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#rope bunny
sweeterthanh0n3y · 5 hours ago
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I’m willing to bet I could teach you a thing or 2 🖤
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Okay, everyone, the Jeanneposting's been nice, but I need to get to bed.
If I hurry, I might be able to get maybe two hours of sleep before E3!
Sounds like a nap to me.
...You deserve everything Faye throws at you.
Maybe. But are you going to object?
...What if I am?
do that.
Don't do that.
But Ritsukaaaaaa!!
Stop that.
Y-You're really going to be doing this in public??
Oh, please.
To get back at you for all the shit you've exposed about me?
Don't act like there's something I wouldn't do.
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pinkdrinksandmusings · 21 hours ago
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Daddy, allows me to draw a bath and relax.
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sonnet-xviii · 2 days ago
really cringe that i don’t have like a bunny ear hairband or smth
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pinkdrinksandmusings · 3 days ago
Needing daddy after a long week...
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