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on that hot summer day (1999)
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who is he glaring at
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that one scene in haikyuu but with aoharu zosan 
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Straw Hats + Textposts
(and honorable Law)
Part 2 bc you all have been so good
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Part 1
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Reasons Zoro would be an earthbender
1) Good at neutral jing
2) His hair is green
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I don’t think I posted this when I actually finished it, so here are our most precious boys, who I love dearly.
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Every time he sticks out his leg like this I think about cats
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can you see me? call my name!
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zosanincorrectquotes · 2 days ago
Sanji: [knocks on door]
Zoro: I'm armed.
Sanji: [sighs] Open up, Marimo.
Zoro: [door opens a crack] I meant what I said.
Sanji: [shoves open the door] At least put some pants on, you lunatic.
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topijeramimy · 2 days ago
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as-i-watch · 3 days ago
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He used up back at the colisuem all the braincells he had available to disguise himself. Dont care no more
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lorillee · a day ago
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god bless reddit user italian-cat for bringing us one piece party content in english
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dmaru-art · a day ago
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Sanji and Zoro are roomates and they hate (love) it
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childofblackmaria · 2 days ago
🎈 One Piece characters throwing you a surprise birthday party
a/n: spoiler - some are very bad at it
Tumblr media
those who keep up the surprise till the last second, really tricking you into thinking you're keeping them company for some boring task until you get smacked in the face by a confetti bomb and a room full of people screaming at you
❀ Rayleigh, Robin (gaslight girlboss gatekeep), Law (he too), Izou (... you guessed it), Marco, Black Maria, Hina, Mihawk, Benn, Boa, Crocodile, Doflamingo, Lucci, King
those who are WAY TOO EXCITED to keep the surprise to themselves
❀ Luffy, Perona, Ulti, Shanks, Roger, Yamato, Sabo, Bartolomeo
those who avoid you two weeks in advance because they're afraid they'll tell you something they shouldn't
❀ Kid, Ace, Sanji, Usopp, Thatch, Page One, Kiku, Paulie, Oden, Buggy
those who are are trying hard to be discreet but ask you very obvious questions about your favorite party food, if you prefer golden or colorful decorations, how you feel about dress codes and if there's anyone you would hate to meet at a random encounter where there's cake
❀ Zoro, Franky, Rosinante, Smoker, Denjiro, Killer, Whitebeard, Who's Who, Katakuri, Jinbei, X Drake, Kalifa (for Iceburg), Cavendish, Garp
those who go all in and buy you a whole outfit for the occasion, one they know will make you feel like a fancy mf (that you are)
❀ Rayleigh, Nami (your next gift for her better be something equally expensive, she kept the receipts), King, Sanji, Izou, Sabo
those who will wear a party hat for you but their face will be like 😐 the whole time ("having fun, babe?" "yeah, why do you ask?" 😐😐😐)
❀ Law, Crocodile, Kid, X Drake
those who eat up the whole buffet within three seconds
❀ Luffy, Ace, Garp
those who will fistfight anyone who tries to drag them away from the karoke machine
❀ Whitebeard, Queen, Roger, Thatch, Oden
those who hired a stripper for the special occasion
❀ Cavendish, Robin, Boa, Kalifa, Hina
those who are the stripper
❀ Kaido, Roger, Rayleigh, Smoker, Denjiro (yes it's just dilfs, let me have my self-indulgent hcs)
those who weren't hired as stripper but strip anyway
❀ Shanks, Queen, Sabo, Ace, Thatch, Oden, King, Franky
those who will let you know what a pain in the ass it was to throw you a surprise party but they would do it all over again because they love you <3
❀ yeah, basically all of them
Tumblr media
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the-witch-of-one-piece · 2 days ago
How are you?
Hope you're day was nice!
Could you write Mihawk/Zoro and Sanji where they have to leave their sick s/o on an island while they go find the cure but, while they're away, their s/o dies before their arrival?
So then they just return and... yep.
Sorry for the angst and feel free to ignore if it makes you uncomfortable?
And thanks in any case!
And, btw, loved your pickup lines hc!
Hello Anon love☺️! I'm doing well how are you doing???? Yes I could do this for you. I don't mind doing angst! I will need to write fluff after this! Awww thank you so much my love I love doing them so much they make me smile a whole lot! 🥺 I hope you enjoy this little number !
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Mihawk, Zoro, And Sanji: The Loss Of Their S/O (ANGST)
warning: death
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“I promise, I will be back soon.” Mihawk kissing your forehead. Your health was going more downhill as the days passed. You couldn’t get out of bed, Mihawk couldn’t find anything on the island to help you improve, not even the doctors on the island knew what was wrong. Mihawk needed to find something or someone to help you, he did fear the worse.
Mihawk was gone for only a week bringing some items back hoping this would help you get well. Approaching the dock he got out of his boat, greeted by a close friend of yours. “Mihawk, I’m sorry but _______ didn’t make it.”  your friend said to the swordsman.  Mihawk himself felt tone death hearing the words coming from their mouth. It felt like this was a nightmare and he needed to wake up but he was up. Your friend brought him to your grave, there laid fresh cut flowers on your grave. “I know you did all you could but ______ is no longer suffering.”
Mihawk stood there looking at the grave, your friend left him alone so he could have a min to process everything happening. The one person he cared about was gone, he couldn’t cry on the outside. His heart was crying for him. “I’m sorry I wasn’t here for your final moment’s Mi Amor.” Mihawk gets on his knees in front of your tombstone “I want to thank you for loving someone like me for as long as you did, getting to know someone like you. I do have hope in this god-forsaken world....I will always love you _______.”
Mihawk memories with you plastered his mind, he removed his cross from his neck and placed it on the tombstone. He stood there for so long at your grave he couldn’t bring himself to leave. Hours passed as he got back up making his way back to his boat.
Mihawk still to this day would visit your gravesite placing the red roses on your grave staying there for hours still remembering all the good times you had together.
Tumblr media
Zoro was more focused on how you were acting he was getting an off feeling about your health,  for some time you seemed to brush it off his concerns as you would say you were just tired. The red flag was when you passed out walking just a small distance. Chopper was the one to examine you and he feared the worse. “Zoro there is nothing we can do” Chopper explain to him. Zoro needed to figure a way there had to be something he could do he couldn’t accept the news. He heard about a special root at a nearby island that is supposed to cure almost anything.
“This is my only chance saving _______.” Zoro took Nami with him so he wouldn’t get lost. The root took some time to find but finding the root he and Nami made their way back onto the island the crew was at since they didn’t want to be at sea if they needed that emergent help. The pace they were staying at was filled with silence from the crew. Nami could tell right away something happened.
“______…. Passed last night…” Chopper was the only one managing to say something.
Zoro was filled with rage, anger, sorrow, pain, and regret. Storming out of the place Luffy and some of the crew try to stop him. Turning to them “The only person I ever loved is gone, how do you think I’m feeling right now.” Zoro’s harsh tone shocked some of his crewmates.  He needed to be alone; he needed to process that you were gone from his life. He found himself wandering endlessly in the forest, grabbing his swords and he began slashing trees, bushes, and rocks. After seeing nothing around him standing up dropping to his knees as he began to sob, dropping his swords. “_____ I need you here with me. I-I can’t do this without you.”
Luffy saw Zoro walking up to him placing a hand on his shoulder “______ wouldn’t want to see you like this…….They wanted you to continue your journey on becoming the world's greatest swordsman……. Do it for ______ and do it for yourself.”
Zoro hears his captain's words, remembering the words you would say to him ‘you are going to be the world’s greatest swordsman I know it!’
Zoro took a moment before getting up, his hand wiping his face taking a deep breath. “______ needs a proper burial.” he managed to say.
The services were a few days after,  Zoro couldn’t cry anymore he couldn’t bring himself to cry. He regretted that he himself wasn’t there in your last moments alive or he could have done something sooner. Knowing it was no one's fault but he felt guilty for years this would eat him up.
In memory of your passing, he and the crew would celebrate three main days, your birthday, the day you joined the crew, and the day you passed. Stories shared among the crew members brought a bit of joy on the ship and to Zoro knowing you made a difference on the crew and his life.
Tumblr media
Sanji’s heart dropped seeing your lifeless body laying on the bed. He was just minutes from your passing.  “_______…” softly said as he reached for your arm that was still warm. He sat on the edge of the bed,  the back of his free hand caressing your still warm cheek.
“You promise to be back soon?” softly said to him.
“I promise ______, I won’t be gone for too long. Please get your rest.” kissing your forehead Sanji gave you a reassuring smile “I love you.”
“I love you too, please be safe.”
Those were the last words he would hear you say to him. Sanji lifted slightly cradling you in his arm. “I'm sorry…I’m sorry… I’m sorry” he softly said as the tears came down his face. He felt cursed, everyone that made a difference in his life would leave him. Imagining his mother passing and now you, it was too much for him to handle. He himself felt like he was jinxed. His fingers brush through your hair, the kisses on the top of your head.
His own mind was running 1000 miles a minute nonstop. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with you. Both of you had big plans for the future but they began to fade. “I will trade my life so you could live yours, this is not how it’s supposed to happen.” Sanji sobbed harder when the facts were settling in you weren’t going to wake up. There was nothing he could do to bring you back to life.
The crew couldn’t bring themselves to pull Sanji away from you. He spent hours holding you saying words of how much he loved you and how much you meant to him. Days passed as Sanji picked out everything for your services. He had to keep himself busy because if he wasn’t he would go back to that memories and have a breakdown.
Years passed Sanji had a picture of you and him by his bedside, it was the first thing he saw in the morning. He would often make your favorite foods even leaving a plate as if you were joining them for any day of the meal. There were times he thought about you and he got wrapped up in his emotions but he learned how to handle them better over time.
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