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Weiss - getting Ready

A commission that I did of Weiss from RWBY in her 2nd costume.

Picture completed in November of 2019.

Media: Watercolours, gouache, and ink on paper. 

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I’m rewatching RvB and so far (as of Season 5) a couple things have stuck out to me:

  • Donut writes Harry Potter fanfic
  • Simmons wears his underwear in the shower
  • Grif is actually not as lazy in the earlier seasons
  • “Simmons I just love going in and out of your hole!” (ngl I must have rewinded that half a dozen times I was laughing so hard)
  • Junior is baby and Tucker is a great father
  • Tex was actually an idiot like the rest of them 😂 she only became a badass in Season 9 and I love that for her
  • Church actually cared about Caboose. He remembered certain things about his routine that he needed Tucker to do while Caboose was traveling with them and Church wasn’t there. That’s sweet
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Daughter: dad, tell me a story

Jaune: I was attacked by a flock of seagulls once

Daughter: oh my god, what did you do

Jaune: I just ran

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Video footage of Flame Cinder (Cinder Fall) from RWBY: Amity Arena. (Posted January 21, 2021)

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Video of Vanguard Jaune (Jaune Arc) from RWBY: Amity Arena. (Posted January 21, 2021)

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I have this suspicion feeling Rooster Teeth is gonna drop a nugget of lore sooner or later that I’ve headcanon in one of my stories and that’s gonna screw me over. It’ll either tip my hand, or come off as me copying them.

I’m very stressed.

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Ruby, in some conversation (I dont wanna figure out context): ha! What? It’s not like anyone likes me~

Nora, Yang, Qrow: *burst out laughing*

Blake and Ren: 😑

Weiss and Jaune: *face palming*

Oscar: *panicking, but hiding his grin behind his hand*

(Ozpin: she really is that bad, isn’t she?)

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It’s a good day, innit?

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Wow, first Trump gets kicked out of the White House, now R*an H*ywood’s banned from Twitch? Man, we’re taking out all of the trash today aren’t we?

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Oh hey, how’s it going guys?

I’m just here for another reminder that Ryan Haywood is a monster and doesn’t deserve any respect from me, from you, from anyone.

Fuck. Ryan. Haywood.

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(RWBY volume 7, when the crew gets new outfits)

Oscar: *eating in the cafeteria while everyone else gets their outfits ready*

Ruby: *comes whooshing in and rematerializes in front of the food counter* FOOD!

Oscar: *sees Ruby’s outfit*

Oscar: *chokes on his sandwich and starts coughing*

Ruby: *comes and sits across from him with her tray* Oscar? Are you okay?

Oscar, between coughs: don’t… worry about it! … totally fine…

Ruby: *shrugs and starts eating*

Oscar: *literally cannot look at Ruby for the rest of lunch and has to rely on JNR to keep him from talking to her*

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It’s a beautiful day!!!

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Ryan Haywood has officially been banned off Twitch.

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Ranged unit that pushes enemies away on deployment and grabs them from afar. The Ace Ops don’t really have a “partner” concept, but operative Vine and Elm tend to pair up together. This may be due to the amazing synergy between thier plant-like Semblances. Vine’s ivy like arms Elm’s root like feet give the duo the flexibility as well as the steadfastness to combat any situation.

Vine Zeki is from RWBY: Amity Arena. (Posted January 20, 2021)

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Beauty and the Bad-ass (I’ll leave it up to you to decide who’s who)

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Michael: No one had the guts to tell you that a three couldn’t fit into a two.

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Nerris is most often seen teasing Harrison, but in this episode, the opposite is true. Deliberately pushing it into the water, then “save” it.


And that’ so cute! 😊☺️

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So…why do people hate Camp camp again?

I remember reigny day was an absolutely abysmal episode and there’s a lot to be said about how the show characterises Max and Gwen, but like…I’ve seen people refer to it as irredeemable? I’m not aware of the creators being particularly heinous and I basically binged the series, so did I just miss something?

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