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Atlas Laboratory

The door opens and someone comes in and a voice said

Ironwood: Pardon the delay, something important came up and I have to take care of ,the matter first

Ironwood But I’m here now, any progress on your part Watts 

Watts: Oh. no worries, Ironwood, and about what you asked of me, it’s not easy breaking down Pietro’s Magical pseudo science.

Irowood: I’m sure you can think of something!

Watts::You know I missed that trusting giddy optimism of your James!

Ironwood: Well if you haven’t renegade and pretended to be dead., you wouldn’t be in this position now right?

Watts: Hmmm!. true

then the two  was interrupted when Arthur Watts noticed someone is using Pietro Polendina credentials  and alarm goes all over the Atlas Military base.

and the same time Arthur Watts returns back to prison holding cell when the task he’s doing is done

While at the same time after the fight, Ruby Weiss, Blake and Penny, May and the wounded Nora has escape the Atlas base

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RWBY AMV - Bloodstream (Ironwood 2020)

Made this RWBY AMV today… Featuring the “Tin Man” Ironwood… James as friends call him… General for everyone else…  I wanted to do an AMV for Ironwood since he is a pivotal character in Volume 8…  He’s stressed and losing his humanity as fast as his body parts…  Ironwood wants to protect Atlas at any cost… Including murder…  He’s steady relying on his own decisions and will not adhere to advice from anyone else…  Which will not take him anywhere good… Hope you enjoy my AMV… Keep a close eye out for the next one…  Thanks for watching!!!

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players and pieces is truly the best episode - you got quality content for the holy quadrinity of ships (whiterose, bumbleby, arkos, renora), sick ass weapons and fights, the relationships aren’t crumbling and falling to pieces yet, the gang has 72% less trauma, pyrrha is still alive-

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“Do you even Sweat”


Yang and Blake have a jogging routine together every morning.and an hour has passed circling around and the two took a break resting Blake said to Yang

Bake: Yang

Yang: Yes, Blake

Blake: I have a personal question, if you don’t mind

Yang: I don’t mind, go ahead

Blake: Do you even sweat Yang?

Yang: What makes you say that?

Blake: Cause we been running for awhile, and I haven’t seen a drop of sweat from you?

Yang: Do you really want to know?

Blake: Yes….

Yang: Okay!

Yang approach Blake and lean down to her ear and whisper (blushing)

Blake blushing as she whisper it to her and she said to Yang as she back away a little

Blake: Really Yang?

Yang: What? it’s the truth Blake!

Blake: Alright, it’s fine if you don’t want to tell me Yang! keep your secrets.then…

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Ruby: Woah, that was fun and intense

Blake: Let’s not do that again

Weiss: Okay, she scares me, and she’s still kinda cute (thinking)

Nora: Oh fun, Let’s do that again (thinking)

Penny: RUBY,  MARRY ME! (excited and blushing)

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RWBY Chibi

Weiss: Does anyone of you, have seen my  favorite blade shoes?

Weiss: I’m pretty sure, it was just here….

Ruby: Huh? Your what now?

Weiss: I said MY BLADE SHOES….

Blake: I think she meant her Ice Skates, Ruby (Big Sigh)

Ruby: Oh, well I haven’t seen it Weiss

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After Weiss is gone

Nora: Ooops, at least it works….

May: Is your friend like this all the time?

Ruby: Pretty much, yeah

Blake: We’ve  gotten use to it, Weiss though…..

A few moments later

Machine starts to makes rumbling sound and hatch open and a screaming sound and a crashing sound at the same time….

and when the smoke clear a irritated angry  voice came as that person on the  floor resting,for awhile screaming and she said at the same time, starting to get up slowly flustered annoyed exhausted panting


Ruby: Weiss your back!

Weiss: Not now and not a word Ruby…..

then looks around for her slowly from where she is standing shouting


May: Looks like your friend going to die….

And a few moments later May, Ruby, Penny and Blake just kept quiet watching as Weiss punish Nora

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