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#roronoa zoro

and surprising a grand total of no one, I am still on a OP high!! just reached Enies Lobby, and Zoro’s fight with Kaku made me do this bad boy

also can i please complain abt how hard i find to do messy/spiky-ish hair??? thanks

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can we get a petition to stop Nami from bein a bully to Zoro ::/ this petition is hosted by the real life Sanji

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he’s thinking that the best way to go in is to cut, duh

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Bunch of comms i did a while ago

getting this blog up-to-date so i’ll be posting somewhat recent art over the span of about 2 hours

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It really looks like this hunk of boulder hits Zoro in his fourth sword, but it actually bounced off of his forehead which might even be worse. Keep in mind everything that happened to him this morning when reading this Damage Report!

Zoro had a bad morning, but upon reaching Arlong Park he got to relax by jumping in the saltwater pool with his hands tied up, getting punched in the wounds by Nami, getting headbutted into the air by Hatchan, splashed by Arlong’s water attack, stabbed in the chest by Arlong’s nose, having his wounds unwrapped by Arlong, being yeeted dozens of feet into the air by his captain and finally being hit on the head by a good-sized boulder.

He did get a good nap in, though, so I’m sure he’s fine.

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Hi anon,

Thanks for requesting! And two of the best bois! This isnt really NSFW, just sort of implied jizz time I guess? Anyway hope you like it!

Killer and Zoro having a wet dream about their female crush


Originally posted by captainwholecake


. Killer wakes slowly and unwillingly from his dream and already knows what he is going to find under his sheets.

. In the darkness of his room, and the memory of his dream still circling his head he feels a sense of disappointment that he has woken up alone.

. Depending on what state he is in when he wakes up, Killer may finish himself off while the dream is still fresh in his mind.

. He’ll lie there for a while trying to remember details, until the feeling of sticky skin starts to get uncomfortable. 

. When he next sees his crush, Killer does feel a small sense of embarrassment for dreaming about her in that kind of way - but along with that embarrassment is a stronger sense of desire.

. So he tries to avoid her for the next few days while the dream is still present, because he doesn’t want to confuse dreams and reality. 

. If he does have to interact with her, he keeps it short and professional while trying not to seem completely distant. He doesn’t want her to think she did something wrong. 

. Killer is infinitely glad for the privacy of his helmet whenever she is close enough for him to catch the scent of her shampoo, or feel her skin brush against his. 

. He is less glad for how tight his trousers are though. 


Originally posted by onamiswan


. Zoro wakes up quickly and with immediate clarity about what has happened. 

. He is both embarrassed and panicked, worried that he might have woken one of the other members of the crew with his unexpected nighttime activity. 

. He is quick to get up and clean himself off as stealthily as possible, constantly checking to make sure the others are still soundly asleep.

. His face is red for about three hours after. 

. When Zoro sees her for the first time after his dream his face immediately flushes and he stammers an excuse for somewhere else he needs to be. 

. All the while images from his dream flash through his mind. 

. He really struggles to concentrate for the next few days, getting frustrated with himself when he can’t focus on his training or.. Anything, for that matter.

. He is disappointed by his own lack of discipline.

. Zoro spends most of his time alone, attempting to train and not nap while avoiding various crew members who are trying to figure out why he’s being more antisocial than normal. 

. Avoids eye contact with his crush for the next week. 

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