already needy for him. His chest rumbles,
“Ha, you’re very needy baby, what do you need?”
“Touch me.”
“Be more specific babygirl,”
“I need your tongue Bucky,”
“Anything for you,”
He wets his lips before taking a long stroke of his tongue through your folds. You let out a breathy whine, grinding your hips into him, aching for more.
“Sorry, babygirl, I’m taking my time, been waiting for this for quite a while,” he hums against your sex, and your heart thuds at his admission. You place your hands in his hair, using your thumbs to stroke his temples in reassurance,
“I’ve wanted this too, for so long, Bucky,” His eyes look up at you, gleaming in the sunlight cascading from his window. He looked beautiful between your thighs. It was a sight you hoped you would see more often.
“Don’t worry darling, I’m not going anywhere,” he hums against you, finally bringing his tongue to your bundle of nerves, savoring your taste and all the moans you let out, wriggling underneath his strong grip.
As he continued to lick at your clit, relishing in every single sound you made for him.
“You sound so beautiful baby, say my name,” he breathes hotly, planting a kiss to your clit before beginning to suck on it. Hi eyes never leave your face as you let out a cry of his name,
“Bucky!” You grip his tresses tightly, and as if he’s rewarding you, he places a finger at your entrance. He plunges it into with no hesitation, making you gasp at the feeling of his thick fingers filling you.
“Another, please” You beg him, already spreading your legs, asking for more.
“Of course angel,” he grins, taking out his finger before lining his forefinger and his middle, taking a moment to look at you before letting them sink into your walls. You let out a throaty groan, relishing in the way your hole clenched around him.
“You wanna cum, babygirl?”
“Yes, god, please,”
He curls his fingers, searching for your sensitive spot, and once he’s found it, you sink your nails into his scalp from the raw pleasure. He groans roughly, going back to suck on your clit as his fingers make you tremble. You let out a few loud calls of his name, feeling the familiar knot build up inside you.
And once you let go, it’s euphoric.
Bucky helps you through your orgasm, loving your wordless cry as you clench around his fingers. He didn’t expect you to squirt, but when you did, he lapped it up greedily, as if he was a starved man. He moans at the taste of your essence, and he looks up at you, your slick coating the bottom half of his face. The sight of it make your center throb, the sunlight making his face practically glow between your thighs. He goes you a smile full of content, his fingers tracing circles on your thighs,
“You’re even better than what I imagined babygirl,”
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