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Pinterest is a Bellice shipper
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teambella420 · 2 days ago
Holy heck I can’t help but imagine the school talent shows the Cullens have done over the years, and them having to do the craziest things possible while still appearing human
Alice has juggled 15 apples at once, held Emmett over her head, ate fire, made a dress in under a minute, and one year did a one woman production of Annie - start to finish
Rosalie has planked with Emmett on her back, deadlifted more than triple her weight, and has been roped into performances via both Alice’s ballet AND musical phase
Jasper does whip tricks, and he plays the banjo. hes never been super duper into school events, but he’ll do anything Alice asks him to , and he loves showing off to her
Emmett has done anything and everything you could possibly imagine one could in a talent show. He loves to dance, and sing, and break things, and tell bad jokes - this man has done it ALL! His favourite performance would be “the stage fire of 76’ “ from when his puppet show went horribly wrong
Eddie has only ever played the piano, cuz he’s a lil punk
And you can bet your butt he most certainly has played Backstreet boys- at Emmett’s request
And obvi this goes without saying- esme is THERE for every single performance! And she cheers and whistles and gives a standing ovation every single time !!
(Carlisle of course will always go when he can, but also he’s a busy man, cut him a break 🥺)
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dreamofsin · 22 hours ago
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These 2 would have so much to talk about
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Ask one at a time. First one is jasper book vs jasper movie character. Then Rosalie book vs Rosalie movie.
Anon's referring to the time someone asked me for the difference between the movie characters and the book characters. I stared at them for a moment and pointed out that would be a mother of a post.
So apparently, we're compromising and picking just two at a time.
Jasper Whitlock
Jasper from the books is a very stoic, relatively quiet, and very distant figure. Bella presumes he doesn't like her because he keeps his distance. He has very few conversations with her. The main ones are in Twilight, when he has a line telling Bella she's worth protecting, and then in Eclipse when Jasper reveals his backstory.
Before then he's a very intimidating figure as, while Edward doesn't speak of him often, he confesses that Jasper had been intent on killing her after the van. He's also the one to nearly eat Bella and she knows he had a 'different' past (until Eclipse when she gets what that fully was).
The man is tall, thin, covered in scars, and not prone to friendly expressions. He's intimidating as fuck.
Jasper from the movies is far more approachable and friendly. He doesn't stand out among the Cullens as an outsider, we see him talking with Bella in the hallway in New Moon, clearly very friendly with her and with a familiarity that implies that this is how they often interact. When he nearly devours her in New Moon, he looks... frankly he looks ridiculous.
In Eclipse it doesn't seem so much he's the authority in this or taking charge, as the movie throws us his backstory because it's time to throw us his backstory (Rosalie suffered a similar fate in this).
He's just sort of... there. I'm actually not sure why he's in the movie at all. To round out the Cullen numbers? Make sure the fans are pleased that Jasper wasn't forgotten? But he doesn't do anything and what was important about him is either removed or glossed over. He's just... the other Cullen guy. You know, the other other guy since we have Emmett as also "the other guy".
Friendly enough, jokes around with Emmett and Edward, talks with Bella.
Does he have scars? Oh, well, we're not going to see those.
The movies could have cut him completely and it would have made no difference to the end product we were delivered.
Rosalie Hale
Oh Rosalie, what have they done to you?
In Twilight we're introduced to Carlisle calling Rosalie "kitten" and Rosalie going "meow". This sets the stage for everything, I think. Rosalie suffers also from "what's the point of you?" in the film. Much of Bella's insecurity with Rosalie is cut and while Rosalie still keeps some of her lines asking why Bella's here, etc. they feel a bit forced.
She's there for Bella's visit to the house and didn't pointedly skip as she did in the book. While she makes a rude comment when she learns they made food for Bella for nothing (as she already ate) it's... not even that rude.
The big one though is her backstory. In the films it comes out of nowhere. Bella happens upon her, they sort of stare at each other, then Rosalie says, "HAVE I TOLD YOU ABOUT THE TIME I WAS GANG RAPED?" Rosalie gives us the whole story, complete with flashbacks of her doing Kill Bill style murders as The Bride, and... it's not clear what the point of her telling this story is. She sort of summarizes at the end "and now you should stay human" but it got lost during the whole story. It felt as if the writers desperately threw it in, knowing they needed to have it, but had cut all the context to have it in.
And that's Rosalie. Like Jasper, she's just sort of around and a shadow of her book self, she says the right things (mostly) at the right time, but the film distracts itself from how intimidated Bella is by her, Rosalie's reasons for wanting to remain human and her resentment of Bella for choosing everything she wouldn't without a care in the world.
This makes Rosalie's choice to aid Bella in Breaking Dawn meaningless and arbitrary. It feels like Rosalie's helping her because... it's time for Rosalie to help her. AND BABY!
As usual, the movies are terrible, news at eleven.
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vampiresintheattic · 3 months ago
I really would’ve liked if Bella had a special interest in history and fashion and antiques cause like imagine the Cullens don’t get discovered by solely because of Edward but because Bella notices shit about their clothes and how they talk and is like “huh.” And also I think the Cullens forgetting how time works since they’re immortal and don’t sleep is just a funny concept
- she’s like “hey Edward does your family go antiquing” and he’s like “uh no why do you ask” “oh it’s just your sister Rosalie’s broach is from the 1957 spring collection of-”
- “why is your edition of Macbeth from 1911?”
- “does it bother you that your brother Jasper calls it the war of northern aggression like wtf is that”
- “yknow Emmett asked me if Charlie was a soldier in World War II”
- “Alice just asked me if I watch I Love Lucy on the tube? Is she being ironic?”
- “Ever notice how your dad says thou sometimes?” And “When I was at the hospital I saw him cross ‘hysteria’ out of my patient notes”
- “your mom must really like Gibson girl updos, she’s always sporting one at the store”
- “I’m like sixty percent the sweater you’re wearing was dyed using arsenic”
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rosaliesbigtiddygothgf · 2 months ago
just need everyone to know that edward cullen was the audition for bruce wayne
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m0tel6mxzzy · 9 months ago
pretty girl female manipulator socratic seminar. what are these girlies talking abt
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edwardsshinyvolvo · 4 months ago
Twilight 2008 without context
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cashieart · 5 months ago
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rejecting every part of the twilight saga except for Rosalie revenge killing her evil fiance in a wedding dress
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roxannecullen · 4 months ago
Edward in biology class, sitting next to Bella for the first time
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castieltrash1 · 3 months ago
Poly Emmett+ Rosalie+ fem reader or poly Alice+ Jasper fem reader nsfw headcannon please 🤍 Also happy Valentine's day love 💕
anon ur mind 🗣️🗣️🗣️ i decided to do both bc i have no self-control when it comes to horny thoughts abt vampires and i have many ideas i want to share !!!
Tumblr media
fem!reader, smut/fluff, 3-person sex, oral mentions, dirty talk, mentions of being both human/vampire!
rosalie and emmett are very dedicated and somewhat domineering lovers. rosalie calls most of the shots whereas emmett tends to get lost in the pleasure and passion of the situation, leading to him doing whatever feels right in the moment. put these two together and prepare to melt from how flustered they’ll get you. their forms of teasing differ but impact you all the same, leaving your skin warm and your thighs clenched.
“look at her,” rosalie hums, tracing a perfectly manicured nail down the side of your leg. “i don’t think i’ve ever seen her this needy, have you?” she completely ignores the expression of embarrassment that crosses your face, waiting on her other lover for a response.
“begging for it,” emmett agrees, with a grin.
+ rosalie loves riding faces and will take the opportunity every time, squeezing emmett’s or your cheeks between her thighs. she also enjoys telling emmett exactly how to touch you and instructing the two of you for her own pleasure. emmett’s favorite time is whenever you both tease and play with him (or each other) and spoil him rotten. if you’re still human, expect unending gentleness. if you’re a vampire, especially newly-turned, prepare to not leave the bed for a week. lastly, get used to the nicknames “honey” and “baby” since they’re all you’ll be hearing ♡
Tumblr media
fem!reader, smut/fluff, 3-person sex, fingering mentions, dirty talk, jasper’s sensory powers!
alice and jasper have two different modes when it comes to sex: playful and the physical representation of a mindfuck. when they’re playful, expect lots of giggles from alice and flustered smiles from jasper, who is always left a little light-headed from the outpour of emotions that fill the room. there are lots of kisses, breathy moans, and teasing on days like these. but when they’re in a mindfuck mood, prepare for your soul (if you still have one) to leave your body. alice knows exactly how to pick you apart and jasper can crank your arousal up to an almost unbearable level, leaving you desperate for every ounce of attention they give you.
“shh, dearest,” alice soothes you, dainty fingers circling your slickened core. you’ve lost track of just how many times she’s brought you over the edge, but your body quivers with the anticipation of another orgasm. 
jasper kisses your temple with a lopsided smile and you feel the rumble of his voice against your skin. “s’alright darlin, we’ll take care of you.”
+ alice and jasper are very clingy in the bedroom and you’ll often find yourself sandwiched between them and their wandering hands. they also need to see your face and will always position you in a way that gives them full access to all of your expressions and provides them with the sensual eye-contact they adore so much ♡
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* [valentine's day headcanons/ships 💌]
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bellasuglyskirt · 6 months ago
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pixielike · a month ago
smeyer: Jessica Stanley is EVIL, she is a two-faced bitch and a pervert!
Jessica, a literal normal average teenage girl:
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jstwilight · 18 days ago
Who hell made this-
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blanca-angelica-loveless · a month ago
Stephanie meyer: I think sewers in 1600s London makes sense. I will do no reaserch and get very rich.
Fanfiction writers: if Carlisle stood in a northfacing second story window a few miles south of the thames, in what I have just learned would be Southwack, would the elevation be sufficient enough that he would be able to see the Thames river? I don't know yet but I did find the most beautifully detailed map of 1680s London to drool over. I did also just learn that that area was marshlands in the middle ages, and all the topographical maps of the area seem pretty level so probably not, but I'm having fun so this needs at least three more hours of research tonight.
(It's me I'm fanfiction writers)
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rosaliesbigtiddygothgf · 2 months ago
today i offer you this
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anotherboyprince · 13 days ago
Emmet, singlehandedly keeping the peace in the family for like seventy years straight
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imthe1wthewickedcurveball · 11 days ago
Why did Edward not buy a heated blanket for his late night cuddles with Bella?
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katie-huon · 5 months ago
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Painting nails. Heres a quick sketch of the twilight goils.
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